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tv   Chasing News  FOX  September 22, 2017 3:00am-3:30am EDT

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>> devastation in puerto rico in the aftermath of hurricane maria. millions without power, it could last for months. plus, the cleanup and recovery continues in mexico city. as hundreds are killed by major earthquake. how will weather affect the rescue efforts? that, danger at the ballpark. a toddler, little girl struck in the face by fall ball that was
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coming at her at 105 miles per hour. are you safe? that, weather, and two major headlines coming up tonight. i'm bill spadea you. this is chasing news. >> devastation puerto rico is millions are without power in the aftermath of hurricane maria. it hit the island directly. that power outage could last for months. steve harrigan is on the ground in puerto rico. what you got? >> one of the biggest challenges is restoring electric power. what were seeing here is what were seen everywhere. a do-it-yourself effort. these people are not trying to restore electric power, they're trying to get this down power line out of the road so cars can get in and out. what they're doing is taking debris from hurricane irma and using it to try to salvage something from hurricane maria. it's using one strum to fix another.
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power is out over the island. when you go inside houses you see damaged roofs, dirty flood water, no electricity. when you ask who's helping them they said we haven't heard a word. were helping fema will help. how bad things are is still on here. the entire southeast is cut off without communication. an estimate of casualties or damages could be days away. >> thank you. i want to bring in dan zero to break this down for us. maria, josé, what is going on? >> i'm not sure i have a full grasp. the interaction between josé and major hurricane maria are dictating the weather across the entire atlantic ocean right now. josé's fading away. we could see clouds and showers from that storm as maria works through turks and caicos. these two storms are going to dance. most likely maria will swallow up josé and that will affect the path of maria.
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hopefully turning it out to see before it reaches the east coast of the u.s. >> there should be some red remnants, it virtually wiped out puerto rico, or without power, and could be for weeks if not months. >> wind speeds up to 150 miles per hour. lots of damage and flooding. i heard that 100% power outage on the island. even if it stays away from the east coast will have to do with representative rough surf. i'm concerned about this weekend because it will be warmer around here. if you are going to the beach you should stay out of the ocean. >> can the rescue efforts and mexico city killing more than 200 people, what can they expect weatherwise? >> keep an eye, the scattered areas of rain and it looks like the threat of a tropical storm has decreased. any rain is a problem.
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mexico they have to be aware of the potential for mudslides. >> thank you. will check back later in the show. >> let's talk baseball. on wednesday at the yankees game at other was struck in the face by a line drive hit by a local yankees hero from todd's river, todd frazier. it came up at 105 miles an hour and hit her in the face. she was rushed to the hospital. reports are that she will be okay. it sparked a greater conversation about safety at the ballpark. are you safe when you're sitting in those foul zones? we have a full story. >> the little girl struck by a fall ball is reportedly recovering at doing well. this was a harrowing incident. he reignited a simmering debate about how major-league baseball needs to protect fans from fall ball. >> i got hit in the eye, i've
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had serious facial injuries, i have metal plates in my face, i pain every day. >> this is andy who was also struck by fall ball in august of 2011. since then he became an advocate for more protections for fans. other people who are injured now he came out. >> i spoke up about safety and the ballparks. over the course of time i've met up with other injured fans and we've all started speaking up. i become an advocate. >> a 2014 investigation found that 1700 fans a year injured by fall ball set major-league parts. two years later all 30 major-league teams agree to extend the netting to at least the home plate and of the dugout. about one third of the teams extended it further beyond the to the far end even beyond. at mets home games halfway into
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the outfield. >> that took a couple weeks to figure it out. this poor little girl who got hurt yesterday in yankee stadium and city field should be home to day, should be in the hospital. >> on social media then out some folks argued against extending it as it diminishes the experience in blocks of you. may be girls like the that girl should not sit so close. he says he like to see them tried to get out of the way of a 105 mile-per-hour line drive. reporting for chasing news, brian donahue. >> let's bring in our panel to break it down. were joined by jeanette hoffman. bob bianchi, former prosecutors good to see. and lauren who columnist and
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lawyer. we had the story junkie gets hit in the face, what comes to mind? >> i really hope this child is okay. it's really upsetting. having said that sometimes their accidents and i'm sure this poor family must feel terrible i want some kind of compensation for this ordeal. i remember the beginning of lawsuilawschool is when you cans when you're hit by baseball and baseball game. my heart goes out to them. >> what a sign that says you can't get hit by a fall ball. >> these teams have an obligation to protect kids he you don't put a 2-year-old in an area where is clearly nature place where people get injured. not in the face of a no risk that people are repeatedly encountering and do nothing about. >> would you sit there with your kids?
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>> no. comes down to common sense and parental responsibility. i have three kids. i would take a baby to the baseball game for that reason. and the older to i wouldn't sit somewhere where they could be in danger of being hit by fall ball. todd frazier felt awful about it. that notwithstanding the immediately call for more netting. i never sit behind the net. i hate the view from that. but if you're aware sitting in that foul line, did you get any traction? >> if you value something you're saying so what if people get popped with the fall ball, will pay the price for that. >> why not treat this like the airlines, you can have a little kid sitting in an exit row on the airline. when a treat like that and say we have age limits? >> that might be a good
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solution. it's a way to minimize the risk but then deal with the concerns of the team. >> will leave it there. here headlines were chasing tonight. >> president trump announced a new executive order targeting businesses that trade with north korea. there's ben's concerned that his strong words about north kore kn leader could escalate tensions. president trump turned to totally destroy nuclear armed north korea on blast came as a rocket man on a suicide mission. today's initiative they outlined an economic approach. sleep apnea and speed have been concerned and factors into new york city area crashes. it killed a woman and a january 2017 railroad crash in brooklyn. the engineers were suffering from on diagnosed sleep apnea and both were going double the speed limit according to the national transportation safety board. that's a look at the headlines were chasing.
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>> in the neighborhood of jersey city where bizarre incident occurred at the site behind me. the city shut down the construction site because they viewed the jackhammers had not secured the building. plan b was to poor chemicals into holes in the ground. that caused an explosion that sent rocks flying and people running for cover. there were no injuries in the scene is shut down and secured for now. reporting for chasing news, brian donahue. pgh so, and up, us disturbing report from the centers of disease control and prevention about young kids taking their own life. devastation in the path of hurricane maria. >> will keep a eye on josé and maria. everything you need to know in your local forecast is coming up.
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>> welcome back to the chasing news. on bill spadea. coming up we'll talk about the weather. hurricane maria, a devastating storm. how is it going to impact our area? first, we'll talk about a sensitive subject, bit unsettling to discuss. young people taking their own lives. according to the u u.s. centers for disease control and
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prevention, 50 kids in new jersey ages 11 and 12 between 2007 in 2014 took their own life. we have a story of one mom who's on a crusade to help kids in middle and high school after she suffered the tragedy of her son taking his own life. ashley has the story. >> it's devastating to learn the suicide rate among middle school students is on the rise because of cyber bullying and the pressures of life. there's families like the bakers have turned their heartbreak into a message of hope. tricia, kurt and their daughter kaitlyn started the suicide prevention program called attitudes in reverse. they lost their son kennedy more than eight years ago when he was 19 years old. >> kenny was a good student. when he was six years old he was tested and we found out he had dyslexia but he also he had the long-term memory of a 29-year-old. he was very bright. when i talked to students i sure that's story because often
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people talk about mental health disorders and intelligence that that they're not intelligent and it's the opposite. she travels throughout new jersey to know that if there suffering from suicidal thoughts or another is, there is help. >> we have about two or 6% of the students will come forward after presentation in the days and weeks following seeking help. didn't realize they might have a mental disorder. when you're young you might not know it's not normal. >> it's important to reach children at a young age because they see children as young as six and seven suffering from suicidal thoughts. the organizations is based off a child's needs they recommend certain brett medical professional help. i'm ashley johnson with chasing news. >> i had a chance earlier digestiocheckup with a clinical. >> what the study shows is that
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the real issue is for cyber bullying and to keep up with social networking, the third thing of course is the pressure to do well in school, and finally the idea that were not doing anything for the mental health for children because we think because they're so young that there excluded from having those kind of thought. >> i want to bring back our a+ panel. jeanette is here it's good to have you here. former prosecutor bob and then lauren. it's very difficult to digest some of these numbers. talk about 11 and 12. i see this as part of a greater problem. some cancers mental illness, but what about coping skills and you as a parent? >> i feel like we could do a show about parental
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responsibility. internet cyber bowling is out of control. their programs in schools and the community to address it. but what are we doing at home? were given these kids phones and not showing them how to use it or engage in social media. it's about teaching them to be a decent person and have the coping skills. >> bowling has been around since there's been human beings on the planets. is it just that we don't teach them how to deal with the? >> as prosecutors we serve one of the most proactive anti- bullying campaigns. it's not law-enforcement primary responsibility, is the primary responsibility to stop the bowling. parent should be monitoring their kids. >> were interview bullied as kids? >> i was. and you know my father told me he said go back down there next week and punched in the face. and today he be charged for child abuse for that advice. >> a messe point. the governor had an anti- bullying campaign and i think he made it worse.
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>> that is certainly true, but i'd love to say the answer is to get the kids to tough not. the truth is, we as parents have a responsibility to mak not make life so stressful for children. they're overscheduled, overstressed, there's pressure on them, everything is the competition. >> you have to separate mental illness. >> also teaching other kids to be decent human beings. >> you know the other thing the parents do is point the finger at you as a post what our parents would've done. >> thanks. new jersey transit, making his again. this time a suspension on the gladstone line, temporarily on thursday. on wednesday parts of a wall and summon came off and hit the train. to start we have details from diana.
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>> new jersey transit commuters got quite the scare tuesday night and again wednesday morning the pieces of concrete hit trains approaching summit station along the gladstone branch. commuters on twitter express their frustration. one reporting allowed bank. according to nj transit resulted when faulty concrete fell off the wall and onto the train. service was only disrupted wednesday morning when a car was scraped on the side. the other sustained damage to its rubber windowsill. repair workers carried out wednesday evening and thursday morning. all is concrete was removed and trains were up and running. still, many questions. john mccain is the cochair of a joint legislative oversight committee investigating nj transit ever since a train derailment at the new york train station last april. >> were trying to see what maintenance wasn't on and why
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was it seem like two days went by before it was closed and there's no notice to the computer commuters. he plans to ask questions at his next meeting. meanwhile, there's repair work underway at the more 70 bridge. new jersey transit tells us the latest incident has nothing to do with the repair work. >> thank you diana. joining me as the general manager of ww zer wwor. >> they were walking up and down the cars and said did anyone in here here to loud noises like an explosion? i have been on the train and had no idea what the conductor was talking about. and i said i heard it and it sounded like a really low noise. it had just happened as the
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train approach summit. >> they don't inspire any confidence whatsoever. was there than the murmur among the passengers like what have we got ourselves into? i think that passengers are so no right now that nothing phases them. seems as though every one was relatively calm. there is a large number of people there were walking through. it seemed like they were prepared for and there's a lot of people on scene, very quickly to their credit they evaluated and and they thought maybe it wasn't the best spot overall. they made it happen. >> thank you. let's bring in our panel. i feel like i'm talking about new jersey transit constantly. laura, what can be done? i know it's a small thing.
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>> it's actually a big thing for anybody who's taken the train for any regularity. for the amount of money it cost to take the train they should be other do better than having concrete falling and everything be in a mess. there's gotta be something. >> our roads and bridges are literally crumbling. the infrastructure new jersey is terrible. if you look at the polls it's a number two issue behind taxes and affordability. people care about it. their commute impacts. >> maybe they need to hire someone who knows a little bit so it's good to see. thank you for being here. let's bring back dan for look at your weather. >> let's take a look at your local weather forecast. there's really two big stories to talk about. one is a warming trend that will take us through the first weekend of fall. we also of the tropics, hosea
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maria in the middle of the atlantic. josé just will not go away. we could see increased cloud cover and showers all the way into the weekend, saturday and sunday. eventually the storm ago away and the cause is hurricane maria. yesterday i laid out three escape routes and it looks like the winners going to be maria basically dancing with and swallowing josé. hopefully this kicks maria out to see it won't affect us directly. will still see turning surf. let's talk about her forecast. becoming more comfortable as humidity levels drop. temperatures in the low 60s and 50s in spots. tomorrow's descent with clouds and showers from josé. high temperatures run the 80-degree mark warming into the -- may be the 90 degrees by the end of the weekend.
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pgh so, not, the fight over obama care. will republicans in congress be able to deliver a defective
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>> welcome back to chasing news. on bill spadea. the battle over obama care continues to rage in the halls of congress. republicans are launching what some are saying is a last-ditch effort to get a repeal and replace bill on president trumps desk. would be successful? was the future and how does it impact you? doug is in washington with the details. >> we might see a vote on this in the senate as early as next week. republicans are approaching up procedural deadline to get this done without democratic support.
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>> in the halls of congress, the chase is on for votes. leaders are scrambling to win over the same gop holdouts who scuttled healthcare reform in july. facing a deadline of september 30 to get a deal done with only 50 votes. at the end of the sit down with the president of egypt, president trump was asked about it. >> obama care is a disaster. it's feeling badly. >> the republican pan plan would dismantle part of obama care and return resources and decisions to individual states. one of the plans architect is pushing hard. >> were going to take a bullet next week. to my republican colleagues, if you have a better idea come forward. >> it's aggravating. >> president obama weighed in on his signature program and democrats say it's all happening too quickly. >> people are paying attention to hurricanes and earthquakes and daca. on the other hand, the president says the slow pace of change has been a surprise. >> the reality is a lot of republican senators are facing
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dual pressures. constituents who don't want to give up on an entitlement and then a lot of republican voters have been pushing for the repeal of obama care for
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>> live from center city in philadelphia thihis is fox 29 ns at 11. right now, crooks could be sneaking into your bank account. hidden devices swiping money from right under your nose and you didn't even realize it. good evening welcome to fox 29 news at 11:00. i'm chris o'connell. several of those card skimmers found at atm's all around our area. fox 29's shawnette wilson live in spring garden tonight with police tackling this problem. shawnette. >> reporter: well, chris, this is a crime that we all could fall victim to and


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