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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  September 22, 2017 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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town. now a woman is recovering from two gunshot wounds and police are on the hunt for a shooter. keep it here. your news is next. ♪ (cheering) a triangle solo? surprising.
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what's not surprising? how much money sam and yohanna saved by switching to geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more. ♪ >> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 10:00. >> right now at 10:00 police in montgomery county are searching for a shooter. they say the gunman waited for woman to come to the front door for limerick home and then shot her. thanks for joining to us i'm dawn timmeney. >> i'm o'connell. she's in the hospital recovering from gunshot wounds. police know who did it. they don't know where he is. fox 29's shawnette wilson has been following this investigation all night. she has new information from limerick tonight. chris and dawn the victim is still in the hospital tonight. we don't know her condition. we do know that the suspect used to date her daughter who now has
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a new boyfriend. >> it's very very sad because you never know it would happen in this neighborhood. we're very quiet neighborhood. >> reporter: trish came out of her house early this afternoon to police helicopters and crime scene tape on her street. news spread quick until neighbor had been shot. >> everybody knows everybody and look out for everybody. it's just sad and crazy, and unnecessary. >> reporter: investigators have already identified this man as the suspect. they say 30-year-old greg feldman went to the victim's home on long meadow drive around noon and shot her. >> a lady who lived in a residence on that road answered the door. after she answered the door, she was shot twice. she is hospitalized right now. >> reporter: according to police documents, the victim, 48-year-old amy herman, says feldman came to the house and asked for her daughter rebecca who was also there. and wanted to know how she was doing. she told feldman esche not be
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there and he allegedly said, i have something for becca and shot the victim. police say feldman took the victim's cell phone and left. the daughter's current boyfriend call the cell phone and feldman asked to speak to rebecca and said quote, i want to you feel my pain. >> he had been involved with the victim's daughter at some point in time. >> reporter: schools in the area were put on lock down as police searched for feldman who they say is armed. her children were escorted home by police after school. she seen the victim in passion around the neighborhood and hopes she'll be okay. >> all i know she was breast cancer survivor, and i pray to god she pulls through. you know, that's how me and the other neighbors feel that we just are praying. >> reporter: police say that greg feldman the suspect was driving a 2016 black mazza sedan license plate kfc-4605. his last known address is in harleysville ton night a warn
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has been issued for his arrest. dawn? >> shawnette, thank you. happening now, bizarre story unfolding on center city street. a man taken to the hospital after being shot by a three-year-old. police say that the gun used in that incident belonged to an off duty officer with the philadelphia housing authority. fox 29's jeff cole reports. >> reporter: 11:30 along 16th and arf, police tape up, traffic is halted, all attention focused on this suv where tragedy was march roll averted. >> i seen a gentleman leaning on the car so i seen the entrance and exit round right here. the blood was coming down his arm. >> reporter: 24-year-old man with bullet wound had been shot by his three-year-old nephew who just seen the gun placed under the seat before him. >> at some point the three-year-old child got loose from his car seat, got hold of that weapon and fired it. one round was fired and it went through the driver. >> reporter: bizarre story plays out this way. the gun owner, an off duty
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housing authority cop, has business in city hall not wanting to bring his personal, nine mill neither pistol in, he places it under the passenger side front seat and leaves. the car is driven to arch where the grandmother seated next to the child gets out. the three-year-old described as big for his age acts. >> it appears he may have been watching the off duty housing officer as he was removing the weapon and places it under the seat. >> the little boy crying i'm guessing it was the mother. there was a lady trying oh console the little boy saying it's all right, it's all right. he'll be all right. >> reporter: the injured man is rush to the hospital. the off duty cop to central detectives for questioning about his decision making with a loaded gun. >> gun safety is a very important issue. thing like this can happen. >> reporter: off duty police officers may carry their personal weapons but being careless way loaded gun, well, that can cost a career. in center city, i'm jeff cole, fox 29 news.
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bucks county facing a massive lawsuit it could mean a big pay out for former prison inmates. it involves the release of their mug shots and confidential information. you see some inmates were never convicted but years later you could still mind their mug shots online. fox 29's brad sattin is here. brad, this could be some big money involved here. >> reporter: chris, big money for sure. let's hope you're not but if you're ever an inmate in the bucks county prison all the prison is legally allowed to reveal about whether you're there, your name and your birthday but for years ago the prison was releasing a whole lot more it's now the focus of a lawsuit that could cost the county a whopping $680 million. if you need information on an inmate in bucks county the department of corrections has inmate look up tool on its website that tonight we found wasn't even working. which attorney alan dennenberg says would have been a good thing back in 2011 when it started revealing confidential information on all county inmates past or present
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convicted or not. >> many of these people had their records ex punched, so that when you went to access it at the police department or online, you wouldn't be a toil find that information including mr. at a had a's information. >> reporter: mr. taha spent less than 24 hours in jail back in 1998 on harassment and disorderly conduct charges later ex hunched. he never been in trouble before or after but even today, his booking photo and case information are still out there living on websites. his attorney says all because bucks county broke the law and made the information available back then. not just on him but on potenti potentially skate thousand other inmates too. a judge ruling that a class act lawsuit will move forward and damages could range between a thousand and $10,000 and if you multiply that by 68,000 people -- >> you're talking skate million to 680 million. >> reporter: temple law professor kenneth jacobson isn't so sure about those numbers.
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>> i think it's a stretch and i can't imagine that would be i warded. >> does that mean that they put the mug shots up knowing that the law prohibited that? does that mean that they acted with some kind of animus towards these individuals? in no one knows. >> reporter: since damages are capped at $10,000 per incident the bigger question is, is putting out the information on 68,000 people a single incident or skate thousand individual ones? no comment tonight from bucks county. the damages question could go to trial next year. chris? >> all right, brad, thanks. well, the calendar it may say fall, but the thermometer says summertime. let's take live look at wildwood, new jersey. and it looks like really like a july or august night out there. there's lots to do at the shore this weekend, including checking out the irish weekend. the irish fall festival. >> there's a big classic car show. fox 29's dave kinchen is in
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north wildwood where he's been talking to folks taking advantage of this beautiful weather. it's like a summer weekend. >> reporter: summer were rock and roll band you might call tonight's weather, well, an encore performance and the party here in north wildwood is just getting started. ♪ >> reporter: the sound of ireland at the shore. ♪ >> reporter: it's an ocean of green at the north wildwood irish fall festival and conditions could not be better. >> the weather is perfect right now. it's great right now. >> reporter: she's one of hundreds spending the first dave fall having ball. >> last year when we came down here it was horrible. it was cold, it was rainy. it's great this year. really is. report roar scores of people with their green shirts grabbing a slice of pizza during what feels like a slice of summer. >> everyone is having fun. great turn out. awesome. >> reporter: joe owns joe joe's place and says the big crowds give one more economic shot in the arm before we really feel the change of the season.
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>> the wintertime comes and we actually close down after this. so to us it's extremely important and to the vendors and other establishments around us i'm sure they're very happy. >> reporter: of course some are spending the weekend catching any kind of surf they can but the danger is significant with the high risk of rip tides in place. and the lifeguards gone for the season. most we found opted for suds of a different kind. >> drink beer. you can have fun drinking buyer. the fun continues sense of seriousness. fundraiser to help the victims. hurricanes taking place as well. in north wildwood, dave kinchen fox 29 news. let's throw things over to fox 29 weather authority. >> scott, folks down there are loving this summer like weather. >> beautiful weather for the upcoming weekend. the only concern will be in the water for those dangerous rip currents. all because of post tropical cyclone jose. it continues to sit and spin in the open waters of the atlantic
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causing rough surf look at the water temperatures. still in the low to mid 70s right now for atlantic city and cape may. the updated forecast, a moderate risk for rip currents tomorrow. delaware beaches and the jersey shore. so just use caution as we look at those current wave heights right now, offshore about 6 feet and then as we move a little farther to the south, look at the impressive wave heights around hurricane maria. 35-foot wave heights right around that center of circulation. so here's the latest on maria. you can see it moving north away from the turks and caicos but once again down the shore this weekend we're looking at temperatures low to mid 80s watching out though in the water and then if you're not down the shore, the center city forecast, 87 degrees. autumn heat. 86 in the lehigh valley. that entire weekend forecast, what to expect at the linc and also when it will finally feel like fall, that's all coming up with the seven day. back to you. all right, scott, thank you.
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a tearful mother reaching out to fox 29 after she says her son was attacked at school. but it's what she says her son was called that has her really upset. do you live in pennsylvania and did you vote in november's election? well it is now confirmed federal officials say hackers tried to influence your vote. you can't have this frenchie. sam just snagged it from homegoods. it reminds him of bennie. only quieter. you can't have this frenchie. but new finds are always arriving. so you can find something so you, for less. at homegoods.
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several buildings in center city evacuated this afternoon. you can see firefighters on the scene on the three had been dread block of north 13th
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street. the smoke detectors went off inside the sunday breakfast rescue mission. the building and those nearby were evacuated as crews searched for the source. they say they saw smoke pouring out of a great on the sidewalk. still no word on where it all came from. did russian hackers try to meddle in pennsylvania's elections before last year's presidential election? well spokesperson for governor tom wolf says pennsylvania was one of 21 states targeted by the russians. however, the department of homeland security says there's no evidence that pennsylvania's election systems were actually breached. puerto rico still reeling from the damage caused by hurricane maria. streets there are flooded. there's no running water in some areas and power lines are still down. we know at least six people are dead but communication to the island is impossible at the moment. most of the island is facing weeks, possibly months without any electricity at all. but maria is not finish. the hurricane is heading north through the carribbean hitting
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the dominican republic and turks and caicos islands. it's been four days now since powerful earth cake rattled mexico city and still crews are searching for survivors. and despite days of under that rubble there are some stories of survival. >> tragically though not everyone so lucky it is mexico's deadliest earthquake in more than 30 years. fox's jonathan hunt with the story from mexico city. >> reporter: rescue workers here in mexico city still digging for what is now a fourth straight day following a powerful 7.1 magnitude earthquake that has killed more than 250 people so far and very countless other destroyed buildings. officials here say the rescue mission will continue until they're certain there are no more survivors waiting to be rescued. >> translator: they know that before anything else you have to stay cal. do not push each other. rescue work continues. we have not stopped. we will not stop finding and trying to find survivors.
10:16 pm
>> reporter: search and rescues teams from around the world are now starting to arrive in force including from the us. where a number of cities have accept their own first respond responders. augmenting the work being done bite mexican counterparts and thousand of volunteers. >> i knew i had to get down here and i'm happy because as soon as i got here, literally within two seconds, you know, they put me up on the pile and that's what i came here for. >> reporter: meanwhile the focus in many areas is turning to long-term recovery. the government is promising a strong rebuilding program but residents here say there's still a long road ahead before the city returns to normal. >> this has been devastating and it hurts a lot. >> translator: we're going to need more to recuperate maybe at the end of the year we'll be better. >> reporter: at least 60 people have been rescued from the rubble so far but in some areas bulldozers are now moving in to clear the wreckage where no signs of life have been
10:17 pm
detected in mexico city, jonathan hunt, fox news. in delaware county, an angry mom says she was left in the dark by school officials after her son was physically assaulted by a classmate. >> but it's the verbal shot allegedly taken by that fellow student that has this mom really mad. our bruce gordon has the story. >> reporter: flanked by her two attorneys sever dog after the fact robinson is still ups upset. >> as a parent i've hurt. i've never had to experience this as parent and to have my 11-year-old son have to experience this is very heartbreaking. >> reporter: robinson's son is a sixth grader at ridley middle school on she says he argued with a fellow student in the hallway between classes. the other boy who is white struck her son scratching his eye and then -- >> as they were going inside the classroom, the student then said to my son, that's why you are a n. >> he said that to your son. >> said that to my son. >> reporter: he describe the incident in a handwritten report
10:18 pm
school officials asked him to provide. >> your son's reaction to that comment? >> um, pretty much shocked. just couldn't believe he it. >> reporter: the next day, tuesday, robinson says her son reported another incident. also written up by her son in which a different white student questioned where he had and been born. he toll the boy to get away from him. he says is he did but then return. >> the boy looked at my son and said "yes, i can kill you, you know that, right?" >> she spent the next several days calling, e-mailing, visiting school officials trying to find out what was being done to address the situation. she says she learned little except for this update from the school's dean of students. the boy who had struck her son had been suspended for three days. >> if he would not have physically assaulted my child he would not have been suspended. >> reporter: you don't believe the suspension was connected nor did they suggest to you the suspension was connected to the slur. >> no. >> reporter: shane by the events he stayed home from school wednesday. he wants to remain at ridley middle school but mom is not certain the school can protect
10:19 pm
her child. >> do you not understand the severity situation because your child never had to encxper it. you don't know what i'm feeling. you don't know what my son is feeling. >> the sun says they cannot discuss individual incidents but that any suspension is followed by a mandatory re-enty parent conference and follow up counseling along with counseling support for the victim of the assault. robinson says none of that was communicated to her though she does say the assistant principal spoke to her son this morning. i'm bruce gordon, fox 29 news. police are urging people to be on the look out for a gun permit exam in allegheny county police tells the pittsburgh tribune review conceal carry is fake. it claims to help people to register for conceal gun permits online. you can only get those permits by applying in person at their county sheriff's office. >> coming back to school for a
10:20 pm
second time. what it took to get teachers in one local district back inside the classroom. >> police share details about a man they say is behind a string of child lurings. >> and these flyers are popping up all over new york subways. the new york wedding photographer did the absolute worst thing a wedding photographer could do.
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thousands of students in montgomery county headed back to school for a second time this year. classes in the methacton school district started again today after striking teachers walk off the job earlier this week. although they are back in class, those teachers are still without a contract. fox 29's jennifer joyce has mo more. >> reporter: around 7:00 a.m. the buses rolled in to the methacton high school parking lot, school is back in session after the rosh hashanah holiday and thee day long teacher strike. >> we're excited about seeing the students. we're excited about moving education for. this is our job much this is our passion. we love the district, and we bleed green. >> reporter: teachers union co president told us earlier this week the decision to strike on monday was multi dimensional a main sticking point is rising health care costs. while school board president chris board man says the proposed contract includes a several thousand dollar raise, teachers say the raise does not
10:24 pm
cover the increased expenses. despite teachers wanting to handle the contract dispute directly with district officials, they decided to move forward with arbitration. >> we firmly believe that this is something that is between the parties, and should have been able to be resolved between the parties. >> reporter: but they also wanted to get back in the classroom. >> we have to move forward in some fashion. this process needs to come to closure for both sides. >> reporter: on wednesday, the methacton education association agreed to move forward with the arbitration process, a process that could take some time. >> the union co president says if they did not agree to go to arbitration, the students could have been out of school until october 12th. nobody wanted that. reporting from eagleville, i'm jennifer joyce, fox 29 news. fox 29 reached out to school officials for comment on the story. they have not yet gotten back to us. more charges to night against a suspect in ration of a itemed abductions of young girls if northeast philadelphia. 35-year-old man is now charged
10:25 pm
in connection with total of seven attempted lurings. in one case, police say he tried to lure a girl as young as ten years old into his car. the incidents happened last friday night. he was arrested and charged with four a attempted lurings. police announcing additional charges today. >> reporter: a man is breaking into cars in west philadelphia and it's caught on cameras. cameras caught him breaking into cars on 600 block of north 68th street it started back in august police say but he's still at it. in one videoing sue him actually throwing a rock at a window of the car to break it in broad daylight. police say it looks like he arrives on seen in a dark toyota corolla. if you recognize him, please call police. coming up neighbors in one philadelphia community say their local rec center is supposed to be a safe haven for children. the unspeakable crime that just happened inside has them in shock. and new jersey governor chris christie giving one woman a second chance.
10:26 pm
what he just did for a garden state mom. ♪ is facing an epidemic fueled by opioid painkillers. vanessa: in honor of recovery month, we want you to know that recovery from addiction is possible. christie: the signs you spot today... vanessa: ...could save a loved one tomorrow. christie: to learn more, visit
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♪ back to our developing story out montgomery county tonight. police right now are trying to locate 30-year-old greg feldman. prosecutors say 48-year-old amy herman this afternoon. he shot her long meadow road in limerick. investigators say he used to date herman's daughter and he wanted his ex girlfriend to quote feel his pain. police consider him armed and dangerous. if you see him please call 911. unthinkable crime in south philadelphia. police say a man sexually assault add teenager with special needs at a local rec center. that man is now locked up facing a long list of charges but tonight the community is angry and upset wondering how this could have even happened. >> fox 29's dave schratwieser has the details on this disturbing story.
10:30 pm
>> reportr: children were playing ology the swings and teenagers were shooting hoops the playground in south philadelphia friday. unaware of the unspeakable crime committed here against a teenager. >> it's save haven, yes, always supposed to be that way. report roar police say it was anything but safe for an 18-year-old special needs teenager after 32-year-old ronald coleman allegedly let him inside the rec center here and raped her around 2:00 o'clock wednesday afternoon. >> he was approached by the offender who asked if he was trig to get inside. and he let him inside or pulled him inside the rec center. >> just pray for him. nobody deserving to through that. >> something like that is just horrifying. >> coleman is a city employee working as a seasonal maintenance worker here. he allegedly force forced a teeo the kitchen and sexually assaulted him. parents and folks who use the may ground at 15th and poris were outraged by the assault. >> it's just heartbreaking. i just can't imagine the person
10:31 pm
it sickens me. >> this playground should be for the children and they should be able to be safe when they come here, you know, and it's terrible for that to happen. >> reporter: a rec department spokeswoman said all employees must pass background check that includes criminal, fbi and child abuse inquiries. they would not comment on reports coleman had been working here for just thee weeks. >> they need to do background checks before they hire people and put them around our childr children. >> it's a shame. it's terrible. you don't expect -- you expect your kids to be safe there. >> i'm just glad for a quick arrest. >> reporter: coleman faces reckless endangerment and unlawful restraint charges. city officials tell us he did undergo a back ground check and will no longer be working here at this rec center. in south philadelphia, dave schratwieser, fox 29 news. two people are in custody tonight after a pair of armed robberies in newark, delaware. william piat and candace sanchez
10:32 pm
are charged in the robberies one at motel six on mcintosh plaza the other at a exxon gas station on chestnut hill road. the pair broke no a hotel room held a man at gun point and assaulted him. police were able to track down the pair in a stolen car. >> police make an arrest in deadly hit-and-run over the summer. newark police arrestin arrestind stillman after they found physical evidence in surveillance video which led them to stillman. they say he hit 44-year-old calvin dot ton with his pick up. he was walking on elkton road late at night in newark back in july. stillman turned himself in yesterday. tonight he's free on $10,000 bond. president trump traveled to alabama to campaign for luther strange for his senate bid. the president will headline a rally for strange who is appointed the seat temporarily when jeff sessions became attorney general. fox's lauren blanchard on the latest with the president. >> reporter: president trump
10:33 pm
is back on the campaign trail. this time in huntsville, alabama to stump for his republican choice in a run off primary election. however, the president is pledging to support whomever wins and goes on to face the democrat in december. >> i'm here tonight to ask the good people of alabama to send luther strange to the united states senate so he can defend your interests, fight for your values and always put america first. >> reporter: president trump rallying support for senator luther strange the former state attorney general appointed to the senate when jeff sessions was appointed us attorney general. >> i think you're going to come back and kick everyone's ass. >> the president' as yen today also facing a test of its own as senator john mccain announces he's breaking away from republicans yet again on their last ditch effort to pass a bill on health care that would fulfill the gop's promise to repeal and replace obamacare.
10:34 pm
in statement mr. cane said, i cannot in good couldn't scheps vote fort graham cassidy proposal. >> so he decided to something and that's fine. i say we still have chance. we're going to do it eventually. we're going to do it eventuallily. the president pledging america will be protected against north korean leader kim jong-un who he has given new nickname. >> we can't have mad men out there shooting rockets all over the place and by the way rocke rocketman should have been handled a long time ago. [ applause ] >> reporter: all this as the president's controversial travel ban is set to expire on sunday, and expected to be replaced with a mortar getted version focused on specific countries. in washington, lauren blanchard, fox news. so what would health care in pennsylvania look like if lawmakers repealed the fax fact well analysts say the proposed bill would start slashing
10:35 pm
federal aid to pennsylvania in just two years time. governor tom wolf's acting human services secretary is expected to testify in front of the senate finance committee in washington on monday where she will discuss the gop sponsored legislation's impact on the keystone state. republicans are scrambling to bring the bill to a vote by the end of the month. >> reporter: in new jersey, governor chris christie is shining light on the opioid epidemic. he pardoned a woman who says she stole to support her heroin addiction. gale naples got hook she says when she started using prescription painkillers. the new jersey native has now been sober for thee decades and turned her life around after she entered recovery. the pardon comes the same week governor christie unveiled $200 million in new state spending to address the opioid crisis. a mother and two children desperate for help. their both singing during the wrath of hurricane maria. the daring rescue you have to see. >> plus the search is on. a photographer is desperate
10:36 pm
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sweet 4k tv, mr. peterson.
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thanks. pretty psyched. did you get fios too? no. mr. peterson, fios is a 100% fiber optic-network. what does that mean? think about it. if you got an awesome new car you'd put the best gas in it, right. so why hook up your awesome technology to anything other than a fiber-optic network? i got to go. peterson. peterson's wife. counting on you guys. your internet deserves the 100% fiber-optic network. and now get our fastest internet ever plus tv and phone for just $79.99 per month. >> take a look at this a woman
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and two children rescued from the middle of rough waters in puerto rico. the three standing on top of capsized boat after hurricane maria came ripping through. the us coast guard britain's royal navy work together to bring those people to safety. >> incredible. a wedding nightmare a couple's photos from their very special day loft and now they are just desperate to get them back but wait until you hear the story. their photographer accidentally left them on the subway. tonight pictures of this flyer are everywhere on the internet. the photographer says he is trying to get the photos back after heaving them in his backpack object subway train in new york. the couple is now offering a $2,000 reward they say the photos are the only copies from their wedding. to your health news now, a device that could help you save you from drunk driving. it is what's being called the fit bit for drinking. here's how the proof wearable works.
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high tech it west band reads edge toll. as you sip at the bar it's watching your back and the sweat on your wrist. monitoring your blood alcohol level through per pir race. >> you want to drive home later you set it at .08 and all of a sudden your phone buses two hours later when you hit 2.8. upping in the moment not to have another drink. >> now if you want to get your hands on one of these, you will have to wait for proof wearable. it won't hit the market until december just in time for the holidays. happening now, a big blow to uber. the ride sharing service is now standing to lose tens of millions of dollars in revenue after british officias decided to band uber in london the company showed lack of responsibility on number of public safety and security issues. such as driver background checks and reporting serious crimes. london police accusing uber of either not reporting or taking too long to report crimes.
10:41 pm
while uber objects and is couldn't testifying this decision, the city's mayor supports the move. >> i want to be at the for front of innovation and new technology but you got to may by the rules. >> uber says it's drivers pass the same background tests as london's cab drivers and follows all the rules on reporting serious incident and urging london customers to help them fight the decision by signing an online petition. i hope you didn't put away those shorts and t shirts. scott williams has your -- i guess this is the summer forecast on the first day of fall. scott. >> yeah, it will feel more like july as opposed to fall across the delaware valley. high temperatures will be climbing into the upper 80s. even low 90s. we could be on the brink of a fall hot wave. details coming up. all right. and with the warmer weather you probably still have your air-conditioning on. but one local couple is forced to deal with the heat. that is until they got a little
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chester county couple is breathes easier and cooler tonight thanks to a local business. they heard one of their customers in need and they did
10:45 pm
something about it. fox 29 photojournalist tina holgate was there. suffering with both prostate and rectal cancer 81 year old bobs life was about to get even worse. it was the last thing he and his wife leslie needed to deal with. his home's entire heating and air-conditioning system broke. his furnace rusted out leaking carbon monoxide and his water heater leaking. >> i said i can't afford to get new appliances like that i just can't do it. i got all these medical bills piling up. >> reporter: after hearing about their customer's financial problems, wesley wood service experts heating and ac company secret went to work getting suppliers on board to replace their entire system for free. >> came back a cub weeks later and he says, you know what, we're going to put in all three of these free of charge.
10:46 pm
i was flabbergasted. i still am. so surreal. >> when i called bob and leslie and told them the good news, at first they just couldn't believe it. they thought maybe they were on, you know, one of those tv shows that trick people. >> no tricks. just a small army of wesley wood workers with huge hearts. >> took the old one out, put new one in. >> from the hum of a new air-conditioner to a new furnace and a brand new water heater installed in half a day. >> it was the right thing to do. the family is struggling financially burdened with many medical bills, and struggling to make ends meet, and we thought it would be nice to give back to the community that supported our company for so long. >> all told nearly $14,000 of donated appliances, parts and labor it also means less worrying about bills and concentrating more on bob's recovery. >> good lord has answered my prayers. i mean i still -- i still don't
10:47 pm
believe what's happening here. you know, and i'm is he thankf thankful. >> aww. >> you can see the weight lifted off. that's huge burden for someone limited income, medical bills mounting up and they were -- they were just dealing with it. no air-conditioning. the water heater was -- >> they're older. >> what a kind thing to do. >> i love that. >> yeah. turning to the weather now, live look at wildwood, new jersey. couple beach weather at the end of september? >> tempting as that is, getting into the water could be dangerous. meteorologist kathy ormeteorolos your forecast in 152nd much >> fall has officially begun on a warm in center city talking
10:48 pm
10:49 pm
88 degrees for the high temperature tomorrow. and then look at sunday. it's going to be hot at the li linc. 91 degrees. the normal for this time of year is 76. the tropics still pretty active. we have a category three major hurricane maria. 125 miles per hour winds. moving away from the bahamas over the upcoming weekend and it will parallel the coast into early next week. by the middle part of next week you can see offshore. more dangerous surf and also beach erosion unfortunately down the shore we're talking temperatures tonight upper 50's lehigh valley, 67 philadelphia. mid to upper 60s down the shore and then look at these numbers for tomorrow. upper 80s lehigh valley. 88 degrees in reading. low to mid 80s down the shore. what about that kick off forecast on sunday at the linc? mostly sunny skies, 87 degrees,
10:50 pm
and then temperatures will continue to warm. we're looking at 88 tomorrow. 91 degrees on sunday. 90 on monday. so on the bring of a hot wave if we can get three consecutive 99-degree days. cloudy, breezy cooler by wednesday into thursday low 80s and finally feeling like fall sean as we move toward friday of next week. >> scott, seeing of that eagles game doug pederson knows what he wants to do. he's not going to tell us. hear what he had to say about the starring lineup when it comes to the offensive line. the phillies in the action against the braves. see if they can avoid another losing streak much that's coming up next in sports. ♪ ♪ now with tomorrow's traffic here's bob kelly. good evening, everybody. leprechaun siting at the beach it's irish weekend down in north wildwood see a lot folks heading down the shore not just for the
10:51 pm
irish weekend but also for the nice weather that we're having. if you're going to the shore they'll be working at the great egg toll plaza also that construction on the expressway. ac expressway southbound ramps to exit number 7s. a lot going on around town the big game of course sunday eagles/giants kick off 1:00 o'clock right here on fox. we'll see you bright and early tomorrow morning for "good day philadelphia" weekend.
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10:54 pm
♪ the phils back in action after taking three out of four from the dodgers. they now won seven out of their last ten games. so trying to finish the season off strong and tonight they took on the braves. pete mackanin saw this thing being over with quick. nick with a line drive to center. two runs score and the braves already up three-zero in this game. then the very next batter, kirk is you so you key put this thing to bed. that's two run shot to left. he only lasted five innings giving up six runs. the phils lose seven-two. the eagles game this sunday got a little bit harder. secondary struggling right now. watkins and graham are out and mcleod is a game time decision. i doubt he'll play.
10:55 pm
the eagles have chance to basically end the giants season and hop on top of the nfc east at the same time. the giants looked terrible in their first two games but it's still a squad that you don't want to take lightly. >> if you can't go into this game thinking, you know, they're zero-two they'll lay down. you know what i 1980's still long season. you got 14 games left is the ton for sure we have to know those guys will come her with their best shot. after two losses, you know, they're going to be hungry for win. >> we want to put ourselves in a best position and try to make it to the post season and i think this week we got to have it. it's nfc east opponent, and we got to take it, you know, we trying to go two-zero in the division. two-one overall record and, um, that's the mindset. >> fletcher cox and brandon graham in the background you can catched game day-crew at 10am full preview of the game then eagles play at 1:00 and recap of the entire day on sports sunday at 10:30. one last thing in my opinion the
10:56 pm
eagles if they lose this game it will be because of the offensive line because they don't hold up. chance warmack got a lot of starts in practice the coach didn't rule out isaac. pederson talk about the. good men's front four. >> just the battle that we have to face going into this game and it's every week. facing this type of -- this type of battle. so whoever is in there, we'll be ready to go. >> when do you have to make that decision by. >> when do we have to turn in the x. sunday 11:30. >> does that affect the rest of the guys on the line? they don't know exact who'll they're next to. hmm, no. no. >> if mcleod and -- >> i'm be wait your response on twitter. [ laughter ] >> the never gives up the plan, does he. >> no he does not. they got to win this game. this is one you look at the end of the year you got to win this one division game thanks guys that does it for us at
10:57 pm
10:00 o'clock. dawn timmeney standing by with what's coming up at 11:00. dawn. >> chris f you're looking for an excuse to skip the gym this might be one. we've got dirty facts about gym equipment that will want to make you go home and take a shower and your wake up weather and seven day forecast in the first five minutes. remember your mega millions lottery drawing is next. see in you a minute. only quieter. you can't have this frenchie. but new finds are always arriving. so you can find something so you, for less. at homegoods.
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