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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 7A  FOX  September 27, 2017 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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a quiet night interrupted by gunfire in east germantown a 16-year-old deed and he's not the youngest victim. ongoing searcg for suspects. >> crisis in purts ricoh. >> this is big soo for anyone out there. >> pill millions without power and water and basic supplies. we fly along to puerto rico this morning with supplies.
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>> corruption in college basketball. >> the picture pained by the charges brought today is not a pretty one. >> federal authorities make several arrests including coaches, financial advisor and sneaker company executives. how the fbi satisfies they were taking advantage of college athletes. >> alex is here. bob is here. i think i'm here and sue is in collingswood, new jersey, sue. >> hey, mike, alex. no bones about it. >> ah. >> the coffee here in groove ground cafe is to die for. we're going batty here [ [ laughter ] it's great because a lot of folk are coming out and donating great items for auction tonight and plus giving money to children's hospital of philadelphia. more details on all that coming up.
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let's get to number of the da day. which is nine out of ten. and it's another day we'll be pretty warm and humid. but former hurricane tropical storm now maria is in the process of making that turn today towards the northeast. so it will become less and less of factor in weather. if you're in dell dl you may see a shower or two by the shore and tropical storm warning continues for north carolina we have high surf advisory jersey shore and delaware beaches. in philadelphia now. headed to a humid 88 this will probably be the last day of heat and humidity. our transition to fall like weather with temperatures falling is m coming up pretty soon. more from collingswood, new jersey let's check traffic here before we go to bob kell kelly. it's looking good. everybody ebb is behavinging and following traffic signs pretty fountains on hadden avenue. hadden and woodlawn bob kelly this morning. >> looking good.
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nice and calm. collingswood. 7:02 brim on eping for you in middle of of opening here going back down actually the freighter is going northbound. if you grab coffee and keys and head for betsy ross. that headed northbound will impact burlington bristol in an hour or so. cool shot downtown this morning. delays from south jersey 42 freeway heavy 55 in towards walt whitman bridge and accident on northeast extension. this is southbound heading into quakertown we're bumper to bumper approaching q town southbound on northeast extension. look out there. for the gang in delaware no problems yet coming northbound out of wilmington headed to the airport. mike, alex back to you. >> speaking of airport let's go to airport now down under the tarmac because people of puerto rico are in desperate need of supplies. lauren. >> they're getting ready to
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load them. >> you hi. >> that's right, hey, mike and alex a unique perspective this morning this is last load going on the second flight american airlines sent down there. 19 thours pounds of supplies. everything from bottled water to daipers and clothing and brand new generate others to help the people of puerto rico living there without power. and a half million people in fact some we met in gate hous house. chris o'connell is taking the flight live. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> you've talked to peopled in the airport waiting to get on the flight. >> some people will be on the flight along with supplies. they'll go home to where they don't know yet. they don't know if their homes are there. they don't have power. most talked to loved ones in some way through email and don't know what going home to. and he lot are expecting worse. you see picture down there.
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foot, water to getting places. biggest part now is trees are down and people cannot get to places. >> you're not going to step foot outside the airport you'll bring us the story from plane to delivering supplies and what people are saying and hearing on the flight. has anyone told you i know we're hearing they're nervous about landing and what they'll see. >> again it's getting places it's when some of these people have not talked to family members in sometime and it's a matter of just getting food. we're hearing that hospitals are with no power and sthir cadavers are rotting with open windows. they're hearing those tore to juries, you cannot get money to generate gas and cell phones it's trickle down effect that is really a cross
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is now. we'll go to the airport and show the stories of this mission american oar lines is doing. >> chris o'connell is live on facebook. he'll be on our show later this evening. mike and alex the last load loaded on to this plane is flight 2028 to purt remember owe to san ban specifically it leaves 8:10 this morning. there's so many kitesed to walk on to the jet and. >> and help them rebuild and find what they need. skatement. >> and social securityness. >> and concern. >> are there family asly and is there a home down there? all right. thank you. or have youers are fantastic. i know that's not tarmac it's apron or ramp and when you get to different surface that's called a tarmac. made of certain pearl material. >> tarmac is referencing
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material cement and crushed rock and layer of tar or topped oaf with par. >> tarmac is for tar. your he even sea is a pilot. >> o 0. >> a shooting happened in east fwr mavrn town light int intop people people wounded it's a result of this. >> as ung young as 11 and ol oldest 19 and people at headquarters shakinging their heads. been hours this is third scene several people were shot. just the day before two different shootings with people shot in each of those. this one involving kids. and sadly one of the kids did not survive. shot in the back. maybe running for his life. but, who knew where to run because this street pastorius
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in east germantown has a dead end where the shooting happened but it was block loming stooting from other end. >> due to the fact this 1 13-year-old girl that was around the rp coulder was truck in arm we he believe she's innocent victim. we're trying to determine which of other three males were intended target. we have one male 20-year-old shot multiple times in the torso and legs. so it appears they may have been intended target due to the fact he was hit so many times. >> deteing activities later learned that person was actually 19 now it critical and hopefully going to survive thanks to the police officers who loaded him into the bang of the car along with other three and rush themd into einstein emergency room why
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oldest -- maybe up tended target was nap so -- when you're a mouth away chances are you would not hit the target. these two gunmen may have been fighting with each other since it's privtd homes police did got have surveillance right away. they'll go by witness accounts and a lot of people out because was warm on their porches and also diving for cover themselves and didn't see much to begin with. guys. >> probably so, all right, steve, thank you. we have another person targeted looks like in sooting. a young woman house sitting in south jersey has been found beaten to death. 26-year-old shawnique carter after veingdtors found her inside a home. police say whoever the murdered is if the a thaet to the they don't famed a murder weapon or motive.
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>> parents of otto warmbeer speaking out since they are son was held captive in north korea. >> they say their son suffe suffered unimaginable torture. >> the 2-year-old died in and days after he was released. his parents blamd kim yung un regime for add stress and what can be he he was in when they a him are to the fist time after 17 months. >> he had a shaved head and feeding tube out of his nose. he was staring blankly into space jerking violently. he he was blind. had he was deaf. as we looked at him and tried to comfort him it looked like someone had had taken a pair of flyers and rearranged his pod only teeth, north korea is not a victim. they're terrorists. they kidnapped otto and core
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toured him and intentionally injured him. >> hard to hear those detail details. warmbier's death repain a mystery. they contribute it to sleeping pills and botulism poisoning and, doctors in u.s. say it's unlikely. when you think he's in a coma he's peaceful and asleep. sounds like it was completely different. >> no he was screaming in pain until american doctors got medication into him. but, he was screaming but just gibberish. >> unreal. >> 7:11 now. republicans in washington d.c. try to make a big piv to the tax reform today because. >> i guess it didn't work out. >> healthcare thing looks deadal together. >> now they're saying on to the next thing, doug? >> to some degree.
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healthcare reform will come up again we'll see the president is going to indiana today to start selling tax reform package details of which will come out a little later this morning getting this through congress will be difficult. >> they are been crunching numbers on capital hill that many of us crunch at tam time times. formulas we have not seen in this country in 30 years. >> we'll cut taxes tremendou tremendously for middle class. >> it's been a big priority for president trump and other republicans in washington this has not been batcher week for republican establishment here in a runoff election for senate sneet alabama conservative moore dispatched lawminger strange owe who had backing of president trump and
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other leaders. that came in a day reps threw in towel to repeal and replace obamacare today americans should prev a sigh of relief it is now prehe served. >> turning to taxes rerps with keeping an eye on he'll m care reform and' bill of taking another shot at it combining it with tax reform in one massive package. >> tument line here is aggressive. republicans would like to get this done. mike and alex by end of year. we'll see. >> back to you guys. >> everybody says obamacare is collapsing so you have to do something dug fright it's truly collapsing. something has to be done to shore it up or replace it with something and republicans keep
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coming do unto replace side they're likely to take another shot at this. it's difficult to do healthcare on on come biping with kax cuts. >> they're amizeing a big time. >> the minimum ynz and mill ynz i pay in taxes every year i know i can't ait for it to come back to me. >> good luck to you and your family thanks doug. >> they're talking about corporate tax rate 35 to 15% and our taxes down to 10%. sounds fantastic. you can get it done? we'll see. >> here's a shocker. bribery in college athletics. >> several big named college coaches among ten people face facing charges and some arres arrested. >> and these are big names in college basketball hi tom. >> let's face it a lot of people are slugging shoulders
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saying this is the way it goes serious charges involving fbi goes back about two years unveiled corruption scheme that involved bribery, illegal kickbacks. tom basketball high school players were promised moneyen supplied by adeeds as to play for ncaa schools. >> chuck person now associate head coach auburn. tony planned from university of south carolina. he man all richdard son arizona and oklahoma state university lamont evans. officials say they made wig bucks off these vulnerable kids. >> the bribes showed little regard for the player's well-being and ignored red flags seeing on green of cash slibz. >> question became you aware tral investigators arrested adeet as aaemployee. we're learning more about the situation. we're unaware of misconduct
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and will fully cooperate with authorities to understand mor more. some coaches have been suspend mike and alex exauthoritys as i mentioned have been vehicleing since 2015. but misconduct could have dated back 4 years when you talk about serious weight on some of these kharps up to 80 years in prison. >> 0 years in prison? >> you're talking about a host of charges wire fraud, money laundering and so forth. >> most seem like they were not head coaches they went out and recruited players probabl probably. >> absolutely and tier steering them towards particular agents total of ten arrests. >> you have to wonder if the head coaches had any idea was going on or kind of turned a blind eye to it. >> they don't have meeting? >> all right. >> thank you, tom. >> latest sport illustrated cover stirring up couldn't vrtsy. >> well some people were vocal about it. >> how do they ignore this. it's big in sports. >> a nation divided sports united. but what are you referring to i thought it was mainly about
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the fact someone was missing from the cover. >> oh, >> you're talking about a nation divided and talk about the protests but they don't put the person who started protests anywhere on the cove cover. colin kaepernick. but you have roger goodell on there. some people -- >> i didn'tness that. >> steph curry property and center. i see roger goodell and lebron james and some thing "sports illustrated" purposely left him out and they're showing other athletes that made headlines recently. >> could it be because he's not playing? >> so titled article inside says athletes are not going to sick to sports and that's add mirably american thing. aaron rogers is in.s i there. >> that's editorizeing they took a stand. >> what were you thinking it was about the whole stick to sports argument. >> yeah. >> and fact they were talking about that. >> yeah. >> if you think of history
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jackie robinson. >> oh, yeah, please. >> it was interesting used the word stand there deposit it. >> yes. >> here is sue. >> collingswood new jersey. >> so many generous people in colling wood new jersey donat donating to hyundai hope in wheels and silent auction lac lacer on tonight from the energy nbling escape room. >> hope we got a tee shirt. >> key chain, mugs, board games, gift certificate good for ten people to do a full room in collingswood or new location in glassboro. >> it must be popular right now. >> doing well yes. >> ever popular skateboarding lee from collingswood board company what do you have for us. >> custom made right here in collingswood and custom skateboard and long board.
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>> lewis is here from bow house. your hair design studio. what have you donated. >> gift baskets that contains hair product we carry at gift certificate for free haircut from any one of our designers. >> look at my hair. >> any time you want. >> help children's hospital thank you so much all of you. let's get to the forecast. beautiful morning. milder than average morning out here. don't get used to it. we'll be lucky to get to 73. which is where we are now for high temperature over the weekend. that's how cool it will get. today still humid. still warm. high temperature of 88 degrees in city and lower 80s north of us and shore rip current still with us exiting tropical storm maria. that's weather from collingswood new jersey. chris we're still taking donations of course. we 10:00 bob kelly we won't be able to fit money.
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>> you need a bigger zip look lock bag. >> september are lane on 95. this is i 5 southbound right at the bridge street off ramp. this with one of two situations look at this guy riding up the shoulder going all the way around. southbound 95. bumper to bumper cottman avenue down to bridge streets. we have the accidents at bridge. then there's another accident a little further south near betsy ross bridge. double bubble there south on 95. accidents on northeast extension. southbound headed to quakertown iment change and septa on route 11 and airport regional rail line and get ready for opening burlington bristol going up at 7:55. so plan your trip there accordingly. mike, alex back to you. >> thank you. >> a chance to save more if you're lucky. twitter is telting doubling character limit. but only for some users. i want to know who is able to but only for some users. i want to know who is able to tweet 208 character.
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♪ ♪ ♪
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hash brown scramble bowl from chick-fil-a.
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okay you know twitter has 140 character there letters, numbers, whatever. they'll expand twice as money. >> 280 character problem only for a select few. are youen one of the fews able to do this. >> no i'm not. i'm not sure who select few are. random assortment of people. i want to know if the president gets 280 character. why is this a big deal? witness twitter struggles as a company despite popularity. a lot of regular users. i cannot cut -- make this brief enough. concise enough so they abandon tweets altogether and then you also see a really large number of tweets exactly limit, 140 character and that's suggests that, this happened to us right you go through tweet and cut out anything extra you do all abbreviations possible until you get to 140.
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it's annoying for many people. twitter wants to explore if we give you 280 character are you happier and we're more popular. >> you're right that is what i do and type it out and however long it is i look at the number and wait for it to change as i start cutting off letters. >> i ask you guys a question. is twitter nope for brevity or realtime nate your of information. >> realtime nature more important than number of character. >> people appreciate you cannot go on full blown paragraphs and -- >> that's what facebook is for and 280 character is short. you know how they came up with 148 character message they started looking at text messages 160 text messages and 140 and with using name handle that's basic le 160. >> butchering the english language. >> it really s simpleing
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everything. >> i believe there's young people that believe the word to is actually 2 and word you is actually u. >> and i see them in the studio here. you have the brother of woman who is still basically dealing with horrible situation in puerto rico. so we'll try to put him in touch with each other here in a little bit. they're in the studio is that your daughter with you. >> yes. >> hi. >> hello. >> we'll talk to them in a second. >> and we'll get to jen it's wednesday. and it is 27th right? >> this means empooirz comes back. >> "star" is back. what gift does terrence have to give tera is zi. is it channel bag, fancy shoes or trip. we'll tell you in a few or trip. we'll tell you in a few minutes.
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you remember kevin hart extorsion scandal she had to apologize the woman involved with him said she didn't know he was married she's opening up and give more details and why she says it was more than a one night stand. >> she didn't know he was married i thought everybody knew he was married. >> apparently not her. >> and -- >> how much would you pay for
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a squulious irving jersey that he wore in a game. it's up for auction. how much would i know what it's worth what they're askin asking. oh, my god. we have it here in the studio. >> does it have sweat staples on it though. >> yes. >> you have to make sure sure it's authentic. >> it's dr. jay's sweat. >> sue. >> collingswood. >> hi, sue. >> look at this table. this is coolest. you're going to see it in a second. read you made this table. >> did you chop done a tree. >> no, no, no. we use a private mill and select woods. this one is is maple and lot of nice pattern in the wood and we make it to customer specs. >> and there's no one else like it no other tree no other table like it. >> yes thank you. >> you're donating for han day help on wheels. >> yes.
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>> thanks you so much. >> have a great day. >> this will go. i have a lot of bids on it. vetians square walk up and down state street you find us 6 to 8 p.m. you get a chance to bid on this awesome table. let's look at what bus stop buddy is doing. sdriching chocolate milk. it's national chocolate milk day. humid, temperatures 60s and 70s, breeze every once in i while. 73 at the moment and in 70s just about everywhere else. it's a muggy morning and former sure cabe now tropical storm moore 'astarting to make the turn to northeast. as that leaves we and a cold front and boy that changes warm. temperatures fall and it feels like fall around here. this is last warm and humid day. tomorrow is transitional day and it will be really nice and and crisp bob kelly that crisp autumn weather over the weekend. a light of people are looking forwarded to that. >> crisp and clean in
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collingswood. >> tell the gang hello and have a cup of coffee on us. 7:32 we'll call it. schuylkill westbound accident approaching 202. bumper to bumper conshohocken on out to king of prussia. southbound on northeast extension for gang q town and accident just south of quakertown in right lanes. we're backed up trying it get on to the turnpike up there route 663 and for gang coming out of lehigh valley jammed to quakertown. good news they postponed that closure that was set to occur this weekend of the extension up in the lehigh valley. tack tope palmyra bridge slow from earlier opening and south on 95 bumper to bumper on down to betsy because of crash and septa running with delays on airport regional rail line. watch the clock 7:55 time to eat. mike and alex back to you. >> it is a dire situation in purt rocco after a week
7:33 am
hurricane maria slammed into position and mayor is now me meging for help. >> water. food, fuel, medicine in ral had short supply and mows residents are in the dark. >> rep tape has to be ripped off as if band-aid. people keep asking for memory me a memo for heaven sake write me a memo. ask me for what you need. i'll tell what you we need. diesel. gas, running water, we need some sort of way for people to find their way around. and we need our hospitals not to become death traps. so this is big sos for anybody out there. >> she's begging. she's begging, says these generators need diesel fuel especially hospital generators one konked out they deposit have diesel fuel and two people on life support died. fema says 7 million meals and
7:34 am
four million liters of water are on the way. president trump will visit there next tuesday. >> with us here in the studio toby rivera and his daughter adrianna. >> good morning to both of you. >> thank you. >> your sister is down there toby. >> yes she is. >> what what's her name. >> her nainl is maggie rivera marlin bought we call her maggie. >> how long has she been there. >> she's been there i would say about 30 years or so. >> how is the house? her house is look like big mud ball right now. >> big mud sgal here's before and after. >> home before. >> beautiful. >> and after. >> oh, my god. >> what was your reaction when you saw the pictures of what her home looks like now. >> well like everybody else in the same situation that i'm in it was just totally unbelievable because if you
7:35 am
see after picture there's creek that runs by her house well last time i was there you could see the creek but you could not see it much because there was so many trees and in fact you could not even see the neighbors that's how much vegetation was there. but now it's all gone. >> mroep away. >> leveled. >> blown away. >> i'm looking at that picture geez i've been there so many times and never real lied stuff behind it was there. >> yes. >> you've been down to visits aunt. >> yes. >> and visiting that house i saw progress of when she first moved in to building it up and all of a sudden it's gone. >> what do they need? i keep saying they have no water no electricity. nothing. >> i mean so there's four main thing that can happen in the home land. consistent message this is domestic issue not foreign issue. >> tease are us. >> these are 3.5 american
7:36 am
citizens. 5 million excuse me. and second we need kong guess to understand that they need funding and money to be able to clear the roads and be able to get infrastructure back up. because although water is being delivered and things being delivered they're sitting there because they cannot get to towns. third we need jones act to be lifted so that if foreign aid wants to come in or anyone wants to assist we can get ships there. and finally need people to understand that money is really what's needed rights now to. >> that's best way we can help. >> yes. >> donation. >> let's check in on maggie i think we have her on the phone m maggie can you maria us here in philadelphia. >> i can hear you. >> you want it talk to your sister. >> hi dipi. >> hi maggie. >> love you. >> hi. >> hi. >> love you too. >> maggie what do you need. >> we need everything. it's -- it's devastating. it's terrible.
7:37 am
i've been trying to sleep on my mom's porch but the heat and mosquitoes and bees, it's terrible i mean my son was able to get me some cold water yesterday. it was first time in a week i had something cold. >> breaks your heart doesn't it. >> and i try not to listen to the radio because there are people dying in the hospitals because there's no diesel. our old folks if anybody, anyone in the states can get loved ones out of hoor i strongly recommend it because they're literally dying either of heat stroke, lack of water, i heard on the radio yesterday it was so depreing there was an old man that couldn't remember when the last time he had food. >> maggie is there anyone there, i mean are you able to get areturned and get any help at all. >> well, i guess i could
7:38 am
consider myself kind of lucky because my young eingts son has a cop. and he is bringing us running water and gasoline an my older sop works in walmart and he was able to bring us cold water yesterday. but i just heard this morning that due to the diesel, only 20 stores out of 45 stores we have a on island are able to operate. and they're running out of diesel. which means they'll end of closing and what food we have in those stores will probably rot. >> well apparently help is on the way. american airlines is sending in about 20,000 pounds of supplies. do you want to talk to your sister. >> well, maggie, i want to say, just keep on there and do whatever you possibly can. i mean, we're here praying for
7:39 am
you. and we were hoping and wishing we were there with you. but we can't right now. it's ashame that you know people have to go through stuff like this without -- without having any hope that help is coming. because they don't see it. see though don't see it. and if okay they may say helicopter fly by and think it's help but that helicopter not helping. that helicopter is just there observing what needs to get done. >> you want to talk to your aunt. >> well, didi, i'm glad you were able to make it to grandmom's house. i know it took you four days to get there. and you know be strong. please just let us know whenever you do get something thank to you everybody on the island and specifically
7:40 am
citizens i mean right now neighbors are helping neighbors unfortunately this is you know there's not a lot -- didi i love you and we're all praying please be strong and thank you for taking care of the family that you are with. and you know there's a-year-old baby there and there's my grandmother is with her and. >> is that her husband. >> that's her husband joey in the picture. >> joey is there as well taking care of and of course my cousin her son who is a police officer working day and night restlessly over there. >> maggie it's mike and alex in the studio here. maggie do the people down there feel like they're alone. >> yes, we feel like we're alone. especially the people out in the center of island. there's no communication there of the and they just desperate to find out about loved ones. and i'm sure it works both ways. at least i got signal now i'm
7:41 am
in city right now. but in the center of island, it's really, really bad there. it's really bad there. and i think also people need to focus on now there is some kind of good news i have i read on face book this morning that the post office will start delivering mail today but to eight cities one is where i'm at right now. so the loved ones who want to send packages or whatever the biomau post office will deliver mail today. >> quickly before we get maggie go. here in the united states our big topic for the last week is we're arguing about what we should do beginning of football game. do you feel -- i mean, if this had happened in beenly hills
7:42 am
hills or something i think it would be number one story don't you think. >> of course. >> it's got to be frustratin frustrating. >> right and i think that's why the consistent message needs to be reminding american people these are also americans. >> yes. >> just because there's ocean that divides us doesn't mean this is foreign issue. >> they are us. >> yes. >> they're american citizens. >> 3.5 million american people. >> don't forget virgin islands. >> and mexico also. >> yes. >> can i say something. >> sure, maggie. >> i've been on island for 4 years and i've been through several hurricanes prior to maria. this is nothing compared to this. this is terrible. this is worst i've ever seen. >> it's hot. >> no shade anymore trees are gone. >> yeah. >> hang in there maggie we're thinking of you and hoping this will really wake people up here so we can all get together and help do somethin something, anything.
7:43 am
>> love you. >> thank you. >> we'll be right back. >> we'll be right back. >> thank you, both. >> thank you. >> thank you, both.
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meet steve sweeney. he's a double-dipping pension padder. double-dipping pension padder! he had two government jobs, two paychecks and padded his pension along the way. he's a double-dipping pension padder! now he's making over $300,000 a year as a lobbyist and a senator. double-dipping pension padder! so he's all set - thanks to you, the taxpayer. which is why steve sweeney had no problem voting to raise your taxes 145 times, including the largest gas tax hike in history. sounds about right, coming from a.... double-dipping pension padder!
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>> h&m committed and it's interesting we'll have a movie theater around 11 and market. >> well do we have one in centerity. >> well we have. >> ritz. >> and roxy. >> smaller theaters. sometimes you have to go down to riverside whatever. >> columbus. >> next to warm daddy. >> are people going to movies or do we watch at home. i don't know makes it easy for us. hey, jen. >> "empire" starts tonight. >> it does if you want to know secrets one of the lion brothers says there's someone he always tells who is it. you'll find out.
7:47 am
not the secret but who he you'll find out. not the secret but who he tells.
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>> 7:49 good morning. check the lock. 7:55 burlington bristol on standby for opening. when bridge is opened it's closed. gab double jelly donut and if you head to burlington or
7:50 am
tacony palmyra if you're missing ladder go back to 95. ladder fell on to 95. look what it did to this guy's tire. 95 northbound near philly international. they kicked the ladder off to the side and they got or 4 weeks disabled now. a live look at i-95 as we head southbound to city. there's sky line there. jammed from cottman all the way to downtown accident on northeast extension southbound from gang from quakertown stacked up into quakertown and all because of that crash. if you live in allentown interchange use 309. because turnpike is jammed solid and closure that was scheduled for this weekend of northeast extension was postponed. good news there for the gang headed to poconos. sue by has the forecast live from collingswood in 15 seconds.
7:51 am
sghv we love our local businesses coming to help hyundai hope on wheels extraordinary ed, it's doug. >> we're donating puzzle and give card and they can check out the store. >> offered in the sigh lebt auction and sarah. >> occasion net card and gift store in philadelphia and collingswood we onened a new location and gift back worth $8 ain stationere and part supplies and gifts. >> and judy from jubly beads and yarns. >> gift certificate for one hour of private lesson in any craft you like especially bea beading and knitting and flame
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glass blowing. >> and judy knows her stuff. let's get to the 7 day forecast. we have 88 degrees today. 76 for a high temperature tomorrow. that's transitional day. if you have been waiting for sweater weather it's coming this weekend, dies, it will be crisp and cool and fall like. you watch the leaves fall and temperatures fall all at the same time. more from collingswood coming up. >> you know i'm a big fan of the show power right. >> rur a power fan. >> i'm you "empire" fan. >> i've never seen "power." >> "empire" is better and begins tonight. >> we also have "star contacts it's a big, big night and terajay and terrence aexcited to come back. producers allow them to write and shape shows. believe it or not they're active part of writing team. >> it's very rare. >> especially network tv. >> very rare. i think that's what makes us
7:53 am
unique and that's why the show is what it is it's everybody adding to it instead of somebody hadn't a curtain saying this is what the show should be. >> and that's what enabled him to do "star." >> and he put terajay togethe together. >> and i put us together. >> i owe you another chaniel bag. >> because she fought for me. she fought for me. >> chaniel bag. >> that's all. >> one a year. >> one a year until the show is over. but then you'll get many think you can get it for the rest of my life because the job i got you will change your life. >> okay. >> done. >> done. >> they're always so easy to nail down in interview and yes we'll talk about plot lines and 8:00 hour we'll talk specifically about guest stars
7:54 am
because one of the lion brothers is ready to admit it chaniel i'm sorry alex. >> geez. >> talking to her on the phone five minutes ago. >> that they went over the top in season two okay. >> that will be on youtube in a matter of minutes. >> okay. >> and i want to know what happened end of last season so we know and not be lost when it starts tonight at 8. >> you know what i want to do i want to see rumor willis how she does and she'll be on the show tonight and her mom is on anyway, thank you very much. songs for psychopaths. >> they listen to music i guess so yes. >> we'll talk to preston and steve about songs for psycho >> we'll talk to preston and steve about songs for psycho panels.
7:55 am
7:56 am
♪ get on up. ♪ get on up, mama. ♪ get on up. ♪ do what you want. ♪ do you want, let the record hop. ♪ degree motionsense. ultimate freshness... with every move. the more you move, the more it works. degree, it won't let you down.
7:57 am
it pushes us. we push back. challenging conventional thinking. finding smarter solutions. that's what makes cancer treatment centers of america one of the leaders in precision cancer treatment. using tools like advanced genomic testing and immunotherapy to bring more options to our patients. cancer treatment centers of america. we're not just fighting cancer any more. we're outsmarting it. visit to learn more. ♪ my herona. >> president steve.
7:58 am
>> yes. >> guess what we found a list of psycho pams what they like to listen to. i don't have any idea how they took this survey. >> really. >> it was done by nyu apparen apparently my sherona is a favorite of psychopaths jury saw this article and that and i think there was emi them song. >> it was least i thought. >> you're right. >> psychopaths hate my sherona. >> oh, they hate that i don't know why they would play that the list is what they like. >> you play that as defensive measure to keep the soak owe paths away. >> like garlic and things. >> garlic to vampires my sherona to psychopath. >> probably a lot of songs they don't like, jingle bells, i wish you a merry christmas. >> i want to know what they like. >> i can tell you what song would turn me into psychopath
7:59 am
instantly moves like jagr. >> you hate that song. >> i sxiz that song. >> i hate it. >> it's horrible. >> i had seen the article and it said there were tendencies towards rap music that if that is favorite you might be psychotic and oddly enough the novelty songs of ray stevens i never understood that. >> the streak. >> you might get that. >> the streak. >> i know ray stevens. >> he had arab. >> remember that. >> they drive people crazy mike. >> what did they like? >> color my world by chicago i would imagine. >> sure. >> i read it was if you have a tendency towards some rapp songs i think there was eminem song lose yourself. >> i love that song. >> eight mile. >> what puts you over the to top. >> there it is. >> i don't know if it makes you psychotic they're saying
8:00 am
that psychotics are drawn to that to turn types of music. >> so when there's a concert that is almost always you know fully stocked with psychotics what band is usually playing. >> i'm shot sure. >> helter skelter was the man son family. >> beatles. >> charles manson thought that was call to action. and that started the whole man son and la bianca murders predicated on leaf they were sending him a message. >> there's songs that get my fired up and banging on the steering wheel that doesn't make me psychotic i love mannedy by barry manilow. >> you came and gave without takeing. book cher write has a song that ah drives me crazy. >> buck cherry is a favorite band of strippers. >> nut-uh.
8:01 am
>> with wra did you debt that. >> striper monthly they did a music is poll and stripperer poll. >> they had the cover one month. >> exactly. >> yes. >> and he has a peace and love shirt on talking about this. >> i do. >> peace love and rock and roll. >> like it. >> if you -- i'm glad if you mention this if you buy this on our rock shop it's a limited time only goes to hurricane relief. >> i love that. >> money goes to residents in florida and houston. thank you for poyping that ou out. >> certainly i was looking at your breasts. >> certainly. >> they're perky today. >> oh, my goodness is. >> thanks guys. >> i can do that. >> "good day", everybody, wednesday, september 27, 2017. >> from the fox 9 strudios this is "good day philadelphia". >> sending help to puerto rico. >> we have no electricity and no watt wear. >> millions of people are
8:02 am
without basic necessities of life. we're on a flight right now as local volunteers take supplies to them. >> a brain break through. scientists believe that he may have found a way to detect cte. potential warning sign uncovered in living patients. >> save while you spend. and get paid to shop. here we good again. many companies offing amazing incentives to try their services. what you'll want to sign up for rights now to get cash. >> she really did not know? >> hm. >> if hi known kevin was married i would never have happened. >> the woman at the center of kevin hart sex scandal opens up more. why she says it was more than just a one-night stand. >> it's 8:02 bob is here. alex here. mike is here. sue is in south jersey collingswood.
8:03 am
>> that's right, we're here for hyundai hope on wheels. it's part of two for today. we're here in the morning until 0:00 at groove ground coffee barron hadden avenue and taking money for children's hospital of philadelphia and then tonight in media we'll be veteran's scare there on state street from 6 to 8 p.m. and we'll have silent auction all the things folks donated here plus in other areas hyundai hope on wheels. hope to see you eitherer here or there or both. let's talk about number ever the day. it's nine out of ten. because we've got another hot and humid day ahead he ain fact up to 74 in philadelphia and it's muggy out there. we've got a little fog at the shore. some in allentown that we've seen. and high later on of 88 degrees. about 81 at the shore with rip current threat and high sure. advisory and in lehigh valley partly sunny skies high of 87 degrees. cloud cover making it comfortable out here this
8:04 am
morning and we have cutey pies hide ago around the corner there. hi. what's you got? did you come to donate for us this morning? what's your name. >> logan. >> logan and. >> erin. >> look at that sglil let's go over and show you what happens when you come by with your cash for hyundai hope on wheels. again pediatric cancer awareness month last wednesday in september. right in there young ladies you can making donation. you can trace your hand print there it's all part of making sure we -- >> that's my signature sfwler that's your sister. >> she came gi earlier. >> she said get money and get over there right. >> look at the camera and show everybody how cute you are. >> let's sigh hi do you know who bob kelly is. >> no. >> he's the guy that does traffic. >> okay. >> i bet the one person who doesn't know where are you. >> go figure. >> no donuts for you. 8:04. good morning everybody. live look southbound on north east extension.
8:05 am
accident just south of quakertown interchange. we're bumper to bumper lehigh valley down to q town. jam-o on the schuylkill expressway. even bus drivers backed up approaching boulevard west all the way out towards conshohocken and burlington bristol bridge and traffic stopped on both sides due to bridge opening, use tacony palmyra or turnpike connector bridge. west on turnpike over half an hour south on 95 between woodhaven and downtown. and a ladder fell off of the back of somebody's pickup truck here. few cars smacked into it one guy here has a flat tire and busted his axlele near philly international airport on 95. mike and alex back to you. >> 8:05 now. >> four young people were snot east germantown last night and today those begunmen remain on the loose. a 16-year-old boy has died and
8:06 am
three others including 1 11-year-old girl and two teenage boys ages 18 and 9 are recovering in the hospital. based on preliminary investigations police think the group of kids lived on the block and there was more than one shooter total of 11 shots fired between the teens. >> and camden, new jersey, crews battling two alarm fire inside row home. viewer took this video and shows thick smoke oming from roof you can see it there. started 7:00 this morning on 1800 block of fillmore street. they have not place today under control yet. no word on injuries. we'll keep you you updated as we learn more. >> 8:06. the president will head to puerto rico and u.s. virgin islands next week to see the devastation from hurricane marie a many islands more than 3.4 million american citizens are still without adequate food, water, power, fuel, and gas stations, banks, super mark receipts gradually reopenening and honestly not fast enough.
8:07 am
there's limited supplies and long lines and plenty of frustration. americans are flying in supplies across the can'ty. some from philadelphia. >> did you see the building there that said help. american airlines plane is jammed with 20,000 pounds worth of supplies and getting ready to take off in you amatter of minutes. lauren what do you see thre on the -- inside the terminal. >> we are minutes away from american airlines flight 2028 pushing back if gate here in philadelphia headed to puerto rico. passengers we spoke with here in the gate area had mixed emotions. sox anxiously awaiting to get home and others not ready to step foot on the ground to deal with reality of devastation. also on board this plane very precious cargo aside from 200 plus passengers 19,000 pounds of supplies for country slammed twice by hurricanes and leaving three and a half million people without power and thousands more homeless
8:08 am
and people hungry and without clean water. we caught up with one man who was on vacation here when the storm hit and now his family tells him he has nothing left. >> we're going back i have no home now. >> how do you feel about that. >> pretty sad. very sad. >> with you see the images out of puerto rico i know you have not been back but pictures and video on the news break your heart. >> breaks completely my hear heart. my brothers and sisters are having bad time there and i have to go back knowing so bad there. >> what do you do next. >> we have to start from beginning zero start over. >> you can believe what has -- there has been tears at the gate house here. a lot of people crying an emotional. aimths we've seen are heartbreaking and homes demolished and streets cluttered with debris and trash and devastation.
8:09 am
supplies include necessary items bottled waters, diapers and brands new generate others to help people get back on. chris o'donnell and tom beck on this flight leaving out of philadelphia now. he'll of course, bring his story to us tonight on fox new but this is second time american airlines has sent a plane down to puerto rico as soon as the hurricanes hit and they say they're proud to say they were first airline carrier to take people to purt raek owe to go see about their loved once. this is emotional flight. >> chris o'conle of fox is on thee now. >> he's on the plane with his photo journalist they've been interviewing people in the gate house. he'll talk to people in theen plane. he's not allowed to leave the airport once there. as you can imagine there's no power. everything is manual down at the airport there they want to keep it as simple as possible. he'll talk to people good people are desperate to get back here. you'll have a full load coming back. >> uh-huh. >> that's right.
8:10 am
>> okay. . >> i'm sure he'll see a lot. make sure -- he'll do facebook lives so you can see what's going on in realtime. >> i think he's facebook living now as a matter of fac fact. >> chris o'connell fox 9. >> spend one hour on the ground load, load up and come back. he'll be here for report at a5, 6, 10, and 11. >> even in one hour he'll see much that is going on. >> long overdue monument for philadelphia. philadelphia hero. unveiled yesterday. >> 19th century receiveal right liter octaveious catto was unveiled outside city hall. this is first statue dedicated to individual african-american on public land at city hall. catto's statue is surrounded by many icons. some accomplish thes is deseeing grating horse-drawn street cars in philadelphia and successful recruitment of
8:11 am
black soldiers for the civil war. he would have done more had his life not been cut short. he he was shot and killed just after he turned 0. may have been around 34. >> got a lot done in that short life. >> all right. >> here's warning for everybody who has a cup of coffee in their happened now. are you watching from work? don't go to the break room until you hear what i have to say about your mug. what it has on it oh, gosh, say about your mug. what it has on it oh, gosh, oh, pop. look at this. how much would you pay for dr. dr. j jersey that he wore. how much would you pay, mike? >> well he worry want to know what game he wore it in. let's see how much would i pa pay. we'll show it to you by the way number 6. how much would i pay. >> how about charles barkley. >> i know what opening bid is it's astronomical. >> i bet. >> we'll show them to you
8:12 am
>> i bet. >> we'll show them to you after the break.
8:13 am
[rooster crow] honey, what are you doing? watching a cow...? what's it doing?
8:14 am
impressions. this september, get one of three breakfast items free when you order with the chick-fil-a one app. snv that bell means throw back eight two years ago today that
8:15 am
little fiat was the only car in town. pope was here. the gang from west chestier dealing with sun fwlair near route 30. backs up on the blue route. live look 476. heavy macdade to route 1. also watch for delays on 95 as you work your way up from delaware county. accident on the northeast extension. southbound jammed from lehigh valley all the way to quakertown. look at that ten miles an hou hour. don't do it if you leave the lehigh valley. once you commit you will be dead in the water and have to go old school. route 309 to get you down to quakertown. and then south jersey route 7. good morning to cherry hill new jersey a live look and little delay as you head to route 7. sue by has the forecast live route 7. sue by has the forecast live from south juries write and in
8:16 am
>> we're having a good time in the borough of collings woods. >> you brought a friend with you. >> i did. >> she was four months old when they found out she had a brain tumor. she's ten and still fighting cancer and. >> yes for the children's hospital of philadelphia this is pediatric cancer awareness month. we'll get rid of cancer. >> absolutely. collingswood we always say woor a friendly town. today we're fighters fighting cancer. >> you better believe it it hea is practicing an putting money in thing for us. >> yep. >> this is wonderful. now she already got rob to give her 20 to put in this is second one. >> nice job.
8:17 am
>> there you go. >> there you go. >> that's why we're here this morning thea doing a great job and can we show her cool shoes. look at my boring she has con telllations and outer space. >> because i love outer space. >> there you go to the forecast and show you bus stop buddy. did you know he it's international chocolate milk day and buddy is drinking mil milk. temperatures in the 50s and 60s this morning and later today with the sunshine we'll get sun. it will be 88 degrees. really hot. and then tomorrow 76 and then even cooler as we head into weekend with friday, saturday, surprised. by the weekend we'll be lucky to get to 70. we like that crisp fall weather don't we thee a. >> yep. >> let's go back to mike and alex, fun in collingswood so many nice people and cool shoes and. >> and cute kids. >> thank you. 8:17 now. hi, alex. >> hello mike. >> who is your friend. >> look at this.
8:18 am
look where we match up here. this is crazy. >> get on twitter now. guess whoz whose jersey this is. come on folks if you're a sixers fan you know who else could it be. it's not wilt lets go here. david hunt is here greet see you my man from hunt auction us. >> correct. >> we'll be able to buy this. don't say who it is yet. >> i won't. >> we'll tell you who it is. >> we'll have reveal and whoch. >> these you can tell who they belong to. >> this is the highest priced one right you want to start with that one. >>/it's a cool collection. doctor steven solo local localic deptist and got this from the teams sixers from them or trading this is pinnicle 1976. >> julius irving game worn. >> 76. >> really cool one year style you see all the though back
8:19 am
styles around town especially excitement with sixers what great timing this should be about $20-to $30,000. >> blew it. >> but it's not there yet. not there yet. >> screw it will do it how much will it go for. >> 20-30,000. >> it's dr. j though. >> how rye chronic he is not just to the city but philadelphia. >> charles barkley did he wear it. >> yes, again there's a couple barkleys from the 90s era. classic red jersey and not quite rarity of irving because it's later built if you want me to reveal it 2 to 4,000 range. >> come after dr. j with tha that. >> 30,000. >> then 2 to 4. >> rarity not quality of player. >> rare. >> by the way, listen to this
8:20 am
folks also at the auction they have a golf bag used by the worst golfer in nba, charles barkley. >> that has to go for more right? >> no. >> we'll see. we'll see is. if you want to play with charles' clubs you could. again it's always funny to see what's in the eye of the beholder. what they value uand don't. most things take people back to certain is era when they enjoyed watching these guys play. >> that swing. >> will those clubs make you do that. >> i can't comment on that. >> i love it. okay. moses. >> this is when he came back too. not the first time. he came back half a season and was good. even then. probably did 1-3,000. >> and mj. >> michael and larry bird and kareem abdul jab ar all those players in the 80s and 90s. they would trade these for
8:21 am
charity and now the doctor has them and they'll range 5 0 0 to 10 or 20,000. >> michael jordan 500. >> you know who with this is sixers fans. 7' 7" pass away now. you know his son is highly recruited. has a high school basketball player now. his name is bowl bowl. >> there are so little players that were of that hight or realm of hight. not necessarily a lot of mone money. maybe 500 to 1,000 that's cool about this collection there's a lot of expensive names but there's fun things nba fans could do as well. >> where would you put it in theive willing room. >> high sceelings. >> the frame alone would be $500 or $700. >> absolutely cool piece
8:22 am
should be a fun collection. >> how do we bid. >> hunt auction ends tonight. >> that's how tall it is you see the lights renrengt sfwling it's stuck. >> we'll you have load it back in the truck. >> this is like guarding minute. >> what's the web. >> hunt auction ends 10:00 tonight. >> okay. >> thank you. >> you could let us know later on what the jerseys went for. >> absolutely. >> thank you so much. >> 8:22. a team golfer with serious skills this local kid does what the pros can't. two hole in ones and a single round of golf. >> here's on the show today. and so we'll put him in the toast. can he do another hole if one toast. can he do another hole if one live on television. plus, >> she did not know he was married? the woman at the center of kevin hart sex scandal opening up and why she says it was more than a one night stand.
8:23 am
they had a connection. more than a one night stand. they had a connection. >> deep. sweet 4k tv, mr. peterson. thanks. pretty psyched. did you get fios too? no. mr. peterson, fios is a 100% fiber optic-network. what does that mean? think about it. if you got an awesome new car you'd put the best gas in it, right. so why hook up your awesome technology to anything other than a fiber-optic network? i got to go. peterson. peterson's wife.
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counting on you guys. your internet deserves the 100% fiber-optic network. and now get our fastest internet ever plus tv and phone for just $79.99 per month.
8:25 am
ey is facing an epidemic fueled by opioid painkillers. vanessa: in honor of september being recovery month, we want you to know that recovery from addiction is possible, but you need to know the signs. they can be hard to spot: social withdrawal, financial problems, irritability. christie: if you see these signs occurring together or suddenly, you may have cause for concern. the signs you spot today... vanessa: ...could save a loved one tomorrow. christie: call 844 reach nj or visit >> we're in heart of high
8:26 am
school football season a lot of people debating should i let my kid play football. >> we've been talking about cte and how early it can start and concussions and how really you can only find out when someone was dead and donated brain to science and learned cte. now for the first time boston researchers think they found warning sign for cte and so far the degenerative brain disease caused by concussions is successfully diagnosed after players died. now researcherss found a biomarker chemical higher in brains of former football players with cte. they go through spinal fluid and can find out through ther there. and this changes the game completely. you can know ahead of timeen stayed of after they died and maybe do something about it. >> we'll ask dr. mike about it and tell you more about it later this week. 6 jen is ready for "empire" it's on tonight at:00. >> early you don't want to
8:27 am
miss it. >> 8:00 and then "star" 9:00 it's a big, big night you have rumor willis on the show monday and you'll hear how her costars feel about her. monday and you'll hear how her costars feel about her. you'll be surprised.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
>> so they shove him into the house and you cannot have anything invented after the 90s. okay? and you know you could live through this. >> it would be cool to go back a little but for how long a couple months. >> weeks and weeks and weeks. >> 90s house. >> it will be pun to watch others do it.
8:31 am
a lot of companies are offer ago mazeingen receivetive to try services you can get cash. >>. >> sue is still in collingswood. hi, sue. >> it's a nice morning out here in fact clouds are kee keeping it comfortable for us and what promises to be very warm and humid day you can see the folks behind us they have a outdoo area we're groove ground coffee bar. right on hadonen avenue collingswood new jersey we thank you for hosting us this morning and we're getting a lot of donation and promising one more hotd and humid day. we get to high of 88 degrees in city today. high of of 8 even up in mountains. along the shore it's 81 degrees for high temperature and remember dangerous rip current and high surf advisory
8:32 am
six to 10 foot waves and high of 76 and friday 72. reinforcing cold front bring us high of 69 on saturday and 71 on sunday. so the high temperatures both saturday and sunday will be lower than the temperature is right now. you can figure that out. of course you can. we love to see you here. we're here until 10:00. we're collecting money for children's hospital of philadelphia pediatric cancer awareness month. it's our big finish here. hun day hope on wheels. we love the folks that came out so far. >> look going in collingswoo collingswood, 8:32 wednesday morning lot of sun fwlair and look at 3:09 pennsylvania turnpike earlier accident down near the for the washington interest change schuylkill express way running slow out of town and southen 95 heavy cottman in through girard.
8:33 am
>> bruce will with is in tow town. people see them out to dinner every night. we had his daughter on rumor willis he's one of the new stars on empire. >> that's right. >> victoria ash is your character. would is tori. >> tori is this kind of really ingenius and also extremely kind of volatile rock star who kind of met jamaal in rehab and they became friends and now she's welcomed into the "empire" family and is really trying to succeed and figure out who she is now that she's sober and tries to make amends when she's at fault. but at the same time is really just has a wave of chaos that seems to follow behind her. >> i like chaos. i'll see how she does tonight. >> i'm sure she'll do well. a lot of people like her she can sing, too.
8:34 am
>> even cast is having guest stars like rumor really gets them energized. resumeer willis in the mix was bigger boost. they say they was over the top great. and candidly they were not expecting that. >> we love new blood. we like having company. >> rumor when she came in she did a great job. she was only supposed to be there one or two episodes. but her -- >> i think what got her to say she was not scared of cookie from the first day attitude. i was like who is this new little gold fish. >> was not frightened. >> at all. >> and was snap right back and i think that's what everybody loved about her she jumped in. >> her talent as a singer i did not expect that voice to come out of her and her stage presence. and i worked with her father. soy knew him an i had known demi and i known her when she was younger and to see this grown woman show up i was
8:35 am
impressed with her. >> this voice. >> so impressed. >> guest stars can be a bit much on empire and jesse who plays jamaal said they addressed that long before rumor joined the show. >> we had just gotten out of season two which i think we were all kind of weary of the idea of finding and bringing super star gelingt stars on you know even unnecessarily an i can say that because i think we've all been honest about the fact in season two everybody got trigger happy and because season one was a labor of love and building season two came and everybody wanted to be a part of it it felt like we were trying to be like yeah you want to come to the party come to the party yeah you're down you have a friend, sure come on. but now, we want people where
8:36 am
it makes complete sense. >> which is why these guest stars just like rumor willis are probably going to get a bigger story arch than we've seen before. whammy, bam, here is whatever and big premiere is tonight "fox29", 8:00. so guys coming up in 9:00 hour here's what we do. teraje wants to punch one of lion's sons in the face. let her explain it. hear hearsay it it's not just me saying it and i think it will be very interesting especially for the philadelphia audience. >> oh, >> that's a hint. >> i get the sense when you were in los angeles you spent time at the pool bikini line was sexy. >> i was at the beach last week in margate. >> you look really good. >> thank you. >> hair flowing. >> something is going on. >> also we're going to have empire recap tomorrow. >> good. >> empire rap. >> we'll discuss tweeting
8:37 am
tonight holly fox 9 i'll be live tweeting return. >> it's not 9 it's:00. >> exciting for me because i go to bed early. i don't have to stay up as late. >> hold on i have my coffee cup. >> what are you doing. >> why are you putting purel in the coffee cup. >> you'll all wash your coffee cup. >> you all right. >> i'll be okay. >> what's going on with the coffee cup then. >> there was pop on it. >> what? >> there's new research about coffee cups at work. there's pop on it. what did i say? >> there's pop on it. >> there's pop on it. >> right.
8:38 am
our veterans have given us the rights
8:39 am
and freedoms that we have and we enjoy today. ready. aim. fire. and it's important for us to let them know that we will never forget their service. fire. it was steve's idea to have this cemetery. this was supplied to the veterans, giving us a final resting place. ask snv you're on your way to
8:40 am
work and you will stop by the break roomp when you get to work and pour a cup of coffee. everybody else will be in there too. >> that's how you get through the day. >> this company did scientific tests on cups if a break room and this was done
8:41 am
as university of arizona and found that 90, 90% of mugs in the office break room are coated with germs. 20% of those germs pop. researchers say the key culprit behind the germs spread is the sponge in the break room kitchen. >> what? sbl we're not washing the sponge. >> does explain how fecal matter gets there not washing hands and grabbing sponge. >> are you ever in a stall and you hear somebody go to the urinal or whatever guys and flush and moodily there's no shhhh at the sink. they just leave. >> they could be using purel. there's purel in the bathroom you wouldn't hear that. >> i don't believe that. >> you don't believe in using purel. >> i believe in using purel. >> i bathe in it. >> being around here.
8:42 am
>> what are you trying to say. you spend the most time with me. >> ever see iain page in the bathroom you probably haven't. >> i haven't. >> what does he do in the bathroom. >> oh, got his hand onen pu putter -- no he's -- he's a big golfer and met up with this guy -- this is teenager and there's iain right there. who is your friend blocking the sun? >> i'm not in the bathroom. this is ben. he is senior at high school in allentown. he made two holes in one in nine holes odds of that are one in 67 millionment we're out at cobbs creek and see if he can do and it see if i can. out at cobbs creek and see if he can do and it see if i can. stay with us
8:43 am
trusted battery for your son's favorite toy?t maybe not. maybe, you could trust he wouldn't leave the upstairs water running. (woman screams) or, you could just trust duracell. ♪
8:44 am
8:45 am
♪ >> well you know it's called hun day hope on wheels. and from hun day peter plan plansvekia what amazing month we had. >> this is incredible. september as you know is national pediatric cancer awareness month. everything fox 29 has done to increase awareness in philadelphia this month has been incredible. >> people have been so
8:46 am
generous i was amazed with all other places to put charitable doctors it's been heart wor worming, hasn't it? >> it has. and out pouring of support for hun day hope on wheels has been increedible here. that's how philly is right. >> absolutely and collingswood new jersey and whole region. it's been wonderful to meet people up close and personal. you guys at your dealerships you're doing your part too. >> philly dealers are very, very generous and committed to the cause. we've been at it 19 years nationally now our contributions have topped 130 million. and right here in philly which is important to us children's hospital of philadelphia we're now approaching $4 million in donations. $400,000 in research alone. >> we say it a cure has to be around the corner. >> it is we're 8 out of 10. 8 out of 10 kids diagnosed with cancer have a cure. but those two words pediatric and cancer should never it be
8:47 am
used in same sentence. >> we're with you, man. >> eight out of ten is not good enough. we want to thank fox 9 and you and bob kelly and mike and alex in the studio and bruce pehtzer came one the promotion two months ago and it's taken off we appreciate your support. >> thank you, peter we could not have done it without you. that's peter. let's look quick to the 7 day forecast. that's where the cool change is coming and that's what we have to warn you about. it's been so hot and humid all week long. one more today high of 88. mid 70s tomorrow and friday. tomorrow is kind of transitional day. and by the weekend, sweater weather for sure. so now you're ready for all of that. we're still here and in collingswood groove ground coffee bar hadden avenue we love to see you between now and 10 ok. mix, alex how about that. >> we like it a lot. i'm glad it's successful. golfers look at this. i know you can play your whole
8:48 am
darn life the game of golf and never score a hole in one. 17-year-old ben from allentown did it twice in the same round. chances of doing that 1 in 67 million. in other words six times more likely than winning a million in powerball. >> i don't think he did it you could take a picture and say you did it. >> you're going against 17-year-old young man that is just trying to make it through life. >> way to make him feel bad. >> i what don't see it again. >> can he do it on live television. we're putting him to the test. iain page is famous for loving golf. can you do t he's cobbs creek golf course. >> thanks, guys. we're out here at cobbs creek. beautiful morning. we have ben here. he made a hole in one twice two knoll ones in nine holes. that's almost never going to happen all right he's out here going to try to do it again we have his family heap here. beautiful morning.
8:49 am
par 3 playing downhill 160 yards. we hit one. see the ball on the green is mine i hut the green not a hole in one not bad for old guy feeling it this morning. we'll hit a few and see if ben can make a hole in one. he has great irons and swing see what he has 160 yards par three down the hill. >> all right. ben steps up to the tee. >> remember we have -- >> looks as though he has -- >> he's telling us to speak lower. >> all right. >> okay. >> i don't think he can hear us we're six miles away if hi him. >> we're pretty far. >> yeah. >> it's a good swing there. >> very good swing. good contact. >> ball looks good johnny little right good contact. little right of flag on to the green. >> oh, my. >> long put. >> oh, my god. >> oh, no, no, no, no, no. >> not bad. >> that ball looks like the size of a softball. >> not a hole in run.
8:50 am
>> try another one. >> then i'll hit one. >> what's up. >> are there a bunch of holes was that not a hole was that a leaf laying there or somethin something. >> is a flag sticking in. >> he is like i can't see. >> the flag stick is in. >> okay. >> it's left of the green, left of the green here. good shot. >> but it's -- yeah see one of them is mine i hit one earlie earlier. >> that's what it is. >> iain you have earpiece in will it bother you if we talk like this. >> not at all. >> i'm focused doesn't bother he me. >> is here we go that's at the blaing. >> rights at the flag. >> nice little cut. >> right a bit. >> good shot, good shot. not a hole in one but good shot you know? >> so that's a great shots. >> getting closer. >> you have to remember it's hard to make a hole in one. >> is that a dead bit oned green. >> big leaf. >> i heard of scoring birdie is that a dead bird. >> it's a leaf.
8:51 am
>> okay let me see the flag again. it's over. >> you can see the flag. >> god it's way off left. thanks for giving him a hard place. >> it is. >> iain let's see what you got. i heard iain talking about his golf game. >> here we go. >> dropped the club. >> that's a good swing. it's on the green. >> we need to see this green. >> it's a little right. >> so you see it on the green. >> on the green. >> it's a long put. >> it's not a hole in one. >> next time we'll put the flag in a place we can actually see it. >> you know he what, this is not easy hole. this is -- >> no, it's not. >> longer than both holes than i had hole in one. >> is ben supposed to be in school today. >> ask him. >> shhh. >> all right. he's aiming more left. oh,
8:52 am
>> there we go. >> looks good. >> that's at the flag. >> nice little -- look that, oh, >> okay. >> almost. >> that's the closest they've gotten. >> that's nice. >> let's move the camera to hip the flag so it won't be too hard to see if it's close or not. >> still cool. >> are you supposed to be in school today. >> yes. >> are you going to make it? >> no. >> i got off yesterday too for epc tournament. so this is actually my second straight day off of school for something golf related missing school for golf. >> nothing better than that right? >> ian will write you a note, i'm sure it will be fine, right? >> we keep checking for you. >> if you juan to see how they're doing they will put him in a little box at some point in morning. by the way, with that graphic up i guess i should talk about this. completely different sport. i'm talking football. so friday morning. >> still stuff. >> friday morning 7 to 10
8:53 am
a.m. it's ramp playground 300 solly avenue we want to know it anybody else in the delaware valley can kick anything close to a 61 yard field goal. >> can you be the next jake elliot? >> yeah we'll do it live on tv friday. we'll tell you more about it friday. we'll tell you more about it tomorrow and later today what are you doing?
8:54 am
watching this breath savers protect mint neutralize the plaque acids in my mouth. i can't see anything! that's because it's working so hard. hey, what are you guys doing? karen. we're neutralizing. maybe i want to neutralize. you ever think of that?
8:55 am
8:56 am
p://>[a5df] you hear the bell 8:56. good morning, everybody, live looking on the vine. bumper to bumper to the schuylkill express way. earlier disabled on the ramp. for the gang in quakertown heads up. southbound northeast extension jammed solid allentown to quakertown. all because of accident that is south of that quakertown interchange. mike and alex back to you. >> thank you we said this
8:57 am
before on the air would you like to be paid to shop. >> yes, please. >> lasts time we got three bucks. >> we want to up the aunty a little bit. >> so our consumer guys can tell you where you can get paid to shop. >> she didn't know he was married that's what she's saying. >> we're talking about the woman at the center of the kevin hart scanned. >> what is he doing. did he lose something. >> he's trying to finds it. >> it was more than a one night stand. >> if you were his wife would you be more mad at the fact it was a whole weekend or fact he did it at all whether one night stand or three days. use #fox 29 today and do you believe here. do you think she didn't foe he believe here. do you think she didn't foe he was married
8:58 am
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