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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 9  FOX  September 27, 2017 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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>> well i thought about quitting but i'm too legit to quit. >> why are you hitting me. what did i do already. >> hi, karen. >> hi. >> good morning. >> you look like easter eggs. >> we like to keep things bright. >> "good day", everybody, wednesday, september 27, 2017. you could live in a place that only had 90s technology in it. in other words give up iphone. you're using floppy disk. i have been for years. pagers. it's called the 90s house. >> and save while you spend and get paid to shop. many companies offering amazing incentives to try services. what you want to sign up for right now to get cash. >> happened right after this. >> and we're so excited for "empire" again jetting us ready. >> one lion brother she wants to get alone in room. >> i tried not to bunch him
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in the forehead and needed to connect with him. >> any guesses who the lucky guy is and can you guess the reason why she feels the same way mike feels when he gets into a room with the rest of us. bunch you in the forehead. >> hmm. >> she's fired up. >> estrogen overload. >> okay. >> i like her new look. it's not so new but. >> jen's new look. >> jen's and. >> and taragi's. >> let's get serious here for a second. the woman filmed on camera if we still film things with kevin hart claims she did not know kevin was married. and she didn't know she was being videotaped making out and kissing on him. >> one of those two statements i believe i'm sure you can imagine which one. if we move the lower third down from the picture please look he's wearing wedding rin ring. my friend christina said he's
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wearing wedding ring in photo. do you think he liked jewelry oh, he happens to wear a ring on left handp. >> you have a very perceptive friend, what's her name montea. >> montea. >> well kevin apologized of course to pregnant wife and his children on social media. on instagram revealing some woman is trying to extort a lot of money from him so this sexually suggestive video -- well here's a clip from the young woman's interview. >> before we get to it i want to set this up. remember she did a press conference with lisa bloom and said there was more details to come ow out. this is the first time she's sat down and talking about the fact she didn't know it was married and more than awe one night thing she says. >> i was intimate with kevin about three times in the course of maybe three days. i did not know he was married.
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i found out like after like we already had been together. so, i did not know at first. >> if you really look at the tape, it's during the day you know. it was not like a night thing you know? so he was sober. there's obviously a connection. i'm not just someone he was with you know. there was more to that. >> oh, she thinks they had a connection. >> but they've been on a private plane flying out there she's been on a private plane flying out there they spend all this time together and three different incidents and at the end there were no promises he ever would see her again. it never happened. so i don't know i think it's interesting a lot of what was -- she had to know who he was. >> i want to say obviously you had a connection because you all connected if you know what i mean. but she had to have known. there's no way you didn't kno know. and you got to look at the
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left hand. you know what i'm saying? you have to look there and check. and then there are reports she went down there with him they were on the same plane with friends. >> you don't know who is on the plane on a private plane with friends oh, there's that famous actor kevin hart who looks like kevin hart who is same size as kevin hart who's been in all these movies ano one on the plane says anything. >> and she doesn't know she's married. >> and there's no way to have known. and now my question and one thing she says one time after the club you know it but to hear hearsay we had a weekend together does thalts make a difference for you or was like one and that's all that matters. >> it's the same thing it's same episode. >> keep going back is worse. if one time it's like okay one time duties but you knew it was wrong you slipped up had a little too much but you -- a whole weekend. >> you can't do -- >> it's still bad. >> you cannot do jamie foxx
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plame it on alcohol you can dot that one night. >> this is is representative. he has been doing this based on this history and cheaters he did it before. doing it again. probably still doing it. has not changed behavior you would think. this time he got caught and there was video and that's why he got caught. >> i bet he stopped. >> mike maybe you can weigh in on this i think she mentioned it was during the daytime. does that make a difference. >> makes it sound like they're stone cold sober you know during the day. >> oh, i didn't know if you should value more during the day versus night. >> let me give you piece of male advice. >> yes. >> we can be sober, drunk, we can be three minutes past 2:00 in the morning or 2:00 in the afternoon. if it's there, it doesn't mean there's a connection. >> it's just there. >> it's just there. >> okay. >> it's like you know, but you should not be doing that if you're married. >> that's bottom line regardless of how many times or what time.
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>> if we're doing it and the sun is out it doesn't mean anything extra. >> you don't think there's point for that? >> no. >> oh, look it's the sun. he must be in love with me. >> she meant he was not drinking and was not drunk. >> people drink during the day though. parties in vegas there's always a party in vegas. >> that's right. >> what do you think get on twitter. new shae show aheard on mtv and here the concept. you shove a bunch of young people into a house like mtv house and then you cannot have anything invented after the 90s. it's like the real world like a flashback. >> flash back real world did start in 90s. called 90s house and lance bass is on there and christina meleon fantastic they cohoingt the thingment here's a clip. >> you stepped through a time warp. >> it is 90s house.
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>> party people. >> crazy. >> christina, right in front >> crazy. >> christina, right in front of you. sghv and salt and pepper showed up and saved by the bell cast is in there. and some nickelodeon stars show up too. >> i think this is fun.
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i love the real world and was big fan of that it petered out it's fun to bring it back with a twist. >> can anybody name cast for original show. >> real world. >> young woman everybody was&n >> i used to see them. i'm so old that came out when i was in college. those people i would see in the clubs all the time. i know who they all are but can't remember their names. >> oh, yeah. >> there were videos. >> and one of the last ones real world las vegas those were interesting. >> and third and arch as a matter of fact across from coffee shop and girl from alabama fell in love with the guy -- it was julie. i loved julie. and she then started to hookup with guy that was on the grin grind. he hosted grind.
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and his data is nba ref. >> isn't real world credited with first kind of reality show. >> credited with end of our civilization as we know it. >> what happens when people come together and stop being polite. >> sorry reality television sdm start of reality television. >> ever since. >> and major message at young age mom took to facebook with some empowering words she thought for kindergartner young lady and she says, young lady, stop apologizing. >> i think it's important messages these messages you would tell your daughter and they are good and i had these kchings with my friends this is good to have with sisters and everything else her name is tony hammer don't over think what you eat in front of pizza. if you want a pizza don't eat a salad. they eat what their friends think they should be eating. >> they stap at wawa. >> alex we talk about this.
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>> don't stay home because you don't have anyone to go out with. take yourself out. take yourself on own date go to new york and go out and have experiences for yourself. don't hold yourself back. >> don't wait on other peopl people. i'm big on this and plus you know yourself. so you really can't have a better time than with you yourself. >> don't hold back your tier tiers. if you're emotional feel free to cry. crying means you're feeling something that needs to get out. it's not a weakness it's just being human young lady. remember this kid is five. she's saying this to. >> she can read it it as she gets olden and check back on it. >> i think the ones particularly the one about stop apologizing i feel like women apologize all the time like when playing tennis and women are like sorry, sorry, sorry and men are like why didn't you hit that. couldn't you get over there? couldn't you make it? >> sorry to bother you and men are like look this is what i needed have you finished that whatever. >> do you ever apologize when they slam into you on walnut
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street they bump into you and say i'm sorry you're the one that slammed into me because you're on phone. >> or when security line this happened to me two weeks ago i was in security line philadelphia ipt that national and going through and my bag hit the guy behind me and i said i'm sorry he said it's fine. then we get on to conveyer belt i'm putting my stuff on hit him again his little box. >> was he cute. >> he was nice. >> so i hit him and i said i'm sorry. >> he said do you realize i probably been next to you five minute and you already apologized to me twice i said sorry yeah good point. i guess it's southern many me i don't know other woman in m me. >> you were literally hitting ob him. >> true i literally was. >> did you exchange numbers. >> no we did not. >> it was nice of of him though. >> really nice. >> so listen to what the woman has to say. yet apologizing. >> i'll try to stop. >> sorry.
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>> look at you i do think it's g you said girl is only little it means as she gets older it's something she can old on to. >> embower. >> and say no when you want to say no. don't make excuses saying sorry i have this -- no. >> just say no. >> be honest. >> don't always say yes when you want to say no. as women we do that all the time. >> if i happen to ask you out make a great excuse don't say no, i don't like you or i hate you. >> you can take no. >> i can't. >> you can't take no. >> no make you something. >> it's part of being an adult. >> i am having my spleen removes make up somethinging. would it hurt your feelings if somebody said no. >> yes. >> i'm seeing this video and listening to song over and over again. look what you made me do. well, a tired mother of two remade this song okay i hope you know the individual question she's in the tub with the jewelry.
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>> jewels. >> and different taylors. >> and here is a mom that had it. this is her take. >>♪ i, don't like to play bedtime games, don't like the tantrum stage, the hours you made me play on the floor no, i don't want to. i don't like things covered in grime that is not safe to climb, no, you can't make more slime i'm not cool, no, i won't let you. you got smarter i got dumber with my mommy brain honey i look like ha walking dead i'm tired all the time♪ i have a list of chores and yours are done i will remind♪ check it twice. ♪
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ew look what you made me do. i just wiped up your poo look what you made me do it smells p sgluxt is this the lie of karen hepp. >> it kind of is. >> it's like oh, but i have to cleanup the poo yesterday on the floor like what is that, oh, and then get the wipe out for that and slime that just came back to haunts me was all over and then the kids try to clean it up cat in hat situation one of the books you take one mess and make mess keeps going all around the house and they tried to cleanup the smrim and they used every towel wrapped in every wash cloth and wad it up and you can't find it except the entire floor was pink in slime and laundry ended up being expensive that day. >> this doesn't make you want to pop one out. >> no, no, no. >> i think i'm good for now. >> thanks, karen. >> what's weird is it was her husband that poo'd. he should cleanup his own poo. wow. so last week we told you about
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the i bouta. >> it's an toop save you money like electronic coupons or something. >> basically the promo line is you would be paid to shop. well we have another one for you. steve what is it this time what's it called. >> good morning we actually have several of them after that segment from last week i got a ton of e maildz from viewers saying we want more. think about it. companies are willing to pay you now to try out their services as opposed to spending advertising money shot in the dark this is guaranteed return on investment. several more for you this morning first up most traditional method online survey. this is free money you don't have to buy anything. take a look at video. companies like slice the pie are looking for every day consumers to do thing like review logos, branding, products, fashion and music not a huge return on investment of time and no obligation to buy they're paying for your opinion and likely a new marketing contact. word to the wise with this or
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>> big fan of guilt. >> i love guilty have the app. >> really quality stuff for cheap. >> that's the thing it's fancy pants stuff for low prices that's what we love. >> i told you this the other day i don't like when you press finger print on tone phone to open it up. >> i wouldn't show your phone for too long. >> your saved photo home photo -- yeah. >> it's just. >> that's -- >> what. >> sorry. >> i'll change it i'll change it. >> okay. any way you not using fingertips or eye ball anymore your password is heartbeat. >> really. >> this happened at the university of buffalo researchers trying to do this new technology it takes 8 seconds to scan a heart. your heartbeat for the first time and then it's real fast after that. uses technique that records heart shape an size everybody is different and every heart is different like a snow flak flake. they say it could be used for
9:20 am
smart phones and at security checkpoints. >> i think what if you get arrhythmia what happens if all of a sudden you were running and what happens if you were out too late at night. >> it won't open i'm having a chris murphy. >> then you can't get in and can't call anybody and need to call for helpp. >> certainly like being with the phone lock you can dial 911 if you need one. >> you can find something wrong with everything. >> my mother-in-law had arrhythmia it's on my mind. >> your mother-in-law is out of this then. she has to go the old fashioned way. >> what i could do i'm out and about having a cocktail or two even though i don't do that anymore oh, my phone is locked can i check. >> you would try that. >> see. >> stop. >> stop. >> my heart. >> it unlocked her phone apparently. >> the minute i touched your heart it blue up. >> nothing can fix you know i
9:21 am
can -- i'm embarrassed to tell how many times i watched this show fixer upper. >> my producer of early morning show thomas talks how much they love these guys. >> they're married. they're married but now the show has come to end. is it because they're getting divorced. >> no. >> i don't know. >> no. >> i don't know. >> we'll talk.
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meet steve sweeney. he's a double-dipping pension padder. double-dipping pension padder! he had two government jobs, two paychecks and padded his pension along the way. he's a double-dipping pension padder! now he's making over $300,000 a year as a lobbyist and a senator. double-dipping pension padder! so he's all set - thanks to you, the taxpayer. which is why steve sweeney had no problem voting to raise your taxes 145 times, including the largest gas tax hike in history. sounds about right, coming from a.... double-dipping pension padder!
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♪ pretty woman, walking down the street♪ pretty woman the kind i like to meet♪ >> you know my theory worst movie ever made for my daughters. >> you don't like it at all. >> women like it, it's a cinderella story, farey tail. huge success we all loved it. >> makes me sick. anyway why do they need to do this? they'll make it into a musica musical. there's no greer and julia roberts but stay true to theme. >> women will love it and go in droves and men.
9:25 am
i bet it will be a huge hip and tons from philadelphia will go and see the show. bus tours, church groups, mothers, daughters, sisters and friends. >> go ahead. if you want to support this immorality go ahead. >> it was on the -- >> he says all of this, but when we interviewed richard geer you didn't bring this up. >> he was if philadelphia to do totally something differen different. >> did you see the rumor her husband is upset because when they met up richard greer and julia roberts were kissing on the lips. >> that's. >> maybe it's. >> it's different in hollywood. >> it's her dprend. >> let's go. >> it's not hollywood. >> on screen romance that sparked 1,000 memes and now five years later a real life engagement. explain this because i have no idea. >> i love "game of thrones". "game of thrones" people are john snowy didn't realize
9:26 am
they've been dating five years. leslie they were actually hot and steamy couple on screen and off screen as well and they just gotten gauged. kit harington and rose leslie are engaged in real life. >> did they get together and were married. >> they were single hot people that stayed on the screen and he stayed with her he's a great actor and stayed with her and they're happy engaged. >> do you think when they have sex they will dress up like this. >> i hope so. >> technically it's like -- >> oh, my gosh never mind. >> it's like you're working. look at your sword. >> this hgtv show joanna and chip gains well they've made the announcement yesterday, they write that they need to catch their breath for a moment and they're stopping the show. the couple says their family is healthy and marriage
9:27 am
strong. that show is four years old. it follows couple as they do houses near waco, texas where they live. and final season will begin in november. and then it's gone for good. >> they're not ending. the marriage isn't ending. >> there's rumors flying everywhere. >> maybe they want to do other things movie or book. >> movie? >> people love the show. >> maybe they bring it do a different network. >> or contract dispute. >> there was with her. >> with her and not him. >> she probably got underpaid because she's a woman. >> that happens. >> end it then, girl. >> i hope they can hammer it out. >> did i nail it. >> i'll wrenches myself out of this and i really did screw up. it's a perfect tailgate food. listen. sausage. because you have even sausage.
9:28 am
i almost bet you have never had this sausage. everything you ever wanted to know about that man's sausage but were afraid to ask. know about that man's sausage but were afraid to ask. ♪ >> testing. >> ment. >> testing. >> testing.
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all right, hold on i'm getting set up here, just hold on. aren't you mike straws. >> i am good to see you man. >> it is your place. >> yes, mike's barbecue. >> hold on i will get this set up here so we can get it set up. can you help me, mike, can you move that down in front of that beer for god's sake and then put that here. >> wait, now wait. >> where does this beer go.
9:32 am
>> this one goes here. >> okay. >> i'm guessing mike's barbecue is named after you. >> it is. >> where is it. >> it will be at 11th and morris in south philadelphia. >> it is going to be. >> right now i'm just mobile, we signed a lease and we will be at 11th and morris before november. >> conn greats. >> that is great. >> nicely done. >> thank you. >> yes. so we all have had sausage at our tailgate parties, watching the game because they are out in los angeles the eagles are but i never necessity which beer to put with which one and i want unusual sausages for my friends. >> to get people talking. >> what is that. >> this is, an apple sausage. >> um-hmm. >> it is very delicious. we have some ginger, some honey in it. >> really. >> yes. >> oh, my sausage is stuck together. >> yes. >> that is yum. >> oh, man. >> this is a quarter from evil genius a local brewery.
9:33 am
>> that was my nickname in college. >> i can believe it. >> this is pumpkin beer, this is an sausage which is generally from louisiana, new orleans. >> you know they put that in gumbo. >> what sit called. >> annduly sausage. >> yes. >> okay how about this one. >> i have a line for everything. >> you do. >> this is a sausage that is like a french style sausage. that is paring with orange brewery, and, and do you feel the spice. >> that is really good. >> my favorite. >> what about this one. >> this one, repairing with the commonwealth black cider, it is brot worst. >> this is black cherry. >> yes. >> i love cider. >> all right. >> don't be scared. >> split it. >> how spicy is this one.
9:34 am
>> hmm, that is good too. >> i don't like them. >> okay. >> i like it this one i made. >> okay. >> this is a philly fatty. >> what is in that. >> only legal fatty in philly. so basically this is a smoked stuffed sausage. we stuffed it with mack and cheese. >> let me turn it to the side so we can actually see, it is stuffed with mack and cheese. >> it is smoked. >> mike, you have who your mind. >> you should try it. i put it on a sandwich so it is easier for you to eat or just pick it up and eat it. >> raw, baby. >> what is it soaking in there >> barbecue sauce. >> what kind more of a sweet. >> sweet, tangy. it has a little bit of the kick to it. we make it ourselves. >> would i marry you right now >> thank you. i'm available. >> are you. >> no, i'm not available. >> whole meal all in one.
9:35 am
>> very good. >> oh, my that is good. >> what would we finish this off with. >> this one is a chicken and apple sausage and we pair that with a new bold indian pale ale. >> chicken and apple. >> owe kay. >> it is milder. >> yes. >> it is good. >> very good. >> yes, all right. >> let us know he when you opened. >> when is sausage fest this saturday from noon until 8:00 o'clock, it is kid friendly, and it is adult friendly because we have lots of beer, and south philly sausage fest. >> how can it be kid friendly and adult friendly. >> because they have play things for the kid while the adults drink, it is perfect. >> all of that he is will be here as someone tries it. >> philly fatty will be there, five or six different food venters there and they are serving different sausages, taco sausages, burrito sausage s, and of course, the
9:36 am
philly fatty. >> this philly fatty is epic. >> thank you. >> is what your line for that one. >> never mind. >> thank you so much. >> thank you we will not let that happen. >> 9:36. do you remember the bread experiment that we did if you watched every day you will know what we're talking about where a teach der this with her kid, they had touched the bread and got mold i and you could see difference when you wash your hands and when you don't. we did this ourselves. we asked people who would have the most dirty slice of bread, mike oral ex? because we both touched it. do you want an update see whose bread is dirtier, we will show you when we come right back. (vo) with thousands of quality pre-owned vehicles...
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and exceptional customer service, head to your neighborhood enterprise car sales and let the people who buy more vehicles than anyone... flip your thinking about buying your next one.
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all right. we are stuffed with sausage now. >> yes, it is so good. >> that fatty is ridiculous. >> keith. >> um-hmm. >> i'm going to need your help >> oh, god. >> could you walk over to that other side of the studio do you see that pole. freakishly is there a hanger over there with three slices of bread hanging from it. do you remember last week a teacher came up with an idea, it is a controlled bread experiment, what you do. >> she let her students put a piece of bread in the baggy with a, one with the glove, that is controlled on the far left and then they washed your hand and touched a piece of bread and put it in a bag, and then she passed it around and everybody touched and she put that in and she labeled it dirty and look at the difference. she went to show how quickly germs can spread to remind them to keep clean. >> so we did it. >> yes. >> and alex, pick up your piece of bread, put it in your hands all over it and i will
9:41 am
bag it in a sedentary fashion. >> we should still have it. >> so, let's check on our bags it has been a week. >> i play teacher so i had controlled one. that is in the middle and then on the two side. >> we asked people who do we think is dirtier, mike oral ex- >> everybody said i would have dirty hand. >> nothing has happened. >> so how about this invention they have this on qvc with joy mangano, whatever her name is, a hanger with some clips and some bread. >> there is no difference, nothing is growing at all. >> nothing has happened. >> it makes sense. you are pretty clean. >> i guess. >> and you are very conscientious, you wash your hands a billion times a day. >> true. >> you do. it makes sense. we wash our hands. >> do you think i should let some air in, would that help. >> we don't know how long she
9:42 am
held it up for. maybe weeks and weeks and weeks. >> it is true, i don't know how long. >> maybe the bread has preservatives in it. >> maybe it wasn't organic. >> thanks, keith. >> maybe she made it herself. >> they also used white bread which i asked for. >> no, no, wheat. >> okay. >> here's jen. >> empire's tonight. >> empire is tonight, stars tonight we will talk about last season, this season predictions and justin who does he tell his storied secrets too. we will tell new a few minutes >> thanks, jen. >> who could forget it. >> i certainly remember it. it just happened sunday. >> and the crowd went wild, jake elliott and now jake elliott is a hero, i'm sure h has never paid for anything, thank you. >> so now the question is, do you think you can do that, i mean is it really that amazing a 61-yard field goal. >> it is history making certainly, so this is what we will do. how far do you think you can
9:43 am
kick a football. >> it is always fun, half court challenging at basketball games. >> that is what we are doing friday as we prep for the game in los angeles, friday morning from seven to 10:00 if you get there early enough, it is ramp playground at 3300 solly avenue, solly avenue, there is a school right across the street so they will help us out too. we are set up and feel and ready to go. >> they can kick it through and see what happens and anybody that makes it through what will they get. >> if they kick a 61-yard feel goal live on "good day philadelphia" they will be flown to los angeles where there is a play for the philadelphia eagles. >> backp for jake elliott. >> just a pat on the back. >> bragging rights. >> and jen will show up with three balloons. >> bus stop buddy. >> hello. >> it could be a gift certificate. >> we're cheap.
9:44 am
9:45 am
9:46 am
check out to see if sue's in a fog. another tremendous morning , for hyundai hope on
9:47 am
wheels this morning we have been in collinswood, new jersey all morning long we will meet more special friend after we look at the seven day forecast real quick. that is where all of the important information business how cool it will get over the weekend. 88 degrees today and humid. you can feel how sticky it is but tomorrow mid 70's, mid zero seven's for friday and even cooler, both days, of the weekend. so, the fall weather you have been wondering about it is finally going to be here starting tomorrow our transitional day. our host this morning all morning long thanks so much to chris, mike right here and not only have you hosted us but you have a donation for our silent auction. >> yes, we have put together a coffee gift basket, and coffee , gift certificate. >> it has been wonderful. fifteen years in collinswood. >> yes. >> happening place to be. >> is there a coffee bar, don't you know. >> true. >> they are so cool. >> all right. michael's here from the franklin institute but you are not alone. >> i am not alone.
9:48 am
a ter cota warrior and he is a living warrior. living statue. heading around the city as we open up our exhibit this saturday, he is one of the originals but we have 10 original, warriors statues that will be in the facility, you will be able to see them 360-degree view of all of them , hundreds of artifacts. >> i love the franklin institute. >> we have great augmented reality area so you'll see different images, videos, content, it is great. >> that sounds wonderful. >> we donated four tickets. >> okay. >> silent auction is tonight six to eight, we will see you on state street in media at veterans square, don't miss it , all a big fish for hyundai hope on wheels, bruce, liz, is there hyundai and that is why we're here for children's hospital of philadelphia mike and alex. look at those hand prints from actual patients. >> one of the best hospitals in the world no question about it. >> empire is on tonight. >> it has a new time slot at 8:00.
9:49 am
so let's preview is what happening tonight. >> i'm managing the girl and i hope you can help them out. >> well, it will be a cross over. >> yes. >> finally they are together, lee daniels making it happen. of course fans are curious to see where this cookie and luscious relationship will go after the big car explosion that left luscious in a three month coma. yes. >> what i can tell you because of luscious accident cookie will take on more of a job at empire, but behind the scenes cast members say they are a family and just like the one you see on camera at 8:00 o'clock tonight even happiest of families have drama. >> it is family. love of family. >> we really are family on and off. >> it is just, natural. i don't know how we came up with it, i don't know the formula for this type of success again but i think a lot of it has to do with the people that, it is a unique
9:50 am
group of people from terence on down it is just, an whoever we bring on the show it just seems to be the most unique of the pool of actors out here. >> even yaz, you would think. >> he is magic, he is insane. >> what he does on that stage, his stage presence, his belief in self, he is electric to watch, and i'm like, i first hired him and he had never acted before and i'm like we have to do scenes with this kid and then a couple weeks ago i'm sitting there watching him on stage, brought to tears because i'm like i wish i had that kind of charisma on the stage and then he acts like that irresponsible, child to a t. >> he is 23, his frontal lobe is not connect yet and i'm trying not to punch him in the forehead. >> we might to have call yas mom and make sure that she
9:51 am
knows that taraji is coming for her son. again, the show tonight 8:00 o'clock star 9:00 o'clock and then everybody is very excited foresees on four. >> lets give yas's mom a call. >> say what do you have to say to that. >> we will have her in tomorrow, that sounds good. thanks, jen. did you see wendy williams , people are saying that her husband's cheating on her. >> more than cheating he has a whole other life, woman home and mailbox. >> like a lifetime movie. he had a wife in two cities. >> we will let you know the latest.
9:52 am
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9:55 am
are rumors surfaced that her husband was leading a double life, right. >> with another woman. basically saying it has been years, 10 years, he is living with this woman, mailbox and picture of a mailbox and see name of the woman and see his name, yeah. >> she talked bit yesterday. >> she came out and she did say something. here's what she said. >> it is weird doing hot topics and being a hot topic in a weird kind of way, norman , i love the attention. some sort of weird story going around internet regarding my husband. look i'm a straight shooter, p ow, pow. you google him and you can believe what you want, okay, but... >> you see it, a little bit more. >> we commuted this morning. paparazzi was outside catching me in the cutest night gown.
9:56 am
oh, well, you know, susan i like clothes that all you have to does pluck them off and get to the business. >> yes. >> i like that too. >> yes. >> she's standing by him. >> that is how she got there. >> she's talking about how people have problems in their relationships and even if there is infidelity doesn't mean you walk out the door. >> that is a whole other level of infidelity if it is true. >> there is two kind, one that stand, the kevin hart style and then the long time thing. >> three day weekend, with kevin hart. >> pick your poison. >> what about the 10 year relationship with another house. >> and the mailbox, for some reason the mailbox. >> it bothers you. >> yes, you put it out there where you have mail coming to that home. >> yeah. >> that that is a little different. >> this chloe kardashian, okay , she's pregnant too. the kardashians, i don't know what they had at dinner the other night but they are all
9:57 am
pregnant. >> this is her boyfriend christian thompson, he plays for cleveland cavilers and they are saying chloe's four months along. so it is really around the same time as kylie because she is almost five months around five months and they are excited they can get through this together and won't be long, it is about to have a third child with kanye west, through a surrogate. i believe they made a pregnant i pack. >> yes. >> we are all together. >> it is, really like on the same night they called each other, all right. >> go. >> everybody go in, let's go. >> show has been out for 10 years now. it is like next generation, the future success. >> yes. >> i have a question. >> all three of them. >> chloe kardashian she doesn't look the same to me at all. what has been done here. >> she works out a lot. >> double shot, please. >> okay, well, she was working out, she post her work out videos. >> anyway she looks like this
9:58 am
now. >> stop it. >> have a great day. >> hi, i'm pregnant.
9:59 am
10:00 am
city, it's the wendy williams show. now, here's wendy! [cheering] >> wendy: we got this! thank you so much. say hello.


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