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tv   Chasing News  FOX  September 28, 2017 3:00am-3:30am EDT

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>> millions still without power in the island of puerto rico as they recover the from the devastation caused by hurricane maria. many in our area stepping up to help. >> and charges of abuse at a local prison.
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it is a we'll prison. wait until youer what the guards are being accused of. and a fan gets involved sitting behind home plate trying to coach the hitter on what to ex pe on the pitcher. that full story, of course, the weather and your headlines, i bill spadea. this is "chasing news." let's start tonight of a story of one woman's crew said against the guggenheim in new york trying to fight to get a piece of art removed. she was successful and got an awful loft signatures to get this done. some say it is art. he says, nope, it is animal cruelty. diana has the full story. diana? reporter: next wook the guggenheim museum plans to unval the largest show on chinese contemporary art. but first, some changes. the museum announced it will pull three artworks featuring animals after threats of violence. >> no matter how controversial
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it is. no matter if you disagree with it and shut it down, then, that is a worrying precedent. >> susan is the executive director of the organization that works to defend free speech. >> if there is a sense we can only drum up enough outrage and outpour, if we threaten violence, i don't think that is about how the world should work. reporter: three works part of 150 pieces of the exhibit titled "art in china" after 1989. one video featured heather and now featured hundreds of insects and reptiles fighting for survival and the third featured pigss. critics cried animal cruelty with protests and petition garnering over 700,000 signatures and museum stood by the exhibit but on monday, that changed. the museum released a statement claiming explicit and repeated
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threats of violence. the rest of the show will go on as planned next friday. i am diana block reporting for chasing news. bill: thank you, diana. i want to bring in the woman behind the petition that successfully had the guggenheim remove the exhibit. her names stephanie lewis and joins me now. stephanie, welcome. how are you? >> hi. >> so pleased to be here. >> agreat. i looked at the dog portion of this. where was the cruelty? i mean, dogs are on a treadmill. they are getting exercise. they obviously were facing off, dogs will certainly do that naturally when they see maybe perceived threat or something. it seems like dog behavior. what was so wrong with. sure. well, this is the messaging used traditionally to train fighting dogs. some of the dogs, it was clear they had been used. to put them in this position making them think they are going to fight again is putting them
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through psychological trauma. it should not be supported. >> we have the full conversation these days about the first amendment, people's rights to express themselves. you are inferring into this what you think is happening, but all of the viewers see are two growling dogs. certainly, no dog torture going on t. there is no dog fighting. why sues were the first amendment. >> tkcally, actual, i the way the dogs were set up in that video could be considered ac of dog fighting in the united states. there are laws of cruelty prohibiting using dogs in such capacity. i am not a lawyer. again, i am not an expert animal rights movement. however, dow knee experts have weighed in on this issue and guggenheim refuses to respond. >> all right. stephanie, thank you. appreciate your time. reporter: thanks. bill: all right. i want to bring in the a-plus panel for the evening.
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good see you. thank you. you are a professor in knox. >> thank you. >> i am board of education roselle. >> yes. >> all right. welcome back. good to see you. a columnist for laws an attorney and mom. i got a lot of question force you tonight. and jim mcgenie. let me ask you. what do you think. >> well, time and to imagain, we see that no one likes animal coastline. i we have our animals in our home. they are part of the families. why are we going this? nobody wants to see this. >> do you agree? are we looking at the same picture? two dogs growling. they are not fight. i have a pit bull in my house. i don't know i am comfortable saying that. let's set it pre. first of all, is not first amendment issue. ok. this is not government censorship. this is a private sue seeiam saying it doesn't tot put something on display. the museum has the right and the choice to do those things. >> do you think they were bullied into this.
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this seems like bullying by petition. let me get a million signatures then forced you to do something because i don't like it. >> i don't know i would call that bullying. you have 700,000 them into look at this and say it is animal cruelty. i think if museum not pay attention to that, they would be seriously searching their own responsibilities. pain, clear i, as a society, we have a problem with animal cruel ty. i think the mu museum being sensitive to that is response. >> it is not government involved in here. it is a private sector thing. all of them depend on government grants. they don't want to do something that is going to jeopardize the grant where the funding comes from now. 700,000 people say something. believe me. >> the next thing they have to sign. they have petitions to ban any kind of a mature show that shows animals in the wild fighting anticipate other. this is ridiculous. he got to leave it there. as the island of puerto rico continues to recover from the devastation caused boy hurricane may yea. many people in our area with
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relatives friends still desperate to find out if everyone is ok and stepping up to help. we have gat story with one woman who is stepping up to make sure that schools, water, medical supply, you name it, get to the pole that need it. brian done inhue has the full story. brian? reporter: one week after hurricane maria struck puerto rico. the devastation on the u.s. commonwealth is coming into sharper focus now. 90% of the island still without electricity. half of all puerto ricans lack portable water, infrastructure, communication systems in tatters and thousands of people waiting for flights to get out. i am here in lakewood, new jersey. now the new jersey is a state with 487,000 puerto ricans the third largest, total of any state. nearly all of them des rate to get information from and help to their families on the island. katherine cross works for the lakewood based puerto rican congress of new jersey and tells me --
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[speaking in native tongue] >> reporter: there is a story we're going separated thousands of times as the island begins recovery that is likely to take years. bill: thank you, brian. joining me nows the president of the puerto rican congress of new jersey, lydia valencia. lid why, how are you? >> i am fine. thank you for inviting us. bill: i understand the release efforts are underway. the organization is doing an awful lot. he want to get personal far minute. i understand, you got family in puerto rico. ways long time before you were able to figure out they were okay and actually reach them. tell me what happened? >> we have a daughter and granddaughter on the island in the area which is severely devastated as the whole island has been. it took at least five days
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before we heard whether they were all right, if everything was fine. yeah. they are fine. thank the lord. but there is no water. that seems to be the major obstacle and we all know, that without water end three days, you cannot exist. bill: what is your organization been able to do thus star in how are you coordinating the relief efforts? >> yesterday, was in camden with the leadership of the southern portion of the state. we're coordinating a statewide effort to do a that mon on october the 8th in several localities thought the state that will be announced through the website we are establishing and will be announced in puerto rican congress website as well. bill: all right. laid, thanks. good luck everything you are doing. god bless you are the efforts. we're praying for everybody on the islands. thank you. all right. let me bring in the panel to break this down. let me start with you. it seems to me that more than irma, more than harvey, we're
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hearing a lot of local organizations stepping up to do things for the folks in puerto rico. i don't think it is because of a lack of subpoenas. what do you think? >> i think it is a combination of things. i don't think it is because of a lack of federal response. i think that because local organizations have been instruments in helping in a number of ways. the plains why the people are ready to be mobilized in thecation, so i think it is a great thing. people are really important. think it is a great they are hope helping. bill: front page tef daily news, taking a shot at trump acting as if nothing is happening. it seems a bit over political for me. it seems like the federal response here has been one of the best we have seen. this is the third natural disaster in a row in just the last six weeks. >> i have to disagree with you. i have to say that president trump has tried and tried again to show he is working to divide us not unite us. we have seen what the united states has went to help other countries. why not help our own people? is it because they are people of
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color they didn't vote for him or can't vote for him? he needs to help them. they need support. bill: thousands, hundreds of thousands of meals, millions of leaders, unprecedented federal response. >> it is a slicker response, bill. that headline, american tragedy should really read american ambiguity when it comes to puerto rico. only throw states -- new york, incomes, florida have a significant amount of puerto rick rick cans here. that is 47 other states that really, i tell you, half of the people would think puerto rico is off brazil or something like that. not a national consensus about puerto rico. a lot of americans go why do we keep spending money for a hurricane that wrecked infrastructure of that flays the place was wrecked before because they mismanaged the country. >> they want water, medicine, food. they are getting it. dan zarrow will have the local weather. dan. change is in the air. pretty soon, fall will be in the
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air as well. we got a big cooldown to talk about happening tonight. get your jackets and sweaters ready. i will have the forecast, coming up.
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>> welcome back to chasing news. i am bill spadea. we got a story about a super fan at yankee stadium. coaching.
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wait until you hear this. that and, of course, the headlines and weather. but first we want to bring you a story about the only women prison in new jersey under fire charges filed by the hunterdon county prosecutor's office. ashley johnson has the story. ashley, what do you got for us? reporter: new jersey's attorney general has been called to take action against the state's only women's prison. at the correctional facility with around 650 women, several correction officers and staff have been charged with sexually assaulting and abusing prisoners. the hunterdon county prosecutor's office is handling the case and reached out to the state's attorney general and
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correction commission to discuss taking remedial action. a statement from the hunterdon county prosecutor's office reads the investigation is ongoing. we'll continue to diligently investigate all allegations of abuse against inmates at hunterdon county. i spoke to former morris county prosecutor about why the attorney general should step in for an investigation of this time. >> the hunterdon county prosecutor, i think, is doing a smart thing, this is an epidemic problem of a magnitude that has been lingering around for many years since i have been involved in the criminal justice system. it needs more resources and attention on the statewide basis as i would expect. i know, for a fact, it is not just to this facility but a statewide issue and therefore the attorney general's office should be involved in that investigation. >> new jersey advanced board review sounds the range of activation offering them food or cigarettes to asking them to perform sexual acts with less violence. under state law, sex between inmates and correction officers is a crime because prisoners cannot legally consent. the attorney general's office
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would not comment on whether or not he would review evidence from the investigation. i am ashley johnson reporting for "chasing news." bill: thank you, ashley. all right. let's bring in the a-plus panel to break this down. i want to welcome you. thanks for being here. i appreciate it. you are a professor and former member of the board of education. a columnist and jim mcqueeney, host of "new jersey now." let me start with you. this whole idea of prison corruption, you heard what the former morris county prosecutor had to say. he thinks or says i know for a fact this is rampant in the system. i don't think prison corruption charges are anything new. >> no, it is nothing new. i believe with bob. this is a serious problem. it is problem a problem that is
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more significant at prisons and thrilled to see the prosecutor's office is take it seriously. you know, what we are going to see. what we'll see more. just how widespread the problem is. >> the whole issue of correcting, correcting the correctional facilities has been coming up a lot. former governor jim mcqueeny what are talking about? >> well, it is a shame. these women are put there to be rehabilitated and the men are not helping at all. they were there to help provide security for them and they took advantage of them. i hope to see from now on. they are provided with the right support and counseling that they need. but is about it that or is it about outright corruption. to me, i hear, i think the hiring practice, maybe. that is the problem.
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to me, prison is maybe it is to rehabilitation. but manly to keep bad people off the street. >> well, not everyone may be bad. but also, there are a lot of loopholes in the system. i think, you know, there is a lot to be done. i think we heard there were cameras in the spots and where the men and women were not seen. they need to be fixed. that is happening for years. why is it still happening? >> that you go back in time in the '70's who escaped and fled cuba. >> overall, look. nobody likes it. the state is sorting. it is not just women now. to go to another extreme. it is builds young kids like jamesburg, a facility like that.
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it is a horrible thing. the prisons become masters. you know, when they come out, they do worse things. i agree. i mean, look. this education thing now it is good. i mean, the violence is an issue. you know, keep them out. you run into the corruption issue. >> is there a racial component. >> of course. >> of course. >> as you saw, they were being taken advantage. they were women of color. i hate to see they were men. >> i was going to say. they were also men of color, right? >> again, what happens? does that further the argument that a lot of people do make talking about black on black crime. does that further embolden? >> well, i am not sure i agree with that. regardless of the black on black crime. it is truly wrong and inhumane. >> ok. president trump is unveiled a new tax plan that he is going to try to get through congress. we'll set back on american business to restore our competitive edge and create more jobs and higher wages for american workers. >> when looked out, it looks
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like it has a little bit for everybody. an elimination of some of the loopholes for the rich folks throughout and a concerted consecrated focused effort on bringing jobs back to the country through tax policy and making sure the big risk corporations cannot hide their money overseas. that and for the average working person throughout. a doubling of the standard deductions. we'll bring in matt rooney who is the editor of the blog. i covered the highlights. it seems to me that you got something for democrats and republicans. >> yeah. look. whatever happened i don't want to get my hopes up. but a great plan. it is not a fact. but it flattens the united states tax code and would make it a lot easier on the average worker and be able to keep more of the money the annual basis. also going to put more money back in the pockets of business owners who pay the checks that we buy things and pay and what not. it is great. >> what do you expect from the
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detractors on this? i mean, even some of them in the republican party. my guess is you are going to have republicans and democrats coming out, finding one person of it that they don't like and we're back to the drawing bard. >> board. look. >> we're never going to agree on what perfect plan would be. there is no such thing as a perfect plan. they are going to rage warfare and try to pretend that somehow there is a pot of money if you give more money to rich people you are taking money. we all know how the world looks. >> thanks, matt always good to talk to you. appreciate it. >> yankees getting a little the friends at bat at yankee stadium in the 8th inning. a fan in particular behind home plate shouting in spanish abou the movement of the raised. the umpire threw the fan out of
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the game. come on. i don't see anything. all right. thank you. thank you for being here tonight. thank you. here is dan zarrow with the weather. >> meterologist: hello. i have a look at the local weather forecast for the next few days. to start, let's talk about maria. a storm we have been watching for two weeks that caused a lot of devastation from dominica, the u.s. virgin islands, puerto rico, obviously caused a lot of rough surf concerns, but now maria is heading out to sea, rapidly, we'll see the atlantic ocean finally calm down over think next 12 to 24 hours. meanwhile, we are tracking a cold front. the edge of cool air that will arrive here in the tristate area overnight tonight and so different weather on the way. gone the heat, the humidity, the
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summer-like weather. let's talk about the forecast for today. winds will pick up. mid 60's or so for thursday no more 80's, 90's. highs in the mid 70's across the area. weather in a word for thursday blustery. wind gust of 30 will be possible at least during the cooldown we'll see sunshine. friday is looking good. high temperatures in the lower 70's that is par for the course this time of year. again, plenty of sunshine and light winds and the weekend mostly quiet. there could be a shower around early saturday morning. highs saturday and sunday return wither 60's to around 70 degrees. yes, you might need that light jacket or sweater by the end of the weekend. i am meteorologist dan zarrow. bill: thank you. i love the forecast!
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>> personal possession of john f. kennedy coming up for auction
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next weekend. they are welcome to join it on-line. keeping up with the kardashians this month. khloe kardashian is expecting the first child with her boyfriend according to tmz. kylie jenner is reportedly pregnant with her boyfriend travis and there is a report that kim kardashians pregnant with her third child or maybe using a surrogate to have the third child with her husband kanye west. that is a a look at headlines today. bill: is there anything that donald trump can do to take a pause for a minute and say, all right. that was positive. how about illegal border crossings on the southern border down 70%. hundreds of thousands of new private sector jobs and incredible relief effort that is arguably one of the best have seen from the federal government helping people that are victims of irma, harvey and maria. now, a tax plan, a tax plan that
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not only will help working and middle class families beat more of their hard earned money but close the loopholes that the rich fat cats have been getting away with and keep jobs in america by stopping from hiding their profits and taking our jobs overseas. i say give the gy a chance boy all acontes in this first year, there is a lot getting done. all right. thanks for bringing me into the home ton
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♪ >> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 nouse at 11:00. panic on train. one crazy evening commute, a bang led to an evacuation. thank you for joining us i'm lucy noland. trains are running again though delays well they have topped two hours tonight. a huge hassle all


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