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tv   Chasing News  FOX  September 29, 2017 3:00am-3:31am EDT

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bill: puerto rico on the road to recovery after hurricane maria, why are thousands of containers with emergency supplies stuck on the docks? we'll have that story. >> and imagine, walking your dog in the suburbs and surrounded by coy quotecoyotes it is happeninm bill spadea, this is "chasing news." bill: starting in the bronx worried parents are sick over a killing in a classroom, one student kill another student with a switchblade. in a bronx classroom, some parents are saying where were the metal detectors? >> it happened in history class,
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urban assembly school for wildlife conserving a in the bronx, the student admitted to stabbing two of his classmates, reportedly attacked the victims. >> one kid tried to jump out. >> my son sent my a good-bye text-message. reporter: parents describe a kay -- chaotic scene. >> they try to act this is like about no weapons it is. reporter: a partner shared a video with me of an incident that allegedly happened last year at school, shows a separate bullying incident with different people. the school tightened security on thursday, parents say -- they
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should have done that a long time ago. reporter: department of education released a statement, saying they are investigating with the nypd, the suspect is now charged with murder and assault, reporting for "chasing news." bill: thank you diana. >> joining me now, retired detective staggesergeant from tk thank you so much. >> thank you. bill: you know detroits, bronx high school, one student stabs theranother to death, where were there no metal detectors. >> historically they have metal detectors but as crime dropped over last 20 years, they are been removed. and the idea to have an environment where kids can go to learn. bill: as a cop, you look at
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this, the good news and underlying good news is that crime has been dropping for last 20 years. but on the other side, does this indicate that maybe people are too relaxed, there is some plans between over doing it like the school like a prison and ignores that there could be a problem. >> we know that the school safety has been complaining how nypd has been records in school, it will be interesting to see how many times prior this kid was in trouble. they got away from arresting kids, and just filling out forms. bill: all right. thank you joe. always good to talk to you. >> bringing in our a-plus panel to break it down. i am join by bill caruso, lawyer and democratic strategist, jannette hoffman. and andre richardson, good to see you, a campaign strategist
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as well. i want to start with you jannette, as a mom, you think about what parents go through, nervous about kids leaving the house, this happens. >> no parent should have to be afraid to send their kid to school every day. this disgusting. this is bigger than metal detectors, i think that school lost control of the students in the classroom. bill: before you get to that point, back up to metal detector, 2015 de blasio, another task force for mayor de blasio, they recommended removing them, is he to blame. >> if you top point the fing -- if you want to point the finge, you can do that. this school was not on a dangerous school list. they are well within the right if they did not have metal detectors. you want to be careful to not criminalize these students for
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having them walk through a metal detective or before class. bill: a list of most dangerous schools, why not a list of things they are doing to improve education and public safety, this mayor is more concerns about statues in the park than safety in school. >> we could blame the mayor but we could blame society as well. pendulum swung the wrong way, as a parent, democrat and taxpayer, this is is not a question of resources, this is a question of policy. we're moving away from having these in schools, and to go to a point that jannette made, forget about detectors, there was a systesystemic problem in this sl of addressing bullying, the school, government in jail, failed these kids, that is the biggest problem right now. bill: is it fair to blame the government? i have made this point before. governor christie in new jersey, had a law, i said when you paint with this broad brush, and
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everything is bullying nothing is. >> as far as bullying law, everything is bullying then nothing is really bullying,. i don't think a parent should be forced to send their kids to a dangerous failing school. i am a big advocate of school choice. bill: turning our attention to puerto rico, devastatedded by hurricane maria. just a week ago. the recovery effort is ongoing. but a crisis at the dock. thousands of containers with medical supplies, food, water, you name it all things that people in puerto rico need, why is it stuck on the dock? ashley has the full story. reporter: tuesday i showed you effort in new jersey to help their loved one in puerto rico, look at city's fire station now. donations continue to pour in as the president authorized a waiver to loosen the shipping
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regulations to the island, by lifting the jones act, now puerto rico will be able to get supply and equipment needed to restore their infrastructure faster, we have seen docks in puerto rico filled with supplies that has not been touched, because of the shortage of fuel for the trucks to deliver it. >> ha is discouraging. knowing that so many people are in desperate need. reporter: mayor diaz. and valencia from puerto rican congress of new jersey said that jones act should have been lifted well before now. >> this is something that congress and president have to look at this elimination of the jones act. >> we need a congressional delegation type of out reach to repeal the jones act. reporter: not just the supplies that are being held up, i spoke with a couple firefighters who are wait for clearance from the
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government to deploy. senator menendez went to assess the damage. >> we're the most powerful nation on the face of the earth. it is time to use that power on behalf of 3 1/2 million u.s. citizens in puerto rico who face a unique challenge. i am for helping all who are affected by irma and maria. reporter: mayor diaz has been in communication with officials from northwest part of the island to ensure that trucks that are stationed to pick unthe items they will ship out, i am ashley johnson for "chasing news." bill: bringing back our panel, andre. you know, there is a wit a lot f political posturing going on, talking about jones act, a law that prevents foreign ships from transporting goods between u.s.
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ports it seems that the lefting of it had no bearing on this, this was already at the dock. what do you see as a big problem? do you take blame on your party for fli politicizing this? >> i am glad that president finally decided to lift the jones act. i said that last week. there no logistic on the ground, president has taken his eye off the ball on this, supporting losing candidates in alabama, and talking about protests that are not about american -- >> wait -- >> jan yenette is that accurate? >> he has not been there. >> what is he going to do there. the problem is getting it there, there is a military operation, this is what we need military for, get vehicles and trucks out
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there. bill: andre is the president's racist in our mind. >> president is patting himself on the back in regard to recovery effort. and they are still at dock. >> and hugh is tha how is that . bill: detrachor saying, because puerto rico are minorities instead of texas and florida, do you buy that. >> i see why people would make that correlation, 16 american are dead, the island of prp is parpuertorico pr is part of is . >> unprecedented response. >> there was a great response in houston, and florida, i don't think that race is a factor. but this is a failure of this president, he is the ceo of this corporation we call america. puerto rico is one of our subsidiaries, we've not addressed this problem from a military stand point.
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>> have you 4,000 u.s. army soldiers there, thousands of department defense personnel, only 6 days. >> you don't have any centralize. let's talk about jones act, the supplies are there. there is no infrastructure in puerto rico. what equipment is there. bill: you do know they got hit by a category 5 hurricane. >> he has no plan. no logistical plan, this was not a surprise. >> leaders lead. >> what is what he is doing! the national guard from new york and new jersey are there, and fema. >> yesterday he said he was not going to suspend the jones act because business interests didn't want him too. >> he just did. bill: leave it there. >> he has relieved puerto rico
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of their debt because of less golf course. >> give me a break. bill: this is a nice talking point, we'll see. >> coyotes surrounding people walking their dogs in a suburban neighborhood, could it happen in yours? dan zarrow with your weather. >> a nice breath of fresh air, we have a chilly autumn night, and a beautiful ough autumn dayd for
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bill: welcome back to "chasing news," i am bill spadea, we have more show, coming up details on your weather. but first i want to bring you a story from saddle river, new jersey -- coyotes on the loose, a woman walking her dog reported they were surrounded by a pack of coyotes, not until passers bee came tbycame to help, that e coyotes scattered, they are not being intimidated they are standing their ground. i'm joined by a coyotes expert. >> thank you. bill: why are they not intimidated. >> any animal who lives around human can adapt.
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and coto d coat coyotes can move anywhere, they have a ride-ranging diet. is it a danger? on occasion it can. but usually it is blown out of proportion. bill: are they known to attack people? >> yeah, they have been attacks. there would be really wrong to say there have not been. but there have been extremely few attacks. they can be serious, given the e opportunity that coyotes have to attack people or their dogs this is a low percentage of the times. my advice is to avoid the areas where they are, while you know they there perhaps harass them, carry a pop can filled with coins that works. bill: if you were going to meeting in saddle river, and someone propose a coyote hunt. >> totally against it.
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there are severe serious ethical questions, other thing is they don't work, that has been proven over and over. bill: okay doc thank you. >> all right. bill: bring in our a-plus panel to weigh in, bill caruso. democratic strategy and attorney. janet hoffman and andre richardson. i say we had success with bear hunt and deer hunt, thin the population, hunt the coyote. >> kill them, it is that simple, they are predators. the doctor kind of downplayed the risk, they do pose a threat. i am sorry one person attacked by a co coy yet, talks -- coyot, dogs and cats or it little kids. >> i think one person, said we're not killing people, that
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is a different story. we don't pa comply people to wid animals, but we get to a slippery slope, talk about bears and coyotes, i have a mean ground hoog igroundhog in high . >> no. bill: the groundhog is not going to attack you or your dog. >> sure they will. bill: we may need a groundhog hunt. >> where does it end. and then next? >> other states have addressed it massachusetts has a coyote hunt. >> we're knocking down all of the forestry, some have to adapt, some can coexist, some cannot, i am for a hunt. >> all right leaving it there, thank you. >> all right, here is dan zarrow with your weather.
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reporter: i am mete mee meteoro, happy dool cool down day. a welcome break from warmth and humidity we endured for 15 of the last 16 days. ni more 80s and 90s, winds calming down, skying will remain clear, sunshine is a big part of the forecast. the clear skies, light wind, dry air, perfect recipe for chilly temperatures, i think most of us will drop to lower 50s, places where the air is really still, and cool air really pools at the surface, think catskills, northwestern new jersey, we could see 40s as we wake up friday morning. friday, i think will be a beautiful autumn day, sunshine, lighter winds than thursday, and seasonable temperatures be we end up near normal in lower 70s by friday afternoon.
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i am meteorologist dan zarrow. >> health officials are worried that upcoming flu season could be a bad one and urging everyone 6 months and old target a flu shot, after it hit australia hard this summer. >> a forgotten fallout shelter has been discovered on long island. some of the supplies were stamped with a seal of defense from 72. that is a look at some headlines we're chasing today. bill: coming up, politics getting in the way of recovery for the victims of hurricane maria. >> and death of an american icon.
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bill: welcome back to "chasing news," i am bill spadea, hugh hefner, the iconic pioneer in torpornography, founder of playy magazine, dead at age of 91 of natural causes in his home. >> hugh hefner of born inning whichningchicago in april. >> i spent a good part of my life, playboy of the dedicated to notion of questioning some of the puritan repression. reporter: hef studies psychology at university of illinois, there he met his first wife. and they had two children. christie and david. hef worked in the subscription
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department of "esquire" magazine until 1952, he resigned to start his own publication, and published first issue of playboy with $10,000, nude marilyn monroe on cover. >> the magazine began in 1953, female ideal in women's magazine looked like someone's sister and wore girdles. the playboy was a more natural look. >> his marriage ended in 1959, and changed his townhouse to the original playboy mansion, in 1974, he packed up and headed west. moving into 22 thousand square foot house in los angeles, that became home base for the playboy empire, and his infamous swinging parties. >> in 90s, beginning of new
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millennial, a resell break in terms of -- resell -- celebrating life. >> he got married again, they had two children. divorced in 1998. >> how time flies. reporter: playboy reached 50th anniversary in 2003, hefner made the most of it, holding court with his string of young beauties on his arm. >> i grew up in a more romantic time. i miss some of that. i think that the younger generation missed it. some of that comes out of repression, when we were kids, sex you know was a dirty little secret that everyone was fascinated with but didn't talk about. out of that came a lot of hypocrisy. reporter: playboy hit hard times in 2008, he canceled regular mansion party like the lavish
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midsummer night's dream lingerie bash, he quiet let's looked for a buyer for his dream, hugh hefner, will forever be remembered for breaking down barriers, and building a unuke american dream. -- unique american dream. >> i hope i played some small part in changes your sexual social values in our time, i would be satisfied with that, good night. reporter: fox news in hollywood. bill: i know that for better part of this week, i have been talking to but recovery efforts in puerto rico, about hurricane, the give station, troubl trump administration response,. i think it is important to point all all through this recovery effort, which has been unprecedented in last 20 or 30 years in terms of unbelievable
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effort on part of our government to headline millions in need, people in press and politics still want to point the finger and ridicule the president, just understand that low gist call nightmare it is to get all that relief to the people that need it in puerto rico, not to mentions infrastructure problems, debt problems they have, this is no easy task, it was easier and more logistically possible to help people quicker in texas and florida, it has only been a week, the job is getting done, relief is there and effort continues, i say we should compliment the president and administration and all first responders for getting the job done, more to come, thanks for watching, always appreciate you letting us into your living room, i will see you tomorrow night
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♪ we begin tonight with breaking news. skyfox live over chester county and a shooting in phoenixville. a very active scene as you can tell. this happened just before 10:00 tonight to the 200 block of bridge street. circumstances don't know. all of it just coming in right now. the victim don't know why also the condition is unknown. no arrests as of yet. we are continuing to follow this and will bring you more as this flushes out tonight. emotion packed night in east germantown. familiar, friends, neighbors and more gathered to remember a life gone far too soon. thank you for joining us. i'm lucy noland. >> a 16-year-old boy a good student died quadruple shooting


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