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tv   Fox 29 News Special Ya Gotta Try This  FOX  September 29, 2017 10:30pm-11:00pm EDT

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>> ♪ >> okay, i've brought you to walnut street here between third and fourth. and the reason i want you to be here is because i get my coffee here every day. but also they make a brownie. i've eaten a lot of brownies in my life. i believe this is the best brownie i've ever had in my life. okay, there it is. there it is. the best brownie i've ever had
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in my life. look how dense it is. how rich it is. i love your brownie. i call it the breas best bunny e ever had in my life. that's a classic. tell me why it's so good. what's in it. >> well, i'm not going to give away our recipe. however, we use quality ingredients for everything. >> it's quality. >> it's quality. that's what's behind it. >> what kind of chocolate then. >> dutch processed chocolate. >> dutch. >> and we use not only regular sugar we use brown sugar. that gives it that extra -- >> butter. >> butter. >> it's high in calories. >> yes. but that's what brownies are supposed to be. >> tell me about the other two you make. there's one that's cappuccino. >> yes and that has espresso couple shots of espresso in
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the batter. then we ice it and put crushed coffee granules on top. >> the one that has the orange squiggles on it is that actually orange. >> yes, it is it's zested on. the orange is rolled in sugar and we sprinkle the orange on top. >> are you ready? look at it. look at it again. look all around it. no, get away. are you married. >> fortunately, yes. >> fortunately. >> fortunately. >> that's fantastic. if people come in and ask -- ask for the mike brownie, is that all right. >> that's fine. >> mike's brownie. >> mike's brownie. >> okay, thank you. >> thank you. >> ♪
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>> you gotta try this. >> ♪ >> he didn't share any of that by the way. >> i know. never seen one of those. >> so port richmond is home to a hidden spot that polish neighbors say is the place to go for fresh kielbasa. >> mike jerrick shows us why you gotta try chev's. >> i've come to a little side street called tilton in the port richmond section of the city and i'm standing with john chev. good to see you. >> my grandfather started. >> 1938. >> 1938. >> you have been working in that building since you were five years old. >> yes. >> what do you make in there. >> we make kielbasa pierogi's. >> it's the world's best. >> it is. >> what makes it so good. >> my grandfather's old recipe
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and the old brick ovens he built by hand there. >> the oven you're looking at with all the flames that was built in 1938. >> 1938 by my grandfather. >> how is kielbasa made. >> it's always pigs. >> we use pork only special seasoning my grandfather's recipe from 1938, lots of garlic, fresh garlic of course. >> is there secret stuff in it. >> spices are secret. stuffed into a natural casing. >> okay. >> then we smoke it on cherry and applewood only. it's not as easy as it looks. >> i can't do it. >> as you're going to find out. >> oh, geez. >> it's a little -- takes a little bit of time. >> so, which hand do you use? >> you're a righty. >> where is the hole? >> here it is. >> you're going to hold onto the end of it. [laughter] >> move it, move it.
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[laughter] >> there goes today's profits. there goes all the profits. [laughter] >> now, how many do you make a day? >> about a thousand pounds. >> a thousand pounds? >> a day, yes. >> what makes it better than any other. >> it's the recipe and those smokehouses, i'm telling you plus us, the czerw boys. >> i'm so happy to have the tradition i have. people come as far as they do every day every week to come and get kielbasa from me. >> third generation. is there a fourth coming up. >> there's fourth and fifths yeah. put the best kielbasa ever in your mouth. ready. there you go. >> i love you. [laughter] >> love you, too. [laughter] >> that's fantastic. >> thank you. >> wow. >> really thank you. that means a lot. really honestly does. >> you got to try this.
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man. >> ♪ >> next it is fried chicken with a sweet twist. we're heading to northern liberties right under the el to an eatery that is sure to be a staple for years to come. ♪ hey grandpa. hey, kid. really good to see you. you too. you tell grandma you were going fishing again? maybe. (vo) the best things in life keep going. that's why i got a subaru, too. introducing the all-new crosstrek. love is out there.
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find it in a subaru crosstrek.
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>> ♪ >> new fried chicken place in town getting a lot of attention ever since questlove popped by in july. >> he posted about it on his instagram page. mike jerrick had to find out why ya gotta' try this. >> i found love and honey under the el. as you can tell i'm kind of on the border of northern liberties and fishtown under the el. it's basically north front and meet love and honey. there's todd and laura. they're married. >> hey, how's it going. where do you get your chicken. >> we get our chicken locally from delaware. we were able to go not farm, meet the chickens, meet the farmers, see how they're raised. there are no hormones, no antibiotics ever. >> there's a lot of chicken in
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philadelphia and the delaware valley. what makes yours different. >> so, one of the things that makes ourself different and the first thing is what we were just talking about is the quality of the chicken right. a new other little nuances, we soak our chicken in an eight hour brine that provides the juiciness, the tenderness. we like to think that our chicken tastes like really great chicken. like the crust is great but the insides, you know, we like to think our chicken tastes like good chicken in addition to the crust. we like to finish it with a little warm honey because we're love and honey. >> oh, yeah . >> [laughter] >> all right, here we go. >> ♪ [laughter] >> he needs a inciden minute. >> oh, wow. i'll marry you right now. >> i do. [laughter] >> it's incredibly moist. >> thank you. >> all right, sides.
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>> sides. so, we've got a collard green with smoked turkey. this is a -- our mac and cheese with toasted bread crumbs. >> yeah. >> we have a pesto potato salad which is great for the summer. >> yeah. >> and this is our carmelized three onion dip. so, here you have a coconut cream pie banana pudding with vanilla wafers. >> love banana pudding. >> this is our signature sweet tow asweetpotato pie. >> this banana pudding is great. well, congratulations. >> thank you so much. >> it's going to be a hit. >> thanks so much for coming in. [laughter] >> thank you, honey. >> you got to try this. >> a new restaurant in the city has a spin on outdoor dining. a retractible roof plus a smoky cocktail. you have to see it.
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>> do you have something that mike has just got to try, a hidden gem in your neighborhood? make sure to tell us about it. tweet mike at mike 29 or us at fox 29 and make sure you use the #fox 29 good day. paulsboro's a very proud community. it's been on the decline with the closing of the refineries and there's no jobs in the community. if there's no jobs, there's no education, there's no food on the table. what's important is the children. steve sweeney... he fought for 'em. this is where he's from. steve sweeney's been here since the beginning.
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steve spearheaded the whole project and really brought it to fruition. it would've never been done without steve. it was a pride in building this port and then knowing that we're coming back. leave it to the pros? i am a pro. i made this lawn from seed pride, and less water than you'd think. to those who'd say the grass is greener on the other side.. i politely disagree.
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pennington smart seed. guaranteed to grow with 30% less water. reclaim your turf.
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>> ♪ >> there's a new restaurant in the city it's got a new spin on outdoor dining. >> it has a retractible roof. >> and mike jerrick says you got to try this. >> look at that mural right there, one of the most famous murals in the city of philadelphia. it's been there for years and years, 13th and locust. right across the street from that beautiful mural is a fairly new restaurant called maison. chef silva is here. good to see you chef. >> always good to see you. >> what does the name of the restaurant mean. >> maison means home. >> this is homie. >> we have the living room. >> you have the living room. >> then we have the sky room or the patio. >> before we do that downstairs -- it's a beautiful place. >> thank you. main picture. >> open kitchen. you see the chef doing his
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thing, you got the great bar. another star besides chef here is that it has a retractible roof on the second floor. look at this. that sucker just opens with the flip of a switch. >> it takes about 60 seconds. >> 60 seconds. and when it opens, you look up and you see the top half of this mural. who did that? >> you know, the mural was designed by james burns, he's a local muralist here for the muralist program here in philadelphia. it stretches all the way to the staircase and to the first floor of the restaurant. >> this is a smoky drink. >> this is auld rr. and it's hickory smoke, a little smoked vermouth. you have a 16-year-old scotch whiskey. >> yeah. >> and then we make a little coffee smoke ourselves in house. >> what's it doing to the scotch? >> it's giving it that nice aroma, that hickory smell and we're very visual here so we think a smoked drink should be smoked.
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>> but they do have food, of course. what is that, it looks like a lollipop. >> it is a lollipop actually. we wanted to have fun with maison. what we did is we took a potato lollipop. >> potato. >> and we wrapped it around kobe both with a curry pate center. >> it looks like foam on the bottom. >> we wanted to finish with something nice and luxurious. just because it's home doesn't mean you can't have fun, so gold rice and truffle foam. >> oh, my god. >> there is a little kick to that. >> a little kick. that's got a great kick. oh, that's great. look how colorful it is. >> it is. >> wow. that's fantastic. this is going to be a hit. this will be a hit. thirteenth street, across from the mural. you got to try this.
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congratulations. >> thank you. >> really wish he'd let us tag along here and there. >> maybe he will one of these days. >> just saying. now, did you know that our area is a virtual mecca for vegetarians and vegans nationwide. >> mike jerrick headed to a place in delaware county that says their vegan food is so delicious will you not know the difference. >> ♪ >> i'm in between swarthmore and ridley in woodlynne, delaware county. and look who's here. hi, sue serio. >> hi, mike jerrick. >> hello billy v. >> hi, mike jerrick. >> here's the dilemma we are trying to answer. are you vegan. >> yeah. >> and sue, what -- >> i'm not. >> you're not. [laughter] >> so, we are at a place called frankie's on fairview and they have vegan selections vegetarian selections and
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stuff that you and i would eat. >> right. >> okay. >> and they claim that their -- they taste just as good. >> okay. >> so, let's -- let's do -- let's eat three different things. >> all right. >> we'll start with chicken tenders. >> here we have the vegan chicken tenders. >> what's it made of. >> it's called gardene, garden protein vegan plant proteins and ancient grains. >> what do you and [inaudible]
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>> so, just like a real burger it simulates the sort of juiciness of a burger. if you cut it into it will be a little pink in the middle. >> open your hand and here it is. >> that tastes like meatotome. >> it's vegan again. >> yes. >> oh. >> order up. >> vegan john what is this. >> buffalo vegan wrap. again we're back to the garden chicken and it will have a vegan bleu cheese with a buffalo sauce. >> that's wrap number one. >> first of all, i don't know -- >> which is chicken. >> i don't know. >> it's so flavorful. that's great. >> okay. number two.
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which is the chicken, number one or number two? >> number two is the chicken. >> yes, that's the chicken, yup. >> i finally score. [applause] >> let me be perfectly honest. that was a total guess . >> [laughter] a vegan restaurant wouldn't work in delco they said. they were wrong. frankie's, you got to try thi this. >> ♪ >> and authentically in center city. we're taking you to brione for pizza you just got try. blank (vo) shop all makes, models and colors in your neighborhood... all with worry-free ownership. head to your neighborhood enterprise car sales and let the
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>> ♪ >> for this next outing mike jerrick took one of our interns because she's from rome and so are the owners. >> who better to tell us if the food is the real deal. >> cue the italian music. >> i am pretending today to be in rome or roma as i call it. >> in reality i'm at 21st and sansom center city philadelphia. i have two new friends. hi allison. >> hi, mike how are you. >> best day of my life and francesco. >> ciao. >> they're married for seven years. she studied abroad. >> yes, i did in milan. >> instead of bringing back a key chain or a snow globe she
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brought back a human being and now you're married and you opened this restaurant called rione. what does that mean. >> neighborhood. we wanted to open a neighborhood pizzeria. >> in philly and new york and i go into shops like this and there's a big round pie and you pull out a slice. yours is square. why. >> roma seize is pizza is squa. >> what is that. >> it's hot. >> ooh watch out. >> there's the cord. >> what's in there. >> so, it's rice, it's like risotto. >> let's go back to the pizza. when you walk in look at all the different toppings on these pizzas. let's say 20 seconds on the clock.
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>> tomato sauce. >> mozzarella. >> potatoes and sausage. >> parmesan. >> what wonderful marriage. so, what. i having here. >> this is the white base with mozzarella cheese rolled pancetta. >> i trust the two of you. i wish i had somebody who grew up in rome to test it. oh, we do our intern. you're from rome. >> i'm from rome. >> studying media here in the united states. >> yes. >> what is that. >> taste it. is it authentic. >> straight up, yup. >> straight up. >> that's how it is. >> you would find that on the streets of rome. >> only rome, yes. >> now you can find it at 21st
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and sansom philadelphia. >> i already called my mom and told her. like mom, i don't need to come back to rome. i have it right here. >> you got to try this. >> and that's a wrap. >> fox 29 news at 11:00 is up next. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> live from center city in philadelphia, this is fox 2


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