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tv   Chasing News  FOX  September 30, 2017 3:00am-3:30am EDT

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>> puerto rico, an island a crisis. recovery and relief efforts continue to help the people still suffering after the devastation from hurricane maria. and, how far would you go to help your man? how about stealing a components campaign sign? >> and, we bring you to the most
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polluted body of water and america. >> what we do? we sent our guide to go paddle boarding through. we'll have headlines and whether, in a. i'm bill, this is chasing news. >> puerto rico, an island in crisis, despite the massive federal response with thousands of personnel, water, medical supplies, still many people struggling and suffering to get shelter, clean water, food, and access to fuel. bill keating has more. >> puerto rico, still largely without power, food, and clean water nine days after hit from hurricane maria. the situation is dire and getting worse for many residents, especially those in remote areas. president trump is praising the
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response so far, part promising puerto rico will be forgotten. he's also raising condition about whether the feds will foot the bill for the long-term recovery. he said that something local leaders will have to negotiate. >> will have to start all over again, they are literally starting from scratch. >> were seen more eight arrive in the capital, but residents it's not getting to the areas it's needed. major damage to roads and a lack of communication for structure. people say they need help, sooner rather than later. >> they say eight is coming from the united states but were they given it to? i haven't received any. >> it thousands are lining up at the seaports and airports trying to evacuate. many sending logons to miami or other mainland destinations until the situation stabilizes. >> they don't have electricity here, sometimes that water, sometimes they don't. >> acting secretary is visiting on friday one day after being
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harshly criticized by the mayor san juan, this after she called it a good news story with the mayor responding, no, this is a people are dying story. >> thanks bill. governor christie had a press conference today to discuss what new jersey government was helping those impacted in puerto rico. >> we deployed 600 police, troopers, firefighters and medical personnel over six weeks. national guard is mobile another 500 and additional 2500 standing ready if needed and requested by the government to puerto rico. we'll be's fully self sufficient and provide service to detonated and serve devastated area. the team was state police and emergency management commanders are arriving today and tomorrow to prepare for the full deployment.
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>> from jersey shore hurricane network is on the ground in puerto rico and he's got some video to share in a story of what is happening on the ground. >> the emergency had ended, gas lines are huge, bank lines are enormous. still can't find water, still can't find ice. there is a murder yesterday outside a gas station. >> despite the devastation, he was able to find a restaurant with no self-service but he had wi-fi and was able to upload this facebook live video. >> were in the southwestern part of puerto rico. damage is not as severe as elsewhere. central mountain range was an extremely hard. as you can imagine, mudslide from the highest elevation, high winds, rain, it was confirmation yesterday from my father low that they are dropping food and water into some of the -- up
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the. >> that was just in from jersey shore hurricane news. be safe. i want to bring in the special guest, the special director of patient airless services. there's a massive effort underway with private pilots using their complaints heading back and forth to puerto rico delivering supplies and picking people up and getting them off the island. the head of the organization is coordinating a nationwide effort with hundreds of pilots. welcome to chasing news. >> thank you for happiness. >> have hundreds of pilots. what happened, did they come to you and say were ready to go? is voluntary? >> our mission is to five people in need of medical issues in times of national disaster the business aviation community jumps in and takes a part in whatever relief is needed. the contest, they love to fly and they know they can be key
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and asked how they can help. >> are they full-time pilots are plumbers, lawyers, who's doing it? >> all different walks of life. many leave their daytime job and get in a plane. we had one pilot we call an air traffic control and san juan had no generators. we call the pilot at 1030 at night on tuesday, but it o'clock in the morning he was in his plane find stuff down. >> recording with the federal government on this? >> were coordinated with organizations. we followed the rules of flight but we want to be in there and get it done. >> private initiative step not. it's fantastic what you're doing. that's what america is about. let's bring our panel to break it down what's happening on the ground, what's happening here i want to welcome arlene, welcome back. nelson williams also an attorney
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and child-abuse attorney. and bob bianchi, former prosecutor, good to have you. eileen, you and i have talked off line about what we think the response, i think it's not press a bit dented showing a part of the federal government but i'm not surprised to see federal private groups to this. what do you think the government is doing wrong? >> were on day nine and i'm getting reports that there is no water no food. what happens when there's no water? you there's you can be picking bodies off the street. that's unfortunate or talk about 3.8 million americans there. the fact that it took eight days for the president even think about going. i understand may be ship sort rushing to be there, but more people need to be there.
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>> is it a distraction to that people talk about the politics of this? i look at the numbers, hundreds of helicopters and ships, thousands of troops, pilots, generators, gas, it's overwhelming. do you think it's a distraction that people are using this disaster to take shots at the president. >> i think number 45 has had criticism in general. i don't think any president is going to escape criticism when you talk about national disasters. but this was a particularly bad response. i don't know why so difficult that we need to alleviate political pressure in the jones act in other ways that we could've responded faster or give a more. you can have dead bodies in the streets. we have hospitals that are run by generators. i'm sure there body counts the there. >> i think president trump not only did a great job with this but the point that you're making, it was a category five hurricane in a place that had a failing infrastructure.
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>> i'm surprised there's not more chaos. i don't know about the politics of it but volunteerism is something we desperately need in government, not just for this exit disaster but we can't do it all with the limited taxpayer resources. >> is the president races in your mind? >> i don't know where that question comes from given that were talking about this response. >> it many has said he's a racist because it's puerto rico and that's why it wasn't response. >> i don't think he was going to do anything expedient the matter where the problem was if it was a great help in politically. he is a racist, it has nothing to do with this disaster. >> it's frustrating that we had hurricane everybody knew was coming in yet again run day nine and don't have water. it's unacceptable. >> ports were open and airports
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were open within a few days. we'll see how this plays out. tanks. you might say the weather today was a perfect fall day. what do i know? i'm not an expert. let's bring a meteorologist, dan zero. >> my opinion i would call it a good day. we moved into the weekend and we have more delightful days ahead. a front moves through tonight with the reinforcing shot of cool air. saturday will be cooler than friday. you could see showers during the overnight hours into saturday morning. >> generally trying comfortable for the weekend? >> i'm liking sunday a lot, early next week will see the 70s, the crisp, sunny fall days. >> a summer coming back? >> not as much as you think summer.
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we will see a warming trend next week. eightys will be possible for thursday and friday. fall is a season of volatility. we'll get warmer and then cooler again. >> are we out of this hurricane season nightmare? >> i wish. it's been very active, we have to wash the care being, the waters are warm and we could see storm development. if they go up the east coast it could be a problem for a. >> thanks dan. coming up, what's in the box? you may have seen them on the tunnels and bridges. are they spina us, or keeping us safe? diana will have the full story when we return
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>> welcome back to chasing news. i'm bill spady. we have a lot of show for you. headlines will be coming up and how about the most polluted water in the country? of course, brian donahue had to go paddle boarding. first, a bring you the story in new york about these strange towers, metal boxes with cameras, and antennas, spine on your every move. the mta after spending hundred million dollars to install the security, they're not saying what they are for. diana has the full story. >> you can't miss them driving into new york city tunnels, the gateway towers. install by the mta as part of a
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100 million-dollar project. >> sometimes i wonder where the money comes from. >> john with the government watchdog group reinvent albany, wants to know who approve them. >> it should been publicly presented to the board of the ship and discussions about their merit and if it was good way to spend scarce dollars in the middle of the worst subway service meltdown attack waits. >> the towers currently stand outside the triborough bridge in the queens midtown tunnel. the mta described them as decorative. but at a recent board meeting they said they also provide homeland security measures, what kind to be exact? >> i'm not at liberty to discuss that and i will put my security clearance at jeopardy. >> six more towers will be installed but no word yet on when that will be. >> thanks diana.
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the spring in our panel to weigh in on this. that a privacy issue or security issue? arlene is back. unit attorney and law partner, good to have you. allison your family law attorney, thanks for being here. think about what happened with aqua facts and all of the different times that credit card information gets taken. do you trust that all of this information, where your and when you there safe? >> i think that question can't be answered without more information. the people paying the tax dollars have an absolute right to know what it's going for. i agree that you don't have an absolute right to information that's for homeland security. the thing that people purportedly don't know what the money was spent for but safety is a concern. i want to be safe. >> i think the mta should've mentioned homeland security, if the public knows, the terrorists
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no. >> nobody seems to know, even the commissioners when asked had no idea what the hundred million dollars was for. i understand the balancing act between security and privacy, but if it's been put out there we should know what it's for what it will do. if you're thinking the scammers early can be on the cars, that could be spotted another directions. >> went up with them everywhere, every sidewalk? every common lobby? >> you need to have a rational relationship when you're involving yourself, but if i were the law-enforcement officer i would want the bad guys to know that we have the sophisticated technology because it will help stop them. i know they want to stay ahead of the technology why not let them know that if you go over that bridge and do something bad we have equipment that will catch you.
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>> how far would you go to help out your man? one wife took her support for harassment campaign so far that she got arrested for stealing the opponent sites. ashley has the full story. >> surveillance video of a councilman's wife smashing up a campaign sign of her husband's opponent has left controversy, little over a month out from the election. mark who is running from ward for said he noticed several of his campaign signs were disappearing around town. he purposely put up a sign near the intersection of rose lane in hopes of catching a thief. >> i've been involved with thousands of jobs, caucasians, rest, i wasn't in sit back and tolerate stealing infantilizing my signs, but don't have right to do it. >> the video was taken on wednesday morning. he then took this video showing
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her the footage. >> why did you seal still my sign? the cops are, now. >> on pressing charges for theft, you been sealing my stealing my signs. you have no business touching private property. >> this is township road. do you think it's right to steal signs? your husband has it there? >> he filed a police report and plans on filing charges. >> she was apologetic at all, she claimed i was on private property which i wasn't. >> i spoke with dale over the phone whose defense taking down the sign and said he was in violation of zoning regulations. >> the sign was placed on private property without permission.
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he planes numerous signs there and all of them were removed by members of the homeowners association, again, it's private property and he did not have permission to place it there. >> the vice president of the homeowners association said he did not have permission to place the sign where he did. he said he did not put the sign on private property. yet, the homeowners association says it is. i'm ashley, reporting for chasing news. >> thanks ashley. let's bring a panel in. bob, what you think? to me the guy married right. she's got us back. >> she might be a loyal what life but when the silly season whitaker when is a prosecutor the amount of points the police god including the age-old practice of stealing the signs from candidates was an epidemic problem and people go crazy ov
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over. maybe a good wife, but something that's probably not the best process because it is theft. >> a waste of police resources? who cares,. >> i agree, the reality is you should be stupid enough to admitted on camera. with a phone in your face in your stealing something, keep your mouth shut and keep moving. >> some of that orders campaign signs know how much it costs. to steal a sign well it seems funny on the news it's not. a lot of money at the end of the day. >> to think people are overreacting? he makes a big deal, calling police to file a report on the sign seems ridiculous. >> to me, to rise to that level. >> i have better things to do as a prosecutor than to prosecute
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people for stealing signs. but i have murders in these people think they can go take other people's property. >> thank you, arlene, we'll see you guys soon. here's a look at headlines were chasing tonight. >> president trump is selling for the rebirth of america. and at the very center of that plan is a giant, beautiful, massive, the biggest ever in our country tax cut. >> the teenager accused of killing a teenager with a switchblade said he didn't mean to kill him. he told police that he was being bullied at school. metal detectors were being installed and one other student was injured. only about 80 of the city's 1800 schools have metal detectors. tom price resigned friday over his use of charter planes for
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business. he resigned under pressure from president trump he said he did not approve of prices expenses. it's a look at some of the headlines were chasing today. pgh so, not, how about the dirtiest creep in america. right here in our area. polluted, discussing, so we had
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>> welcome back to chasing news. i'm bill spadea. which you ever go paddle boarding through the most polluted creek in america? brian donahue had to try. what he got? >> i'm standing on the banks of a superfund site one of most polluted and downright toxic waterways in the country. i'm willing to bet that nobody has taken a stand up paddle board down here and i'm here today to change that. just a quick stand up paddle down one of the most abused and toxic waterways. it starts as a glorified
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drainage ditch and runs through an industrial stretch with bottom sediment. thanks to decades of dumping a contain some of the highest mercury levels ever recorded in any u.s. waterway. who said you don't set records. then it widens before meeting the hackensack river. hopefully my super toxic paddle will be the first and only to be described. after seven years of study, the federal environmental protection agency said they should have a spring plan by spring 2018 letting mother nature eventually heal himself. i ran into these guys from woodridge have a cigar in their car. they stress when the creek is kids. they had no idea they were swimming in mercury. >> so you swam here as a kid, you're pretty healthy? >> on 75. clinton kill you.
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>> we stress women that creek in the -- river. plus we had stories that you're going to get polio or this or that. >> you'll be our right. wetsuit, check. hazmat set, check. lifejacket, check. >> it's toxic, filthy, deadly, it's quite nice. >> usually when i'm on this thing i'm worried about jet skis nailing me, not a concern. on various creek. >> maybe someday will be able to come out here and be a little less nervous than i am and enjoy berries creek. until then, i'm brian reporting for chasing news.
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>> i hope you appreciate the honest conversation we have on the set every night. the truth is, there's too much spin, too many political talking points. we want to give you all sides of the different debates zwñw
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>> ♪ >> live from center city in philadelphia, this is fox 29 news at 11:00. >> tonight at 11:00 philadelphia police are on the hunt for a gunman after a little boy is shot. good evening and thanks for joining us, i'm dawn timoney. the innocent six-year-old outside with his family on fall night shot in the shoulder in north philadelphia.


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