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tv   Teen Kids News  FOX  September 30, 2017 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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- you're watching teen kids news. i'm veronique. here's this week's top story. (upbeat pop music) you've probably heard of adhd, the difficulty to focus on tasks along with the tendency to be overly active. a lot of kids have adhd: six million, in fact. it's a medical condition that you shouldn't play with. or should you? amelia explains. - [amelia] adhd. it's short for a pretty long medical term: attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. it's something that brian ward has lived with all his life. - i couldn't really sit still. i had trouble focusing in school. simple homework tasks would take me a while. - [amelia] brian's adhd followed him onto the lacrosse field. - when we're going over plays and coach would bring us in
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and draw up something on the white board and i had trouble focusing on what he was saying and what he was drawing out. and then, i'd get into the game and i'd be like, "uh-oh, what'd he say or what'd he do?" so, that's definitely had a negative impact on my play. - so, does that mean that athletes like brian should avoid playing sports? not at all, say medical experts. - a lot of studies have actually shown that participation in sports can help alleviate some of the symptoms of adhd, kinda being on the field, getting rid of some of that extra energy that they have. - [amelia] however, that extra energy might cause players with adhd to be more impulsive and to play more wildly than they should. - we also find that they do have increased impulsivity and a little bit more reckless behavior, which can put them at a higher risk for injury, especially in those contact sports. - [amelia] the doctors at ohio state's wexner medical center say that players with adhd might also be less likely to report injuries to their coaches or parents. - we need to understand the challenges those athletes may have with adhd and how we can better help to support them so they're successful in that sport.
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- to be clear, adhd shouldn't prevent you from being good in sports. the most decorated olympian of all time, swimmer michael phelps, has adhd. so does basketball great michael jordan. you just need to learn how to manage adhd so that it doesn't manage you. fortunately, adhd is treatable. for teen kids news, i'm amelia. - there's a connection between headaches and not drinking enough water. the average human brain is made up of about 75% water. when you're dehydrated, your brain tissue actually shrinks and that causes pain. just thinking of my brain shrinking is enough to give me a headache. i think i'll get a big glass of water. - in flag facts, i'll tell you how washington state came very close to making a big mistake. teen kids news will be right back. - [boy] closed captioning is brought to you by.
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- it's time for this week's flag facts. here's eric. (rhythmic percussion) - the flag for washington state has a unique color. it also has unique origins linking it to a box of cough syrup. author randy howe has this week's dose of flag history. - washington state is unique for two reasons. it's the only green flag of the 50 states and it is also the only flag to include the image of a person on it, and obviously that person is george washington.
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and it's from the portrait that was painted by gilbert stuart. he was an artist from rhode island and it's the most famous portrait of george washington. but there were brothers who were put in charge of creating the image for the flag and they went about designing it, coming up with all the different lettering. they had it perfect, except the image they had of george washington came from a box of cough syrup and it just wouldn't do. and in the 11th hour, they found gilbert stuart's portrait of george washington, they put it on the flag. it was accepted by the legislators in washington and we still have that flag today. - that's this week's flag facts. i'm eric. - here's another report in our series on first aid basics. (upbeat pop music) - today, we're talking first aid kits. to walk us through the must-haves
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is lipica shah from the american red cross. so, where do we begin? - well, every home needs to have at least one portable first aid kit and it should be in a place that's easy accessible to everybody and everybody should know what that place is. kits can come ready-made, containing lots of items, or you can make one yourself and customize it, but every kit needs to have a few basic items like a first aid guide. this is your one-stop shop for every skill, every injury, every illness that you might need. so, you don't have to worry about what to do; it's all in the guide. you should also have bandages of various sizes and some antiseptic wipes or alcohol wipes to clean a wound. you should also have some gauze. gauze comes in different sizes, so you can kind of decide what you might need for your own needs. then you need a compress,
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something that you can break to make something cool. a pair of scissors to cut tape, if necessary. a cpr breathing barrier or face shield is a really good idea to have, especially if you have cpr training. then it's always on you and you don't have to worry about it. - [alexa] and what would you use that for? - if you ever have to give mouth-to-mouth care to somebody, the cpr breaths, for example, it's a really good way to prevent disease transmission, so it might as well be in your kit. same things with gloves. gloves are a wonderful tool to prevent disease transmission, and especially if you're dealing with something like a bleeding wound. you wanna protect yourself and the other person, so at least one pair of gloves in your kit. every kit must also have emergency phone numbers written down so you don't have to think about them in the event of an emergency. this particular card also includes a section for medications that you might be taking and you should also be sure that your own personal medications, anything that you might need, are in the kit itself as well. if everything's in one place,
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then you don't have to worry about searching for items that you might need if an emergency does occur. - you should also know that the red cross has an app that gives first aid information. it's free and works on smartphones. here's one more tip. you need to check your kit a couple of times a year. many of the items lose their effectiveness over time and will need to be replaced, so check those expiration dates. for tkn, i'm alexa. - sitting for long periods of time isn't good for your health. experts tell us that every 30 minutes or so, we should stand up and move around for a bit. not only does that boost your metabolism, it also helps your heart. so, when you watch tv, put those commercial breaks to good use. get up and stretch! matter of fact, we're about to go to commercial right now. come on, everyone, let's get up and stretch.
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teen kids news will be right back. (easygoing pop music) (screaming) - it's the world's most famous painting, and yet there's an awful lot that even the experts don't know about it. (classical music) i'm talking about the mona lisa, painted by leonardo da vinci. first of all, no one is exactly sure when da vinci created his masterpiece. most agree that it was sometime between 1502 and 1506. and just who is the lady in the picture? it's generally believed that she was the wife of a wealthy silk merchant. another mystery is why mona lisa doesn't have eyebrows. actually, she does, or once did. digital scanning uncovered traces of the missing brows. apparently, they faded with time.
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if imitation is the highest form of flattery, da vinci has a lot to be proud of. another giant of renaissance art, raphael, was taken with mona lisa's unusual pose that he copied it in his painting, young woman with a unicorn. notice how similar the body positions are. in fact, raphael copied the pose yet again. as i said, imitation is a form of flattery. mona lisa is said to be invaluable. what makes it so special? critics usually cite two main reasons. both have to do with her smile. it's been called enigmatic, which is another way of saying mysterious. she seems to be hiding a secret. some scholars believe that she had just found out she was pregnant. another thing that's special is the way her smile appears different from different angles. interestingly, this painting became famous because of a crime. (dramatic orchestral music) in 1911, it was stolen from the paris musuem, the louvre. for two years, france was virtually in a state of national mourning. the theft made the mona lisa a household name.
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the painting was finally recovered and put back on display. now world-famous, the portrait was victimized two more times. in the 1950s, acid was thrown at it, but only the bottom was slightly damaged. a few months after that, a man threw a rock, leaving a mark on her left elbow. that's why the painting is now displayed behind bulletproof glass. it's the most popular work of art at the louvre. people really love this portrait; i mean, really. so many have written letters, including love letters, to the painting that the mona lisa has its own mailbox at the museum, the only painting so honored. with art smart, i'm katie. - if you want to know how much a hummingbird weighs, check your pockets. a hummingbird weighs about what a penny weighs, less than one-tenth of an ounce, but they are hungry little creatures. every day, they consume more than their weight in nectar. for us, that's like eating more than 33 large pizzas in a day! - this important message is brought to you by the national road safety foundation. - [boy] we had tryouts today for basketball.
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(upbeat dance music) (typewriter clicking) (inaudible crosstalk) (typewriter clicking) - hey, did you guys go to the game the other day? - yeah, it was crazy. - no, i couldn't make it, what happened? - we won, 34-20. - yeah, it was nuts. - we should go to the movies saturday night. - actually, i think jack's having a party. - really, are you going? (typewriter clicking) - mom. (phone ringtone playing) - [boy] hello? - mom! - [woman] yes, honey? - can you open this for me? mom, watch where you're going! (tires screeching) - watch out! (cars crashing) (typewriter clicking) - [girl] mom, watch where you're going! ♪ taking my mind outta limbo
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♪ throwing my pride out the window ♪ why do you keep on breaking rules ♪ i'm not the only one to make a move
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emily has this report. ♪ taking my mind outta limbo ♪ throwing my pride out the window ♪ why do you keep on breaking rules ♪ i'm not the only one to make a move - meet forever in your mind. their upbeat sound earned them 19 weeks
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on billboard's next big sound chart. ♪ hit by the waves ♪ caught in a shipwreck ♪ oh, i'm breaking for you the band's music videos already have an impressive 30 million views. ♪ it points back to you hey guys, how are you? - we're doing good, how are you doing? - we're doing perfect. - i'm great. can you introduce yourselves for us? - absolutely. - my name is emery kelly. - my name is ricky garcia. - and i'm liam attridge. - [all] and we are forever in your mind. - so, how did you get the name forever in your mind? - forever in your mind came from the show, actually, the tv reality music show the x factor. it was season three. ricky and i, we were put together by simon cowell and they made us forever in your mind. and when we left x factor, the fans kinda just created their own fan base name, the minders, and we just stuck with it and we didn't wanna take that away from them, so we kept it.
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- how do you describe your music? - personally, i would describe our music very viby and groovy than our last ep last year, which was more like young pop-rock driven and a lotta anthemic vibes. - it was a good intro. - yeah, it was a good intro. thanks. (laughing) but yeah, i think our music now is more mature and it represents who we are as people and who we are together as a band, and i think it's awesome. - what do you think it is about you guys that strikes a chord, no pun intended, with your fans? - yeah, i think it's really interesting because we had talked about this when we had just started the band, when we actually just formed, and we were talking about it and we were thinking, if you go to a school, like any school in america or any school around the world, you can meet someone that has the same qualities that we have in all the kids that go to the same school.
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- we are forever in your mind! (audience cheering) ("hurricane" by forever in your mind) ♪ you're running 'round in my head - 'cause we're pretty normal, i would say. i mean, i don't think of myself as, like, i don't like to say famous or anything because famous is just a weird word. what is famous anyways? what is famous? i don't even know what famous is. but (laughing) i just think that compared to other kids out there, we've experienced things on a different level, you know? - we can be relatable to other kids. we can be relatable with them because we go through the same experiences every day. - and i also think, with our fans, we really like to communicate with them on social media. we talk to them a lot. we love getting their feedback and just talking to them and seeing how they are and including them in the journey, because ultimately they're the ones that put us here and without them we wouldn't be anywhere. so, we really like to show love to them and talk to them and just have them be with us every step of the way. - thank you.
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- how do you compare yourselves to earlier boy bands like nsync and backstreet boys? - well, we don't dance. (laughing) - we dance, but we don't dance. we don't dance-dance, but we dance. - [ricky] we move. - [emery] we groove. - [ricky] we move and groove. - (laughing) we move and groove. comparing us to other bands, i mean, here's the thing, each band has their own unique thing. nsync had that disco, pah-pah kinda feeling. and then backstreet boys had, kinda a little more edgier, more rebellious. and then the beach boys were the beach boys, you know? the beach boys were the beach boys. - and then the beatles, yeah. - they were the original boy band. - beatles were the og. and there's one direction and then five sauce and then there's forever in your mind. - i think, also, obviously music's evolved since nsync and the backstreet boys. it's evolved into more, i would say not completely edm but it's gone to more electronically-produced sounds.
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- more dancey. - yeah, and i think that is included into our music and it's also a different vibe than other boy bands have had in the past. so, i think it's a new chapter in the whole boy band type of music and what's happening in there, which also makes a difference. - music in general, really. - yeah, music in general. - what's been your most exciting moment up to now? - we've had a lot of exciting moments. - we have had a lot of exciting moments. i'd say either signing to disney, signing to the record label, filming the pilot. that's it. - all the performances we've done. - all the performances we've done. - arthur ashe. - oh, our first performance together. - yeah, duh. - oh yeah, that was awesome. - it was in front of 12,000 people. - 20,000! you keep forgetting, bro. - it wasn't that much. - yeah, it was. it was like 15 to 20. the mets parking lot, bro? - it was like 12, but i'll-- - nah, dude. - and then, also, i would say, obviously, in the position you get to meet a lotta famous people. - you met steven tyler! - yeah, okay. steven tyler, he's in aerosmith.
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your parents will know him. he's amazing. - he's a legend. - yeah, he's a legend. - he's a legend. - and he's the most down-to-earth person. you get a lot of opportunities to meet famous people and people that you've looked up to, and it's just surreal opportunities that we've had. - mind-blowing. - yup. - and it's been a surreal opportunity talking with you guys. thank you so much. - thank you so much. we hope you have a good day and we love you. - if you like music that's bold and soulful, forever in your mind is definitely a band to keep in mind. for teen kids news, i'm emily. (upbeat electronic music)
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- once again, we're with sandi masori, america's top balloon expert. she's showing us how to make ballon sculptures. so, i know that some of the sculptures you make are pretty complicated, like this one. can you tell us about this? - well, this one, this is complicated. this is a bow and arrow, in case you didn't recognize it. but what makes it complicated is not so much the bow part but it's these double pinch twists on the arrow. so, these pinch twists are what we use to make teddy bear ears and anytime we need to turn a corner or anything, but it's not what i would necessarily teach as the first balloon lesson. it's something that, as you get more comfortable with balloons, really becomes something that you're gonna use a lot of. but in this case, it's going to help us shoot the arrow. - oh, my gosh! (laughing) - like that. - that works! - i know, those really fly. that's why i love making these so much. and the thing is, once you bring those out,
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that's all you're making for the rest of the party. - right. (laughing) all right, so what if you're kind of more of a beginner? what's something easier to learn how to make? - well, let's make a balloon heart. a balloon heart is made out of one balloon and instead of twisting it, we're actually just kind of shaping it by training the balloon, if you will, by folding it. so, i'm gonna give you a balloon and i'm gonna take a balloon, and the first thing that we're going to do is we're going to, now this balloon, it's fully inflated, but i've given it a good burp, let some air out so that it's nice and squishy, right? so, the next thing that we're gonna do is we're gonna kinda push the air out of the tip there and then we're going to tie the two ends together, just like you were tying your shoelaces. and don't be afraid to stretch those pieces of balloons so that you can get them tied. - all right, it's tied. (laughing) - okay, so now, we're gonna take it and we're going to flip it around so that we have the bottom of it kind of facing us. and we might wanna use our stomach,
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other body parts to kinda brace it. and what we're gonna do is we're gonna bring it in, you're going to squeeze all of the air out of it as you're bringing it in, especially the tip, the corner there, and then slowly let the air back into it. and this is gonna kinda train the balloon and it's gonna make it take that shape. and when you let go, it'll be a heart. - it's beautiful, look at that! - yeah, it's something that's guaranteed to make anybody's day. you can embellish hats by adding it to it, you can put animals inside of it, or you can just be a standalone. i mean, who doesn't like to get love? - yeah. (laughing) so, these are not only cool to make, knowing how to make even simple balloon sculptures is a smart way to make money. if you want more information, check out our website. for teen kids news, i'm emily. (upbeat pop music) - hope you enjoyed this week's program and we hope you join us again next week for more teen kids news. bye for now.
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- [girl] write to us at
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>> we are fox sports! >> in baseball, the change into the bowl season brings along a change in expectations. with a few guaranteed a e shot f playing in october, punching a postseason ticket is no longer enough. in boston the red sox make their finalin regular-season homestand and a possible playoff preview versus the astros. fueled by the support of the city united the al west champs are ready to prove that the pressure of winning a title isn't weighing them down. >> expectations are even higher than the ones people have outside our clubhouse. to be able to win at all. >> new york. ono one expected this yankees team to compete for a title this year but there mvp candidate, commissioner's trophy is in their sites. >> we


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