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tv   Fox 29 News Late Edition  FOX  September 30, 2017 11:45pm-12:01am EDT

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. >> gus: second down and 8 at the 16. rudolph. runs it. gets to the line. touchdown cowboys! the second rushing touchdown of the game for mason rudolph. oklahoma state takes a 40-34 lead. >> joel: you'll have four texas tech players that get stuck with their eyes in the wrong direction. you have corners in man to man. the defensive end goes way down with the running back. the safety gets stuck with his eyes in the backfield. and there's nobody left for mason rudolph. >> gus: ammendola for the extra point.
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it's good. 41-34. 1:12 remaining. here's texas tech. they'll get the football back with two time-outs.
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>> gus: welcome back to lubbock. mason rudolph scored two rushing touchdowns. you take a look at the drive. six plays, 79 yards. just over two minutes. rudolph with the big run. ammendola sends it away. he kicks this one deep for a touchback. texas tech will start from the 25 for nic shimonek. >> joel: all the chips in the middle of the table. you have a great series from the oklahoma state defense. the offense came out and answered the bell with everything on the line. two losses, you're not going to the playoffs. nick shimonek will led his red raiders back on the field. he's had a terrific second half. over 300 yards passing. they'll have to get this thing
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going very quickly. the tempo that we're using to seeing from texas tech. 1:12. texas tech has a couple time-outs. >> gus: from the 25. shimonek. in trouble. throws. out of bounds. 1:06 to go. joel, quickly. when he looks to the line after breaking the huddle with the play, what is happening there? >> joel: he's looking over to the play caller, kliff kingsbury. he's trying to get them to the right play. the problem is that shimonek keeps looking to vasher, the most inexperienced wide receivener the game. what did mason rudolph do? he went to james washington.
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dylan cantrell has to be you featured receiver. >> gus: shimonek steps up. wants to throw. does. its caught by wesley. 58 second to go. texas tech close to midfield now after the 25-yard gain. >> joel: a lot of time left. two time-outs. >> gus: first down. shimonek. lets it go. and out of bounds. >> joel: great coverage by oklahoma state. the defensive linemen trying to get after shimonek who is buying time. that was to osborne, number 91 that was a playing the pressure to shimonek. he had no where to go with the ball. >> gus: texas tech with two time-outs left. oklahoma state has one. second and 10. at midfield.
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shimonek. dancing. shimonek. looking. he throws it out of bounds again. good coverage by the cowboy defense. darian daniels with pressure. that makes it third and 10. >> joel: you have to think about running that ball if you're nic shimonek and try to stay out of this longer yardage situation. the coverage right now for oklahoma state, they're rushing three and dropping eight in coverage. that's why there's no where to go with the football for shimonek. >> gus: third and 10. shimonek. with time.
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bouncing around. throws. incomplete. willies the intended receiver. tre flowers got a hand on it. fourth down and 10 with 23 seconds to go. >> joel: in is where the injury to coutee is so big. he's the guy that understands space more than any wide receiver in the game. the wide receivers are not understanding which zones to hook up in. this drop eight coverage is confusing them as they make their way down the field. >> gus: fourth down and 10 at midfield. a time-out called by the red raiders. >> referee: second charged time-out texas tech. that is a 30-second time-out. >> gus: one left for tech. >> joel: kliff kingsbury and the
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texas tech red raiders are seeing the same coverage snap after snap after snap. on the last play, it looks like oklahoma state before they took that time-out was going to pressure, which is why kingsbury took a time-out. he wanted to take it over. at this point, the first down is paramount. they got a time-out. you can't worry about the clock yet. right now this is one snap for the game. at that point, you have to call a play where every wide receiver is at a minimum at the sticks. when you're facing zone coverage like they've seen this entire series, we used to have a play all hook where every single guy would run straight ahead and turn around at the sticks. i'm going to as a quarterback choose the best ratio and go to the place where i have the best mismatch and dylan cantrell, the most experienced wide receiver for tech. >> gus: he's the captain. fourth and 10.
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>> joel: looks like they're going to bring the pressure. force it out of his hands quickly. >> gus: tech trying to stay alive. they need this one. here's shimonek. under pressure. broken up and incomplete. flowers breaks it up. and texas tech turned it over on downs with 18 seconds remaining. >> joel: what a stand from this oklahoma state defense. flowers that drops the interception will get down and give the rest of the dbs 10 for the dropped ball. a great stand for this defense. shimonek trying to go down the seam there. oklahoma state brought the blitz. flowers in perfect position to bat it down and win the game for the oklahoma state cowboys and keep the season alive, big 12
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hopes alive. >> gus: a happy mason rudolph has thrown three touchdowns. he ran in another two. rudolph. snaps it. takes a knee. with 13 seconds left, that is your ball game. oklahoma state will improve to 4-1 as they defeat texas tech on the road 41-34. the ninth straight time that the cowboys have defeated the red raiders. >> joel: talk about surviving on the road if you're oklahoma state.
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matchups always close. last year, came down to a one-point game. a missed pat. kliff kingsbury has to be disappointed. for mike gundy and the cowboys, they're still alive. >> gus: 41-34 the final. mason rudolph, 27 of 38, 376 yards passing, three touchdowns thrown and he ran in two more. right now our jenny taft is standing with coach gundy. >> jenny: coach, it wasn't always easy but you found a way to get it done. how pleased are your with your team? >> with all the ups and downs, i was proud the way we finished. defense made some stops. they were rolling good on it. we made a couple adjustments. the offense put a drive together. it's always this way when oklahoma state plays tech. we have to give them credit. they played a good game. we were able to overcome quite a
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few mistakes in the kicking game. >> jenny: what can you say about the leadership from mason rudolph? five touchdowns. he had two on the ground. what did he do for your team? >> he overthrew the out cutterly and threw the pick. he didn't let it face him. i was proud of our coaching staff and the resiliency with our team. it's a good win. on the road here, wins aren't easy. >> jenny: what improvements do you still need to see? >> we have to be better on kickoff and cover better. ammendola got fine. he got shaken there. in the end, he came back and made the pat. >> jenny: thanks for your time. >> thank you. >> gus: thanks, jenny. time for the expectations shattering drive of the game sponsored by buick. >> joel: it was all about mason rudolph and huge plays down the field. none bigger than that. marcell ateman gets it. james washington makes a catch,
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a penalty on that drive. it was the feet of the quarterback and the quarterback that doesn't run often found himself in the end zone twice tonight leading his team to a victory. quite a performance overcoming mistakes and walking out with a victory. >> jenny: the final score here 41-34. oklahoma state beats texas tech. we'll have more postgame coverage from lubbock after these messages. ve up, skeletor! you're finished! curse you, he-man, you interfering imbecile! give us one good reason we shouldn't vanquish you to another dimension! ok, guys, hear me out. switching to geico could save you... hundreds on car insurance. huh, he does make a point... i do like to save money... catch you on the flip, suckas! geico. because saving fifteen percent or more on car insurance is always a great answer.
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