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tv   FOX 29 News at 6PM  FOX  October 2, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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outdoor country music festival in las vegas killing at least 58 people sending more than 500 others to hospital. good evening and thanks for joining us i'm iain page. >> i'm lucy noland. horrific attack as you heard time and again today is a deadliest mass shooting in us history to day. let us just have it end there. we know who is behind the atta attack. we don't know why. fox 29's jeff cole joins us in our operation center with the latest on the investigation. jeff. >> lucy, lavas gay is a play where americans go for stage shows and gaming last night it was the horrible reality of once again powerful weapons turned on american citizens. [ gunfire ] >> a warm earl tal evening in las vegas tens of thousands gathered to here sun tree music sudden al war zone ambush from on high. 32 floors above and the mandalay bay resort and casino 64-year-old stephen paddock is raining bullets on people with
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no place to hide. >> and she said, it appeared the bullets were coming from land lay bay into the concert, and they were just dropping. the people were just dropping. >> reporter: fear and mayhem takes hold concert goers run as the thud of gunfire goes on. investigators say 64-year-old paddock of mesquite nevada checked into the mandalay on thursday and built an arsenal of ten guns. >> it was really crazy there was muzzle fire and smoke coming out of the window, and it was just rapid fire. a couple hundred rounds were fired out there and the curtains ten from the window the wind was drawing them out and the gunfire was tattering the curtains and just kept coming out of that window begun and again ♪ [ gunfire ] >> reporter: country star jason aldeen was on stage as the firing ban. he runs to safety. vegas police swat teams advance on paddock's room. he's dead inside believed to have taken his life. smashed windows on the 32nd floor show where he staged his
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deadly assault. police cherry hill searched his mesquite, nevada home and turned their at attention to a property the shooter own in northern nevada a companion out of the country was reach as investigators gather clues his brother eric was at a loss to explain the staggering violence. >> we have no idea wawa so far. we have no idea why he did this, that's what you'll find out is, i can't imagine. when you guys find out why this happened, let us know. >> reporter: most recent reports now say that he may have had as many as 19 guns in that room. the fbi says it see nos connection to offshore terror groups. this man just may be a dee ranged lone wolf gunman with a grudge that no one has yet discover. i'm jeff cole fox 29 news. >> our coverage of this breaking news continues. >> clark county sheriff talking right now about what happened.
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let's listen in. >> -- at 5:27 for individuals injured and individuals that have died or passed away 59. um, so what we're doing at this point we have several people calling about personal items located at the stadium. we are not done processing that scene yet and once we are done processing the scene, we will make arrangements for people that attended the stadium that believe they have personal items there to respond to the area and we will help you retrieve your items. >> at this point, i want to bring greg castle forward from the county fire department and he will give you an update on the family resource center. prior to that, i think it's important for and i appreciate for to you put this out for the people's family also responding to the las vegas area some local proprietaries have offered up rooms for the family members at
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no charge and that is the boyd group stations casinos the south point with mr. gone and also sea gull suites. so one more time. boy group, stations casinos, the south point with mr. gone and the sea gull suites. individuals responding to the las vegas area in need of accommodations, those individual properties will accommodate you. so greg. >> thank usher riff. my name is greg castle fire chief of the clark county fire department. as the sheriff said a couple things i want to mention off family sift taps center. it is set up right now a combination of police department, fire department, the coroner's office and other local entities working together to provide the services for the families and for that are coming into town or still here. trying to handle what has happened with their loved ones. they're providing all kinds of services as the sheriff said many places have stepped up to
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provide flights, housin housing, transportation and many other things that's wonderful thing for our community have come forward and done much this facility located in the south haul of the convention center. s2. and it's pretty much taking up the entire south haul also a donation drop off area that's been set up to facilitate people wanting to drop off non perishable goods over there at that site. water and so forth, the owns tran off is off sierra vista just west of this convention center area command metro building at joel w. bound and searer voice tam i'd like to take an opportunity right now to hang the men and women of the fire departments, crosswalk county fire department obviously near and dear to my heart. las fire and rescue. henderson fire department and north lavas gay fire department. we were all teamed up there last night doing what we were trained for so many years we wish would never happy. we were able to execute our plan. we had 8108 firefighters on
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scene. we have 155 unit hours just for the clark county fire department alone. spent last night handling that scene. teaming up with our partners from the law enforcement to reach as many people as fast as we could to try to do something as much as we can for the community. i also want to take moment to recognize community ambulance. they were there as stand by medical at that scene last night. they had five or sick ambulance there is they immediately through critically wounded patient noose their ambulances and transported from that scene and also american medical response and medic west ambulance. they brought all hands on deck. they brought in all of their employees. thrall lead everything they could from pick up trucks to vans to all their available ambulances to bring extra medical supplies down to a staging area for us. to make those resources available to our community during that time of need. i want to give a big shout out to those private ambulance companies that have done wonderful thing for us last night as responders. from the fire department setter i'll take few questions. >> were you able to say how many ambulances? >> all right.
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who you're listening to right now chief greg castle clark county fire department. before him the sheriff of clark county talking about the different businesses that are pulling together to provide food and hotel rooms and flights for so many possible cupping in right now. >> our coverage continues of this mass shooting at least 58 dead, more than 500 injured in a mass shooting in las vegas. as the familiar goals into las vegas to try and figure out what their family might be, she still haven't identified everybody there. i mean this is what's going on right now. as we take look the mandalay bay you can see the shot out windows where the suspect was hold up until swat was there and he apparently died of a self inflicted gunshot room. hundreds of thousands of people visit las vegas there for fun. bachelor, bachelorette parties, businesses and trade shows. they are returning back home. they are shaken up not a phrase i would use on this one it's beyond that. our joyce evans talk to
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travelers live at the philadelphia international airport, joyce, i can only imagine what they're telling you. >> all kinds of things. people come and going those folks flying out to las vegas don't really know what to expect once they get there. we spoke with a woman you'll hear from she's actually staying at the mandalay bay the hotel from which the shooter carried out his dealed al tack. for those people who just got back here, there's still many of them dazed over it. >> we couldn't leave our rooms. my boyfriend even got separated, um, it was pretty scary. but we're really glad to be home. it's such a shame. >> coming home never felt safer for jenna kleiner of southampton, new jersey. she wasn't the only one racing to the airport to get out of las vegas. >> we had an early flight this morning hadn't some difficulty getting out but we were able to get out. >> reporter: also getting out as soon as possible were a man and a woman that the golf buddies say they encountered at the las vegas airport. >> the woman was covered with blood, her chin, both of they
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are legs were covered in dirt and we actually women over and asked them if we could help them in any way, evidence of tragedy was apparent only their face. it was devastating. >> nothing you could do to help? >> no. and frankly, they looked like they were in complete shock. >> hearts go out to the people who were there. >> vegas bound passengers checking in with thoughts of the victims of the mass shooting. >> safety is definitely a concern. >> this has deterred any of our plans. we're having excited to still go but completely devastating and tragic our hearts go out to all the families. >> colette of deptford, new jersey, is checking in to the mandalay bay hotel. where the shooter carried out his assault from a room on the 32nd floor. >> you can't live in fear because it could happen anywhere even if your hometown unfortunately. >> you never real noel what else is planned for las vegas this week. so, you know, um, that does start to become your focus when you're outside. >> i don't know what the answer is. you know, are they going to put metal detector noose every hot
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hotel? i don't think so. >> what do you do? >> what do you do? i don't know if there's anyone to stop something like this from happening and that's the carrie could it happen anywhere. >> reporter: that is the scary part. you know at least for now united airlines is waving fees for passengers who may want to change their tickets to las vegas. they're doing that for now for the next few days maybe a week or so. you might want to check your airline to see if that's what you'd like to do. you need to do it as soon as possible. there are some restrictions. lucy. >> all right, thank you very much, joyce. one minute you're enjoying great music begun fun the next you're running for your life. self witnesses say in just a flash the concert turned into chaos. >> we saw jason run off stage and then people all over on the floor, the grassy area in front of the stage, were just like some were falling and some were screaming and yelling and running, and we were in this tower up on top, it's like, everyone said hit the floor.
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so everyone was just like literally laying on ton of each other. >> hard to imagine what these people there were going through. 59 people killed and right now we're learning more about one of those victims. police say sonny melton died in the attack while protecting his wife heather from the shooter she told reporter that melton saved her life and lost his. the country music vest festival had a crowd of 22,000 including people from our area. bob and katie fur meister of horsham at the festival on the strip last night they took pictures in front of the stage earlier in the dean of evening and shortly before gunfire started they talked with our chris o'connell a little while ago about the terror. >> all of us were just having fun, you know. >> singing. >> that's it. >> singing and dancing. >> and somebody just goes and -- >> messes it you will up. >> that's it. >> we just wish it was a nightmare and it was over. >> that pop, pop, pop i just get sick and i just --
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>> it's hard. >> i can't handle it. >> ♪ breaking news coverage continues. we are now hearing those panic calls to 911. >> and hospitals trying to treat hundreds of patients and they need your help. sean? iain, in sports it's all about legarrette blount the reason the eagles wouldn't yesterday. he ran like a beast. hear why yesterday's game wasn't really that big of a deal to him. that's coming up next in sports.
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♪ as authorities in las vegas and the fbi continue to investigate the mass shooting the motive remains a mystery. they say 64-year-old stephen paddock had at least 17 guns in his mandalay bay hotel room sweet. at least 59 people are dead. more than 500 are hurt after he floor last night.rom 32nd- the shooter took his own life as swat breached his room. well incredible now if you've ever been to incredible large outdoor concert the kearn nav in las vegas last night probably got you scared.
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philadelphia's home to a lot of events like that. most of them on the ben franklin parkway and tonight local authorities are redouble link their efforts to try and keep you safe. our bruce gordon joins us live now at police headquarters with that story and bruce, each new incident puts added pressure on law enforcement. >> reporter: yeah, it sure does, iain. look there's nothing quite like the feeling of listening to great life music out out sunshine or under the stars with thousands of fellow concert goers around you but sadly these venues have now been add the to the list of targets chosen by mad men to inflict maximum suffering. >> ♪ >> reporter: philadelphia has a well earned reputation for pulling off big outdoor concerts on the ben franklin parkway. think welcome america and made in america. but the slaughter in las vegas has some locals thinking twice. >> it's pretty frighte frighten. >> reporter: you're getting nervous about these big outdoor events. >> yeah. usually to the point i'm praying before they even start. >> phase one begins on the 24th. >> reporter: philadelphia first responders plan thoroughly for each big outdoor event.
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this was our sneak peek ahead of mia in 2014. but police officials say keeping us save is a high stakes game of cat and mouse. >> i mean you're not thinking about someone shooting from a hotel room, and so now that's just one more dimension that we have to contend with when we deal with these large scale events. >> our policing evolves as the threat evolves. >> reporter: you'll learn something from think vegas event. >> we always learn there these events. >> reporter: as the victims of the las vegas massacre ran for their lives, local emergency was racing his company based in delaware county helps plan and staff ems response at big even events. he says concert goers can save their own lives by answering one question even before the show starts. >> how do i get out of here if something bad were to happen. not necessarily a shooter. but, you know, a fire or an explosion. >> despite the carnage in las vegas most of the folks we talked to on the parkway right there in the shadow of high
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prices that line the venue say they will not let fear dictate their plans. >> it's a random event. sure it could happen anywhere any time but it wouldn't stop me from going to an event i wanted to attend. >> reporter: philly police say they already check out high rise buildings before and during big events on the parkway. clearly the massacre in las vegas makes it very much the case they'll need to step up those efforts in this day and age it would appear every nook and cranny is a potential snip snipers nest. bruce gordon fox 29 news. ♪ after week two of the season merv of everybody wanted legarrette blount cut. remember that? people called him old. slow. basically said he was washed. the fans said he couldn't play any more. after yesterday's game, those people are real quiet. aren't they? blunt went crazy against the chargers 16 carries, 136 yards, straight beast mode
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blunt blount rank angry, steve armed. broken tack everywhere. blount a soup pell bowl within are in was pretty modest he's used to this. >> high a pretty good day. it's hard not to have a good day. we're in the business of winning and that's what comes first and for most is winning football game no matter what the rotation is, no mooter is getting the ball. >> we knew what they could do all along to see legarrette breaking some of the runs like did he today some of those runs were unbelievable. corey had nice runs. wendell stepping up it's good to get that running game going. >> phillies end their season yesterday on good note. stomping out the mets winning their if i recall final series. a ton of young guys on this team. very talented guys their future is bright but unfortunately pete mackanin won't be a toil see this thing through. >> it was just a real special day. i just like to thank the fans
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for the whole season. we had a great second half. finished up strong. got lot young looking talents we can be proud of and look forward to the future with. >> i think pete got a raw deal. he did a great job with the little talent he got so good luck to pete. i think he will get another manager gig in the future. iain? >> all right, sean. thanks. your fox 29 weather authority now. as we take live look at ben franklin parkway. in philadelphia. >> um-hmm. >> kind of a fall like day. don't you think? >> um-hmm. >> i think it is. >> started off that way. >> you had your jacket on and then kathy had her winter coat at the ready just in case. >> um-hmm. yeah, pantsuit today first chilly day. morning lows in the city around 50. 40s in the suburbs. picture perfect this afternoon though with temperatures rebounding about 20 to 25 degrees this afternoon. that's pretty good fort beginning of october. philadelphia 74. the same in trenton. allentown 75. wedding and dover and atlantic city all showing up in the 70s. right now temperatures are cooling as the sun gets lower in the sky. 63 in the poconos. 72 in allentown.
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70 in millville. 66 in atlantic city. as you look at the northeast as a whole temperatures in the 60s to the north. even some 50s in southeastern canada. quebec the high only 52. fair weather high pressure is the reason why we have a cool northerly wind but that air will be moderating as the high moves off the coast. we have 80s through the central part of the country. 90's in texas and that will be pushing toward the east with this high pressure system over the next couple of days. so quiet weather for the first week of october. high pressure really governing weather into the mid atlantic and the midwest. we'll wait for this front to come through not a strong front but that will bring our next chance of rain toward the weekend. so overnight tonight, low temperatures in the 50s from the i-95 corridor south and east. 40s to the north and wild. bill lit milder land last night for this morning. tomorrow raising up in the 70s. 60s in the poconos. light wind and plenty of sunshine. as we jump ahead to the month of act as a whole, temperatures
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trends have us above normal the northeast through the philadelphia area into the delmarva including delaware a very good chance of temperatures running well above average for the month of october. and we are on our way. take look at the seven day forecast. wednesday 78. 81 degrees on thursday. friday 78. the same for saturday. look at this. sunday 80 degrees with chance of a shower. chance of a shower monday as well but temperatures in the 80s in october. i'll take it. we'll be back with more news right after this. ♪ having a baby. caring for your parents. learning you have a condition. these are moments when people realize that where you get your medicine matters. and they look to us. cvs pharmacy. for advice. and ways to save money. plus, get up to fifty extrabucks each year just for filling prescriptions. switching is easy. we're here for you. join us.
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of course our continuing coverage of this mass shooting in las vegas continues. we know that at least 59 are dead and more than 500 injured at that shooting in mandalay bay. >> basically has rock the nation yet again. i mean how many we have to hear the it's the worse mass shooting in the nation. pulse nightclub was last one then this. scene you're looking at here is outside one of the hospitals where people have lined up to donate for victims. what's amazing about this the mayor of las vegas put owl the all call saying, hey, of, we blood. as always, people stood up, went out and in droves came out to donate blood which shows the resilience of americans in the face of tragedy and disaster leaves us un -- we can't even form words when thing like this happen. >> absolutely. >> all right. joan every join us tonight at 10:00 as we continue to cover the breaking story. we'll be following all the new developments and break it down at 10:00. ♪
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