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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  October 2, 2017 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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>> breaking news from las vegas. we're about to get a briefing from authorities in the deed lee yesterday mass shooting in u.s. hit reach new information is coming in as every hour ticks by. we're live with team coverage when your news starts in 30 seconds.
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[ gunfire ] active shooter. we have an active shooter inside the fairgrounds. >> shots fired from mandalay b bay. >> and they were just dropping. people were just dropping. >> i saw people in front of me get hit with bullets. my first instinct was to hop with my friends and make sure everyone was okay. >> it was an act of pure evil. >> now, fox 29 news at 10:00. good evening i'm lucy noland. the news is breaking. >> i'm iain page women want to get update from las vegas las vegas sheriff' department is giving and update on the shooting. let's listen in.
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>> latest estimate on the number of injured still stands at 527 which the sheriff put out earlier this afternoon. we have 59 that are deceased. homicide detectives are working around the clock process the scene as soon as they possibly can. we understand that there are personal belongings that people need to retrieve from all the locations. once we come close to clearing that scene we'll provide more information for how people were get their belongings and we are coordinating that with the local hotels and with the venue. so that people can get their belongings back. the family resource center will play roll in that task. we want people town to know that the center is up and running. atlas vegas convention center and we're asking families and friends who live in las vegas to physical goal to that center which is located at convention center. the hotline number has changed due to technical difficulties. that new new is one-800-536
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one-800-536-9488. again that's one i'm 85369488. the number that we gave out previously is no longer in use. >> all right. so the information continues to come in really clark county sheriff's department that is the sheriff right there talking is trying to coordinate the efforts still on-going at the scene homicide detectives still there. family members wanting a whole bunch of answers and they're trying to provide them as soon as they can. it's been a tragic day for america once again we say the phrase the deadliest mass shooting in our country's history. this time 59 dead. more than 520 injured. >> as we speak, we are of course the heart of the country is broken tonight. >> in a city known for fun and for glitz and for glamor we're talking about terror and tragedy
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at 10:00 p.m. as darkness falls over nevada. here's what we know. the shooting began just past 10:00 p.m. local time last night from the mandalay bay hotel. 22,000 people gathered in the street blow for music festival. >> the shooter identified as 64-year-old stephen paddock had 23 rifles and a handgun in his hotel room and at his home they found 19 more guns. explosives and ammunition is while isis is claiming responsibility federal investigators say there's no link to international terrorism. >> isis routinely claims responsibility. tonight there are so many questions that need answers. >> we've got team coverage for you tonight. our chris o'connell is live at the operation center. úheadquarters but we beginlice tonight with fox's caroline shively in las vegas. >> reporter: we're learning more tonight about the gunman behind the worst mass shooting in modern u.s. history. >> chaos shots ring out at a country music strip on the las vegas strip sending thousands
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oning for their lives. >> everyone said hit the floor so everyone was just like literally laying on top of each other trying to get out of the way and the shots just kept coming. >> las vegas police say steven paddock went on a shooting spree from the 32nd floor of the mandalay bay hotel and casino then killed himself in his hotel room. 64-year-old was not on law enforcement radar and authorities believe he acted alone. >> we have determined to this point no connection with an international terrorist group. >> his brother says stephen paddock was wealthy real estate investor who liked to gamble but never showed signs he could be violent. >> i have no idea that he had, n he would that many firearms. >> the suspect had at least 17 guns in his hotel room and more at his home in nevada retirement community. >> from the house in mesquite we retrieved 18 additional firear firearms. some explosives and several thousand rounds of ammo.
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>> it was an act of pure evil. >> president trump look visiting las vegas on wednesday to meet with first responders and the families of victims. >> caroline shively, fox news. ♪ (bell tolls). >> president donald trump first lady melania and vice-president mike pence and his wife karen held a moment of silence this after into to remember the lives lost in las vegas shooting. president trump ordered flag fly at half staff. >> as people try to wrap their heads around this senseless tragedy the stories of those who survived are just terrifying. chris o'connell joins you live at the fox 29 news operation center. chris you talked with local couple who made it out of there. >> reporter: simply put, iain, this was a blood bath. it was a massacre on the las vegas strip. the latest count, 59 people have been killed.
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527 injured including a woman from the philadelphia area who at this hour on her way back from las vegas with her husband tonight. >> it was rapid fire, and it was like pop, pop, pop, pop, pop. >> high thought it was a las vegas firework show. [ gunfire ] >> but on their final night on a weekend away to vegas, katie and bob fur meister of horsham were among the 22,000 fans outside the mandalay bay when the shots started to fire. >> that pop, pop, pop i just get sick and i just -- >> it's hard. >> i can't handle it. >> they ran and kept running into until they found safety. katie suffered a sprained ankle in the chaos trying to escape the gunfire. the couple talked with us from their vegas hotel room getting ready to fly back to philly. >> all of us were just having fun, you know. >> singing. >> that's it. >> singing.
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>> dancing. >> dancing. >> somebody just goes and -- >> messes it all up. >> that's it. >> we just wish it's a nightmare and we wish it was over. >> reporter: authorities identified the shooter as 64-year-old stephen paddock who lived in retirement community in mesquite, nevada about 80 miles away. the man with no prior problems with law enforcement hauled at least ten rifles into his 32nd floor hotel room where he launched his attack. among his arsenal, a converted fully automatic rival with high-capacity magazine. more guns were found in his ho home. >> you just see bodies dropping and people getting trampled. i saw people in front of me get hit with bullets. >> reporter: the man behind the massacre an accountant and i stake poker player who came to vegas from florida about a year ago. police are trying to figure out the motive. for those who were there, they just want to get home.
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>> to see our kids. that's what we're doing. we're going to head home soon and see the kids. that's all that matters to us. >> reporter: and tonight we are beginning to see some of the faces of the victims behind this shooting. including a nurse who protected his wife while gunfire an arm veteran arc kindergarten teacher and a little league coach and wrestling coach from shippensburg, pennsylvania who is so far is unaccounted for. lucy? >> all right. thank you, chris. tonight we're learning more about the man behind the shooting. stephen paddock's motive remains a mystery. authorities say as of yet they have found nothing in his background that suggests why he did what he did. authorities say the 64-year-old was a wealthy real estate investor with no criminal history. however, his father, his father was a notorious bang robber. the gunman's brother eric is at a complete loss to explain what happened. >> we have absolutely no idea
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whatsoever. we have no idea why did he this and that's what you'll find out is i can't imagine. when you guys find out why this happened, let us know. >> his brother goes on to say paddock did not have any sort of political or religious affiliations. >> the motor for the las vegas massacre is mystery. what can make someone shoot and kill a large group of people. dave schratwieser spoke with experts on what could possibly make someone do something like what happened in las vegas and joins us live at police headquarters with some day we'le
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access to. >> his leveled of prepareness stands out. he check into hotel sweet days before the attack. he may have used ten weapons in the murder spree after selecting a room high above the crowd to carry out the shooting. >> obviously it was pre med dated. he went into that building knowing he was going to do
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something. he brought all those guns with, all those rivals with him. >> he had designs on killing those people probably for a long time. and that's scary part. >> reporter: commissioner ross watched the first day paddock closely the he and doctor at tins reaction to do news paddock's father was a bank robber who escaped federal prison and spend eight years on the fbi's most wanted list in the '70's. >> the odds of someone whose father or close relative, if they're socio path the odds of that person being a socio path are higher. >> it just makes you wonder what's next? commissioner ross sat in on nationwide phone call tonight with police chiefs being briefed by the fbi about the las vegas shooting. says the fbi has no evidence of any links to any groups or organizations including the islamic state which claimed
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credit for the shooting today he says the motive still unknown. lucy. >> the investigation goes on. dave schratwieser, thank you much. fox 29 will be live in las vegas tomorrow morning. our dave kinchen is traveling to nevada. his reports begin at 6:00 a.m. on "good day philadelphia". in just one minute how bad was it last night? the chilling first radio calls from first responders will hunter you. at 10:17, finally home save travelers who escaped a war zone. at 10:20, check out these lines if a vegas hospital. people willing to do anything to help those in need.
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>> almost 24 hours since a man rain the down gunfire from a las
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vegas high rise hotel in his sites a crowd of more than 22,000 people simply enjoying a country music festival. still authorities say they have no motive for why 64-year-old stephen paddock did what he did. the death toll in the mass shooting is now at 59. with more than 520 people hurt. it is hard to wrap your mind around those numbers. and in the wake of the violence some here at home, well they're demanding change. demonstrators marched congressman patrick meehan haass office to call for strictor gun laws. shawnette wilson joins us live from springfield, delaware county, the site of that march, shawnette. >> reporter: lucy, this group wants a federal ban on military style assault weapons. they are fed up with mass destruction and terrorism which they say has become an epidemic. >> i was in favor of gun violence prevention before that but i was not committed to it. i've been committed to it ever since. >> brian miller stood before dozens of people rallying against access to military
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assault weapons telling a personal tragedy. 20 years ago a man walked into the washington, d.c. police headquarters and opened fire. >> he pulled out his mack and opened fire killed my brother with a first bullet, and then continued firing ended up killing a second fbi agent and highly regarded d.c. police sergeant. >> reporter: his brother michael john miller was a 37-year-old fbi agent. brian miller was among the group that marched from springfield friends meeting house to congressman pat meehan's office on spruel road. >> we are heart broken by what happened in las vegas but also determined that we can make a change. >> reporter: they taped a call to action on the front door of the office building. >> so these weapons of war cannot be sold on the civilian market and get into the hands of damaged people like the man who caused such unbelievable and staggering loss of life and injury in las vegas last night.
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>> reporter: maryann donaldson evans were shaken by the shooting in vegas. >> not again. we are becoming so immune to mass murder in this country. it's uncivilized. >> reporter: they say something must be done to rape in gun violence. >> we're not against second amendment rights. there have to be limits on assault weapons and these things that are used constantly for mass murders. >> reporter: and this evening we left messages for congressman meehan at his office here in delco. also, in washington. we'll let when you know we hear back from them. lucy, back to them. >> thank you shawnette. emotional night philadelphia international airport a flight touches down from las vegas. a family of 12 from our area was in vegas celebrating a woman's 21st birthday when the shots rang out, they were in the same hotel as the shooter but were at a different show. >> overwhelming really it was.
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it was like thinking like oh, my god is this really happening. i feel like i was in a bad horror movie or nightmare. i wanted to get out. >> i couldn't imagine. we got really lucky where we were and we were all able to stay together. i can't imagine if we were at that concert what would have happened. >> the family says authorities had them on lock down for eight hours. >> people visiting las vegas trying to get out thereof as fast as possible after that horrific shooting. our joyce evans was at philadelphia international airport talking to some of those travelers. we couldn't leave our rooms. my boyfriend and i got separated, um, it was pretty scary. but we're really glad to be home much it's such a shame. >> reporter: coming home never felt safer for jenna kleiner of southampton, new jersey. she wasn't the only one racing to the airport to get out of las vegas. >> we had an early flight this morning and had difficulty getting out but we were able to get out. >> reporter: also getting out as soon as possible, were a man and a woman that the golf buddies say they encountered at the las vegas airport. >> the woman was covered with
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blood, her chin. both of their legs were covered in dirt. and we actually went over and asked them if we could help them in any way, and evidence of tragedy was apparent on their face. it was devastating. >> nothing you could do to help? >> no. and frankly, they looked like they were in complete shock. >> hearts go out to the people who were there. >> reporter: vegas bound passengers checking in with& thoughts of the victims of the mass shooting. >> safety is definitely a concern. >> this has deterred any of our plans. we're very excited to still go but completely devastating and tragic our hearts go out to all the families. >> colette of deptford, new jersey, checking into the mandalay bay hotel. where the shooter carried out his assault from a room on the 32nd floor. >> you can't live in fear because it could happen anywhere even in your hometown unfortunately. >> you never really know what else is planned for las vegas this week, so, you know, that does start to become your focus when you're outside. >> i don't know what the answer
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is. you know, are they going to put metal detector noose every hot hotel? i don't think so. >> reporter: what do you do? >> what do you do? i don't know if there's anyone to stop something like this from happening and that's the scary part it could happen anywhere. >> reporter: unite asked one airline company that's already offering fee waivers for people who may want to change their tickets to las vegas but you need to hurry and get in touch with them soon. there are some restrictions. so call ahead. at philadelphia international airport, joyce evans, fox 29 news. out of this tragedy we're also seeing the good in humani humanity. many folks in nevada are waiting in line for hours to donate blood. state officials las vegas mayor have talked about the need for blood to help all the victims and volunteers. they've been responding in big way. so big in fact that the clark county cher research just said the city has enough blood for now and officials are asking people to please please come
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back tomorrow afternoon. >> did you think today this could be me scrambling for safety during a concert on the ben franklin parkway or the beach in atlantic city? a lot of people are working around the clock to make sure it is not. their story in just two minutes. ♪
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>> on the heels of the mass shooting in las vegas businesses in times square in new york city are on heightened albert. they've sent more police officers than usual.
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they're watching for suspicious activity. authorities say the las vegas shooter opened fire on the tens of thousands of people gathered at the route 91 harvest festival last night. firing from the 32nd floor of the mandalay bay casino hotel. philadelphia of course home to a lot of outdoor events. the pope's visit, nfl draft, made in america just to name a few, so how do we prevent something like what just happened in las vegas from happening here? our bruce gordon talks about how police say they are keeping us safe. ♪ >> reporter: now it's come to this. huge outdoor concerts of the type staged so successfully in philadelphia each summer are the targets of mad men reigning terror on lie. locals who have experienced good times on the ben franklin parkway are stunned. >> does it make you think twice about going to a big outdoor event at this point? >> it does make me think twice. >> i'm just like -- you never know when you leave the house you'll come back again or not.
10:25 pm
>> phase one begins on the 24th. >> reporter: philadelphia first responders go through extensive planning before each big outdoor event. this was our sneak peek at made in america planning in 2014. but police commissioner richard ross says each new terror incident reminds us there's only so much that can be foreseen. >> who would think that someone from 32 stories up would start firing thousands of people. so this is quite candidly very difficult to anticipate. >> reporter: as the vegas shooting victims ran for their lives local emergency management supper adam skull's mind was racing. his company based in delaware county helps plan and staff ems response at big events. he says attendee must practice situational awareness. >> by always think how do i get out of here? if that exit is blocked, what's my second best resource to get out of here? and if i have to stay, where is a good place to take cover? >> reporter: despite the carnaper in las vegas most of
10:26 pm
the folks wetalked to on the parkway right there in the shadow of high rises that line the venue say they will not change their plans. >> i don't know. i feel like you have to live your life. you can't give in. >> reporter: you go to the events? >> yeah. >> reporter: philadelphia police say they already check out high rise buildings before and during big events on the parkway. but the las vegas massacre makes clear those efforts must be stepped up in this day and age every nook and cranny it seems is a potential sniper's nest. outside police headquarters, i'm bruce gordon, fox 29 news. local couple made it out of that concert last night but they had to run for their lives. they are sharing their story with our chris o'connell. a live report in two minutes. ♪ eighty-five hundred dollars?!? vanstone auctions? sold for eight thousand five hundred "unicorn in rouge." congratulations, sir.
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♪ we continue to follow brea breaking news almost 24 hours since a man rained down gunfire from las vegas high rise hotel and we're now learning a security guard was shot as officers converged on the gunman's hotel room. still authorities say they have no motive for why 64-year-old steven paddock did what he did.
10:30 pm
the death toll in the mass shooting is now at 59. more than 520 people injured. tonight we're learning from local couple who was in the middle of all the bloodshed and chaos in las vegas what happen happened. they have been talking with our chris o'connell about the terror that struck as they were enjoying the country music concert last night. chris o'connell joins you live from the operation center with more on the couple's story. chris, can't even wrap our heads around what they witnessed. >> that's exactly what they sa said. among those 22,000 concert goers along the las vegas strip last night, lucy, a horsham couple who are on their way back to philadelphia tonight. >> pop, pop, pop i just get sick even just -- it's hard but can't handle it. >> those words from katie and bob fur meister at that country music vest recall in las vegas last night. towards the back of the audience when those shots started to ring out. they thought it was fireworks
10:31 pm
along the strip but they quickly realized it was gunfire. they both ran as fast as they could at one point bob kicked open a fence so other people could escape. katie suffered a sprained ankle in all the chaos. trying to run from the gunfire. tonight, speaking with me from las vegas they tell me they are taking stock in just being ali alive. >> life is meant to be lived. it's meant to make happy memories. even though you get bad ones every now and again, you can't let it spoil the rest of your life. >> reporter: now the fur miters are on their way back to philadelphia tonight as we spe speak. they say they are going to have to live with this tragedy the rest of their lives but right now first things first. they say they want to get back to seeing their kids, guys. >> all right, chris. thank you. the sounds captured from the scene tell a terrifying story. we are hearing police dispatch and audio from when the calls of the shooting first came in to
10:32 pm
when police finally made it to pat paddock's hotel room. >> we got shots fired 415sao. region 91. automatic firearm. >> code red 6197 shots. >> coming from upstairs. land lay bay. upstairs land lay bay halfway up i see the shots coming from land lay bay. halfway up. >> 361. we have multiple 4158, break, then a surge. >> we have an active shooter. we have an active shooter inside the fairgrounds. >> shots fired from land lay bay. there's many people down. stage left. just be advised. >> i need everyone in the hallway to be aware of it and get back. we need to pop this and see if we get any type of response from this guy. see if he's in here or actually moved somewhere else.
10:33 pm
>> thirty-second floor swat has exposed and breach. everyone in the hallway needs to move back. all units need to move back. breach, breach, breach. >> we have suspect dead. >> police say they found paddock dead from a self inflicted gunshot wound when they got into his hotel room. let's give you a little bit of couldn't tech. check out this map behind me. you can see from the window of the mandalay bay where the shooting took place to the festival grounds we're talking about a thousand feet witnesses described the scene. >> it was really crazy. there was muzzle fire and smoke coming out of the window, and it was just rapid fire. a couple hundred rounds were fired out there and the curtains from the window the wind was drawing them and the gunfire was tattering the curtains and kept coming out of that window again and again. really just frightening. >> it was pretty much like a war seen inside i've seen a lot of stuff in my day with the fire department. it was hard to see even the bodies that are outside down the street here that were carried
10:34 pm
probably a half a mile from the incident honestly i probably pronounced 15 to 20 people inside. it's a very sad day an event like this something that never should have happened. >> catching up with my friends at the country concert one of them actually she took off right away when she heard the sounds of gunfire. she hopped a fence with another couple she didn't know ended up hiding under a car and then making a run for it to the mgm grand hotel and she's there hiding right now still. >> myself and few other security guards some other civilians we all gave hands helping transport bodies. there was a lot of people shot unfortunately. >> one girl had shrapnel marks on the side of her face and she said it appeared the bullets were coming from land lay bay into the concert and they were just dropping. the people were just dropping. >> it's real and it happened. again, inevitably after mass shooting the talk immediately
10:35 pm
goes to gun control. should that be the case, though it's a discussion necessary? here's hank. >> you don't know what makes people tick. >> reporter: it's hank. i knew this las vegas nightmare would be my story today. there's nothing else to even talk about. hate to be mess mick at this time but my take is nothing going to get done about it now it will happen again and nothing will happen about it then eith either. this is us. marine veteran rob says no point wondering why stephen paddock shot up las vegas last night. >> nobody knows what set him off and they'll never fine out. >> veteran robert williams says absolutely. >> need to be much more banning on weapons. >> okay. >> it really does. too many people getting killed for nothing. >> reporter: sure. guys for gun control ring out after events like las vegas here we are again. but gun owners rights are protect under the second amendment and as a law abiding citizen it is their constitutional right to bare arms for many shooting different
10:36 pm
types of guns is part of the sport. new jersey has got some of the toughest control laws in the nation. it's not doing a heck of a lot of good on the state's gun violence problem. guns are easy to get in pennsy and gun violence is bad in philly too. legal or not the out come is the same. frank and kathleen jacoby are proud gun owners where there's a will there's a way. maybe we ought to track ammunition. >> most people doing hunting only buy a bock. this guy had ten rifles. something had to have a red flag somewhere on there. >> for somebody who wanted to harm they'll get a gun anywhere. they can get it off the street. >> gun law nevada has bear minimum open carry state no waiting period to buy, no permit necessary. assault rivals, large capacity magazines, all legal. sheer rah goodman owes of cease fire says any changing gun law has to come from voter pressure. >> we need people to tell their elected safety is important to me. gun violence prevention is important to me.
10:37 pm
getting guns out of the hands of people who shouldn't have them is important to me. i'm going to vote on that issue. >> reporter: so are the gun owners millions of them if you want moment of silence and prayers today is the day on capitol hill gun control legislation you might see a good speech or a symbolic stance. i'm not saying gun control is wrong. i'm just saying don't hold your breath. i'm hank and that's my take. ♪ more coverage of the las vegas shooting still ahead. survivors are telling their stories tonight but survivor th3 another mass shooting tells us what they will need in the weeks ahead. that story is still to k tom petty downed are found in full cardiac arrest. his story and other headlines in two minutes.
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and now get our fastest internet ever plus tv and phone for just $79.99 per month. >> rock legend tom petty is clinging to life tonight. tmz is reporting the music icon found unconscious in his home in malibu last night. sources say he was not breathing and in full cardiac arrest. he was taken to ucla santa monica medical center reportedly put on live support. the 66-year-old rocker is known for classic hits "free falling" and american girl.
10:41 pm
he finished a tour last week. progress finally in puerto rico the island's governor fuel supplies are getting to the hurricane ravaged island. power still out across much of the island and food and water still very hard to track down but fuel finally there. it has been 12 days since maria stormed across the us territory. and the commanding general in puerto rico says restoring power has never left his mind. president trump set to visit the devastated island tomorrow. but some say they're not welcoming the president with open arms. all right. kathy, a chilly start but a great night out there. >> absolutely. a little bit milder than it was last night at this time. take look at the jet stream. it will be another cool start to the day tomorrow but temperatures will soar. we're talking about back into the 80s. i'll have the numbers coming up.
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details continue to unfold in tonight in the senseless tragedy in las vegas. authorities say the shooter 64-year-old stephen paddock had 23 firearms in his hotel room. at his home they found 19 more and explosives and ammunition. while isis has claimed responsibility, federal investigators say they have no link whatsoever to international terrorism. isis of course regularly claims responsibility forehead line grabbing violence. right now authorities are trying
10:45 pm
to drill down on motive. the death toll stands at 59 right now with more than 520 others injured. >> in june of 2016 tiara parker was one of the people who survived being shot in a terror attack at the pulse nightclub in orlando, florida. she remembers feeling a sense of unity from people determined to make sure it would never happen again. but it did happen again and today she told our bill anderson that once again that this hopes this attack will inspire to us come together and find solutions for goodness sake. this event is very similar to what i experienced and you know it's painful to watch all these people have to go through this all over again. >> reporter: on a day that so many are looking for answers about how to proceed following tragedy, they're really only few who can personally share experiences that can help us try to understand. >> the stuff that i saw that night, the hundreds of bodies that were there and people ge getting shot all the blood i was laying in, i think about like,
10:46 pm
upping, my cousin who was killed last year. >> reporter: it's been just over a year since tiara parker was shot twice during the pulse nightclub attack in orlando. i asked her to speak to me not to revisit orlando but to hear if the immediate focus we all have on improving society after tragic events actually lasts. >> the sad reality this is happening now and it's in the news but then later on it's going to be kind of forgotten about. >> reporter: she spoken to survivor groups and maintains contact with others shot in orlando. but hopes we can all understand attacks like in vegas are going to need more support than we can imagine. >> you don't just get over it. it doesn't just go away. these people still mental vol to deal with this. this is a mental emotional thing and on top of being physically hurt. >> she remembers hearing the talk of unity and how tragedy makes us overlook our differences and try to find solutions we can agree on. the vegas was another tragic reminder that it didn't last.
10:47 pm
>> try as much as you can but don't just let it go. >> reporter: our conversation ended with plea to all of us that tiara understands all too well. a hope that this time we get involved trying to make things better and stay involved. >> i just hope that everybody can understand what that means to a person who goes through something like this. that sticking around and really help you want to help help them and stay active involved. >> and do it for goodness sake. i'm bill anderson. ♪ fox 29's dave kinchen will be live in las vegas tomorrow morning. he's traveling to nevada. his reports began at 6am on "good day philadelphia". back here at home, life look at the ben franklin parkway on this october evening. in our area, a picture perfect weather day. rain in the forecast. your weather in 15 seconds much
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after morning lows in the 30s, 40 and 50s temperatures have rebounded nicely during the afternoon and now it's pretty decent out there. looking good on the parkway this evening. with a temperature of 60 degre 60 degrees. the high today 74 in philadelphia. it's already down to 40 degrees in the poconos. going down into the 30s again. 60 in philadelphia. 61 in wilmington. millville and wildwood at 53 degrees. throughout the northeast we're seeing mainly 50s a few 60s and in 40s in quebec and bangor maine at 49 degrees. high pressure will dominate our weather. get a thor flow a cooler canadian breeze for tonight and during the day tomorrow. so on the eastern half of the nation, some 60s and 70s. some cooler air to the west will hold off for while the beginning of october looking quite warm. so high pressure dominates right through this week. it moves off the coast we get a return flow flow around the high
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is clockwise south southeasterly wind that will warm temperatures back in the upper 70s and 80s. we'll watch this front move through but this is going to hal hold off until the end of the week and the weekend keeping it pri tee clear across the region. so overnight tonight, 43 in the mountains. 44 in allentown. 44 in pottstown. philadelphia waking up to 53 tomorrow morning. so not quite as cool as it was this morning. but kids might need a sweatshirt on the way out the tour. 70 of 74 the high temperature in philadelphia the same in allentown. pottstown 72. reading 74. and 73 degrees will be the high in wilmington. now take look at the the forecast trend for october. the whole eastern third of the nation above average in temperature. normally we're in the upper 60s lower 70s for october. but especially through the delaware valley. philadelphia the i-95 corridor. pennsylvania, new jersey, and delaware even into the northeast in new england temperatures have about an 80% chance of being above normal for the month. so that's pretty good on your seven day forecast from the weather authority, wednesday a perfect ten.
10:50 pm
78. warmer thursday still mild for friday the high 78. parlparly sunny saturday. sunday a chance of a shower. ditto for monday. high temperature 76 degrees with morning lows and next couple of mornings in the 50s but after that, we are back in the 60 60s. haven't seen these perfect tens in a row in while. so it's looking pretty good. enjoy it, guys. we'll send it over to you. hey, sean. >> kathy the flyers getting ready for the start of the season with a bunch of young guys. hear what the vet has to say to the rookies, you know, give them a little bit of advice. plus the ground game fore the eagles were a beast yesterday. doug pederson tells us why the ground game is finally starting to come around much that's coming up next in sports. ♪ now with tomorrow's traffic here's bob kelly. good evening, everybody.
10:51 pm
get ready for another week long week of the schuylkill expressway being shut down on the overnight. all westbound lanes are closed overnight till 5:00 o'clock tomorrow morning. pushing all traffic off here at 30th street. sort of an easy off but easy back on. but through the overnight, expect that detour and a delay till 5:00 o'clock expect big delays tomorrow on septa's regional rail lines pennsylvania conference for women in town. septa expects increased ridership on all of its regional rail lin lines and they're pavig the lincoln drive all week. so watch for a bumpy ride kind of the pain before the gain. we'll check the jam cams. sue will have the tuesday forecast when we meet you right here bright and errly tomorrow morning starting at 4:00.
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the deadliest mass shooting in recent u.s. history. at least 59 people are dead. more than 500 are injured. the shooter is dead. the motive is still unknown. >> fox's hal eisner joins us live from las vegas with more and the details keep coming on in, hal. >> reporter: yeah, they do and the numbers continue to be staggering. they just had press conference here at the las vegas police department they talked about the number of dead, the number of injured that hasn't changed from earlier. one thing that was new they started gofundme account to help
10:55 pm
the victims at $2.2 million right now. so that's really picking up some steam and a lot of people wanting to help and the other thing that we've noticed throughout the day how many people in this town decided they wanted to jump in and help. this thing really affect add lot of people. so we saw people who volunteered first responders, giving them water, giving them pizzas. giving them just support. we saw people coming in by the hundreds waiting hours to give blood because blood is needed when you have so many people who have been injured in the ways that they've been injured. and then we saw people who were in the crosshairs of the gunman at the 32nd floor. and despite the danger they faced, they still ended up helping save other people by squatting over them, by trying to get them out of the way, even though bullets were falling all around them in one case a couple we talk with started putting people in the back of their
10:56 pm
pickup truck taking them to the hospital because they didn't think the ambulances would get there fast enough. people needed help and they needed it quickly. so i guess the bottom line here is we are seeing heroes. and it's not uncommon when we have a sis like what we saw in houston witness hurricane and florida with irma and now this, people do come out. they help they want to be part of the solution and we're certainly seeing that here in las vegas. we're live in las vegas, hal eisner, fox news. >> hal, thank you very much. hal has been on the air for more than 35 years and seen a lot and this was a lot to see today. that's for sure. >> we're getting more information by the minute on this breaking news story. new numbers of weapons. police found in the shooter's hotel room. we have much more ahead, of course, at 11:00
10:57 pm
>> much more to come. we'll see you back here at 11:00.
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10:59 pm
11:00 pm
♪ loo live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 11:00. [ gunfire ] >> shots fired from land lay b bay. >> tragedy strikes the united states yet again. >> it was an act of pure evil. >> a barrage of gunfire strikes a crowd at a las vegas concert. >> we have an active shooter. we have an active shooter inside the fairgrounds. >> the killer not even his relatives know why did he it. >> where the hell did he get automatic weapons? ♪ >> families want answers and investigators are determined to get them. >> thank you much for joining us i'm lucy noland. our country is once again shaken to its core. once again


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