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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 4A  FOX  October 3, 2017 4:00am-5:00am EDT

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morning. >> good morning, everybody. 3:59. a tad before 4:00 on this tuesday morning. downtown philadelphia hot bed of construction vine street expressway closed both directions between the schuylkill and broad street until 5:00 this morning. they are also working out here on the east and westbound side of the schuylkill. what we see here this is the westbound jammo heading out into k of p, valley forge service toll plaza here, again only one lane opened in both directions, this is where they were doing paving last night, expect a lot of extra ridership on the regional rails this morning there is a big conference for woman here in center city. septa says make sure you give yourself extra time coming from the suburbs this morning karen and thomas back to you. we have another tragedy in las vegas a nation that is still coming to grips this morning from the deadliest mass shooting in our country's history. >> here's very latest on than what we know, 59 people who their lives, 527 people were
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injured. >> the shooter 64 year-old stephen paddock had a weapons, 23 rifles and handgun in his hotel room. in his home police found 19 guns, ammunition and explosives. >> and while isis claimed responsibility, federal investigators think there is no link to international terrorism. >> i want to emphasize we believe paddock is solely responsible for this heinous act. we are aware of the rumors outside of the media and also on social media, that there was more than one assailant. we have no information or evidence to support that theory or that rumor, we believe it was only one shooter and that was stephen paddock. >> right now the detectives are working around the clock, to process that scene, based on the additional rounds they have found, they think this could have been so much worse. >> as we look at chilling video there were people from different walks of life link by this horrific tragedy. >> we are learning about all
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those people who who their lives, victims, couple celebrating their first anniversary. police cezanne i meltin died while protecting his wife heather from the shooter. she told a reporter he gave his life to save hers. >> one year anniversary. >> it is expect to be eerie motional day at philadelphia international airport as people in las vegas are returning to their family and friends. lauren johnson at the airport this morning. good morning to you, lauren. >> reporter: good morning, delayed coming in and out of las vegas because of the mass shooting but then service resumed after police were able to secure that scene and this morning a philadelphia couple will come home much different then when they left. >> reporter: those pops they assume were part of the vegas fire works show we are talking about katie and bob of horsham , they were among 22,000 people gathered at the
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stage to see jason aldean perform. it was their final night in vegas or so they thought until those gunshots rang out and they ran for their lives. katie sprained her ankle trying to escape her gunfire, her injuries minor considering the blood bath that left 59 people dead and hundreds more injured. >> it was wrapped fire and it was like pop, pop, pop, pop. >> and that pop, pop, poppy just get sick. >> it is hard. >> i can't handle it. >> we were just having fun. >> that is it. >> singing, dancing and somebody just goes and. >> messes it all up. >> that is it. >> we just wish it was over. >> reporter: man behind the massacre an accountant and high steaks poker player 64 year-old stephen paddock who authorities say stashed dozens on have high powered rifles in the 32nd floor help tell room
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and sprayed bullets in the crowd. well, thermos exited to get back home to see their children. their flight is expect to land here this morning. we have been communicating with them and plan to speak to them whole they land. coming up we will hear from passengers [gunfire] who made it back yesterday, thomas and karen about the horror they dealt with in vegas. >> all of those stories, lauren, thanks very much. you mentioned this but we are diving deeper into this tragedy and the mystery of what prompted stephen paddock to unleash the perfect or. investigators say they have found nothing in his background to suggest why he did what he did? what we do know is that the 64 year-old was a wealthy real estate investor didn't have any criminal history. eric paddock says as far as he knew his brother was a poker playing accountant with no political or religious affiliations. >> reporter: family members say they are at a loss as to what triggered the mass shooting. paddock's brother who lives in orlando says it just doesn't make any sense. >> did you have any indication that he was angry at anything.
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>> absolutely nothing. there is in reason for me not to say this, this is what i loved to be able to get you guys to give some reason to this, if there was anything, i could have done, i would have done it. but there was, exactly nothing . we have absolutely no clue why this happened. >> paddock says he spoke to his brother just a few weeks ago and he said the family is now afraid of retaliation. tragedies like this can change everything about how we hold events and how law enforcement plans for those events especially out in the open. lets get out to steve keeley on the ben franklin parkway where we have so many events every year, steve. >> reporter: well, next month, november 22nd will be 53 years since law enforcement all around the world started always looking up, when dignitaries visit cities,
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stadiums and sites around the world and when the pope was here on the parkway a few years ago federal and philadelphia law enforcement were up on high rise rooftops themselves, but what about the crowds below, and police commissioner ross told us last night that now security planners have to take into account the possibility at big concerts on the parkway, machine guns snippers from high rises. >> does it make you think twice about going to a big outdoor event at this point. >> it does make me think twice >> i mean you never know, when you leave the house if you come back again or not. >> who would think someone from 32 stories up would start firing at thousands of people. this is quite candidly quite difficult to anticipate. >> i feel like you have to live your life, you cannot give it. >> reporter: you go to the events. >> yeah. >> reporter: you walk through cities every day and rarely do you look up unless there is a head line news story about
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scaffolding falling or part of the building falling down and now everybody will be looking up, at least for the rest of this week if not forever, including tonight, when people will be having a peace rally at city hall at what many called a protest plaza where rizzo statue is, thomas payne plaza across city hall. as they are gathering praying about the victims in las vegas you can bet they will be looking around philadelphia, center city wondering are we next, guys? >> all right, steve, we hope we don't to have wonder just such a difficult situation, thank you. >> time right now 4:07. out of this tragedy we are seeing good in humanity. many people in nevada waiting in hours for hours to donate blood. state officials and mayor of the vegas talk about the need for blood to help the victims. so many people responded, and clark county sheriff just said the city has enough for now and officials are asking people to come back this afternoon. our dave kinchen is in las vegas his live reports begin at 6:00 a.m. right here on "good day philadelphia".
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more breaking news, the world grieving looks of another music legend this morning rock and roll icon tom petty has died. >> ♪ >> such a classic, this was 2002 tom petty and heart break ers and rock and roll induction ceremony they hit the scene in the zero seven's topping charts with refugee, i won't back down, we're listening to and learning how to fly. just to name a few of the so many. they wrapped up a tour last week, forty-eighth anniversary tour. the rocker was found unconscious and cardiac arrest in his malibu home sunday night. they took him off life support yesterday. >> so many great classics, i remember playing those songs, i'm sure you did as well, sue
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serio, good morning to you. >> yeah, it happened so suddenly too. 55 degrees in philadelphia right now. forty-six in allentown. we have 38 degrees. another chilly one in the mountains this morning and 48 in reading, so basically, whatever you used yesterday in the morning you will need it again. winds are not an issue. they are pretty calm, coming in out of the east and out of the north this morning. 71 degrees is your average high so as these days get shorter the average high gets lower and you can see where our peak of the last seven days was, wednesday's high of 89, last monday was 91, well, yesterday was just about perfect 75 just above average and we will be there once again today. tomorrow sunny and pleasant as well maybe more humidity. kind of sticky on thursday back in the 80's, 80 degrees on friday with mostly cloudy skies, mix of sun and included on saturday we have an eagles game on sunday chance of showers then and maybe own columbus damon as well, so,
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that is your seven day forecast, of course, don't forget about our radio partner 101.1 more fm, we have forecast on radio and tv, every day. >> good morning, everybody. it is tuesday, morning, it is 4:10. we are watching these guys pack things up, schuylkill expressway in the tunnels under the 30th street station where they were working overnight. at lee, excuse me the lanes are opened here, one lane, on that westbound side they had it closed beginning of the last night. they are still working on i-95 in delco just south of 476, only one lane heading south down toward delaware county. up here for folks in bristol i-95 work zone between woodhaven road up to 413, all part of where they are putting in those fly over ramps which will connect to the pennsylvania turnpike and hello to phoenixville they are working on 422 down to within lane as you head into king of prussia. all that overnight work on all
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of the roadways until 5:00, 5:30 here's a live look at king of prussia where they were paving the schuylkill last night watch for lane restrictions between valley forge and gulph mills in the five or 5:30. karen and thomas back to you. all quiet along the parkway. 4:11. list keeps than growing here. coming up next on "good day philadelphia" equifax say more americans, millions more, may have been impact by the recent security breach. we will tell you how you can check if your information has been compromised. plus former first lady michelle obama will be in fail today how nice, the event that is bringing her and other very prominent women to our convention center and also we're listening to music by tom petty.
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welcome back, good morning at 4:14 here our time and it is 1:14 in las vegas where we can see blinking lights continuing out there we are learning more about the gun man behind the worst mass shooting we have ever had in modern u.s. history. police say stephen paddock went on that spree and from there the 32nd floor of the mandalay bay hotel and casino killing 59 innocent people and injuring so many other injuries before killing himself in that room. he had at least 23 guns in that room and more in his home and a nevada retirement community. >> we know president will visit las vegas tomorrow to day he and the first lady will
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travel to puerto rico and u.s. virgin islands. they will see devastation firsthand from hurricanes maria and irma. president trump says he will personally meet with the people impact by the disasters to hear their concerns. today's trip comes as president defends the federal response called sluggish and inadequate, pentagon says nearly half of the puerto rico remains without water nearly 95 percent of the people have no power. 4:15. other top stories, the trial got off to a rocky start foreman police say set off bombs in new york city and sea side park, new jersey you remember right before that race. judge in new york remoder ahmed can rahami who said he wasn't able to see his wife. prosecutors say he set off bomb last september in manhattan which is injured 30 people, one in new jersey explode budd did not hurt anybody. the 29 year-old said he is not guilty. a man in bucks county is facing charges in the death of
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his girlfriend. police say anthony depaulo shot and killed his girlfriend sunday in tulleytown. it happened on the 300 block of main street. anthony depaulo faces charges of criminal homicide. no word on a motive. and there is a south jersey bookkeeper who admits to stealing more than $400,000 from her employer, according to prosecutors, people there in burlington county say that sarah akuhn transferred the money from paul davis restoration into her personal credit card accounts. the thefts took place over 10 years. she faces eight years in prison when she's sentenced in january. as we mentioned a moment ago this afternoon governor tom wolf will be at pennsylvania conference for woman alongside michelle obama wolf is expect to speak on his administration's support of woman's rights. the conference at the convention center here, seeing her husband the former president there along with the vice-president-- no, that is with wolf right there, sold out, grace anatomy executive
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producers sandra rhymes will be speaking. >> so many people wanted to go to that. we have a lot of anticipation, sue serio. big conference. >> and bob kelly will tell but the big traffic jams but that always happens when something popular is going on. we have the jet stream still far to our south which means we're still in our cool weather pattern, another cool start to the day so make sure you have your jacket or your sweater that you wore yesterday, but the trend for the month of october at least so far and we are only in the third day of the month is for above average temperatures, when you, at the end of the month and it is halloween and we are averaging it out we are expect ago above average temperatures. we have nothing on radar right now to show you and really most of the northeast is not only rain free but cloud free, as we look ahead to the mid 70 's for today and probably the upper 70's as we head into tomorrow, and again, no rain in the forecast for the next couple of days, temperature as you walk outside the door is
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55 in philadelphia, much cooler in the north, allentown at 46, 38 in mount pocono, millville new jersey at 43 and 48 degrees to start your day in wildwood with a relatively calm winds. so, 75, how about that for a high temperature just where we were yesterday, was really close to perfect bob kelly, i think as weather, gets around here. >> toughest part of this time of the year is kid need a fleece when they leave in the morning but they come home, without it. i said that to austin yesterday, where is fleece? what fleece. the one you wore this morning. we're always minus one in the fleece column there. 4:16. make it 4:18 on a tuesday morning downtown philadelphia vine street expressway still closed between broad street and schuylkill expressway until about 5:00 o'clock as part of that overnight construction, project. hello to wilmington delaware looking good all lit up there working your way dunn to 202 and 95 and 495, both market
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frankford and broad street subway using shuttle buses until 5:00, trains kick in, speaking of trains, septa says expect extra volume on the regional rail lines today because of the sold out pennsylvania conference for women. mihelle obama will be speaking around lunchtime hour so we will see not only increased volume on the rails, folks coming in we will see volume around the convention center and of course some extra police presence with mrs. obama paying us a visit later on today. hello to maple shade, shaders live look at route 73 between moorestown and the tacony palmyra bridge and crews are still working here on the schuylkill expressway, this is a live look westbound right underneath 30th street station , left lane is opened, at lee it is opened, we will take within lane better than no lanes, right karen and thomas. >> heck yah, absolutely. going from traffic related news to vehicle related news, ditching the fuel. >> we will tell you how one major auto maker is hoping to
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end its relationship with gasoline and diesel in the very near future but first here's sean bell. >> coming up next eagles running game is in fully affect hear why coach doug pederson thinks the ground game is finally running smoothly, that is coming up next in sports.
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good morning i'm sean bell there is a lot to like about the eagles game then they did two weeks ago and that is because of lagarrette blount. has been a bee over last
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couple weeks and head coach doug pederson thinks everything is coming together in the running game. >> every week we try to go in and try to establish the running game. that is the first thing you've got to try to do. if you can do that it will open up a little play action pass. that is where you want to start. these are the same runs we have always used we window dressed them differently but the timing, accuracy, pinpoint , the blocking, things that we work on during the week are starting to pay off. >> the flyers getting ready to start the season, tomorrow in, san jose against the sharks and they had some advice for the young guys for their first game. >> for me it is just enjoy the experience. i remember my first nhl game and i was nervous and shaking all over the place. it is just another game. once the puck drops and get through a few shifts they will be fine. >> that is sports in a minute. i'm sean bell. >> thanks, sean. there is no way to make sense of something that doesn't make any sense but we are looking at the tragedy in las vegas. >> coming up here at 4:30 we will have the latest on the
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investigation and question where it goes from here. let's check traffic, bob kelly good morning. >> good morning, gang. still working on 95 southbound in within lane south of 476 heading down, heading toward delaware county. lets get outside and take a live look at ben franklin parkway where that is part of the detour route through center city. we will check jam cams and tuesday has your forecast when we come right back but first maybe you were a winner last night, lottery numbers.
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so many thoughts and so many prayers are with the people of las vegas, the people who were visiting and were there for that tragedy and any connection to what happened out thereafter that gunman, killed all of those people and injured so many more. we are taking a look at how something like this will happen. tragedy in las vegas could bring changes to our area specifically music festival and parade around the delaware valley we will have a live report. another sad note. >> ♪ >> passing of that man, legend tom petty did pass away overnight his publicist reported, so many remembrances from so many people looking at his legacy and all of his
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great music. >> great to have you with us on this tuesday morning at 4:27 thomas drayton with karen hepp, bob kelly, good morning. sue serio good morning as well we will check traffic as first >> weather perfection, october sunshine was nice and we could use some more today. we have to wait a little longer for it as these days are getting shorter and shorter. we have a 10 out of 10. we have nothing on radar. we have temperatures of 55 degrees in philadelphia check out sunrise time which is 6:59, we've got 52 degrees in lancaster. allentown is only 46. forty-six in allendale delaware. sixty-two in brigantine. we have cloud cover, at the shore. perkasie 41. planning out your day plan on plenty of sunshine 55 degrees by 8:00 this morning but by noon we're up to 70. we will top off at four or 5:00 at 74, 75, clear skies tonight, that is your tuesday, we will check out what is
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going on, for the seven day forecast and, next chance of rain, all that coming up in a few minutes, bob kelly's here with a lot of construction. >> you pick a road, any road and we have construction on the overnight but that is okay , overnight and hopefully everything will be cleared up by five or 5:30. big one vine street expressway closed between broad street and schuylkill, again until 5:00, jump off at spring garden, 30th or south and work your way in toward downtown for the gang down, or up in bristol bucks county 95 between 413 and route one active work zone down to one lane. also working in delco i-95 as they pick up cones here this is southbound side, of i-95, just south of the 476, and then up to king of prussia outside coining of prussia, live look at route 422, only within lane opened as you work your way opened from king of prussia down toward the saint gabriel's curve. market frankford and broad street subway using shuttle
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buses until five, and then the trains kick in from there, thomas and karen back over to you. let's update you on that horrific mass shooting in vegas. as of this morning death toll remains at 59, 527 others, are hurt in this attack, the shooter, 64 year-old stephen paddock, police say he fired from te 32nd floor from the mandalay bay hotel. >> interesting details before the swat team broke in police are confirming he shot at officers through the door of his hotel room. police later recovered 23 firearms in that hotel room and found 19 more weapons and explosives, and, thousands of rounds of ammunition, at his home. the fbi says it has no evidence that there is any connection to any kind of international terrorism. meanwhile we are learning about the victims of this tragedy. >> just one of the so many, a couple in las vegas celebrating a first anniversary, sonny meltin died while protecting his wife heather from that gunman.
4:31 am
she said he gave his life to save hers. and there is so many people from the delaware valley who go to las vegas and there were numerous local people there, as this tragedy unfolded, some of the people are expect to becoming back to our airport this morning. that is where lauren johnson is right now, lauren. >> reporter: good morning to you. philadelphians slowly making their way back home after the airport yesterday in las vegas was placed under lock down stopped service temporarily in the middle of the chaos. once police realized lone gone man 64 year-old stephen paddock was in longer a threat they cleared the scene and allowed people to move around but not without being in complete shock, from the shock that started to rain down, into a crowd, of 22,000 people at jason aldean concert just across las vegas boulevard from the mandalay bay hotel. that is where police say paddock was perched with high powered rifles spraying a barrage of bullets into the crowd that sent people running in panic to avoid being hit or even killed.
4:32 am
some people were not at the concert but they recall effect s of the tragedy before they left vegas to head home. >> the moment i went on lock down we could not leave our rooms. my boyfriend and i got separated, it was pretty scary but we are glad to be home. such a shame. >> a lot of police activities from the surrounding counties, helicopters coming in from every where and we didn't necessity what was going on. we were stuck. it was real terror. >> overwhelming, really was. it was like, oh, my god like is this really happening. i felt like i was in a bad horror movie and nightmare and i just wanted to get out. >> reporter: after 15 minute massacre ended hundreds were injured, 59 people were dead, hospitals completely overwhelmed, with the number of patient that is showed up at emergency room for treatment and help. this morning we are waiting for more passengers to arrive back home.
4:33 am
they are expected to be here around 7:00 and couple we are waiting for says that the most exciting part of coming back home, karen, as you can imagine seeing their children. >> of course, undoubted. thanks, lauren. out of the dark some light here, numerous public prayer vigils are taking place around las vegas. last night people gathered at city hall for a vigil remembering the victims in sunday night's shooting. cities mayor spoke thanking first responders and praising the city for showing strength in the face of tragedy, saying quote, we will not be tarnished by this one sick horrible human being that he thought he could destroy. who and what we are. that will never happen. >> clark county commissioners office has set up a go fund me page for the victims of the shooting and their families. they have raised more than 2.9 million-dollar with the goal of 3.5 million. >> tragedies like las vegas make us think about security at many outdoor venues here in the delaware valley. our steve keeley joining us from the ben franklin parkway with more, steve?
4:34 am
>> reporter: well, every time there is a big event down below steps of the famous art museum, police know, it makes a big target, potentially and what law enforce. calls a soft target, and what law enforcement works extremely hard at to make sure anyone has a hard time, trying to kill people, in this soft target. well, from the pope, to the nfl draft, to the yearly summer concerts in july and september the parkway is pack with people, and from now on, after what happened in vegas law enforcement will have to watch out a wonder who beside billy penn may be looking down on the people from a above. >> what can you really do. >> well, what we do right new we work really close with our state and federal partners. we were constantly communicating on any potential threat in this area. we take it very serious. we investigate it. we intervene when we find that necessary. that is a tough one but for
4:35 am
large events we have counter surveillance in the crowd, we use swat on high ground. >> reporter: all ready tonight philadelphia police will get their first test about keeping crowds safe from the ground and now, way aboveground, around high rise hotels, when a huge crowd is expected to be led by mayor jim kenney, right across the street from city hall at the same plaza where so many protest where rizzo statue is where there is a memorial for victims of the las vegas shooting. karen and thomas, that starts at 6:00 p.m. you can bet police will be there all around high rises looking down and wondering is anybody going to be thinking copycat crime here? >> all right steve, thanks. >> ♪ >> so many vigils all over the country music world coming together after what happened
4:36 am
out there in las vegas huge stars, performing sunday hearst before the tragic event they are still, like so many, so shaken. >> you see this happen to who i know for a fact to some of the greatest people in the world that make up the country music fan base to see what has happened to them, it is like watching family members go through it. >> my heart just broke all these people who lost loved won out there right now and these are the people with all the time, these are our family >> so of course it was jason aldean on the stage when this all started. he and his band managed to get off the stage and into safety. anybody has played an act in las vegas now pouring out their hearts, brittany spears completely heart broken over news this morning keeping victims of the last night's tragedy in las vegas in my prayers. jennifer lopez saying i'm feeling so broke then morning. celine dion who played there for years expresses her remorse for the victims,
4:37 am
saying that they are all praying for them in las vegas. >> we will have more coming up in a moment. world is remembering a music icon this morning. legendary rock and roll hall of famer tom petty has passed away. >> ♪ >> tom petty and heart breaker hit the music scene in the 1970's, refugee, free falling and american girl are among their many classic, petty charmed generations of all age s with his southern, swampy sound, in 2002 he was induct in the rock and roll hall of fame and just wrapped up a tour last week. the rocker was found unconscious in his malibu home sunday night suffering from cardiac arrest. tough decision he was pulled off life support yesterday. tom petty was 66 years old.
4:38 am
we are learning so much more now about those tense moments inside the mandalay bay hotel. >> still ahead here on "good day philadelphia" hear the moment swat breached the room where vegas shooter carried out his massacre. hi there, sue. >> we have had a beautiful weather day yesterday, and we needed it, ready for another one? can't find any precipitation in the area on radar, we will tell you what we do see, more rain coming up.
4:39 am
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and, philadelphia mid 40's in pottstown, 38 degrees in mount pocono, 48 in wildwood, 43 in millville, new jersey. temperatures at the shore some of them are a little bit milder like sea isle city like 63 degrees, your average high 71, we were there on friday, just got cooler over weekend but yesterday with all that beautiful sunshine and low humidity 75 degrees. we will do it again, little warmer then wednesday back to the 80's by thursday and friday, and cold front coming through, one of those days, we will see how long high pressure keeps it away, we could get unsettled by end of the weekend for the columbus day holiday on monday, at least for now have a chance of showers, so seven day forecast looking good especially for next couple of days but, i guess you have to check in with the lost and found for
4:42 am
austin's jacket that he wore in the morning. >> i think you mentioned that earlier, they leave in the morning, they need a fleece, they need a sweat shirt but then it is too warm to wear that sweat shirt on the drive home, so mia on the new fleece market frankford broad street subway maybe we will find it there, all of the buses until 5:00 and trains kick in. we have a sold out conference about 12,000 people expected in center city for the pennsylvania conference for women this morning down at the pennsylvania convention center , septa says expect increased ridership on the regional rails, find a lot of extra activity and volume around the convention center, plus, michelle obama is get speaker around lunchtime and she will come along with some extra security measures as well here in center city. we will grab a cup of coffee and come right back.
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>> well [gunfire] come back this video shows us chilling moments concert goers screamed and duck for cover at sound of gunfire at a music festival in las vegas and we are learning the shooter 64 year-old stephen paddock had 23 rifles and a handgun in his hotel room. police found more ammunitions and explosives at his home. while isis is claiming responsibility for this act federal investigators maintain there is no link to international terrorism.
4:46 am
the sounds captured from the scene tell a terrifying story we are hearing police dispatch audio from when the calls of the shooting first came into when police finally made it into paddock's hotel room. >> we got shots fired. automatic firearm. >> 1697 we have shots fired. >> coming from upstairs, mandalay bay, upstairs mandalay bay halfway up i see shots coming from mandalay bay , halfway up. >> we have multiple surge. we have an active shooter inside the fair grounds. >> shots fired from mandalay bay, there is many people down , stage left, just be advised. >> i'm outside suspect's door. i need everybody in that hallway to get back. we need to get any response
4:47 am
from this guy to see if he has in there or moved out somewhere else. >> audience on the 32nd floor, breach, everybody i need to move back all unit move back. >> breach, breach, breach. >> we have one suspect down. >> quick response by everyone involved there, police say they found paddock dead from a self-inflicted gunshot, once they got into his hotel room. 4:47. our other top stories search is on for a gunman in the wissonoming section, police say somebody opened fire on sunday just before 10:00 sending a 29 year-old man to the hospital on the 6,000 block of hoffman street. victim is recovering at the hospital but we don't know the condition, police have not yet made an arrest and don't have a motive. u.s. supreme court is leaving in place a ruling in new jersey that prohibits mandatory life without parole for children. nation's highest court
4:48 am
declined to take the case involving ricky sue. uber and james comber both convicted of very serious sentenced to lengthy prison sentences for multiple offence s. new jersey's highest court ruled that judges need to take additional care in sentencing juvenile toss long prison terms. students at princeton university are urged to double-check their tuition bills, 136 families were charged twice for tuition this semester. double payments were withdrawn from their bank accounts causing some of them to bounce university officials blame a processing error through the new on line payment system. problem has been fix and prince ton refunded the families and paid the overdraft fees. can you imagine, it is like bouncing a mortgage on that one. live look down the shore, ocean city boardwalk, the city there has approved an 11 million-dollar project to rebuild more of the beaches. this time at northern end of the island almost a million cubic yard of sand will be added to the beaches, these are sea syringe road and 12th
4:49 am
street, so that project as well as last phase of the boardwalk rebuilding are set to begin next month. >> 4:49 on this tuesday morning. lets check the road, bob kelly >> i need to you meet me with that shovel we will fill it all backup, good morning, everybody. 4:49. we have a big conference sold out, 12,000 people expect here at the convention center, for the pennsylvania conference for woman, and septa says they expect an increased ridership on the regional rails and instead of folks driving in we will see heavy presence of, police, around the convention center, michelle obama is in town one of the guest speakers coming on around lunchtime hour so just be prepared, again, that is 12,000, probably equivalent to a busy day at flower show just to give you an idea, anybody in that area, you know what i'm talking about. vine expressway still closed until 5:00 between schuylkill and broad street 5:00 o'clock we will open it up good to go
4:50 am
live look at 422 still down to one lane working your way in toward king of prussia area still working up here in bristol on i-95 between 413 and route one we will wrap things up at five or 5:15 or so and then a picture of another angle of that 422 work zone that is a good spot right there in the background just off of 422, outside king of prussia. good morning to wilmington kind of quiet, no problems on i-95 or 495 all bridges are in good shape. forecast for your tuesday sue has got in 15.
4:51 am
we have yesterday, with that sunny start to october, and it is only third day in the month and we have had great weather each day so far. rain free workweek still looks like it is holding and humidity will return on thursday, as we warm up, high pressure in control as that high, continues to move closer to the coast, and we will let in southeasterly winds and that cold front still up in the air when that will pass through, and give us some showers and may not be until, sunday, that happens, here's a look at radar and as we look ahead in the future cast we don't see anything much in the way of cloud cover today, or tomorrow but by thursday it gets more humid we may get a weak front coming through by then but doesn't look like any measurable precipitation on thursday, maybe even on friday , so, as you walk out the door right now it is 55 degrees in philadelphia, 40 's to the north of us, 30's in the mountains and as we look forward to the rest of the day 75 degrees in the city
4:52 am
, 71 down the shore, sunny pleasant in the lehigh valley with a high of 75. all and all thomas and karen if you like yesterday's weather and who didn't we have another within today. >> bright spot, sue. >> if it gets chilly at night you can just cuddle up with a forever friend. so this morning i want to you meet rocky, this morning's forever friend, looking for i great home. 85-pound gentle giant, one of the happiest dogs you will ever met, an eight year-old pit terrier mix. you no he what to do give p a ring at (215)426-6300. we will be right back.
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all right. your money news more of us have some more of our money at risk because equifax say two and a half million more americans have been affected by that big breach of the systems which brings our total really to half of all americans air expected by this , 145 million. >> stolen information includes names, social security numbers , birth dates and addresses. it is the kind of information that can put you at risk for identity theft. equifax says it will alert the impacted consumers by mail, and on line, you can go there to look for to see if you are a potential victim is what i'm trying to say by next week. big news, more moves away from fuel after 100 years it looks like gm could end its relationship with gasoline and diesel. car maker says it is working toward an all electric zero
4:56 am
emissions future, it will start with two new fully electric ride next year followed by 18 more by 2023 and gm does not say when they plan to completely stop making vehicles with gasoline but it will happen at different speed in different markets and region. in the middle of shocking headlines and extortion plots the hearts held a baby shower announcing the name of their baby boy. >> i would have loved to be a fly there for that big celebration. they spend a hundred thousand dollars on the african theme event. kevin and his wife celebrating , kendo with an animal theme baby shower in malibu. so people from our area speculate ago this sounds like kensington but he is not from kensington. that is not too much behind his name. it is a combination between his name, her name, and that is my take on it, let me know yours. price tag for that whole thing was $118,000. 4:57. victims from las vegas are
4:57 am
heading back to philadelphia this morning, lauren. >> reporter: good morning to you thomas. surviving chaos, horror, terror of vegas and finally able to make it back home we have talk to passengers as they touched down here in philadelphia about what happened in vegas. harold hated everything.
4:58 am
ahh. but i recently bought jimmy dean stuffed hash browns. they're stuffed with delicious meat and cheeses. all of that crispy goodness has him seeing the day in a whole new light. jimmy dean stuffed hash browns. shine on.
4:59 am
happening right now reliving terror in vegas this morning there are more answers
5:00 am
then questions or more questions then answers i should say about why a gunman opened fire on a crowded music festival. and also right now we are taking a look at security every where what happened out there has us rethinking of the events made in america we have welcome america, we have large scale events when the pope comes and we had nfl draft. are we go to go do things differently in our area? we will take a late lease at all of that. >> remembering a rock and roll legend tom petty has died, this morning a look back at his life and legacy. >> we will try to have a good morning in the wake of this very difficult news and tragedy, it is october 3rd and there is a bright spot good morning to you thomas drayton. >> lets get a check of the forecast, sue serio standing by. >> that will be bright literally because sun has been bright. we have not seen too many cloud and this morning we will give you another 10. buddy, a reminder that you do neat sweat shirt or jacket
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