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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 6A  FOX  October 3, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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good day philadelphia good day everybody. it is october 3rd, 2017. look at alex holley showing up again. >> i'm still here. >> good to see you. >> you are showing up. >> i will by seven. here comes sue serio, ladies and gentlemen. >> maybe this will help, another 10 out of 10 today, yesterday was about as perfect as weather could get especially in october we have temperatures in the 40's and 50's this morning and like bus stop buddy, you will need a jacket and sweat they are morning and then you won't later this afternoon. 54 degrees, sunrise i should say official at 6:59. so days are getting shorter and closer to that 7:00 a.m. sunrise. it will probably happen tomorrow. once sunnies up what a beautiful day, mostly sunny skies, low humidity and a high of 75. can't we do this every day? of course not things will change and we will talk about that in the seven day forecast , bob kelly. >> 6:00 o'clock straight up we
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have half dozen cars with flat tires here on i-95, just happened a few moments ago, first word from the scanner sounds like they hit a tire or this is that construction zone at girard avenue where i told you last week those metal expansion joints have been popping up and causing problems. that is northbound i-95. not a good way to start your tuesday. another accident in the neighborhood folks woke up cars struck a bunch of parked vehicles on aramingo avenue at lehigh, expect a lot of volume today at the convention center , 12,000 downtown for a big convention, michelle obama guest speaker at lunchtime and that will bring extra security along with the guests and increased ridership across the regional rail line expect today. here's a live look at i-95 southbound on the right would be brake lights heading in to downtown philadelphia and then we are seeing volume pop on 422 coming in from royersford, mike and alex, back over to you. coming up at 6:02.
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>> we will start with the tragedy in vegas. staggering 59 people are dead, and more than 500 injured, after a gunman opened fire at a music festival. >> it has been over 24 hours, and investigators still struggling and we all are, at why, why did this happen. >> we sent our dave kinchen out to las vegas. he joins us this morning. hi there, dave. >> reporter: mike anal evenings, good morning to you. it is 3:00 a.m. here in las vegas, a city that never really sleeps but there is an erie calm that is set in here. we have been on the ground for a few hours trying to get the lay of the land, police restricting certain areas especially around the mandalay bay casino and resort as you can see right there it is all lit up, a very erie feeling out here now. people have as many questions as investigators they are trying to figure out shooter stephen paddock's motive.
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>> it was like a war scene i have seen a lot of stuff in my day with the fire department. it was hard to see even bodies that are outside down the street here that were carried a half mile from the incident, honestly probably pronounced 15 or 20 people inside. it is a very sad day, an event like this that should have never happened. >> reporter: a brave first responder there who helped save so many lives. we can tell you 59 people were killed, the injuries over 500 at this time. investigators learning some things about the weaponry that the suspect had including 23 firearms that were found inside of the hotel room when he fired all of those thousands of rounds from the 32nd floor into that concert, 22,000 people at jason aldean concert, we also learned that some of those weapons were ar 15 style, others of the
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ak-47 style, and investigators telling thaws they found more firearms at the suspects home and bomb making material in his vehicle as well. so this could have been much worse but easily as we know deadliest mass shooting in this country's history so far we hate to say but this still is under investigation, so many more questions mike and alex. >> it will take weeks, months, thanks for that. so more about this shooter , hate to say his name, stephen craig paddock, so motive, of course remains a mystery, probably will never be totally solved. >> as dave was talking about authorities as of yet has found nothing in his background that suggest why he did what he did. the 64 year-old was a wealthy real estate investor with no criminal history. >> he loved to gamble. psychologist are trying to create a profile of this guy, doctor elliott atkins, pretty famous forensic psychologist say paddock's level of
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preparedness stands out. he checked into his hotel suite days before the attack and select a room high above the crowd to carry out the shooting. >> he went into that building knowing he was going to do something and he brought guns with him, all those rifles with him. >> he had designs on killing those people probably for a long time and that is the scary part. >> a psychologist are not sure of paddock's family history has any relevance to the crime but his dad was a bank robber, who escaped federal prison and spent eight years on the fbi most wanted list back in the 70's. he died in 1998, his dad. meanwhile it is expect to be eerie motional day at philadelphia international airport, as people come back in from las vegas to meet up again with friends and family. >> so lauren's at the airport with more on that, lauren.
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>> good morning mike and alex. philadelphians are slowly making their way back home as dave kinchen just mentioned he is live in las vegas, strip was placed on lock down in vegas yesterday stopped service temporarily but once police realized lone gunman 64 year-old stephen paddock was dead and in longer a threat they cleared kay uses and allowed people to move around but in the without being in the shock that start todd rain down in the crowd of 22,000 people at jason aldean concerts across las vegas boulevard from the mandalay bay hotel, that is where police say paddock was perched with high powered rifle spraying a barrage of bullets in the crowds that sent people running in panic to avoid being hit or even killed. some people weren't at concert but recall effects of the tragedy before they left vegas to head home. >> there was a couple that had clearly been at the event. the woman was covered with blood, her chin, and both of
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their legs were covered in dirt. the evidence of tragedy was apparent on their face. >> what do you do? i don't know if there is anyway to stop like this from happening and that is the scary part it could happen anywhere. >> reporter: after 15 minute massacre ended hundreds were injured, 59 people were dead, hospitals were completely overwhelmed with the number of patients that showed up at emergency room for, treatment and for help and this morning we are waiting for more passengers to arrive back home we know a couple from horsham is expect to land here around 7:00 this morning mike and alex, the woman injured, she was trampled, sort of the sprained her ankle from the chaos running around but most exciting part coming back home aside from being alive from all this is to sianni hug their children. >> that is for sure, we will try to talk to them and get back down here in about an hour. 6:07. well, still to come, yes, he died overnight, tom petty passes away, this morning we
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are remembering his life and music. we will play a lot of his music throughout the show today. and it is deadliest mass shooting in u.s. history but mayor of las vegas is taking charge hear the powerful message that she has for her people next. >> of course she's from philadelphia.
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vegas has been back to normal believe it or not if that is possible. 6:10. well, out of the dark some light. numerous prayer vigils are taking place around las vegas. especially last night people gathered at city hall for a vigil remembering victims from sunday night's shooting. the cities mayor spoke thanking first responders and praising the city for showing strength in the face of the tragedy. carolyn good man is her name mayor good man from the philadelphia area as a matter of fact. this morning we're learning more about the gun man behind the war shooting in our history police say this guy stephen paddock went on a shooting spree from the 32nd floor of the mandalay bay, you know that by now, and killing 59 people, death toll has not gone up overnight injuring more than 500, before killing himself in his hotel room on the 32nd floor.
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listen to this, he had at least 23 guns in his hotel room. >> we were showing pictures of his brother, eric. >> more at his home in nevada which is a retirement community for 55 and older. if you put all of the guns together he had close to 50 weapons in the hotel room and his home. >> we also have learned that he brought these guns into the room himself, he did it one by one, he has been there since september 28th. >> maybe a few at a time, where did did he keep them, under the bed, closet, why didn't housekeeper see them, so many questions here. 6:11. our coverage of the las vegas mass shooting continues after the break. we will look into how this is significantly different then tragic shooting at the pulse nightclub which before this was the war mass shooting we have seen. >> forty-nine died there. all right. 6:11 on this tuesday. here's bob good morning north on i-95 not a good start to your tuesday, we have half
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dozen cars all with flat tires here, northbound on i-95, right here near girard avenue we will check the rest of the jam cams sueby has your forecast as we look live downtown waking up on the ben franklin parkway, we will grab a cup of coffee and come right back.
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it is a tranquil morning here at ben franklin parkway or where ever that is and where ever you are this morning more october sunshine is expect today. a rain free workweek and humidity returning by thursday back to the weather we had in the beginning of next week just not quite as warm but in the meantime cold front stays pretty far away for us from a while with high pressure in control over next couple of days. just a few cloud, into tomorrow morning. here we are, wednesday our future cast still shows plenty of sunshine, and is there thursday just a couple thin included here and there and then by friday, it is pretty much looking the same, we do have a warming trend but not yet, it is 36 in mount pocono. forty-six in wildwood, 50 down in dover delaware and 54 here, in philadelphia. at the shore we had 50 in somers point and 49 degrees in
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voorhees, new jersey. sixty-eight was our high yesterday, and in atlantic city, everybody else was in the mid 70's and today we have a high of 74, 75 degrees in philadelphia, it looks like another beautiful day with plenty of sunshine, your forecast also available on 101.1 more fm our radio partner. i have to bring your shade but just don't need them, what is going on with these flat tires >> we have a problem on i-95, first report was a tire bouncing around the roadway. i know going up this way these metal expansion joints are about to give way here, and metal pops up and can puncture the tires. bottom line we have six folks off to a bad start here north on i-95 off to the side of girard and there is only two lanes opened north bound north of center city. so expect delays there. accident in the neighborhood aramingo and lehigh a vehicle smashed into a couple of parked cars. so they are getting a rude
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awakening in the morning. we have a accident vehicle fire westbound the schuylkill near gulph mills. there is the delay, it is not lined up here but, westbound conshohocken out toward king of prussia but an accident and vehicle fire that will slow us down. 12,000 folks expect today at the convention center. michelle obama giving lunchtime speech. so that will bray extra level have security. septa says to expect increased ridership on regional rail lines coming in the city, so be prepared for that, this morning. otherwise, mass transit running with no reported delays. ♪ >> one of the most famous songs, fans from around the world remembering tom petty who died overnight. >> his death was announced just before midnight but there
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was some confusion yesterday. >> several media reports had already announced his passing, yesterday. >> that is because of what lapd put out is that right, thomas. >> it was premature but saw it , people saying rest in peace he wasn't dead yet but it did happen overnight. people remembering tom petty front man to the heart break ers who was found unconscious, sunday night suffering from cardiac arrest. he was pulled off life support yesterday. born in gainsville florida petty charmed generation of all age was his southern swamp y sound in the music scene with the heart breaker selling more than 8 million record, worldwide. refugee, free falling, american girl are among the many classics, back in 2002 he was induct in the rock and roll hall of fame. three time grammy winner's 13th, final studio album, debuted at number one in 2014. in fact this years grammys honored him with one of their highest honors of music person
6:19 am
of the year award. just wrapped up a 40th anniversary tour last week. >> ♪ >> got in a really long lawsuit with his record label to fight for his own rights as a musician. a lot of musicians have him to thank for their independence their ability to make a living in some ways. he is an unsung hero that way. >> he left, traveling will berries he founded witt a listers bob dylann, roy orbi son and tom petty once again was 66 years old. people who saw his last concert said he sounded great,
6:20 am
looked even better. >> that is for sure. massive heart attack. >> thomas, thank you for that. i guess it is unfortunate reality in this country this isn't the first mass shooting our nation has faced, this year but as deadliest, with 59 people killed, and more than 500 injured, in a matter of minutes. we still don't know what weapons the gun man used specifically but people have been analyzing the videos posted on social media, listening to the amount of gunshots and they say the shooting is different from others. >> stephen paddock hat rifle was wrapped fire capabilities researchers say he shot about nine rounds a second, and that is equivalent to 90 shots in 102nd. orland he nightclub shooting that shooter shot about 24 shots per 92nd. >> it seems like he manipulat ed weapons to make them fire more rapidly. so did you go to bed?
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i did last night thinking that the redskins were going to win because the chiefs for andy reid just weren't playing well in the first half so i gave up but there was a crazy ending to this game that involved a touchdown as time ran out
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good morning i'm sean bell , eagles feeling different about the running game then they did just two weeks ago and that is mainly because of lagarrette blount, he has been a beast, and head coach doug pederson thinks everything is coming together with the running game. >> every week you try to go in and establish your running game. that is the first thing you have got to try to do. if you can do that it will open up a little play action pass and that is where you want to start. these are same runs that we have always used we have window dressed them differently but the timing, accuracy, pinpoint, the blocking things that we work on during the week are starting to pay off. >> flyers getting ready to start the season, tomorrow in san jose with the sharks and vets had advice for the young guys in their first game.
6:25 am
>> for me just an a nation experience. i know for my first nhl game i was nervous, shaking all over the place. it is just another game. once puck drops and they will get through a few shifts, they will be fine. >> that is sports in a minute i'm sean bell. did you go to bed early last night. >> what happened with the chiefs and redskins. >> i thought chiefs would lose , right? they didn't. a wild finish. harrison buttker drills a 45- yard field goal were 42nd left and broke 2020 tie. washington need a miracle doing the flee flicker and everything else, they are trying everything, oh, no, he fumbles, well. >> wow, the chiefs have it. >> i made six million-dollar on the spread and new that goes up in smoke but kansas city does winnie was rooting for them because redskins are in our division. who is the most famous flee
6:26 am
flicker thing like that the c alloy stanford game in the 80 's, whatever. anyway, so now redskins are two-two. which means eagles hold a within game lead over everybody in the nfc east. >> we like to see that. this means this within my dad was a chiefs fan he walks away happy an i walk away happy. >> your daddies happy, you are happy about the redskins losing. >> yes. >> and still giants are zero and four. >> things are good. >> today that continues too, with the weather. what are we go to go give you today. we will give you another 10, taking a break from weather drama for a while. we had that in the month of september? what in is in it weather future we will tell you. lets get back out to dave kinchen in las vegas, dave. >> reporter: mike, alex we know 59 people have been killed, hundreds more were injured, we will tell you
6:27 am
after the break what police know about the shooter but more importantly what they are trying to find out, what they don't know, just yet, after the break. p://>[a5df]
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reliving the terror in vegas unanswered questions swirl about why the gun man opened fire in a crowded music festival. for made in america to other outdoor music festivals, what happened in vegas law
6:30 am
enforcement and residents' val waiting security here in the delaware valley. good day, everybody it is october 3rd, it is a tuesday, 2017. yesterday was one of the nicest days of my life. >> we should continue it, do you think sue will agree. >> i agree. >> let's go. >> i'm with you, just got to wear a sweat they are morning and fine rest of the day. temperatures in the 40's and 50's to start just like yesterday the finest day of mike jerrick's life. 54 degrees with sunrise look at this 6:59. half an hour for official sunrise time but once we get there it will be with us until close to 70 by lunchtime with a high of 75 degrees. there you go another beautiful day we will let you know how long this weather streak will last with the seven day forecast, you have got a backup bob kelly. >> jammo backup in king of prussia 6:30 sue, good morning everybody. live look at the backup,
6:31 am
westbound on the schuylkill expressway, from blue route 476 all the way out to gulph mills around the curve here and an accident and a vehicle fire so we are quickly, stacking up like the pancakes from conshohocken west out toward king of prussia also jammed trying to get on to the schuylkill west from the blue route and in that conshohocken matsonford road interchange, again heading westbound out toward king of prussia take blue route north up toward mid county and connect with the turnpike, so an accident, this is actually 95 in the neighborhood we have 95 northbound, there is a half dozen vehicles all with flat tires, they struck some debris in the roadway on the northbound side, and then southbound i-95, an accident right here near woodhaven road and then watch for delays in the neighborhood, aramingo and lehigh, an accident where a car plowed into a couple parked vehicles this morning. mass transit looking good, mike and alex, back to you.
6:32 am
6:32. about the vegas massacre which sent dave kinchen out there, what do you have. >> reporter: there are so many questions here investigators are trying to figure out there are things known about the shooter but perhaps more troubling to a lot of career investigators, including many who are not necessarily working on this case but talking to other news channels including "fox news" channel, they say it is what we don't know what they don't know about the shooter including the motive. something usually known very quickly after something like this happens. i want you to listen to the haunting sounds of the shooting [gunfire] >> reporter: absolutely frightening there stephen paddock the shoot there are who killed himself after firing thousands of rounds, on 22,000 country concert goers, 59 people were killed, more
6:33 am
than 500 were injured. investigators say they found 23 firearms inside suspects room, some ar15 style some more like ak-47 at his home. nineteen more firearms found also bomb making material, found in his car, meanwhile, this keeps developing, one of the biggest developments we keep seeing this morning, go fund me page raising money for victims and family. 2.9 million-dollar already raised and donations coming in from all over the world especially thanks to, social media meantime we are continuing to hear more from the heroes who helped save lives, listen. >> as many people as i possibly could, i mean, it is huge. >> reporter: investigators will be holding likely more updates today. we will keep calling and asking questions, as they are
6:34 am
trying to lay all of this out and decide how, in fact or why this happened what the motive was in this case, so many big questions, and then this will likely be a fuller day of investigation with more resources coming into last veg , back to you. authorities say they have in the found anything in the shooter as background to suggest why he would have done this. authorities say that 64 year-old stephen paddock was wealthy, he had a lot of money , real estate investor with no criminal history at all. >> we don't have any kind of event like this happen, in our small community where everybody is just friendly, loving, but if anything ever happened bad in the big world that we would just come here and we knew we would be safe and that is just kind of rock our world a little bit today this seems to be happening all over the place so you just don't know what to make of
6:35 am
this. >> those were neighbors of his that was his house there in miles to the north ande of las vegas, they say 55 and older retirement community. police raided paddock's property, in that street, and they found 19 guns in there, and thousands of rounds of ammunition. many people from the delaware valley they visit las vegas and there were numerous local people there at the country music festival as tragedy unfolded, some of those people are expected to arrive at philadelphia international airport this morning to come back home. >> one of the flights coming in 30 minutes. there is lauren. good morning. >> so temporarily shut down yesterday and then reopened for business, which made it much easier for pass evening tours get back from philadelphia. they had a tough time initially as country learned about the worse mass shooting in our nation's history. our cameras were in baggage claim as first passengers arrived back here at home yesterday, emotional embraces, quiet, tight hugs, people just
6:36 am
elate that had their loved won escape the blood bath but not everyone made it out live, 59 people died, 500 more injured. terror started in the single moment while jason aldean was on stage and turned into hours of panic and chaos for 22,000 people, police storm mandalay bay hotel on the vegas strip headed to the 32nd floor where a lone gunman was raining down on innocent concert goers. some people say images of those images are all they can remember. >> the whole town was on lock down i could not leave our rooms. my boyfriend and i got separated. it was pretty scary. we are glad to be home. such a shame a lot of police activity and all surrounding counties coming in, helicopters coming in from every where and all you don't know what is going on. we were stuck. i could in the believe it at all. it was a real terror. >> overwhelming, it really was , it is like oh, my god is
6:37 am
this really happening. i felt like i was in a bad horror movie or nightmare and just wanted to get out. >> reporter: sixty-four year-old stephen paddock was man behind the gun and dozens more were inside his hotel room. they found explosives at his home but even more guns and weapons as the investigation continues, police now want to know why, why this retired high steaks poker player went on a killing spree, one that will forever change the lives of those who survived it. two of those survivors are on a flight this morning coming here to philadelphia they are from horsham. they are expect to land here at around 6:59, so greg and i will head inside to the baggage claim area to catch up with them and hear their details about what happened in the moments at that concert when the gunfire started. >> let us know if you hear from them and we will bring it to you just after 7:00. 6:37. it has been more than 24 hours since that tragic and people are trying to adjust back to their every day lives.
6:38 am
>> if that is possible. some have an easier time then others, i guess. >> as we have been saying this is the deadliest mass shooting that the united states has seen but residents and tourist are vowing to move on and not let terror of sunday night affect their day to day life. >> i continue to have funny will not let one man ruin my vacation. i will in the stay in my room and hide. i will not let it happen. investigators said they found more guns in the shooter's hotel room the shooter itself could have been much worse, but, you know, we have dealt with these mass shootings and these attacks and they say, you dent want to let them win, you don't want to let people who care out these things control your life and that is what they are saying, i will not be afraid. >> i don't know are you thinking bit now in the delaware valley. strategies like this make us think about our big outdoor venues we have all over the philadelphia area especially
6:39 am
the parkway, steve keeley is on the parkway right now as a matter of fact, steve. >> reporter: reason the pope, nfl draft and concerts are here look at this view? does it get any better then this. this is philadelphia at perfection, at sunrise, and the police from now on after what happened in vegas will to have say someone would look at this view possibly with harm in mind, terror in mind with killing in mind. so we didn't need another remind their next month november between the second will be 53 years since law enforcement started always looking up, with dignitaries visiting city stadium sites around the world the flag here you can see, only halfway up, the pole right there, at the art museum, and when the pope was on the pork way two years ago philly law enforcement were up on the high rise rooftops themselves but what about the crowd below, police commissioner ross told us that now that security planners have to take that into account
6:40 am
, the possibility of big concert is here, and the machine gun snipper from high rises looking down at them too >> the challenge is that you cannot anticipate things like this, we have a lot of large scale events in philadelphia as you well know, and we have been very successful but you try to anticipate and learn as much as you can but to be quite honest who would think that someone from 32 stories up would start firing at thousands of people. this is quite candidly very difficult to anticipate. >> reporter: candid talk will continue tonight because just 12 hearst from now the commissioner will likely be himself among the big crowd in the can john of center city high rises because at 6:00 p.m. mayor jim kenney will be among the speakers for a prayer vigil for vegas victims held right across the street from the mayor's office
6:41 am
at city hall, at the plaza where so many go to protest, where the rizzo statue still remains and where philadelphians gathered to speak out, and tonight maybe have a moment of silence, but probably, all of those attending looking up, at the hotels and all of the high rise that is now surround them , like they never did before, something that they never noticed before the possibility danger lurking above. alex and mike. >> um-hmm, certainly to be something that people will be complaining about. >> yes. >> big turnout tonight, too. 6:41. >> good coming out of evil? volunteers answered the call to help so what exactly is needed to day beside blood. assessing damage president trump sent to see devastation firsthand in puerto rico and u.s. virgin island after defending the federal response being called sluggish.
6:42 am
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new jersey born and raised. like his father before him, he served our country with honor in the navy. came home and worked his way up from floor technician to supervisor at the salem power plant. as a husband and father, grenier knows how families struggle to make ends meet. that's why he'll fight to cut our taxes, and stand up to career politicians like steve sweeney. if we want to change trenton, there's only one way. fran grenier.
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this afternoon governor tom wolf will be at pennsylvania conference for woman alongside former first lady michelle obama hoist head lining. wolf's expect to speak on his administration's support of women's rights. the conference at the convention center is sold out, grace anatomy and executive producer sandra rhymes will be also speaking at this conference. i'm sure, bob you will let us know we will have some traffic issues around the convention center. >> you know how i like to say motorcade madness?
6:45 am
12,000 people, expect at convention center day like one of the busy days of the flower show, it is a good way to kind of compare it. whether you are going to the convention or not this is a busy area expect some grid lock with mrs. obama, the governor, other dignitaries, mrs. obama make a speech at lunchtime. that will bring with it an extra level of security. expect delays, grid lock in the just around the perimeter here that is a domino effect over on the vine street expressway throughout the day. an accident, and vehicle fire on the schuylkill expressway, this is westbound, out near gulph mills, we are jammo from pretty much conshohocken all the way out through the blue route the actual accident is right behind the trees there we don't have a good camera angle but you can see brake lights bumper to bumper out and having a come minute necessity effect, everybody connecting from 476 trying to get on to go west, leaving conshohocken, along matsonford
6:46 am
road, jammed up, out toward king of prussia stick to the blue route up to mid county. it may look out of the way because it will avoid the delay. east on 422 an accident the hanover street and backup on i-95 we have had about six cars all with flat tires in the construction zone here at girard, and that is, now cleared, looks like it was a bouncing tire that somebody hit and now is there back, we are backup from penns landing, i don't know what penndot is looking at here zooming in on peoples windows. pull your brians down. north on i-95 stacked up from columbus boulevard. are they your guys over there at penndot. >> i always pull hydration. >> cameras are on the move, sueby has your forecast in 15 seconds
6:47 am
weather is boring in comparison but we are still north of the jet stream, cool air still in place. you need a sweat they are morning but long range forecast is are indicate ago this our october will probably end up being above average when all is said and done. nothing on radar right now, we have to go out to minnesota to find some rain high pressure giving us 54 degrees in philadelphia, mount pocono only 36 to start the day, 47 in lancaster, and, 49 in wilmington, and 46 in wildwood cool start, not much of a breeze, 5 miles an hour here in the city. our average high is down to 71 . we have shorter days. we have got autumn, continuing seventy-five was our high yesterday, above average, we will there been again today, warming trend as we head into the weekend but there is a cold front that will possibly give south rain sunday during eagles game or monday, which is, by the way, columbus day,
6:48 am
mike and alex. >> columbus day, yah, october 12th it used to be. >> it was the 12th but this is when we celebrate you know how it is. >> i have discovered that. >> oh, nice. >> yes. >> 6:48 on this tuesday. out of tragedy, we're also seeing some really good look at the line yesterday. >> we showed you this yesterday toward the end of the show but so many people waited in lines for hours today to donate blood in las vegas. state officials and vegas mayor talk about the need for blood to help out those gunshot victims and volunteers just responded in a big way, so many people answered the call that yesterday the clark county sheriff said city had enough, they had to turn people away and tell them to come back later. depending on the supplies donations will be accepted again later this afternoon. so good to see, wanting to help out in anyway they can. when we see things like that
6:49 am
you wonder what can i do? >> really good thing to do. >> and they collected blood late into the evening and then took reservations flaw friday. so is there also a go fund me site, collecting money to provide relief, financial expert to the victim and their families set up by clark county commissioner. so far it has raised more than 2,900,000, let's just call it 3 million, the goalies three and a half million by end of the half to day where are they 2.9. >> i'm sure they will get there. >> that is for sure. the president will be in vegas tomorrow but today a very interesting stop, san juan puerto rico and virgin islands. >> of course, this is after some of the twitter drama that has been happening but, president trump he will see devastation firsthand from hurricane maria and irma. he will personally meet with the people impact by these disasters and wants to hear their concerns. today's trip comes as he
6:50 am
defends the federal response because it was called sluggish and inadequate and we have been hearing mayor and people of puerto rico about the lack of things that they have. pentagon says half of the puerto rico remains without water, 95 percent still. >> still 95 percent. >> you have to wonder what the meeting will be like with the mayor of san juan because she has been so vocal. >> it has been tension for days, i think they will come together and show some compassion for each other. world is remembering tom petty. he was pulled off life support yesterday after suffering a massive heart attack. tom hit the music scene in the zero seven's with the heart breakers, tom petty and heart breaker, selling more than 80 million cd's anal bums, he has just wrapped up a 40th anniversary tour just last week, 66 years old. >> many people were shocked. and, finished up the tour. >> it seems like he was going
6:51 am
strong. trial gang off to a rocky start for the man who set off bombs in new york city, and in sea side park, new jersey. >> the judge in new york briefly removed, a mad rahami from the courtroom because he interrupted the judge apparently wanting to say owe was not able to see his wife. prosecutors say he set off bomb last september in manhattan which injured 30 people, one in new jersey exploded but didn't hurt anyone. the 29 year-old said he is not guilty. >> we shall see. there there is no question that the violence in las vegas is just devastating, how some here at home are demanding change around here. only quieter. you can't have this frenchie. but new finds are always arriving. so you can find something so you, for less. at homegoods.
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yes, and, congressman meehan's office on, sprawl road calling for a pedestrian federal ban on military assault weapons. they say they are heart broken by what happened in las vegas but they are determined to make a change. the march was organized by delaware county united for sensible gun policy, and they taped a call to action, on the front door of his office, and
6:55 am
we shall see what happens. >> we're not against second amendment rights but we feel there has to be some limits on things like assault weapons and these things used constant ly for mass murders. >> spokesmen for congressman meehan sent over this statement in response to the march. act of domestic terror last night is tragic and sickening as the investigation continues , congressman meehan will be focusing on what further steps can be taken to keep guns out offhandeds of people who should not have them and prevent a violent massacre like this from happening again. our coverage of this las vegas mass shooting continues, next up dave kinchen live in vegas, dave. well, mike, we can tell you that police say they are shockingly not a lot known about this shooter's background but there is interesting information about his father, we can also tell you you will hear from the shooter's brother, after the
6:56 am
break. what can you do with two bacon, egg and cheese sandwiches for $5 from dunkin'? settle a debt. make a friend. save the day. or keep 'em both for this handsome devil. with two bacon, egg and cheese sandwiches for $5 the future is in your hands. america runs on dunkin'.
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[gunfire] one day after terror on the las vegas strip. >> we see bodies dropping and people getting trampled and it is one of the craziest things. >> questions continue to swirl , the biggest one, what
6:59 am
would prompt this man to open fire on thousands of innocent people? legendary rock star has died. >> ♪ free falling >> how news of tom petty's death spread hours before it actually happened. >> ♪ >> it is coming up on 7:00 o'clock on this tuesday, wow. >> wow. >> what a day yesterday, i'm talking about the weather. >> indeed it was a 10 out of 10 yesterday and guess what. >> what? >> we have another one for you we've got practically, i said this in the earlier show, carbon copy, does anybody even know what that is anymore. >> it means you are getting the same thing. >> alex have you ever smelled carbon paper.
7:00 am
>> i have. >> when you peel it off and it is i can oh, yeah. >> i know what you are talking about. >> yes, sister i will take another sheet. >> anyway, there we go with bus stop buddy, sweat shirt on like yesterday, 40's and 50's like yesterday, today it is 55 . we were in the mid 50's at this time yesterday, sunrise just was official and it is another beautiful day with a high of 75 degrees. sunset time 6:40. are you smelling that. >> remember when sister laverne would give out test papers, michael sister laverne will give out test papers and smell the ink. >> oh, yeah. >> and then it would go away and try to smell it the second time and wasn't there. >> those freshly, the copy machines you do in the office, you give up that test. >> yeah. >> good morning, everybody. 7:00 o'clock. we have a accident vehicle fire on the westbound schuylkill expressway, all jammed up pretty


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