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tv   FOX 29 News at 6PM  FOX  October 4, 2017 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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night's massacre. as the president met with people who escaped with their lives, federal investigators have been working around the clock to learn more about the man who opened fire. good evening, i'm lucy noland. >> i'm iain page. the fbi is now questioning the girlfriend of stephen paddock trying to figure out what she knew if anything about his deadly plans. officials say mary lee danley was with her attorney today while investigators interviewed her in los angeles. danley just got back from the philippines last night where officials say paddock wired $100,000 just days before the massacre sunday night. today, president trump met with victims and the doctors and nurses taking care of them. then the president stopped by the las vegas police department. >> many families tonight will go to bed in a world that is sudd suddenly empty. the people they so dearly love were torn away from them forev forever. our souls are stricken with
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grief for every american who lost a husband or a why wife, a mother or father, a son or a daughter. we know that your sorrow feels endless. we stand together to help you carry your pain. you're not alone. we will never leave your side. >> the president declined to answer questions earlier today from prosecutors about gun violence or gun control. we are now hearing more and more stories of the heroes who rushed to save the victims. >> at least one doctor speaking about that tragic night where he treated 200 patients in just one hour. fox 29's dave kinchen joins us live from sunrise hospital in vegas. dave? >> reporter: lucy, i'll tell you it was really compelling to lisen to this doctor talk about how they had to triage all these patients giving them essentially red tags if they had seconds to minutes to live. giving them yellow tags if they had minutes to hours to live and
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those who were likely to survive they got green tags but certainly this took emotional toll on all involved in that medical center. >> i saw every patient that came through up until the point where they called me inside because they were getting too far behind. >> reporter: it's a night dr. kevin men u.s. won't soon forget when the camp at sup rise hospital instantly turned frantic as 200 gunshot victims scramble into the er. it was a mass casualty incident protocol meaning triage. >> you have to make a guesstimate in seconds of is this person going to die in seconds or minutes, in minutes to hours or not likely to die at all. and, you know n could be completely game changing. >> reporter: all of this in conditions that are just hard to imagine. >> you've seen pictures in social media. that wasn't what it really looked like. it was much worse than that. >> reporter: and we can tell you the hospital staff here at
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sunrise say they have about 60 patients or just under that left related to the shooting and just under 30 of them critical. it's important to note that this hospital was not part of the president's visit today. perhaps because of the nature of the critical injuries here and all the resources that had to go into treating them. but certainly a lot of people here are being thought of around the world. back to you. >> many prayers being sent up. thank you much, dave. of course, many counselors are on hand in las vegas just to help people try to cope. also, providing comfort to shooting victims, therapy dogs. a group of comfort dogs from lutheran church charities flew from across the country to provide relief. the dogs are stopping by medical centers and at the las vegas convention center where some families were waiting for news about their family or friends. >> they provide an incredible service. meanwhile, messages of thanks and love are lighting up the vegas strip hotels and casinos are using their marquises to support the victims of sunday's
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shooting, ton say thanks to first responders as the news develops you can get updates on our website and also of course our fox 29 app. breaking right now, a rape investigation at a county park in bucks county. pennsylvania state police are looking for two men the assault happened at lake nockamixon state park in haycock township monday night. the woman says she was at the fishing pier when she was force flood a silver car may have been a honda civic. she says that the two men took her to another part of the park where she was assaulted. we'll bring you more information as soon as it comes in. just a day after president trump's visit to puerto rico, a white house is doing damage control of sorts. budget director director mill mulvaney telling reporters not to take the president's statement word for word when he said this. >> they owe a lot of money to your friends on wall street and we're going to have to wipe that out. that's going to have be, you can say goodbye to that. i don't know if it's goldman
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sachs but whoever it is, you can wave goodbye to that. >> mulvaney says the us will not be offering a bail out for puerto rico or its current bondholders. before hurricane maria puerto rico's government was already in the process of restructuring part of its $73 billion debt. developing story in bucks county. a father now faces third degree murder charges in the death of his two-year-old son. police say 27-year-old christopher coon was trying to race away from police after stealing from a wal*mart up in tullytown when he crashed his car. the impact from the crash through the toddler from the car. that little boy died at the hospital. >> he was arrested a short while later. our jeff cole went to find out more about the tragic situation. >> live now at the wal*mart in tullytown where it all began. jeff? >> reporter: lucy, coon would have face add shoplifting charge simple shoplifting charge. accused of stealing a sound system out of the wal*mart behind me. instead tonight it's murder.
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it's murder in the third degree. it's murder of his own son and tonight that boy's family is suffering a heartbreaking loss. seasonal decorations in front a play area in back. neighbors say a small boy would visit his dad here. that boy is now gone. >> good parent. >> seriously. >> yeah, love the kid. always talked about him. it was his pride and joy. and that's why tragedy to see how this happened. how it came about. >> reporter: tragedy is the death of christopher coon's two-year-old son killed tuesday when tossed from the vehicle his dad was driving. his father was trying to lose police after allegedly stealing a sound system from a tullytown wal*mart. >> the two-year-old child that was with him was ejected from the vehicle. the subject then got exited his vehicle the suspect. he stepped over the child who was laying in the roadway and took off running. >> reporter: he's charged with murder in the third degree and homicide by vehicle.
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chris, why did you leave your son to die on the road? >> reporter: tonight his family is posted a picture of the child on a gofundme page to raise money for his funeral expenses. his mother on facebook alleging he abused drugs writing the judges never listened to me. now look what happened. my tweet handsome baby boy is gone. joe hired him to deliver pizza two years ago. but says he fired him for drug use. >> he apparently stepped over the child? >> terrible. very terrible. i guess the state of mind that's what happens when you're under the drug nouns. >> reporter: authorities say he was driving while suspended. he's being held on $5 million cash bond. the da tonight in bucks county really careful important to point out they believe and say that the police were not chasing him. not chasing him before the crash that resulted in his two-year-old's death. live in tullytown, jeff cole, fox 29 news. iain? >> all right, jeff, thank you. skyfox over a smokey scene
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in center city. peco crews turn the power back on in the area of eighth and walnut after underground fire sent smoke pouring out of manhole covers. this happen just after 8:00 this morning. here's picture from the ground. someone posted on instagram. you can see crews pu putting up caution tape to cordoned off the area. it was closed for couple of hours to peco restored all power to all customers late this afternoon. fox 29 getting results tonight for folks in grays furry. our bruce gordon just might have found the trashiest block in all of philadelphia. i mean look at that. >> reporter: welcome to the place that gives filth delphi ya it's bad name. 1600 block of south bam brie street. this hundred yard, two lane stretch between tasker and morris is little more than a landfill on asphalt. linda peterson barnes pushed her eight month old grandson passed his mess and shook her head in amazement. >> wow! wow! what you going to
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do? what can they do about it. >> reporter: apparently not much of the debris includes discarded television sets, old mattresses, construction debris of all kinds. trash has been illegally dumped right next door to what sixty two dull trace of vehicle facility. signs are posted all along the building right beneath cameras that are clearly no deterrent. the school district isn't exactly doing its part to beautify the neighborhood. fronting bam brie is a graveyard of beat up and vandalized school district vans. stacks of undelivered newspapers dating to late august suggest this mess has been here for while. and the amount and nature of the material suggests at least some of it is shall we saim poured from remodeling crews from elsewhere. >> it shouldn't be like this in our community. it shouldn't be like this. you know what i mean. you don't see this in other neighborhoods. why does it have to be like that in our neighborhood? >> reporter: i snapped photos of the mess and reached out to the streets department and to the school district and within the hour, school district hef
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err fifty two equipment was out on bam brie pushing small piles of junk into one massive and messy mountain. making the street impossible to navigate. to be clear, this cleanup is not the district's responsibility. it's the city's. either way, these workers left bam brie only slightly better off than before. and these neighbors washington well they remain targets of short dumpers. >> this neighbor becomes the dumping ground? >> exactly much. >> reporter: how does that make you feel? >> horrible. horrible. >> reporter: good news at least in the short term. the city's streets depth reached out to us late wednesday afternoon to confirm this is their responsibility and they're promising to be back out here first thing thursday morning to turn this mountain into a mole hill once again return bam brie into an actual drivable city street. in grays furry i'm bruce gordon, fox 29 news. ♪ >> kathy orr you're track something bonus golf days. >> i certainly am. online on the phone on twitter facebook and instagram. we are looking at a cold front that's approaching the region
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but it's going to hold off for a couple of days. it's going to come down toward us bring a few more clouds and also going to be talking about warmer temperatures. we'll be chatting about that on social media as well. i have the seven day coming up right after this. sean? kathy, the eagles are off to great start but they have to get to rear smith involved if they want to make a run at the playoffs. hear what he had to say about his first quarter performance that's coming up later in sports. i'll have the langoustine lobster ravioli.
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breaking news out of chester county skyfox is live over a crash in east whiteland township where police say a man got trapped in his car. first responders were able to get him out and took him to the hospital. we dough known his condition right now this happened around 5:15. busy news. more breaking news the past few minutes the lawyer for the las vegas shooter's girlfriend spoke to reporters now he gave a statement on behalf of marilou danley who the fbi is right now questioning in las veigh ang to
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so what if anything she knew about the massacre. >> i loved him and hopeed for a quiet future together with him. he never said anything to me or took any action that i was aware of that i understood in any way to be a warning that something horrible like this was going to happen. >> authorities say she is not a suspect as of now only a person of interest. you know, every day we feature people or groups that are changing lives and philadelphia's manna is one of those organizations the non-profit makes nutritious i might say delicious meals delivers them to hundreds of people in our area. people who are battling life-threatening illnesses. >> as part of a company wide initiate tough a lot of your fox 29 team spent some time at manna this week and you know how it goes. little service to others can make a huge impact for goodness
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sake. ♪ >> at manna we're all about food is medicine we provide therapeutic meals. right now about 1200 of our neighbors that are fighting the fight for their lives. >> reporter: every day they prepare fresh healthy and absolutely free meals to people who often are either too sick or require a specialized diet so expensive that it make it impossible to care for themselves. >> we're relatively small staff. there's 36 of us. but there's 4500 active volunteers and suffer gel day this kitchen is filled with 100, 150 individuals. >> reporter: recognizing the impact that manna has daily and the need for volunteers, several members of the fox 29 family came together for a company wide initiative to try to contribute in some small way to their service to community. >> we're here helping out today. they're in here pretty much every day. making sure literally thousands in our area get a chance to eat and eat healthy meals. >> we're going to put four of
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the in each one of these. >> reporter: chef keith took control of preparing the meals and on this scale, that's not an easy task. >> beef stroganoff. >> and making enough to serve how many people? >> 940. >> how many? >> 940. >> reporter: the ability to help others was motivating to all of the volunteers. >> got to keep working. >> people have health issues. a lot of times it's so hard just to get the energy, any little thing letter alone cook and nourish yourself. >> reporter: for people considering volunteering i can tell you honestly we had fun. >> kathy and i labeling incredible beef and rice soup. >> lots of soup. >> lots of soup. >> parsley picking. >> you make this little cook. [ laughter ] >> reporter: 1 million meals per year to people with serious health concerns should be enough for all of us to want to support manna's mission but hopefully showing you how much we enjoyed
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joining the thousands of volunteers will encourage to you consider doing the same for goodness sake. i'm bill anderson. ♪ kathy looks like awed good time doing good deed. >> we a great time and lucy and i really enjoyed those hair nets. >> oh yeah i still have mine. >> it was really good look. i think we canned about -- packaged about 900 serves of soup. >> we did. >> it was a good day. >> i was very competitive. wanted to make sure we beat the other team. let's take a look outside. we have clear skies. just a beautiful evening on tap. with temperatures in the 70s. it's 75 degrees right now in philadelphia. winds out of the southwest at 1. and temperatures still warm even though that sun is getting lower in the sky sunset before 7:00 p.m. 68 in the poconos. 76 in lancaster. look at wilmington 73 degrees. as you look at the northeast as whole very warm in williamsport and harrisburg. ottawa 68 degrees looking at warmer air moving in from the west even though we have a cold
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front that's lurking draping through upstate new york and western parts of pennsylvania it will stall out over us over the next 24 hours. bring a few more clouds an chance of some spotty showers. so friday about 20% chance of rain. saturday ten. sunday the chances increase unfortunately bad timing for the eagles game and by monday we have a very good chance of rain. maybe a soaking rain as we go hour by hour in the fox future cast you can see the clouds roll in late tonight into tomorrow morning. so some patchy clouds early. and then during the afternoon a few spotty showers especially in the lehigh valley. by thursday night some rain possible through allentown and reading and lancaster. and mainly staying to the north friday partly cloudy sky as well with a few spotty showers. just a few chances here and there. we have to talk about tropical depression 16 could become tropical storm nate in the next 24 hours. and the forecast track from the national hurricane center has this making landfall along the mainland u.s. and remnants moving toward us by monday. so it's definitely something to be very careful of and watch the
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spaghetti plots pretty much targeted making landfall in the gulf of mexico. so overnight tonight locally just quiet weather, clear skies, 61 in the city. 50's for the most part elsewhere. during the day tomorrow the high temperature going for the 80s. 83 degrees. warm and also muggy. as we look ahead on our seven day forecast, things are looking good, guys. we have to keep an eye over the weekend for increasing chance of rain but other than that, it's looking more like summer. better chance of rain monday. showers tuesday. next wednesday 78. that's a look at your seven day forecast. i hope that rain is good luck for the birds, sean? > >> report it will be good. we're talking about the sixers right now getting ready for their first preseason game and markelle fultz the number one overall pick had to say about his first taste of real nba action. plus torry smith, he's had a rough stretch. he said this is the worst stretch of his career so far. he'll explain why there's no immediate to panic next in sports.
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♪ the first quarter of the nfl season is over and eagles off to great start. three-one with two wins in the division and two wins on the road. that's big but at the same time we've seen this before. last year they started three-one and proceeded to fall apart. carson wentz seems to think that won't be the case this year. >> we're just in different place. we're a different team. um, you know at the same time we still got to work and prepare every week, but, um, i think that we can win on the road, we can win close ballgames find a way to win and pull these out. i know the character make up of
6:25 pm
this team, um, we're kind of just in different place. >> but it hasn't been such a great start for torry smith. he dropped a bunch of balls in the first four games and after big one against the chargers he said this is the worst stretch of his career. torry graded himself a d plus for the first quarter of the season. but he still thinks he'll be able to get back on track. >> i just got to try to, upping, get back on track which i will. i'm not panicking. i'm not, you know n a tank or anything. a little embarrassed by it more so than anything because it's not the start that i wanted. let my teammates down. but i mean that was the first quarter starting the second quarter now and looking forward to getting on track. >> of course you can catch the "game day live" crew at 10am eagles game will be at 1:00 followed by the packers and the cowboys. so great double header for you. to the flyers opening night is tonight. the guys are not san jose to take the sharks. that game will be at 10:30.
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to the sixers they have their first preseason game talking on the grizzlies at the wells fargo sent joel embiid will not play but the number one over all pick markelle fultz will and he's ready to go. >> growing up i mean watching nba watching games and to finally be here playing my first one it hasn't hit me yet. when i get on the court and i'm finally guarding somebody i've been watching growing up it will hit me then. every time i think about it it's kind of crazy. >> markelle, ben. we're excited to see that. >> okay. >> yeah. >> we need to see excitement. >> we going to see it. he didn't get one rookie of the year vote in his gm poll. >> i'm sorry i wouldn't have voted for him either. >> oh, my gosh. >> not with ben on the squad. >> you got to get one vote. he just said i know what my goals are. i know what i can do. >> i'll go ben over markelle. >> i know. but i'm just saying. man. >> oh, man. come on. >> you'll have to couldn't this. >> go to din are in. >> we'll see you at 10:00. we just moved in about four months ago,
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always great prices. make home yours. right now on "page six tv." who is kim cattrall slamming over sex and the city movie. why was ryan sea craft is no-show on gma? when did maks talks about his breakup? and all of the answers here on "page six tv." >> welcome to "page six tv." i'm john. and inside page six, today, carlos. l elizabeth. and miss debbie smith. here are today's top stories. "good morning america" became good morning american idol today but while the stars of


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