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tv   FOX 29 News at 11  FOX  October 4, 2017 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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>> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 11:00. happening right now the search for two men accused of abducting and raping a woman at a bucks county park. good evening, thanks for joining us at 11:00 i'm lucy noland. as plea track those rapists families are very much concerned about safety. fox 29's dave schratwieser is at lake nockamixon state park with the details. it's horrifying. it's not the same now. it feels damaged. >> reporter: lake nockamixon state park fear replaced peace and tranquility wednesday night after a woman told police she was abducted by two men here monday evening and rape. >> pretty scary. >> my wife walls here alone sometimes. not any more. >> reporter: state police say it was just after fie 5:00 at this fishing pier in the park two men approached the woman and forced her into a silver colored four door sedan. possibly a honda civic. the victim was driven to another
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area of the park where she says she was raped. >> i hope that she gets comfort from her family and recovers. >> what kind of person could do this to somebody is my question? >> reporter: rick and amy were picnicking on the pier wednesday evening enjoying the view and the piece and quiet. stunned by the incident here. >> we come fishing and kayaking here and we're always here with the kids. last thing i'd expect. >> i'll be here witness girls from now on. won't let them tray too far report roar ben and diane were out for a walk in the park wednesday night moments after they heard news reports of the alleged abduction and rape. >> it's horrific. it's the kind of thing you always think happens somewhere else report roar beth suspects are described as being in their 20s. one was wearing a black t-shirt. the other a red under armor t-shirt with a red and gray snap back style hat. state police say anyone with information can contact them here at the dublin station. dave schratwieser, fox 29 news.
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♪ breaking news out of africa. 3us army special ops commandos are dead. two others injured in attack in southwest niger. al-qaida terrorists likely are behind what happened to the green berets. the white house says president trump knows what is going on. our souls are stricken with grief for every american who lost a husband or wife, a mother or a father, a son or daughter. we know that your sorrow feels endless. we stand together to help you carry your pain, you're not alone, we will never leave your side. >> presidential tribute to heroes who ran straight into danger risking their lives to save others. president trump and first lady melania visited las vegas in the aftermath of the massacre that killed 58 people and hurt more than 500 others. police say 64-year-old stephen
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paddock opened fire on crowd gathered at a country music festival sunday and tonight the clark county sheriff says it took exactly 12 minutes fret shots were fired to when offic officers arrived on the 32nd floor of the mandalay bay. the same floor has pad do's' sweet the question remains why did he do what he did? the fbi questioned his girlfriend marilou danley today for five and a half hours. she had just returned from the philippines and landed in los angeles. her sister maintains danley knew nothing about paddock's plans. >> and i know she don't know anything as well. she was was sent away. she was sent away so that shell will be not there to interfere with what he was planning. >> danley attorney insists she knew nothing about the shooting. her hair goes out to victims and she knew stephen paddock as a kind and gentle man. meanwhile a sign of healing
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and comfort in vegas as folks struggle to process what happened just a few days ago. fox 29's dave kinchen reports from vegas how one project is already bringing people together. >> reporter: when we think of gardens, we often think of healing and we think of reflection and that's taking shape right now here in los angeles and it all started with this blueprint. you might think the planning for this las vegas city garden was in the works for months. maybe even years. turn out that's not the case at all. >> it's amazing to watch those people move so fast. >> reporter: the result of quick thinking in the name of healing. >> the whole point of the garden was not so much the end product but a way a mechanism to bring the community together. >> reporter: jay of stone rose landscapes says the idea for a healing garden came from a conversation he had with his partner following sunday night's mass shooting. >> it's too bad we don't have place to gather like a prayer
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garden or something, and then we thought well maybe we should create one. >> reporter: he sketched the lay out on a napkin and photo copied it. >> the back of this look bermed up and there will be a pathway that goes up and threw it. all the trees that are grouped will be planted randomly across this whole mound. >> reporter: includes a special tree donated by siegfried and roy also nearly 60 smaller trees each one to honor the victims who died. including cameron robinson pictured on the right. a management analyst for the city who was killed in the shooting. making the garden even more personal to city officials who gave it the green light. >> amazing young man that, um, just a real bright light for our organization, our community. >> reporter: the plan is to have it open by this week's first friday events giving people a chance to pull togeth together. >> i think it's the great testify thing had he have happened. it just shows vegas love. >> las vegas is an amazing place much the generosity. >> reporter: organizers say on thursday they'll have school groups out there to add decorations and as this garden
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grows, so, too, will the ability for this town to overcome such unimaginable tragedy. in las vegas, dave kinchen fox 29 news. >> he just kind of wrapped his arms around me from behind and we started running. and that's when i felt him get shot in the back. and we fell to the ground and i was talking to him and he was still breathin breathing at that then he stop. and i started doing cpr on him and there were still shots raining from everywhere it felt like for what seemed like an eternity. and i was screaming for somebody to help. >> can you imagine? a wife describing her husband's heroic actions saving her. heather milton says her husband sonny protected her from that gunfire. their story is one of many, many
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acts of bravery during the shooting and now people across our country are asking what would they do in that situation our chris o'connell joins us live with the best ways to protect yourself in an active shooter situation. chris? >> reporter: lucy, it is hard to believe there have been 340 mass shootings in our country so far this year. there have been three of them since the las vegas shooting. it had us thinking what is the best way to protect yourself against an active shooter? >> i don't train officers i train civilians. >> detective joe, is with the philadelphia police counter terrorism union. it's his job to train regular people to survive the unthin unthinkable. an active shooter. >> stop being scared. realize that you can get out of this if you think about certain thing. >> reporter: experts say there are three options to protect yourself against an active shooter. run, hide or fight. your first option, find an escape path and get out.
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evacuate whether others want you to or not and leave your possessions behind. >> this mail was shooting straight nine minutes. was there any delay? was there any kind of break in action? if he has to reload weapon you don't hear any more gunfire that's a good chance to get up and run. >> reporter: sometimes victims don't know where the shots are coming from. in that case type a place to hide in bathroom or behind heavy office equipment. >> if you can't run, you need to hide somewhere. hideout of the shooter's view somehow some way. >> reporter: if you do come face to face with a gunman be prepared to fight. improve advise weapons, act with aggression and commit to your actions. >> worse case scenario if it approaches you in such a way you're close up and personal with it you have the right to fight for your life. >> reporter: and the department of homeland security also says if you are confronted with an active shooter you should immediately call 911. you should also silence your cell phone. even if you can talk just keep that line open so dispatchers
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can listen, again, lucy it is information we hope we never have to use. >> absolutely. all right, thank you, chris. a street in grays ferry maybe the trash i e-z t street in all philadelphia piled up near a philadelphia school district facility. we got good news for you. after our bruce gordon filed a report on the situation this evening, the city's streets department says responsibility to clean this up falls on its shoulders and crews will head out first thing in the morning. fox 29 once again getting results. a father now faces third degree murder charges in the death of his two-year-old son. police say 27-year-old christopher kuhn was trying to race away from police after stealing from a wal*mart in tullytown when he crashed his car. the impact through the toddler from that car. in an effort to escape, police say kuhn actually stepped over
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his son and ran from the scene. >> i've been doing this job for 20 years. nothing surprises me any more. i just -- i stopped trying to think about, upping, what defendants are suspects or people that do these type of things even think any more. it's shocking. >> police arrested kuhn a short time later. the two-year-old boy died at the hospital. after tragedy, fear, worry, anxiety are normal emotions. what happened in vegas has most certainly rocked our country. coming up iain page his commentary. he has the reasons why we shouldn't live in fear. and the stars coming out. holhollywood like event right he in philadelphia honoring some of the biggest names in music.
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>> star-studded night in philadelphia. my goodness philadelphia music alliance honoring a handful of famous philadelphians, musicians that is, adding them to the city's music walk of fame. our shawnette wilson she is so lucky over at that celebration in fishtown right now. >> reporter: yup, lucy, it is just about over but i tell you it's been a long night an whole lot of fun. we had food, we had music and celebrities and guess what? i caught up with a few. >> a star study the event at the fillmore tonight honoring some philadelphia greats. induct flood our city's music walk of fame with a plaque on
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broad street. jill scott arrived all smiles about her honor. >> to be honored at the same time as labelle and sister sledge is just -- it's kind of insane and surreal to me. but at the same time i mean it's north philly in the building. >> philadelphia music allies along with scott sister sledge, patti labelle, mcfadden and whitehead, sister rosetta thorpe. sole sewer advisors and rough house records will also be added to the walk of fame. and let's not forget wogl personality bobby pan tanoh there with his stunning wife debra. >> 40 years saturday night dance party and here's how it ended today with culmination of the dance party still goes on. >> leon huff half the gamble and huff was pleased to be presen presenting to pan tanoh. >> it's like you made a statement, you know, be proud of what your contribution has been, you know, and philadelphia music i mean fantastic history.
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>> reporter: and the philadelphia music walk of fame is a huge philadelphia alt traction lucy if you haven't check it it no matter time to now it is of course on the avenue of the arts. >> got to go do it good thank you much, shawnette. as the country mourns the lives lost in las vegas, many are saying enough is enough. but what to do. some in bucks county tonight came together to try to figure out how to silence gun violence. the country's -- county's district attorney matt weinstraub was among the people gathered at new hope solebury high school tonight. >> if we affect to change there's a lot of different ways but a great way is to talk about gun safety on a very very local level. >> it's not just the vegas tragedy but also local shootings that motivated the panel discussion tonight. on the weather front meteorologist kathy orr is here with your forecast. october off to warm start, kathy. >> yes, it is forecast to be above average the entire month, lucy. outside pretty mild. temperatures are in the 60s.
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pretty much everywhere. it is 65 in philadelphia. after a highs in the mid 70s today. temperatures running at least 1. by tomorrow, they'll be about 1. 62 in the poconos. 60 in allentown. 62 in wilmington and 62 degrees in millville. the whole northeast in the 60s. this is very unusual to see bangor, maine and quebec at 64 degrees the first week in october. it could slow down the process of the beautiful fall foliage with the temperatures so warm. ultimate doppler showing a line of showers. some thunderstorms stretching from upstate new york, new england into northwestern pa. this is slowly sinking south. we'll see some clouds out of this during the day tomorrow but this front is going to stall over us threw about friday and bring a chance avenue few spotty showers. we'll go hour by hour you can see that southwesterly wind so it will be warm, little bit humid. you will notice it. clouds mixing with sun. from allentown reading through lancaster, a few showers maybe
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some thunderstorms then that's out of here. friday mild and muggy a mix of clouds and sun. maybe a few spotty showers. you can see these winds converging as that front stalls right around philadelphia with the northwest wind to the north and west and the southerly flow where the front is lagging behind. on our fox future cast shows bite evening, we're looking at dry conditions and skies clearing in philadelphia. tropical depression 16 will likely become tropical storm nate by tomorrow or tomorrow night. we're talking about a track that would take it making a landfall along the gulf coast by sunday and then the remnants moving north toward interior parts of the carolinas and possibly toward the delaware valley look at the spaghetti plots with all those hurricane model taking the overly yucatan strengthening in the gulf of mexico where the water is in the 80s. then you can see the range of areas it could make landfall from houston all the way to the panhandle of florida. overnight tonight, temperatures will be mild.
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61 in the city. 50's also where. during the day tomorrow looking very nice with high temperatures in the 80s with increase in humidity and in temperature. the high 83 and that is 12 degrees above normal for this time of year. seven day forecast shows it stays mild across the board. some spotty showers possible friday. some showers for the birds. monday we could see the remnants of that developing system. tuesday a lingering shower and wednesday 78 and partly sunny as you can see temperatures stay above normal even with the threat of rain. the last time we had a tenth of an inch or more of rain, lucy, was three weeks ago. so we need it. >> we sure do. all right. thank you, kathy. nearly three days later, it is a story that weighs heavily on americans minds. that las vegas shooting at a tragedy we'll never forget ton night of one especially the victims families are still grappling with how this happen. ears iain page. ♪
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we're a nation in mourning this week flags flying at half staff across the country for the victims of the las vegas massacre. we woke up on monday morning, there was a harsh reality. [ gunfire ] >> shots fired. >> reporter: it's happened again. this time in a city so many of us have visited. >> as the day went on the details became more horrific. a man firing out of a 32nd floor window an crowd of 22,000. they never had a chance. >> everyone was stepping on everybody. report roar death, panic and destruction unimaginable violence. >> i didn't know if i was going to make it. >> reporter: the worst mass shooting in the u.s. in modern history. until the next one. it's not a matter of if. but when there will be another one. we don't know what brings a human being to such depths of inhuman in the. what does it say about our society that we continue to witness such evil on all too regular basis? here's what i know. nothing will change because of
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this carnage there are already calls change in the gun control laws, finger pointing and political posturing. if nothing changed after sandy hook or the orlando shooting, this won't be enough. it makes us want to lose hope in the face of such evil. don't. it's natural to feel helpless, scared, and confused after something leak this but, remember, there's a lot more good in the world than there is bad. we saw it in this tragedy people helping others hundreds waiting up to eight hours to donate blood. people coming together. maybe this is the tipping point. maybe not. but we won't live in fear. don't stop doing good. go to your concerts, enjoy your freedoms, keep doing good. evil never wins. it never will. ♪ isn't that the truth. all right. sean bell. what's up? >> lucy, the sixers are back in the process is finally
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processing. the 76ers had their first preseason game and i was able to learn a whole lot from this first game. i'll let you know exactly what you should take from this next in my sports commentary.
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>> sean bell has learned a lot in the sixers first preseason game and he's excited about the future. his commentary in 15 seconds. >> if you know me you know i love hoops much ball is live and i'm beyond excited about this season. it's going to be crazy even though it's only one pre-season game i learned a lot from the sixers first one. first thing is, ben simmons is running the show. he's not sharing the rock with markelle fultz playing off the ball he's the point guard, okay. today he had nine assists. he looked great and limited minutes penn straighting finding the open man. he look the part. the second thing is, i learned
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that jj reddick is a perfect fit. he may be a perfect fit for any team he is a perfec per perfectr this one. a sharp shooter, a veteran he knows what he's doing and he'll do great around simmons, fultz and joel embiid. the final thing i learned jahlil okay for is a player in his league. everyone wants to hate and down him. 20 pounds lighter, he looks quicker, he played better d. he can score with ease and he looked like a real legit starter. the sixers should be able to trade that guy a month into the season and actually get something. overall, i'm like wagon i'm seeing i'm geeking out that the season is about to start. lucy. >> you're geeking out. >> good stuff. tmz, page 6tv, "the q" of course at 12:30 then the simpsons. we're back here at 4:00 a.m. for "good day philadelphia". so funny. they come running in here plop in their seats next to me.
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announcer: today on "tmz" -- harvey: rosie o'donnell has gone off on donald trump. she basically says he's got to act like more than the brawny man. >> it can't be ok he throws paper towels at puerto ricans. couldn't line up for a shot of the president throwing paper towels at starving people. oh, my god. >> my favorite is when he looks at one of the victims and he's leaving and say good-bye to them and he says -- >> have a good time. [laughter] >> more information about the most famous women's socer player in the world, alex morgan. she went to disneyland. she got hammered drun. and now she's gtting escorted off the property. she goes, i know the swat team. >> she probably got pulled by security and then you have to spend time in lke the disney world jail. >> are the characters in there like dressed up? >> hi, what are you in or? >> "american idol"finally


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