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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 7A  FOX  October 5, 2017 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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>> more dangerous than cell phones behind the wheel? why some say new car features to blame, for drivers taking their eyes off the road. >> wayne simmons. with a hat trick. bulls eye. >> and the wayne train, leading the way, to san jose how simmons big night helped the flyers to a late night win in san jose, california. >> that's the good news about what happened overnight. bad news what happened overnight about 3:00 this morning, really bad accident. fatal accident. and now the traffic is a mess. >> it is shutdown, the schuylkill, and this schuylkill east, you can see this, look how far it is back up there. >> that's like say you had to go to the airport this morning, you're not going to tike that route. i will tell that you. >> hope you left little early. but steve has been at the accident pretty much since it happened. hey, steve?
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>> yes, this happened right around 3:00. now it is after 7:00. and we warned you, that this wasn't going to be clear any time soon. because it is a fatal crash, and they do investigations, to wonder why someone lost their life. you can see the troopers in the highway now, and one taking pictures, one taking measurements, further up around the bend, block by the median. you can see him, where the westbound traffic is surging. and inbetween, you'll see, red evidence markers, also see debris, from a harley davidson motorcycle, that had maybe just a minor collision, with a white acura. now ill show you a video and see first of all the harley davidson there is was a larger model, and this was riding with a second motorcyclist, who was not involved in the accident, who is 31 years old, immediately called his dad to come out here, and we got right out here, as well, with we heard it from police, why we were at headquarters this morning, and the father told me, what the son told him, and a woman driving this white acura, just a minor accident,
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you'll see the acura now in our video, on her driver side, very minor damage. front end damage, to her fender, she was fine. she was even smiling at times, when dealing with the state troopers, before they took her away and let her get her personal possessions out of the car before they towed that away. we did in the notice her getting any test for many impaired or anything, we don't know what the cause was, but you can see, coming bag to the live picture with daylight, this is on a hill, going on down slope, and on a curve. and it is only two lanes here, and in the middle of the night, it is very dark. even though there are street light overhead, still illume luminated but when on a curve maybe she came from behind. we just don't know what caused the accident. but the other driver had tough time finding his friend. because he saw the smashed motorcycle, could not finds his friends. it was probably maybe in a football field lent between his friends' body, and whatever ended up being part of his motorcycle, because boy
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that was really mangled as they towed that out of here. so as we come back to this live picture, you can see, some of the detour route. had so many near misses bob kelly ryan our producer, heard screeches tires in the commercial break. i say that's what we've been hearing constantly. people are stopping to look at the flashing police lights, because they know this story is happening. then people almost rearend them. people on this onramp have been going 50 miles per hourment bob what a mess that we were predict at 4:00 a.m. when the rush hour built like it is now. >> you got right into the right spot there right there on the scene. you know the area. come on, going for ride. skyfox, above the closure point. eastbound schuylkill, all traffic pushed off into university city. this is the exit for university of pennsylvania. children's hospital of philadelphia. busy interchange to begin with. when everything is open. not to mention all of the traffic pushed off now, into the neighborhood. come on, going to the maps, again, here is live look at the scene just above steve's camera.
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so again, a lot of police still out, taking pictures, eastbound, again, bumper to bumper, headed in through center city, exiting at university. this is having domino effect now on the vine expressway. folks trying to cross town, they can't go east in toward university city. so here is the way to get around it, if you are going to university city, going to children's hospital, folks taking the kids down, for checkup this morning, exit the schuylkill at 30th street. don't get stuck in the parking lot. which is the traffic jam there. exit at 30th, and you can gain access to university using market street. if you are headed to the airport, or south philadelphia, same deal. get off on to the vine expressway, take that over to 95. and take 95 south. that will get you down to the airport. also, over the bridges, and into south philly. if you are warning us in the suburb or king of prussia and coming into the city, the schuylkill already parking lot. if you are headed to the airport, don't do it, use the blue route, 476 southbound the way to go. you can pick that up, that will take you all the way down
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to 95. that will get you to the airport, even, no matter what alternate you use, sue, you still going to need to go yourselves extra time this morning. >> absolutely. thanks for the warning on that. now, we are going to warn you there is will be little warmer today than it was yesterday. little more humid as well. but still ten out of ten. bus stop buddy, got the jacket for this morning, with temperatures in the 50's and 60s, not as chilly as it was earlier in the week. but you won't need that jacket this afternoon. sixty-two is our current temperature. finally just had our sunrise official at 7:01. and for the rest of the day, it is a mix of sun, clouds, again little more humid. taste every summertime. high temperature of 83 degrees. >> eighty-three, all right shall perfect. 7:05,. >> police in northampton county searching for gunman behind fatal shooting in lehigh township. happened last night 500 block every long acre drive, according to published report, man was shot and killed. a woman was shot three times. no word on her condition though. police are reportedly looking for a man about 61 years old, in a dark blue or black pick
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up. they say the public is not in danger. >> and what's normally the site of serenity is the site of a rape investigation this morning. >> yes, now police are looking for actually two men accused of raping and and duck ago woman at this state park, up in bucks county. that's where jen is he now, generally? >> reporter: mike and alex here at lake nockamixon, very quiet morning, from what we're hearing what it is typically like. monday night it was not quiet at all. it was a scary situation for one woman, who told police that around 5:15 monday she was abducted and raped by two men. it happened near the fishing park, they forced her into a silver four door vehicle possibly honda civic. victim told investigators she was taken to another area of the park and raped. people we talk to say they never would have expected anything like that to happen here. some say they won't be visiting the park by
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themselves any more. >> it is horrifying. it is not the same now, it feels damaged, and tainted, >> it is horrific. and, you know, that's the kind of thing you always think happens somewhere else. >> we come fishing and kayak i here, you know, always here with the kids. so last thing i would expect. >> i hope that she get comfort from her family, and recovers. >> my wife walks here alone sometimes, not any more. >> and police are still looking for the two young men involved in this crime. they are described as white men, early to's, 5-foot eight, 6 feet tall. if you have any information it is state police who is investigating this crime. mike and alex. >> all right, jenny. 7:07 now. >> learning more about the investigation into the deadly mass shooting in las vegas. at this point, 58 people have died. and the number of those injured was lowered last night
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to 489, which is still, way too many. after several people were counted more than once. >> yes. >> probably in the confusion, transport to go different hospitals. >> it happens. >> yes. officials say they have evidence that the 64 year old, steven paddock, planned to escape after he unleashed gunfire on the crowd. investigators even going as far as saying he must have had help. but they don't know why he did what he did. >> anything that we indicate this individual's trigger point, and that would cause him to do such harm, we haven't understood it yet. >> so what did this girlfriend really know? mary lou danley? what did she know about him? supposed boyfriend. i don't know. they questioned her yesterday for about six hours. she says she didn't know he was planning anything sinister and is actually heart broken for all of the victims. but they want, you know, to talk to her again today.
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i'm sure that will go on for hours. coming up on 7:09. >> at this point it has been some days but people are starting to be released from the hospital which is a good thing, now they are coming forward and hearing their stories of survival. oh, it is hard to hear, karen. >> it is heart breaking. so heart breaking to imagine what this was like for so many people. let's give you one example. mike, firefighter, says the reality of the whole thing didn't set in until the thirds round of the gunfire. he remembers hearing the bullets flying over his head then hitting the grounds that people were screaming. he started helping somebody nearby. he was doing chess compressions on them, then realized he was in trouble. >> and i think by the fourth time, by the fourth time, i got up to do chest compression was my arms lock, when i got hit in the arm. and it casino every took me out for little bit. and then i kept doing chest compressions with one arm until i noticed i was starting to bleed a lot.
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and we kind of made a conscious decision to kind of get out of there. >> well, not become unconscious due to blood lost, he doesn't know if the person he was trying to help didn't make it through, and now facing another surgery and long, long recovery process, this is just one-story of so many hundreds, really, that happened. >> yes. >> yes. >> true. >> all right. thanks, karen? more than 400. >> yes. >> 7:10. long before grieving families married their loved ones, political shock waves in washington have been growing. >> this happens every time after a mass shooting, while some democrats want to use the shooting to galvanize support for more gun control, sweeping changes, did not seem likely. i don't know, some wiggle room though yesterday, i think. >> so, washington, where president trump is now, because he was in las vegas yesterday. >> hey! >> mike and alex, good morning to you, and you're right, there may and little bit every
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wiggle room with moderate republicans whether it comes to bump stocks, more on that in a second. yesterday the president was not interested in talking about the politics of gun control and gun violence, he scolded the president when asked about it, on his trip to las vegas. really, on the other hands, embracing his role, comfort nerve chief. >> with the heroes, who ran straight into the gunfire, the president provided praise. >> we're defined by our love, our caring, and our courage. >> with those wounded, at the local hospital, he offered a warm smile, and thanks to the doctors who saved them. >> we met quite a few people, believe me, they're very lucky to be here. >> while the president spent hours in vegas, even driving past the crime scene, he didn't want to talk about what investigators are finding there. an arsenal of weapons, many modified legally to replicate the killing capacity after
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machine gun. >> gun violence -- >> we don't talk about that today. >> democrats couldn't wait to talk about the weapons modification called bump stocks. >> why can't we keep a weapon from being g a military battlefield women on? >> while some republicans seem willing to talk about banning bump stalks, steve sole east, bodily wounded by a mass murder err, says new restrictions on guns aren't the answer. >> if you look at what happened in my case, you had people on site with guns to immediately counter the shooter and take him down. >> in the wake of the sandy hook, atlanta shootings, big move by democrats to, and then strong gun control advocate in the white house still as you know, un is successful in
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producing anything meaningful on the issue. since then, the political climate for any type of gun control has only gotten tougher. >> tougher, that's for sure. >> thank you for. that will i watch you all the time on weekends, do great job. good to have you here in philly. >> kinds to say. that will glad to be with you guys. >> thanks. >> well, another fraternity at penn state suspended this morning. >> this is after student suspected every drinking was found unconscious. state college police say they found the 18 year old, passed out on a street last saturday. they believe he tripped and fell. and that's kind of thousand happened. but he's recovering at the hospital. and the university says, it is investigating the possible involvement of the frat delta delta. >> we have our legal analyst, ken rotweiler. specially with what happens hang with timothe pea as, a what, the fifth incident they've had at penn state? >> true. penn state reacting very quickly, immediately suspend in the fraternity, on interim suspension until they finds
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out all of the fact of what happened. but fraternities have to learn can you not drink in the state of pennsylvania or any of the states in the united states until you're 21 years every age. and what's happening these kids are many coming out of high school, getting some freedom, living at fraternity house, 18 years old, drinking to eagle's ken there is has been going on. >> i know. >> forever. >> that's right. but now it is coming to the floor where people are getting hurt, you know, what happened to tim piazza, that whole episode is unbelievable. i think there is going to be a civil suit if it hasn't been filed already, wrongful death suit on his behalf. now there is legal action being taken against fraternities, against colleges themselves. penn state doesn't want to be in a position where they're going to be sued. so they're jumping on this immediately. and they're putting restrictions on all fraternities. >> these added restrictions happened after timothe piazza, we covered, that one every them no drinking at least until november 1st, trying to figure out what will be the long-term plan. i guess that means they're listening? >> let me tell you what struck me too. they are cutting down the
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amount of social event they can have with alcohol. it used to be 45, a semester, dot math. forty-five a sim he iser? it basically goes september to december. that's lot. now they've restrict philadelphia saying you can only have ten. so the university is putting restriction on the fraternities trying to cur of this behavior. >> but did this happen at the fraternity house? >> off campus. >> that's right. >> are you telling me a fraternity and all of the brothers are supposed to get together all right, you're member our every our fraternity, i don't want you getting drunk and passing out anywhere in it town. >> not supposed to serve alcohol to anyone under 21. >> that's not the fraternity's fault. >> getting the alcohol at the from a fraternity, having kegs parties, now at penn state ruled out you can't have keg party any more. i mean, you have a keg, nobody is controlling that keg. people are going up, drinking, nobody check to go make sure that they're 21 years old at a fraternity party. they should be. i think they will be doing that now, but haven't been in the past. that's the problem. free flow of alcohol. >> just seems like it would be so hard to stop because even if you limited the number of social events, those are official event, they still get
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together at so-and-so ' house. >> run over, get a keg. >> that's right. you're right there is has been going on forever, hard to stop, but penn state is doing all they can do to try to curb this behavior. >> do you think it would ever ends up, with no alcohol at all, the entire campus? >> i don't think that's ever going to -- >> sure? >> well, look. when you were a junior and senior you're two; you can drink. how do they prohibit going out in a state store, blinging it back to the room, and inviting the next-door neighbor had might be 18, 19 years old to join the party. >> don't they have dry party? the consequences will scare the kids enough not to do this? >> i don't want thereon campus. >> i guess downing that. the alcohol though is per vase enough our society. i don't think they will ever stop t but the institutions have to do whatever they can to prevent under age drinking. >> okay. >> okay? >> , that, ken. >> good seeing you guys, as always. >> our pleasure. did you see bob kelly? >> i did see bob. i saw bob kelly all last night at the sixers game. >> oh, you went to the sixers game? >> that's what you did last night. >> went to the sixers game,
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thank you for taking me. >> my pleasure. >> running on the same amount of juice as you are this morning. >> 7:17. good morning everybody. updating our breaking news, the schuylkill expressway still closed, this morning, because of that early morning fatal accident. here is a live look from skyfox, over university city, university of pennsylvania, here, all traffic forced off eastbound, into university sit. let's go to the maps. again, they're still investigating the crash. here is the scene. the eastbound side, you can see the officer still walking around. and traffic is just stacked and packed, from about montgomery drive, all the way in to everyone's being pushed off, at university. so how do we get around it? >> it is having domino effect on the roads into center city. g into downtown headed for university city or children's hospital, taking the kids down for appointment, exit at 30th street.
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get off before you get stuck in the gridlock, gain access through market street. head today south philly, the airport, jump of off at the vine street expressway, take that across town to 95 south. if you are originating out in the suburbs you got little more time, another option, you can use the blue route. southbound lanes of the blue route, 476, will get you all the way down to 95, already half hour jam, we got a lot of folks in the suburbs, using 476. instead of the schuylkill expressway this morning, but at least it is open, and you can get yourselves down to 95. that will will gain you access to the airport. even get you up and over the bridges and in toward south philadelphia. here is another crash. this is south on 95. left lane at cottman avenue. you think you're having a bad day, knew. >> maybe stay in bed for little while? >> yes. >> sounds good to me. >> all right, we few days after break. now we have action again, in the tropics. tropical depression 16, in the western caribbean, near nicaragua, look at the projected path of this storm. first of all it strength tones
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tropical storm. then it get into the gulf of mexico, becomes a hurricane. and as a category one it is predicted to make landfall somewhere on the gulf coast, new orleans is the target right now, but you know that will change, as we continue to watch this. so, over the weekends, maybe into early next week, we will have to start taking a look at that, as far as our weather is concerned, we stay sunny specially the morning, then 6:00, 7:00, see some showers lehigh, poconos, weak system coming through. so 83 degrees today. eighty dom. 82 degrees saturday. that front will not make a lot of difference in temperature but will keep clouds around for friday. then we factor in some rain possibly if you're going to the eagles game sunday, you could run into a shower or two, shower chance for columbus day monday. maybe even seeing that lingering into tuesday, of next week. so, by the end of the day, guys, probably have tropical storm nate.
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>> i believe nate is the term you can use for one of your buttocks. isn't it? >> i never heard that. >> never heard that. >> could you look that up? >> one buttock is a nate? >> stuff that floats around. >> where do you get this? >> can you imagine dunkin donut? >> without the donut. >> with he will then what would you call it? just dunkin? >> i guess so. >> well, they are getting rid -- they better not get rid of the pink one. >> or the cake batter one. >> or the kroler. i'm outraged. and they're our sponsor. you can get rid of the blue berry muffins. yuck, no. but don't get rid of my pink -- anyway. we will talk about the ones they're getting rid of.
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>> okay, we have to talk about this all morning long, if you are going on, been going on since 3:00 this morning, this is the schuylkill, see the one lane in the middle of the traffic?
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that's been shutdown since 3:00 this morning, an update on your commute. thirds and market, live camera out there alex and i are getting flu shot today. >> oh, gosh. >> get your camera around, i can see it is not just a still, thank you. >> and you can see exactly where it is cvs, perked and market, we will get our flu shot, we would like you to come over and hold hug us, grab us, hold us to your chest, while we get the needle put in your arms because we're woos z. >> if you have insurance, get it for nothing, up until 10:00 u don't have insurance it will cost $41. >> little distracted trying to figure out nate. because you say nate means what? >> well, that's the hurricane, next hurricane will be named nate. i said that happens to be the name, could you also use it to describe buttocks. , look at his nate's.
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>> once again, mike jerek is correct. nate's, buttocks, almost sounds skyfe i can, two flesh i prominences formed by the gluteal muscles on the lower part of the back. >> this is stuff that i know. i mean, i i have a lot of butt knowledge. >> okay? >> oh, my gosh. wow. >> so, one of your butt cheeks would be a nate. >> usually these defemation cents just nates. >> don't have just one buttock, you have to have two at all times. >> could you have abut okay accident where your one buttock was blown off, then you would be half ass. no, here comes lauren simonetti. >> oh, great. i'm walking into a big one. hi, guys. >> never minds, yes. are they really cutting down the number of donut they'll serve? >> nations restaurant news is
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report that dunkin' donuts is ditching a dozen. so, they sell 30 donuts now. and some of their stores, about a thousand of them, will only sell 18. >> okay? >> avenue favorite, powdered donut with the cream, not to be mixed one bo vare yan cream. >> let me tell you whether i order it, can i get the powdered donut with the cream inside, no, not that one, the vanilla cream, and it takes a long time, so be more simple, and speed up the process daikon donuts the company saying why don't we get a rid of a lot of donuts so easier for customers orders then maybe bring back more popular donut after all. >> who -- >> or just focus on our beverages, remember in california, just called dunkin? >> yes, in california just called dunkin. we call them our fabulous sponsor. but i had no idea that ordering a donut was so taxing
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for us. >> i will say with my special order it is several questions. >> oh. >> three that look alike. >> and no word real quickly no word which donuts will be cut, which ones? >> i love cake batter. >> and blue berry also popular. tweet dunkin donut in you want one to stay. a lot of people also -- >> which one. >> i just like the pink one and white one. i don't know what flavor, i just like the color with the sprinkles on it, okay? lauren, see you tomorrow. >> a lot of people are surprised they even have 30 donuts. see you tomorrow. >> they have options. >> what i normally order the rounds one with the hole in it. that's good enough for me. >> oh, all of them. for some reason, oh, i like that show, gotham. >> on fox, very edgey. jen, who do you meet? >> okay, you know i'm best friends with robin lord taylor, plays penguin. and he loves to tweet, lovers to hear from you guys on social media. but there was one thing last season.
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>> so we want to check back in on this accident that happened, fatal accident on the schuylkill, because it has been affecting people headed towards the airport this morning, if you are going eastbound, steve keeley been
7:31 am
there, giving us a update. steve? >> well, the closest yet you'll see a pennsylvania state police accident, reconstruction investigator here, real close to us, where he's standing where the white acura ended up, and all the way up, where you see the flashing lights, at the police van, that hill, where the motorcycle was, see harley davidson what's left of it on the back after tow truck, rider was on there and killed. now bee don't know if he collided with the seconds video we will show this white acura or whether this poor woman had come along and the rider supply had an accident all on his own and she may have just come along, hit the bike or run over him. we just don't have the answers yet. i don't know if the state police have the answers yet but doing all they can to get the answers a we approach five hours of these eastbound lanes being shutdown. bob you can see, they are doing due diligence, to figure out what the accident cause i
7:32 am
is, that's why that road is still shut down. >> unfortunately that was fatal crash, the reason for the closure all morning, we can see there the investigation. but traffic is back up for miles. coming eastbound, into philadelphia. here is a live look from skyfox. again, all traffic forced off at university, but traffic goes all the way back to city line avenue. so going to the maps. if you are coming into philadelphia, right now, here is the accident scene, bumper to bumper, city line, all traffic forced off at university. having domino effect for folks trying to cross down on the vine street expressway, if you are coming into the city here is a couple of options. going to university city, maybe headed down to chop for a checkup with the kids, exit at 30th street. and use market street, to get into university city. if you are trying to get to the airport, or into south philly this morning, use the vine street expressway. take that, leaving king of
7:33 am
prussia or the suburbs another option blue route southbound lanes of 476, heavy, half hour to make that trip, but at least it is open. and that will get you down to 59, and then north 95, into the airport, and you can even reconnect with south philadelphia, or the bridges from there. the only good thing here is that at least looks like nice day out there. >> well, it is. we just have few more clouds. going to be bit warmer today. still need that jacket this morning. with temperatures in the 50's, 60s, at least, it is not as chilly as it was, and notice budd had i the flyers cap on as well. 62 degrees in philadelphia. , the 67 -- 76 the high yesterday, little warmer and a little more humid, high temperature later on of 83 degrees, we're see how warm it get coming up in the seven day forecast and the weekend. >> talking about the vaguest investigation, about the shooting, the massacre out, there so yesterday i was really the daily news. and there is talking about
7:34 am
seeking answers, there was the cover, the rally we had the other night. >> oh, thomas payne plaza. >> exactly, yes. so then i opened it up to an opinion page. and there is our friend, solomon jones, wrote this arm. i stopped and looked at the headline. vaguest killer viewed differently because he was a white man, then i kind of highlighted a couple of paragraphs here. one says: we see america's reluctance to condemn paddock, the shooter, as an animal, thug or terrorist, as black criminals are so often labeled. the difference is stark. >> then went on to say even russian understanded an image of white americans with guns is considered patriotic, while the inspector of african-americans with guns is considered frightening, the difference is stark. >> so, i got stopped on the street about three, four times, solomon. welcome to "good day" philadelphia, good to have you here.
7:35 am
>> high. >> from wrd. saying the same thing. so, explain more what you mean. >> i mean that when black people do things, we are blamed as a people, and when white people do things, they are blamed as individuals. if that. and i think that there is more of a a tendency to give leeway both in the media, and i think in the law enforcement community. i think that these things are treated differently, based on skin color. and i know people have said to me, you know, this is the wrong time to say this. you know, 59 people are dead. i said in the piece, one of the paragraphs, you didn't highlight. >> yes. >> that of course i feel bad for those people who died, and of course i'm praying for those who died. but here is the bottom line. when something like this happens, the black community collectively, the first question that we ask, is was
7:36 am
that person black? because we know that we will be blamed as a collective if that person was. however, if the person was white, they'll be look at as an individual, there will be all casino every questions asked, all kind of excuses made, and so there is an inequality there in terms of how these things are treated. >> so solomon, what do you say to the people who may here this, each situation has been different, eve different backgrounds, the fact when you bring enough, i know you mention the article, wasn't called a terrorist, well, the fbi, all of the investigators err this say they found no connection to terrorism. that's why they didn't mention it. >> right. and you know, the definition of terrorism is of course violence with a political end. and so we don't know if ther is a political end yet. but we do know that if a person is muslim, if a person is brown, if a person is from another place, then that word is used a little bit more freely. it is used a little bit more
7:37 am
early, before all of the questions are answered. so i think what i'm saying in that piece is that rather than trying to ban people from places where the people are black and brown, rather than banning people from africa and asia, and south america, maybe we need to look at the people who dot most mass shootings here in america, and that's white males. >> yes, that is for sure, white males. >> so are you talking about the media is portraying this in the wrong way, or because i actually heard somebody who knew this guy, oh, he is a gentle giant. are you talking about the media? are you pointing the finger at us? >> or people's perception of what happened? >> well, i'm member of the media. so any time that i point the finger at the media, i'm pointing the finger at myself. think that i that as a society, we really need to come to grips with the fact that we cannot look at people
7:38 am
based on their physical characteristics. whether they're white, black, or their ethnicity, whether they're hispanic or not, their religion, whether muslim or not. then make judgements based on. that will i think if we're really going to be safe as society, we really need to look at people as individuals, whether they're white, black or otherwise and judge them based on their actions, there is no way in the world if this guy was black, i'll just keep it real f this guy was black, no way in the world he would be able to emmaus that many weapons, ooh or more weapons, thousands of rounds of ammunitions, sneak 19 weapons into a hotel. it is just not going to happen. >> yes. >> so, i think that if everybody is treated the same, then maybe we can avoid more catastrophes like this. >> i will say. >> this i've noticed over the years of doing this, any time the word thug is used, i can guarantee you it is a story about a black man. >> ya. >> ya. >> ya. and it is unfortunate.
7:39 am
i think that, you know, there is never a good time to talk about things like this. >> no. >> but i think that in this particular situation, there are some lessons that we can get out of this. we always go back and look at why did this happen? well, one of the reasons why these things happen, unfortunately, when somebody like a steven paddock is engaged in these things, is that nobody's watching him because he's not the person who is considered suspicious. he's an older white man with money. nobody's watching him. unfortunately some of the things that he did, somebody should have been watching. >> well, i'm sure you've been getting a lot of feedback after this came out in the paper. so we have some emails that we want to see to get your response to. one said i just red your article, 59 people dead. all you can do is bring race into the equation. enough already. racism will never die. while people like you continue to fan the flames. it is a national tragedy. white, black, purple. >> let's do another one here. all i can say is can you be more obviously racist, and
7:40 am
then one last, the lentz of racism there because you look for it whether you care as much about the 57-58 murders in chicago in september as much as you do the change, the chance to disparage anything white. i'll begin to respect anything you have to say. i bet you got a lot of that. >> i did. did i get a lot of. that will i find that interesting that it is my fault that racism exists. right? it is my fault for saying something about it. and because i say something, i perpetuate t if i would just be quiet, not saying anything about it, then racism would go away. it is like a festering sore, right? like you would just ignore it, and somehow it would go away. now, if you ignore it, it causes an infection, and that infection eventually killings you. >> yes. >> so there is no way in the world that we should ignore these things, we should talk about these things, be frank about it, so we can come up
7:41 am
with a solution. >> i agree with you. solomon, thank you for joining us. i know he has to get back to his show there at wurd. >> what is a better time to talk about this kind of stuff than right after -- >> like fresh on your behind? >> two weeks ago from now, we won't be talking about it, forget it. 7:41, get on twitter, react to that, i know you will. forget the cell phone. you know, texting and driving. there is something apparently that's distracting us just as badly as our phone inside your car. we will tell you what it is and stop it. >> and while were you sleeping, the flyers opened their season on the west coast. we will tell you what happened with we come back. ♪ ♪
7:42 am
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7:44 am
>> while getting shut eye, it ended 1:00 our time this morning, hey, flyers won last night. i opened up the season, claude giroux started the scoring, and then wayne simmons, had a hat trick all be it the final one, the third one was an empty netter. but, anyway, the flyers win over the sharks, san jose sharks five to three. way to go. nice start. by the way first time in flyers history that a player
7:45 am
has started this season. very first game, with a hat trick. >> what a way. congrats, wayne. >> okay, so let's get to. >> this we've been talking about it, we all know cell phones can be distracting now something else is distracting you, new cars have fancy technology in the dashboards, yes meant to increase safety but it may really be putting in you harms way. >> well these dash things now almost like video games, drivers to take their eyes off- the road and hands off the wheel for dangerous periods of time. stuff like the radios, gps systems, wifi, social media, e-mail, text, drivers now have access to whiling driving, some of the systems more difficult to use. i know sometimes i have to put on my glasses to look at the patching i dash stuff. >> when i get in some car, i say there is a lot going on on this dashboard. >> i like what we cover morning including jenn fred.
7:46 am
>> hi, guys. okay, so, i'm tweeting because that's exactly what everyone loves to do when the stars are on twitter with goss a.m. come on back one thing well irritated or is up set the guy who plays the penguinment tell you all about it when we come back.
7:47 am
( floor creaks) i can't believe we're doing this! (thunder cracks) ahh! gus, you're not scared, are you? i don't like thunder! this is getting creepy! (a wolf howls in the distance) heeey ... -whoa! (shriek) did you say creepy?
7:48 am
fang-tastic fortune. the new scratch off from the pennsylvania lottery. yeah, with top prizes of $50 grand. that's a monster of a prize! (giggles) (laughs) keep on scratchin'! >> 7:48. updating breaking news, schuylkill expressway remains
7:49 am
closed eastbound at university from early morning fatal motorcycle accident. happened about 3:00 this morning, here is the accident scene, where they're still investigating it. just east of university, and here is the back up, all traffic, that's coming into, through philadelphia, forced off at university into the university city area. the vine expressway, is back up, as well, and to add to matters here, there is now a disable van, in the delay, this guy probably ran out of gas because he's been sitting in the delay. eastbound, look at that, everything kind of coming up behind him here in what's the left lane approaching 30th street station. so here is the deal. getting ready to leave the how the, maybe coming to university city, bringing the kids down for checkup at chop. exit at 30th street. from there you can pick up market street. and you kind of come in the back door here headed into university city. headed to the airport, south philadelphia, exit for the vine street expressway. take that across town, then south 95, through south philly, connect you with the bridges, then of course it
7:50 am
will connect connect you with the airport. leaving from the suburbs you have another option, blue route, 476 south from king of prussia all the way down to 95. take that north up to the airport. twenty-six minute to your trip. at least it is moving there on the blue route. the paoli thorndale line had rough go, too. couple of canceled trains with some delays all due to equipment issues. but i think it is pretty nice day to be standing on the platform. sue has the forecast in 15 seconds. >> check out the new sonata. >> we have our next name storm of the season, national hurricane center issued their 8:00 update little early. now we have tropical storm nate, 40-mile per hour winds, that's pretty much the thresholds, 39 yell i to become a tropical storm. it is 10 miles south of
7:51 am
nicaragua, the coast of nicaragua in the western caribbean. it is expected to stay a tropical storm, goes into the gulf of mexico, becomes category one hurricane, and we have it potentially making landfall maybe early sunday morning, right now, around new orleans, but we know from watching hurricanes, all season, that that could change, eventually, some that far moisture could reach us by early next week. 62 degrees in philadelphia right now. sixty in allentown. 61 degrees milder morning in mount pocono, that we've had all week, 64 in ocean sit, and 64 in rehoboth beach. we expect high of 83 degrees today, staying in the 80s, friday, saturday, maybe even sunday, but then we have to factor in the chance of some showers, maybe by early next week, and actually at this point with all of the nice days, guys, we could use some rain. >> i know. okay. we will take it. gotham on tonight. >> yes. >> new show. >> oh, the orville. >> orville, yes.
7:52 am
jen toll us about him. >> we have legitimate fox lounge, you're welcome to come here. all kind of coloring books and things like that. but yes, last season, the penguin cranked up the crime control by requiring his fellow victims to basically register with him and get crime permit. well, ladies and gentlemen, this season, there is a new villain, and she is not really prepared to play by his rules. >> she does in the most brilliant way, by the way, i've been doing a lot every voice over, so i've been seeing their scenes together. and i'm not going to give anything away but i feel so bad. i feel so bad for what she does to him. but it is about time. someone -- >> he deserves it, he is a piece of crap. >> like real she does it in such a good way. oh, just very manipulative way. yes, she knows what she is doing. >> so now in your off-time, are you ever like, because again, like a cool, confident, i'm going to mess with you
7:53 am
kind of situation? >> uh-huh. >> are you ever like hey, lady that sat in my seat on the subway, you know, i'm going to crush you. >> like do you ever like, do you ever tuesday in your actual real life? no i don't. that's why i love playing her so much. because i get to. >> so one of the things all of the gotham super fans like our own bruce gordon love about the actors, live tweeting throughout the showment robin lord taylor admits sometimes it is frustrating. specially at one specific point, last season. >> because a lot of people would say, you know, look, you know this, he would write something like i'm not homophobic, but i hate what you are doing with these characters because it is not cannon, it is not part of the comic books. and it is just really interesting because they say, you know, saying i'm not homophobic, then it is like well, we're doing lot of things on our show that have never happened before. bruce wayne and cat woman are best friends growing up.
7:54 am
you know, the original batman move which jack nil on son, the joker killed bruce wayne's parent, a lot of times people didn't have problem with, that the problem they have deviate g from the original comic books there is a potential year story line. >> so yes. he is listening, he is constantly live tweeting if you go on twitter tonight at 8:00 i'm sure that he and the rest of the cast will be there. so cool to be able to talk with these giles, bottom line they love hearing from you. and i think you're going to be real excited about tonight's episode. >> he is such a good actor, too. and he kind of looks like a penguin in real life. >> i think they adjust his nose little bit, right? >> tad bit. and i will say this, like he also says that like the fans when they have suggestions on twitter, e-mail, how much, that it is to is worked into the show. see some of the story lines later this evening. >> okay, thanks, jen. hey, calling this needle thursday because we are getting our flu shot, i'm get mine in about ten minute here. we need your hugging down at thirds and market. but also get this.
7:55 am
would you consider sticking a need fool your eyeball? people are changing the height of their eyes to colors. it is a tatoo. >> oh, wait. it is not contact? >> no, it is a that, too the white of your eyes to a different color. we will talk about a woman who said she almost went blind doing this thing, i mean mean people are doing t all right, i will go down to third and market right now. hopefully there will be something there there is there is sam the pharmacist, he'll give me a shot live on the air. and i need someone to hug me, but we really need help at 8: 30 when alex gets her shot. >> oh, i will ' freak out. i already know it. >> i'm going to faint. we are here until 10:00. we just moved in about four months ago,
7:56 am
but the living room's pretty blank. it's really nice when clients come in and have done some of their own research. working with a bassett designer was really easy. just kind of ties in very well. we love it!
7:57 am
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7:59 am
>> was he real alone wolf? >> clothing controversy. amazon taking heat about selling a hoody about anorexia with questionable wording, what it says that has people so upset. >> into if a too trend, not a big trend, but a trend. one woman says she almost went blind, why this is one trend, i would skip. >> ♪ >> and i am mort lies dollars on broad street. the biggest names in philly music, come home to be honore honored. >> from jill scott to patti labelle, how it showed love for our own. >> it was special, really was, we'll give you details and the inside scoop. how are you doing. >> little tired. all out late last night. >> you were at 56 ers game. >> you were at the event, we just talk about. >> sue, your excuse?
8:00 am
>> boring, i went to bed. >> sue was shopping on the internet. >> no, you're the model, we should all be doing that. >> i feel great. >> i get it every year. i think it is a good idea. >> doctor mike says it is time. >> sure. >> so let's see what the weather will be first this morning. it has been so great. >> boring, another ten. this one, though, little bit warmer, little more humid. humored? yes, humored. and humid. yikes. we have a flyers cap, they won their first game of the season last night, some sunshine, but sweater for this morning, probably not this afternoon. we go 63 degrees out, there suburbs in the 50's, 13-mile per hour breezes out of the southwest, 83 the high temperature today, warmer afternoon than yesterday. and the first time in the 80s for awhile. tonight, we are down to 64 degrees, with chance of
8:01 am
shower, north and west. al next. >> before we get to bob, mike, he's at cvs, ready to get his flu. who are you feeling about this one, mike? >> i'm fine. i always get that white -- sam, common in here. last name? should i call you dock pharmacist? >> a lot of people do call us doctor, some do have farm d. however you can call me sam. that's fine. >> hi, sam. >> known sam for years. this is my cvs thirds and market. >> would you say this is our doctor mike says this is the time of year to get it done. >> absolutely, cdc recommends early as the flu shot becomes available you should get it. >> walk around there, you don't have to sit do you? >> absolutely not. makes more comfortable.
8:02 am
>> a myth. make al connection talk over this. >> mike, i think it is interesting you're heading the mike in the hands you gel the shot n hopefully you won't drop the mike. look at his face. oh. >> oh, my goodness. >> it is kind of hard to see. okay, so now we can't hear him at all. but oh, no, we can still see you, mike. >> if you can see me, that's good enough. >> yes, we can see you. >> can you see me? >> yes, we can. >> i feel like this is the worse part. when you know it is about to happen. and you're look -- oh. >> oh,. >> all screaming in the studio, mike. >> and there is no one thereto hug you. i thought someone was supposed to be thereto hold your hand.
8:03 am
>> oh! >> oh! >> see, you're better than me, mike, i have to watch. i have to watch. i can't look away. even though it hurts. >> all good. all good. >> you're in the clear, man. >> you're in the clear. okay? >> so, bob, i think you're up next, right? then i go over there? >> i don't know. i hate -- i can't even watch get that. so i'll go up the street in just a couple of moments. live look, 8:03, eastbound schuylkill schuylkill, remains closed, because of that early morning fatal accident near university. we are bumper to bumper, all traffic forced off at university. causing gridlock in the university city. children's hospital area. causing gridlock, crossing town on the vine street expressway. and then, to add to the matter we have an eastbound disable van, in the mix here.
8:04 am
right near 30th street. getting ready to leave the how the, here is couple of options, first grab some smacks that the kids are going with you, east on the schuylkill, exit at 30th street. you can come in, off of market street, come in the back side, there, at university city. if you are headed to the airport, use the vine expressway, crossing town, and take 95 south. if you are leaving from the suburbs, king of prussia, go for the blue route from the get go. 476 south down to 59 will put you in the airport area, and give you access to south philadelphia. now steve has been on the scene, he was the first one, there steve, you know exactly where to go. what's the latest? when you do you think they'll open up the eastbound lanes. >> inch. closer obvious five hours and counting but bob, i hate always reporting this. what was that again, chris? >> yes, it looks like the state police are getting ready to leavement and you see the philadelphia fire department, you're wondering why are they here? no fire. but you can see, a second firetruck, all the way up around the bend, and i always
8:05 am
say this on the air, i hate to be gory, but when someone is killed, specially on motorcycle, they're washing away the blood, and that is way before where the motorcycle landed which is where this firefighter was about, where that state trooper car s soak you see the difference between where the riders or the bike ended up, and his bike kept going, down the hill, and around the curve. before it ended up against the median here. and sometimes the fire department will also soak up a few spill, but it doesn't appear that there is much of the fuel from the motorcycle there, but i do see what look like little bit after puddle next to the median. you see that, too, chris, in your view finder? so they might have to clean up some fuel bob. they wash away that blood sadly, and this for you people just watching us now, two motorcycles were riding together, one of them 31, not involved in the accident, and a white acura, drove by, and we have video of everything, and if we're slowing it, this woman driving the acura either collided with the motorcycle or the motorcycle crashed on its own, and then she ran over
8:06 am
either the bike or the cyclist or both. we don't know. but she had front end driver side damage to her acura because already laying in the street in a accident. but you can see coming back to live picture the fire department with the engine up street, with the hoses out, washing down the eastbound lanes of the schuylkill expressway. so, we are getting closer to re-opening. but the morning rush hour, we're learning, guys, back at the steak, how the old leg bones connected to the arm bone thing, the schuylkill being shutdown affect every other highway, from all of the other problems from all of the detours. so whether it is the local traffic here in grays ferry, the vine street expressway or even nine, a everything is affected when this road get shutdown, guys? >> okay, thank you, so much, steve for keeping us updated on all of this, this is certainly affecting a lot of people's commute this morning. so we will keep checking back in with you. 8:06. this morning, investigators, they're still probing the crime scene in las vegas, they say, it can take five more
8:07 am
days, and officials say they've evidence that 64 year old steven paddock planned to escape after he unleashed gunfire on the crowd of concert goers, and hours ago, we have new information, "tmz" has report that paddock booked a room overlooking lala palooza in chicago, and that was two month ago, and 400,000 people attend that event including former president barack obama's daughter, malea owe bathroom a. so i'm sure we will learn a lot more about, that bye booked a room right at la la pal use a. >> prestores trump and the first lady melania made their way to las vegas yesterday to pay tribute to victims and also the first responders, told survivors one of the hospital in vegas were invited to the white house. less took time to praise the doctors and the nurses for all of the work that they did there. coming up on 8:08. amazon taking a lot of heat for selling a hoodie advertising self control. so, what's the problem? well, it is the slogan behind
8:08 am
the message, that some are calling offensive. karen, because the deals with anorexia, right? >> consume remembers calling on amazon to draft this clothing item that's being sold, because it describes anorexia as like bulemia self with self control. >> where is the chip in these people in the hoodie which went on sale tuesday has already received more than 175 severely critical comments, even health experts say, this can cause further mental health issues for people who suffer from this condition. and just no joke. no laughing matter. these are things that can actually be deadly, kill people, they do kiln young girls and boys. so far amazon has not commented but we got couple of the quotes from social media, and here are some every them. from amazon on twitter, amazon disgraceful, eating disorders are illnesses and not to be joked about or trivialize dollars, so inapropriate. another person write: diseases not a joking matter. remove this anorexia hoodie item from sale.
8:09 am
eating disorders kill. and if you aren't bod heard by the holly's message being sold for seriously 25 bucks on but i mean it is not something that's funny to joke about. >> no. no. >> poor taste. >> just stupid. i won't be buying that. all right, thanks, karen. soap, i have got need until my arm. aim know going to do this next thing by shoving needle into my eyeball. >> what? can you believe people are doing this now? >> so, you change the color, the whites of your eyes, to a different color, now there is woman wanted a certain color, but then all of this purple goo started -- >> oh, gorby can't look that it. >> yes. >> she said she nervily went blind. we'll tell how is doing this. oh, did you see new words in the dictionary? all about philly. >> you knew about that jawn. >> jawn. if you're from philly or if you have lived here long enough you know this word. but, it is kind of like an unofficial-official philly word. so what if it is official for
8:10 am
everybody? >> did noah find out about it? honey, what are you doing? watching a cow...?
8:11 am
what's it doing? impressions start your day with the new hash brown scramble bowl from chick-fil-a.
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8:13 am
>> 8:12, the eastbound lanes, have been closed since about 3:00 this morning, let's go outside, to steve keeley's camera. steve new exactly where to go this morning, he was first one on the scene, as we look live, he's right there, curbside, and you see the philly firefighters hosing down the roadway, sun step closer to the opening of the eastbound lanes, again, all lanes still closed at the moment. and let's go to the maps. because we got a major back up right now. eastbound, on the schuylkill expressway, all traffic forced off, at university. if we can come back to the maps, jammed solid, everybody coming into downtown philadelphia. it is as steve mentioned causing domino effect on all of the other roadways like here, the vine expressway on the right, bumper to bumper, folks, trying to get across town. here is a live look at the schuylkill near spring garden street. your best bet, if you are coming into the city, you want
8:14 am
to jump off. at this point now jump off before 30th street. maybe jump off montgomery to work your way in toward university city. if you are headed down to the airport, you can use 676 to 95 south. if you are coming out of king of prussia, or the suburb, use the blue route to 95 north, if you are trying to get to the airport. forecast for your thursday, and the weekend ahead, sue has it in 15 seconds. >> so, here we are, tropical storm nate. the next name on the list because official just little while ago. 8:00. 40-mile per hour winds, off the coast of nicaragua, but we have to really watch the path of the storm. because it is headed into the gulf of mexico. expect it to strengthen to category one hurricane. come ashore, somewhere along the gulf coast, projection now
8:15 am
is new orleans, but that could change, and look what happens after that. it heads toward our area. probably by early next week. so, as far as landfall is concerned, maybe sunday morning as category one hurricane leer we go again. for today we've got few showers, possible, little later on in the afternoon, with a weak cold front. the showers stay to the north and west, lehigh valley, allentown, but see some clouds later on in the day, and it is not going to change the temperature too much from 83 today, to 80 tomorrow. and 82 on saturday. factor in chance of showers sunday, monday, maybe even tuesday of next week, depending on what nate decides to do. >> hey, sue, would you ever stick a sir inning or a needle into your eyeball? >> not today. >> or any day really. >> and on purpose? >> no. >> that would be a big no. i would agree with that, alex concers. but tatoo's haven't been around for centuries and there
8:16 am
are few people i know that's not many, who are tatooing the whites of their eyes to have it a different color. >> i guess you want to find something else because bay toes have been around for so long, way to keep it new? >> i believe these are people looking foray tension. >> this is called vera too too, getting the white part r of your eyeball injected ink. it sounds dangerous, and one woman says that's because it is. the pictures you're about to see there very disturbing, what it is supposed to look like. now we show you what happened to one woman. she is a canadian model, her name cat, she posted these pictures on facebook as a warning after attempt to go get the high of her eyes tatoo. hard to so. you can see purple ooze coming out of her eye. oh, my gosh. and at one picture it is coming down her cheek. >> swells up. >> and the issue she says was that the ink wasn't properly diluted and issues with the needle. so he has been taking anti by out, posted yesterday her vision is returning, and her planned surgery has been
8:17 am
still she is going through this. so she wants to let people know maybe this isn't a good idea. >> hey, we who to bring in a doctor, doctor jack is back, jack dugan from over at wills, right? >> yes. >> over at wills eye hospital. of course this is stupid. and hopefully not too many people are doing t but if you would do it, would the whites of your eyes be permanently purple, the colors you choose? >> this is permanent change. permanently changes the color of the whites of your eye. a dye is injected beneath the skin, that covers the app, called con junk five a. and it is a tremendously dangerous procedure. performed by people who have no appropriate training. >> probably should be, you know, doctors don't it do. >> this in is your tatoo artist? , no and it is fortunately a very rare procedure. the doctor who invented is now activity trying to get it outlawed. >> invented it. >> the person who started. >> tatoo artist who started trying to get it outlawed.
8:18 am
documented cases of people, completely losing their vision, having to have their eye removed after this. so, this is a horrible thing to do. nobody should ever have this done. nobody should even consider doing it. >> and what's the issue here? is it because the dye that's in your eyeball, or what's causing it? >> sterility issues with the person doing it. the dye being used is not intended to be used in the eye, there could be permanent inflammation. if you are off by a fraction after miami meter, you can inject it inside the eye. >> oh,. >> and permanently, permanently lose vision. this is a horribly dangerous procedure, that nobody should have. >> you can't, i guess, legislate stupidity? >> the pictures people are posting on instagram, don't have the reaction that the
8:19 am
model it, i mean, that could have long-term? >> long-term, the toxicity of the dyes, certainly not intended to be against your eye. it is a permanent thing. >> you can't undo it once it is done. >> but little section between? >> yes, you have the conj un ktiva membrane over the eye, as thick as three sheet of paper. >> wow. >> so do you have get a needle inbetween there and not hit the eyeball. eyeball is thicker than a nickel, thickness after nickel. so talking about injecting this beneath the conjunction five a and this dye then circles around. a lot of people will see, people will get hemorrhages in their eyes. and you'll see they have like a blood spot, that gets re sobbed by the eye, but that's the space where they are
8:20 am
attempt to go do this. and if they're off. , it is a disaster. >> okay. >> don't do this. >> ya. >> get your flu shot, though. >> this just in. don't do this. >> if you want, just do contact or something? >> no need to go this far. >> yep. >> you know, i think elizabeth taylor had violet eyes, they were natural. violet eyes. >> it is. >> sexy, and they have lavender eyes. >> she was gorgeous and you have beautiful eyes, too, doctor. >> thank you. >> finds you very attractive. >> that's wonderful to hear. >> is your relationship head today divorce? >> no. we're happily married for 25 years. >> twenty-five, congrats, amazing. >> yes, yes. >> that's good. why your parent relationship failure, say, your parent got divorced would that translate into you getting a divorce? is it genetic? that's weird. and how about that word jawn? hey, al next. >> well, if you're from philly we all know about, that even
8:21 am
though you say it differently. >> jawn. i remember i said once on air people said i was saying it wrong. either way people from all over the country could soon be saying this word. is it time to add it to the dictionary? >> how about videotape yourself saying it, sends it to us on twitte. big news from advil, advil liqui-gels minis. our first concentrated pill that rushes powerful relief.
8:22 am
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>> i thought i was here for a flu shot? >> hey, you don't have to santiago everything off. my goodness. >> ahh. ahh. ahh. >> bob took his pant off when he went into the cvs and thirds and market, not sure why. >> okay? >> you know what, i didn't even know what happened. i didn't even know it happened. i think it is over, bob. >> he's like -- >> is it over. >> it is over. >> hey, if you've got insurance you can go over there and get it for free, in fact, all of the cvs's, something like 200 in the delaware valley. >> i'm neck -- i'm neck, and i'm nervous. >> do you have insurance?
8:25 am
>> i do. >> then it is free. if you don't have insurance it is 40 bucks. >> sam down there, he said -- >> what's that mean? >> if you don't have the insurance. >> oh, he'll help you out? >> oh, okay, okay, that's nice of him. >> if you're from philly you know the words jawn. >> you say it jawn, like it is french. i say jawn. >> jawn. >> jawn. okay, well, anyway, people from philly, you know what i am talking about. or even the delaware valley we all know. even made it to the movies. like in creed, remember, when they started talking about it? >> yes, yes. >> sorry about the jawnness, jawn. >> what's a jawn? >> it is a noun. >> okay? >> like jawn, this is a jawn, this is a jawn. >> now in the dictionary? >> apparently thinking about putting it in the dictionary, it can refer to single thing. >> so it is in the running to be put in there? >> yes. so basically, when merium webster positioned this, this is one of the words we're watching, we're seeing this
8:26 am
word pretty often. hasn't met the criteria yet to be push in the dictionary. but they want you to know that okay, we are watching you. seeing a lot of people use it. >> so they'll say it is an all purpose noun, right? >> that would be an interesting job to work over at webster. and then you got to look at all of the criteria. >> so let's hear people say it. i think cookie did it on empire. >> okay. >> look at that jawn over there. >> pass me the jawn. i will be talking about the phone. >> seep, it is like jawn. you say it like jaw. >> say it again. >> jawn. >> use it in a sentence, please? >> uh, you are one crazy jawn. >> you say it like it is friend: it is jawn. >> jawn. >> like ya, jawn. >> we're both -- >> i know that jawn.
8:27 am
>> i think it is time to put it in the dictionary. the problem, what i wouldn't earn, because in philly we're protective of that term, right. >> do we want everyone using it, everyone knowing about it? we would like to shower it. >> i like to share. >> some people like to know, okay, they're from philly, you know what i mean? >> yes, jawn. jawn. you should see the jawn, the jawn, the jawn -- she had on last night. >> oh,. >> it is the sexiest dress i've ever seen you wear in my life. >> oh, my gosh. >> don't build it up. >> it look like continue foil it been wrapped around you, and i mean tightly. >> trying to do rock-and-roll theme, disco ball, about the music, legends were in town last night because they're being immortalized on broad street. our walk of fame. oh, hey patty. and we also had jill scott. sister sledge. oh, we will tell but last night, it will be great.
8:28 am
meet steve sweeney.
8:29 am
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8:31 am
>> if you don't have anything nice to say about somebody, come sit by me, i love to gossip. it is common of course, but why do we do it? the number one reason women specially bash other women. okay. by the way, you know our producer by now, we call her milky way, she is showing me her engagement ring, her fiancee dave. they got this dilema should they take wedding pictures before the actual wedding? so that would ruin the surprise of her walking down the aisle, and dave would know what she is looking like. but it gets the photos out of the way. they can't decide. should megan and dave take the pictures ahead of the wedding,
8:32 am
or wait until, you know, the surprise on the aisle? >> i mean it is kind of special when the groom can see you for the first time when it is that moment. >> then he's supposed to cry, stuff like. that will so simple twitter pole. should they do it before, or wait until down the aisle? okay. >> are we checking on steve, is that what we're doing. >> yes, because talking about the schuylkill, how it has been closed since 3:00 a.m. >> oh, it is opening? >> steve? >> just reopened two minute ago, at 8:30 on the dot. and you can see, everybody's speeding by us, as they're allowed to roam free again. and so i'm sure they will be residual delays for a long time, at the original detour and back up scenes. but you can see, people speeding bias the westbound lane is at a crawl. as usual. bumper to bumper. but because this is reopened, people are free and clear and this is five and a half hours of waiting for this to be free and clear. but here comes big tanker truck. and we're going to get off of
8:33 am
this road. because we'll see another accident. but the fire department washed it down, they got everybody out of here, and fortunately they back end of the rush hour at least won't be as bad as the start of rush hour, guys. >> looking live at steve's camera. >> bob started covering this at 4:00 this morning. >> bob was helping us get around it, because that's pretty big thing to be shutdown, during rush hour in the morning rush hour. >> those people headed to the airport, stuff like that. >> the good thing now steve just mentioned with it open now, you can see cars on the left moving eastbound, but the back up is still there. so anybody that's already left the house stuck, eastbound, jammed solid from pretty much city line all the way in the vine expressway, heavy, the ben franklin bridge, is jammed, coming up and over in toward downtown philly. there is a live look at the schuylkill at spring garden, so for anybody that's getting ready to leave the house now,
8:34 am
even though it is open, i would still avoid it, i would jump off where you can, 30th street over to market, going over to chop or trying to get down to the pair port stick with the blue route, 476 south, the way to go, as you work your way down toward the airport. sue, good looking forecast for today? >> yes, looks pretty good. we still have a jacket on the bus stop buddy and flyers cap. temperatures 50's, 60s this morning, head today 83 later on in the day. much warmer than it has been all week. tonight down to 64, couple of showers north and west, mostly in the lehigh valley and the pocono mountains. mike and alex. >> okay. >> we had big night last night as you can tell. we were about on 45 minute of sleep. >> but it was worth it. >> it was. >> big night. music in fill. >> i celebrating all of the legends, that were inducted for this year, 2017. talking about the philadelphia music alliance walk of fame. you know on broad street, look down, see plaques, celebrating some of our legends that are from our area. so the honorees for the class of 2017, they unveiled these
8:35 am
plaques, steve lab he will there. look at. that will look at patty. she came out. we have sarah dash. >> skill scott was out, there mcfadden whitehead, their family kale out, sister row set a, when it comes to gospel, she did so much. the soul survivors, rough house records and wogl personality, mr. saturday night, bob pantano. >> saturday night dance party. we had little dance party last night too. it was patti labelle's second star on broad street. >> wooer ' forever young, for ever singing and just going to be forever friends forever. i lover you al. i'm philadelphia and forever and ever amen. >> drive by the kimmel center yes, looks great. sarah watches the show all the time. >> and jill scott was there. this is why we love jill scott. she always keeps it real. so listen to her take, have a
8:36 am
plaque on broad street. listen to what she had to say about it. >> avenue plaque on the cement, people going to walk on it, put cigarettes out on it, you know what i mean, tie their shoes on it, it will rain on it. dog will pea on it, you know what i mean? it is what it is. and i just -- i can't believe that this girl from north philly is forever a part of the sit the way that i am. i'm just honored. >> isn't she amazing? i mean, it is a good point. you are going to get walked on hey if i'm going to get walked on, that's how i want it to happen, on the walk of fame. >> maybe i'll go pea on it after the show. so then last night, that was during the day, then last night alex scott got to host the event where we actually gave them the stars and the plaques. >> yes, ma'am, we got to celebrate them, pay tribute to them. and so this was at the red carpet there. you can see, leon huff handcuff there. when they were getting ready
8:37 am
to go in. and then it was time to get the party started. >> fellows, did i tell but the dress? how long did it take to you get into that? >> it was a process. you can see on my instagram, i showed you all behind the scenes. >> can you drop the lower third? >> mike want to see more of the dress? >> yes. >> so i have to thank alycia fredericko, dressing jane? >> localed on. >> what? >> you can see through it. >> no, it is not see through. i have something underneath t don't, you know, stay. >> really? >> yes. >> the thing it was rock-and-roll, so trying to do something that i wouldn't northerly do, go out my comfort zone and really shine because it is music, it is rock-and-roll, disco, let december it. >> all i know is i think i lover you. >> stop. my parents were there oh, okay. >> oh, your dad? wha? >> but it was really fun. you know mike, because we're a duo. >> yes. >> i'm so glad that you were
8:38 am
there. we got to have little fun on stage. >> i have to say, this is something. i've always wanted to be introduced by the voice of god, you know, still be alive. >> i've never seen you with that mike. >> you know, i can do things on my own. >> well, i'm kind of disappointed. i was hoping to see him actually. >> you know what it is not him. it is me tonight. >> watch your tone, alex. >> wait. is that -- did that sound like mike? mike, mike jerrick, are you god? >> so you can't do anything by yourself. i have to show up for everything. >> i like doing things with you, it is great. yes, my parents were there because my dad loves everything about it, sop, so he had a great time. my mom was, there as well, they were dancing and sing. it was just great time all aroundment i'm so glad that, you know, we are taking the time, glad the philadelphia music alliance does this, because so much music comes out of philly and amazing, so
8:39 am
glad. >> you are dad even put ear plugs in, the music was loud. one of the main reasons alex wanted to do it, always wanted to meet and take a picture with jill scott. >> i love her so much. >> so much commotion, so much activity, thousand dollars do your duties as the host. she never got to pick. she never got the picture -- >> wait. >> she never got the picture with jill scott. >> so i think patty jackson is a good friends, maybe we can get this done. >> i just want to tell her i think she is amazing, and what she's done. >> jill, still in town, come by fourth and market. >> and carol riddick, all came out, paid tribute. she went out to the stage jill scott just basking in it, you can tell she really enjoyed it, wonderful night, behind the scenes, follow me and see
8:40 am
more last night, it was craze. >> i i also met my next ex-wife, we'll show you foot and. by the way, sam from down at cbss, said you're not getting out of your flu shot. >> oh, do we have time for it still? no, no. no. >> go. >> can somebody hug alex? see, one of our viewers, she getting hers done live on tv. >> i don't think i can do this. >> okay.
8:41 am
8:42 am
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8:43 am
>> as alex makes her way to the vvs here in old city take a look at the gorgeous city, cove haven in the pocono mountains, watches the tropics once again, new storm if you just joined us, tropical storm nate, formed just off the coast of nicaragua, the western caribbean, and it is a
8:44 am
minimal tropical storm at the moment. but as you look at the path, you see, it strengthening into a category one hurricane. making landfall, potentially, somewhere along the gulf coast, by sunday morning, affecting us potentially, because big cone of uncertainty here, by early next week, maybe tuesday, maybe wednesday, we will see what happens. but for today, a little bit of rain, later on, north and west of the city, with a weak cold front. but it won't change the temperatures too much. 83 degrees today. then 80 tomorrow. lower 80s saturday, as well, chance of shower for the eagles game with the cardinals on sunday, and monday for columbus day, chance of a shower as well. but, at this point, mike jerrick, we need the rain. >> we do. we also need jenn fred. >> of course. >> hi, jen. it is a you go there day. >> it is you go there day. and we're about to go there. >> it is a go there day, look at this, weaver so many people, and the police officers keep showing up, we have some of my favorite people here, zoe, come on
8:45 am
back, i'll tell you exactly waist going on, why i'm not organized, you'll help me get organized, do you promise? okay. after 8 years of chris christie, is kim guadagno the change new jersey really needs? guadagno is christie's hand-picked successor. says she's "proud to be part of the christie administration." guadagno was chris christie's right hand as our schools came under attack, critical services were underfunded, and our credit rating was downgraded...11 times. from the bridge to the beach, we've seen it all, and we've had enough. kim guadagno isn't the change we need.
8:46 am
8:47 am
♪ ♪ hi ted, glad you could join us! ♪ ♪ give it a try. mmm. give that to me. ♪ ♪ (laughing) ted? ♪ ♪ >> 89:47 this thursday.
8:48 am
inside that cvs at thirds and market, ann know she does not like needles like a lot of us, but this is the week for the flu shot, folks. all right, go for it. >> mike, i don't want to. do i have to come out? >> are you hiding too? common. >> little bit. i just -- >> come on. >> i don't know that it is necessary, something about needles. i just can't. look at them clothing in on my arm. sam promises he'll make it as painless as possible, but oh,. >> i have a little surprise for you, because i heard you're little afraid of needles. you can hold the cvs bear while getting your shot. >> oh, thank you. that's sweet. because we ask people to show up, they want to give me a hug, and nobody it, mike. so that's kind of awkward. but at least i have this bear. so this counts. thank you, sam, i appreciate t hopefully the bear will still be alive by the time we're done with this, okay it is time, ah. okay. >> is it over? >> it is all done. >> already over. >> okay, it is over. >> and you have a nice finding
8:49 am
dorey band aid. >> finding dorey, thank you. all right. >> she can barely bear it. hey, i started going to this pharmacy because nicole, she is a pharmacist there, is she there today? >> is nicole here today? mike wants to know. >> yes, she is. >> so which one is nicole? i have to see nicole. who nicole? i'm coming. is she on the phone? >> she's on the phone right now. mike, are you talking to her on the phone. >> she is very gentle. but i got sam to stick me. >> mike says you're sweet and gent. >> thank you you, mike. >> then she is like -- >> she is engaged. >> okay, getting ready to surprise the south jersey police officer dedicated his life to helping his wife battle brain cancer. this is a perfect candidate for you go there. >> it was the evening of january 29th, 2016. winslow township police officer matt givens, woke from a nap, to find his wife holly
8:50 am
sitting on the bathroom floor dizzy, and unable to speak clearly. after a trip to the emergency room, and testing, doctors gave them news that would change their lives forever. holly was diagnosed with a brain tumor. and brain cancer. matt and holly were determined not to let it break them. they have three young churning, and they new they had to fight. holly began treatment, radiation, annex tended chemotherapy, all of it ended in june. inbetween working 12 hour shifts, matt dedicated his time to learning more about brain cancer, he red about the race for hope organization, and that is where holly grace was born, with the help of family, friends, has raised more than $08,000 for brain cancer research. today is matt and holly's fifth anniversary and matt's mom rita no better way to celebrate the couple managed
8:51 am
to keep their fate, love, hope, even in the worse every times. >> so jen is in barrington, new jersey, to dot honors. hi, jen. >> by the way, look at how many people are joining me. they're going to make sure we don't mess this up. we have officers from win low township, from barrington, friends, family member, and we >> good morning, jen. morning. >> so first of all little mad at matt's dad because he nominated him then took a trip to austria? >> did he do that. >> okay. this is his daughter, good morning. >> good morning. >> you got to be real excited to be part of the surprise? >> yes. >> so we have to get zombies out of the way. first we have to say thank you, to cheap george smith, thank you very much. he's making sure that officers from his unit will be here to help with the surprise. obviously the winslow township police department. and you want to talk about the moon shot initiative. >> i do. thank you jen. first quickly say our hearts and prayers go out to las vegas, to the victims their families the first responders and the healthcare givers.
8:52 am
yes, so we know research is real important for to find a cure for brain cancer. and joe biden started operation moon shop, which is now the initiative, which is to spur the urgency to get cures for all cancers. and joe has said patience cannot wait one minute, one day, for a cure. so, we are so hopeful that he is able to get that urgency, through to the pharmaceutical companies, the researchers, and to the patients themselves. >> okay, i got to go over here. you degrees here for a reason. you say your guys gave sick time to him, you made sure he could be there with his family because he was so dedicated to helping out by the way your a very, very tall. >> thank you. yes, all of our township employees including police officer, all got very involved, very emotional for all of us, matt is a phenominal officer, great family man, we're very familiar with him and his wife and their situation, and we just want to make sure he was taken care every best way
8:53 am
possible for us. >> you will pick him up when he falls on the ground because he's so stunned? here's what's going to happen. there is more people coming did you know this? more people coming. everyone will be surprised. probably one of the best ever. so we will see now little bit from new jersey, thank you, guys. >> man what a turn out. nicely done. this guy deserves it, big time. okay, so empire was on last night. anika, we saw her in her jail jumpsuit. oh. did you hear who put her there? well, we will talk about it neck, oh, it was good last night. break.
8:54 am
8:55 am
8:56 am
>> we have some breaking news out of lehigh county this morning, we learned freedom high school east mills middle school and bethlehem area vocational technical school well have been placed on lockdown. >> the lockdown was put in place, in response a call from county, the 911 offers there,
8:57 am
indicating an incident, in the local neighborhood. not necessarily at the school. but in the neighborhood. east hills students arriving in buses will be taken to liberty high school, now, skyfox, just across the river, just took off. it will take a while to get to lehigh. but that should take us 15 minutes, so yes, three bethlehem schools lockdown, still trying to figure out what the cause is. >> this atmosphere, any time you hear the word lockdown. we will get there again in about ten, 15 minutes, 20 tops. >> all right. it is three minute before 9:00. now when karen joins us at 9:00 i want to ask her about this, it is gossip, not that she is a gossip, but she and dow gossip quite a bit. >> you all do. >> well, it is common. be we will isolate women this time. because men gossip too, but women why they bash other women? the number one thing they talk
8:58 am
trash about is? >> number one thing, all right. when should you take your wedding photos? our producer megan, having a dilemma. she want to know if she should see her fiancee before the wedding, that way to get the pictures done, or should she just wait make sure her walk down the aisle is special? now, what did you do? what do you recommends? wait until the actual ceremony or is it okay to just go ahead and get the official wedding photos out of the way? >> before the wedding? want in on the secret to ageless skin. take the olay 28 day challenge. millions of real women see results starting day 1. "there is not a friend i have, that will not own this product"" visible results or your money back olay. ageless.
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she pretty much lives in her favorite princess dress. but once a week i let her play sheriff so i can wash it. i use tide to get out those week old stains and downy to get it fresh and soft. you are free to go. tide and downy together.
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