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tv   FOX 29 News at 5  FOX  October 6, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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good evening, i'm dawn timmeney. >> i'm chris o'connell. at this hour, the gulf coast is bracing for the storm's impact including areas hit hard by hu hurricane katrina more tha decade ago. meteorologist scott williams tracking nate's path let's get the latest from the gulf coast and fox's kimberly. >> as rough waves start to develop in the gulf, crews will work threw the night building emergency levees to protect homes and businesses from tropical storm nate. >> the elevation of these levees can probably handle, you know, category one but not category three but as the years go by hopefully we do keep going up and up with them. >> as we've seen time and time again grand isle is especially vulnerable to storms. some neighbors plan to ride it out. >> i'm already packed. i'm ready to go if we need to go. yeah.
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they close one we're heading out. he don't know it but he's going, too. >> others say no way. >> i'm worried. i mean i lost my house in katrina. and i know there's saying maybe just tropical even cat one but when your whole life is under one roof, it's, you know, you got to go away and you just sit and watch the weather and wait and pray that you come back with something. >> officials are expecting several inches of rape and union you shallly high tides at three to 5 feet the mayor says all the pumps are and running and backup pumps are stand by. >> whatever we can do before saturday at 6:00 o'clock, when they tell us we got to get out we're going to keep on working. >> because of the weather, grand isle and the library will be closed friday and monday. >> now let's get the latest on nate's track. meteorologist scott williams tracking the storm for us. what it's looking like, scott. >> getting a little better organize still churning right
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around the yucatan peninsula look at the inn from a red satellite perspective on the system. you can see a burst of convention right now around that center of circulation. it's situated now just to the east of cozumel mexico right now 80 miles to the east there. maximum sustained winds up to 6g pretty rapidly to the north northwest at about 21 miles per hour. so take look at the latest from the national hurricane center. by tomorrow afternoon in the open waters 70 miles an hour wind storm then making landfall sometime saturday night into sunday morning around new orleans along the gulf coast toward sections of mobile, alabama, likely as that category one hurricane. then the remnant moisture heads right toward the lehigh and delaware valleys early next we week. hurricane warnings posted new orleans over towards sections of mobile bay. take a look at the spaghetti plots a good consensus take a look how the models making that bee line right toward new
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orleans then early next week what's left of it heads to the delaware valley. that threat of tropical storm force winds closing in around new orleans, biloxi mobile as we move toward the upcoming weeke weekend. so here at home it will be warm, it will be muggy over the next several days. of course, tracking nate and then coming up, we'll have the timing of one to perhaps 2-inc 2-inches here locally of rain. back over to you. >> all right, scott, thank you. we showed you this video recently of an armed robbery. the guy armed with a large 95 only on fox philadelphia police have linked the man you see here to even more incidents. he is now wanted for more than half dozen robberies. >> police are hoping to get him off the streets before he strikes again. dave schratwieser live at philadelphia police headquarters with the latest on this one. dave? >> reporter: this guy has been quite a tear. philadelphia police now believe he may have been involved in as many as seven armed robberies in some cases vaulting over the counters at local stores and threatening employees.
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>> and he jumped over the counter and he has a big knife. >> reporter: workers at the texas chick can't and burger restaurant on kensington avenue are still shaken after this mass masked robber vaulted over the counter way big 95 and demanded money. >> he just tell us like, um, open the register and give me all the money. >> he's not in there very long. maybe 20 to 30 seconds and he's out. >> reporter: mid afternoon robbery just one of seven knife point stick ups police believe are tied to the same suspect. three in the kensington port richmond area, three more in northeast philly and possibly one in cheltenham. >> it's an urgency in catching this guy before he he is indicates la or before somebody gets hurt. >> he came around the counter and he put his hands in the cash register. the one girl held him he took the knife to her. >> this employee at jimmy's house of pizza asked to us conceal her identity after the knife wielding bandit walked into the take out restaurant right before closing flashed a big 95 at three employees and held the place up.
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>> i'm pregnant so i was -- i was like, you know what, let him take what he wants. it doesn't matter to me. i ain't risking my kid for it. >> reporter: suspect has been caught on surveillance video several times but he's wearing a mask and gloves. he was wearing this diss diss tiff hadi in one robbery. agria gray hoodie in others. police say the employees are hoping for a quick arrest. >> got to catch him. put him in jail. someone is going to get hur. >> reporter: now again no one has been seriously hurt at this point. police tell us this guy also wears some yellow construction gloves and that gray hoodie in most of the robberies. chris? >> all right, dave, thanks. 58 white crosses now stand along las vegas strip. one for each of the victims that died in sunday's shooting. police are now said to be looking into stephen paddock's recent purchase of tracer ammunition bullets most often used by military in night battles. 53 gators are also looking to whether paddock was planning
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other attacks. researching other music festivals in las vegas and in chicago where he also book rooms. boston police are also stepping up security around several upcoming events. the big question tonight that still has no answer, why did this happen? >> well, one of the larger gun shows on the east coast is taking place this weekend in montgomery county. fox 29's jeff cole is live in upper providence township you spoke to organizers and attendees about the decision to have this show go on as planned in the wake of las vegas. right? >> reporter: well, dawn, organizers are blip about it they say there's simply too much money invested, too much money on the table here to simply postpone or cancel this event in the wake of vegas. now turn out here is expected to be strong. drawing people from across the region. they gathered five days after the killings in vegas and well before the 1:00 p.m. opening of gun oktoberfest an expansive gun
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show in oaks, pa. >> you can go to gun store. >> there are 600 vendors selling weapons of all kinds here including the ar15 semi automatic rival. >> why does a gun own are in near this gun, this ar15? why should they have that gun. >> it's their right to. >> reporter: gun dealer dave seller had several lined up at his table and see nos need to ban their sale. >> at some point, does the slaughter get so bad that these need to be stopped? >> no. never. >> no. because it's the person that commits the act. >> reporter: organizers believe eight to 15,000 people will come through their doors at 12 bucks a head during the weekend event. loaded guns are not allowed inside. promotor pat mccarthy claims there was no way to postpone the show. >> a lot of people would lose a lot of money because this is a livelihood. >> people lot of lot of money. >> people love lives. >> five days later you're selling ar15s in there. >> yeah.
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yes. and as the rest of the world is, too. rest of the country. >> reporter: organizers say they certainly mourn for the dead in vegas. reporters were treated well here. we were allowed to talk to vendors ton people coming in and out of the facility we got inside as well. but ask about vegas compare to this gun show and that did draw engineers from some here. live in oaks, i'm jeff cole. more reporting at 6:00 o'clock. folks, back to you. >> jeff cole, thank you sir. >> mold found in south jersey elementary school has hundreds of parents worried for their kids safety and tonight that school is shut down. fox 29's joanne pileggi live in williamstown with the latest. joanne. >> reporter: hey, chris. imagine this. imagine this was your kid. here's what happened. some 500 students from one school in this district were separated this morning and sent to three other schools in the district including this one behind me and here's the reason. they found a serious mold problem in one of this district's elementary schools.
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this is holly glenn elementary in williamstown, gloucester county. and it's now closed down and called unsafe for students. >> there's differ levels they get tested on and the report they gave us last night showed of one of them tested high. so i don't think that, you know, i think there's an issue. >> reporter: and it's all detailed in this environmental report released at a board meeting last night. tests taken monday showed elevated levels of mold and the board voted to close the school. parents n of the decision last night. >> angry. i mean, i certainly am. >> if you're accumulating mold on the desks, these are the desks that our kids sit at. so if it's getting to the point where the on the desk, you can't tell me that you don't know that it's a problem. >> reporter: parents scrambling this morning to send their kids to three other district schools and as word spread on social media parents tell us their kids saw crews
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working in the middle school friday. >> on facebook they were posting pictures of people taking out ceiling tiles in the middle school while the children are still in session. it's like crazy. >> reporter: donna pulled her daughter out of the middle school. >> in the girls locker room there's like showers that we're not allowed to use. >> what are they going to do if we find out there's more mold in all the other schools, too. >> reporter: elevated mold levels can be dangerous and can cause respiratory issues, allergies and asthma. the company that did the testing recommending the school be closed. >> i personally think the superintendent and the higher up people in this township need to be held accountable for this. >> reporter: we called the superintendent's office a few times today. no return phone call. at the meeting last night the superintendent said that holly glenn would be cleaned and it may not open until early next year. parents also tell us that all of the district's five other schools will also be tested. chris, dawn, back to you. >> all right, joanne, thank you.
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coming up, no you're not smelling things. something is stinking up city streets. so what's making people hold their notices? and a philly statue defaced. the shocking site that greeted people in the city and why this vandal may need a history less lesson. and archaism coming to the philadelphia sheriff's office. how it will impact members of the city's transgender communi community. and all new at 6:00-a school takes matter noose its own hands painting a cross walk on to the street. now fox 29 getting results. ♪
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>> skyfox over the scene of a house fire in philadelphia this morning. flames broke out at this home around 9:00 o'clock. this happening on the 2200 block of titan street much that is in the point breeze section of the city. you can see smoke come out of that house as firefighters worked from above. nobody was injured. and the fire was put under control. the cause however still under investigation. this was the scene of a crash on mlk in west philadelphia. it happened around 9:00 near the intersection of black road. two people were taken to the hospital. the extent of their injuries is not yet known. a statue in philadelphia vandalized with anti nazi graffiti despite the statue not being of a nazi or even german much this is the statue located near the lighthouse on boat house row along the schuylkill river. vandals recently painted the
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face and feet with an arc consist symbols and language so offensive we can't show you on television. perhaps the vandal shows do a little research because the statue is not german. it's ice land dick explorer from the early 11th century who helped discover and map coastal regions of north canada. >> dawn i'm sure you have smelled it. philadelphia stinks. no, that's not an opinion, it is a fact these days. a nasty -- i don't know, sewer odor around the city for days now. >> we wanted to know why what was going on so we asked our blood hound bruce gordon to sniff out the truth and report back. he joins us in studio with what he found out bruce. >> i just took the clothes pin off my nose much this is not the usual sight, sounds and yes, smells of the big city. this is some serious stench. it turns out mother nature and, yeah, lazy locals are to blame. >> tim mclaughlin out for a stroll with his miniature daschund maddie. pity them both.
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they as they pass 23rd and parish a nasty sewer odor wafts upward. maddie is the first to notice. he has a big cold web snooze. >> i need your powers of description here it. >> smells like stale stagnant water, garbage type thing that just comes up from the sewer. >> reporter: distinctive sewer smell. >> exactly yes. >> reporter: philly if you know is assaulting nostrils all over the city these days. we asked the water department's john to explain why. short answer, three weeks without measurable rain. normal rainfall water flow noose the street corner inlets and dilutes flushes away the waste found inside. >> when it's dry and waste and debris that's inside of it, you just get a much stronger sense of what the smells are that coming out of the inlets. >> reporter: fully concentrated and just sitting there. >> correct. >> reporter: there are underground traps. normally filled with water that stop sewer smells from escaping to the street above.
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just like the u trap under your sing at home. says john -- >> sewer odor oars gases in there and the water level is too low, that odor could also escape from there. >> reporter: ever present sacks man david per year says he's noticed the sewer smell around his sound stage at fourth and mark. he knows the tourists around here are getting a whiff as we well. >> it's distasteful when somebody come by. they smell it especially they may a tribute it to or something. >> reporter: you don't want them thinking it's you. >> exactly. >> reporter: like most of us the man known as eddie's baby boy doesn't have time to cry about the noxious odor. >> does it impact your saxophone work at all? >> oh, no. >> reporter: you're just playing. >> yes. >> reporter: you would hold your nose and play. >> no. but i can, you know, put in my mind that concentrate on what i'm doing and were i'm doing is more important than that odor. >> reporter: i mentioned lazy philadelphians are part to blame for the odors that's because some folks to trash even dog waste down into the inlets.
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when we hit dry stretch and the mess sits there that smell that much worse. we can find a trash can, can't we spokes. >> dawn. >> let's hope so. thank you bruce. philadelphia sheriff's office unveiled new guidelines today on how to deal with transgender individuals. some of those guidelines include referring to a person by the pronoun of the gender with which they identify. as well as asking whether they prefer to be searched by a male or female deputy. deputies are expected to call transgender individuals by their referred flame even if it is different than the one on their government issued identificati identification. >> it's about fairness and tre treating people the way they want to be treated, and we live in a real cruel world where sometimes a person calling a name, a bad name you can change your life. >> the new transgender policy is similar to the one used by the philadelphia police department. ♪
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it will be carson versus carson sunday when the eagles host the arizona cardinals on fox. carson wentz of the eagles versus carson palmer of the cardinals. he guess have some injury concerns though going into this game. sean brace here now with a preview. sean. >> that's right, good evening, dawn. for the second straight week, eagles will be without their star defensive tackle fletcher cox when they host arizona cardinals on sunday. and for the second straight season, under head coach doug pederson the eagles are experiencing early season success. if you remember, all the way back to last year after three-zero start the eagles closed out the season four-nine and failed to wretch the playoffs. this season sitting pretty at three-one with the next four out of five games at home, pederson is hopeful that the lessons learned last year will bring a few more wins this year. >> our three-zero start last year, um, even though we won those games, it covered up a lot of mistakes that we made in those games offensively defensively in the kicking game. i think this year the guys are playing probably a little more
5:20 pm
confident. they're learning how to finish the execution is better. >> looking forward to it join us on sunday as we get it going errly fox "game day live" dicks off at 10:00 a.m. followed by the main event eagles and cardinals at 1:00 and coming up later in sports, we focus on life without fletcher cox and why you shall be looking at guys like beau allen who recorded his first sack last week to fill the void on sunday. over to you, chris. >> they got this one, sean. >> that's right. >> thank you, sir. coming up a billboard draws controversy comparing the president to a dictator. why the owner of a clothing store sponsored the sign. >> and it's video you have to see a carjacking suspect jumps into a river to get away from police.
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after 8 years of chris christie, is kim guadagno the change new jersey really needs? guadagno is christie's hand-picked successor. says she's "proud to be part of the christie administration."
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guadagno was chris christie's right hand as our schools came under attack, critical services were underfunded, and our credit rating was downgraded...11 times. from the bridge to the beach, we've seen it all, and we've had enough. kim guadagno isn't the change we need.
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>> a man a is dead after a double carjacking led to wild police chase in south florida. police say the chase began in northwest miami dade after officers tried to serve a search warrant on suspected bank robb robber. while officers say the man took off and carjacked a bmw to get away, he wasn't done yet. at one point the suspect got out of that car, pulled a gun on a
5:24 pm
woman and then stole her mazda suv. well police say the man ditched the mazza underneath a bridge and jumped into the miami river and after refusing to surrender, that suspect was shot and killed by police. people down in louisiana are preparing for the worst as tropical storm nate looks to make landfall. nate is packing winds up to 50 miles an hour. after seeing the devastation from maria, irma and harvey residents aren't taking any chances. locals are stockpiling on groceries, but they worry they can't avoid flooding. >> there's a levee behind us. if that breaks, people will be underwater. >> louisiana is currently under a state of emergency and people in coastal areas are barrier islands are under a mandatory evacuation order. that storm could make landfall early sunday. army sergeant bowe bergdahl expected to plead guilty. his decision to plead guilty rather than face a trial mark
5:25 pm
another twist in the eight-year drama. he could be sentenced to five years in prison for desertion charges and a live sentence for misbehave your. he's hoping his sentence reflects the time served while the taliban held him prisoner in brutal conditions for five yea years. to california now, where a controversial billboard comparing president donald trump to hitler is taken down after it was up for less than day. the ad was sponsored by ralph and revolt a -- rause and revolt a clothing store in north california. the owner nicole lewis is getting threats not only against her store but also her employees and her life. she says she's not here to insight hate or violence she says her goal was to start a conversation. >> start conversations that promote non violence speech. promote thought. promote facts, right? like this isn't about opinions. this is about the state offed world and what you can do to make that different.
5:26 pm
>> the advertising company took the billboard down in a statement outdoor advertising says the message went beyond a commercial message you was primarily political in nature. the company also says many have interpreted the name of the business rouse and revolt passion a command or an instruction. >> interesting. coming up, changes, big changes may be coming to the workplace, the new rules that would allow employers to opt out of providing birth control for religious and moral reasons. and much needed supplies finally arriving in puerto rico. more on the aid that's reaching the island. scott? >> dawn, get ready for a warm and humid upcoming weekend. feeling more like summer, but, yes, we have some troll cal moisture that will head in our direct. the timing and amounts next.
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>> philadelphia police are asking for your help identifying two guys after a robbery in west philadelphia. a woman was walking along the 5600 block of girard avenue when a man walked up behind her and grabbed a bag she was carrying. this happened back on september 26th but police just now releasing the surveillance video. the woman says she tried to chase the man until he point add gun at her. the suspect was picked up by another man in light colored mercury grand marquis and the two drove away.
5:30 pm
well, eighths busy day at the white house. president trump issues major knew health directive and defends his military moves. >> but much of the focus is on that ominous comment the president made without elaborate exactly what he meant. fox news correspondence gary tenney has more from washington. >> reporter: that comment is making waves in washington and beyond. president trump at a meeting with his top militar commanders refused to stay what trouble spot he was referring to. but many in washington are speculating it's either north korea which is carried out a number of military provocations or iran as the president is expected to decertify the landmark nuclear deal brokered by the obama administration. >> only the president knows what he meant by that. i think there's a sense of unpredictability with president trump. >> critics accusing the president of escalating tensions at a time when american diplomats are engaged in sensitive negotiations. but top economic sad visor said it was a shot across the to
5:31 pm
unfriendly countries. >> we continue to modernize our military and the president wants the world to understand that that's important to him. >> reporter: the president is also shaking things up on the domestic front. issuing new rules allowing employers to opt out of providing birth control for religious and moral reasons. a number of reproductive rights groups have already said they'll mount legal challenges and planned parenthood is calling it an unacceptable tack on basic health care that the vast majority of women rely on but the trump administration says, it's just trying to protect the religious freedom of all americans. >> the president believes that the freedom to practice one's faith is a fundamental right in this country and i think all of douse, and that's all that today was about. >> reporter: justice depth has unveiled new religious freedom guidance to serve as a legal road map for enforcing the new rules. in washington, i'm garrett tenney, fox news. more help and supplies are slowly but surely arriving in puerto rico. it's been two weeks since hurricane maria mangled the island.
5:32 pm
water service is returned to about half of the residents there. police about 50 miles outside of san juan are hand delivering food and water to everyone in town. that area has been designated by the government as one of the hardest hit areas in need of supplies. >> we're here really to provide assistance and aid to the state and so what we've been doing this entire time is working with the state to identify areas of critical need which as we understand are very broad across, um, puerto rico. >> and president donald trump has pledged help to the island after visiting there earlier this week. ba tock your fox 29 weather authority now. gearing up to be a great weeke weekend. this is a live look at the beach from our cape may camera. even though it's objection, probably great weekend at the shore. meteorologist scott williams has your forecast in just 15 seconds.
5:33 pm
as we prepare fort upcoming weekend get ready for a summer feel. the heat, the humidity it will continue to build across our area. also, we've got to watch nate right now churning around the yucatan straits. it will enter into the gulf of mexico like the intensify into category one hurricane before makinmaking landfall somewhere between new orleans and mobile, alabama. so here's the latest advisory. tropical storm nate 60 miles per hour winds moving pretty rapidly to the north northwest at 21 miles per hour. you can see it's 80 miles to the east of cozumel, mexico. it will emerge into the gulf it has short window of opportunity to intensify but once again, you can see by tomorrow afternoon at 1:00 o'clock, around 70 miles per hour winds and then it makes landfall once again somewhere to the east of new orleans toward biloxi or mobile alabama as a
5:34 pm
category one hurricane. hurricane warnings have been posted for that particular area. then it rapidly moves in our direction early next week as a remnant low, but we need the rainfall across the region. so take look at the center of circulation and also the sustained wind field. we're looking at tropical storm force winds away from that center about 125 miles. but it look like around biloxi, mississippi, they will take the brunt of that center of circulation and it weakens as it moves north of mobile, alabama. so we're watching what happens over the next day or so with that track and then take look at our rainfall totals and also the percentages really ramping up. late sunday into early next week with that rain remnant moisture sws here's the bottom line as we go hour by hour. by tomorrow afternoon and evening, we're watching that rainfall move toward sections along the gulf coast and then that moisture will stream its way toward our area during the day on sunday. watching out for perhaps a
5:35 pm
shower if you're headed to the linc. then look at sunday night. some moderate to heavy rainfall especially north and west of the philadelphia and we'll keep the rain going at least into the first part of the day on tuesd tuesday. so it looks like around philadelphia about an inch or so of rainfall. higher amounts north and west. lesser amounts down the shore. 80 degrees right now in philadelphia. 82 in wildwood along with dover. so that forecast for the overnight it stays pretty mild. temperatures in the mid 60s across the delaware valley and then look at the forecast. the summer feel 84 tomorrow. 79 degrees as we move toward sunday. showers likely on monday. leftover into tuesday and temperatures finally cooler by the latter part of next week. back over to you. >> okay scott we want to get to you some breaking news coming out of trenton right now. skyfox is live over a scene there. you can probably see the crime tape. this is on carver lane this is a possible shooting.
5:36 pm
early reports coming to us here in the newsroom. two people were shot just after 3:00 o'clock this afternoon. you see police on the scene. once again this is on carver lane in trenton. two people reported shot. we do have a crew on the way. we will bring you as many details as we get them. well, flu season it is almost here. are you debating whether or not to get the flu shot? our hank flynn was, too. so what changed his mind? plus, the inspiring message from these local children spelled outside their school. and all new at 6:00 school takes matter noose its own hands painting their own cross walk on to the street. now fox 29 is getting results. ♪
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>> skyfox over bell oaks school today in bellmawr, new jersey. and take a look at this. more than 500 students gathered to spell out the word "respect". it was to wrap up the school's respect week. the whole week focusing on
5:40 pm
messages around respecting yourself, respecting your classmates, teacher, law enforcement and everyone you come across. that's great stuff. >> ya what a good idea. big day in chinatown. the city breaking ground on a brand new community center. the exciting and colorful ceremony kicking off with a lion dance and performance by a local children's choir. federal, state and local leaders joining the community to celebrate. >> a it's affecting schools in methacton. district telling us schools cafeterias are prepared and that the bottled water will be available for all students. the cause was a loss of water pressure in one of the storage tanks. it's still unclear when it will be fixed. new jersey governor chris christie announcing $2.7 million in grants to expand access to recovery high schools around the
5:41 pm
state. recovery high schools provide a safe and sober place for teens recovering from drug addiction. there's only one like it in the state up north in union county. the administration hoping to get another one open in south jers jersey. a hollywood heavy weight facing serious allegations. we will break down the accusations made against harvey weinstein and how he is responding tonight. and this is a big debate among families. to get or not to get a flu shot hank is weighing the issue, too. his take coming up. sweet 4k tv, mr. peterson. thanks. pretty psyched. did you get fios too? no. mr. peterson, fios is a 100% fiber optic-network.
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violence has rocked our nation and here in philadelphia we are no strangers to gun violence. shootings are shaking up
5:45 pm
neighborhoods. >> our dave schratwieser explains how police are working to put those gunmen behind bars. ♪ that was scary. >> reporter: gun violent on the streets of philadelphia clearly has lots of people scared these days. >> all of a sudden i heard pow pow pow. then one loud one. that's when i jumped to the floor. >> reporter: whether it's a drive by shooting in hunting park, a gunman with an assault weapon firing into a home, or a gunman wildly firing a gun into a house in southwest philadelphia. >> i heard boom boom boom bomb boom. it was crazy. i dropped. >> reporter: gunfire can terrify an entire neighborhood and leave its intended targets an innocent victims wounded or even dead. >> bullets have no names non locations especially when you're firing walking down the step you have no gun control. >> reporter: police say even though those shootings are currently down 7% this year, they've now put in place a comprehensive new gun violence program aimed at reducing those numbers even more.
5:46 pm
and putting the gunmen behind bars. >> our top priority is to drive down violent crime, and we're having great degree of success in doing that, but you can never be satisfied until it's zero. >> reporter: deputy commissioner sullivan pointed to the murder of 38-year-old gerald grand sal as a tragic but recent example of how police resources with a laser focus can quickly put violent criminals in jail. >> you can see that it resulted in those two individuals being identified and taken into custody in such an incredibly short period of time. >> reporter: in the grandson murder two brothers maurice and marvin roberts were locked up win 48 hours. thanks in part to a trail of surveillance video recovered from the shooting scene. the accused killers get away route and on a septa train they used to escape. it was video intelligence information and the use of cu cuttincutcutting edge facial ten
5:47 pm
software that helped solidify the case against them leading to murder charges. >> all of that is critically important but at the end of the day, it's good old-fashioned police work that bring the job in. >> reporter: police are also using intelligence information to identify suspects, gang members and other violent criminals near shooting scenes. they're pouring resources into so-called hot spots to deter gun violence. they use foot patrols, highly visible bike officers, and tactical units such as highway patrol to squash retaliation shootings and prevent more violence. >> we're stopping more than half of the number of people that we stopped three years ago. yet part one crime, violent crime, property crime is down in and i think that speaks a lot to our precision policing strategy. >> reporter: police have also set up public service areas or psa's across the city. to build better communication
5:48 pm
with neighborhood groups and residents. they meet to discuss problems and solutions. >> they're aware of the priorities of the people that live in that psa and they're familiar with the problems that exist within that psa, and they're aware of the people that cause -- are causing the problems within that psa. >> reporter: deputy sullivan says federal authorities are also adopting city gun cases to get tougher penalties against violent criminals. >> spending our time focusing on those people that are committing the majority of violence in the city using whatever legal means are necessary to disable them and get them off the street. >> reporter: but the deputy commissioner says the key to solving gun crimes and stopping further gun violence is neighbors and witnesses who are willing to step forward and help police. >> no matter how much technology we have, we need human being to say yes that's the person who did it. >> reporter: dave
5:49 pm
schratwieser, fox 29 news. the national debate ovary moving controversial statues continues. this time in pittsburgh. song writer steven foster statue in pittsburgh is in the spotlight. not because of foster himself but the image of a bare foot slave playing a pan joe below him. the city's art commission will give officials their recommendation on the statue's removal later this month. well, could the career of one of hollywood's big get power players be over? that's what many are wondering about harvey weinstein in the wake of sexual harassment allegations against him. several women have come forward accusing him of inappropriate and predatory behavior. the accusers include employees and some very high profile actresses including rose mcgowan and ashedly judd. page 6tv has the first exclusive interview with wine steep after these bomb shells reports. let's goat to new york post reporter carlos greer live in new york with more on the story.
5:50 pm
carlos, what did he have to say? well, i'll tell you this. this was not a huge shocker to new york media circles it's something that's been whispered about for years. but this is the first time someone has come on the record saying harvey weinstein sexually harassed me the accusations are intense. they're very serious. accusations like he bathed in front of women. he even asked propositioned some of the younger people on his staff for sex. he would ask for massages and he would shower in front of them and ashley judd she is the biggest name to come out on the record and say this happened to me, also. when this news broke yesterday, he called us. he called page six. people in new york we have relationships with them a lot of media here and he called page six emily smith the editor of column and he was raging mad. he was upset. they spoke several times. it was a bit confusing his
5:51 pm
reaction to it because while he didn't admit to every single thing, it sounded like he was apologetic and he blamed it on, you know, growing up in the '6 '60s. >> did he give any occasion as to whether he might step down or resign? >> you know it seems like he may actually be stepping down or may have to resign. that's how it appears at the moment. he did tell us that he is going to seek help and may even go to therapy for this. so it's unclear what exactly is going to happen. we do know that he is very involved in politics. a lot of politicians have given back their donations from him and are donating it to charities to help women. >> all right. carlos greer, life in new york, thank you so much for joining us. remember, you can watch page 6tv right here on fox 29 at 6:30 it comes on right after fox 29 news at 5:00 and 6:00. well, flu season it is almost here. are you debating whether or not to get a flu shot? our hank
5:52 pm
flynn was, too, so what changed his mind? then at 6:00 the hunt is on for a robber armed with a big knife. how police are working to catch him before this guy strikes again.
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>> one woman's candy fix has turned into a lawsuit. this might be one i can get behind. a woman from new york city just filed a federal lawsuit against tootsie role industries because she says they're intentionally under filling their boxes of
5:56 pm
junior mint is. >> she says she bought a box of junior mints last month and claims it was barely even half full. so far the company has not responded to the suit. >> why don't they just make smaller boxes. >> i think they do do that as well. >> a lot of space in there. speaking of candy halloween just a few weeks away. but new york city looks like it is celebrating a little early. >> people are hitting up the big apple in their best costumes for the 12th annual comic couldn' couldn't. thousands dressing up as their favorite characters from all across pop culture from television to movies and video games. around 200,000 people are expected to attend the popular event this year. organizers and attendees say it is a great way to get away from it all. >> it's really easy to be yourself online. like you can just be whatever you want online. but when you actually put a face to the character, um, and come to a place like this it becomes very easy to be yourself because everyone is accepting and everyone is little bit weirder than everyone else it makes for
5:57 pm
very easy time. >> comicon is just getting underway. you still have time to head up to new york it runs through sunday. well, it's no that time of year again. a sniffle, a cough, all the sneezing fits and doctors say now is the time to get your flu shot so you don't get sick. >> but the big question do they really work? everybody talks about this. so our hank flynn has his take on the seasonal flu shot. ♪ excessive amounts of vodka can clear the flu virus as well. >> that won't do it, unfortunately. >> i'm going in here to ccs to get flu shot. i'm only doing it for a story because my take is i haven't had the flu in long time. haven't had a shot ever that i know of. maybe i got something to learn. >> what's the most challengining that about your job? >> that's great question. ouch. >> good way to distract somebody. ccv pharmacist sam gave me my flu shot today i didn't think i needed one through the years i heard they weren't that effective and i'm pretty healthy
5:58 pm
way. sam said what i got was the shot for the worst strains predicted this year. >> cdc determines every year what are the most likely strains that are going to be out there that are go to be causing the most outbreak. once they determine that, then the formulation is prepped and made in august, september time frame that's when it becomes available. >> reporter: fine i'm a known procrastinator i don't like using my health insurance going to the dentist, dr. any of it but alec is just like me and he was getting his shot. >> you know, i don't normally get sick, and it's preventive, and it's covered under insuran insurance. why not? >> reporter: all right. fast easy cheap i'm coming around but i'm not that. vaccine doesn't cover all strains and people whisper that you can get the flu from the vaccine. is that true? i went to the one guy that can spell it out better, smarter and frankly louder than anyone, dr. mike cirigliano. >> nothing in life is 100%. >> something is better than zero. >> yeah. >> so do it. protect yourself. protect your family.
5:59 pm
and as far as getting the flu, it's dead. you can't get the flu from a dead thing. you can get an immune response. you can get some local soreness. you might even get some muscle aches and low grade fever but that's not the flu. >> all right. so maybe i'm on board. dr. mike makes good points like always and outside of pure laziness i'm out of reasons not to get it. i guess i'm really doing so i don't get it to and give it to my friends, co-workers and family. that's good enough for me. i'm hank and that's my take. ♪ >> i still need to get mine. >> i need to get mine, too. >> ut-oh. >> fox 29 news at 6:00 starts right now. ♪ bearing down on the gulf. tropical storm nate already blamed for several deaths in central america. now, the u.s. prepares. if you're accumulating mold on the desks, these are the
6:00 pm
desks that our kids sit at. >> and parents, demanding answers tonight. a local elementary school shut down for mold. and now parents want to know if that's the only school at risk. ♪ >> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 6:00. mold found in south jersey elementary school has hundreds of parents worried for their kids safety tonight. good evening i'm chris o'conne o'connell. >> i'm dawn timmeney. tonight that school is shut down. our joanne pileggi joining us live from williamstown with the very latest. joanne. >> reporter: that's right, dawn. very serious mold problem in one of the district's four elementary schools. left school administrators with no choice they had to shut it down. imagine this. they to move more than 500 students to three other elementary schools in the district including the one behind me.


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