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tv   FOX 29 News at 11  FOX  October 7, 2017 3:30am-4:00am EDT

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♪ >> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 11:00. breaking news out of philadelphia's mantua section. a store owner has been rushed to the hospital after being shot in what police believe was an attempted robbery. authorities say the shooter burst into the store on fairmount avenue around 8:30 tonight. the woman was shot in the neck. police say a neighbor found her bleeding profusely unable to speak. she was taken to the hospital in critical condition. right now police continuing to search for that shooter. and bracing for another dangerous storm tonight tropical storm nate already proving deadly is picking up steam and had heed to the u.s. good evening, i'm dawn timmeney. tropical storm nate has pummeled parts of central america and is
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now setting its sights on the gulf coast. our dave kinchen is following all the dramatic pictures and videos that have been pouring into our newsroom tonight. dave? >> reporter: dawn, we can tell you we have now learned that the city of new orleans has issued a mandatory curfew for saturday requiring people to stay off of the streets if possible and to shelter in place. we have also learned that the governor of the state has activated the louisiana national guard mobilizing 650 military personnel to look out for possible wind and flooding damage. >> need bread. >> reporter: a drill that's become all too common for the gulf coast except this is no drill at all. packing up the needed supplies for another round of wicked weather. on deck tropical storm nate charging into town this weekend. >> going to get some water. a couple cases of that. >> frozen food and some bananas and some beer. >> reporter: they prepare
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knowing what nate already left behind in central america. 22 people dead and at least 11 killed in nicaragua alone. roadways turned to rivers with flooding galore. the threat crystal clear. my car is my baby so basically if we can put it to higher ground we will. >> everything on the bottom floor might have house is going up 3 feet. if it goes higher than that's correct well, we in trouble. >> reporter: state leaders are getting a jump on the preps and potential response all the while sending a stern warning. >> if you live in a low-lying area that has flooded before, it more than likely will flood again. >> reporter: government also watching what happens with this storm. now for more on what it could mean, let's turn it over to the fox 29 weather authority. >> good evening, dave. right now new information in on nate. it is nearing hurricane status route now 70 miles per hour winds moving pretty rapidly still to the north northwest at about 22 miles per hour. emerging into the gulf of mexi mexico. it's about 500 miles south of
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the mouth of the mississippi river. but take look at the latest track. category one hurricane by tomorrow evening. 85 miles per hour winds making landfall tomorrow night into early sunday morning likely just to the east of new orleans around bill lock see or mobile bay. then moving inland north and west of atlanta by sunday evening, 40 miles per hour tropical storm. then the remnant moisture heads in our direction early next we week. hurricane warnings posted along the gulf coast included in that new orleans, bill locks scene also mobile. the tropical storm force winds will move in that direction tomorrow night into early sunday morning. power outages likely and take look at the latest computer guidance for the storm surge. some locations from gulfport to bill lock see up to 6-foot storm surge. here locally, warm and humid for the weekend. coming up we'll time out how much rainfall we'll see from nate in our area. dawn, back over to you. >> scott, thank you.
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trenton police on the hunt tonight for the person who shot two women. one of them a 58-year-old woman is dead. the other victim is a teenager. our shawnette wilson is live in trenton with the details. shawnette. >> reporter: well, dawn, that teen victim is 14-year-old girl and tonight still no word on her condition or a motive in the shootings. >> trenton police and crime scene investigators remained in the area of eight carver lane late tonight after shots rang out early this afternoon. police say a 58-year-old woman was killed. a 14-year-old girl was also sh shot. skyfox flew over the area soon after it happened. >> i'm startled. >> reporter: many neighbors were reluctant to talk on came camera. doretta wright simmons came home to fine the street cordoned off a half block away from her home. >> he have were beautiful homes down here and down the street and right in the middle, you know, there's a problem. that is -- actually being allowed to be a problem. happened on the area of the block between a senior home and a church.
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>> i was coming from my house i was surprised to seat police. >> reporter: oliver is part of the congregation. >> we pray for the little girl she survives. our prayers for her to survive. >> reporter: information on exactly what happened has been limited. police were still out there more than five hours later. >> just a few people that are causing a major problem and that's -- that's something that we have to take -- i feel very strongly that we need to take stand. >> reporter: at this hour, still no information on the shooter. police are still looking for that person. dawn? >> shawnette, thank you. police in las vegas say they have run down more than a thousand leads in connection with the mass shooting last sunday they still do not have motive. investigators cannot fathom what drove him to the deadly rampage. also, new tonight authorities now believe the shooter may have hired a prostitute in the days before the shooting.
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they are cuply interviewing other call girls. the fbi says it plans to start posting billboard messages in las vegas for any tips. meantime a local food truck owner's comments on the las vegas shoot having her in hot water. did he linda jenson ran a popular vegan food truck in wilkes-barre. she wrote on her facebook "yes i am jaded 59 meat eaters dead how many animals will live because of this? >> she's referring to the victim's killed in the mass shooting in las vegas sunday. the post went viral. jenson says if she could go to apologize to the victim's families she would. >> i'm not that kind of person. you know, that we give food to the food bank and we feed the homeless and, upping, we foot for animals and we fight for people, too. for hugh ban beings as well. that life is live. >> jenson says her food truck is now gone and she is not really sure where to go from here.
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just days after the vegas massacre, people are gathering in montgomery county this weekend for one of the larger gun shows on the east coast called gun oktoberfest and it's happening in oaks. gun vents are selling weapons of all including the ar15 semi-automatic rival. we spoke to a promotor who claims there was no way to postpone the show. >> a lot of people would lose a lot of money because this is their lived hood. >> reporter: people lost lives killed. >> i understand. >> and five days later you're selling ar15s in there. >> yeah. that's -- yes. as the rest of the world is. to the rest of the country. >> reports were restricted to photograph and interview just one gun dealer. patrons did speak to reporters but some were tense when the issue of the las vegas killings was raised. a four-month old puppy is recovering tonight from surgery after believe it or not she was thrown from a third floor apartment much the hard to imagine someone could do such a
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thing. fox 29's brad sattin went to check in on the fury baby to see how she's doing. >> reporter: really a disgusting crime here that at least has a happy ending. we're here at cares animal hospital in langhorne. where they see about 20,000 patients a year and when we heard about one little girl that was brought here, well, we just had to pay her a visit. >> what a friendly dog. hi. how are you? very very cute. >> reporter: what's not to love in four month old khloe. police say a 19-year-old man apparently found something when rah fit of rage he allegedly through her out of a third floor window in trenton falling through the building next door and landing in the basement. firefighters rescued her but khloe was in bad shape. >> trying tried to pre tendon like she didn't have a broken leg, and it was pretty obvious that it was broken. >> reporter: neurology tech michelle murphy only cared for khloe when she arrived -- good i saw her. i fell in love with her and i decided to rescue her. >> reporter: khloe her newest
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family member to join her other dog and two cats. >> anybody who sees khloe and says, ooh, who do i call? too late. >> she's mine. i rescued her. and now she's home with me. >> reporter: happier times ahead for acute little pooch who clearly is not familiar with the concept of rest after surgery. >> mercer county prosecutor says they believe who's behind this they're still trying to locate this person he's facing a charge of animal cruelty. in langhorne, brad sat tip fox 29 news. mold found at an elementary school in south jersey has parents there concerned for their children's safety. holly glenn elementary has been deemed unsafe for students. tests perform on monday revealed a large amount of mold throughout the building. prompting the school board to close its doors. students attending the school are now scattered throughout the district's three other schools. the school's principal says that holly glenn will be cleaned but it could take weeks even possibly months. so what is that smell?
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philadelphia stinks. literally. it turns out residents could be part of the problem. and a local mother starting her grief into greatness. how she's serving veterans in honor of her fallen son. and plenty of people getting their salsa on in northern liberties tonight. all for a good cause much the crowd dance the night awa away.piazza to raise money for puerto rican relief efforts. salsa night was all
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♪ we're staying on top of breaking news out of philadelphia's mantua section. a store owner there rushed to the hospital after being shot in what police believe is an attempted robbery. investigators say it happened on fairmount avenue about 8:30 tonight. the woman shot in the neck. employees say a neighbor found her bleeding una able to seeing much she's in critical condition and right now police are continuing to search for that shooter. philadelphia really stinks lately. we mean literally. a nasty sewer odor has been waft aig round the city. our bruce gordon went sniffing around to see what exactly the problem is. >> reporter: jim mclaughlin out for a stroll with his miniature daschund maddie. pity them both. as they passed 23rd and parish a nasty sewer what's upward. maddie is the first to notice. he has a big cold wet snoz. >> since we don't have smell
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vision i need your powers of description here. >> it smells like -- like stale stagnant water, garbage type thing that just comes up from the sewer. >> reporter: distinctive sewer mel. >> exactly, yes. >> reporter: philly funk is assaulting nostrils all over the city these days. we asked the water department's to explain why. short answer, three week without measurable rain. >> normal rainfall water knows into the street corner inlets and dilutes, flushes away the waste found inside. >> when it's dry and waste debris that's inside of it you get a much stronger sense of what the smells are that are coming out of the inlets. >> reporter: fully concentrated and just sitting there? >> correct. >> reporter: there are underground traps nearly filled with water that stop sewer smells from escaping to the street above just just like the u trap under your sink at home. says john -- >> sewer odors are gas that are in there and the water vessel too low that odor could escape from there.
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>> ♪ >> reporter: sacks man david says he's noticed the sewer smell around his sound stage at fourth and market. he knows the tourists around here are getting a whiff as well. good does it impact your saxophone work at all? >> no. >> reporter: you're just playing. >> you can hold your nose and play. >> no. but put it in my mind concentrate on what i'm doing watch i'm doing is more important than that odor. >> reporter: lazy philadelphians are partly to blame for the odors that's because some folks to trash even dog waste down into those inlets when hit a dry stretch and the mess sits that the smell is that much worse. come on folks we can find a trash can. i'm bruce gordon fox 29 news. >> heart warming mission a local mother is dedicated to helping veterans after her son died in combat while serving in iraq. for years she's devoted her time and services to others but today the community gave back to her. our bill anderson has the story for goodness sake.
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>> he wanted to make a difference and he did. >> reporter: earlier this year i met new jersey jacqueline dixon as she attempted to deal with grief that most couldn't even imagine. the loss of her 20-year-old son anthony who was killed while serving in iraq. >> they said somebody was off in the distance and detonator the ied. and he got killed instantly. >> reporter: at the time we met, motivated by her son's death she had just opened a center to provide resources to veterans. that was then. ♪ >> reporter: but now eight months later, her service continues. >> if my son had come back from the war i'm sure he would have needed some of the things i'm giving to these veterans. so because he's not here, i feel like i need to give it to somebody to help. >> reporter: she is constantly focuses on doing for others so it was incredible to see a team of workers today at her home as home depot decided they'd do something for her. >> today we have over a hundred volunteers just giving they are time and helping a local member of the community. >> reporter: mix dicks sews
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spent most of her life trying to figure out ways to help other people since she lost her son. and like so many people who dedicate themselves to help others, they're not exactl exace how to handle so many people wanting to help them. >> i said wow. i'm important. [ laughter ] >> i feel important. i really feel important. you know, sometimes you think people don't care, but they real dollar care. it's good. >> reporter: volunteers cut down trees, planned flowers, built a screened in porch. local restaurant tears fed everyone while mrs. dixon fluctuated between moments of laughter and moments of tears. her response to the makeover was actually a great reminder to all of us of the reasons why home depot thought this gold star mother she was the perfect person to receive it. >> good feeling. makes me want to do more. >> maxi you want to do more? >> um-hmm. give more. >> reporter: today jacqueline dixon stopped for just a minute
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to be celebrated. tomorrow she goes back to serving others and honoring the memory of her son for goodness sake. i'm bill anderson. ♪ >> what great story. we deserve. let's get a check of your weather. meteorologist scott williams with your weekend forecast and what to expect from tropical storm nate. scott. >> a lot going on, dawn. as we focus on that weekend forecast, high temperatures tomorrow 84 degrees. well above average. feeling like summer. upper 70s by sunday. there could be a scattered shower any time during the day. also, at the linc for the eagles game. so just heads up with that. as far as tropical storm nate, 70 miles per hour winds. it's moving rapidly to the normal northwest now at 22 miles per hour. the pressure down to nip hundred 90 millibars so it is nearing hurricane status likely sometime early tomorrow. by tomorrow evening, into early sunday morning, making landfall
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along the gulf coast. likely just to the east of new orleans as a category one hurricane. then it rapidly moves inland. it starts to weaken. 40 miles an hour tropical storm north and west of atlanta and then it heads in our direction the remnant moisture early next week. we need the rainfall across the delaware valley. the last time we had significant rape fall you have to head back to mid september. the spaghetti plots the computer models taking it toward the gulf coast. late tomorrow night early sund sunday. and then once again a good consensus that the remnant moisture will head in our direction. power outages will be a concern. moderate to extensive power outages into indicated by this graphic from biloxi to mobile bay. we'll monitor that along with the storm surge. but the rainfall chances for us really ramping up late sunday into monday. take a look at this computer model graphic showing you three to 6-inches of rainfall likely along the gulf coast. as we move toward our area, by
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tuesday evening, one to 2-inches philadelphia. higher amounts off to the west. around state college. lesser amounts into sections of delaware and also south jersey. temperatures still pretty mild. generally in the upper 60s low 70s right now. overnight tonight, staying mild. look at the number. upper 50s the lehigh valley. mid 60s for the philadelphia area. so once again, feeling like summer. much of the weekend monitoring those remnant showers. the tropical moisture early next week. one to 2-inches of rainfall expected. then we dry out and cool down temperatures back to where we should be for this time of year. dawn for the latter part of next week. >> all right. thanks, scott. sean brace in the house with what's coming up in sports. sean. >> in the house. that's right, dawn. all of this playoff baseball happening has me missing the red october days in a bad way. my commentary on the glor days and more importantly when will the phils play
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♪ >> sean brace is seeing a red october in the phillies future.
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his commentary in 15 seconds. ♪ all right. we're only four days into the 2017 play offs and i can't tell you how much i'm missing red octobers around here in fill. no question. every fall the bank account took hit because i had to go out for of game. the vibe inside the city from 208220 was something you couldn't miss. so the simple question is, how much longer do we have to wait? well for starters i will say you need to be patient but look at the houston astros. just three years ago they finished 51 in 111. 51 and 111 unbelievable. that squad was a young man on the name of jose.
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he went deep three times yesterday. what does that have to do about the phillies much it's all bowel players coming up through your system is my mine. like those red objections powered by the super star nucleus the phillies have players in the pipeline a few of them have already shined this season like nick williams and reece haas kin. according to baseball america the phils have the sickth best farm system in to make things a little brighter they also have a ton of money to spend when it comes to free agency. for all of you out there that are missing the phils in red october like myself better days are coming. dawn? >> all right, we can't wait, sean. it is the end of what started it all. aol says instant messenger is no more. you may remember aim was the popular way to communicate online before text messaging and facebook took over. program first started back in nope 97, yeah, 27 years ago. can you believe it? in a tweet this morning aim said the program shut down for good on september 15. >> that was my go to. >> that will do it for tonight
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at 11:00. up n n
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