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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  October 10, 2017 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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left for dead. who saved his life? he says a complete stranger. his angel. >> your news starts in 30 seconds. ♪ you've heard the allegations against film producer harvey weinstein. have you heard this?
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>> tonight a new recording new accusations dropping jaws from hollywood to households everywhere. >> a local professor on leave. he offended a lot of people with just a couple of tweets and now school officials are scared for his safety. >> now fox 29 news at 10:00. >> septa employee trying to get to work ends up at the hospital instead the victim of a crime robbed and shot in the leg and then left for dead. thanks for joining us i'm iain page. >> i'm lucy noland. tonight police are looking into whether this is part of a crime spree and that employee is telling his terrifying story to fox 29. >> our dave schratwieser live outside septa' headquarters in center city tonight. dave? >> reporter: iain, septa bus operator robert long guess is resting in the hospital tonight awaiting surgery on a fractured leg caused by that shooting this morning. he says he was sit simply wal walking to bus stop to go to
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work at 4:00 a.m. when gunman approached him, demanded his money and then shot him. >> hanging in the. everything is sore but i'm hanging in. >> reporter: from this bed at temple university hospital wound septa bus operator robert, spoke to fox 29 tuesday night over the phone telling us about his terrifying encounter with a gunman on his way to work. >> demanded everything i had and i scene car coming down the street and i decided to just run toward the car and that's when he started shooting at me. >> reporter: 47 year-year-old wonggus who usually drives to work walked tuesday morning around four 4:00 a.m. because his car was in for repairs. he was shot in the leg and left bleeding in the middle of ridge avenue when a driver pulled over to help. >> he was my angel. this morning he was my angel. like i said god wasn't raul ready for me because i'm sure if he was, the guy could have took my live at any time. >> we heard three shots. oh, my gosh, what's that.
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>> reporter: police now trying to determine if the shooting here in the 3100 block of ridge was part of a pattern of gun point robberies in the area. two other robberies have been reported here in the last two weeks. the gun violence has neighbors like golden preboard. >> now i got to be like don't between get robbed. the terrible man. >> reporter: wongus a 13-year-old septa employee is scheduled for surgery on wednesday to repair a broken leg from the shooting. he had special words of thanks& for the good samaritan who came to his rescue. >> i definitely poor my heart out to him he didn't have to do that. he could have did like another driver did and just kept on ri riding. rode past me and left me there. >> reporter: now police are are reviewing surveillance video in the area trying to identify that gunman. they have added extra police patrols while they try to determine if these other robberies are also connected. iain? >> all right, dave, thank you. police in burlington county just released this video of two
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people lighting a grocery store on fire. the suspects can be seen committing the crime at meat shop in willingboro. it all happened about month and a half ago. if you've got any information, authorities would love to hear from you. explosion seive new claims about film producer harvey weinstein a magazine article includes allegations of rape which weinstein is denying tonight. and tonight weinstein's wife says she's leaving him. condemn nations are rolling in from hollywood elite to former president barack obama and former presidential nominee hillary clinton. among the actresses accusing him of sexual harassment, gwyneth paltrow and angelina jolie and those are just two names. fox 29's chris o'connell fifty five in our operations center. chris? >> reporter: lucy, it is hollywood scandal ripped right from a hollywood movie script. an avalanche of accusations accusing hollywood mogul harvey weinstein of sexual misconduct continues to grow tonight.
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>> right back here harvey if you don't mind. >> reporter: at the top of the hollywood for 30 years it took just days for his career to crumble. >> i do not think that harvey weinstein understands or comprehend how much pain and suffering this brings to me and scores of other women. >> reporter: day by day, hour by hour, minute by minute, new claims. tonight another actress telling her story the details eerily sim floor other accounts. louis geist quit acting in 2009 because of harvey weinstein's unwanted advances inside a hollywood hotel. >> he started following me and telling me that he could up tow dues me to bob weinstein and i think i can get three picture deal and that he would green light my script. but i had to watch him masturbate. >> she's among the parade of actresses coming forward in bombshell reports from the new york times and the new yorker claiming they, too, were sexually harassed or assaulted by weinstein. a listers like angelina jolie,
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gwyneth paltrow, ashley judd, rose mcgowan, roseanne in a arquette coming forward with similar casting couch horror stories dating back decades. then came the recording publish by the new yorker. >> 2015 new york city police sting actually recorded weinstein admitting to groping model amber guiterrez charges were never filed. in a statement today a spokesperson says any allegations of non consensual sex are unequivocally denied by mr. weinstein. >> and tonight in a statement former president barack obama and his wife michelle saying any man who demeans and did he grades women in such fashion needs to be condemned and held accountable, regardless of wealth or status ". >> now, another accuser tonight
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claims that the famous producer was wildly weirdly saying that he didn't have to drug his wom women. she claimed that he said that he didn't have to do what bill cosby had done. we're also learning tonight that weinstein's wife of seven years has decided to leave him tonight. lucy? >> all right, thank you very much, chris. penn state's former athletic director is out of prison after two and a half months. the 63-year-old is now in house arrest for the rest of his sentence in the jerry sandusky sex abuse scandal. occur lee plead guilty in march to child endangerment for not investigating a complaint by an assistant coach for the university. new insights tonight on that temple student visiting miami shot and killed by police. they say she ran over one of their officers. we told you last night 22 year old cariann hithon. >> translator: fed to temple to study political science.
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her father says she was in miami celebrating her birthday. our dave kinchen went to temple's campus to talk to students about the shooting and joins us live from north philadelphia tonight. dave. >> reporter: iain many temple students are just now peacing all of this together getting in all of the the reports of what took place over last weekend, and many we spoke with are simply shocked. tonight viral cell phone video of temple student cariann hithon getting shot as she fled miami beach crash scene is slowly generating buzz on temple's university campus. many wondering what went wrong so quickly. >> it's scary to think, like, when you're young you don't really think about, like, how fast your life could be over. >> it's really sad how that escalated so quickly, um, you know, you see on the news a lot of people getting, um, harmed by the police. i mean, it was probably warranted. she drove off and almost ran over people. >> reporter: video shows hithon a temple transfer student from maryland in a black bmw right after a collision.
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she races off and hits a police officer while another fires three shots. she crashes and dies at a hospital. investigators say she fled another crash scene ran a light and was driving erratically. police believe she and passenger ryan lucas, 22, were drinking heavily. >> i can only surmise that my daughter panicked. >> reporter: her father reactioning tuesday to the news of his daughter's death. >> of course, rage went went up in me. how could things escalate with, you know, 5-foot three, 5-foot 310-pound soaking wet young lady who wouldn't hurt fly could escalate to this. >> cariann wanted to be a lawyer and transferred to temple university to study political science. she had six run ins with police at hampton university. she lied about her identity to an officer and convicted of speeding and had her license
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restricted for six months following a drug charge. >> it's just like kind of unbelievable. just like how fast these things happen. >> reporter: in order law does allow police to fire on vehicles if it's perseid that vehicle could be used as a weapon. for example, ramming a tack. but police maintain this case is still under investigation. lucy? >> all right, thank you much, dave. lehigh county the department of human services is yanked the license from a nursing home after a patient wandered away and died. 77-year-old alzheimer's patient andre penn left the woodland terrace at the oaks in allentown in august. days turned into weeks. pen remained missing. one month after she walk out of that facility, authorities found her dead in a ditch in lower macungie township. the nursing home is now appealing the depth's ruling. in atlantic city, pipe bombs and high powered rifles grabbed the attention of the fbi and police. one undercover investigation
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later, and two people are in jail tonight. fox 29's jeff cole reports. >> reporter: police say it was thursday afternoon when they picked up news that pipe bombs were for sale in an apartment along pennsylvania avenue in the city of gaming and surf. >> the potential was there. these items could have been used to cause pretty mass destruction and havoc. >> reporter: residents say they saw police come to an upper floor apartment to see danielle demmers also known as daniel smith who walk her dog here. police say they bought from her enough material to make five pipe bombs. high powered rival way scope and 300 rounds of ammo. >> it's crazy. i mean, only a hundred feet away from my job. could have shot us. could have blew this whole block up real quick. >> reporter: investigators say, demmers advised undercover cops to put nails in the pipe bombs when she made the sale and also described herself.
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>> survivalist had these items and recently we believe that she needed to raise money to support some other habits that she had, and was selling these items. >> reporter: also under arrest 31-year-old nina house of margate for helping demmers. police see no link to terrorism. but do see the potential for great harm to the people of atlantic city on its streets and its beaches. >> this kind of brings the crisis that we've seen across the country home. this is the first time time atlantic city has been this close to having some type of destruction. danielle demmers born a male trance zigging to a woman is charged tonight with possession of a divisive destruction same thing for nina house. again, no link to terrorism but plenty of reason for concern. in atlantic city, i'm jeff cole, fox 29 news. still ahead knew headline in the las vegas investigation update on the california wildfires and parents in jail for bullying in one minute.
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♪ new reporting tonight on the las vegas shooting and the horror the gunman had planned. he may have have been trying to set off a massive explosion at the nearby airport. investigators are still trying to piece together a motive and it is slow going. cnn reports tonight paddock fired special incendiary bullets at 43,000 barrel fuel tank at mc karen international airport. paddock's car was stocked with explosives and apparently he had protection gear as part of escape plan and had power tools to bolt a metal bar to try to prevent the opening of an emergency exit door near his room and was trying to drill a
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hole in the wall but never finish. pennsylvania governor tom wolf throwing support behind proposal to ban what's called a bump stock for rivals. the little known accessory grabbed national headlines after authorities say the las vegas gunman used them to turn his arrivals into fully automatic weapons. bump stocks are legal but now members of congress from both parties are calling for a ban and the nra is not fighting them saying lawmakers need to take closer look at the devices. more than a dozen massive fires burning in northern california alone destroying homes and businesses. the flames leaving nothing behind but smoldering ashes and smoke. out of 14 fires burning, only one of them is fully contained. governor jerry brown has declared a state of emergency for napa, so mow know and uba counties. 2,000 homes and businesses are destroyed. 15 people are dead. 185 treated for injuries. the fires torched 20,000 acres in about 12 hours yesterday but
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the winds that fanned the fires have decreased significantly. along with cooler weather helping firefighters make some progress. fox's brook jaros joins us live in few minutes with more detai details. ♪ happening right now, parents could end up in jail for their children's actions. town in new york just pass add law that punishes parents for their children's bullying. the consequences, well as much as two hun $50 fine and 15 days in jail. so lawmakers are happening hoping this will end bullying by holding parents accountable. the reaction is mixed. fox 29's joyce evans joins us now. joyce, towns that are not just in new york are looking at doing this, too. >> reporter: a lot of them have been looking at it for quite sometime, lucy, but some people are saying it goes too far. that's a hold up maybe but others are saying it just might be the only way to get some parents to get involved. there is yet another way, thou though. right here historic philadelphia theater has been using it, they say it not only helps victims of
10:17 pm
bullying but it might actually stop the bully. >> go ahead and cry. cry, cry, cry. >> okay. >> reporter: a walnut street theater drama program under the direction of a former public schoolteacher shows there can be a different approach to help the victims. >> scared they don't like who i am. >> reporter: and appeal to the little bullies to change their ways. >> show kids the right way to behave. and really talk about the ways to kind of get the real roots causes for why bullying happens in the first place. >> we're really not even worth the trouble. >> thomas quinn's traveling plays that require audience participation have been going strong for almost a decade. >> bully, bully, bully. >> we reached 172,000 kids last year with everything that we do. >> reporter: oftentimes he says resulting in a bully victim getting the courage to come forward. >> very often we'll get a question someone who raises a concern. >> reporter: school counselor are able to step in, offer help to the victims and try to get to
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the bottom of why the bully is acting out. >> i will not let anyone else hurt me. i'll hurt them first and keep on huring them that's what i can do and what i can control. >> that's their chance to seek attention and they are being bullied at home that's probably the number one indicator actually of bullying. >> reporter: it's why he says he worries that punishing the parent may do more harm. >> whenever i call home about student behavior that was always in the back of my mind. what is the student's actual home situation? what could the consequences be? >> reporter: he says social media and greater access to deadly weapons have taken bullying to much higher, scarier level. >> it's definitely different. social media has really change d a great deal. as we say in our shows the bullying really doesn't stop. >> reporter: tom quinn says the plays offer alternatives to fighting back or shutting down. >> what we try to do is try to create the environment where kids can talk about. >> reporter: for the current school the play is the bully buster rides again it's now performing at schools and community centers all over our
10:19 pm
region. and they're able to do this through grants and donations there could be a small fee but maybe not. if you want the wall street theater actors to come out and perform for your kids, we have all that information for you on our website lucy. >> sounds like great thing. educational and probably entertaining. >> reporter: they've got tepp people to respond. >> there you go. ♪ you decide the race to become new jersey's next governor is heating up. two top candidates to succeed governor chris christie faced off in newark tonight. the first time republican lieutenant governor kim gag don know and democrat phil murphy squared off. mur tee wouldn't answer whether he would favor a 2% cap. his arrival favors extenting the cap. candidates clashed on gun control, the bear hun, property taxes and health care. >> we need to make sure that they get to pick their doctors
10:20 pm
and we also need to make sure it's affordable for them. >> we're a donor state. phil murphy on the other hand he's a single pay your advocate. >> if i had your track record and governor christie's to run on i'd make stuff up to. that includes your comment about single pay your. >> you als mentioned medical marijuana. >> the election is novembe november 7th. murphy who is a former obama administration ambassador to germany holds a lead in the polls. ♪ see these pups? they're safe tonight. what investigators say they found at their owner's home is horrific. and over coming hate. these local students and their parents with signs of support and ugly display of racism by a few will not define this community. ♪
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ugly incident involving racism had some in quakertown worried what happened might cast their whole community in a bad light. today neighbors told our bill anderson that the actions of a couple of middle schoolers most definitely does not define them. he reports for goodness sake. >> this is not indicative of quakertown and that's what hurt. >> reporter: news on monday was disappointing. parents of cheltenham high school students say that there were racial slurs and rocks thrown at the football team and cheerleaders by we now know middle school students during a friday night game against quakertown. >> angry is not the word, correct word. it would be -- i was embarrass embarrassed, disappointed and frankly it broke my heart. >> reporter: the situation was serious and shouldn't be dismissed but that was friday. that was monday. >> from quakertown. >> cheering for both teams today. >> yes, we are. >> tuesday was completely different story for students and community in quakertown. >> they were embarrassed and they wanted to make good on it.
10:25 pm
what can they do? >> small group of community, parents and students showed up to make it clear that they won't let the negative actions of a few define them. >> she's got big heart, and didn't like what it speaks as far as the community, and she said she wanted to make sign. >> because it's not right what they did. report. >> i'm sorry for what our children did was wrong. it was hurtful and i feel absolutely horrible about it so that's why i'm saying we are so sorry cheltenham. >> reporter: this time it was the cheltenham soccer team playing at quakertown and impressive response from people who could have said it wasn't me. it wasn't my kid. it wasn't most of us. they could have said any of that. but they chose a different tactic g because we're trying to teach our children that this is unacceptable behavior in our community. and it's very important to be here to support both teams. and love and encouragement. >> my family is message. people in this country feel like they're not welcome, but they're
10:26 pm
not going to be treated the same as everybody else we're not great country. >> reporter: the small but public display was necessary for the public. but the real action will take place with the students who are watching how all of this is being handled. >> this is not just a teachable moment. this is hopefully a paradigm shift looking in the mirror at ourselves and taking that opportunity to say, hey, how can we make it debtor better. >> reporter: no diss inspect to the two teams playing today but but it was much more than a soccer game. today was about community stepping up acknowledging a challenge not shying away from it and doing what they can to address it for goodness sake, i'm bill anderson. ♪ >> work in progress, supposed to be a good thing until work stopped. the squatters moved in and the trash piled up and, man, people are fed up. old city, northern liberties, stone wall heights, wait, what?
10:27 pm
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♪ fox 29 working to get results tonight for homeowners in philadelphia's overbrook neighborhood. hopes were raised by a sign on a long vacant property suggesting renovations were underway and that the property would soon be looking good. as our bruce gordon reports, it hadn't worked out that way. ya'll take care. bye-bye, girl. >> reporter: 1600 block of north 56th used to be such a nice place to live says block captain rose rollins. >> very nice. really nice. mostly all homeowners then. >> reporter: over time many homeowners moved away or died. vacant properties now dot the block. then this sign appeared on the front of the long empty 1685. work in progress. >> what were you your initial reaction? >> i was very happy about that. very happy. >> reporter: something good is going to happen here. >> yes. >> reporter: so much for high hopes. rehab work started and stopped. started again and then seemingly
10:31 pm
stopped for good. in the meantime, the weeds grew and the trash piled up. rollins says squatters come gone from the home. >> you see people or staying there. >> i have seen people in there, yes. >> reporter: how does that make you feel in terms of your own security. >> very badly. you are in know what's going on. >> reporter: the owner according to city records is darren carr i found his phone number and called him. the prompt over there is a mess. it's been a mess for months and months and months. >> the man at the other end insisted i had the wrong number. told me he'd relay my questions to carr. philadelphia's department of licenses and inspections had cited this home 16 times over the past seven years. mostly for nasty conditions on the outside. we saw five different city violation notices jammed into the door or tossed on the porch all seemingly ignored. how folks on this block feel about their appeals to the city and rollins has a message for mr. carr. >> please come out don something to this house. we'd be so glad to have him do something to it because we hate
10:32 pm
living like this. >> reporter: what do you know shortly after our 5:00 o'clock report aired a worker arrived on scene, on orders from mr. carr he tells us to begin the cleanup out here as you can see at least some of the weeds and trash have been confined to the property are now off the sidewalk itself. still a lot more work to go and for that i reached out to the community live improve many program. those folks will be out here by the end of the week to inspect if it's a mess, they ask the own are in mr. carr to clean up. if he does they'll clean it up and bill him. if he ignores that bill they'll place lean on his proper. we'll get tough on this one and make sure this place gets cleaned up n overbrook getting results i'm bruce gordon fox 29 news. >> drexel professor who made headlines with timely tweets that offended a lot of people is on leave tonight but he's not off the job right now. just because of those tweets. it's for his safety. fox 29's shawnette wilson live on drexel's campus in university city. shawnette. >> reporter: well he's a tenured associate professor of politic and global studies and
10:33 pm
tonight he's threatening legal action. ciccariello first came on the radar last december when he tweeted this. all i want for christmas is white genocide. at the time he told us in an e-mail he quote sent a satirical tweet about a imaginary concept white genocide. for those who haven't bothered to do their research white genocide is a... >> then in march he went viral again for a tweet. in which he described feeling the need to vomit at the sight of a passenger giving up a first class airline seat to uniformed member of the military. a drexel student started petition to get him fired. last week, after the las vegas shooting he tweeted this. it's the white supremacist patriarch you stupid. after that, an op he had to the washington post he says threats started coming in. >> i don't agree with him being on leave. um, i think the point of the
10:34 pm
university is to allow people to discuss a wide are a rave opinions and i think his opinion was valid. i don't think there's any reason to say that he can't have that pin or can't say that opinion to other people. >> reporter: and drexel released a statement it reads in part... due to growing number of threats directed at professor george ciccariello maher, the increased concerns about his both his safety and the safety of drexel's community after considering consideration the university has decided to place professor ciccariello maher on administrative leave. the tone of a text or tweet is difficult to read. what he said would have been differently had it been heard in an open conversation. iain. >> shawnette, interesting stuff. thank you. philadelphia is a city of neighborhoods of course kensington, port richmond, stone wall heights. what's that? you never heard of the last one? that's because it's new. the creation of a developer.
10:35 pm
trying to relable a neighborhood. what's up with that? here's hank. ♪ >> i think stone wall heights has delectable ring to it. >> reporter: it's not as good as fat city. >> i do like fat city though. fell spell it with p. >> reporter: i'm in north phil wrl a developer put up signs that seem to indicate he wants to change the name of this neighborhood to stone wall heights. my take is, i like this name a little bit better. >> fat city! >> reporter: paul calls himself a small developer couple dozen properties he's put up signs from cecil sill b. moore to front street from lehigh to sixth. stone wall heights a modern historical district. bad lands is no name for any w he lives in the area and loves it. >> i'm developing here. i want people to know about this area. i want people to come and shop at your stores. i want people to buy my houses i want people to live in this community. i want people to know about it. >> reporter: if one guy can put up signs and cause a fuss
10:36 pm
about neighborhood name i might as well get my two cents in and put out chairs, got out the sidewalk chalk and busted out my new name for the area, fat city. >> i like it. i do. i like fat city. >> guy puts up a sign or my dopey chalk drawing and can a name change neighborhood? samantha and jamill work at a kensington school. >> it doesn't change the love and the family of the hood. >> reporter: right it. >> just changes the name. >> i don't think no one would even take that personal like because, you know, just a name. every little borough around here as different name already. we rename the streets ourselves any way. >> reporter: maybe the difference is paul's methodology he used bandit signs to spread his message. he's definitely bought himself some bargain publicity as well. marcos ramos grew up on dauphin street and see the neighborhood game name game before and money is talking really clearly right now. >> they start building stuff up. they're charging million dollhouse and rename it to northern liberties.
10:37 pm
i had family that lived over there. they can't afford it. they had to sell at the lowest price, you know, and move out. >> reporter: paul says he's not that guy and electrician and masonry guys says he stands up. ten rears years from now kensington will probable be kensington. norris park will bear the name of isaac norris former slave owner it will cost a lot more to live there. maybe i'll open up a bar and call that fat city. >> fat city, baby. >> fat city! >> i'm hank and that's my take. remember malcolm in the middle? well the guy who played malcolm doesn't. he says he can't remember anything that's happened in the past ten years. kyle: mom! mom!
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the marine mammal stranding center looking to why three dolphins washed up on the jersey shore dead. the center located in brigantine says the three bottle knowed dolphins washed ashore this week. they were discovered in sea bright, sea isle city and sandy hook. tests are now being done to try to determine how they died. caught on camera one wild ambulance ride surrounded by deputies but they weren't headed to the hospital. deputies were actually chasing
10:41 pm
the stolen ambulance. this happened just north of detroit, michigan. you can see the driver swerving all over the place trying to avoid deputies on his tale and you saw him drive right off into a field. but he turned around, kept on going. the chase eventually ended when the 21-year-old driver crashed. middle children often feel like the forgotten ones in the bunch but a middle child tv star says he's the one having trouble remembering. 31-year-old frankie monday notice starred in malcolm in the middle as the show's middle child. he was opening up about his struggles with memory loss on last night's episode of dancing with the stars. in a rehearsal video, he told the audience he is suffering from nine concussions. nine, and several mini strokes that have most definitely affected his memory. walls of flames destroying neighborhoods. thousands forced to leave their homes and the fires are still raging in california. tonight.
10:42 pm
we got a quick trip back to fall for to you days, kathy. >> yes, we sure do. temperatures are going to be dropping but don't worry, iain, we'll be back in the 80s by the weekend. rain is on the way for tomorrow coming up. ♪
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>> tell pell university is building a new football stadium. the stadium has been controversial project from the start. videos posted on twitter show students and residents gathering on campus today to protest the plan. their concerns include higher property taxes and tuition. the university's board says its final decision will be based on what's best for the school and the neighborhood. >> happening right now, wildfires continue to rage through a wide swath of california. in northern california, santa rosa, people are finally returning home to that. after the fires burned threw block after block of their city. more than 2,000 homes and businesses are destroyed. 15 people have died. so many more are missing. it is absolute destruction there. fox's brooks juros sounds like from santa rosa. brooks. >> reporter: some people have come back to their homes today, but they've had to evacuate yet again as there's been many
10:46 pm
emergency evacuations not just here in so mow know county and santa rosa but also in nearby napa county as the fires rage on. there are more than 15 fires that are burning out of control and they're still not contained a lot of places like this are just flatten. this was a mobile home park. and you can barely make out the wheels here of what was someone's home. and people come back looking and sifting through whatever they can find and they say see things like this. this is a dish from the kitchen i would assume and over here you can see a lawnmower engine and this was a grill. but to show you how quickly the fire spread it came through neighbors describe as a blow torch. they had minutes to get out. but right over there in the background that last row of mobile homes is only scorched. melted siding. they returned to find their homes but meanwhile all their neighbors and all the people
10:47 pm
that they grow to know there's nothing. in this town of santa rosa, there's a hilton hotel back behind me. that has burned to the ground and there's also applebee's restaurants and arby's flattened total devastation and really hard to breathe out here as we well. >> the fires continue to burn. brooks, stay safe. thank you very much for that. live from santa rosa, californ california. here's live look at wilmington. did not feel like october today. more like a summer day and now we're expecting a little rain. kathy will break it all down just 15 seconds from now. another beautiful evening in the delaware valley. the clouds will be moving in and we're expecting some rain tomorrow. ultimate doppler you can see clouds in the skies right were night northerly wind.
10:48 pm
a few showers to the south and a few thunderstorms the main event holds off to the west. right now beautiful night. skies are main to partly cloudy. 75 in philadelphia. the wind is calm. in philadelphia right now, 75. but 55 in the poconos. trenton look at that, 68 degrees. 69 in millville. 69 in dover. that ocean water temperature 72. our dew point temperatures still in the 60s a little bit of humidity out there. but drier air to the north in the poconos with dew point temperatures in the comfort zone. high pressure to the north giving us that northerly wind component. we have a warm front with showers ahead of it and then this cold lent front will be moving that was by tomorrow. as it does, it will be bringing in some drier and cooler air we go hour by hour and you can see these merging winds. those northerly winds and actually an on shore flow to the south we'll watch the warm front move in and see a few spotty showers after 7:00 o'clock. and then a few rain showers into the noon hour. possibly a break in the afternoon and then more rain coming in. so occasional showers. through the day, even into the
10:49 pm
evening. when we look at the amount of rape it's not really that much. only about .30 of an inch with gfs model. the european model two terms of an inch of rain in philadelphia. 53 in the poconos, 60 in reading, 59 in pottstown. 65 in philadelphia. 65 in wilmington. and during the day tomorrow, temperatures pretty much where they are now. we'll be rising back up into the 70s. 75 occasional rain much cooler than it was today. today's high temperature 84 degrees. as we look ahead across the area tomorrow, look at this. 71 in reading. 71 in pottstown. this is more seasonal for this time of year. millville 74. wildwood 72. with those occasional showers and possibly an isolated storm. take look at your seven day forecast from the weather authority. thursday morning shower. then just windy conditions. úin. at that cooler air moving the temperature only 66 degrees. 72 for your friday. mostly cloudy and then it warms up again. temple owls on saturday, it will feel like pre-season. 79. how about 82 for sunday.
10:50 pm
next monday a chance of a shower. by tuesday, 67 degrees. cooler but still sunny. not so bad. by that point we're halfway through the month of october. will those 60s stick? hmm. i don't know. i tend not to think so. we'll send it back to you. >> kathy the sweatshirts are waiting on hold. they're still in the moth balls. come on. i need a little chill in the air. but tonight it is the shock heard around the soccer world. something happen to the usa that has not happened in 32 years. and the news from roger goodell might be sweet music to nfl owners during the national anthem. but it's not sitting well with some of the eagles locker room. who is turning the definite ear is next in sports. ♪ now with tomorrow's traffic, here's bob kelly. good evening, everybody. if you know anyone at the bruno mars concert right now give them
10:51 pm
a heads up, because penndot is shutting down the schuylkill expressway tonight which will cause big delays for everybody leaving the concert. the schuylkill will be closed tonight into 5:00 o'clock tomorrow morning here at 30th street station. your best alternate leaving south philly would be 95 to the vine street expressway and then tomorrow during the midday, work crews will be back along 95 between allegheny avenue and bridge street. have yourself a great night. we'll see you right here bright and errly tomorrow morning. i'll bring the coffee, you bring the remote. we'll see you here startin start 4:00.
10:52 pm
10:53 pm
10:54 pm
♪ flyers wrapping up a season game four game road trip. former head coach peter laviolette and the predators. the flyers with pair of wins out west in the first three games. it didn't start well tonight in nashville. flyers down three to nothing phenom nolan patrick number two pick in the draft his first nhl goal. bring the flyers back to three-two. now, tied at three in the third. it is travis, a break away, eighths goal. this is turned into a wild one. scott heart tell just tied it. five-five a minute 17 to go. it will not be your typical nfl owners meeting in new york next week it could simi come down to one word. a battle of should versus must. the nfl policy currently says
10:55 pm
players should stand during the national anthem. roger goodell might change that to must stand for the anthem. the commissioner has apparently had and seen enough. in a memo to nfl owners and presidents he said "like many of our fans, we believe that everyone should stand for the national anthem. then saying the controversy over the anthem is a quote barrier to having honest conversations and making real progress on the underlying issues ". malcolm jenkins not happy if that language changes. >> i think that would be an unfortunate decision if that, f that's all that came out of it. if there was no effort to continue or to replace the platform that the guys have been using to draw attention to, you know, issues in our country. if there's no effort to assist players in that, then i think it would be very very unfortunate and i don't think that will go over well. >> the eagles do have game thursday night in carolina. fletcher cox returned to practice today after missing the last two games.
10:56 pm
no went daal smallwood or lane johnson. doubt physical either will play. eighths short week and players do not like it hemly or physically. >> everything is accelerated. you know, you have to get in the film room right away. you have to move on from sunday's game right i was. what you almost have to get to work on sun day evening as far as for sure taking care of your body but also getting ahead on the opponent. all right. rain was the winner at wrigley field. cubs and nationals will play game four tomorrow of the nlds. chic shock leading the series two games to one. and it was the shocker heard around the soccer world tonight all the u. s a had to do was tie or beat trinidad. trinidad both won. two-one the united states shockingly is out of next year's world cup first time that has happened in 1986. it is in one word, folks, embarrassing. >> wow. >> you can lose that game to a trinidad and tobago team out of
10:57 pm
this thing it's a all a you full night for usa soccer. bad night. >> that's tough. lucy what's coming up at 11:00. >> mega hollywood producer in the spotlight but not for any good reason. the latest a list celebs accusing harvey weinstein of sexual harass many even claims of rape. one explosive recording peeling back the curtain of what happened behind the scenes. (vo) shop all makes, models and colors in your neighborhood...
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