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tv   Chasing News  FOX  October 11, 2017 3:00am-3:30am EDT

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>> a local vfw unit or shut up state organization because of taxes they own debts. local members are crying racism. will break it down. look at the video. a guy gets tossed off the subway. the result of mob justice after he start shouting racial slurs. the question is did they have a right to do it they did. were chasing headlines of local weather. i'm bill spady, this is chasing news. >> the election in new york for mayor in new jersey for governor is around the corner.
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tonight, too big debates, one in new york city one in new jersey. diana was there is the candidates vying to replace governor christie had added. what he got? >> the packed arena here in the first two candidates, kim guadagno and phil murphy took the stage in the first debate. pensions, property taxes heated up fast especially when it came to the issue of guns. and las vegas is shooting. >> i am strongly of the opinion that i would sign all of the gun safety laws that have been vetoed by the christie, guadagno administration. >> if that's a bad then why has goldman sachs invested in gun manufacturers over the years? and how much is he profited by that investment? >> they attacked often and as expected murphy attacked.
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[reading names] on his relattionship with governor christie. the debate ran about an hour with issue spanning from immigration to murphy calling for a sanctuary state to wildstein, the hollywood producer currently under attack for allegations of sexual misconduct. guadagno attacked murphy for not calling it out soon enough. >> i want to call phil murphy a coward. he did not start to talk about harvey wildstein until after my campaign today listed the tens of thousands of dollars that he raised as part of his position as finance chair for the dnc. >> murphy ended the night with a 14-point lead according to a recent poll. but, guadagno is closing that
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gap. >> thank you. let's bring in some political experts to weigh in on what happened. i'm joined by jeanette hoffman and bill. bill, you heard diana's report. the poll numbers have tighten. i think kim guadagno tonight i think she won the debate, what you say? >> it's been so what you decid d as win. phil murphy didn't want to make any gas or news that i think he accomplish that. i think most of us thought this race would type. there democrats were sitting on 30-point lead. this will tighten further. i give guadagno credit for a relentless messaging campaign focused on property taxes. i don't know if it will be enough. >> she brought that up even in relation to the dhaka answer.
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do you think there is a moment that set the tone? >> you look at this as a boxing match. the punches and the counter punches might not be a knockout but i think she won but first was she was on message about property taxes and i think the line that stood out for me was when she called bill murphy a coward for not standing up to harvey wildstein. >> wildstein, guns, trump, seems like murphy spent the whole night talking about national issues completely unrelated to affordability. and kim had him on the row. i would say from the opening statement i don't think he recovered. >> i don't agree with you. first of all, what was supposed to be accomplished? murphy was trying to get through a debate without having major mistakes, he accomplish that.
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guadagno was on message in the beginning. i do think she was scoring points of the tax message. i don't think the general election public care one bit about harvey wildstein. and they don't care about goldman sachs. because i see in the polling they don't care about it. >> i think the call about the hypocrisy. like remington and goldman sachs he weaved and ducked. >> it's way more exciting than we anticipated. we caught up with governor christie earlier today and asked him about the debate. and classic form christie is above the battle. >> sitting around popping popcorn, can't wait. these things if you're in them they consume you. so, that's a governor. and another point of this, he
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certainly is not helping her at all. i saw tonight that she took a shot at him. you think she did that because he's not helping? >> there two different people. the lie that i like that she used was that the inconvenient truth is chris christie is [inaudible] the ballot, i am. the majority of voters look at kim, she's no chris christie. the two different people. i thought that was a great line. >> is this embarrassing for the republicans? a governor not helping. >> the plan was to ride the coattails of christie. when that ship sailed it was over. chris christie is a horrible track record right now and the general public. i don't know if that translate over to kim guadagno. but it's embarrassing to have the back-and-forth and she's getting zero help from him.
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from that standpoint running away from christie's her best bet. >> i think her big mama was calling him a coward. mayor bill diblasio battling -- outta nowhere had the crowd with him pretty much from go. >> if i had my head in the potato peel and i popped it out, i'd vote for him too. but we have four years and he's done nothing. >> thanks guys. the vfw in new jersey shut down by the state organization. some of the members crying racism. they said if we were a white outpost they would've helped us. the state said otherwise. they have something to do with the fact that they all the organization $44000 and potentially up to $100,000 in back taxes. ashley has a story. >> the vfw post in ewing, new jersey was shut down by the
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administration more than a year ago. members of the predominantly black posts say it's because of racism. i caught up with julius nelson who is commander of the postman spee-04 move down. he admits money tackling under previous leadership. there $40000 in debt. they said that the debt grew to more than 60000 but membership is getting things on the right track and had no time to turn the financial hardship around. >> number one where majority black. number two. it was railroad because they want to sell the property. number three, they never gave us a chance to help us keep our post open even though they came to the post twice and said that he was not going to close.
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>> 's is the real reason there shut down is because the state had every intention to make a prophet to the nearby college of new jersey. the state council administration did not return a request for comment. >> this ashley. let's bring in the panel to break this down. we have an immigration attorney with us, frank, district chief of staff, good to have a here. and wayne smith, former mayor of irvington. why is it every time someone gets themselves in hot water someone is a racist? >> i don't believe that you don't either. certainly the new york post style makes it a racial issue. a group of veterans who happen to be black who are in financial trouble. >> he's almost blaming the media on this, but your hearing the members stand up and say thiss s racism. i don't know back taxes and debt
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have anything to do with black or white. >> there's some issues going back to 2009. i'll jump on the bandwagon, this is something the media can contribute to a lot of ways. but i'm not a true believer that raises at the core of it. >> it seems like there's room for discussion on whether an organization could help out. a lot more about mismanagement than anything else. >> i saw there is a 90 day suspension given and efforts made by the organization to work through the issues. then another suspension, i think there needs to be better management and processes on how to handle it. >> it seems to me when you have 75% of the nfl are black players making this money, seems we have effectively moved on. >> when the rules are public and everybody can see it, we can
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compete equally. that's what sports and entertainment are big equalizer because there's no hidden agenda. you have the talent or you don't. >> we like to think that anyway. let's check out headlines. >> first lady, melania trump visited huntington, west virginia organization that cares for children born to children with an opiate problem. she joined a roundtable to discuss the problem with opiate addiction for parents and children. >> thank you very much for having me here today. i want to be here to support you and be a voice. >> and parents in one new york town ended up behind bars of their kid's coupling other kids. the council in hopes that any bowling by holding parents accountable for their children's action. under the law parents of bullies could be forced to pay fine or
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spend up to 15 days in jail. women in their 30s and 40s one of their biological clocks are running out should skip fertility testing. a new study said blood and urine testing cannot addict whether a woman in her late reproductive years will get pregnant. let's look at headlines were chasing pgh so, a guy gets tossed off the subway, the result of mob justice after he starts or not racial slurs. was the crowd right tackle with a day? that and local weather with dan. >> and if you're looking for a taste of fall, we have it in the forecast by the end of the week. i'll talk about when and how
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>> welcome back, on bill spadea. in a bit we will check out our weather, it feels like summer outside. first, take a look at this video. it's a little disturbing. >> i didn't do anything to come what you doing? [inaudible]
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get off the train, get off the train right now. [inaudible] >> this is a video that was taken by subway rider in new york city looking at the video he lost his temper got agitated and started throwing out racial slurs. eventually as the train got to the next stop the passengers push them off the train blocking her from getting his bank, and then as he comes back on the subway claiming to get his bank, the subway rider through a cup of soup in his face. it unraveled from there. going to bring panel in. will joined by an immigration attorney. frank, chief of staff and district for tom macarthur and former mayor, wayne smith.
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we had a similar reaction. i was disturbed by the video. >> my first reaction was good for them for kick in the sky of the train. then i watched it, i think there's a problem. >> we had a similar reaction. i was emotionally disturbed 20 watch the video. of course were arranged by his language and terminology. but i don't think there's an excuse for physical violence. i'd a problem with them kicking him and pushing him. there's always an opportunity to respond in a civil manner. >> what about them not letting him get his bag. who knows if he actually had one. seem like you may have been drunker had mental issues when i saw it. >> the behavior was disturbing. using physical force to keep them off the train. who knows what happened before after, that's just why don't take the subway. that's why i'm mig. when drive and at 11 while
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everybody said the three. the rest of us are the subway occasionally. you look at the video and say, at what time did thoughts become words the words become action? where the passengers right to remove what could've been a potential threat? , especially the soup? >> in prosecuting the rest of the people who identified who did that from the video footage. the matter how horrific the circumstances is in terms of a verbal attack and what he said was adeline, it doesn't call for that. >> and we empowered people tacked this way? one person at the end says get out of here with your hate speech, f you. >> and i thought hate speech is a common term you hear all the time. we of violence at political
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rallies and classrooms. seems to be stepping up in the world. >> it's a time in america where ucr were selves in terms of issues round race. i agree with council, this is a teaching moment. we have to show our young that even when someone says some horrific there's other ways to deal that them violence. it's not to be tolerated. >> i think of, the kids ride the subway back and forth to school. you get someone who looks like they could get out of control maybe the subway subway writers were right. >> i have young kids. i was also young kid at one time people said go back to your country, they lifted off my head's car. i remember vividly my parents and how they responded. pushing me away and be a very kind and generous and not responding and fueling. these people one respond to be on camera.
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they want the hoopla that comes with it. >> if he was in his right state of my he just wanted to be on camera. >> imagine how many have to be to through an 8-dollar cup of soup and somebody. let's leave it there. i was good to talk to. thank you, oh see you soon. one of new jersey's united states senators, bob menendez standing trial for corruption and bribery. laura was at the courthouse today. >> that the trial of your senator bob menendez enters week sicsix. he's accused of it taking luxury trips from a friend and codefendant while intervening on behalf of the dr. and a 9 million-dollar medicare dispute. also the courthouse there is a gathering of supporters in a court of public opinion they
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made it clear who they were supporting. >> he has our support not only for the port recounts but latinos. >> the trial will resume on wednesday. >> a meteorologist dan. let's talk about the weather. i'll start with the biggest story in the u.s. on the west coast, the wildfires in northern california. from napa to sonoma, clouds of smoke and flames are doing devastation there. there's been deaths and injuries and property damage. it's a perfect firestone.
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the conditions will not improve anytime soon. we'll keep the victims, families, evacuees and crews in our thoughts. it's been a rough season on the west coast. here at home no complaints about the weather. felt like summer with sunshine and temperatures in the 80s. a cooling trend is ahead. if you looking for fall like whether you will have it by the end of the week. should be comfortable tonight as humidity has been decreasing throughout the day. look for temperatures in the lower 60s still warm but if you clouds overhead. for wednesday as clouds increase will added chance for showers by wednesday evening through thursday morning. temperatures for wednesday will be uncertain calling for low to mid 70s. could be warmer or cooler, it will feel like fall. high temperatures in the mid- 60s with cloudy skies will hold onto 50s for friday two. >> the owners of a haunted new jersey house who never moved in after buying it thousand 14 have put it back on the market. the westfield watcher is listed
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for $1.125 million. the owner started seeing and receiving creepy letters after buying the house. enjoy benign our slice of avocado toast for breakfast. you may be helping out your heart. a study involving mice found the more potassium in your diet the less likely arteries were hard. it can be found in foods like potatoes, bananas, avocados, and spinach. from dragons -- there were cleverly dressed pops at the harley-davidson. they pay $5 in proceeds go to help local shelters. that's a look at headlines were chasing. >> coming up, the ya
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>> welcome back. as you know the yankees tie the
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series up with the indians, big win here's george with the details. >> it's a gift from the baseball gods. the deciding game between the yankees and the cleveland indians to go to the series against the houston astros. i'll because on monday night they pitched a terrific game read seven strong innings, nine strikeouts for the young yankee. aaron judge breaking out of the slump in a five nothing lead. sanchez had a hand home run. wednesday night on cleveland against corey kluber. can they do it again? that's why they play the games. enjoy baseball, we'll get it back to. >> too big elections on the horizon. just about foreign change weeks out. will elect a new governor and a mayor in new york city.
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what's incredible to me as you look on twitter and facebook, people are charged up about issues about columbus day in gun control, terrorism, you name it people take to social media to vent their anger and take to streets to protest. how many people go to these protests are actually going to vote? as people if they know there's election, and most have no idea. i wonder how many people that are angry about something even bother to watch the debate tonight. the one in new york city and new jersey. there's election, not. maybe it's time to put on the protest sign and go to the ballot box and castable. that's how you make change happen in this country. thanks for watching. always a pleasure to bring you news and headlines and stories. i'll see you tomorrow night.
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>> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 11:00. he came face to face with gunman this morning trying to rob him and he says an angel saved him. tonight, he's telling his story from a hospital bed. thank you for joining us at 11 coliseum lucy noland. that man was on his way to his job as a septa bus operator. when a man shot him. our dave schratwieser is live at septa head quarter it's. dave this isn't the only armed robbery police are investigating in the area. >> reporter: they're looking at a couple more lucy. robert wouldn't gus is resting in the hospital awaiting surgery tomorrow morning to repair a fractured leg that was caused by this shooting. he says he was walking to work at 4am this morning when a gunman approached him, demanded his money and then shot him when he tried to get away


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