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tv   FOX 29 News at 5  FOX  October 11, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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radnor commissioner's computer. the details are hard to hear. fox 29's jeff cole is live in media, delaware county. jeff. >> reporter: lucy, even investigators who have seen a lot in their careers are expressing outrage and disgust over the amount and the kind of child porn allegedly on mr. ar's computers. even the reporting on this may be disturbing to some. >> sir, are you daddy x. >> philip arr kept his gaze straight ahead his thoughts to himself as he ran the gauntlet of reporters and photographers into court the 66-year-old president of radnors board of commissioners is facing felony charges of possession and contribution of child born. >> it's did you say gusting. it's outrageous. it's offensive. most people just, you know, shutter with anguish when you -- when you look and hear about that. >> according to aa whelan it came apart for the father of two
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a national group fighting child porn alerted investigators someone was viewing and sharing child porn locally investigators searched his regard nor home and found what they say are 500 images, pictures and video of chirp some three to five years old engaged in sex acts with adults and more. >> sir this affidavit is horrific. can you explain what happened here? >> i just got it. i just received it. >> law enforcement guarded his home wednesday where there was no answer. released on $10,000 bond, he remains the head of the radnor's board tonight. a fellow board member is urging him to quit. while expressing shock. >> we would have breakfast sometimes and talk about policy want not. and this is a complete shock. it's like a punch in the gut. >> reporter: according to investigators he referred to himself online as daddy xx and wrote about the child porn images. >> he engaged in chat conversations that were quite shocking quite offensive.
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>> allegedly kept a spreadsheet of all the child porn sites he'd visit. >> why would you respond in that way, sir? you said did you like to see children in this position? >> reporter: now investigators say they are trying to learn more about who it was he was actually trading the child porn images with and maybe identify the children in some way. back in court later this month, he must stay away from children and use only a certain filtered computer. live in delaware county, jeff cole cock 29 news. folks. >> jeff, thank you. the radnor township manager set to give news conference in the next ten minutes regarding the arrest. we are there and we'll bring you details when we get them. some dramatic new surveillance video now from overbrook where an armed robber stormed into a deli you see the guy burst into the felon mini mark on the 6,000 block of lansdowne avenue and demand money from the employee. gun right in the face there. he got away with 200 bucks. no one is hurt. this all happened yesterday around 9:30 in the morning.
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if you've got any information, please call police. >> to montgomery county now residents are disgusted after getting racist flyers in the mail. handful of neighbors in east greenville told police note showed up this we can we have blurred the flyer. east greenville police say it's from a white supremacist organization state police and now also investigating. >> skyfox over deadly shooting in north philadelphia. this happened after 11:00 this morning on the 2700 block of albert street. police found a man in his late 30s dead shot in the head inside his car. so far no arrests have been ma made. >> route 1 still shut down between smyrna and middle counsel town delaware after a crash this morning. sky fox over the scene of overturned tank derr truck right near new discovery road happened about 8:30 this morning. it was hauling more than 8,000 gallons of fuel and that is what crews are still cleaning up. the driver is in the hospital with serious injuries. route 1 still shut down from exits 119 to 299.
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a $5,000 reward now stands for information in the murder of a 26-year-old woman. the gloucester county prosecutor's office in woodbury police are hoping the reward will help find shaunique carter's killer. carter was house sit tag home on hopkins street when she dimed the reward goes to whoever can provide information leading to the arrest and conviction of the murderer. getting your kids to forty one school all those activities is an important job for bus and van companies. most of the time they get it right. but when they don't, it can be a nightmare for parents. when the child in question is a special needs first grader, that could be even a bigger problem. bruce gordon live in prospect park, delaware county, with wasn't family's heartbreaking story. bruce. >> reporter: iain you said it. school can be stressful enough for special needs first grader but getting to and from class or getting to and from after school activities that ought to be the easy part. it doesn't always work out that way. >> seven-year-old tyler barlow stayed home from school
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wednesday to be with his mom to be safe. >> i didn't want to go to scho school. >> reporter: why is that? >> because i thought something was going to happen. >> reporter: it's understandable. on tuesday afternoon, tyler was picked up from his elementary school by a wheat services van like this one to be driven along with a couple of other special needs students to a group therapy session in havertown. but tyler fell asleep in the back seat of the van and neither of the driver nor an aide noticed. as they traveled to havertown, drove back to their headquarters lot in prospect park and then left the van. >> you were in a parking lot, right? >> were you a little bit scared? >> you can talk to him. >> you can tell me. >> yes. >> reporter: what's that? >> yes. >> reporter: based on the timeline described by tyler's mother it appears the autistic seven-year-old sat alone in that park van for an hour or more before being discovered. >> i was just out of breath. like i put my life -- moo kid's live in these people's hands and
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i just felt heart broken. >> reporter: wheat services a subcontractor for community transit. a private non-profit that provides transportation for kids like tyler. tom is executive director. >> this is not right. >> yes, it's not right. it shouldn't happen. it should not happen. there's no justification for it. >> reporter: jack live forward is the man in charge at wheat services. he declined to talk to us on camera citing contract policy. but an e-mail from wheat obtained by fox 29 confirms the driver and eat aid have been fired. stunningly tyler was forgotten and left on board a transportation van last december by a different company. coping.s he's having a hard tim- >> this morning i woke up to him in my bed. telling me he's sorry and he didn't want to lose me. i asked him what do you mean you don't want to lose me. >> mom, i could have died on the van. >> reporter: the officials at community transit tell me they are conducting their own investigation to determine for themselves just how long the
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seven-year-old boy would have been out here alone in this parking lot which by the way borders active train tracks. it's also a safe bet the two entities here wheat services included will be having some frank discussions about policies and practices going forward. lucy? >> all right, thank you much, bruce. heart pounding dash cam video look at that. just released of a deputy driving through the sonoma county wire fires. can you imagine? you got to wonder how the tires didn't catch fire. >> incredible. >> so far fires in northern california have killed 21 peop people. the stories that we're hearing now are absolutely heartbrea heartbreaking. 8,000 firefighters are battling the flames raging through towns and wineries and forests. >> hillary vaughn is in napa valley with more on the deadly flames. >> reporter: officials say fire activity increased significantly overnight with more than 20 fires destroying more buildings and leading to new mandatory evacuations in several areas. >> this fire was unbelievably
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fast. the timeline is almost em perceivable how fast it came into the hill. >> the sheriff's department posting dramatic video on their facebook page. you can see the embers flying and flames licking the road close to the car. authorities are calling the wildfire the most devastating natural disaster to hit wine country in modern history. >> i don't think people -- i think they underestimate how powerful and dangerous it can be. if you got a place to go, go. you don't need to be here. >> reporter: fire crews in fairfield, california, are trying to save several homes from the atlas fire which forced many residents from their homes on wednesday. officials say the flames are moving fast. chewing up giant chunks of land. >> we're just making sure the fire goes around and not damaging any of the structures here. >> reporter: and in sole land know county tall crash being raked up and crews are intentionally starting fires as a way to prevent even more of them. weather forecasters say low moisture and gusty winds returning to the region wednesday are making things more complicated for firefighters on
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the ground. in napa valley, hillary vaughn, fox 29 news. talk about erie. look at this a postal truck driving around a naked in santa rosa where there are no homes standing. they have all burned to the ground. doesn't it. >> astounding. >> it's amazing. they have never had a fire storm this bad in california. a lot of its weather related of course. fox 29 weather authority around here, man, we can just blessings all around for us. it's definitely felt a lot more like october today, live look at reading right now where all we really have to worry about little bit of haze here and there. that's it. meteorologist kathy orr, so if we've got outdoor plans, how is it looking. >> not bad in reading the roads were wet. a few spotty showers to the north and west at philadelphia. look at old steam you can see the cloudy skies but dry conditions and temperatures are still warm in the upper 70s this afternoon and right now in philadelphia still 75. so a nice night to be outdoors. along the i-95 corridor south and east may be a few sprinkles
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late tonight but mainly the rain has stayed to the north and west. only 66 in reading with a few spotty showers. pottstown 69. rain cooled in allentown 60, 70 degrees. 60 degrees in the poconos. down the shore we have that on shore flow with temperatures in the upper 60s lower 70s ocean water temperature still 72 degrees. as we close in on the mid part of the month. dew point temperatures are low in the poconos where it's refreshing. 58 in philadelphia. that's comfortable. 71 a little muggy. 65 the dew point temperature in wilmington still a little sticky there. the cloudy skies will prevail. here's the showers moving through reading toward allentown and the poconos. moving more north than toward the southeast. so we are going to be seeing a few spotty showers, especially in north and western suburbs but i don't think this is going to be sticking together. so just a chance of a few showers during the overnight. otherwise, temperatures will be falling through the 70s. this persist at the present time easterly wind will continue. 70 degrees by 9:00 o'clock. and by about the 11:00 o'clock
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hour we're talking about 67 degrees. cooler air moves in tomorrow. guess what? it's going get windy around here take look at the cool down and when we can actually warm it back up with your seven day forecast. i'll see in you just a few minutes. >> sounds good, thank you kathy. the president met with the canadian prime minister at the white house earlier today and now president trump is in pennsylvania. what the commander in chief is doing in harrisburg. girls in the boy scouts? the historic change announced today. who knew what about harvey weinstein and when did they know it? a local expert weighs in on the lasting psychological effects for the victims and those who have not come forward. and knew at 6:00, it's not just northern california being slammed by wildfires. how the la suburbs are coping with the flames. ♪
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>> president trump in our neck of the woods getting ready to speak in harrisburg within the hour. >> he's using his visit to the commonwealth to pitch his tax overhaul plan. our dave kinchen is there and dave the president just touched down within the past hour. >> reporter: that's right. h touched down not too long ago here in central pa. let's go to video right now of air force one which really just kind of popped out of the sky on to the runway, and made a quick stop down that runway here. we can tell you the president will be speaking with an invitation only group of truck drivers manufacturers and state
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lawmakers on tax policy. about a thousand people will be in the audience when he speaks at the air national guard base in the harrisburg area. trucks will be surrounding the president as he calls for wiping out the estate tax giving tax relief to small business owners, lower tax rates for individuals and also lowering the corporate tax rate something he's talk long about way backout campaign trail and trying to get lawmakers in congress specifically his party to back up the plan and get it done as critics say he hasn't gotten much done with congress with the republicans irepublicansrepublis the president hoping to be a big opportunity to get that done of course he's taking his message here to the people a select group and folks impacted by industry by manufacturing to get that word out. he will be speaking roughly around 5:45 and of course we will dip into those remarks and bring you the full coverage. let's send it rooking back to you. >> dave, thank you. meanwhile ahead of of the
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president's speech pennsylvania u.s. senator bob casey is spelling out how he disagrees with the proposal. the democrat said says the plan would raise taxes on middle class families and add to our deficit. >> this stuff doesn't work, folk. we know that. we've been sold this bill of good three or four times in my lifetime. let's not fall for it again. let's focus on the middle class. >> of course we at fox 29 will bring you the president's remarks life as they happen. maintenance work at mandalay bay says he told hotel dispatchers to call police about a gunman opening fire before that shooter started firing. police say the gunman steven paddock shot hotel security guard through the door of his sweet six minutes before he shot into the crowd of those attending the concert. that account difference dramatically from the one police gave last week when they say paddock fired through the door of his room and injured the unarmed guard after shooting into the crowd. the company that owns mandalay
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bay has questioned the new timeline. meantime lawyers today filed the first lawsuit about the police and hotel security response to the shootings. philadelphia police officer hurt in shoot out just got suspended for misleading investigators about what happened that day. officer angela romero was off duty driving to his home last november ended up caught in the crossfire of a shootout. and he was shot in his legs and thumb and back side. an internal affairs investigation raised questions about what romero says happened that day. police suspended him now with the intent to dismiss him. police in delaware have arrest warrants for may they believe stabbed a woman to death. 36-year-old rondel veal jailed in new york with newark police on their way to pick hip up. he's accused of stabbing this girlfriend 34-year-old sherri campbell multiple times until she died in september. while the detectives gathered evidence they say he left delaware and hit in new york city. he was pick up by new york
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police after he was hit by train want they say may have been a failed suicide attempt. a victory today for a philadelphia man who is undo you meaned immigrant. javier glories garcia went into sanctuary in the art street methodist church in center city nearly a year ago. it was a form of resistance. he feared deportation. his story has captured national attention. now, garcia is eligible for u.s. visa that covers certain victims of crime who help police. he was stabbed in a 2004 assault today he walked out of the church. >> for the first time the boy scouts rolling out the welcome mat to girls. this all begins in 2018. the organization says it's going to accept girls into the cub scout program. so apparently here's how it's going work. existing pack which is choose to remain all boy pack stab a new girl pack or stab a pack that includes girls and boys. so older girls can also become eagle scouts now. which is the boy scouts highest honor. how does this affect of one?
5:19 pm
not sure as of yet. so the eagles are hot right now as they gear up to play carolina, right. >> tell us more. we want to welcome the new edition to the fox 29 sports team kristin rogers. >> welcome kristin. >> thank you lucy and iain. >> eagles priority one in charlotte will be containing cam newton. fletcher cox is making the trip to charlotte for the game. lane johnson out for that game against carolina wendell smallwood questionable for cox though this would be his first game back after sitting out the last two weeks with a calf injury. doug pederson says he look good after fully participating in the last two days. >> he seems to be okay. he's progressing. you know, again we'll take it right up to the 90 minute, you know, on game day. make that decision but he's feeling better. >> bit of a family affair tomorrow into charlotte two disciples from the andy reid coaching tree will catch off. the matchup within the matchup.
5:20 pm
more than that, though, rivera was on the eagles staff back in '99 when pederson was still a player and reid was coaching the birds. pederson says today it's because both of them fell under the andy reid coaching tree that they were able to make the strives they have to become head coach coaches. >> whether they've gone on to bet other coordinator jobs or what, if they were position coach and just watching their careers over time success they've had, um, obviously that's the biggest thing. he just allows to you work ton grow and, um, you know, further your career that way. >> coming up in sports more from carson wentz and his relationship with the former quarterback doug pederson. >> sounds good. welcome to filly. >> thank you. >> welcome to philadelphia, kristin. >> thank you lucy and iain. >> i'm so excited to be here. i'm loving the fans so far. love being in great sports town. >> so far. >> you're in great sports town. >> i don't think it's going change. i'm so excited to be here. >> it's amazing sports town.
5:21 pm
do you have some bird connections. >> yes. >> you were in oregon before so there were duck involved with that. >> yes. of course there's a few former ducks on this team as well leading the way. >> exactly. >> all kind of comes together. >> we got rid of chip kelly before you got here. >> thank. >> former coach. >> little too late. any way, we're getting out of that now. >> we're thrilled to have you kristin. >> thank you guys. >> great to have you. so he's accused of using his power to take advantage of women. coming up we're looking at the psychological effect that is alleged victims will face as well as those who didn't speak out about the report thed abuse. >> celebrating a hospital's unique place in philadelphia history. the new marker unveiled at einstein medical center. >> the california wildfires are historic ripping through wide swaths of the state and what about the vinyards because this is burning threw wine country. we'll tell you what's happening. ♪
5:22 pm
after 8 years of chris christie, is kim guadagno the change new jersey really needs? guadagno is christie's hand-picked successor. says she's "proud to be part of the christie administration." guadagno was chris christie's right hand
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philadelphia kicking off hispanic heritage month with an annual luncheon. the second annual hispanic heritage luncheons honors the
5:25 pm
contributions made by latin americans to our country it was held at the union league where people in the health, education and business fields gathered for midday meal and got awards for how they can positively influenced our city. one of philadelphia's hospitals just got some big recognition. the pennsylvania historical museum commission dedicated an official state marker at einstein medical center today. the on nor commemorates the start of einstein as the jewish hospital in 1866 way back marker stands as symbol einstein's history and its contribution to our city. >> einstein, thank you so very much for continuing that rich legacy. for promoting diversity, for providing quality health care in our region and i am proud that the history of this institution is forever etched in stone. >> the hospital started as 22 bed farmhouse a few years later it moved on the olney location where it stands today. philadelphia's own love lock
5:26 pm
bridge is open over at penn's landing. philadelphia's residents and visitor which is personalize and latch a love lock to commemorate any live moment. the bridge is a gift to the city of philadelphia penn's landing by sarah and dan keating. mr. keating a cancer survivor chose to launch the philadelphia hope fence in appreciate of the friends of american association for cancer research. >> we want pennsylvania lanning to be the home of everybody's story. locally, regionally, nationally and in this case we're bringing the thoughts of cancer and the cure that is can be created by research. >> the beautiful new bridge is inspired by the bridge in paris. >> which always ends up with too many locks over that way. >> all righty. coming up the wildfires and their devastating impact on california's wine country. so much of this is weather related, kathy. >> it certainly is. of course you have the fires. you have wind the lack of rain it's not going to rain in that part of the country for at least a week that's the next chance of rain. in the meantime we have some
5:27 pm
showers moving in tonight and we'll talk about a bigger cool down coming with your seven day forecast.
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>> revelations keep oncoming along with more fallout following accusations of decades of sexual harassment and assault by one of hollywood's most
5:30 pm
powerful movie's executives. >> harvey weinstein has been disgraced and fired many fingers pointed at the 11 victims behind that glitz and gap more. joyce evans is here with what everybody seems to be talking about. >> super rich and famous they don't deserve any sympathy. they're outspoken about everything under the sun so why not this? a local psychologist says if you're blaming the victim, you're too late. they probably been blaming themselves. ♪ >> reporter: he says -- >> i think it's pretty ridiculous. i think that shouldn't be happening anywhere whether it's hollywood or anywhere else. >> reporter: she says. >> they need to get kicked out of their positions because it keeps happening repeatedly. >> reporter: most shocking may be who we're hearing from. big-time super a listers but they weren't always on top. >> you come from the bottom and then you just trying to make it up and then probably sacrificing so much stuff to get there. >> i think being in a position
5:31 pm
that they are they just decide not to always come forward. >> you wouldn't believe how many people come and say you're the first person i'm ever are ever telling about this. >> university of penn psychologist thee ya gallagher says celebrities or not, men or women, the pain many of them carry around inside themselves is life altering. no matter how famous or rich they become. >> there's a lot of hidden guilt, shame, um, hiding. there's, you know arc lot of avoid dance of feelings and thoughts that remind them of these events. >> reporter: even famous hollywood tough guys are not exempt. >> i think and even more stigmatized for men to come out and talk about being sexually assault. >> reporter: the reason why now is deeper, more complex than many people can understand or empathize with. >> but they end upcoming out in their life in different ways they don't even realize which effects intimas cease or relationships. >> reporter: some people are calling out those super rich often outspoken about everything else actors whether they're broken or not. >> because you're just as guilty for not voicin voicing that youn
5:32 pm
these things happen in the workplace. >> they have a choice. either yes or no. that's how i grew you. >> we see a lot of vick items with lot of guilt and shame and they go back. they go back and look at their thought process they're like what else was i supposed to do? lose my job? like lose my life? >> the guy had so much power. i never new somebody had that& much per over you that you can't do anything. that's just scary. >> reporter: well think again. well the accusations are just flying now and everybody we spoke with believe it's all good. the mega producer harvey weinstein is reportedly in therapy now, and the alleged victims are finally being heard in the movie industry may finally be forced to change. iain? >> all right, joyce. taking live look outside at ocean city. probably not day you wanted to head to the beach. meteorologist kathy orr has got your forecast in just 15 seconds.
5:33 pm
in weather we are talking about cloudy conditions, windy conditions you saw that picture down the shore. but even warm down the shore. you can see temperatures that are rain cooled through the lehigh valley the poconos only in the 60 there is and these showers will continue to move toward the east over the next couple of hours. it's 60 in the poconos. 66 in reading. right now 70 degrees in allentown and that persistent easterly wind will keep the clouds over us at 75 in philadelphia. in millville it is 74 degrees. now over night tonight temperatures will be in the 60s and the 50s in the poconos down into the 40s. so as we watch the rain showers move toward the east we'll see an area of low pressure to the south. it will had toward us cold front trailing behind and in the wake of that front it's going to feel much cooler. so we'll see some rain moving through overnight tonight. some spotty showers for the morning. and then we just see mostly cloudy sky during the afternoon of thursday and into thursday
5:34 pm
night. as far as the rain amounts, only talking about a couple tenths of of rain. the american model and european model, no lost rain but enough to be a nuisance for the next 24 hours. one place we desperately need the rain the west coast those california wildfires burning out of control for more oh and that we'll send it over to scott. hi, scott. >> hi there kathy. absolutely devastating fires not only in northern california but southern california as well. so let's talk a little bit about the devastation also the ingredients helping to fuel the fires in california. dry vegetation. low humidity and, of course, those winds. those santa a and in a winds helped to fuel fires. you get one fire and then the winds will help to spread those flames causing a lot of damage over 3500 structures have been completely burned and let's take look at the wind forecast over the next several days. those winds will still be pretty gusty. generally out of the north around the santa rosa area toward napa also as you move
5:35 pm
into sections of central and southern california. we have fire weather warnings around the area with the most significant damage and also almost 200,000 acres have burned air quality concerns as well. even if you're not seeing those fires in sections of california. look at ultimate doppler picking up on those smoke plumes that's not rainfall. that is actually ultimate doppler detecting the smoke plumes. look at the rainfall estimates over the next several days into the upcoming weekend. no rainfall unfortunately, kathy, expected in the short term. back over to you. >> it is so sad. they were saying over the past couple of days these fires were burning at a rate of about one football field for three secon seconds. that's just the total of the devastation there. back at home, we're looking at cloudy skies at the beach. rehoboth beach delaware looking pretty good. temperatures during the day tomorrow going to be little bit on the cool side but at least we'll see some sunshine during afternoon. 66 in philadelphia. 62 your forecast for your thursday in pottstown.
5:36 pm
dover 66 and wildwood atlantic city in the 60s as well. your seven day forecast from the weather authority, well, a few spotty showers for friday. 68. and then the weather turns aga again. saturday near 80. sunday 82. the weekend has been very consistent this whole week. monday 73. cooler tuesday. wednesday still cool the high 7e indications it could get even warmer late next week. not 80s but at least 70s. pretty good. because remember sunday is the mid period of the month. >> hard to believe, kathy. >> um-hmm. >> all right. i'll take it though. coming up they are bizarre to say the least. the beauty trends that are going viral just ahead.
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video from northern california is simply jaw dropping. authorities are calling the wildfires the most devastating natural disaster to hit wine country in modern history it's not just homes and hotels but also historic vineyard the fires are destroying. >> fox's doug johnson has more on the precautions wine makers are taking.
5:40 pm
>> reporter: skies over the napa valley look apocalyptic with so many wildfires burning nearby. through all the smoke, wineries and tasting rooms closed signs can be barely seen almost everywhere. >> we have to close because we can't really do much without electricity. >> reporter: wine makers say even without power, they're still doing what they do best. >> we just kept on doing wine making the old style way without as much as technology and electricity, of course, as we used to. >> it's back to extreme basics of we're filling up a bin with wine and juice and lifting it with a forklift and having manually, you know, push it into the tank. >> reporter: some wineries are not so lucky. napa valley association says 14 its members have had wildfires burn on to their properties which five are a complete loss. >> we haven't seen the economic damage probably won't know that for some time. >> reporter: the chairman of the vintners association michael hoenig says it's unlikely these fires will have an impact on the
5:41 pm
price of the bottle because the association is made up of more than 500 wineries. >> if you look at california as wine growing community, only 4% of the grapes grown in california come from the napa valley. report fort you're wondering how this ash and smoke in the air might affect the taste of the wine, most of the wine makers we talked to say while this is the harvest season, it's the tail end of it so most of the grapes are already off the 59. >> the skins aren't really permeable so the smoke won't get into the fruit per se. >> reporter: ten to 15% of grapes still outside will be washed before their fermented. >> you have ways to clean them up with micro particles of water if that's needed so we haven't had that problem. >> keeping tanks closed. we're washing things twice and just to be cautious. >> reporter: in napa valley, doug johnson, fox news. >> picking out your kids halloween costumes but there maybe something lurking inside. how to make sure your kids costume does not make them sick. kristin what's coming up in sports. >> carson wentz has been making deaf improvements on the field
5:42 pm
hre in year two. was he like off the field with his coaches. hear from wentz and the staff on the relationship later in sports. my day starts well before
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>> breaking news right now. president trump speaking in harrisburg. >> as we told you the top of the hour he's taking the stage to talk about tax reform plan. let's take listen. >> -- long time representative mike kelly. [ applause ] >> thank you, mike. >> tom marino going to be the drug czar. he's going to do a great job. tom merlino. thank you, tom. going to be amazing. the drug czar. >> patrick meehan. patrick. [ applause ] >> thank you, patrick. >> scott perry. [ applause ]
5:46 pm
>> scott and lloyd smucker. [ applause ] >> lloyd, thank you. thank you, lloyd. >> i also want to thank a couple of very special people they've been fantastic in what they've done. secretary of the treasury steve mnuchion here some place and gary cohen director of the national economic council. thank you, gary. thank you. [ applause ] >> and mike turzi the speaker of the pennsylvania house of representatives thank you, mike. [ applause ] >> i think that's enough, right that's enough. [ applause ] we'll start losing the crowd, mike. before we begin i want to take a moment to address some of the recent tragedies that have struck our incredible nation. in the darkest moments, the light of our people has shown through like seldom before.
5:47 pm
their goodness, they're courage and their love. no destructive force on earth is more powerful than the strength and resilience of american people. [ applause ] >> we are praying for all of the families affected by the horrific mass shooting that took place in las vegas. we grieve with you and we will never leave your side. our hearts are also with the victims of the wildfires in california's napa and sonoma val lees and they are wild and dangerous fires, and we have fema out there right now along with a lot of first responders. >> president donald trump talking about the emergencies at hand in our nation right now. he's expected to talk about tax reform live now in harrisburg. >> exactly. >> all right. philadelphia city of neighborhoods of course. kensington, port richmond, stone wall heights, what's that? you never heard of the last one.
5:48 pm
that's because it's new. the creation of a developer lying trying to relabel a neighborhood much what's up with that? here's hank. >> i think stone wall heights has a directable ring to it. >> reporter: it's not as good as fat city. >> i do like fat city. spell it with p. >> reporter: it's hank i'm in north philly where a developer has put up signs that seem to indicate he wants to change the name of this neighborhood to stone wall heights. my take is, i like this name a little bit better. >> fat city! [ laughter ] >> paul calls himself a small developer couple dozen properties he's put up signs from cecil b. moore to lehigh and front street to sixth. announcing stone wall heights a modern historical district. paul says bad lands is no name for anywhere he lives in the area and loves it. >> i'm developing here. i want people to know about this area. i want people to come and shop at your stores. ian pebble to buy my houses. i want people to live in this community and i want people to know about it. >> reporter: if one guy can
5:49 pm
put up signs and cause fuss about a neighborhood name i might as well get my two cents n i put out chairs got out the sidewalk chuck and put out my new name for the city. >> i like it. i like fat city. >> is that that eyes see. a guy puts up a sign and can name change a neighborhood. >> it doesn't change the love and the family of the hood. >> right. >> it just changes the name. >> i don't think no one would even actually take that even personal like because it's just name like every -- every little name already. like we rename the streets ourselves any way. >> reporter: maybe the difference paul's methodology he's used so called bandit signs to spread his message and far from the only violator there. he's definitely bought himself bargain publicity as well. marcus ramos grew up on dauphin street he's seen the neighbor name game played before and money is clearly talking right now. >> they start building stuff up.
5:50 pm
they're charging million dollhouses and rename it northern liberties. i had familiar that lived over there. they can't afford it. they had to sell at the lowest price and move out. >> reporter: paul says he's not that guy. electrician and masonry guy say he stand up. kensington will probably be kensington. norris park will be isaac norris former slave owner it will cost a lot more to live there maybe i'll open up a bar and call that fat city. >> fat city, baby. >> fat city! >> i'm hank and that's my take. ♪ >> really amazing how fishtown for instance is just exploding. >> yeah. >> right now. that's still kensington. [ laughter ] >> for us. halloween is almost here, right? >> pediatricians have warning for parents. >> it's got to do with costumes and head lice. experts say there are precautions you can take to make sure those masks, wigs and hats are safe and lies free. you can put a costume or wig in sealed plastic bag for 48 hours before wearing it to kill the bugs. you can also put those drier
5:51 pm
friendly things in the drier on high for 45 minutes before wearing them to keep those lice from spreading. >> all righty. they're making the rounds on social media but are these beauty trends the real deal? fox's stacey delicate break it down for us. >> you've heard of eye lash extensions, nail jewelry silver hair what about fur nails? >> never. >> squiggly brows? >> personally i can't unit. >> nostril extensions. >> it's horrible. >> it seems like there's a spider about to leave the nostril. >> it's a little bit too much. >> if you believe the internet these are the new beauty trends but good luck finding anyone willing to actually try one. >> would you do any of these trends. >> no. >> where do these trends come from? >> don't know. >> are people really doing these things? >> um, i think they are. for instagram and the likes. >> the whole nose air extension things started days ago when this instagram her posted his picture inspiring plenty of fail followers like beauty blogger
5:52 pm
sofa hannah richardson who told us she was just trying to poke fun. >> i think there's a place for this type of creative expressi expression. >> lauren levinson senior beauty editor for pop sugar says that place is on social media, not necessarily your face. >> i think it's really fun for people to take a break from the work day and look at something maybe a little inspiring or silly and just have a break and a moment to enjoy that. is it something we're saying is the big knew hot trend for fall 2017? probably not. >> bottom line the crazy lip lines and furry nail pictures are meant to raise eye brows, not convince to you actually braid yours much but if you absolutely must see what the buzz is all about, proceed with caution and be careful not to sneeze. stacey delicate, fox news. >> coming up at 6:00 a mom desperate for answers her child with autism left alone on a van after school and she says it's not the first time. are you taking the tissue test?
5:53 pm
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national restaurant indicator to go its customers pets. at 51 is the kitchen and bar in nashville your four legged family member is invited to dinner. the restaurant created a space up front the eatery for pups to play while they're enjoying the dog park you can enjoy a cocktail or a meal. and to top this off the restaurant actually whips up meals to order for the dogs. very nice. we're just hours away from an all new episode of empire. >> seems nothing is every cal and in the lyon's den.
5:57 pm
jonathan hunt talked with fill's own brashear gray as well as jussie smollett. >> the drama continues on fox's mega hit music series empire. with cookie and lucious planned to celebrate their company's 20th anniversary by releasing 20 new album. and diana dubois employed to take down the entire lyon clan. >> it's time that we put these hostile will thes behind you. >> stars jussie smollett and brashear gray say playing the lyons2 sons is a dream gig. >> ♪ >> it is hard to think sometimes like wow it's coming up on four seasons, and we still kicking it and it's great. but, um, i don't know. the just a blessing. it's great. >> what i realize is that musically i couldn't make this impact on my own. i couldn't make this impact on my own musically. so the tv, the fact that everywhere i go i'm probably like most recognizable black actor in the world. like in the world people go
5:58 pm
crazy over. >> i don't think you understand what you saw. >> the show has boasted big named guest stars but according to small let there will be fewer appearances this season. >> i can say that because i think we've all been honest about the fact that season two everybody got a little trigger happy and because season one was such a labor of love and it was building season two came and everybody wanted to be part of it so it felt like we were just trying to be like yeah you want to come to the pear, come to the pear. yeah, eye you're down, you got a friend, sure. come. man, come on. but now, we want people where it makes complete sense. >> and grace gray sees big things for his hiphop star platt tum. >> platinum. will smith had six or eight. ooh want hakeem to have ten. >> in hollywood jonathan hunt, fox news. fox 29 news at 6:00 starts right now. ♪
5:59 pm
a mom is desperate for answers much her child with autism left alone on a school van and she says it's not the first time. it's disgusting. it's outrageous. it's offensive. move people shutter with anguish when you look and you hear about that. >> shocking allegations against a local politician. investigators say they found hundreds of videos and images of child porn on his home computer. ♪ >> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 6:00. radnor township politician face something serious charges right now. accused of having hundreds of images of child porn on his computer. thanks for joining us. i'm iain page. >> i'm lucy noland. the specifics are hard to hear and tonight the community is reacting to the allegations. let's get the latest from jeff cole in media. jeff? >> reporter: lucy, these are felony charges the type of
6:00 pm
charges that can bring long prison terms. the arrest of philip ahr on porn charges to night. child porn charges being condemned by his fellow radnor township politicians. >> sir, are you daddy x? >> philip ahr did not respond to what investigators claimed was the name daddy x he used in child porn chat rooms. the radnor politician is tonight charged with felony possession and distribution of child porn. >> he didn't try to explain why he was doing what he was doing and why he was collecting and disseminating and up loading and downloading these horrendous images. >> da whelan says alerted by a national group battling child pornography, someone was downloading locally investigat investigators searched ahr's radnor home last month at 6am. on his computers hundreds of images of young children naked engaging in sex acts with adul adults. >> sir, this affidavit is horrific. can you explain what happened


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