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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 5A  FOX  October 12, 2017 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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>> right now on good day philadelphia, school closed, more mold problems, this time, in philadelphia. historic wild fires claiming more lives this morning. >> people were going every direction, trees were down, apocalyptic. it was insane. >> out of control, entire neighborhoods gone, asthmas i have wild fires sweep through dozens of california communities. more than 100 people are still missing. >> she was known as the voice. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> almost 25 years, since making the bodyguards, new music from whitney houston, good day philadelphia at 5:00 a.m. start right now. >> oh, i love that song, i know. >> good one. good morning, everyone, great to have you with us this thursday morning, i'm thomas drayton with karen hepp, bob
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kelly, sue serio. >> you know everybody's all singing along. >> in the shower. >> with the hair brush. >> we all sound good in the shower, don't me? >> great. >> at least in my head i do. >> well, could you walk outside and get a shower, yes, singing in the rain. >> exactly. >> tell my teenagers that. >> just take your bar of soap outside. look at wilmington, delaware, we got droplet on zero our camera there. you can tell where we are. we are ways away from daylight, but, we have got some more rain to go before we get to sunrise. and not too much sunshine. six out of ten today. there is bus stop buddy, eagles game tonight, rain right now. the umbrella is open. we're off to damp start with temperatures in the cool 50's and 60s, and you can see the rain throughout the region on ultimate doppler radar. we will look a little more in depth in a moment. and it is wet in our neighborhood. 61 degrees right now. it is also windy, with 15-mile per hour breezes, out of the northeast, cloudy wednesday,
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took us to 79 degrees, and we have more rain this morning, than we saw yesterday at this time. and with temperatures staying cool, throughout the day, even after the rain tapers off, our highs only 66 degrees, with winds, this afternoon, gusting as high as 25 miles an hour. so, with all of the temperatures we had in the 80s for about a week, this is a little bit after shock to the system, bob kelly. actually will feel like october today. >> definitely feels little chilly when you open up the front door, and first one out of the house get the best umbrella. let's get up and going. live look at the ben franklin bridge, kind of example, barely even see the skyscrapers coming into downtown, because of the rain. here is a live look at the schuylkill expressway, there you go, the big rig there, the spray, coming off the cars, and the trucks in front of you. and of course, with the heavy rain, it makes it tough, too, to see the lane markers, on all of our major roadways. specially in a area like this, where we don't have the overhead street lamps. so factor in some extra time, you're going to need it this morning.
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put the coffee cup down. both hands on the wheel. accident on the pennsylvania turnpike this time around. it is westbound, on the pa turnpike, approaching the mid-county interchange. so, it is approaching mid-county. that's going to back us up from say ft. washington on over, and a milestone for 95, coming our way, over the next couple every days, going to open up the new ramps at girard avenue, then traffic pattern shift, by saturday, mass transit, so far so good. karen, thomas, back over to you. >> bob, thank you. 5:03, let's talk about the massive wilds fires in california, they're only getting worse this morning, talking about nearly two dozen wild fires, 23 people this morning confirmed dead. more are still unaccounted for. 150 people plus missing. there are at least 22 fires burning, they started over the weekends spanning from northern to southern part of the state. dramatic video right here, shows just how terrifying these conditions have become. this man driving right through a tunnel of fire just to reach safety. the wild fires, they've burned
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entire neighborhoods, to the grounds. this video at a santa rosa. you see entire communities incinerated. at least 3500 homes and businesses completely destroyed. resident who have lost their homes, say, they're absolutely shell shocked. >> it is just mind-boggling, can't even imagine, when you see the picture, it gives you an entirely different than when you see the real, the power of nature just -- can't imagine. you should have seen the house when it was standing. >> it is hard to imagine. california's $58 billion wine industry also facing it own challenges, the hard hit areas of nap a and sonoma are home to 85% of us wineries, at least six are total lost. >> happening today, classes canceled at another school in our area, all because of mold. and this time, mold was found at a john b kelly elementary school. let's get right out to steve keel any germantown this morning, steve?
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>> reporter: well, sue just said, finally feeling like october. but until today, when it is finally cooling down a bit, we had late summer weather conditions here in early fall. and they've been ideal for mold. and so hot, humid, and now even rain making it even more humid. and maybe soon adding to all of the school mold problems, in our entire viewing area, because we are now up to three school district on both sides of the river, this week, with mold caused school closings. we had the south jersey situation, with six monroe township schools shut in gloucester county, then a day later, cheltenham high school library had more dewey growth than its dewey decimal system after library staffer got sick, then mold found there. now the city joins this list, than seems to be growing with the john b kelly school. not in a johnny b good situation today for the elementary school kids shutdown today, mold found yesterday, in several classrooms, molds cleaned out last night, the district expected, and as you see in our video we don't see any
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environmental clean up crews or their equipment still on site. so perhaps the job got done, as the district had hoped for. they're promising us an update at noon, not just for us, but for the concerned kids, moms, dads, watching, as well. so, karen, thomas, teachers and staff cannot sit home today, and avoid this rain. they don't get the day off. even though the student do, they've been told to report to the freedom world hill elementary school, academy, and that's about 3 miles away. so, no day off from them. they'll learn about the mold situation, too, to see if they're back here tomorrow, and hopefully everybody will be, but you have to wonder, mom, dad, at home, wondering is it safe to send my kid after just a one day shut-down since south jersey shutdown for a week to make sure it is okay. >> those are all good questions, all right, steve, thank youment it is 5:06 right now. breaking, a delaware county lawmaker faces some here i have i can charges, police say they found hundreds every videos images of child pornography, this looks like it is a fire right there, this
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is where firefighter fell through a house that was under construction, up in hamilton township. he was able to be rescued, what they're telling us, is that he fell through the steps, in the basement steps, but he was able to be pulled out. he was taken over to the hospital and we know that is all under construction. all right, now, let's get to delaware county law maker now facing those charges, where they found images of child pornography, he's radnor commissioner, let's get right out to jenny joyce to explain. jenny? >> reporter: good morning, karen, yesterday, our jeff cole went out to philip r's home, philip ahr's home, no one commented after president of board of commissioner was charged with felony possession and distribution every child pornography. philip ahr went by the name daddy xx in child important chat rooms according to investigators who say the man would comment on line about how much he enjoyed some of the images. district attorney jack whelan says local police were tipped off about philip ahr in august
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by national group battling child porn, the group noticed someone locally was downloading these images, investigators searched philip ahr's home last month and made the discovery. >> we also were able to document, which was quite hidden on the computer, a xl spread sheet, which contained over a thousand website addresses of child pornography site, again, very disturbing, very concerning. >> we can't re who have him from office until convicted so we can't re who have him from the boards. we can vote for a new president. >> reporter: and that man says the board did vote to name a new president, on monday night, but with 3a yeah's, three nay's corks not re who have him. so ultimately arrested yesterday as the board's president, philip ahr has been released on $10,000 police bond. >> thanks so much. let's get right to there is big event happening in our area, the president was here making a visit laying out his
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tax reform plan. he spoke to an invitation-only crowd. it was at the air national guard base right near harrisburg. it was before a lot of people who work in trucking. he was calling for an ends to the estate tax, cuts to the individual and corporate taxes, he wants to cut the seven bracket down to just three, he says this is going to save the average american household 4,000 bucks. >> the fact that he just want to simplify it, is awesome. because i've always thought that was something we've needed for a long, long time. just make it straightforward. so we know. >> he cares about himself and his own little worlds, and he has no idea what goes on in every day society. dough not represent the middle class whatsoever. >> democrats say that this plan is just going to benefit the rich, and is going to raise the taxes, in fact, for some people in the middle class. historic change for the bow scout of america, the organization, we've learned, will soon allow girls to participate in some of the programs. it is the first time ever. >> and the girl scouts are not at all happy about this one.
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so the boyscouts made this announcement yesterday. cub scout dense will remain single general err, single sex, girls in one, boys in another. the larger packs through the system towards eagle scout can have the options to have both boys and girls together. change is really expansion of the co-eds programs, bow scouts have had in place since 1971, they say. but the girl scouts, they feel very strongly, and differently. we dent down, spoke with s little girls who were in one of those troops. >> i feel like girl scouts is where i can be myself, and who i want to be, and who i am in front of like my parent, my mom, and my sister, and i'm at school with boys, i'm not as comfortable doing that. >> the bow scouts say we believe it is critical to evolve, how our programs meet the needs of families interested in positive and life-long experiences for their children. the girl scout released a statement saying: this is a direct response to boost their declining membership of the bow scouts. at this point, we're just about reminding people that we have an expertise in serving girls, that the boyscouts just
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don't have. >> all right, our sixers back in action, so after get that new deal, joe emel bead reminding everybody he's worth a lot of money in his pre-season big deal. >> finally getting comings here, the center hit the court after missing the last eight months, recovering from a torn meniscus in husband left knee, after settling down the fourth year player showed why he received that lucrative contract extension, despite playing an only 31 career games. and embiid finished with 22.7 rebounds, three assists, and one block, and the sixers 133 to 114 victory over the brooklyn net. >> all right, 5:11, pretty disturbing new twist in the whole harvey weinstein scandal. there is some more fall-out in that investigation. >> still ahead here on "good day" philadelphia, his daughter, says, he's suicidal. he called police to help out. we'll have more coming up in just a moment. >> and also, you know, such a number you get a parking
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ticket. how about if your car's ever been boot in the let's go old school right now on parking ticket. maybe you had some from decades ago? one woman says her car was booted, does she still have to pay? bob kelly? >> ppa don't play. so you're going to have to pay. that's right, sony, sony up there in master control, she knows that, south on 95, accident right here near woodhaven road. and then let's go down the shore. say good morning to ocean city. look at the flags getting a work out on the board walk. sue is going to work up a forecast, and we'll have it all right after the break.
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>> welcome back this thursday morning, it is game day. >> coming up here tonight, thursday night, let's get a check on your forecast as you head outside on this thursday morning. >> eagles are playing somewhere around here, north carolina, tonight, around charlotte. and it looks dry, now, there is a slight chan of a shower for them. we don't have just a chance, we have showers right now. it is kind of complicated all of the weather systems at playwrite now, but high pressure system close to the low it, will show winds picking up, as women, so, expect breezy conditions on top of the rain and the cooler temperatures, that we're in the really used to yet. we've sort half a delays autumn temperature thing going on for the past week. and here's a look at all of the rain in our region,
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including philadelphia. that steady rain continues to fall outside our window here at fourth and market streets, we have got some pockets of heavier rain in cumberland county, and down to the south in cape may county, as well. and it looks like it is not too bad at the delaware beaches, but other part every sussex country getting some rain, looks like you're getting rain in wildwood this morning. what about the rest of the morning? it looks like possibility of more heavy downpours popping up still showers, spotty, still cloudy by earl avenue noon. by late afternoon, we might see few peaks every sunday shine, maybe just before sunset because of the rain, rain falling this morning, residual effect, weaver chance of tidal flooding, coastal flood advice have i in effect, this afternoon there is evening, for all of the counties is you see highlighted here, be aware if you live in a neighborhood that tends to flood in times
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every high tide. today is your day but just minor flooding. sixty-two in wilmington, 49, chilly morning in mount pocono, 62 in lancaster, and 64 degrees in wildwood, here are your winds, out of the northeast 14 miles an hour in philadelphia. and around the same, everywhere else, but wildwood is very win think morning, sustained winds, 20 miles an hour. so windy, showery, high of only 66 degrees, then 68 tomorrow. a weekends warm up in store, with 77 on saturday, after the sun comes out, and sunday's hi, back to the 80s, but just for a day, because of cold front comes in on sunday night into monday morning, and it is much cooler, temperatures in the 60s, monday and tuesday of next week. >> while your windshields wipe remembers going, 101.1 is sure radio station, bob kelly. >> isn't that the most annoying, when you know one of your windshields wipe
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remembers messed up? good morning, everybody, 5:17. we've got accident for you here, southbound, 95, now, this is the cornwells heights ramp for septa's park and ride. just to gave you a idea of where it is, you got this tractor-trailer involved. and there is a vehicle right here, which is sideways, across at least two of the lanes. so we will go one lane here, again, this is south, 95, if you are leaving bensale, levittown, bucks county, and you are headed into the city. this is in front of you, again, the off ramp here for the cornwells heights park and ride. downtown we go. it is going to be one of those yucky start to the morning. so, give yourselves plenty of extra time, maybe push that first appointment back, because we're all going to be late for the office today. are you hungry? come on, got to start with a good breakfast, we have one for you, meet me market street in west chester, to car lean owe's, celebrating this whole weekends, ten year anniversary feeding all of the student there, in west chester. i'm going to be giving out
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excuse notes if you want to skip your first class for all of the west chester university student that are watching. karen and thomas, back to you. >> i love car-linos i go to the original location, as well. 5:19. developing right now, harvey weinstein on his way to a rehab to get treated for sexual addiction, he took private jet from arizona driven then to rehab center overnight, the meadows rehab. yesterday, "tmz" put out some video, there were police at his daughter's house in los angeles, this is the video. so she 22, she called the police saying he was, quote, suicidal and depressed, but by the time the officers had arrived, he had left. since friday, 30 women have come forward claiming he sexually harassed them. three women accuse him of rape, also, his wife left him. >> questions continue to be raised it morning about the time line in the las vegas shooting. two hotel employees say they reported a gunman sprague the hallway with bullet, six
5:20 am
minute before he opened fire on a crowd of people enjoying a country music festival. now, initially, the clark county sheriff said steven paddock shot a hotel security guard through the door of his hotel room after firing at the crowd. yesterday, a victim filed the first lawsuit against the hotel claiming the company failed to notice the gunman set up cameras or bring in all of the weapons, 58 people died in the attack. >> over in louisianna, ten people face charges in connection with frat turn at this pledge at lsu. one has been charged with neglect homicidement prosecutors say 18 year old maxwell groover was forced to drink a large amount of alcohol, at few delta fata last month, taken to the hospital, after fraternity members found him unresponsive. autopsy shows groove had blood alcohol level of more than six times the legal limit. >> reminds you of the story here with tim thigh piazza. >> we first told you there was
5:21 am
a contractor who found some human remains at 17th and atlantic in north philadelphia. so after three month, they did some dna testing, and they found out that that is 40 year old pamela lewis, who disappeared back in 2014. so now police have charged her boyfriend, 43 year old jamil hudson with her murder. they think they were in a physical fight when she was killed. investigators credit her family and some good detective work with solving this case. >> a $5,000 rewards is being offered up this morning, for information in the murder of a 26 year old woman. the gloucester county prosecutor's offers and woodbury police are hoping the rewards will help finds shag evening carter's killer. carter house sitting at a home on hopkins street when she died. the reward goes to who ever can lead to information to the arrest and conviction of her killer. >> a mask guy with a knife robbing convenience stores again and again in upper darby, obviously police want to get him off the street before he strikes again. let's give you some video of him, this is surveillance
5:22 am
video, just the latest, oh, getting very violent right there, the s&l deli on garrett road yesterday. the robber rushes the counte you can see, grabbing stuff right thereafter he had punched the cashier taking money and also lottery ticket. >> come in there, there you go, he punch me in the face two times. he say put the money in the bag. >> in both incidents, he don't care, he just walks right in, does his thing, kicks the door in, and walks out without blinking an eye. >> detective say the knife wielding bandit also held up a store right down the street last week. he has stolen more than $700. >> all right, it is never a good feeling when you come outside and you see a parking ticket, even worse, when your car has been booted. because of parking tickets. well, the pa, philadelphia parking authority, their boot squad out in overbrook, monday evening, and they booted one woman's car, for unpaid ticket on her car, which is an older one, but the ticket date back to 1993. can you remember when you were doing in 1993? so then to get the boot off,
5:23 am
she had to pay up $600. >> i know the city broke. i know they're scuffling for money, but don't take it out on me and other people like me. >> the ppa says the cars that get the boot have three or more out standing parking tickets. and, you know, there is no statute of limitations on that. they'll even cross reference your license plate with maybe older cars that you may have had over the years, and that's what happened to that woman. >> all right, move over, mom and dad. amazon is letting teenagers shop on their own, oh, no. we have the brand new program. blank when you're a double-dipping pension-padder
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>> here is something i never had as a teen. >> ya? >> apparently par rent doing it, amazon sent deuce ago convenient way for teens to shop. they introduce in the new feature, allows par don't create accounts for teens, so they can shop on their own, own log in, tide to the main account, parent can set up a payment option, like pre approved spending limit, once a teen has their card all fill up, and ready to check out, parent, you're going to get a text, asking for your approval. >> not in a million year. 5:26. >> amazon offering college student big discount for limited time can sign up for prime membership for half price. $49 a year. but to get the deal student, you need to give out that dot edu, it includes all of the
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prime perks including free two day shipping and video streaming. >> i think this may go down as horrible move. let us know what you think. coach, love the brand, well, they are changing their names. they say they're re-inventing themselves. but that's such a good brand. now you have to call your coach tapestry. what do you think? they want to be known as the house of brands. after buying stewart weitzman and kate spade, the goal to be more inclusive, and attract younger shoppers. >> i love your tapestry. >> all right. >> weirds ring to it. >> more mold, mold gross, now mold problem is spreading to completely different school. and a completely different district. >> coming up here in a mother of 90 seconds, what's being done to fix the problem? a live report.
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>> a school shutdown, the reason, mold. this latest case making it the third school district in our area with a problem. >> just horrific allegations against a politician, accused of having child pornography, on his computer. >> and rescue worth special recognition, why these two brothers are getting a heroes honor from the coast guard. >> good day everybody, on this thursday, this game day, all excited for the big game tonight, first getting through the whole morning and the day ahead of us, bob? >> a lot of accident just popped up, real quick, one on the walt whitman bridge. so we will get to that in a
5:31 am
second. >> slow go this morning, bob, thank you. sue serio? >> roads are wet everywhere this morning, we had some rain around, yesterday, but this is a lot heavier. than is the worse of what we're going to see today. so, if you can put off your trip, or leave early, it is probably a good idea, as we look at trenton new jersey kind of damp this morning, so is bus stop buddy with the rain gear, and an eagles cap, as well. temperatures in the 50's and 60s right now. and rain is still moving through the area, as you see on ultimate doppler radar, just about everybody getting some rain including us here in old city with 60 degrees, we've got 16-mile an hour winds, so it is winds-driven rain, this morning, which makes it even yuck year. now we could see few peaks every sunday shine little later on this afternoon, but for the most part it stays cool. and we have a chance of a shower throughout the afternoon, and i think just as big of a weather headline as the rain is how cool it is outside right now and the fact that it is going to stay that cool, all afternoon, with temperatures remaining in the mid to upper 60s, all day, that is your weather authority
5:32 am
forecast, for thursday, weekends outlook coming up, bob kelly slow down on the wed roads folks, not respect lag mother nature is serving up for breakfast here, three separate accidents on the approach to the walt whitman bridge, all started with one crash on the 42 freeway, three separate crashes here, first one originating on the upside, that walt whitman bridge. slow down, head for the benjamin franklin bridge headed into the philadelphia. live look at 423, speeds slower than normal this morning because of the weather conditions, tractor-trailer accident, north on 295 right at rancocas road, south at
5:33 am
i95, cornwells heights park and ride, which is between street road, and woodhaven road, that is slowing us down, and an accident here, on 95, north, as you approach the commodore barry bridge. karen, thomas, back over to you. >> all right, bob. this is disappoint, more mold at another school in a different county. let's get right out to steve keel toy explain, what's being done and what's happening, steve? >> leakily to cause more mold in the future but here we go for third school district if the philadelphia television viewing area, this week alone, we get another school closing announcement, due to mold, which loves conditions like we're going to get today, because of the rain heat, humidity, when the h vac, heating, air-conditioning, ventilation systems aren't working perfectly how mold can form, that's what's blamed for the mole here at the john b
5:34 am
kelly elementary school in philly's germantown section. kids will not have to be out in the rain today, walking to and from school. so there is the plus for the kids. the staff does have to work today, not here, but at the hill world academy, about 3 miles from here, so they don't get the day off, we will learn at noon, in a news conference, whether or not they successfully completed the mold clean up last night, which was the plan, according to the district, but they said the safety of their staff and student, is at the highest concern, that's why they shut this place down and order earth the clean to up begin as soon as kids and staff left at 330 yesterday afternoon, judging by our video and just judging by still the situation around here, now, no clean up crews on site either in or around the school so sounds like they got the job done on time good news, confirmation at noon, again, if you are a
5:35 am
mother or father, your kid school is closed today due to mold wonder how quickly they can clean thing up, whether you hear about people in cheltenham at the library, they're getting sick so the library shutdown along with all six schools, and the monroe township district out in south jersey and gloucester county. that are shutting down all week. don't be surprised if we're at another school and in another district maybe tomorrow or next week, thanks to the rain today. >> steve, thanks, 5:35, disgusting and outrageous, some of the words prosecutors are using, to describe child pornography allegations against radnor commissioner philip r. now many people just want him to remember sign. our jenny joyce in radnor township this morning, jenny? >> reporter: good morning, thomas, philip ahr was release from the police custody on $10,000 bond, this after the president of radnor's board of commissioners was charged with felony possession and
5:36 am
distribution of child pornography. ahr went by the name daddy xx in child porn chat rooms according to investigators who say that the man would comment on line, about how much he enjoyed some of the images. district attorney, jeff wheal end, says police were tipped off about ahr in august by a national group battling child porn. the group noticed someone locally was downloading images, investigators searched ahr's home last month and made what they're calling a dis discussing discovery. did i cussing, outrageous, offensive, most people, you know, you should err with anguish when you look and you hear about that. we would talk about policy, this is complete shock, like a punch in the gut. >> neighbor declined to talk, and as of noire are still
5:37 am
board of commissioners, they voted against ousting hire, now forced to resign from the position. karen, thomas? >> all right, jenny, thank you 5:37. let's get right to the wild fires still burning in california and growing worse, so hard to believe, 23 people have been killed, more than 150 people are still missing, and we've got video after guy driving through, here it is, what's left of his neighborhood. you can see the houses all around him continuing to burn, we have at least 22 wild fires burning right now, throughout that state, and both the north and the south, fire fight remembers having a lot of trouble gaining control of all of these fires. look at that. looks a pop lick particular, at least 3500 homes and business haves been lost, evacuated 30,000 people, there, and when they see these pictures they don't know what they're going back to. >> people were going every direction. trees were down, it was just covered. it was apocalyptic. it was insane.
5:38 am
>> lived here 13 years. we don't know what the next move is yet. >> this is just pure devestation. is it will take us a while to get through, and comb through all of this meanwhile, this is taking it toll, certainly, on the wine growing area, as we've had so many vinyards that have already been destroyed. $58 billion wine industry, the hard hit areas of napa and sonoma valleys home to eight a% of the wine we make in this country. >> we'll have live updates throughout the morning, back here at home, philadelphia police officer hurt in a shoot-out is suspended for misleading investigators about what really happened that day. officers angelo romero off duty driving to his home on 11th and parish last november. he was caught in the crossfire of a shooting and ended upshot in his legs, thumb, and back side. and internal affairs investigation raised questions about what romero says actually happened. police have suspended him with the intent to dismiss. >> dramatic surveillance video out of overbrook, where armed
5:39 am
robber stormed right into a deliment you can see the gunman, in the felton mini market. this is on 6,000 block every lansdowne avenue, pointing gun, demanding money from the employee this happened around 9:30, tuesday morning. you see him grab the money, put the gun back in his waist. he ran out the door. no one was hurt. >> sense sort, what you will actually put on your license plate. there are some rooms. >> we'll tell you what those r first, here is kristen rodgers joel embiid just got paid and he finally played last night. how he proved he's worth every penny of that contract next in sports.
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>> good morning, i'm kristen rodgers, joel embiid back on the court after he god paid, embiid showing why he's worth that contract, sixers, embiid, get the jumper, offer 1 foot, no less. he like to share the love too, though, embiid with the baum to ben simmons, slams it home, embiid with 22 points, 15 minute, sixers crews 133-114. nationals conditions in the nlds. bottom eight. michael a taylor gets all of this one, to the wall, grand-slam homerun. washington, wins five-nothing, series tied up, heading to game five. >> fletcher cox questionable for the eagles tonight against carolina, did he make the trip to charlotte. and after full participation, the last two days, doug pederson says he looks good. >> he seems to be okay. he's progressing.
5:43 am
you know, again, we will take it right up to the 90 minute, you know, on game day. make that decision. but he's feeling better. >> that's sports in a minute. i'm kristen rodgers.
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>> don't think complete wash
5:46 am
out right now. >> hopefully. no the we will get a check on the weather to cast coming up in just a bit, first bob kelly the roads are messy. >> what rain we do have, is causing major delays. >> all started when overturned vehicle on the bridge itself, followed by two quick accident behind t so coming into philadelphia, typically use the walt whitman bridge head for the ben franklin bridge, here is a accident, northbound lanes of the blue route. right near the schuylkill expressway. watch, everybody just kind of hitting the brakes here, and sipping off to the left. this is between saint david's and 76. there is a car off to the shoulder here, as well, so that's the blue route in a accident zone, north on 95 accident approaching the commodore barry bridge. also a crash, south on 95, between girard, and center city, and look at all of the construction zones, you know, they move these lanes around, tough to see the lane markers, especially, in the
5:47 am
construction zones. when the roads are wet, we got crash here, 95 southbound, for the gang coming out of bucks county. it is right at the cornwells heights park and ride involving a tractor-trailer. we have tractor-trailer accident in new jersey, north on 295, at rancocas road. that's right there, the exit, for the courthouse, then northbound on the roosevelt boulevard, watch for a crash between f and whitaker. that's in the outer drive. and on the turnpike, we are going to get you into the party, too, westbound, pennsylvania turnpike, an accident, at mid-county. so the roads are wet. poor visibility, take your time and give yourself extra time, you're going to need it this morning. how long is the rain going to last? sue has the answer in 15 seconds.
5:48 am
>> if you look out to the west of us things starting to slow down, and taper a little bit. so i don't think we'll see the intensity of the rain, you still need your umbrella, at some point today, and you'll still need to take your time, because of the puddles, the roadways are wet for all of the rain that fell overnight. we zoom in to few areas where we're seeing steady rain. still raining pretty steadily here in philadelphia. some heavier rain around tabernacle, new jersey there, and to the south of us, most of cape may county, atlantic county are experiencing steady to heavier rain, few downpours& there that will slow you down this morning, and as we look at the future cast, we do see things breaking up, showers scattered, here at 10:00 a.m. being still seeing rain, not as widespread and steady. still showers around through 2:00 p.m., 3:00 p.m. in the afternoon, but getting g spars err, spars err, but doesn't mean we're finished with the rain, probably more tomorrow. but today, before the day is
5:49 am
through, we may see little bit of sunshine. but that won't stop the coastal flood advisory, which doesn't go into effect until this afternoon for the evening high tide. all of the counties you see affected there. temperatures cool, and for a change, even with sunshine coming out this afternoon, we expect them to remain cool. so, 60s for most of us, 49 in mount pocono, 57 in allentown, and 58 in pottstown. temperatures are not going to move whole lot. and with the wind, picking up today, we've got 16-mile per hour sustained winds here in philadelphia. it will make it feel even cooler, bit of shock to the system, because we've been in the 80s for so long, about a week, yesterday in the 70s, today high of 66 degrees with the winds, 68 degrees tomorrow. clouds, and shower, morning showers possible on saturday. but when the sun comes out, we zoom up to 77 degrees. and we have day in the 80s on sunday we have the aids walk,
5:50 am
and you know what tomorrow is? friday the 13. >> oh! scary. all right, thank you, sue. >> beyonce showing some love to her fans on international day of the girl. >> she just released new video yesterday starring an international group of girls dancing along and lip-sync to go her 2016 song freedom. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> so it is a short, but such an empowering video, produced by beyonce, sal ma, time for change. shares hands full of really eye-opening statistics. can you possibly believe that there is a 130 million young women and girls who are not in school, 130 million girls not
5:51 am
in school and 71% of human trafficking victims are young girls. >> amazing, can you believe this? it is coming up on the 25th anniversary of whitney houston's the bodyguards sound track. >> and in celebration, we're getting access to some of her unreleased recordings. >> ♪ and i will always love you ♪ >> so, such iconic song, so the new albumn will have collection of live and studio recordings include that classic right there, i will always love you. the albumn comes out by the way november 17th, it is called i wish you love. more from the bodyguard. >> oh, all right, trending right now, you know what i am ' doing? going to ash i's today. >> lover the meats? >> this is so cool. really unusual meat option. >> that's what that slogan? nobody got that amazingly here at 5:51. >> after outpouring every
5:52 am
requests it is blinking back the venison sandwich. >> thick cut, wow, venison steak, with the crispy onions on top. they put some juniper berry sauce on toasted roll. sandwich. it will be available at ash i's nationwide, starting october 21. >> all over it. all right so to about 80 bucks in pennsylvania you can get your name, favorite finger, any unclaimed message up to seven character on a license plate? >> a lot of people get their last names, college they want to have, but not guaranteed of course it will be approved by the state. >> so they have 16 reasons to reject a license plate. they won't except anything vulgar, racist, drug or alcohol related or anything misleading to law enforcement, just to name a few. in fact since the beginning of this month, they've rejected more than 1300 license plates, and here are some of the ones that didn't make the cut. >> oh,. >> so upset my big pimp didn't get a purchased? >> nope. nope. >> another one, stole it. >> uh-huh. >> and this one, i'll let you read, you can draw your own
5:53 am
conclusion on what it is supposed to say? run, uh-huh. >> topless? >> you got it, mike. >> and then viagra someone wanted on their license plate. they said no. >> why? sorry. >> hi, mike, good morning. >> good to see you, run topless? i mean, why is that -- is that vulgar? >> somewhat, yes. >> i've seen men running topless. >> that's true. >> please. >> coming up on the show today, exactly. >> remember kim fields from the living single? she will be here after 9:00. it is great. she has a movie out. i always like her, tuty. >> you take the good, you take the bad, you take them all you have the fact of life. >> ♪ >> and then mark summers from double dare, remember, he lives in philly, and in los angeles, but he's coming in. they've made a movie about his life. so it got me thinking. if there was going to be a movie made about your life, or your life, what would it be named? >> hopeless? >> not true. so many things have gone
5:54 am
wrong? >> we'll have sequels to it. >> maybe that's a good thing to answer on twit they are morning, but going to have -- if they made a move bye your life, what the name of it be? >> that's coming up in about five minutes. honey, what are you doing? watching a cow...? what's it doing?
5:55 am
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>> welcome badge, sussex county headed for the rehoboth beach jazz festival, should be so much fun. all shows indoors. don't have to worry about the age. all age event, get the tickets
5:57 am
on line rehoboth jazz. com. will run through sundayment good weather there cents, as well. big problems for dealing with right now, more mold, atmore schools, in different counties. now, there is another one shutdown. we've got a live report and how they're dealing with that problem. also, complete devestation in california. wild fires continue to burn out of control. we've already had more than almost two dozen people that have been confirmed dead, and so many more than 100 missing. good day philadelphia back in two minute.
5:58 am
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>> this sounds like a mold problem. old problem. is the mold problem. mold problems at another school this time in philadelphia. so, what are they doing today? they've shut down the school. where are the kids going to go? we have an update. >> disturbing charges against local official. rider township commissioner accused of possessing hundred cents of images, of child pornography. so, why does he still have a job this morning? >> oh, tonight's the night, folks. we have big showdown in the national football league, ya, we've got to stop that guy, cam newton, eagles in carolina to battle the panthers for the top seat in the nfc. but will the short week hurt the already banged up birds? >> and look who cents was on the court last night. joe em embiid. we've been trusting the process, and the process is


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