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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 9  FOX  October 13, 2017 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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>> friday the 13th we've been pretty lucky, especially lucky
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today, to have hill with us for the 9:00. >> so glad you could come back and join us. >> good to be here. >> it is hilly in philly. >> yes, i really wouldn't put it that way, but that's okay. >> so you're from philly. you mentioned when you were here, you filmed 1982 here, so someone actually wrote a message to you. hold on, i have got to watch it. >> an extra in the movie or something? >> close. she said i worked on the 1982 in wards robe with hill, he was very nice, soft spoken, called me mrs. tammy, thanks for the experience. >> that's fantastic, see? >> so you have lot of philly love here. >> wardrobe person. she probably fitted you. >> you're not used to this. >> buckle up. >> all right. >> time now everybody, some schools, in our country, listen to there is hill, i believe this is near iowa city, iowa, where this school is. does that sounds familiar? >> i was born in iowa sit.
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>> i there you go. they used that box, that pine box there, for solitary confinement for their time-out for punishment, they put the kid in there and shut the door. >> asking parent what do you think of this? do you think this is too much? and who didn't love pop-up books when they were growing up as kids? so exciting, right? well, there is one here in philly, that is pretty amazing, life-size. >> hold on. >> and it is in the running to be the largest pop-up book in the world, you can experience it, you can crawl through it, i'm going to tell you where, what it is all about. >> is it like the size of a house, or a building or something? >> i'm going to reveal. >> she will show. >> and it is worth it. more accusations, a lot more fall-out on this one, the academy now getting together tomorrow on a saturday, to talk about what to do about harvey, plus we got page six joining us live, harvey, has been calling page six, want to go tell his side of the story. they've got the scoop. >> and page six of course is a gossip column in the new york
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post, been around forever. and now they have a tv show. so he's calling the tv show, we'll talk to one of our folks there, a woman's -- a new study says guys get more from their bromance and their romance. >> really? >> uh-huh. >> i love you, man. >> i love you too, budd. >> i love you, dude. >> i love you bro montana. >> i love you holmes. >> i love you bros effigy else. >> i love you, man, i love this movie. so is it true, do guys value their bromance cents more than their ladies? >> let's go right to hill on this one. >> do you have really close guy friends? >> i have some good guy friends, but what i talk about, we talked about the book the conversation, we talked about was the idea of, you know, i think the relationships -- the closest of relationship has to do with how you communicate with
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somebody. and how that works. you know? it doesn't have to be oh, my guy friends, i only talk about this or i only talk about this to my female friends. it moves. some of them, my best friends, one of my best friends is a woman. right? so, you know, to me, you snow. >> i think it is dopy, too. because my friends are just friends. and i don't break them down by gender. one of my -- two of my closest friends are women. >> yes? >> hold on, though. can't you have certain kind of considering cents with guys that you can't have with women? the way i imagine it is that guys, they have conversations they don't want us privy to. they want us to know about it, certain things you all say -- no? >> i mean, if you are doing selective speech to different people then you're not really close to them. you got -- >> but different kind of active tip. my husband prefers to hang out, have his sports talk with his guy friends, and nerds athletic feeds, and they go on forever, i'll make fun of them, you talking to your girlfriends again, therapy after races and stuff. i'm not listening to any of.
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that will he doesn't want to talk with me, he wants to talk with them for an hour. so he has this whole different relationship. >> is that because he believes you're not necessarily interested in it? >> i'm not. >> there you go. then you answered the question. the point is that's not gender specific, that's about interest. if you like racing, like i love racing, i'll go to the formula one racing in austin. if you love racing there are plenty of woman i know fanatic about formula one, we would talk about formula one, that's not gender specific. >> are you driving these formula one cars? >> i wish, i wish. i have raised cars before. no, these are super pros. >> yes, formula one is great. >> lewis hamilton is a good buddy of mine, former world champion, hopefully win this year. >> they go like 215 miles per hour. >> yes. >> i just learned about racing, so the formula one, those are the million dollars cars, the real expensive cars. >> multi, multi, multi-million dollar cars. >> yes. >> what you know about that? >> i was in a indy car. >> oh,. >> i thought you said the b
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words? >> guys, this is great. but i want to be at the school board later today. >> oh, oh,. >> so fantastic. you know, philadelphia schools, the parental participation is the most important point. we want to make that point, encouraging parent out there, participate in your schools. we will be talking about that at the school boardment folks want to come down around 10:00, 1030 to meet me. >> school board building north broad. >> yes, 600,000 people there, have nice discussion about parental participation. >> thank you for doing that for our sit. >> i one of the special schools, our schools here, we need as much help as we can get. >> absolutely. >> can you stay for the one iowa storey? >> no, i'm not staying. >> all right. >> he has like the wendy williams show, hot top sticks. >> yes. >> you just got sucked into hot topics world. >> oh. i like wendy. she has always been nice to me. >> yes, she is on fox. >> appreciate you stopping by. >> thank you. >> we will take you to the state of iowa now, this is a
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controversial undoubtedly form of punishment being used in some schools. there is no way this is going to spread to the rest of the country, i don't think. see that tiny pine padded box? with very little light in there, very little& ventilation. they're called seclusion enclosures, and they've been used in iowa city schools, ruling by iowa state department of education, found that some uses were in violation of state and federal law. >> so, i mean, something that's like equated to solitary confinement in the prisons, and i think as people are learning about them, they're absolutely outraged. they may be against the law right there. the problem in this state right now is that they do have to tell parent if your child's been punished in that day. but they do not have to ask your permission in order to do this to your child. >> no. >> initially this is for if you had an episode with someone though was very handle it, contain the child, but people have been using it, teachers, for very minor scenarios. >> yep. >> you why, not inch sub board than the, but rude, step out every line, where you were, you know, something minor
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offenses and getting put in there for an hour. >> yes, well, that's the max you can be put in there. >> but horrifying. there are girls, kids screaming, like, you know, one mom talking about she is a guardian for a child, and child screaming to be let out. traumatizing. >> no way this will spread. so the district must increase training for staff in terms of documenting indent of seclusion, using seclusion for proper purposes, reviewing proper seclusion data and classroom management. so i can't imagine it going anywhere else. >> i can't imagine thinking it would work? >> that it was a good idea. >> yes. >> yesment okay, let's go to indianna now. a family in indianna is outraged after the church they attend dollars refuse communion to a nine year old girl. now, we have a lot of catholics who watch this show. this is the communion outfit she wanted to wear. they posted this picture. the young lady thought it was okay. looks okay to me. so they say they're excluding
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children from their piers over pair every pants, not how you make life-long catholics making children feel bad about being different in their thinking she might be bullied. i don't know. hey, what do you think? this is way too complicated. i'm trying to make it too complicated as it is. okay, catholics, you've all gone to your first communion. the girls always wore dresses, and the guys wore little suits. what do you think? >> i think it was hurtful to this family. she put it out there on facebook, then i think a lot of people have been sharing the story. i think they even left the church over t so heart breaking, the experience of what happened, they feel that should make you so wonderful, like the communion with the when you of. , that they were upset enough that they left the church. i think they moved over to protestant fate. >> i'll be darn. wow. new study shows which costume a woman that cheats will wear on halloween.
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>> seriously? >> all right. it is all in what she picks, i guess. >> so they say keep your eye out for the sections nurses, cat woman, zombie's, and police women this year. 66% of women said that they're more likely to cheat on halloween, and one in three women says it accounts as a free night. >> what? >> they surveyed 10,000 women, those are some of the responses cents they got, yes. interesting. >> well -- >> if you're a cheater, you're a cheater, no matter which costume. >> if you're going to cheat on halloween? >> they say it is a night to cheat? really, halloween? so let me try to break that down. guys would be gravitated i guess to sexy outfits. >> maybe thinking it is like carnival, whatever happens, it is one night, in a different sort of environment? >> and you're not yourself because you're in a costume? >> it is like a mask ball, you don't know who is behind the mask so you can have this encounter pretends it wasn't you, pretends it is a person in a different costume. >> more except be? walking around in those
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costumes on regular day, people would be what? but halloween, you can get as revealing as you want to get, and oh, it is halloween. >> so if you choose that outfit, aren't you kinds of saying, oh, you snow. >> hey, look at me. >> everybody wants to look good. >> i was just thinking, there was one time where did i have an episode, i was cleo pat interest, not any of the sexy characters, where they sexfy everything. i did kiss another boy and get caught. did i get in a little bit of trouble. >> oh, that costume to the list. >> weird, it was last halloween. >> okay, gucci, i mean, all of these design verse decided am i going to use real fur or not? well, gory finally made a decision, they won't use fur any more. >> certainly interesting. big move by them. >> so they pledge to stop using animal fur in it clothing lines starting next year. the company ceo says being socially responsible is one of the company's core values and want to strive to do better for the environment and animals. other clothing companies have done this, too, armany, calvin
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klein, ralph lauren, tommy hill figurer. >> that excuse is gone when women have asked me will you buy me something from gucci, i say, you know, they have real fur, i'm not crossing that line. >> and now, yes. you have to throw that one out the window. pay up. >> got to come up with i'll figure something out. >> good they're doing there. >> why do mothers use, no, dads do it, too. >> everybody does it. whether you see a baby and your voice just changes, oh, look at the little baby, oh, we we. >> ya. >> why do we do that? >> why? >> science, there is real reason behind it, there is atlantic city behind. >> it just kind of comes out naturally, you just do it, you don't really think about it. >> so there is a reason we do that? >> researchers up at princeton did study to figure out why do parent do this cub standingly changing their names antone of voice when is they talk. so they do it specifically with the parent, so they recognize the sounds of your voice from birth, regardless of the language spoken. they always know who it is. it doesn't matter what your backgrounds, your culture, they use a universal baby talk
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when speaking to your babies. and it is that exaggerated form of speech where we sort of draw out owl of the vowells there. the research team says this is the true, as well. so trying oh, do do do, it is baby talk, speaking the babies are teaching us a language. >> let me see if i understanded that research done at the road here, princeton. is it because we have been doing that to the belly oh, you mommy. >> you think that's what it is? >> they say they recognize your voice. >> and it doesn't matter the language what they're saying, you know, we all speak whether you're german, chinese, whatever your backgrounds, but we speak, and every parent learns to speak in the way in the same casino every tone. and that's what babies -- >> i never baby talked a lot to my children. >> really? >> no. can you imagine me? >> no. >> oh,. >> so tell us what you would do? >> no, i would talk like an adult. i'm an adult. >> but they're not.
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>> so they should talk like a baby. i'll talk like an adult. you talk like a baby. you'll understands what it is like to be an adult. ya. >> i know someone who will be doing a lot of this, aaron, now doing our night shows. he just had a baby. look at his new baby. oh, so cute. >> wow. >> little tiny baby. elijah miles born last night, was the eagles game still going on at 7:26? >> yes, it was. >> immediate eagles fan, i love it so he and his wife jessica were bringing this new human to the planet, adorable, can i not wait to meet this child. >> he's giving you the touchdown sign, right whether zach ertz crossed. >> congrats to them. beautiful babe. >> i so aaron is producer here, just had baby. then jessica, our producer here at good day, is that the jessica? >> different jessica, no. i went to this jessica, this one's wedding. this is different people. very lovely.
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>> different babies, different families. >> more fall out, for harvey weinstein. can we just speak english? harvey weinstein, not only are political power players, politicians, dissing themselves from this guy, but not what? >> the oscars could be distancing themselves from him. >> what's going to happen to his company? >> you mean the academy of motion arts and sciences? plus here, bring you, page six, we've been hearing he's been calling you guys, what is he trying to say? he's been trying to talk snow. >> carlos talking to harvey? harvey talking to carlos? you snow. >> i'm not talking to him. emily smith, the editor of page six, she has been talking to him, he has been calling her every day since this whole scandal broke. and he called her the other night from rehab, as a matter of fact, he still is under the impression that he's going to
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continue working, he feels like he has a career left he toll her he has people interested, and he thinks he can possibly even continue winning oscars. >> what happens to some of the project that he's already in works with? i know amazon has project right now they're working with, two of them working, and a lot of blow back, i mean, do those continue? what happens? >> well, it appears that a lot of people will pull out, he's already lost that, been fired from the weinstein company rose motorcycle gowen tweeting up a storm, allude dollars to the fact he possibly raped her, she has been doing that for years, though, throwing out these little hints on twitter, as she finally used his initials hw last night. >> so what is this thing on twitter that she is doing? was there a boycott of twitter or something for little bit?
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>> well, her twitter account was suspended. i don't believe that twitter issued a statement explaining why they suspended her twitter account but she's back on twitter and she has p been tweeting. >> so what's the academy of motion arts and sciences going to do about harvey weinstein? >> they're meeting this week toned decide if he's going to be suspended from the academy he could potentially have his oscars taken from him, already suspended from batta. >> oh, really? i think suspension is coming at least, at least. now, what's the deal with kate beck endsale, one of our best actresses in what's been said? >> well, kate, one of the latest actresses, i mean, hard to keep up now, but one of the latest actress toss say that he attempted to, well, that he sexually harassed her when she was a teenager, when she met
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him. and she said years later when she was in a room with him again, he couldn't remember, like he made a really offer the wall remark about when he met her at 17 years old. >> and he didn't remember? >> and she also said that, yes, and she also said that could be the reason why her -- it affected her career. >> oh, well, i mean, she has done okay, but god. >> some of them are saying that, that's why they were so afraid to say anything, they thought this would affect my career, what i've been trying to do with my life i'll have to watch page six. thanks, carlos. >> thanks. >> interesting stuff. >> yes. "tmz" was reporting that the reason why rose mcgowan kicked off twitter she tweeted out someone's phone number against one of the rules. so she was off for little bit. they brought her back because they are saying it is a violation putting someone's information out there. >> then the hashtag trending about letting rose speak, a lot of the hollywood a list
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stars women were going off of social media to support her, look, you can't do that to her because we'll all go off, as well, so it started a movement. >> okay. i need to talk to the ladies again. i'll start with you two. >> okay. >> everybody, i can't finds anything that fits, my daughters used to say that all the time. we're going shopping again, dad, we need to, because i can't finds anything that fits. is that a common thing? >> you change size a lot. go up, go down, depends on what you are eating, the time of year, packing fall, winter, whatever you try shut it, whatever. so i mean i think i just change address size in a week. >> well, finding the right outfit can be harder than just looking at the size on a tag. >> because it may say a size on the tag and you try on then like it doesn't work. so new research examined the shopping habit of women of all sizes and they found that 13% dress to show off their body, while 53% dress to kind of cover it up. 46% say they struggle with size or the way some things fit.
9:20 am
>> yes? >> and only 19% say they're confident wearing a bikini. and 57% feel that there are no clothes to fit their body type, just too hard out there trying to figure it out. i think if you ask any woman she will complain about trying to find something that fit. you know what i mean? >> that research backs it up, almost 60% of women say they can't finds anything that fit for their body type. >> or the way they want it to fit. i guess they're trying to make clothes that fit whole bun of of people. everyone, our bodies unique, trying to find something to fit in the right places. >> really only 13% wear something that shows off their curves? >> we are pretty confident for all of that kind of stuff. category, ya. >> i'm just thrilled foremen that the un tucked look is in. you don't have to tuck the shirts. >> with the shirts, just leave them out. >> then your pelly is not hanging out over your belt. ugh. >> if you've seen him, star as jackie robinson, and james brown now he's taking on a new american icon, yep.
9:21 am
he's going to star at thurgood marshall in a new movie. chadwick bozman next. fran grenier.
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new jersey born and raised. like his father before him, he served our country with honor in the navy. came home and worked his way up from floor technician to supervisor at the salem power plant. as a husband and father, grenier knows how families struggle to make ends meet. that's why he'll fight to cut our taxes, and stand up to career politicians like steve sweeney. if we want to change trenton, there's only one way. fran grenier.
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>> okay, now, i don't go to movies much any more. i just stay sat home. but i want to see this in the theater. marshall, well, kind of courtroom thriller, based around thurgood marshall. the first african-american, worked on the supreme court. >> so let's take a look at it. >> you gentlemen making a big mistake. >> this here is mr. thurgood marshall. man is an attorney. you will treat him with the respect that he deserves. >> never seen -- you need to be careful. naacp. >> thurgood you're going to medicare. >> joseph spell, negro servant, attached socialite in her own bedroom. >> this case will show the
9:25 am
worlds that if colored men can get a fair trial in the united states. >> there is only 13 million negros. >> don't any of have you any confidence in me? i would say you have enough confidence for us all. >> you gentlemen -- >> oh, this looks so good. so many people really looking forwards to. that will kevin please tell me this is good. >> reporter: good morning to you, mike and alex. yes there is an incredible film, chadwick bun of the best actors working today, played so many real life characters over the years including jackie robinson in 42, as well, as james brown, now taking on thurgood marshall who was a superhero. this movie really kind of shows how incredible he was early in the years before becoming a supreme court justice. and he takes on a case, where sterling k brown, probably know from this is us, accused of rape. so thurgood marshall teams up with another lawyer named sam freedman, played by josh glad, take on the case and defends him. incredible courtroom drama i love a great courtroom drama the intensity, the dialogue,
9:26 am
feels like you're watching an action scene. bozman has this amazing confidence in this role. i gave it a four out of five. i think he's phenominal in the movie. i want to see him play more real life superheros, i think this is a really great character for him. i recommend seeing it this weekend. it is a crowd pleaser. at the end of the movie you're cheering. it is very well done. >> we're going then. the for nerve, jacky chan, now, i saw jacky chan movies, there is always little bit of fun and laughter. >> i just saw him, that was light. >> this one not? >> totally different. yes, this, for me, it was cool to see him step back into the r-rated action films. back in the day, rumble in the bronx, super cop, police story, rush hour film, pg13. this is very serious. about his daughter who get killed in a explosion, in london, he goes after the bombers. he's a 63 year old actor, playing a character who is in his 60s, so the action scenes very different from what he's done, even though still see him fighting. they treat his character like he's in his 60s, still very,
9:27 am
very interesting to watch. the action scenes are amazing, jacky chen is fantastic, director martin campbell, also the casino royal, and also goal end eye. the music done by guy named cliff martinez who did the music for movie called drive as well. i love this film, as women. i gave it four out of five. two solid move toys see this weekend. if you haven't seen blade runner 2049 i recommend seeing that as well. >> thank you, kevin. great job. have a great weekend. >> you too. >> okay. >> right. >> okay, pop up books, i want to go. >> because as a kiddie loved pop up books. and now that i'm an adult i still love pop up books. how about this? one here in philly you probably won't see anywhere else in the world. we're talking about take that little pop up book you're child's playing with, imagine it life-size. oh, ya. it is this week's alex around town.
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>> testing. >> testing. >> testing. >> testing. >> testing.
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i'm really excited about this one because we were talking about pop up books. kid love them, adults love them. just imagine your pop up book being something thaw can experience and go through one and probably won't see anywhere else in the world, except for right here in philadelphia. >> so this weeks alex around town we are focusing on the art, this will be really special because we know that philadelphia is home to some great artists and great art but this you probably won't see anywhere else in the world so now i will bring in artist collette fu and she's known for her photographs, she takes photographs and turns them into pop up books but this pop up book collect will take it to new heights. well, let's go inside.
9:32 am
>> look at this. wow. now that we have opened it up, this is amazing. is there so much to it. what story is this telling. >> so story based on a old poem about a, a group of people that were seeking political refuge, and they establish their village, beyond a cave in the peach blossom valley and fisherman haphazardly came upon this valley. villagers say don't tell anybody how to get here. he mark his path. governmental official where is unable to find it. so, now it is a saying to chinese people of utopia. >> okay, you talk about this place utopia who would want to see it, how do you get there. >> i can tell what you province but i cannot tell you exactly where it is, it is happens to be where my mother is born, hundredan province. >> that is the magic, no one knows where it is. >> right. >> that is why it is so
9:33 am
special because we are getting a look at it without having to travel there. >> yeah, yeah. >> okay, guys, i'm ready to come out now. i think i'm stuck. mike, help. oh, no. >> you got out. >> i got out, yes. >> i'm here. so it is cool. it opened last night. you can go see it. it is in northern liberties, 1400 american street at philadelphia photo center, collette fu was sweet to let us open it up and close it. it is normally opened. if you want to see it being opened. >> yeah, yeah. >> then you have to come saturday every saturday morning and it is opened until november 25th, so you have time. >> her artist amazing can you imagine. >> it is in a long process to figure it out, it is the largest, and all that but every saturday at 10:30 you can see it. >> american street, northern liberties. >> yes. >> i have all work with michael vick's wife, kiafa she used to have a store down on
9:34 am
south street. she's still into fashion and all that. she's pregnant. >> good news for them. >> would you like to see the latest color picture. >> would i love to. >> hello there. >> wow. >> all right, go girl. >> thirty-three weeks. >> looking great. >> they have a reality show. >> yeah, yeah. >> he is doing a pretty darn good job on analyzing football now on sundays. >> it is a boy you said. >> yeah. >> it is a boy. >> hi, boy. >> bobbies in a perfect location today, we want to celebrate our fire fighters, the bravest, hi there, bob. >> hey, gang good morning it is national fire prevention week i'm here getting ready for 25th annual open house at edgeley fire department. one of the items tonight wing bowl eating contest but this morning we will have a doughnut eating contest. who is ready to eat doughnuts. and the brand new fire truck
9:35 am
is set to arrive, stay right there we will be right back. new fast play games are out ...and lucky you has progressive top prizes. bet i can clear these shelves faster than you can play. ready...go!! (cans/condiments hitting the floor) i won! fast play. play fast. win instantly.
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okay. 9:38. looking at the poconos mountains. you can tell how exciting it is, it its fall, leaves are starting to change. it is fire prevention week. bob kelly's learning some things. he is getting in on the action >> he is up there the at edgeley fire company. is there our red hot bob kill ie they have a new fire truck you said, is that right bob. >> you got it. we have a brand new fire truck set to get here any minute now but before that arrives we want to show you what will happen tonight at 25th annual open house. i'm here with chief joe
9:39 am
kavanaugh. a whole bunch of different exhibits for kid and the adults to see. something is going behind us. >> very large open house tonight, one of the demonstrations here is a grease fire, it is about 75 percent of, dwelling fires start in the kitchen, and what you just saw there. >> what was that just water. >> that was water, vegetable oil in the pot, and ignited, and most commonly our first thought toys dump water on it and that is the result, whether it is significant loss tour dwelling. >> there is a fireman's competition all of the different local fire co got together and competing against each other. is what going on here. >> we have two firemen lowering hose rolls, it is an individual and team competition. we're local fire company sign up and compete begins each other. >> that is cool. >> also there is a big wing eating contest. tommy, can you zoom into the canoe of cheer. take a look at this, this is one of your big fund raising
9:40 am
opportunities. explain what is in here. canoe of cheer a lot of fun is in that canoe, that brings in a couple thousand dollars to support the fire company and it is, you know, good opportunities to win, come on out tonight and get your tickets. >> hold on, i hear it. i hear it. it is arriving. the brand new fire truck, let's have it a hand for it, tommy, explain what we have here. >> here's our bland new 2017 pierce engine, engine number 10. >> engine 10. >> so this came from there. >> appleton, wisconsin. >> you drove it from appleton, wisconsin. >> they drive tonight but our truck committee, design, planning and final inspection. >> well, you know does it have a coffee cup holder for the inside. >> unfortunately not. >> congratulations, tonight, tell us all bit, here, edgeley fire company. >> yes, tonight six to 10:00, open house 6:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. brings out a thousand citizens
9:41 am
in excess, a lot of fire demonstrations, vendors, great food, come on out. >> you know what on behalf of all of us at fox 29, all of our fox 29 viewers like to thank you and all of the fire fighters out there fire prevention week. here's an opportunity to kind of say thanks, give back, come on out tonight in levittown and a chance to hop on board and check out brand new fire truck and zoo some of the other engine co competing for the championship, how do you think will win the championship for the competition. >> never know. >> who is going to win. >> edgeley. >> can i take it for a ride. >> jump in. >> we will take the fire truck for a ride, come on. >> thanks, bob. >> oh, yeah, bob kelly. >> putting in my bid for that canoe of cheer there. thanks, bob. also make note i misspoke philadelphia photo center, photo arts it is in south kensington. just so you know, 1400
9:42 am
american street. jen we are getting ready for the flyers. >> let's go flyers. >> we are so let's get flyers, we're getting so flyered up. we are at xfinity live. come on back we have potentially new dance moves, definitely new american. we have sean here and we have our models here.
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sue serio, in 15 seconds before we get started on our forecast, here's something off of bob kelly's social media but it is a message from me. >> hi, suebye i'm playing my game tonight, and can you put my face up on your board, thank you. >> that is austin, bob kelly's son, so i thought we would make austin bus stop buddy. he is temple t, phillies, eagles and he wanted to be on a weather graphic. we made him bus stop buddy today there he is wearing carson wentz number 11. also very happy, so austin, i
9:46 am
hope this makes you happy and that you win your game tonight cloudy and cool, by the way just to get started with temperatures in the 50's and 60's. you can see 60's in wildwood. fifty's here in the city. forty's up in the mountains. so as we head to the seven day forecast. 67 degrees today. seventy-five tomorrow. 80 degrees on sunday, don't get used to it because cold front comes through sunday night after sunset, and then changes our temperatures, dramatically, by monday, it is high of only 62. then we have a nice stretch of weather heading in the middle of next week. whatever you do have a good weekend but be prepared for weather changes. >> hey, a little birdie told me you went to the wells fargo center. >> difficult. we are getting ready for flyers, sixers, ready for some home games. i got to see, some changes there you might notice when you walk n it will be brighter there is a lot of things going on. arena has been upgraded with l
9:47 am
ed lighting. thinks new video. this new led lighting almost looks 3-d. they have put joel embiid in it like when you walk in the main area. >> cool. >> yeah, yeah. >> look, smile, wave at you. >> there is so many new lighting panels that if they were to spread it out, you can do it from xfinity live, all the way dunn to city hall, that is how much they have put in. the whole thing is covered in new lighting and tell you is what coming up. >> sounds great. >> like a light show. >> they have new snacks out. >> yes. >> i love to eat. >> yes. >> they have twisted taco, mack and cheese, fried balls, they have stir fried rice station. >> what was it twisted what. >> twisted tacos. >> tacos. >> twisted tacos. >> it is tomorrow, right? the flyers season opener. >> yes. >> do you have anything else they do. >> no, go. >> go ahead. >> what else. >> okay. >> it is very chilly inside wells fargo center it can be. >> you need right flyers gear. >> that is right new merchandise.
9:48 am
thinks an old jersey which i love but i'm willing to accept some others from the flyers. >> i have a sweat shirt i like to wear. when you go you like to see dancing. yes, the dancing guy. you know what we're talking about: >> sean hill. >> just dance like nobody is watching even though the whole world is. >> he has some good moves. >> he has lost a lot of weight >> that is not sean hill. >> this is shawn hill. >> look at sean hill. >> one in the same. >> first of all. >> way to go. >> thank you. >> it was a hard journey, lot of hard work but down, feeling healthy feeling good. excited for the season. >> 126-pound. >> yes. >> here's the situation, you know this, andrea when she was one of our interns came and danced with you. i assumed would i get to dance
9:49 am
with you. >> yes. >> that is old news. >> yes, last season was my tenth year as the dancing guy so to speak. i had my retirement send off. only danced a couple times last season but probably no dancing this year. we will see how it goes you are saying there is a chance. >> if there is true excitement who knows it maim come back but we are pass being off, to my dancing usher, i want to see you getting your dance moves on. you can be the next dancing guy. >> is that a real situation. >> potentially. >> now we have talked about this off camera. we have eagles five-one. you have trust the process. >> yes. >> also in your building. >> how will you convince these guys that the wayne train, and drew, and we are all ready to go all out, all the time. >> you mentioned veterans. wayne simmonds alone is price of admission. the guy does everything. we have young super stars as well. if you know fill flyers we are always trying to compete, we are always go for ultimate goal. now we have a youth infused as well. it is exactly how to get
9:50 am
excited, come in, wear cool gear, hockey jerseys one of the best things to wear. >> ladies, show me some of the new merchandise. >> okay. >> you have to see some of this stuff. first of all i know you don't want to pick a favorite. >> can i give ate way. >> i'm always cold so three quarter length sleeves is definite must by the ice or at home, you know netflix and chill. >> my girls, they have to glitter, right. >> yes. >> apparently, hockey girls don't want to be all glittered up. >> i necessity jen wants one of these outfits for halloween >> for me it would be a costume and it is a uniform for them in player on our apparel. >> more comfortable. >> you don't know this but last night in my neighbor's kitchen i have practiced some dancing. but we don't. it is not weird. i'm going to because they did, are you good. >> yes. >> i am getting it back. >> show me some moves. >> and here we go.
9:51 am
>> all right. >> round of applause for jen everybody. >> amazing. >> sean, congratulations. >> yes. >> it is amazing. >> and jen. >> yes. >> all around, we're good, i feel good about tomorrow. i didn't go in for home opener , so i didn't go in the building. >> yeah. >> she has bad luck. >> bye, guys. >> thanks, jen. >> congratulations to sean and andrea our former intern. nicely done. singing, one last time the late lincoln park singer chester bennington, he did car pool karaoke, how do they do that? of course, he taped it before his death. so, they played it and we will play it for you.
9:52 am
9:53 am
9:54 am
♪ do you want to do a monster check? yes. no monsters. ♪ how about the drawer? ♪ no monsters. nightly monster checks are how grant makes home his. and homegoods is what makes it all possible. amazing finds. always great prices. make home yours.
9:55 am
i want to tell but this our friends at nicole miller they are selling these lovely hats all for power of pink, 100 percent proceed will help with the breast cancer fight. this will be great. it will go to loving beyond breast cancer so if you are interested it is great. >> i like the hat. >> of course. >> it is great. >> so, okay, let's show this video now. new video taken just days before lincoln park singer chester bennington died. it shows, it shows even getting spirited, whether they were ever going to tape this. it has been three months since the band's front man took his own life. fans are remembering chris, with a smile on his face.
9:56 am
his permanent of the family was needed, to run the tape, so they said okay. so, the lincoln park car pool karaoke episode has now been released and the band was joined by actor ken young. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> wow. >> you know that actor there, made famous from hang over and everything. >> hang over movies especially and then is there chris, driving the car, in a great mood. chester, i'm sorry. it is just a great example of what depression does, you know
9:57 am
, boy ant, having fun, six days later he is dead. >> that is why it is so shocking. >> you can never tell. >> his family wanted to us see it. >> all right. so thank you for all of the tweets but what alex should be for halloween. we have to tape it probably next week. >> we have to get things together. >> i'm still trying to decide. we asked to you help us out. >> somebody suggested you go as joel embiid. >> how willie be joel embiid. >> well, that is one way. >> how do we duplicate this, stilts. >> stilts. >> we get little jersey. >> get my hair done. >> how about malc geez the dj on the q show. >> he is tall. simply get on his shoulder and get a big jersey and just your head sticking out. >> that is way to do it too. >> hair straight up. >> yes. >> okay. >> i still haven't decided keep your ideas coming. i stopped my ben on not being
9:58 am
a woman i will be if you want, if you want. >> have a great weekend lets go flyers. >> let's go flyers. ( floor creaks) i can't believe we're doing this! (thunder cracks) ahh! gus, you're not scared, are you? i don't like thunder! this is getting creepy! (a wolf howls in the distance) heeey ... -whoa! (shriek) did you say creepy? fang-tastic fortune. the new scratch off from the pennsylvania lottery. yeah, with top prizes of $50 grand. that's a monster of a prize! (giggles) (laughs)
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keep on scratchin'!
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