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tv   FOX 29 News at 5  FOX  October 13, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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at police headquarters for us tonight. dave. >> reporter: chris, thee knife point robberies across the area have terrified people customers and employees. there have been seven linked to one suspect noun another one this past wednesday just before noon. >> that's scary, sir. that's really scary. >> reporter: customers and employees jumped out of the way when this knife-wielding robber vaulted over the counter at dunkin' donuts on girard avenue and terrorized the place. >> come on now. god for bid they could v you know, really got hurt. like and like i'm still in shock. >> reporter: it happened wednesday just before noon as the suspect announced robbery and then opened two cash register drawers after frightened employees refused to help. >> threateninthreatening the ems with the knife then bang off thankfully so they're not hurt in this encounter. >> i don't like trouble like that much that's really awful. low lives. they're low lives. >> he jumped over the counter and he has a big knife. >> reporter: this is the latest knife-point armed robbery
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in the area in recent weeks. police have already connected seven robberies to one suspect. now they're trying to determine if this latest stick-up is also link. >> we're still trying to put together to see if this male or the other other mail fits the profiles of surveillance video and stills around the rob bro. >> the suspect was caught on camera disposing the clothes and mask he wore in the rob breach he was then picked up on surveillance camera rahs in local convenience store with another man. then entering this marine ford expedition with black rims. >> we want to definitely get the one guy. we didn't obscure the face of the second male, too. we want to at least know who he is but he's clearly with the person who committed the robbery. >> i hope they catch him, sir. i real dollar. >> reporter: incredibly the suspect left behind the knife he used in the robbery. it was right there on the counter in the video but he was wearing gloves. police point out they did recover the clothing. he dumped on the way using his escape route there and they are checking that for fingerprints
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and dna. dawn? >> all right, dave, thank you. new tonight an 18-year-old is facing charges for a shooting that left a teenager in critical condition. prosecutors say muhammed good from philadelphia opened fire on wednesday in oxford circle much police say he shot a teenaged boy in the head on the 2100 block of magee avenue. the victim hospitalized tonight in critical condition. good is facing a long list of charges included aggravated assault an tempted murder. no word yet on a motive. skyfox over a traffic mess in south philadelphia today. that is where a tractor trailer overturned. the driver lost control. you see on i-95 south near exit 19. that's packer avenue. you can see first responders on the scene. this all happening about 11:00 o'clock this morning. the road is back open now. no word if anyone was hurt. and camden police need your help in finding several car thieves. this is surveillance video of a car police say suspects were driving on september 26 and that
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is the night of the crime. you can see an orange sedan there arrives on the 2,000 block of admiral wilson boulevard around 7:30 at night. moments later, the suspects steal a car and take off. if you have any information on this case, please call police. we are following a developing story about a problem plaguing a number of local schools. parents of the students in the monroe township school district are rallying together after all district schools were closed this week due to mold. they'll be holding a meeting to night at williamstown high school to discuss ideas and prepare questions for the neck school board meeting. this all comes after mold was found at holly glenn elementary last wednesday. it is not the only area school with mold problems. philadelphia school district officials closed john b. kelly elementary in germantown yesterday an mold was found in n classrooms and a dozen locations inside the building. we do not know yet whether the school will reopen on monday. to washington now, where president trump makes a big decision. he's announced he will not
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recertify the iran nuclear deal. >> the president is accusing iran of violating the agreement. fox's caroline shively has more from washington. >> reporter: president trump came down hard on iran accusing it of violating the spirit of the 2015 nuclear deal but he refused to scrap the agreement altogether. instead kicking it back to congress. >> the iranian regime has committed multiple violations. >> reporter: the president says iran used the nuclear deal to strengthen its military and missile programs. he's refusing to recertify it. that's different from a decertification sending the deal to congress asking lawmakers to make it tougher with harsher punishment force iran if it fails to comply. >> i am directing my administration to work closely with congress and our allies to address the deals many serious flaws. >> reporter: the president also unveiling a new strategic approach to containing iran slapping new sanctions on its military and putting an increased focus on missile
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defense. >> as we have seen in north korea, the longer we ignore a threat, the worse that threat becomes. >> reporter: congress now has 60 days to make changes. president trump says if lawmakers can't get it done, he'll scrap the deal completely. which had been major promise during his 2016 campaign. democrademocrats now harshly criticizing the president saying he's putting americans in dang danger. >> president trump's refusal to recertify is a grave mistake that threatens america's security. >> reporter: iran' government harshly condemned the president's statement and said the deal is much stronger than president trump think it is and iran will live up to its side of the bargain n washington, caroline shively, fox news. las vegas officials now clarifying the timeline of the mass shooting at the center of the debate was when a security guard was shot outside the gunman's door at the mandalay bay. the sheriff's new version of events now align with the
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hotel's version. meanwhile the shooter's motive remains mystery tonight. in an autopsy, officials say no abnormalities were found in stephen paddock's brain much it's been nearly two weeks since paddock killed 58 people and hurt hundreds of others. 45 people are still in critical condition. now, to the fight to contain wildfires burning in californi california's wine 61 tree continues tonight. the death toll now stands at 31 people. firefighters say they have made up some ground today and have contained nearly a quarter of the fires. thousands of firefighters have been working for a week now to diffuse all of the 21 fires instead across 300 square miles is so mow know and nap ma counties. >> turning to your fox 29 weather authority now. as we take live look at allentown. kind of a dreary day to say the least across the delaware and lehigh valley. definitely feeling like fall outside. meteorologist scott williams here now with first look at our forecast.
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what can we expect, scott? will it stay cool and crisp? >> a little bit of a roller coaster ride as we head toward the coming weekend, dawn much those temperatures as you were mentioning below average for today. right now 65 degrees. but by the up come weekend we'll climb into the 70s even low 80s by your sunday but right now humidity 75%. the sun will set this evening at 6:24. and we're looking at a lot of cloud cover out there and down the shore note few showers showing up on ultimate doppler definitely not the best of beach days as far as those temperatures you can see pretty much area wide low to mid 60s. 63 degrees right now in allentown. 65 in wilmington. 66 currently in atlantic city. so jackets and sweaters if you're stepping outdoors. maybe for some football friday night lights. we're looking at those numbers falling into the low 60s by 11:00 o'clock tonight. and then overnight tonight those temperatures will drop back into the 50s. so patchy fog overnight tracking a few shower chances for the
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weekend. but dawn coming up we'll outline that brief weekend warmup. >> all right. i'll take it. thanks, scott. if you live in delaware county or chester county, and have been the victim of a burglary, get ready to take a look. state police displaying more than 150 items at their media barracks that have been stolen over the past two years. police say the person behind the thefts has been charged and is in custody. dozens of people showed up today to see if any of the stolen property belonged to them. if you missed out don't worry, you can still check out the items. >> they do have to have a police report prior to this news release and also they have to have a serial number or receipt if they don't have police report. something that can identify that that's -- that the property is theirs so we can get that back to them. >> in the meantime state police are advising residents to keep their doors locked and to always report any suspicious activity. well, how about those eagl eagles! >> yay! the birds win last night
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has all of philadelphia cheering today. that's for sure. >> it wasn't just the fans cheering in celebrating that win over the panthers. fox 29's kristen rodgers has more on the eagles rise to fiv five-one. kristen you just got here this week. the eagles are undie feeted now since you've been here. >> they are. maybe i'm a good luck charm. great wins though deserve great celebrations and eagles defensive back malcolm jenkins was feeling it after their win against the panthers. i'm pitt she huer how a lot of living rooms around philly looked last night as well. it was a tough setup for the birds last night. a way from home on thursday. against another then four-one team. but the eagles proved they learned from their mistake last year especially how they let road games slip away and they've been correcting those mistake along the way this season. >> i think it says a lot about the guys in this locker room, um, we stayed together the whole game. they did good thing defensively, um, different pressure looks we hadn't seen that's tough on a short week but we found a way to win, win a close ballgame and ultimate what we struggled with
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last year winning on the road and winning close ballgames. >> you see growth. last year we was in those situations and something would go wrong. tonight you game a game like maybe shouldn't have been somes calls sometimes but stuff just not going right but we still, you know, was able to overcome it. >> for only the tenth time in program history, this eagles team is five-one or better to start the season. the hype very real and doug pederson knows that. so the challenge now, managing the excitement on his team. that means, turning a blind eye to the coverage surrounding them right now. >> got to keep it real, too. that comes from me, and, um, yeah, we're winning these games but there's a lot to fix a lot to correct as well. it's never perfect obviously. bottom line we do want to win the game but at the same time i've got to keep them focused and grounded on even zest
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situational stuff still. >> carson wentz is truly solidifying himself as the leader on this eagles squad. and his play last night proved it later in sports what as spec of wentz's game has his teammates so quick to follow h him. chris, dawn. >> all right, thanks, kristen. coming up, while eagles fans were cheering, two panthers fans were getting into quite a fight ending with a sucker punch and it was all caught an camera. >> will amazon be calling philadelphia home. how some of the best young minds in the city are coming together to help draw the tech giant he here. and thrill seekers gearing up for haunted house season. what it takes to give people the scare of their lives.
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sky fox over new castle, delaware, at an amazon if you fill many center where some jobs are on the way. the online retail giant just announceannounced it's hiring 10 extra workers for the holidays. the seasonal jobs will be spread out over more than 75 fulfill many centers all over the country just like this one and one of the world's best known companies when they come calling and want to expand in your town, people tend to listen. >> which is why philadelphia is among a long list of suiters looking to impress the internet retail and tech giant and it's not just savvy business professional working on the sales pitch. no, our bruce gordon live overlooking center city. bruce you saw some college students making their pitch today. >> reporter: yeah, dawn. college students who just might be able to add a fresh perspective to this attempt at landing a real business game
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changer. when you're home to one of world's premier business schools, why not take advantage of that young talent? >> it's long range, lower power and low cost. >> reporter: ask two dozen teams of wharton students to compete for the best philly sales pitch. >> we're looking for innovative ideas that can actually try to articulate to amazon why philadelphia is such a great place to be in. >> they're looking to create 50,000 high-paying jobs in second headquarters. philadelphia is among a host of areas salivating at the chance to be that hq2. >> wharton prime and team delphi. [ applause ] congratulations to you guys. >> reporter: co winners of friday's presentations gave us a glimpse what it will take to win the big prize. first and for most the lure of tax breaks and incentives. lots of them. >> came up with big and daunting figure to be honest around 12 and a half billion. >> 12 and a half -- >> bill, billion with a b.
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outheard right. >> amazon part this would be an opportunity -- >> philly's business reputation as the high taxes and cumbersome regulations is a challenge our student contest winners say the cost of living here is selling point if you're comparing to the new york cities or san franciscos of the world it's half. i mean that's pretty material. if you're amazon and you're considering salaries for 50,000 people that's relevant. >> reporter: philly sales pitch must include an educated work force, mass transit, housing, quality of life. but one much our student winners says the competition for amazon has already helped rhee erase our notorious inferiority complex. >> i think this effort has already made leaps and bounds to philadelphia saying, you know, wait a second, we could actually do this, right, and i think we could be a destination city for amazon. >> reporter: among those in attendance you may have noticed him mayor jim kenney these students hope few of their ideas may be inn corn flood the city's official pitch which is due along with the others next
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thursday. chris? >> all right, that could mean lost jobs are bruce. thanks. a new jersey woman pleads guilty to stealing a half million dollars from her company. 45-year-old karen thompson was the office manager at roberts engineering group in hamilton, mercer county. prosecutors say from januar january 2012 through last april she altered computer records in the payroll to steal money for her own use. the state is recommending a three-year prison term and for thomas to pay back all that money. well, when donald trump science an executive order yesterday to direct the federal government to unrole parts of obamacare, the president said, he was not finish. last night the federal government announced it would stop paying cost sharing subsidies to insurance companies for health care. the department of health and human services released a statement saying, it could not justify the payments without congressional authority. experts say the halt of payments will trigger a spike in consumers premiums and less congress authorizes the funding.
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president trump tweeting this morning, that the democrats should call him to fix the health care problem. >> he is cutting off the subsidies or the insurance bailout however you want to indicate and with that, yes, you'll have a quick unraveling of the affordable care act. >> congressional democratic leaders shuck schumer and nancy pelosi released a joint statement calling the move a quote spiteful act of vast, point less sabotage ". >> owners of horse stables in new jersey are coming together for a good cause. >> they're using the animals to help veterans deal with post trauma stress disorder. here's fox's jessica furmosa with more. it's very calming and very you know, soothing for me. it's like i could be in the worst mood and the horses make me happy. >> reporter: it's a place far away from the city, a stable with beautiful horses. but they're not just any horses. they bring tranquility to those who need it the most. our veterans. >> i feel warm inn sigh. i feel good. you know.
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it's like safe, you know, i feel safe around them. >> reporter: these military vets spend a few hours at the serenity stables in atlantic high lands in new jersey almost all suffer from ptsd. >> this helps me to recover from my ptsd and tbi that i've received while i was in persian gulf. >> reporter: program from combat to calm was founded in 2015 by renee' stone. her father was a disabled veteran who suffered from ptsd. she knew she had to help those who fought for our country in some way and equine therapy was the answer. >> the horse goes along with how you feel and, you know f you're tense and not relaxed the horse will tend to be the same way. they pick up on the emotion and particularly the ones that people have trouble mod lating. >> reporter: marco otto served to combat tours. he's the vice-president of the united war veterans council an organize helping vets integrate
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back into society. he finds these horses to be very therapeutic. your emotions.really feed off- so if you're one of these people that walks around with a big smile on your face all day long, but on the inside more is going on, the horses will pick up on that and sort of mirror it back to you. >> reporter: for some this was their first time coming into contact with a horse. others have had a session before and say they noticed the benefits the minute they start to interact with these animals. >> they comfort you it's really quite an experience. >> reporter: this program is completely free for veterans. now, renee' stone who runs it is in desperate need of donations, if and you'd like to help her log on to our website, serenity stables i'm jessica furmosa, fox news. >> did you see this one? a sucker punch caught on camera at last night' eagles/panthers game. we got to warn you this video tough to watch. police are looking for the man who repeatedly punched a 62-year-old man at the football game last night in charlotte. the victim says a man was
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standing up through the whole game which led to the argument which led to punches thrown. eagles fans stepped in to try to break it up. there have been some reports the victim was an eagles fan. in fact that the puncher and the victim both panthers fans. coming up, did you pass by them today? why more than 500 senior citizens strutted their stuff along boat house row. >> and check this out. a sheriff's deputy taking on an anaconda. the deputy wins here. that snake is safe but there are some serious questions for its owner. ♪, when you're a double-dipping pension-padder
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like steve sweeney, it's important to maintain a certain... lifestyle. that's why sweeney spent over a hundred grand of his campaign funds
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on high-priced meals and other gifts. we're talking fine cigars, fancy watches, pricey restaurants, and expensive wines - all to charm the type of folks who helped him raise your taxes 145 times. too many in south jersey are struggling. but steve sweeney's looking out for himself, not for us.
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after talk of running for governor in her home state of maine, republican senator susan collins has announced shell stay where she is in the senate. >> realized how much needs to be done in a divided and troubleed washington. if we are to serve the people
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that we represent effectively. >> collins has been considered a swing vote in the senate most notably she voted against a number of republican attempts to repeal and replace obamacare. there are new details tonight in the mysterious case where several american diplomats were harmed in what u.s. officials are calling a sonic attack. now the associated press has obtained an audio clip of what some may have heard. it is a high-pitched unpleasant sound and it's what led investigators to first thing it was a sonic weapon. the records from havana have been sent for analysis to the us navy. the g says it still doesn't know what is responsible for the injuries. cuba has denied any involvement at all or any knowledge of the sonic attacks. we're still learning details tonight of what hollywood knew of film mogul harvey weinstein's sexual harass many acts. well there's a report out that weinstein's production company actually knew about his misgivings even worked it into
5:26 pm
his contract. according to tmz the weinstein company had a clause into his contract permitting him to sexually harass women without fear as long as he paid the settlements along with the fine. actress jane fonda also came out today saying she knew what weinstein was doing all these years and she feels ashamed for not having said anything. >> we all have to be responsible for the people around we work with. if you see something, say something, you know, people become complicit when they don't and try to cover up things. >> actress rose mcgowan now saying weinstein raped her a few years ago. she allegedly complained not just to his company but to amazon studios which was handling one of her shows. weinstein denies mcgowan's claim. coming up, just one punch. that's all it took to change a college junior's live forever. one family's heart-breaking story. and death and devastation.
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wildfires still raging in california. we'll check in with crews to see how they're doing in their efforts to battle these blazes. ♪ where are we?
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about to see progressive's new home quote explorer. where you can compare multiple quote options online and choose what's right for you. woah. flo and jamie here to see hqx. flo and jamie request entry. slovakia. triceratops. tapioca. racquetball. staccato. me llamo jamie. pumpernickel.
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pudding. employee: hey, guys! home quote explorer. it's home insurance made easy. password was "hey guys." ♪ low humidity, dry foliage and strong wind gusts are making california firefighters jobs very difficult right now. >> yeah this as their battling 20 wildfires across the state in what officials are calling the deadliest week of wildfires in state history.
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fox's adam housely has more from wine country tonight. >> reporter: more than 8,000 firefighters are work aig round the clock to try and battle at least 20 major wildfires in the heart of california's wine country and throughout northern california. with low humidity and high winds expected to return to the regi region, federal agencies and fire departments from all across the country are pouring in to help. >> these fires are all combining into one the good news as we get more containment on different fires, different parts of this fire we'll continue to move resources around to the priority. >> reporter: disastrous fires have killed more than any other california wildfires on record. even more people remain unaccounted for. the flames have charred more than 190,000 acres every land. damaging or destroying thousands of homes and businesses. >> we continue to address this fire on two fronts, live safety obviously being the most important part of what we are doing. but also, to continue to fight this fire on those front lines and stabbing hard perimeter. >> reporter: national weather
5:31 pm
service has again issued a red flag warning for the region. the wine country fires have also ushered in an environmental crisis in the bay area which is dealing with some of the worst air quality ever recorded. >> when you're going back to site that is may have been burned, wear protective equipment such as knife mask, goggles, construction boots and clothing that covers your arms or legs. do not touch the toxic debris with your bare hands. >> reporter: forecasters say there's a possibility of rain by the middle of next week, it's all about the weather right now. firefighters say they can stop that fire up on this ridge in and couple others like it so long as it as the backs down as long as the winds don't return. adam housely, fox 29 news. back at home and back to your fox 29 weather authority. the weekend has a arrived. take live look from our wildwood camera. things are slowing down down the shore. may not be a beach weekend but we may see the sun saturday and sunday. meteorologist scott williams fills us in just 15 seconds.
5:32 pm
i think the weekend will start off a little cloudy and damp. but bite second half of the weekend, we'll see more sunshine and temperatures could flirt with the low 80s again. so the bottom line for your saturday, not a washout, but we do have a few spotty showers in the forecast. a lot of events festivals taking place. the temple homecoming game. there might be some spotty showers around. hour by hour, low 60s 8:00 a.m. we're looking at 69 degrees by noon. into the mid 70s by tomorrow afternoon so warming up for tomorrow and then once again 80s back for your sunday. so here's the bottom line for the upcoming weekend. 75 degrees the afternoon high temperature tomorrow. a few showers around any time during the day. and then look at sunday. we're looking at temperatures in
5:33 pm
the low 80s. winds will be out of the south and west ahead of a cold front but by early next week, a shock to the system. temperatures dip back into the low to mid 60s for high temperatures ultimate doppler right now most of us we're dry and quiet but cool. a few sprinkles and light showers moving in on shore around atlantic city toward the cape may area. not the best of beach days there with those winds coming in off of the ocean. so hour by hour tonight we're looking mostly cloudy, maybe a passing sprinkle, but most of us stay dry and then tomorrow morning, you can see mostly cloudy skies. some green dotting the map, not a wash out. likely less than a tenth of an inch of rainfall by noon. we're looking at mostly cloudy skies still some showers especially down the shore and also into sections of delaware. so the best chance for rainfall tomorrow south and east of that i-95 corridor. look at the temperatures right now. low 50s mount pocono.
5:34 pm
60s currently as we move toward the lehigh valley. mid 60s philadelphia. 68 degrees right now in millville. and 66 in atlantic city. so temperatures for tonight, it's cool again. 50 degrees mount pocono. mid 50s for the lehigh valley. 57 in reading. 60 in wilmington. low 60s atlantic city and wildwood. afternoon high temperatures back into the 70s for tomorrow. but look at the poconos. saturday 67 degrees. on sunday, temperatures right around 74 degrees. that weather authority seven day forecast showing you clouds tomorrow. maybe a passing shower. but not a washout. and then look at the temperatures on sunday. 81 degrees out ahead of a cold front. a late evening shower, but then look at the cool push of fall air monday 63 degrees. 62 on tuesday. by wednesday, 70 degrees. and then low 70s by thursday and friday of next week. so dawn, that roller coaster ride will continue. back over to you.
5:35 pm
>> sure looks like one. thank you, scott. hundreds of seniors in philadelphia strutting their stuff today in fairmount park. led by the mummers more than 500 seniors from 20 different senior sents participated in the seni seniors strut down boat house row. the event focuses on urging senior citizens to get out and walk and stay healthy. there were also dozens of vendors on hand for health screenins and information about better living. >> the mayor wants all of our seniors to walk so we do this in honor of the city. we have 20 senior center that is come out and walk with us today. walking is the best exercise that you can get. and we have the mummers here to lead us off. that's why we call it the senior strut. >> looks like a lot of fun. great turnout. this was the fifth year for this even. bruce springsteen makes his broadway debut, but did the boss take new york by storm? and thinking about checking out a haunted house? what about the nation's biggest right here in our backyard? we'll take you behind the scenes of terror
5:36 pm
behind the walls. ♪
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♪ >> you like animals, right. >> absolutely. check this out. a florida deputy wrangling 9-foot anaconda. >> wow! >> sheriffs' office near tallahassee released this video showing the deputy safely capturing the snake. >> we like that. >> she apparently has experience hasn't link exotic snakes. she volunteers at a local wildlife center. that comes in handy. >> yeah. >> the snake is a pet apparently. the owner says it escaped. the anaconda has been turned over to the state's fish and wildlife conservation commission. no word yet if it will be returned to its owner. keeping tabs on your money tonight. hyatt hotels is reporting a data breach. hackers accessed credit card. happening between march and july of this year. a total of 41 properties were affected in 11 different countries including right here in the u.s. hyatt hotels says its cyber security team has fixed the issue and has taken steps to
5:40 pm
prevent this from happening in the future. delta airlines is making it easier for passengers to check in. the airline released an app update that automatically checks in travelers 24 hours before they're schedule departure time. all the customer has to do is open the fly delta app. so far no other u.s. airline offers this service. right now, it's not clear how delta will handle bag checks or seat changes. interesting. >> well, the boss debuted on broadway. >> yeah, rolling stone magazine called bruce springsteen's first night at the theater in new york last night an intimate triumph. >> you're the man, bruce. >> the show is expected to run through february of next year. it's been described as a biographical journey through the 68-year-old's musical career. springsteen says he thinks this is the smallest venue he's played in 40 years.
5:41 pm
which is exactly what the star had in mind. all right. a night out with friends takes a devastating turn for a local college student. how just one punch changed the life of a young man. and the people of puerto rico still struggling after being ravaged by two hurricanes. how doctors and health care workers from our area are helping with relief efforts. ♪
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♪ a narberth couple is suing two drexel fraternities on behalf of their son. he is a severe brain injury after he was punched in a fight two years ago. >> iain page sat down with the family to learn what the past two years have been like for them. ♪
5:45 pm
>> reporter: iain mc given was outgoing and full of energy always smiling with a great outlook on life. he played lacrosse at the shipley school before deciding to attend drexel university. >> those are memories that we'll always have about the fun times and the comradery. a lot of those guys had he played with are still, you know, pretty close to him today. >> reporter: but the first weekend of his junior year everything changed. ♪ >> reporter: after a night of drinking with his frat buddies, iain got into fight with some members of delta sigma pie. iain was four likes from the fraternity house at some point a delta sigma if i brother punched iain and he fell and his his header. two of his frat brothers took him back to the frat house. >> that night, of course, i woke up thinking, hmm w is he? look out the window. car is not there. i was like he's fine. although he never ever didn't
5:46 pm
come home. >> reporter: so the next morning, iain's parents liz a nurse and rodrick everyone calls him roddy a bond trader they've been married 29 years, want to do ease their conscious so along with their 26-year-old daughter ann they drove to drexel to see if they can find iain. ann went into the frat house first. >> he was covered in blood and covered with vomit. he had urinated on himself. his phone was on a sofa across from him. tried to clean him up and get a shirt on him so that his dignity was maintained. ♪ >> reporter: at this point, liz and roddy didn't know iain had his his head. so they rushed him to presbyterian hospital. >> a doctor walked into the room and just basically said we need to remove the left side of your son's skull and do an emergency cane yo plasty so that his brain can swell without the pressure, and we need your permission to
5:47 pm
do that like right away. to see him the next morning with tubes coming out his brain and, you know, it just -- it's been tumultuous two years. >> reporter: iain has had four operations since that night, and while he continues to improve with physical therapy, his parents know he'll never be the same. >> he doesn't see properly. his hand is in a fist. he hasn't used his left hand in two years. ♪ >> he walks awkwardly. he has a lot of trouble with his foot walking properly. >> i worry about his future, you know and how he's going to be able to take care of himself. he's had to start his life all over again a new life a different life. one that i wasn't expecting for him. >> reporter: the family are sharing their story because they don't want another mother or father to experience what they have and their message is someone should have called 911. >> these kids got to stop being
5:48 pm
afraid of, you know, what's going to happen to me if i call 911? if somebody had done that to my son when he first fell and his his head, you know, there's probably a pretty good chance that he could have lived a normal life. report roar roddy thankful iain is still alive but lives with the guilt from that fateful night. >> i'm his dad. i was supposed to protect him and i feel kind of like i let him down. ♪ >> that was iain page reporting. people in west philadelphia showing their stripes today to celebrate ronald mcdonald house. many wearing striped socks, hats, ties and scarves as the philadelphia ronald mcdonald house turns 43 years old. the chestnut street location is doubling its capacity with a new tower that will have 88 new rooms. the ronald mcdonald house supports families of seriously ill children. the philadelphia police academy instructor says they were there
5:49 pm
for her family when her daughter was sick. >> this was always one of my favorite, favorite charities because i've always been able to see exactly what they do, and they definitely put their money where their mouth is. >> there are over 300 ronald mcdonald house locations in the world and if you didn't know, the philadelphia location was the very first. >> how about that? >> yeah. great great people over there. well, puerto ricans believe it or not still picking up the pieces after two hurricanes left a trail of devastation. >> our bill anderson went along with the rescue mission spending the day with doctors and companies doing whatever they can to help for goodness sake. >> there's been so much talk about what's going on in puerto rico. we're actually getting a chance to go on a rescue and treatment mission with medical personnel. >> we're off. >> ♪ >> report roar the trip was the most recent in partnership between two local health providers, rwj barnabas one and care one. this time i got to go with them.
5:50 pm
>> how are you? >> good. how are you. >> reporter: what i expected want we immediately encountered when we landed was eye opening to say the least. >> the situation it's like nothing we have ever thought we were going to be leaving. >> roberto met us at the airport he's an attorney and helder l health advocating aiding the recovery. his message was clear the lack of necessary resources leads to fatal results. >> we have already identified about 42 people that have died as a direct consequence of the hurricane. the number continues to grow and mainly from issues involving diseases that have been related to hurricane and sanitation and decent water to drink. >> reporter: our first stop was a hospital where the team& brought a plane load of goods including some battery powered medical supplies. >> to me seemed pretty basic until i met dr. campos.
5:51 pm
>> it was full of water here. we were working with really no medications. with no equipment. report roar his comments also hammered home how impactful things we take for granted like cell phone service can really be to people just struggling to keep patients alive. >> i can't go to my home. i don't have any signal. so there's communication. i have to stay here. >> reporter: for how long. >> i've been here for 22 days. >> reporter: we were reminded by roberto that the locations we visited windows blown out, trees uprooted, weren't even among the hardest hit that were shared with me by people sending me pictures. >> as you begin to leave san juan, you will see, you know, the real devastation probably you saw it in the air. looks like they took a lawnmower and simply pass it on. >> reporter: we were only there for a day. only visited a few locations. rgw barn nass and care one
5:52 pm
didn't take us there and i'm not sharing the devastation for any other reason than to point out that people need help and we can do more. >> people who are in a position of power that have the financial resources, the political connections-have a chartable heart they'll find a way to do something. ♪ >> reporter: this wasn't their first suppor mission and it won't be their last and i'm pretty sure we all fit in to at least one of those categories of people who can help. now will we? for goodness sake, i'll bill anderson. ♪ coming up, talk about a spook tacular, i love this place. the behind the scenes look at terror behind the walls at the eastern state penitentiary. >> and just in time for breast cancer awareness month, dozens of inspiring survivors get a much needed surprise. ♪
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as you may know october is breast cancer awareness month, and nearly three dozen survivors got quite the surprise today. this cold store in wisconsin treated survivors to a shopping spree, anything they could fit in their carts. now you may be asking, what kinds of stuff did they pick out? it turns out many of these women filled their shopping carts with items not for themselves but for their fellow survivors and their support network.
5:57 pm
>> i haven't thought about the christmas shopping yet. but maybe some gifts for others. >> 30 breast cancer survivors were invited to shake part in the shopping spree sponsored by the susan g. komen foundation. >> have you ever been here. >> yes. >> it is awesome. it's one of america's spooky yesterday haunted houses and it is right here in our backyard. >> pretty cool place. fox 29's photojournalist bill rohrer takes us -- shows us what it takes i should say to put on terror behind the walls at the eastern state penitentiary. ♪ >> terror behind the walls at philadelphia's historic eastern state penitentiary has been scaring people for the last 26 years. 32 night fright show is one of the largest in the country. visitors get to walk through six different themed attractions. but these scary moments are just part of the eye chaos. right in the miffled it is special effects makeup are artist lauren palmer.
5:58 pm
>> this is the best job. i couldn't ask for anything more. >> lauren and her staff have two and a half hours before the show starts. >> i'm adding scab blood to some wounds. trying to get put as much hi hollywood quality in many make up into the show as possible. >> look like this on a film set could potentially be a lotted three hours. whereas we have to do it in 30 minutes. so the turn around is quite bit faster. >> there are 200 actors op this production. each have their own individual look. everything from a traditional zombie to a ghostly ghoul. >> every look is kind of my baby so it's had a hard to pick a favorite. >> lauren and the terror behind the walls created team start planning in january so if you want to give her a compliment -- >> ew you look gross or wow that's disgusting. we're like thanks. >> the acts come from all different backgrounds. >> last year i started halfway through the season. >> some are full-time actors, teachers, and accountants. denise is a bartender.
5:59 pm
>> while on haunted tour you get to see the signatures of lauren and her team. cemented on each of the actor's face. just don't make any wrong turns. you might regret it. in philadelphia, bill rohrer, fox 29 news. ♪ >> spooky stuff. >> absolutely. all right. fox 29 news starts right now. ♪ mold remains front and center for new jersey school district after canceling classes for week, parents want to know what's next for their kids. and scary moments in a local dunkin' donuts. a man with a knife jumps the counter, gets to work. now police working to find out if this same guy has hit before. ♪ >> live from center city in philadelphia, this is fox 29 news at 6:00. ♪ the mold mess continues for
6:00 pm
new jersey school district after a week of canceled classes. some schools are reopening next week, but others will remain closed. thanks for joining us at 6:00. i'm chris o'connell. >> i'm dawn timmeney. the school district releasing this information in the last hour. fox 29's dave kinchen is live in williamstown where parents are about to meet, dave. >> reporter: that's right, parents have couldn't to do talk about this issue over the last few days. they'll meet here at williamstown high school at 7:0. right now it look like band practice, but the meeting will be here at 7:00. in the meantime, breaking news, officials say students will be going back to classes tuesday except for holly glenn and whitehall schools. holly glenn was closed after mold was found there and the district says parents should check with the website the district's website to see holly glenn relocation plan as holly glenn students will be going to another locations. more plans will be announce annr whitehall students as well with cleaning recommended for that school. the district


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