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tv   Chasing News  FOX  October 14, 2017 3:00am-3:30am EDT

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bill: the boy scouts have started to admit girls t. this is not going be a merger. we will fight to keep the girl in girl scouts. puerto rico continues on the road to recovery still so much to do, so many people still suffering so greatly. one of our own from fox 29 took a flight down to help out access what was going on. >> it was overwhelming. we were bringing basic medical supplies them they are lacking for so much. bill: we'll check win him on the show tonight. mrs. the relevant headline and the local weather coming up. am bill spadea, and this is "chasing news." bill: politician gathered a the
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groundbreaking for a new bridge that is between secaucus and carney but you would never know they are there to take about the ground break or the come mooters because like all poll tegs you get enough of them and they are going to bicker about politics. the full story. diana shall were you there, what do you got it was supposed to be a press conference on infrastructure. the new jersey governor and senators corey booker and menendez threw dirt around. >> 1, 2, 3. are. >> in celebration of a few brum on friday but the real headline. what do you? i don't say anything tim? am trying to hold back in your presence. reporter: governor crest ty had tough words for former vice president joed by on who criticized the handling of funds during a campaign rally on thursday with bill murphy. here's the moment he called new jersey one of the most corrupt
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states in the nation. >> what state? what state has the most corrupts and the most problems? reporter: crest ty responded on friday by bringing upped by answer financial ties to em battled hollywood produring harvey weinstein. i did not hear him talk too dop about the corruption of that allowing of a powerle man to skly harass dozens of women over time and to use the power to have sex with them or ru within the careers and the alternative. >> the top tick lieutenant governor controversial campaign ad alemming that murphy would protect illegal immigrants to commit cripple and senator cory booker described it like this. >> i think that is repugnant. i don't care what the political party is, you should join together in condemning that. >> in our state, that is lake throwback to an important ad. it is not reflective who have
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you are in new jersey. well, at least another campaign ad on friday. this one features students in a classroom on murphy's law. >> ok, class. does app one know what murphy's law is. >> murphy's flew oh, i know. murphy's law states if anything could be taxed, murphy will tax it. if it is taxed, he will raise it. >> very good. reporter: i am diana reporting for chasing news. bill: thank you, diane. let's introduce the a plus panel to break this down and do a little buckerring amongst ourself here. just tin, good to have you here with us. mike is here. former assistant prosecutor in hudson county and criminal defense attorney and carissa are a mero who is immigration advocate. let me start with you. you are political strategist. are you been around for a lp tie. the idea here that is we got a bridge and yet we ended up talking about harvey weinstein. we talk about infrastructure spending back to the obama
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administration. i mean everything about but the bridge. >> i suppose the questions the medias have not necessary focused. he am glad they are getting the bridge done to the pont you made. he wish some of the traffic shores would have been lavated eight years ago with the tunnel. i mean, nothing exists. we have to consider things that happened in the past and things in the future. what i think that is governor crest ty made a bad decision going to the future. it is a great deal. well, is it fair? you got a governor saying look. the reason i turned down. it would have been billions in recover reasons that the state of new jersey would have been responsible for and now the vice president going back. no, that he is true. we had al the money four. who do you believe? caught in the middle. who speaks for us? >> ho one speaks for us, actually. they go back and forth bickering who knows the truth. bill: are you surprised? you got bob menendez.
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the man is on trial for corruption and bribery. would you never know. walks out of court. he is at the press conference. he is a the groundbreaking. is it sur flat? is surreal. surreal because we have i can't think of the last time in the last 20 year whens we had a sittinger? on trial. criminal defense goy. as a for prosecutor you like to hone in on the presumption of innocence then again if you have to take care, as an attorney, you to teak care of the client. let's concentrate on the trial. bill: beyond that, going door to point i said earlier nim said this and i talked about this. when they asked a question you tell every polls the audience is never going to har the question. they will only har the answer. these guys came in with talking points to further their own again. >> i continue know senator menendez wanted and it was ask. at your point, i wouldn't have it any other way. i think the senator is doing his job. he is in a legal battling now.
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that is the glory of the democracy. he will go through legal battle. he will result in one of two ways then in 2018 the other end kicks he will be up for re-election if he chooses to seek it. this is a full proof system in many ways. i mean teems every once in whale. something happens like this. i wouldn't have it anticipate other way. >> well,s the governor right that biden is a beth of a hypocrite not turning pack, putting back the money got from what some have called the seep predator? harvey weinstein? >> well, that islam. i mean, first of all, i done know if that is true. secondly, the question is every posts about giving money back regardless of what harvey weinstein is. where does that money go back to harvey weinstein. if it was for a ledge mate cause and thur ferness of the legitimate agenda then what is the difference of where it came from? that is no way to condone what he is accused of doing which
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seems rong. u got leave it there. thanks. bill: battle over the campfire. not talking about s'mores. the boy gout souths and girl scouts wrang length over a change that the boy scouts have made to start admitting girls in 201. the girl scouts are saying not so fast. we think there is val in having separate groups for east gender. with president to check in with one of the voices that is pushing back, the ce of the girl scouts of northern new jersey. her name is betty. bt ty welcome to chasing news. >> well, i happy to be here today to talk about the girl scouts and the amazing things we do for our girls and young women. betty, is this about a decline in membership in trying to hold on to members? is there some value in what you are saying is a safe space for girls? >> no, society places so much pressure on the young people and they learn it at such early age. you know, boys and girls understand what is happening in
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society, and social media has really added and amplified that message to the young people, so for our girls and our boys to have the own space to be in a single gender organization, it is really important. they get try new things. they get to fail. they get start over. they get to do that. >> what he is the value of gender specific activities and do you think the boy scouts made a mistake planning to admit girls next year? >> um, for me, you know, i don't know a lot about the boy scouts. i think that you know, it is not a one size fits all package. our girls need, the boys need very specific environmentists, so one of the words i am hearing is convenience. it is convenient for the family. well, building leaders not always converyient. convenient is going to ealmost the gender inac tyes that exist in today's society. how would you andel a transgner
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issue. there is a tamly that wants to have a boy admitted to the gel so you cans who is identifying a as girl. >> if that is -- we are for all girls. so if that child, identifies as girl. girl scouts is an accepting end cluesive event. >> thank you, betty. apurchase at the time with us today. all right. guys. het me start with you. no i, the point about gender spatic activity for boys and girls. she mid a great point about young women getting a start p. what do you think? >> i think i agree it should be kept separate. i think that organizations that are meant hengels are wrong and meant to instill for girls to be kept separate and those institutions for boys, for boys. >> the truth that is boys in today's society are facing challenges that railroad scary two and a half times more likely to drop out of high school. five times more likely to commit suicide. the academic rates are fo where
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near ha they are for girls. i went to high school with boys and girls. you served in the marine corpsment? i played a hockey game last night with men and women. i think, it would be credible? i don't know. >> generally speaking though? maybe the fact, do you see this, to me, i find it disappointing we had gender line, then he is unfortunate because people think if you keep them separate, somehow you are bringing someone down. i done sew it that way. >> no, look. you mentioned in the military. in sports. we have separate locker rooms. the truth is the lessons you learned from the my rens and the less so in have learned from the athletic life didn't crom the locker room. the positive once came on the ice or the field. in the field of battle the sam way. i think mean, i think, families are going to mca choice. i don't think the girl scouts are going to lose much membership and not popular.
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if there is something like this. sure. >> we got to leave it there. here is a look at headlines we're chasingchasing tonight. >> president trump came down hard on iran auction the government of slight the spirit of the 2015 incomier deal but refused to scrap the agreement all together take it back to congress. >> the iranian regime has committed multiple violation. >> acran has used a nuclear deal to strength in the military and missile program and refusing to recertify and different from revert certification asking law knee, mack it tough we're tougher pun shalls for iran if it fails to come ploy. friday the 13th. thin air flight departed copenhagen en route to help. for one of the final flights before the airline renamed the route at the end of the month. bruce springsteen made the broadway debut thursday night opening the show. the show called springsteen on
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broadway on october 3rd and slated to run through february. that is a look at headlines we're chasing today. >> coming up, your local weather with meteorologist dan zero. meteorologist: hi, bill am for those who lost humidity. the weekend quarterback is four. fans of fall, don't worry. you will like next week. he will break done the ups and downs in the for
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>> we got a lot more show four
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and talk about the weather the weekend warmup is coming. but is it going to last? but first, puerto rico continues to struggle after the devastation of a category 5 hurricane sweeping across the island. many in our area have gone town to help and aces the damage and help get people out. one of the folkses the former colleague here at chasing news and correspondent for fox 20 bill anderson now. bill, how are you doing? >> i am good, man. i am good. good he sue. i miss you guys. bill: pret to see you. i miss you, too. you are doing great work on fox 29. what did you? >> what was it like? >> it was little overwhelming. i went down in a rescue mission with people who were going to bring medical aid. and when you landed, you saw a lot of what we have been talking about up the news. no electricity. see buildings destroyed. you see people struggling for basic necessities, water, food.
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i is what we heard about but it is overwhelming to actually see it. bill: what were you able to do there? were you a part? were you reporting recording? what was that your time like? >> yeah. with its both. we were only there for just about a day. so i went down with doctors who broug additional plane of supplies, medical supply, good. we were bring all types of things there. basic medical supply, things like generators, things that were battery powered, they are lacking for so much, this a a lt of the equipment they have woman work without electricity. the thing you would expect hospitals to have. they don't i have. we brought he down. thanks, bill. welcome back safe. thank you. all right. man, thanks. >> let's bring in the a plus man to break this down. i appreciate them staying with ming there the break. mike is a cripple call defense attorney and form are asest ant criminal prosecutor and ima
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gration advocate. i want to start with you. your mom lives in puerto rico. you are from puerto rico. i would like to move away from the poll tks to talk about the humantive this. people are struggling and suffering. what was it like with your mom when did you first talk to her tell me. >> so we finally were able t. my sister lives in washington through a group of delegation that went down to a military plane and we were able to send this guy the satellite phone that made it to the mountains where my mom was where the roads were interrupted and it was difficult to get to. >> she's ok mu? >> she's ok. we got her on the main lan and actually in d.c. and aprived nights ago. bill: thank god they row kay. mike, let me ask you. not make it political. logical bit. we talk about what happened before this category 5 hurricane swept through. the second hurricane in only a if you weeks. devastated for sure. now much responsibility does the government of puerto rico have?
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if you think about the debt. you are talking about tens of billions in debt. $90 billion i believe. lack of upgrade interests the electrical grids to the roads am how much blim on the government? >> blame is a horrible word. i don't understand the little bit of poll tk and a little bit of b.s. quite frankly and humanitarian waive thinking and do we now just think about that we pun shall you for the mistakes. the mistakes were made or not. there are people whole are suffering. on that point, if the government was allowing this situation to deteriorate over the course of five, ten, 15 years they knew there was possibility of getting a hurricane. >> a long time to think about personal responsibility. 2.8 million puerto ricos without powerful electricity that is greater than the size of chicago. and look, maybe their only luxury in days of despair they don't have to tread on twitter.
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right. maybe that's the only blessing. i think it is unfortunate and it is always trump's fault and people go there. >> well, i want to know where you got a mayor now in san juan talking about genocide. it is outrageous and inappropriate and i will say it. i think at some point somebody ought to be held account because he is disgraceful how the government has been run. no excuse for people being left or abandoned boy the government locally. what do you think what is the most helpful thing for your mom you? >> well, i mean, she was without water, actually. she was dea need water when they finally reached her. she was denied water. they politicized it. if you were not at the party. you didn't get any water. i dop know how we can for get we're dealing with humans. it not about poll continuing. not something you hear in the headline for sure. >> we reloy on each other. before we rely on the government. >> we want to say shame on you,
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you ran this government and that is the response be. quit pointing that finger then you are sh erking response. we need solution. we don't need monday morning quarterbacks. those are citizens of our country so now to say, you know, where does the buck stop? it has got to stop with whoever is in charge. stop wo are w requiring about how it happened. fix it what happened then prevent it. then work together to prevent it. now is not the time to say it is your fault. what party was it again? >> i got leave it there. got you have back with us. appreciate. thanks. we'll have you back soon. all right. here is a look at the local weather with meteorologist dan zero. >> meterologist: aim meteorologist dan zero with the weekend weather forecast and the big weather story is a big warm-up on the way. a pool of warm air will surge from the southwest and that will push temperatures well to the 70's on saturday and then we'll make a run for lower 80's on sunday. then the only potential wren
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kell listening the way will be a chance for some raindrops on saturday. forecast molds have been persistent about putting a shower or even a thunderstorm somewhere over the try tristate area at some point on saturday. then, overall, i am leaning hard toward a nice dy saturday. but overall, i also think we will see some rain at some point. something to keep keep in mine u make the weekend plan. the forecast for tonight. the warm-up has actually already begun. we'll only fall to 60 overnight. that is above normal nor time of year. partly cloddy skies. we could see patchy fog develop as the warmer air humid air moves in. sentence's high temperatures mid to upper 70's. partly sunny skies. then, again, that chance of a shower or thunderstorm at some point. into sunday. the sunnier and warm day of the weekend. highs surge to the upper's and to lower 80's. nice and warm. record high temperatures may be in jeopardy. but it all goes down hill starting sunday night. a brisk northwesterly wind kicks
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up. that will bring in cooler air. maybe a little bit of rain. high temperatures on on dy and tuesday. no more 80's no another more 70 he only around 60 at best. have yourself a great weekend. i am meteorologist dan zarrow. bill: coming up a lot more show four. wildfires raging through california. dozens dead. hundreds injured. the battle to contan the fleams continues.
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>> crews are stilling ling to contan the willed fires in california after they burned nearly 200,000 ac bers the size of new york city's five burroughs. more than 30 people have died since the wildfires boggan
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sunday night one the deadliest outbreaks of fears in the stit stat's history. police dog in new jersey will be safer while on patrol thanks to a accept ver seven-year-old well a big heart. >> he is going to get a vest. he is going to be ok. he doesn't have to where i so much about like hem getting hurt. >> the vest costs between $1600 and $2,200 and morgan raised enough money for two vest. a dally dose of broccoli, cauliflower and sprouts may help prevent everything from heart disease to cancer. they found the animals were able to bter tolerate digestic issues. the team believes it could be because vegs such as broccoli and brussels sprouts contain a substance that promotes gut health. that is a look at the headlines we're chasing today. >> around you sick and tired of the battles over whether or not boy can be boys?
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girls can be girls? when we are talking about young kid, 8,, 10, 11-year-old. there is value. you heard a lot on the show tonight about the controversies really started by the boy scouts who have gone down thissed of now saying we're going to admit girls and i got towel. a lot has to do with the complaint among some parents the girl scouts don't of ner girls enough. you know? the whole eagle scout. the idea the girls can not get to the level they want to get to so they want to join the poi scouts. say it is time to say it is fine to have gender specific activities and step up a little bit. i am embracer the boy scouts have decided to cave to the forces of political correctness. stop apologizing. it is ok to have gender saving activities and organization. as a matter of fact. is healthy and a positive.
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all right. lp, you have a great weekend. thanks for inviting me. into the home tonight. almost look for toward seeing you on monday ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ $1,000 fine. 30 days en jail. you are crazy. only hurs minorities. we see it as potential economic opportunities. you have bt to hit it from all sides. we got lots of opinions on this. no mat are how you see it. what is your opinion sno we got your point of view covered. bill: everwitness weighing in on this one. "chasing news with bil
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>> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 11:00. good evening, i'm dawn timmeney. we begin at 11:00 tonight with a teen in some serious trouble. 18-year-old behind bars accused of shooting a 16-year-old in the head in oxford circle. the victim is hospitalized with critical injuries. our shawnette wilson joining us live at philadelphia police headquarters with the details. shawnette. >> reporter: dawn, i talk to the victim's family tonight. they are grateful for the police officers who put him in a patrol car and rush him to the hospital much they're also relieved that that suspect is in custody. but they are disturbed tonight to know that that 18-year-old had a gun. 16-year-old mess zaya shiver ton remains in aria torresdale hospital to two days after he was shot. his condition unresponsive and


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