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tv   Teen Kids News  WTXF  October 14, 2017 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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- you're watching teen kids news. i'm veronique. here's this week's top story. (upbeat music) it's not unusual to be afraid of something, but when you're so afraid of that something that it affects your life, that is unusual and it probably needs to be dealt with. amelia has this report. - what we're talking about are phobias. says a phobia is an irrational fear of a specific object, activity, or situation. to learn more about phobias and how to deal with them, we're speaking with kalliope barlis. she's the author of this book, phobia relief from fear to freedom. hi kalliope! - hi, thanks so much for having me. - says a phobia is an irrational fear. what does that mean?
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- it's unreasonable, which means that it's like a fear on steroids. it prevents us from doing the things that we want and being the person who we really are. - okay, so, how does a phobia differ from just plain everyday fear? - an everyday plain fear is good because it's there to protect us. you wanna fear fire to a certain degree because you want to avoid it so you remain safe. you wanna be fearful of not doing well on your test so that you take all the steps necessary to get the grade that you want. - alright, so, besides fire and fear of failing a test, what are some of the things people have phobias about? - all sorts of things like dogs, spiders, snakes, clowns, ghosts and even the dark. you name it. - okay, ghosts i can understand since i don't believe ghosts exist but i am afraid of snakes. they can be deadly, which is real. is my fear of snakes a phobia?
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- the key word is irrational fear because if you live in a place where there aren't many snakes and that prevents you from going outside because you're so afraid of them, that's a phobia. but, if you were to see a snake in the wild and you're not able to tell the difference if it's a pet snake or otherwise, then it's smart to stay away from it. that sort of fear protects you. - so, how do i deal with a phobia? - first by using your imagination because too often, just by talking about a spider will make people flip out, which means that it's not the actual spider that's making them feel afraid, but it's their imagination, how they're thinking about it. - so, is it possible to use our imagination to actually get rid of a phobia? - picture this. imagine taking a test. you can either flip out even though the test is two weeks away or instead,
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you can imagine yourself being calm, getting the grade that you want and doing all the steps in order for that to happen, which means you've created a plan. so, how you think influences how you feel. - if we can't imagine our phobias away, should we just live with them or get help? - there's no reason to live with phobias when there are plenty of professionals who can help you overcome them. - good advice, thanks kalliope. - thanks so much for having me. - if a phobia is keeping you from doing the things you like, remember, you don't have to live with it and if you can't deal with it yourself, don't create a phobia about getting help. get help. for teen kids news, i'm amelia. - do you know which state is named after snow-covered mountains? if i've peaked your interest, don't miss this week's flag facts next on teen kids news. - [child] closed captioning is brought to you by.
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- as you're about to see, a state flag can have a lot to say. eric tells us more. (upbeat music) - the name nevada comes from the spanish phrase, sierra nevada, which means snow-covered mountains. the sierra nevada range rises along the state's western border. in 1857, a huge deposit of silver known as
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the comstock lode was discovered. prospectors flocked to nevada seeking their fortunes. settlements quickly grew into towns. not only did nevada change, it's state flag would change many times. - nevada's original flag was quite garish. it had big stars, it had the word silver on it, the words gold. - [eric] over the years, the flag was changed at least three more times and the slogan, battle born, was added. - [randy] that's because nevada was added to the union during the civil war. - [eric] the slogan rests upon a sage brush wreath that partially surrounds nevada and a large silver star. the star represents the importance of silver throughout nevada's history. huge quantities of silver still flow out of nevada's mines each year and huge quantities of silver still flow into nevada as well thanks to the thousands of slot machines in the state's most famous city, las vegas. with flag facts, i'm eric. (patriotic music)
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(loud explosion) - [amelia] jimmy carter and his wife, rosalyn, had a large family. three boys and a daughter, but only amy was still in school when her dad was elected. - jimmy carter became president in 1977 and amy carter was 12 years old when her dad became president. - [amelia] amy did something unusual for children of government leaders. her parents sent her to a public school to show it was good enough even for the president's daughter. - and when she was at public school, there was a lot of difficulties because there was press coverage all over. i mean, even her teachers restrict her to so much that she couldn't even go outside for recess because they were afraid something would happen to her. - [amelia] maybe that's why she got her own tree house on the white house lawn. amy went on to become an artist and help her family work for world peace. but you probably won't hear her talking about it. - amy carter doesn't give a whole lot of interviews now because she feels that her childhood and teenage years were kind of invaded by the press and the media. - in fact, amy carter is now living a quiet life
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with her husband and son in georgia, the state where her father grew up. with white house kidz, i'm lila. - in college, there are hundreds of majors to choose from, but which majors are most likely to lead you to finding a job after you graduate? here are the top three according to number three, engineering. if you like science and math and love problem solving, this is a growing field with lots of job openings expected. number two, computer and information sciences. computers are everywhere. in your hand when you use your smart phone, between the capsules of rockets aiming for outer space, and just about everywhere in between. so, knowing how to install and maintain computers will be a very marketable skillset to have. and that brings us to the major most employers are looking for in an applicant's resume, business. no surprise that the field dedicated to making money gives you the best odds at making money for yourself. with almost 30 million small and large businesses
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in the u.s., there are always going to be job openings for business majors. of course, those are just the top three college majors for finding a job. there are countless other majors that will also put you on the road to a successful career. what's most important is that you graduate. just having a college degree in itself is a huge advantage in finding a job. - feeling grumpy might be good for you. at least, that's what one researcher says. he found gloomy people tend to think more carefully. they make fewer mistakes than cheerful folks. on the other hand, the research found happy people are more creative and they tend to live longer. so, i'll vote for being happy. - coming up on teen kids news, one of the most ironic and tragic twists of war time fate. i'll have that story. (patriotic music)
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the forest of compiegne is about an hour's drive north of paris. it was because of events here that on the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month of 1918, world war i came to an end, not with the bullets of a gun, but with the stroke of a pen in a specially adapted railroad car. representatives from imperial germany sat at a conference table facing the victorious allies, france, the british empire, and the united states. after hours of basically one-sided negotiations, an armistice ending the war was finally signed. (cheering) (somber music) it was a huge humiliation for the proud germans and it led to an even bigger humiliation, the treaty of versailles. that treaty stripped germany of most of it's military and saddled it with punishing financial penalties
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called reparations. the railroad car was made into a monument celebrating the allied victory and france's top general, marshal foch, was a national hero. the so-called war to end all wars was finally over, but an even bigger war was soon to begin. (dramatic music) under adolf hitler, germany was again fighting the allies and this time, the germans were winning. after invading paris, the nazis forced the french to sign an armistice. remembering the humiliation they had endured in that railroad coach back in 1918, it was characteristic of hitler to want revenge. - [announcer] also characteristic were his terms for the armistice. it must be signed in the coach where marshal foch met the defeated germans in the last war. - [emily] having gotten what he wanted, hitler and his top aids gleefully toured the area while a military band played the german national anthem.
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(patriotic music) hitler then had the railroad car taken to germany where it was put on display. however, when it was clear that germany was losing the war, hitler ordered the coach destroyed. but you can still see a replica of that famous train car. it's housed in compiegne's armistice museum. for teen kids news, i'm emily. (playful music) (screaming) (footsteps) - creating a great painting can take a long time. in the case of post-impressionist, paul cezanne, sometimes too long. (clicking) extremely methodical, cezanne works slowly, very slowly.
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so slowly, in fact, the subject for his still life's usually died or rotted before he was finished painting them. apparently, cezanne's motto was, "never say mort!" i mean, "never say die!" he came up with a solution. he'd use artificial flowers and fruit. talk about art imitating art. with art smart, i'm william. - time for more words of wisdom. always put yourself in the other's shoes. if you feel that it hurts you, it probably hurts the person too. guess that's another way of saying the famous golden rule, "do unto others as you'd want "others to do unto you." however you say it, the thought is basically the same. if we spent more time thinking about how our words and actions hurt others, we'd spend less time apologizing for them. - too much exercise and too little water.
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they make for a painful situation. i'll tell you how to treat it.
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life saving. that's why knowing first aid is so important. here's a tip from the american red cross. (upbeat music) - what are heat cramps? - they're muscle pains or spasms that usually occur
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in the legs or the abdomen. - what causes them? - exposure to high heat and humidity that causes us to lose fluids and electrolytes. - what are electrolytes? - you've probably heard in science class of elements like sodium, potassium. these are electrolytes that are usually found in sports drinks. they are a valuable sustenance that our muscle fibers really need in order to function properly. - okay, so what should we do? - first of all, we wanna move that person into a cool area, whether that be indoors or even the shade. and have them rest and stretch the muscle. even massaging the area can really be of help. to replenish those lost fluids though, we should give them half a glass of water or a sports drink every 15 minutes. just make sure that the fluid doesn't contain caffeine 'cause that can actually make the situation worse. - so, let's review. to treat heat cramps, the red cross says, get to a cooler place, rest, stretch, massage, and maybe ice the area,
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drink half a glass of cool water or sports drink with electrolytes every 15 minutes and avoid drinks with caffeine. don't let heat cramps cramp your style. stay properly hydrated. for tkn, i'm emily. - you can find more first aid tips by following the link on our website, - okay, can you finish this old saying? an apple a day keeps-- - the doctor-- - doctor. - an apple a day keeps-- - the doctor away. - doctor away. - doctor away. - correct, an apple a day keeps the doctor away. but do you think it's true? - yeah, i think it's true because apples are just all-around good for you. - you don't just eat an apple. it doesn't cure all your health problems. - i don't think that's true because there's a lot of other health requirements you have to have in order to stay fit and healthy. for example, working out or eating more healthy than just an apple. - to keep healthy, you gotta eat healthy.
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i guess, so then you wouldn't have to go to the doctor. (upbeat music) - according to the experts, it is, for many reasons. apples have lots of vitamin c and fiber. there's indications that apples help fight diseases like diabetes, asthma and cancer and be sure to eat the skin. that's where a lot of the health benefits are. but make sure you wash the apple really well first. no matter how you slice it, an apple a day is smart play and they taste great too. for teen kids news, i'm daniella. - about the only good thing you can say about pain is that it usually goes away. but not always. when it seems to never go away, it's called chronic pain, and millions of americans suffer from it. what causes chronic pain is pretty much a mystery. however, scientists in massachusetts are working on solving that mystery. they've developed a brain scan that allows doctors to actually see chronic pain. being able to visualize pain is a major step towards figuring out how to treat it.
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now, that's a relief. - it's time for another important message from the national road safety foundation. (upbeat music) (alarm beeping) (engine revving) (horn blaring) (glass shattering) (upbeat music) - i'm at yankee stadium to talk to a sports superstar, but this star scores goals, not home runs. stick around to find out who. teen kids news will be right back.
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middle school soccer team. the kickoff event launching the series got a big boost from one of america's greatest players. emily tells us more. - world class on three! - one, two, three, world class! - i'm really excited to meet a famous soccer player 'cause i wanna be one when i grow up. - excited fans are lining up to meet brandi chastain, and author, andrea montalbano. - i grew up playing soccer. i love the sport, i think it's the greatest sport in the world and ya know, there were not a lot or any books about girl soccer players. - [emily] so, andrea decided to write soccer sisters. each book in the series focuses on a different teammate, exploring her challenges both on and off the field. - there are just so many great lessons that you can tell through sport and they don't need to feel like lessons because it's fun action and you can learn about sportsmanship and friendship, but it's really, i just wanted to
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share the love in soccer with girls everywhere. - [emily] did you read andrea's book? - no i haven't but i'm excited to read it. - [emily] why are you so excited to read it? - 'cause it says soccer sisters and all my sisters play, so i can relate to it. - we're soccer sisters. (upbeat music) - [emily] with two world cup wins and double olympic gold, brandi was the perfect celeb to help andrea tackle the big book signing. - i wanna show young girls that their dream is not that far off and if this, today, maybe having this meet and greet with these young girls gives them kinda that sparkle in their eye or makes them walk away from here feeling like i can do anything, then for me, that's my responsibility but responsibility in a way that, it's a gift as well. so i feel really good about coming here to yankee stadium to help young girls maybe think that dream is possible. - time out.
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you may be wondering, why yankee stadium? not only is it home to the guys in pin stripes, yankee stadium is also home to the new york city football club and by football, of course they really mean soccer. (crowd cheering) (upbeat music) why is it called soccer in america when it's called football everywhere else in the world? - dang it! uh, i have no idea the answer to that question. but what i think is that we always, here in america, we love to do things different. so, we already had football and so then we thought, well wait a minute, we can't change that 'cause that's an american sport, which is fine, so we gave it soccer. but what i like is that it says soc-her. her, it's a game for her. game for you.
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- [emily] and how did it feel to meet brandi chastain? - oh, my heart was beating so fast. it was so cool. - [emily] i have to admit that my own heart was beating fast. getting andrea and brandi's autographs meant a lot to me. i've been playing soccer since i was six. but little did i know that the best was yet to come. brandi let me wear one of her olympic gold medals. - it's heavy, right? - it is! brandi's goal is to share her love of soccer with young girls across the country. at yankee stadium, for teen kids news, i'm emily. - that wraps up our show, but we'll be back with more teen kids news next week. see you then. (upbeat music)
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today on the high banks of talladega, the stakes couldn't be any higher. welcome to the camping world truck series setup show. only a couple contenders claim add spot in the next round. a championship favorite and first-time winner can breathe easier today. but for the rest, early season wins are a thing of the past and today the only way to advance is to survive nascar's biggest track. hello and welcome into our charlotte studio. i'm john roberts. he is two-time series champion todd bodine and talladega can be described as a high-speed chess match and, todd, today there is so much on the linants a lot on the line. it's a chess match with nerve. we've got six guys trying to make it to the next round of the playoffs and one mistake on the racetrack in front of them and


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