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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  October 14, 2017 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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sound of music silenced by gunshots a man found dead at a recording studio popular with some of the biggest names in hiphop. police making the shocking discovery this morning. good evening, i'm dawn timmeney. >> i'm joyce evans. now the hunt is on to find the killer and the reason behind the brutal attack. fox 29's sabina kuriakose joining us live now from spring garden with the very latest. sabina. >> reporter: joyce, late tonight we got new information from police they now say that the victim was shot in the head and back and detectives found a bloody screwdriver near the bo body. superior sound studio in the basement of 4,443rd street usually known for turning out music from claimed philly hiphop stars. saturday this sight of a mysterious murder according to philadelphia police. >> it was kind of a surprise to come here to meet in the parking lot and find it all roped off
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and police everywhere. >> reporter: eric jeffrey worked for non-profit also housed in the building. suddenly finding themselves stumbling on to crime scene. police say it was just before 7:30 in the morning when the call came in responding officers finding a 30-year-old man stabbed over and over again in the basement studio of superior sound. he was pronounced dead by paramedics less than an hour later. >> it's a life that's gone. >> reporter: this is a look inside the studio interior photos posted to facebook the company touting itself as two decade old institution where home grown artists launch successful careers. >> you have a lot of entertainers, rappers, singers come into the studio. buy studio time. meek mills been here. mr. cheeks. a lot philly rappers. >> reporter: jeff and eric say there are security guards stationed at the front desk and
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parking lot they wonder if safety needs to be strengthened. >> there tends to be lot of people down there. there might be ten people down there. i think that needs to be some kind of security for the studio. police not released the identity of the victim. we did reach out to the studio for comment. we have not yet heard back, and dawn, tonight the killer remains on the loose. >> all right, sabina, thank you. a group of self proclaimed white national lifts marching through the streets of philadelphia today. they were members of keystone united. the group founded back in 2001 in harrisburg now has chapters all over pennsylvania. they were met by counter protesters near a statue of an ice land dick explore they are had previously been defaced with red paint and anti nazi symbols. we caught up with philadelphia mayor jim kenney about this. here's what he had to say. >> it's disgustin disgusting. we have a president that will not did he cry white supremacy or neo-nazis but will pick on a
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football player taking a knee in order to obtain justice for people of color. we're in really bad situation in our country right now. however, the first amendment is the first amendment and these idiots have a right to protest if they choose to. >> the group marched to the art museum without incident. developing out of hollywood half see weinstein who define the oscars for decades no longer has role in hollywood's top honors. 54 members of the national academy of motion picture arts and sciences including steven spielberg and whoopi goldberg voting in an emergency meeting to expel the movie mogul after weinstein has been accused of sexual harassment and rape. thousands of firefighters are battling the deadliest and most destructive group of wildfires california has ever seen. fox's will carr with the very latest now on the fires that have killed at least 38 people and destroyed thousands of homes
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and businesses. >> reporter: strong gusty winds fanning wildfires in california's wine country threatening homes and wineries in sonoma forcing thousands more to evacuate. >> this body cam video shows sheriffs deputies pulling off a daring rescue of a sonoma county couple trapped by flames. >> come on. she's disable. >> let me get her feet. let me get her feet. >> firefighters and officers putting their lives at risk as they go door to door evacuating the area. normal is going to take very knew meaning here in in a pap as we see our way out of the this. >> reporter: painful times for thousands of californian who's lost their bill like bill and janice mama this. their place in napa reduced to ashes. >> in this moment i'm realizing you don't put your boots on and gloves on and sift through stuff. they're nothing to sift through. >> reporter: authorities say conditions have improved the situation still dangerous. >> we're under red flag
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currently for wind and low humidity. so we're not out of the woods and have work to do. we have taken 224 reports of missing or unaccounted for people since the beginning of this incident. we are currently looking for or investigating the cases of 74 people. >> reporter: throughout the week cadaver dogs will continue to pour through neighborhoods like this that have disseminated by fires. they'll be comb through the rubble for victims and that the number should continue to go up with so many people still missing. in santa rosa, will carr, fox news. four officers from the philadelphia sheriff's department are heading to puerto rico to help make sure supplies are getting into the hands of desperate hurricane victims. it's been almost a month since hurricane maria slammed into the island. inspector michael bass stone sergeant joshua perez, deputy sheriff officers alexandro, and enrique moran heading the red
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cross heading down to puerto rico to distribute medical supplies over the next 21 days. >> i knew as the highest ranking, um, hispanic, um, deputy here in the philadelphia sheriffs office we had to do something. we had to step um. we had to get a team together. we've never done this here in the philadelphia sheriff's office. >> all four men have family in puerto rico. police are investigating the death of a man they found in the schuylkill riff on thursday. skyfox over the area where a man in his 50s was found in the river at walnut and schuylkill avenue. this is just around 11am. now, police say the victim had been shot in the forehead. anybody with any information at all is asked to to call police a woman is recovering tonight after police say her husband stabbed her. it happened about 3:30 this morning on the 2700 block of orkney street in north philadelphia. police say the woman's husband
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stabbed her a number of times. paramedics rushed her to temple hospital where she's recovering to night. her husband is in police custo custody. philadelphia police searching for whoever shot a man to death in wissonoming this morning. that shooting happened around 3:30 on the 4,000 block of benner treatment police found a 28-year-old man shot multiple times in his chest inside a rental car. he was rushed to the hospital where he died a short time lat later. a new jersey high school is being closed because on-going construction has made the building unsafe. the announcement came last knight from the pie lands high school after a screw that was several inches long fell from the high school ceiling and almost hit a student. classes for high school students in ocean county will be moved to the middle school. current plans call for four hours split shifts. now, the high school classes will be held in the morning and the middle school classes in the afternoon. they spent five years in captivity but tonight they are finally home.
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joshua boyle and his wife caitlin coleman originally from pennsylvania arriving in toronto today. the two were captured by a taliban like extremist group while hiking in afghanistan. the pair and their children who were born during their captivity were rescued earlier this week by pakistanis. over 2,000 pups and their owners down at the navy yard today for the 11th annual paws mut strut. the philadelphia animal welfare society holds this event to raise money and awareness to safe philadelphia's homeless animals and our sue serio right there with her pup a rescue rufus. live music, lots of food trucks, costume and talent contests and much more. >> some cute puppies out there. >> absolutely. speaking of dogs a police dog in new jersey will be a lot safer while on patrol all thanks to a seven-year-old with a big heart. >> fox's liz dallam shows us how the little girl is helping police dogs get live saving
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gear. >> reporter: morgan bland might be small but don't let her size fool you. this seven-year-old from brick, new jersey, has a few more years before she can join the police department, but she's already helping out in a big way. >> stick your hand out and say give me pound. like that. give me pound. [ laughter ] >> for her seventh birthday morgan sacrificed the presents and asked her family and friends to donate money to help buy a bullet proof vest for a police dog. >> he's going to get a vest and he's going to be okay and he doesn't have to worry so much bowing like him getting hurt. >> reporter: morgan worked with invested interest a massachusetts based non-profit focused on providing bullet and establish protective vests for law enforcement dogs throughout the country. >> we'll practice. i want to you say, sit and chipmunk. >> sit. >> sit. >> sergeant scott with the robbinsville police department was blown away when he found out his dog korea two-year-old lab would be getting the vest. >> and now we have a bullet
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proof vest to protect him for every drug arrest, every narcotics investigation. every car stop. and it's a good feeling that there's security and seven-year-old made the happen. >> reporter: morgan has been a kid who wants to help others. she loves dogs. we've gone to animal rescue for a number years and she wants to be police officer. this is what she wants more than anything. >> the protective vest can cost between 1700 to $2,200. morgan raised enough money for not one, but two. and this k9 medical supply kit for corey. >> she raised so much money that, um, we actually had extra money where they were able to get a trauma bag for corey which is awesome. it actually says gift by morgan be safe and be brave. >> by the looks every it, corey is grateful morgan has helped keep her safe and corey showed morgan a thing or two about what it takes to become a k9 officer. seems like the start of a great friendship. >> from brick, new jersey, liz
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dallam, fox news. nothing but cuteness there. and helping out. have you seen pope francis? a local church needs your help to find a cardboard cut out of the pontiff. definitely feeling like fall in haddon feel. we'll take you to their fall festival.
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♪ chaos at a new york city airport. check it out. this is cell phone video from this morning's incident at laguardia airport. a 70-year-old michigan man is charged with threatening a spirit airlines worker. that leads to the bomb squad being called prompting a partial evacuation of the terminal. nothing suspicious was found and
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the terminal reopened to passengers. well it was supposed to be a night of fun and fundraising to benefit high school cheerleade cheerleaders. >> but it ended with a live size cut out of pope francis being stolen from a church. fox 29's jennifer joyce has the story from washington township, new jersey. >> reporter: since pope francis' visit to philadelphia in 2015, this symbolic 5-foot seven cardboard cut out of the catholic leader stood still peacefully greeting visitors of saint charles borromeo church in washington township, new jersey. well up until thursday night when church leaders say a thief yanked pope francis from his familiar post inside the church's religious education center good we went through all the rooms looked everywhere. we look outside. and he couldn't be found. >> reporter: vanessa o'connell says the live size holy leader was nabbed by sticky fingers during her designer bag bingo event. 200 adult women filled the all purpose room to raise money for washington township high school cheerleaders when someone stole
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the printed pontiff. >> it is embarrassing. it reflects badly on the executive board and the booster club as whole that we would sell a ticket to someone who would steal something from church. you know so it is really sad. >> reporter: vanessa o'connell says the description of the thief may surprise you. >> we actually had a witness that witnessed the pope being carried out by a woman in her 70s who had, um, an oxygen tank bag. >> reporter: witness told o'connell that two younger women tried to stop their elderly companion but lost the battle and drove off withthe pope riding shotgun. >> it was a white audi and, you know, they put the pope in the front seat, and the other two got in the back seat and drove away. >> reporter: it's the immoral action not the monetary loss that i father mike mad van company. >> it's just been one of those feel good things for the people here and it just makes me heart sick that somebody would dee us of that. >> reporter: father does not want that to happen instead he
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hopes the story which is now all over social media will prompt the culprit to return the popular piece no questions ask asked. >> it would be really nice if those women would just quietly return it. we don't need to know who they are. you know, we're not going to press charges or anything like that. but we would like to have our pope back. >> reporter: in washington township, new jersey, jennifer joyce, fox 29 news. people celebrating the change of seasons today at the haddonfield fall festival and craft show. the day long festival taking place downtown featuring more than 100 crafters offering seasonal items including pottery, clothing, glass wear and other handcrafts. a variety of haddonfield's community groups on hand along with musical performances and horse drawn carriage rides. in 2015, haddonfield was recognized as one of the ten best philadelphia suburbs in which to live. a really nice fall day around our region but if you were looking for the sun, well,
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you were hard pressed to find it. this is a live look right now tonight in center city. meteorologist monica cryan is here now with a look at the forecast. how is the second half of the weekend looking, monica. >> we're actually going see warmer temperatures and more sunshine. kind of like another summer like day that we really gotten used to. late september and through our october. so here we are looking at highs for today. your average 67 degrees. we were above that. 73 was the high for today. it's going to get even warmer as we head into tomorrow. some areas hitting the 80s. so here's our temperatures right now. 67 in philadelphia. millville coming in at 69. trenton at 64 degrees. those winds pretty quiet for right now. but we're looking at your current setup and at this point we've got clear skies and that through the overnight should hold true. we will see little bit more cloud cover through the overnight as a frontal system starts to move its way through. so we are going to see this cold front pass through. now it's not going to be bringing us significant rain chances just a few isolated shower chances. what it is going to do, lower
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our temperatures. as we head into the new work week. sunday will be warm. monday much cooler you'll definitely feel the difference out there. so let's take look oh and your future cast. park conditions overnight. a few stray showers possible. but really as we head into our sunday morning we're just talking cloud cover, clearing out as we head into sunday afternoon. lots of sunshine for sunday afternoon it's looking very very nice. here's a look at that cold front. you can see it moves into parts of burke and lancaster county. it starts to dissipate and clear conditions as we head into our monday but again monday the big change is actually going to be in our temperatures your highs for tomorrow 80 degrees. a very warm one. above average. warm and sunny and you're talking dew points in the mid 60s so it will feel humid out that. those winds out of the south west five maybe even 15 miles per hour. but here's the change. remember we're not going to pick up significant rain chances just a few showers here and that. the big change is going to be temperatures.
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80s sunday. 60s on monday. so if you are saying i really miss this fall weather, i can use more of it, you've got monday and tuesday into the mid 60s. lots of sunshine by tuesday. and guys, we hope that forecast dry throughout as temperatures start to warm back up into the 70s. >> monica looking pretty good. thanks. familiar unless voorhees, new jersey, gathering at john connelly park for the say no more to domestic violence. speakers were at the event to raise awareness about domestic violence and to teach children about healthy and unhealthy relationships. oxford high school football players made a memorable entrance to their last home game friday night while some football players around the cup tree are kneeling during the national anthem last night each player of the pa high school football team ran on to the field carrying an american flag. good luck for them because oxford won the game against kennett high school 55-38. german soccer players offering a show of support to
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americans protesting social injustice. players for hertha berlin a soccer team in germany took a knee to the pitch just ahead of their match today. the action was intended to show solidarity with nfl players who have been demonstrating against discrimination in the united states by kneeling, sitting or locking arms through the national anthem before their games. sean brace is here right now. before midnight, too. >> you got what's coming up in sports. sean. >> good evening, ladies. all right. what do you do when your goalie gives up six goals? you score eight. it's that easy not sure if that was the approach for the flyers but if you had a ticket to tonight's home opener you were in for a treat. if not, we got the highlights next in sports.
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♪ between the success of the eagles and buses are buzz following the 2017 sixers the flyers have quietly opened up the season on the road and have played well but they're current record is two-two. finally the orange and black got some home cooking to night as they were one of only two teams left that have yet to play a home game. hmm. flyers into washington capitals at the barn. first period tied at one. caps on power play in a bad
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turnover right there. watch this. scott lawton gets the steal and does it all by himself. shorthanded goal for the flyers. they lead two-one. second period same score. this was an absolute beaut. jake vorachek. shake and bake he drops it off to wayne simmons. all flyers in the home opener. they go on to win, eight-two. talk college football perfectly timed bye week for penn state as they get ready for the toughest part of their schedule at home versus michigan, on the road versus ohio state followed by another tough road test at michigan state. let's check in on those wolverines next week opponent on the road at indiana this one went to overtime. first play of ot, he keeps on moving his feet gets to the edge, scores. michigan up seven. last chance for indiana fourth and goal. quarterback he's looking he rolls out of the pocket peyton ramsey throws it for grabs. ball gets intercepted michigan sweatsuit out but that go on to
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win, 20-20. checking on the temple owls at home versus a one win yukon team. i fell asleep the couch to this one. a bad one for temple. quarterback logan, with lot of air under that pass that's not good. pick six for yukon. but check thus its this out. temple scored ten unanswered and one final chance to winter. logan looking for a prayer. that's not going to happen. temple loses a tough 128-24. their third loss in the last four games. and shout out villanova taking undie footed james madison college game day was in the house. fourth quarter james madison up 16-eight. this was all james madison including right here. brian shore finds danny eldridge for the touchdown. 30-eight. >> mlb playoffs have been electric. nlcs game one dodgers and cubs tonight. dodgers lead three-two in the sixth and yankees who are already in a one game hole i
10:29 pm
like that played game two in houston this afternoon. this was an absolute thriller bottom of the ninth runner on first. carlos at the plate. he goes opposite field but the speed was the runner on first being waived around ladies astros win in walk off fashion and take two games lead. i love that. sorry for all the yankees fans out there. [ laughter ] >> no you are eighty two you're not. >> not at all. i'll say this. i don't know what to do with myself. no eagles tomorrow. >> i know. mini bye. >> i'm sure you have errand or chores. >> my first without eagles, you know, game and i'm married. she'll find something for me to do. >> all right, sean. >> honey do list. >> yup. >> that will do it for us here at 10:00. wake up with good day weekend tomorrow at 7:00. fox 29's special hank's take coming up good night.
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♪ he tells it like no one on television in our area can. hank flynn dives deep into the stories no one else will even touch. he gives us his always you meek take on the story. >> and tonight it is a half hour of hank. thank you for joining us. i'm lucy noland. >> i'm iain page. the first story hank brings us tonight is about an epidemic that's destroying lives. opioids. >> but it's also tossing people out of their homes and they have nowhere else to go. our hank flynn took a walk down market street and found the proof. >> i'm going to put this out there. i am not homeless. i just struggle. >> it's hank. take little walk down market street with me and tell me what you see. my take is you might see a
10:33 pm
couple more people on the down and out who need little help than in years past. start at city hall go block before you meet derek hancock who lost both legs to diabetes homeless for years he now has a proof over his head but not much else. >> i'm still panhandling but that's only to supplement my income and it's hard -- practically always near the end of the month. >> right. >> that's when his ssi check comes. walk a little further you'll meet peter welch homeless and makes no excuses. >> failures in my life have come because of decisions and things i've said and done and i see that happening in this country far too often. >> homelessness is up in the city this year. panhandling is well according to homeless services direct liz hirsh puts it down to one key element. take wild guess. >> this is the opioid epidemic. some of the folks you're seeing may not be homeless. they may be panhandling out here for money. but, um, yeah, it's a big hairy
10:34 pm
problem. >> that's the up tick mind you and liz adds that the demographics prove it more young people for instance. now, if you meet valerie who is homeless and has a history of opioid abuse she'll tell that you there are those who didn't bottom out on heroin until they became homeless. >> i also feel like, you know, there's people it's the opposite, you know. they were using and then that caused them to hit rock bottom. >> yolanda panhandles at eighth and mark. she says her reasons are purely economic. >> it costs so much to live and they know how to get us every time. if it wasn't the soda tax, it wasn't the cigarette tax, now it's the food. >> liz hirsh homeless services says the city is adding 150 permanent housing units this year. as well as dozens of new treatment slots including melterly assisted treatment. just try to understand when you see someone out there there's a reason, a different one for each person. i always remember. different circumstances and that
10:35 pm
absolutely could be me. ♪ >> i'm hank and that's my take. >> ♪ drug sniffing dogs we've all heard of him. bomb sniffing dogs, sure. good but a dog that can sniff out online predator that caught our attention. so hank traveled to delaware county to check it out. ♪ well first i thought that was weird but after you told us and explained it i said okay, i understand now. yeah. i mean my dog is find any piece of food. >> dog lovers pleasantly surprised. me blown away at what i saw today. it's hank i'm in delaware county council meeting room in media where they're about to bring out something the likes of which i've never seen a dog trained to sniff out child pornography. my take, the same as yours. how? how is that possible? >> delaware county da john whelan made the announcement. >> today we're announcing a new weapon in the war against child
10:36 pm
victimization, child sexual exploitation and the name of that weapon, the name of that special tool is charlie. >> charlie is a two year old yellow labrador trained to sniff out the chemicals used to manufacture electronics, a fact she demonstrates by finding a flash drive in one of three bookbags. child predators hide illegal feet he is and videos. key evidence his handler says she can sniff out. >> it's going to have a huge impact because now you can't hide anything. >> right. >> when you're talking about micro card that you can hide under the carpet or between the wallboard and floor board, i mean, it's amazing what, you will have a huge impact on this. >> the cost of the charlie plus training about $12,000 combined. covered by homeland security grant. charlie is one of only dozen dogs in the us doing this kind of work. delaware county says she'll work with state and other county
10:37 pm
agencies on theirs investigations. had he reward when she finds something she gets her ball. >> part of her training i take her out and we throw tennis balls that have an odor imprinted on them. >> right. >> that's the reinforcement for her. >> all right. i came down to the kept dog park here in drexel hill the only dog park run by the cun tee. none of these dog owners are surprised. not one bit. [ laughter ] >> dogs are man's best friend. >> yes, ma'am. >> and so i'm not surprised they can be trained to do this. >> right. >> i think it's great. >> i tell was between drug detection, bomb sniffing, seeing eye work, service dogs, therapy and cease sure dogs all they do i shouldn't be surprised when dogs do something incredible. but if charlie has half the impact on internet child predators officials hope she will i'm grateful an maze the good job, charily. that's a good dog. i'm hank and that's my take. ♪ >> so cool. >> evesham and voorhees have been cracking down drunk driving not through arrests or traffic stops a free ride for people who have been drinking in the towns
10:38 pm
bars and restaurants. >> hank went to evesham to find out if it's working and if so, why aren't on the towns hopping on board. ♪ success to me we brought between five and 6,000 people home that felt they had too much to drink and they need add free ride home. >> it's hank i'm here with evesham mayor randy brown who's done something really good trust me i tried to poke holes in it every way from sunday and i can't do it they really cut down drunk driving in town. my take is everybody else oughted to the same thing evesham leave cheese chew is proud of the two year operation saving lives. i got to admit it's hard to argue witness numbers. >> success for me having zero fatalities since we started this program. dwi fatality. >> zero. >> zero. zero. >> having a 35 -- over 35% decrease in dwi arrests. >> think about it. you ever try to drive drunk. can't get your keys in the ignition you get it started and
10:39 pm
you're all over the road. you're dangerous to yourself and others. you need a ride and evesham and voorhees have offed that for two years now free rides home from the bar via uber and the money ain't a thing. it doesn't just rely upon business buy in. it relies upon resident by buy in and wee got fundraisers for evesham save lives program, it's a non-profit every penny is non tax dollars and we've not only had residents and businesses and restaurants who have donated to the pro program. >> average ride five and a half bucks it work between evesham and voorhees between 9:00 p.m. and 2a. when when the marlton tavern is doing their business. >> this is water i swear. it could be something else. owner george says it's good for business much his customers are free to have a good time. >> they basically made arrangements to get dropped off here at the marlton tavern have good time. not worry about how much alcohol they consume and basically get free ride home so it's a win/w win/win. >> route 70 carries thousands of
10:40 pm
cars through evesham dale al palpable decrease in drunk driving and zero fatalities, that's massive. the question is, where does everybody else? mayor brown says some politicians don't like to roll dice on new things. but evesham has done the hard work and stabbed a workable model of the town's -- other towns ought to at least follow suit. i'm hank and that's my take. ♪ coming up police in one local community have an idea they want to use residents security cameras to protect more than just their home. ♪ hey, man. oh!
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nice man cave! nacho? [ train whistle blows ] what?! -stop it! -mm-hmm. we've been saving a lot of money ever since we switched to progressive. this bar is legit. and now we get an even bigger discount from bundling home and auto. i can get used to this. it might take a minute. -swing and a miss! -slam dunk! touchdown! together: sports!
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♪ what do you think? is big brother watching us because it sure seems like that. security cameras are just about everywhere. >> should your personal surveillance cameras link up to police departments to crow 88 a comprehensive neighborhood watch? our hank flynn went to winslow township, new jersey, which is trying out just such a program. ♪ everyone wants to live low crime neighborhoods. it's hank i'm in winslow. security cameras they're everywhere, right?
10:44 pm
>> absolutely. says winslow police chief george smith. he sees security cameras as an untapped crime fighting resource that could be put to better use. so he's asking people who have cameras at homes and businesses to register them because the next crime will occur. >> ask if they'll review their cam ratch if they have footage of the crime or get away vehicle per se. we're able to gather that information been ink it back and solve the crime a lot father and keep our neighborhoods safer. >> is big brother watchings? my take is why aren't more towns doing this? >> ♪ >> first of all, it works. this video from winslow homeowner shows a man holding up a woman at knife point and teagueing her purse. it turn out to be instrumental in the arrest of that suspect. chiefship says he's not interested in your ip address he just wants to be able to reach out if there's a crime on your block. jay cone me says it happens. >> because of a lot of people coming down here breaking into homes. certain homes, you have people going around here slashing tir
10:45 pm
tires. >> they have a fairly elaborate cameras. >> come out here and see something wrong and we don't know what's going on who did it, what happened. wee look at the cameras, all right, call the cops. let them view it. then they take it from there. >> that is in a nutshell essentially what the it chief smith says he wants the system to work and while jay says his wife is the expert, the coneys month likely be interested in joining the registry. lisa is having her brother install cameras following a couple of incidents she's she says her next call will be to police. >> yes, ma'am. you'll be registering yours when you get them you think. >> definitely. definitely. that's very important. >> all right. >> look i'm as paranoid as they come honestly but big brother, this ain't it. strange times and strange crimes require a little creativity and crime fighting winslow police are happy to answer any questions you may have about the program. so give them call. i'm hank and that's my take. ♪ >> it's a home tour like no other for a house that turns out
10:46 pm
to be special. actually historic. >> man in bryn mawr shows us exactly what to do when you buy a piece of history. here hank. ♪ >> just redoing it every day we'd have 20 people stop by and ask questions. leave notes and letters for me to sort of tell them what i'm doing. >> it's hank. i'm in brain mauer with jude plum. he's had to become a pretty good host because something that he bought had a lot more underneath than he realized. my take is, history will put to you work. >> when jude blum bought the house next door to the one he grew up in bryn mawr he knew it was old. >> well, i discovered this in the first -- there's book the first 300 of lower merion. >> okay. >> and this was dated in that book. >> once started fixing the place up peeling away layers of exterior he realized that a 300-year-old log cabin lay
10:47 pm
underneath. practically untouched with original beams and everything. he brought in specialists and historic renovations. >> he would cut the logs with an ax the way they did 300 years ago. >> with the same kind of ax? >> the same tools they used th then. >> three centuries of old secrets are woven into that house. >> this is a woman's shoe buckle from that period g it was buried in the mortar above the door for good luck by old tradition. >> we found in the fireplace a tomb stone. >> what? >> jude has no idea why and there's a brick with a turkey foot fossil in the kitchen and jude says that ain't all. >> i found there was a murder in the house. >> the house isn't listed on any historic registry jude wasn't limited in what he could do. he adhered to historical guidelines. but he also had central air and beautiful kitchen installed. a guy has got to live. >> this is beautiful. >> looking to get it on the national registry, however, and leave it to the town to make a small museum when he's done with it. people talk the talk on
10:48 pm
preserving history, but jude walk the walk. and did he it with style. i'm hank and that's my take. ♪ up next philadelphia's no stranger to gun violence much hank flynn wants to know what is wrong. eighty-five hundred dollars?!? vanstone auctions? sold for eight thousand five hundred "unicorn in rouge."
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♪ no secret philadelphia witnesses a lot of gun violence. tragic and true but hank has got question. >> he wants to know what's wrong with us? why all the violence? >> we have a low self-esteem. so once we develop this low self-esteem within ourselves, we go out without thinking and we do all types of things to peop people. >> hey it's hank it happened right about here on west 53rd street a couple of weeks ago. you might remember it. a couple of kids held up a 60-year-old man at gun point and after he gave them what he had, they shot him any way. my take is, there's something wrong with us. muhammed some people call him pretty boy lived near market and 52 and his whole life. >> we can blame it on idle time,
10:52 pm
drum, we can blame it on this, we can blame it on that. never do we look into the mirror and blame it on ourselves because this is where it starts at. >> west philly known plenty about violence but lots of places do. this is. more. >> we're not treating each other well as humans. no respect. no regard. think of it just the last couple of months, cosmo denard yo and that wasn't kratz allegedly slaughter four acquaint concerns over what? david desper accused of gunning down bianca roberson because of a traffic dispute. girard grandzol murdered in front of his toddler daughter for nothing. why? it's inexcusable. >> everybody used to play basketball. and everything like that even if it was in the neighbor. >> hit man hurricane is 30 years old. in that time he's seen a drastic change. >> every corner you go to you got to worry about if it's safe that you can walk down that block. >> we know families are a factor. jobs avenue factor because money is a big factor.
10:53 pm
meant health is a factor. looking at a dozen problems rolled into one. anton brown runs unity in the community works on this stuff daily we've got to he will kate 58 how we see one another. >> we have to stop seeing each other as enemies and start seeing each other as love. you know, when you look at someone with angry heart or angry mindset, you tend to want to do things to people. i think, you know, once, you know, you start to see people in a way as if you wanting better for them we start treating each other better. >> anton is a baying fan of mentoring. social and other forms of media are post us in to the developmenting mental. good far out ways the bad. the sky is the limit for people. we're also on the verge of destroying ourselves. it's weird. sometimes really sad. i'm hank and that's my take. ♪ up next, what one septa bus driver was caught doing on camera went viral. it was a good deed.
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>> you may have seen this video recently on fox 29. a septa bus driver caught on camera helping someone out of goodness of his heart. he wasn't aware at the time that he was being recorded. >> no, he wasn't. our hank flynn has heard a lot of folks say the news only shows the bad in the world, right. >> but what about the good deeds caught on video? here's hank's take. ♪
10:57 pm
>> heads up here we go. hey, jeff would you expect any bus driver to do what you did? >> i would expect it. >> yeah. >> but i can't say they're going to do it but i expect all of them to do it. >> it's hank. septa driver jeff schoolfield got caught on camera the other day going out of his way to do a good deed. should we applaud him for it? you bet. but my take is, it will be really cool when doing the right thing is no big deal. 20 years behind the wheel of septa bus taught jeff schoo schoolfield mentee top of the list is still rider safety that includes helping people across the street even if he's got to get off the bus to do it. >> that particular day i had a visually impaired gentleman get on the bus. >> right. >> so, you know, it was hard for him to get across the street so i got off the bus and i he is cored him across the street. i didn't want to see the man get hit. >> video shot by a rider impressed with jeff's consideration wound up on facebook and here we are. these septa drivers put up with
10:58 pm
a lot, riders on, riders off. tempers, traffic, sometimes they make the news in unflattering ways sometimes people attack them. drives like jeff do good things all the time. you just don't hear about it. >> more than half of septa's riders take the bus. by and large the drivers do a tough job very well. >> they deal with whole lot of chaos. >> it's a visible job they do. this bus driving they're almost like police in people watch what they do and everyone is a crit critic. ralph branch is jeff's leagues. he let jeff know his good deed was on social media and he's glad it got out. >> even perceptions what bus drivers and whatnot we're not doing our job. we're difficult to deal with. >> right. >> whatnot. but jeff's story it's kind of typical of bus drivers. we go out of our way to help people to try to do the right thing to make sure passengers can get to where they're going from where they're going each and every single day safely. >> they're just people getting through the day like anyone
10:59 pm
else. try something next time you pay your fare. smile at your driver and tell them they're doing good job. you will make their day. you might even blow their mind. i'm hank and that's my take
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