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tv   Good Day Philadelphia Weekend  FOX  October 15, 2017 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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from the fox 29 studios this is "good day philadelphia" weekend. violence in philadelphia while you were sleeping. one man is dead in fair hill. another shot several times in west mt. airy. more on the investigations this morning. plus, drivers in allentown hold on just one more day. part of the pa turnpike is still closed this morning. when you can expect to hit 476 again. and snl finally comes out swinging on harvey weinstein. >> he doesn't need sex rehab. he needs a specialized facility where there are no women, no contact with the outside world, metal bars and it's a prison. >> and the vote to expel the trouble hollywood heavyweight from the motion picture academy. >> ♪ scientists are speeding up the diamond making process just in time for the holidays, but will it save you big money?
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>> the question do you want a lab made diamond instead of one that someone has to mine and make, you know, over time? >> the cost. >> the cost is probably much cheaper g day everyone. it's sunday, objection 15th, 2017. special birthday shout out on our weekend show our technical director keith is celebrating a birthday. >> happy birthday. >> a lot of people are like who keith. >> if you watch during the week he laughs incessantly in the background. >> we were talking about october typically has lot of birthdays. >> specialsly in this building. so many birthdays. greg gilroy one much our photographers yesterday. diane tomorrow she's a floor director. october is a very special month around here. >> let's take live look outside in allentown this morning. one more day, people, less than 24 hours, be patient much this weekend drivers experienced a major disruption on the pa turnpike. the northeast extension is closed between lehigh and carbon counties. workers trying to replace a
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bridge 40 miles of the highway shut down. a detour is in place. but it has added on an hour to some people's commutes. the work is expected to be complete tomorrow at 4:00 a.m. so just a little while longer. all right. scott i woke up this morning to walk the dog and rain was spitting on me. >> that will be the case especially early on this sunday, lauren. we have the high humidity, the low level clouds, fog, drizzle and mist. 66 degrees right now official until philadelphia. high temperatures later on this afternoon climbing into the upper 70s to right around 80 degrees. well above average for this time much year. go hour by hour the morning clouds, fog, drizzle upper 60s by 8:00. 74 degrees at noon. 80 degrees by 4:00 this afternoon. so don't let the morning fog and also all of the cloud cover out there fool you. later on this afternoon we'll break out into some sunshine. winds will be out of the south and west and also those temperatures will soar. we have some pots of light showers, drizzle down the shore sections of cumberland county
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but look at the reduced visibility down to 1 mile philadelphia, 1 mile visibility currently in atlantic city. likewise as we move toward the reading area. so temperatures pretty mild right now. 68 degrees in millville. 63 in allentown. mid 60s current until wilmington, delaware. so that sunday planner, we've got you covered. 80 degrees by this afternoon. center city 77 degrees down the shore, and upper 70s for the lehigh valley. but watch out for the early drizzle and also that fog. lauren? >> scott, thank you so much. 7:03 this morning let's get to break news in fair hill second of the city. man was murdered overnight. his killer still on the run this morning. jenny joyce live from police headquarters with the very latest on this investigation. hi, jenn theme. >> reporter: good morning, lauren. yeah, philly homicide detectives have a new case on a sunday morning as you mentioned a 50-year-old man was shot and killed overnight in the city's fair hill section. police say the shooting happened on the 200 block of eastwest
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moreland street just before midnight. investigators tell us that this man was shot twice, once in the chest, once in the face. he was pronounced just after midnight. the gunman got away. officers spent time on the scene this morning searching for clues. the city's crime scene unit there was to recover evidence early this morning police at this hour have not made any arrests. lauren? >> all right. thank you so much. 7:04 also breaking overnight police make arrest after man was shot several times in west mt. airy the 35-year-old was targeted outside of germantown brethren church. police found a gun at the scene. right now the victim is in stable condition at einstein hospital. busy night for police in south philadelphia. investigators were focused on this white car. just before 11:30 police say the driver tried to run over an fbi officer near the ben franklin bridge. that officer is okay. the suspect was wanted for human trafficking and police thought a
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missing girl was inside the car. almost an hour later, officers found the girl unconscious on mifflin street. police haven't released other details on the investigation. we are still waiting for an update on the girl's condition. now to a developing story. the sound of music silenced by gunshots. man found dead at a philadelphia recording studio popular with some of the biggest names in hiphop. police making the shocking discovery on saturday morning. and now, the hunt is on to find killer an motive. fox 29's sabina kuriakose as the latest. >> reporter: superior sounds studio in the basement of 4,443rd street known for turning out music from a claimed philly hiphop stars saturday this site of mysterious murder according to philadelphia poli police. >> it was kind of a surprise to come here to meet in the parking lot and find it all roped off and police everywhere. >> eric and jeffrey work for a non-profit also housed in the
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building. suddenly finding themselves stumbling on to a crime scene. police say it was just before 7:30 in the morning when the call came in responding officers finding 30-year-old man stabbed over and over again in the basement studio of superior sound. he was pronounced dead by paramedics less than an hour later. >> it's a life that's gone. >> reporter: this is a look inside the studio interior photos posted to facebook. the company touting itself as a two decade old institution where home grown artists launch successful careers. >> you have a lot of entertainers, rappers, singers coming into the studio. you know, buy studio time. meek mills been here. um, mr. cheeks. a lot of philly rappers. >> reporter: jeff and eric say there are security guards stationed at the front desk and parking lot but now they wonder if safety needs to be strengthened. there tends to be lot of people down there. so sometimes when there's recording there might be ten
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people down there. i think there needs to be some kind of security for the studio. >> reporter: sabina kuriakose, fox 29 news. the search continues this morning for the driver who hit and killed a man in philadelphia. it happened around 2:30 yesterday morning on the 2200 block of east allegheny avenue in port richmond. we've learned the victim was a 31-year-old man. there's no word on a suspect or a description of the vehicle that was involved. >> his shoe was found almost a block away. indicating that the vehicle may have dragged one of his shoes all the way to the next corner. >> police not saying much about their investigation but they do believe they are close to capturing the suspect based on the evidence they gathered at the scene. now to our top stories. a new jersey high school being closed because of on-going construction has made that building unsafe. the announcement came from the pinelands regional school district after a screw that was
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several inches long fell from the high school ceiling and almost hit a student. classes for high school students in ocean county will now be moved to the middle school. current plans call for four hour split sessions with high school classes being held in the morning, middle school classes held in the afternoon. and a break in the school year for some students after a mold discovery but kids are expected back to class on tuesday. students in monroe township, new jersey, were out all week and parents say they still have not gotten the answers they're looking for. dozens of parents filled the williamstown high school theater to blow off steam, worried mostly about their children's health. >> he's been sick for the past four years going to to school. >> it never should have come to this. they've known my older son was in the district ten years ago, and you know, with all this co coming to light there have been health issues that now we can look back on and say wait a minute, maybe this was part of the problem. >> on tuesday, students who go to holly glenn and whitehall elementary schools will be taught in other buildings while
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crews continue to create quote acceptable air quality for students and staff. next on good day, the vote to expel harvey weinstein from the oscars, and snl takes careful stand against the hollywood producer. we have the clips from last night. and it's lab created gem stone. they look the same but they cost much less than the real thing. scientists now speeding up the diamond making process by a few thousand years. would you wear one? also, avocado fans, now have a skinny option? does the world really need a diet avocado? but first, weekend wendy. ♪ hi i'm sue serio along with weekend wendy, and we got a fun event for you today at dilworth park just outside of philadelphia's city hall. it's the oktoberfest with all kinds of german foods and drink to enjoy. plus there's a made in america fall market as part of this event and this is the first time
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they're doing this featuring people who make things right here in philadelphia selling their wears and it all starts at noon today. goes until 6:00 in the afternoon. have a great time whatever you do from weekend wendy and me.
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♪ welcome back on this sunday morning. time now is 7:12.
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waking up to some fog, drizzle and mist. but later on this afternoon we'll have some sunshine and a warm afternoon temperatures climbing upper 70s to right around 80 degrees but then a cold front late tonight and that will mean the return of some fall air early next week. live look in center city and you can see the windshield wipers going from time to time. we're dealing with that mist, drizzle some low level moisture across the region. look at the high humidity. 96% right now. current temperature at the philadelphia international airport 66 degrees. as far as what's going to be happening on ultimate doppler, not really picking up a whole lot of the mist and drizzle but trust me it is there and also look at the reduced visibility down to 1 mile atlantic city. down to a mile philadelphia. likewise in wilmington. so just be mindful of that early on this sunday morning. use those low beams. 66 degrees in philadelphia. 71 cleveland lou we'llville 71. memphis 71. tap into that warm air for today but can you find the front?
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yeah look at the colder air off to the north and west rapid city 30 degrees. 42 in minneapolis that's the cool push of fall air headed in our direction tomorrow. so today 80 degrees and then look at tomorrow's high temperature 63 degrees. so we are talking about a drastic change from today to tomorrow with that roller coaster ride. as we look at future cast the morning clouds giving way to sunshine and then late tonight, watching that cold front move through maybe a spotty shower, then a wind shift tomorrow. a lot of sunshine, but we are looking at those temperatures dropping pretty drastically from today to tomorrow. 80 degrees the afternoon high temperature today. 63 degrees on monday. and then take look at tuesday, 64 degrees and look at the colder temperatures overnight lows in the 40s for some next couple of days. lauren? >> man, scott. all right. thank you so much. police investigating the death avenue man they found in the schuylkill river thursday
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skyfox over the area where a man in his 50s was found in the river at walnut and schuylkill avenue just before 11am. police say the victim had been shot in the forehead. anyone with information is urged to call police. four officers from the philadelphia sheriff's office heading to puerto rico making the trip to insure supplies getting into the hands of desperate hurricane victims much it's almost a month since hurricane maria slammed that island nation. inspector michael bass stone, sergeant joshua perez, deputy sheriffs officers are making the trip they'll join members of the red cross. that group will distribute medical supplies over a 21-day period. >> new as the highest ranking hispanic, um, deputy here in the philadelphia sheriff's office, um, we to do something. we had to step up. we had torque you know, get a team together. we've never done this here in the philadelphia sheriff's office. >> all four men have family in
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puerto rico. thousands of firefighters battling deadliest and most destructive group of wildfires california has ever seen. 40 people are dead, thousands of homes and businesses now destroyed. fox's will carr with the very latest. >> reporter: strong gusty winds fanning wildfires in calf confidential's wine country threatening homes and wineries in sonoma forcing thousands more to evacuate. this body cam video shows sheriff deputies pulling off daring rescue of sonoma county couple trapped by flames. >> come on, she's disable. >> let get her feet. >> firefighters and officers in santa rosa putting their lives at risk as they go door to door evacuating the area. >> normal is going to take a very new meaning here in napa as we see our way out of this. >> reporter: painful times for thousands of californian who's have lost their homes like bill and janice mathis. their place in napa reduced to
7:17 am
ashes. >> in this moment, i'm realizing you don't put your boots on and your gloves on and go sift through stuff. there's nothing to sift through. >> reporter: while authorities say conditions have improved the situation still dangerous. >> we're under red flag currently for wind and low humidity so we're not out of the woods and have work to do. >> we have taken 224 reports of missing or unaccounted for people since the beginning of this incident. we are currently looking for or investigating the cases of 74 people. >> reporter: throughout week in end cadaver dogs will continue to pour through neighborhoods designated by these fires combing through the rubble for victims and that the number should continue to go up with so many people still missing. in santa rosa, will carr, fox news. 7:17 this morning. harvey weinstein defined the oscars for decades now he's been out offed from the motion picture academy. on saturday they voted
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overwhelming toll immediately expel him. the 54 board of governors made the dig at an emergency session. this comes after he's been accused of sexual harassment and rape dating back decades. and after failing to acknowledge the accusations against the disgraced producer during the season premier saturday night life finally did so but very carefully. >> he doesn't need sex rehab. needs a specialized facility where there are no women, no contact with the outside world, metal bars and it's a prison. [ laughter ] [ applause ] >> you know this is a tough spot for comedian because it's so hard to make jokes about sexual assault but it's so easy to make jokes about guy that looks like this. i mean he looks like chewed bubble gum rolled in cat hair. >> so they took up a scandal and the subject of sexual harassment in both the round table 67 and in weekend update. all right. let's lighten the mood little
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bit. what once took thousands of year and immense pressure beneath the surface of the earth can now be done in a science lab. so these lab created diamonds are made using pure carbon and a process that simulates what happens in nature but it only takes ten to 12 weeks. gem experts say the only difference between a lab grown and a mined diamond is its origin and only a high-powered microscope can be used to tell the difference maybe a gem ologist can tell. another perk it's 30 to 40% cheaper so that brings to us this morning's question. would you wear a lab made diamond? >> now i don't wear a lot of jewelry but what do you think about this? >> i love jewelry. um, i don't really think that it matters that much if it's going to be cheaper and look the same like the effect of the diamond will look the same. i think women like diamonds for the bling, right? >> absolutely. >> and men will like to buy women diamonds for the price. >> yeah. >> i don't really see the harm in it. >> would you want to know if it's made in a lab or would you not want to know. >> i don't think i care.
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>> as long as it holds its value. that's what i think. >> right. >> as long as it holds its val value. >> as long as it shines bright like a diamond. that's all we care about. let us know what you think. some women are, no, give me the real deal. i don't want a knock off diamond from science lab. use that #fox29goodday. >> one fast food restaurant has an answer to the psl. you know, the pumpkin spice latte. there's a new latte. it's buffalo latte. we'll tell you about it.
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this is what i make... honey bunches of oats. it's crispy sweetened flakes, plus crunchy granola clusters,
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plus a touch of honey. it is 'mmmm', is good! it all adds up to a mouthful of joy. honey bunches of oats. have you tried it yet?
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♪ okay. scott, you're adventurous when it comes to food. i want to know was think about this. there seems to be no shortage to the bizarre foods trend this next drink is proof of that. canadian restaurant chain tim hortons introduced buffalo latte. so it includes freshly brood espresso with steamed milk, mocha and buffalo sauce flavor. the whipped cream also has a sprinkling of buffalo seasoning. if you want to trite you'll have to travel to the home of the wing, buffalo, new york. what do you think? >> i'm good. >> would you try it. >> i'm good. >> i know. [ laughter ] >> what in the world. >> sounds like you would need antacids after that.
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>> right, pop some tums. i don't get i no thanks. what's crazier that last story or this one? we now have a diet avocado and this is true. >> they're supposed to be good for you. >> i know. it's our silly science story of the day. spanish food company has come up with the light avocado. apparently, they ripen faster, they turn brown slower, the diet part comes specificly from the company's claim that they have 70% of most other avocados fat couldn't ten. you know they say you shall eat avocadoavocados because they her your bad cholesterol. i mean, so why -- i'll have diet us cream. diet a lot of things. i don't need a diet avocado. >> what's next. diet bananas? >> why do we need this. >> enjoy an avocado as it is. >> that's right. i don't get it. >> if you are conscious about it just maybe add in some greens or some lettuce and don't have the whole thing. >> a rug gulla. >> you made mention yesterday. there's so many thing people do
7:25 am
for marketing reasons now because it's so easy to mark a diet avocado. it's like, oh i'm already eating healthy i can eat healthier. >> and pay twice as much for the diet avocado. >> i'll take it just because it gets brown slower because i feel like i go to the supermarket on friday and by monday all my avocados are owl brown and soft. >> i hate to get one that's not ripe you have to put it in brown paper bag to kind of ripen it up a little bit. >> that's the trick. >> i don't mind that. i would rather leave it on the counter and know maybe next tuesday or wednesday i can have it instead of it's done by monday and all old and gross looking. all right. 7:25. the take a knee movement going viral this morning. a soccer team does it as a shoeff solidarity with the nfl. well tell you more about that coming up. later arc night out with friends takes a devastating turn for a local college student. how just one punch changed the life of a young man.
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investigators say it was an isolated incident. police were called to the scene just before 9:00 o'clock last night after a man was found shot near campus. back here in our area live look in allentown this morning, drivers have been a little frustrated by tomorrow it all ends. there's been a disruption if you paying the pennsylvania turnpi
7:29 am
turnpike. the northeast extension is closed between lehigh and carbon counties. workers trying to replace a bridge there. so 40 miles of the highway have been shut down. a detour is in place. but it's costed some people an hour of their time. the work is expected to be complete tomorrow at 4:00am. welcome back. you're watching good day philadelphia weekend. scott has a look at your forecast and man, eighths mixed bag over the next week. >> it really will be up and down with those temperatures, lauren. morning fog giving way to some sunshine later on today. and temperatures feeling more like the latter part of spring early summer. look at the high temperature by 4:00 o'clock. 80 degrees. well above average for this time of year. so the bottom line, if you're pumpkin picking later on this afternoon, yeah you might want some short sleeves looking at 8. 77 degrees down the shore. 78 degrees for the lehigh valley but we are dealing with the early drizzle and patchy fog out there with the low level clouds. not really picking up a whole lot of that on ultimate doppler,
7:30 am
but it is there along with look at this reduced visibles down to 2 miles in philadelphia. down to 2 miles in the lehigh valley you saw that live shot around allentown area kind of socked in with the clouds low level moisture. 66 degrees philadelphia. 68 now in millville. 63 degrees currently in pottstown. reading berks county 63. 63 as well in lancaster. so warm conditions today. with that cold front moving through late tonight. that will drop the temperatures back down feeling more like fall. so really a tail of two seasons. afternoon. and then look at tomorrow's expected high temperature only 63 degrees. having do you a wardrobe change from today into tomorrow. 63 degrees by tomorrow afterno afternoon. and then take a look at monday night into tuesday morning. cool and crisp. overnight lows in the 40s. we could be dealing with patchy frost in the outlying suburbs.
7:31 am
especially toward the pine barrens of south jersey north and west monitoring that. otherwise temperatures moderate back into the low, mid and even upper 70s by next week. but a dry stretch of weather expected with a lot of sunshine in that seven day forecast. lauren, back over to you. >> scott, thanks so much. it's been violent night in philadelphia. man murdered in fair hill his killer still on the run meanwhile two other men recovering in the hospital right now from separate shootings. jenny joyce live from police headquarters with the latest on these stories. high, jenny. >> reporter: good morning, lauren. philly homicide detectives are now loo looking into a new case after a man was gunned down overnight. that shooting happened on the 200 block of east westmoreland street just before midnight. investigators tell us a 50-year-old man was shot twice. once in the chest, once in the face. he was pronounced just after midnight. the gunman got away. officers spent time on the scene this morning searching for clues. the city's crime scene unit was there to recover evidence as well. also, breaking over into the,
7:32 am
police make arrest after a man was shot several times in west mt. airy. the 35-year-old man was targeted outside of germantown brethren church. police recovered a gun from the scene. right now, the victim is stable condition at einstein medical center and final al 47-year-old man was shot once in the chest around 5:00 o'clock this morning. this shooting happened on atlantic and emerald avenues. he was ain't to temple university hospital in stable condition. we are hearing the bullet just missed his heart. police believe it was a 44 caliber hasn't gun that was used in the crime. so police definitely have a lot of work cut out for them after a violent night in the city of philadelphia. lauren? >> jenny joyce, thank you very much. and right now police are searching for a man in his 20's accused of assaulting an elderly woman. it happened around 4:00 o'clock try day morning. we talk to the woman's son. he tells us his mother was robbed by a man with a rival on the east side of chester near
7:33 am
23rd and 24th streets. gun was found not far from where the woman was tacked. he says police told him incidents like this have happened to other women recently. woman is recovering at temple hospital this morning after police say she was tacked by her husband. it happened around 3:30 yesterday morning on the 2700 block of orkney street in north philadelphia. employees say the woman's husband stabbed her multiple times. her husband now in police custody. meanwhile philadelphia police searching for whoever shot a man to death in wissonoming yesterday morning. the shooting happened around 3:30 on the 4,000 block of benner street. police found a 28-year-old man was shot multiple times in his chest inside a rental car. he was rushed to the hospital where he later died. now to our top stories a group of self-proclaimed white nationalist marched through the streets of philadelphia yesterday. their members of key tone united the group was founded back in 2001 in harrisburg. now has chapters all over pennsylvania. they were met by counter
7:34 am
protesters near a statue of an ice land dick explore they are it previously been defaced with red paint and anti nazi symbols. we caught up with philadelphia mayor jim kenney about it. here's what he had to say. >> it's disgusting. we have a president that will not dee cry white supremacy or neo-nazis but will pick op a football player taking a knee forward to obtain justice for people of color. we're in really bad situation in our country right now. however, the first amendment is the first amendment and these idiots have right to protest if they choose to. >> well the group eventually marched to the art museum without any incident. and some german soccer players offering a show of support to americans protesting social injustice as the mayor just referenced there. players for hearth berlin is soccer team in germany's highest league took a knee to the pitch ahead of their match yesterday. the action was intended to show solidarity with nfl player who's have been demonstrating against
7:35 am
discrimination in the united states by kneeling, sitting or locking arms through the national anthem before their games. next, a big congrats to derek jeter. how the retired professional baseball lower is still making history in the sport. ♪ (vo) shop all makes, models and colors in your neighborhood...
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all with worry-free ownership. head to your neighborhood enterprise car sales and let the people who buy more vehicles than anyone... shift your thinking about buying your next one.
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>> this is fox 2929 forts of sports in one minute. after playing the first four games on the road the flyers return home to take on the washington capitals in the home opener. flyers looked good in this one from the jump. so did flyers jake vorachek right here. watch this move. he dunks, shake and bake drops the off to wayne simmons for the buehl full goal. all flyers. they win eight-two. checking out college football. tell pep at home versus uconn. temple down 21-143rd quarter. he throws an interception. that's not good. a lot of air underneath that ball. temple loses a close one at home, 28-24. their third loss in the last four games. over to the diamond alcs game two and this was thriller. bottom of the ninth chapman on
7:39 am
the mound fort yanks. carlos goes the opposite way for the astros and watch this. he's getting waived around. bad throw by the yankees. no tag. that's it. astros win walk off fashion. they lead the series two games to none. that's sports in a minute. i'm sean brace. ♪ >> sean brace, thank you very much. a bold message from tennessee titans wide receiver rashard matthews thursday he was asked on twitter if he would continue to remain in the locker room during the anthem if the nnf created a rule requiring players to stand or face a penalty? matthews said quote no i will be done playing football, well, that tweet has since been deleted his father served 23 years in the marines. his brother, another marine, died in afghanistan two years ago. all right. derek jeter making history. jeter just became the first black ceo of a major league baseball team. so the 43-year-old former new york yankee is part owner of the miami marlins joining only one other african-american in that specific role and that's magic
7:40 am
john soy were the la dodgers. if you wonder where the five-time world series champion stands on athletes kneeling during the national anthem, because we know now everyone has an opinion, jeter says he is on board. now it become one of those things on sundays everyone is watching all cross the nfl to see what the players do and jerry jones saying he's not allowing his teammates to do it. the head coach of the 49ers is saying he let's his players do what they want much it's a big discussion all over the place now. speaking of discussions, you know sometimes when those games the nfl will give a microphone to certain player. >> yeah. last week in game five, for the eagles, they miked up malcolm jenkins and so we get a chance to hear what he says during the gay. i think we have like a little clip. let's listen to it. >> let's go! >> let's go! >> want to be good or want to be great. >> great teams are physical. great teams play good at home.
7:41 am
great teams play together. play for each other. you want to be good or you want to be great. >> i want to be great. >> i love it. >> isn't it cool? >> you can hear what they're actually saying. you start thinking when you're in the heat of the moment who knows what you'll say. >> the mike is always on. >> the mike is always hot. >> i like that line you want to be good or you want to be great. eagles not paying today. >> we've got to keep the momentum going. >> keep it going. we'll talk about it, too where they stand now and what this means for us. i think the city is pretty excited to have something to be behind. we need good news right now, right? all right. night out with friends takes devastating turn for a college student. how one punch changed the life of a young man.
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7:45 now on this sunday morning. most areas dealing with the fog, the low clouds and also the drizzle but it will burn off giving way to afternoon sunshine and temperatures climbing well above average. 66 degrees right now our average high for this time of year it's 67 degrees. high humidity, 96% right now. winds developing out of the south and west. that will warm us up. ultimate doppler having a hard time really picking up a lot of the drizzle and light showers and sprinkles that we have across the area. we have reduced visibility down to quarter of a mile now in atlantic city. down to 3 miles in philadelphia. 2-mile visibility in the lehigh valley. temperatures this morning, pretty mild. upper 60s in millville. mid 60s in trenton. allentown reporting 63 degrees. so out ahead of a cold front, by this afternoon winds out of the south and west warming us up into the upper 70s to right
7:47 am
around 80 degrees that front moves through late tonight. then tomorrow a cool push of fall air. 80 degrees this afternoon. but look at the change. 63 degrees the high temperature monday afternoon. so get two wardrobes ready for a change of seasons in just day. we're looking at low 60s tomorrow. then tomorrow night look at the number. 44 degrees by tuesday morning in philadelphia. outlying suburbs will be in the mid to upper 30s dealing with a little bit of patchy frost. we'll mon thor forecast for you. back into the low 70s by wednesday and thursday. by friday 75 degrees. 77 warming up, lauren, as we move toward next weekend. so that roller coaster ride and temperature department it continues. >> oh, man. all right. thank you so much, scott. narberth couple suing two drexel fraternities on behalf of their son. he now has severe brain injury after he was punched in a fight two years ago. our iain page sits down with
7:48 am
that family. ♪ >> iain was out going and full of energy always smiling with a great outlook on life. he played lacrosse at the shipley school before deciding to attend drexel university. >> those are memories that we'll always have about the fun times and the comradery. a loft those guys that he played with are still, upping, pretty close to him today. >> reporter: but the first weekend of his junior year everything changed. after a night of drinking with his frat buddies he got into a fight with some members of delta sigma pie. he was just four blocks from the fraternity house. iain and he fell and hit his head. two of his frat brothers took him back to the frat house. >> that night, of course, i woke up thinking, hmm, where is he? look out the window.
7:49 am
car is not there. i was like, he's fine although he never ever didn't come home. >> so the neck morning, his parents liz, a nurse and rodrick everyone calls him roddy who's a bond trader they've been married 29 years want to do ease their conscious so along with their 26-year-old daughter ann they drove to drexel to see if they could find iain. ann went into the frat house first. >> he was covered in blood and covered with vomit. he had urinated on himself. his phone was on a sofa across from him, tried to clean him up and get a shirt on him so that his dignity was maintained. >> reporter: at this point liz and roddy didn't know iain had hit his head. so they rushed him to presbyterian hospital. >> a doctor walked into the room and just basically said we need to remove the left side of your son's skull and do an emergency cane yo plasty so that this
7:50 am
brain can swell without the pressure, and we need your permission to do that like right away. to see him the next morning with tubes coming out of his brain and, you know, it just -- it's been tumultuous two years. >> reporter: he's had four operations since that night and while he continues to improve with physical therapy, his parents know he'll never be the same. >> he doesn't see properly. his hand is in fist. he hasn't used his left hand in two years. he walks, um, awkwardly. he has a lot of trouble with his foot walking properly. >> i worry about his future, you know, and how he's going to be able to take care of himself. he's had to start his life all over again arc new life, a different life, one that i wasn't expecting for him. >> reporter: the family are sharing their story because they don't want another mother or father to experience what they have and their message is
7:51 am
someone could have called 911. >> these kids got to stop being afraid of, you know, what's going to happen to me if i call 911? if somebody had done that to my son when he first fell and his his head, you know, there's probably a pretty good chance he could have lived a normal life. >> roddy is thankful iain is still alive but lives with the guilt from that fateful night. >> i'm his dad. i was supposed to protect him and i feel kind of like i let him down. it's a new trend in hollywood. saving actresses a visit to the salon. you recognize her others are choosing that same look to shave it all off. we'll talk about it after the break. ♪
7:52 am
7:53 am
7:54 am
♪ where is that, scott? >> wildwood? >> morey's peer. >> okay. i love this song. relaxing. >> it's perfect for this weather outside. i love it. okay. i am so sick and tired of going every single friday and spending money to get my hair done. >> yes! >> it's so -- i feel like also
7:55 am
every time i go it rains or the weather is bad or something -- >> you ending up with a grocery bag. >> yes. >> trying to figure out what to do. well parent i'm not the only one. so check out the latest hollywood trend. actresses say they're so sick of it they're shaving it all off. sanaa latham shaved her head for her role in napally every after. she play as high powered live who's life spirals out of control after an accident at the hairdresser that forces her to shave her head. she has no plans on growing it back. she feels quote so light with the new do. >> she looks good. >> love it. >> how about this? kate hudson joined in on the trend and cut off her long blond locks for upcoming roll in the popular music artist secret music project. hudson has also em brave the look showing it off on social media. not sure if she'll stick with that or not or she'll grow hers
7:56 am
back and then kathy griffin joined the bald movement this one for a different reason for charity her sister is currently under going chemo so it's a new hollywood trend like it or lose it. love it or hate it would you do it. >> low maintenance. >> crystal says would you do it i know myself. i have very big head and i don't think shaving all my hair off is going to be flattering in any way. she says what if you get a million dollars. >> that's a different story. >> they make wigs and various other apparatus. >> they do. but the whole point of this is to like, you know, show off your freshly shaven head. >> if you have regrets about it. that's what i'm saying. >> you can put on lace front. i say if i had very dear friend going through cancer or something and they lost their hair i could do that. having this job makes it tough for you to do that. >> um-hmm. >> but you never say never what i say. you never know what you will do. grab the popcorn, we're talking iconic movies everyone has that one film that reminds them of home but just in case you're drawing blank,
7:57 am
cosmopolitan now made list. down in delaware, it's empire records it's the 1995 film that focuses around group of music lovers trying to save their music store from being sold to a big chain. do you know this movie. >> i haven't seen it. >> knee me neither. i read the story and i wasn't familiar. up next, new jersey, chances are you've seen this one. it's the wedding singer. it's set in the wild world of new jersey's wedding industrial complex. she's a welder by day an dancer by night and she lives in pittsburgh in the 1983 film flash dance much alex owens doesn't let her fear of failure keep her from chasing her drea dreams. >> i can't say i've seen any of those. >> flash dance i have probably seen a few clips of it. i definitely haven't seen the whole thing. yeah, none of those seem excit exciting to me. in i like when you walk in the airport here and they show all
7:58 am
of the movies that have been filmed in philadelphia. >> you always say that. >> i do. >> i don't think i've seen that. >> i love that. >> my philly movie that comes to me is silver linings playbook. i don't really think of anything else. i know rocky. i think of silver linings playbook and brad pitt. i know eagles fans like that or hate it because they think it's not really true. getting ready for halloween, what about christmas? it may be two months away but shopping right now can save you a lot of money. later on good day, the apps you should be using right now to get a jump and save some cash. ♪
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♪ >> from the fox 29 studios, this is "good day philadelphia" weekend. ♪ violence in philadelphia while you were sleeping. one man is dead in fair hill. another shot several times in west mt. airy. a life report on the investigations this morning. plus, the hunt is on to find a killer who stabbed someone to
8:01 am
death at a popular philadelphia recording studio. good day, everyone. it's sunday, october 15th, 2017. a little gross outside right now, right? >> it is but things are going to look up later on this afternoon. >> okay, good. you can still have a sunday fun day before we take look at the weekend weather, here's live look in allentown. little hazy there you see right now but here's the deal. people living in that area have been dealing with a major disruption on the pa turnpike. it will soon be over. the northeast extension is closed between lehigh and carbon counties. workers have been trying to replace bridge in that area so they shut down 40 miles of the highway. detour, of course, was in place. but that has cost people about an hour of their time trying to get where they're going this weekend. luckily, that work is expected to be complete tomorrow at 4am. that will make a lot of people happy, scott williams. >> well, right now we're kind of navigating are, lauren, around the fog we have across the region that. will burn off, giving way to sunshine, and temperatures
8:02 am
climbing well above average later on this afternoon. but the fall chill it returns as early as tomorrow. live look at the allentown area. showing you some some of the low clouds the fog and drizzle across the region. but look at the temperatures. 66 degrees humidity high at 93%. air you can wear right now. the bottom line later on this afternoon upper 70s to right around 80 degrees in center city with the afternoon sunshine. 77 degrees down the shore and 7h for the lehigh valley. ultimate doppler having hard time picking out that low level moisture the mist and drizzle that we're waking up to down the shore sections of delaware, the i-95 corridor. north and west suburbs. montgomery, bucks county dealing with a low clouds mist and drizzle. reduced visibility is down to 1 mile in reading along with trenton, down to three quarters of a mile in atlantic city. 3-mile visibility in dover. 5-mile visible in philadelphia. just be mindful of that. look at the temperatures.
8:03 am
upper 60s right now in millvil millville. 65 degrees currently in trenton. so off to the west we'll tap into some of this warm air out ahead of a cold front but look at temperatures behind that front. denver 28 degrees right now. 31 degrees in rapid city. so that fall push of air is headed in our direction tomorrow. before today, 80 degrees, morning fog out there. some mist and drizzle and then high temperatures tomorrow do a wardrobe change only 63 degrees. lauren, back over to you. >> goodness. scott, thank you so much. all right. let's get to breaking news. it's been violent night in philadelphia. a man is murdered in fair hill. his killer still on the run and two other shootings leaves two men recovering in hospitals this morning. let's get right tout jenny joyce whose live at police headquarters with the very latest on the investigations. hi, jenny. >> god morning, lauren. three shootings overnight and now the philadelphia police department homicide units is investigating one of them after a man is gunned down in the
8:04 am
city's fair hill section. it happened early this morning. police say it happened on the 200 block of east westmoreland street just before midnight. investigators tell us a 50-year-old man was shot twice. once in the chest, once in the face. he was pronounced just after midnight. the gunman got away. officers spent time on the scene this morning searching for clues. the city's crime scene unit was there to recover evidence early this morning as well. also, breaking overnight, police make arrest after a man was shot several times in west mt. airy. the 35-year-old man was targeted outside of germantown brethren church. police recovered a gun from the scene. right now the victim is in stable condition at einstein medical center. and finally, a 47-year-old man was shot once in the chest this happened around 5:00 o'clock this morning on atlantic and emerald streets. e was taken to temple university hospital in stable condition. we are hearing the bullet just missed his heart. police believe it was a 44 caliber handgun that was used in
8:05 am
the crime so police are investigating all three of these, the homicide units looking at the deadly shooting in particular right now, trying to find the person responsible, lauren. >> busy night for philadelphia police. jenny, thank you very much. also breaking overnight, police make an arrest after a man was shot several times in west mt. airy. the 35-year-old was targeted outside of germantown brethren church. police found a gun at the scene. right now the victim is in stable condition at einstein hospital. and a bizzy night for police in south philadelphia. investigators are focused on this white car you see here. well just before 11:30 police say the driver tried to run over an fbi agent near the burlington-bristol bridge. that agent is okay but the suspect was wanted for human trafficking. police thought a missing girl was inside that car. almost an hour later, officers found the girl unconscious on mifflin street. police haven't released other details on the investigation. we are still waiting for an update on that girl's condition.
8:06 am
now to developing story. the sound of music silenced by gunshots. a man found dead at a philadelphia recording studio popular with some of the biggest names in hiphop. police made the shocking discovery at superior sound studio in spring garden yesterday morning. homicide detectives say a man was shot in the head and back and a bloody screwdriver was found nearby. people who work in the building which houses several different agencies were shocked to stumble upon a crime scene. >> kind of a surprise to come here to meet in the parking lot and find it all roped off and police everywhere. >> you have a lot of entertainers, rappers, singers coming into the studio. buy studio time. >> fox 29 has reach out to the studio for comment. we have not yet heard back. the search continues this morning for the driver who hit and killed a man in philadelphia. it happened around 2:30 yesterday morning on the 2200 block of east allegheny avenue in port richmond. we've learn the victim was a
8:07 am
31-year-old man. there's no word on a suspect or a description of the vehicle that was involved. police not saying much about their investigation but they do believe they are close to capturing the suspect based on evidence they gathered at that scene. this morning, evacuees slowly returning to their california homes. but the governor says the danger is still very real. the blaze has killed at least 40 people. already the deadliest group of simultaneous blazes in california history. wildfires have also destroyed nearly 6,000 homes and businesses. in health news, president donald trump said on twitter "very proud of my executive order which will allow greatly expanded access and far lower costs for health care. millions of people benefit x ". >> now, in taking that action, president trump did something that he often crit sideed his predecessor of doing using executive orders to bypass congress that seemed incapable of getting anything done. but his action was applauded at the values voter summit in
8:08 am
washington. listen to what he toll the crowd of conservative voters just hours after the action was announced. >> they forgot what their pledges were. so we're going a little different route but you know what in the end it's going to be just as effective and maybe it will even be better. >> trump's dig has at least dozen states now suing him including pennsylvania attorney general josh shapiro. well you looking for dirt and willing to pay for it? larry flynn the controversial publisher of hustler wants the scoop on president trump. flint put out a full page ad in the washington post offering $10 million for anyone who can produce information that will lead to the impeachment of president trump. flint has made similar offers in the past in 1999 he offered a reward for info on republican rob living ton who later had to resign after admitting to an affair. the white house has yet to comment on this offer.
8:09 am
harvey weinstein the man who define the oscars for decades no longer has role in hollywood's top honors. 54 board members of the national academy of motion picture arts and sciences including stephen spielberg be, whoopi goldberg voted in an emergency meeting to expel the mogul. this comes after he has been accused of sexual harassment and rape that dates back for decad decades. ♪ an effort today in the fight against hiv and aids right now thousands of people are running and walking along martin luther king drive for the 31st annual aids walk run. it kicked off about half hour ago on the art museum steps. participants are not only raising money but increasing awareness and finding the stick m the money raised will stay local to help nearly 30,000 people in our area living with hiv. ♪
8:10 am
jennifer lopez killed it on stage last night during a star-studded benefit concert for disaster relief in puerto rico and we have local heroes sending aid to the beloved island. we'll talk to them later in the show, and getting ready for halloween. but maybe you shall be thinking about christmas? it's two months away but you can shop now and save big if you have the right apps. we'll tell you which ones to download to get a jump on saving money. >> i'm sue 083 along with weekend wendy. we've got a fun event for you at dilworth park outside of philadelphia city hall the oktoberfest with all kinds of german foods and drink to enjoy. plus there's a made in america fall market as part of this event and this is the first time they're doing this featuring people who make things right here in philadelphia selling their wears and it all starts at noon today. it goes until 6:00 in the afternoon. have great time whatever you do from weekend wendy and me.
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8:13 am
♪ daddy yankee jennifer lopez, list of performers goes on and on. music favorite artists came together last night for one voice so many mows live a telethon for puerto rico following the deadly destruction from hurricane maria. famous faces manned the phones taking donations from callers. derek huff, vanessa hudgens, is he legal in a gomez, susan
8:14 am
watson, were all there. even ellen degeneres who actually shot the video that you're watching now. so a lot of good work happening last night, scott williams for -- >> so fun ellen. >> and funny. >> the weather will be pretty good to get outdoors later on today. maybe some pumpkin picking fall festivals. the weather right now we're socked in with the clouds, the fog, the mist, the drizzle. but look at the temperatures. already 66 degrees. high humidity at 93%. winds will be out of the south and west breezy bite afternoon helping to kind of mick the atmosphere thus giving us more sunshine. but right now, reduced visibility 1 mile visibility atlantic city down to 2 miles in allentown. 1 mile visibility in reading so low beams and, yes, the windshield wiper going from time to time because of the mist and drizzle early on this sunday morning. upper 60s already in millville. 66 in wilmington. we have low 60s right now in pottstown along with reading out ahead of a cold front today
8:15 am
temperatures climbing to around 80 degrees. but the cold front moves in late tonight maybe a passing shower or a sprinkle and then boo behind it winds of change out of the north and west returning fall like conditions. so hour by hour, this morning the low clouds, the fog, the mist, the drizzle. that will burn off giving way to sunshine and look at the temperatures by this afternoon climbing into the upper 70s to near 80 degrees. so here's the bottom line. 80 the afternoon high center city. down the shore, 77 degrees and the lehigh valley and afternoon high of 78 degrees. lauren. >> all right. scott. listen to this. it might be annoying to start seeing christmas displace in stores before halloween even before thanksgiving, but it doesn't mean early holiday shopping is bad idea. there are several advantages to shopping before the end of the year sales starts. anthony mongeluzo has the apps you need right now to get started on your shopping. good morning. >> good morning. >> all right. so you have already downloaded them and run them through them
8:16 am
with us. let's do it. >> we'll keep it moving. get to santa next. let's start with this guy. shop savvy. not too bad. what the app does, it actually gives you all these coupons and all these things where you can find the best deals. >> okay. >> now let's say maybe you're in the store maybe you're in best bite or wal*mart you tap this little button here. >> okay. >> you can now scan the bar co code. what that does, one, it will get you the best price on the internet and, two, let's say you're in store that does price matching go show them that. hey we got this price at another store at this price. you get it there. >> you don't have ting anywhere. >> they honor it. >> exactly. i like that. >> we talk about santa and christmas coming up you'll see a little reality coming here first this app gives you your christmas countdown. 70 days. imagine this year has gone pretty fast what this app does it allows you to do one thing that's very important laos to you set a budget. >> set a budget. >> with this app also you can see there's tons of different features. so you can have your shopping
8:17 am
list any stocking stuffers you'll know what you ordered maybe you'll do little extra gift. so this is your one-stop husband for holiday shopping. i like that. >> that's a good one. >> that is not bad at all. now, what if we want to make a little money when we shop. >> okay. >> not too bad. coupon cabin right her. kind of like the shop savvy where they give you different options for coupons and things like that. >> yes. >> but how do these apps make money? advertising. >> right. >> so we hit that little button right here, cash back, basically you could log in and if you shop using their coupons, you get a little bit of money back. so while you're shopping you can actually make a little monday. >> is this similar to e bates? you know how times -- >> absolutely, yes. >> okay. >> so bakely look, they're giving you adds you're buying they're making money and giving i was little piece back of the money they made. >> i like that. if your going to shop and spend money you might as well get some back. >> exactly many if you're not into online shopping stuff, right. >> right. >> we still want to go to the stores.
8:18 am
>> got to be a little social. >> crystal said where do you buy your dresses. i need to touch it, feel it and try it on. >> i never buy clothes online much way too tough. >> i can't do it. >> if you're like me you might get lost going back to your car. the parking lots are big much this is the most important holiday app. find my car. >> i love this. basically, all you do is where you park, you tap that button update parking location, you will actually had be able to find your car. there's actually another device that you can plug in your car called a beacon this will sing with that so even if you don't have gps as long as you're communicate wig the beacon you'll be in good shape. >> if you venture out to king of prussia and you're out at the mall, it will tell you where you park around the mall? >> exactly. >> put the dot on king of prussia. i know i'm here. it will be pretty specific. >> it's like a little gps back to your car. >> i love that. >> within couple of feet you'll still have to pick out your car know what your car is but it will get knew the right spot at least. >> i'm guilty of doing -- you take the little fab and push the
8:19 am
buttony you're listening trying to find out where you park. >> all the time. >> you got bags in your hands. >> you happy your hearing is good. >> anthony, thank you. >> thanks for having me after all that shopping let's win the lottery so we can avenue for it. quick break. we'll be right back. ♪ >> i'm jenn frederick and this is momologue. one of my favorite people is here. us moms we're bizzy we want to be skinny we want it all. >> yup. >> you say there's something we're doing wrong this time of year. >> avoid soups. >> what in don't have too many soups. the sodium levels in soups are through the roof make you feel tired, make you feel groggy. put on weight. >> yeah. >> don't have too much soup. >> what about like a chili? >> chili is great.
8:20 am
>> okay. do a ground turkey chili. throw in chili pepper in there, carrots, potatoes. >> what about beans. >> you can throw white beans. >> here's my super secret for turkey chillum white beans all that stuff and see this stuff, it's called tomotio. they make green salsa. >> put ajar in there all your spices are in there. you down with that. >> i'm down with that. >> it's salsa it's not fattening. by january 15th we got our summer body already. >> let's get it. i'm jenn frederick this is momologue and i got to go make some chili so i got to go.
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8:23 am
♪ police dog in new jersey will be a little safer while on patrol thanks to seven-year-old with a huge heart. fox's liz dallam shows us how the little girl is helping police dogs get live-saving ge gear. >> reporter: morgan bland might be small, but don't let her size fool you. this seven-year-old from brick, new jersey has few more years before she can join the police department but she's already helping out in a big way. >> steck your hand out and say give me pound. like that. give me pound. [ laughter ] >> reporter: for her seventh birthday morgan sacrificed the presents and asked her family and friends to donate money to help buy a bullet proof vest for
8:24 am
a police dog. >> he's going to get a vest and he's going to be okay and he doesn't have to worry so much about like him getting hurt. >> morgan worked with invested interest a massachusetts based non-profit focused on providing bullet and stab protective vests for law enforcement dogs throughout the country. >> we're going to practice. i want to you say sit and chipmunk. >> say it sit. >> sit. sergeant scott kiddings with the robbinsville police department was blown away when he found out his dog korea two-year-old lab would be getting the vest. >> and now we have a bullet proof vest to protect him for every drug arrest, every narcotics investigation, um, every car stop, and it's a good feeling that there's security and seven-year-old made it happen. >report morgan has alwaysbeen at others. she loves dog. we've done animal rescue for a number of years and she really wants to be a police officer. this is what she wants more than anything. >> reporter: protective vest can cost between 1700 to $2,200.
8:25 am
morgan raised enough money for not one but two and this k9 medical supply kit for corey. >> she raised so much money, that, um, we actually had extra money where they were able to get a trauma bag for corey which is awesome. it actually says gift buy by morgan be safe and be brave. >> reporter: bite looks of it corey is grateful morgan has helped keep her safe and corey showed morgan a thing or two about what it takes to become a k9 officer. seems like the start of a great friendship. from brick, new jersey, liz dallam, fox news. ♪ having fun before very serious cause. jennifer lopez killed it on stage last night during star-studded benefit concert for disaster relief and we have local heroes sending aid to the beloved island. they have stories to share with us this morning that's coming up in just a moment.
8:26 am
plus do you want to be good or do you want to be great? the chant malcolm jenkins uses to keep the eagles flying high. it will have you motivated this morning when you hear malcolm on the mic. ♪
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8:28 am
♪ breaking news overseas the death tolls rising from a truck bomb blast in so mole ya. sources say at least 80 people
8:29 am
were killed when the bomb went off in the capitol. they say hospitals are struggling to deal with the number of casualties. no one has immediately claimed responsibility. back here at home very violent night in philadelphia. investigators are looking into two shootings and a homicide. jennifer joyce live from police headquarters with the very latest. hi, jenny. good morning, laure.[ inaud] all right. we're going take things back here in the studio. jenny's microphone experience something troubles out there. we'll check back in with her. but first, let's get a check of our weather with scott william. scott, what's going on outside. >> good morning, lauer rin. we have some fog, we also have that mist and drizzle. it will ultimately burn off
8:30 am
giving way to a lot of sunshine and temperatures well above average. 66 degrees right now. look at the high humidity. 96%. winds developing out of the south right now at about 8 miles an hour. maybe some leaf peeping later on this afternoon. patchy color around the philadelphia area sections of south jersey into delaware. but marmot moderate color as you move toward sections of the pocono mountains. you might have tough time getting there with all of that construction and road work. as far as what's happening visibility wise, 2-mile visibility allentown. one file mile visibility in atlantic city. likewise in reading berks coun county. as far as the temperatures already pretty mild. upper 60s in millville. we have 66 degrees in dover. low to mid 60s north and west. 66 now in philadelphia. but look at the warmth off to the west. low 70s right now in memphis and louisville so out ahead of that front we'll tap into that today but tomorrow look at some of the cooler pool of air that will head in our direction dropping
8:31 am
those temperatures so morning clouds fog, mist and drizzle go hour by hour. winds will be out of the south and west eroding the cloud cover giving way to temperatures topping out today in the upper 70s to right around 80 degrees but look at what happens for tomorrow. temperatures drop, high temperatures right around 63 degrees. so that will be little bit of a shock to the system. then by monday night into tuesday, those temperatures overnight will be in the 40s. there might be some patchy frost especially the suburbs and also north and west but temperatures moderate back into the 70s as we move toward the latter part of next week. back over to you. lauren? >> all right. four officers from the philadelphia sorry hiv's office are heading to puerto rico making the trip to ensure supplies are getting into the hands of desperate hurricane victims. it's been almost a month since hurricane maria slammed the island nation. and inspector michael bass tone, sergeant joshua perez and two
8:32 am
others are making that trip. they'll join members of the red cross that group will distribute medical supplies over a 21-day period. >> we knew as the highest ranking hispanic, um, deputy here in the philadelphia sheriff's office, um, we had to do something. we had to step up. we had to, upping, get a team together. we've never done this here in the philadelphia sheriff's office. >> all four of those men have family members in puerto rico. speaking of family members there, after the very tragic loss of her father due to the island's lack of resources a local woman also making it her mission to bring attention to her beloved island. >> i want to put this on just degrade anyone i want to show you the conditions people are living in, with no electricity, the fans not working non water. i'm not going to put her on again. i just wanted to show that you
8:33 am
this is real. >> that's the video that captured my attention. wanda mora owns a hair salon in new jersey just back from puerto rico where she delivered supplies to those in need for nearly two weeks. traveling through remote towns that she says fema and other emergency crews have not even reached. wanda joins us this morning on the couch to share her journey. good morning. >> good morning. >> thank you so much for coming in. >> absolutely. my pleasure. >> i know you're tire. you've been in puerto rico for nearly two weeks. >> yes. >> is your heart broken? >> very much so. >> tell me why. >> well, for the people and because i lost my father to the hurricane. my father did have alzheimer's and he was in a nursing home. however, losing him this way wasn't the way we expected, you know. so, um, if you want mow to explain a little bit about how we lost him. um, it was because of the hurricane. there was no electricity at the hospital. they had to turn him away while
8:34 am
he was having a mild heart tack. >> oh wow. >> yes. and so they had to send him away and then the nursing home could not -- because there was no communication at all -- >> right. >> the nursing home couldn't get a hold his wife, and so they had to sort of like wait a little bit until see if she can show up or something because she needed her permission to take him to another hospital. >> right. >> and, um, he -- they took him to the other hospital. they couldn't find an ambulance. it was just mess. >> a mess. >> because of communication. >> lack of communication. no power. >> no power. no nothing. so -- >> you even explained you had to rush to bury him because of a lack of power and resources there. >> yes. we did. because there's no -- there was no refrigeration or anything like that. so. >> his flag draped casket. >> yeah. >> tell me about the flag being on the casket. your father was veteran. >> my father was a veteran. >> and irony of it all for me is that, um, you know, here he is a
8:35 am
veteran and he couldn't even get a proper burial that the veterans do because we con tact them. that was no communication. so -- > what did you see there, wanda that has been the most part breaking for you? >> i can't -- everybody's situation is different. >> um-hmm. >> you know, some people have lost a window. some people have lost their entire home. some people, um, you know, very small percentage have water. some have none at all. so the most heartbreaking i think is when i see someone, um, cry over a drink of water. >> i did see some pictures on your instagram i think you had people that were holding up their names on papers because they've been found or located families. >> they can't. they can't find their families. they can't communicate. so we took satellite phones and we had them communicate with
8:36 am
their family their loved ones that man right there robin he lost his entire home. this guy also lost his entire home. this woman was okay but her -- she's diabetic and her family hadn't heard from her so they were very concerned. >> of course. where do you -- >> this lady lost everything. he lost his entire roof. so everybody has, you know, a different situation. >> have you -- i know you took some donations down. are you still collecting donations? >> we are definitely still collecting donations. puerto rico need as lot of help. the entire island was affected somehow. >> right. >> so we need lot of help. my -- we are sending containers. we've already sent one. we have a distribution center in the west side of the island. it's called, the town, that's it right there. it's a very tightly ran distribution center with
8:37 am
volunteers that separate everything that gets there and they get it to the right people that need it. >> so quickly, how can people donate? where can they go. you have gofundme page. it is puerto rico strong by wanda mora and they can donat donate -- they can do monetary donations there. we've done pretty well. >> you have. >> 52,000. >> yeah. >> if for you. >> so far, yeah. >> he always do well. the first time i met you i think you were collecting prom dresses for young girls. >> yes. >> so off big heart. >> and we got 300 dresses donated. >> you'll do well. >> we appreciate your help for puerto rico. we pay for the island. >> thank you very much. good i'm sorry about your loss. >> thank you very much, lauren. >> thank you for coming in, wanda. >> appreciate it. >> quick break. we'll be right back. ♪
8:38 am
8:39 am
8:40 am
♪ it's one scariest and most elaborate haunted houses in the country and it's in our own backyard. fox 29 photojournalist bill rohrer shows us what it takes to put on terror behind the walls at eastern state penitentiary. >> terror behind the walls at philadelphia's historic eastern state penitentiary has been scaring people for the last 26 years. the 32 night fright show is one of the largest in the country. visitors get to walk through six different themed attractions. but these scary moments are just part of the chaos.
8:41 am
>> right in the middle of it is special effects make up artist lauren palmer. in this is the best job i couldn't ask for anything more. >> lauren and her staff have just two and a half hours before the show starts. >> i'm adding a little scab blood to some wounds. >> get every actor just right p we're trying to put how much holded wood quality film makeup into the show as possible. a look like this on a film set to be allotted three hours. whereas we have to do it in 30 minutes. so the turn around is quite a bit faster. >> there are 200 acts on this production. each have their own individual look. everything from a traditional zombie to a ghostly ghoul. >> every look is kind of my baby so it's hard to pick favorite. >> lauer rep and terror behind the walls creative team start planning in january. so if you want to give her a compliment -- >> ew you look gross or wow that's disgusting we're like thanks. >> the actors come from all different background g last year i started actually halfway through the season. >> some are full-time actors.
8:42 am
teachers. and accountants. denise is a bartender. while on haunted tour you get to see the signatures of the lauren and her team. cemented on each of the actor's face. just don't make any wrong turns. you might regret it. in physical, bill rohrer, fox 29 news. >> all right. try telling an eagles fan that our team isn't one of the best in the country right now. the fever in full effect. let's chat about the birds and what doug pederson has been up since the last game. ♪
8:43 am
8:44 am
8:45 am
"good day philadelphia". thomas drayton with my friend taz. we're so excited to introduce to you some friends who need a forever home. first up meet oreo. this one-year-old pity mix loves to meet new people. she's full of energy, great with other dogs and is ready to show a forever family just how playful she can be. day a good look at flute. this five-year-old domestic short haired mix is super smart and loves to be silly. he gets a little excited and would benefit from a home with a calming atmosphere. if you're looking for easy going dog, then connor is sure to be your best friend. this two-year-old basset terrier mix is looking for forever family that loves to chill and cuddle. and say hello to maizy this five-year-old energetic gray and
8:46 am
white pity mix loves to play around. she's looking for a loving home and a family that can et spend plenty of time with her. she loves to exercise season ready to learn even more incredible tricks. if you like to learn more about these friend the pennsylvania spca would love to hear from you. give them a call at (215)426-6100. or visit their website pspca.o share your pictures on facebook, instagram or twitter. >> lange lange. >> time now on sunday morning, 8:46. a lot of fog, drizzle and mist out there. but afternoon sunshine and look at the warmer temperatures. 80 degrees in center city. by the afternoon. 77 down the shore. 78 degrees for the lehigh vall valley. still isn't mist and drizzle here in center city. and you can see some of the roads are kind of slick. we have 66 degrees right now. high humidity at 96%.
8:47 am
but winds will help to scower out some of the cloud cover later on today allowing for the sunshine and the warmer temperatures ultimate doppler right now not really picking up on that low level moisture but look at the reduced visibility down to 1 mile in reading. 1 mile visibility in atlantic city. 5-mile visibility in philadelphia. 1 mile visibility currently in trenton. temperatures pretty mild. mid to upper 60s. 68 now in millville. 67 in wildwood. matching the ocean temperature right now 64 degrees currently in the lehigh valley. so out ahead of a front we'll tap into some of the warmer air but behind it, look at the cool push of air that heads our way for early next week. then it's back to the 70s in the seven day. lauren. >> all right. scott. eagles fever. fans still riding high this morning after the birds thursday night win over the panthers. the 28-23 win in north carolina put the eagles record at five-one top in the nfc east and
8:48 am
one of the best records in the league right now. but we have to wait more than week to see the birds in action again. this morning to talk more about it sean bell etan, with 97.5 the phanatic. what's up guys. >> what's going on. >> are you still flying high from last week, too. >> i'm shock. >> are you really. >> i new sean was going to have something. >> did you have them losing. >> i did. >> i did too. >> but they came in and they handled business. >> five and one at this -- at this juncture new york city way. i said yeah right. you ain't going out of carolina beating the panthers on a short week on the road. >> you don't think so. >> heck no. >> who do you credit -- >> they surprised me. eight tan who do you credit this big win to on thursday. >> the quarterback much it's carson wentz and it's fletcher cox. it's those two guys on both sides of the ball that led it and set the tone. carson wentz has grown in his second year i don't think anybody thought he would grow this fast and he's been dominant at times and really been the heart of the team and fletcher cox comes in and makes a huge play in the first half and that
8:49 am
really sets the tone as well. you can see the impact he makes it's not always on the box score when fletcher is out there, that d is legit. >> i'm just going to go with entire defensive line. fletcher cox, jurnigan, graham, derek barnett the rookie got his first sack. they killed cam. cam game into the game beatin bg the patriots, lions thee hundred plus each game. they destroy him. go the no room. couldn't pass. couldn't do. he was throwing interceptions. cam is a mvp candidate. >> right. >> that's what they made an mvp candidate look like. >> we got mvp candidate here. >> he has to be -- >> say it. it's okay. say it. >> he's an mvp candidate. >> i guess i have no choice. >> he's playing as well as anybody outside of aaron rodge rodgers. that guy up in new england. >> tom brady, yeah. >> i don't want to talk about him. listen, this morning i was on witter and i saw you know how when they mism up a player they have mic pod , ,2 dunkin' donuts up malcolm. listen to this. people want to hear this.
8:50 am
>> teams play together, play for each other. you want to be good or you grant to be great. >> i want to be great. >> every single snap man we touch this grass we together. we great. that's the standard. we can have nothing less. nothing less than great. >> one play at a time. >> always in the headlines for different thing. he is just a leader on that te team. >> how were you can you not love this guy. >> yeah. >> everything he does on and off the field and he's such a pulse of this defense but also the team as a veteran. you can tell everybody gravitates towards him and you can tell people are listening much that's not like a ray lewis you just yelling and everybody is kind of tuned out. people are really tuned in to malcolm and that's leader right there. >> that's what you expect from malcolm. that's what you expect for anybody that's hyping up the crowd i'm sure fletcher cox sounds similar watch i want to hear the uncensored version. >> they always show us those things. >> that clip was five minutes long. i know it's edited. >> you show us eight seconds. >> i want to hear malcolm,ing.
8:51 am
>> that's what oy want to hear. >> there's going to be a payroll or something you can get by get the adult version. >> when you're in the locker room and interviewing players you hear what they sound like. they don't talk like had. >> a lot of cursing in there. >> the eagles are not playing today but eagles fans still watching watch are we watching for today. >> just the rest of the conference and see how things play out. you're look at eagles team right now at the top of the nfc you keep an eye on green bay, keep an eye on seattle, keep an eye on the rest of the division even though the eagles right now really distanced themselves from the cowboys that were off, giants and skins but really you're looking at a team right now you can take step back and chill and relax. >> yeah. >> best in the conference. >> it's weird to say that they're the best its in the conference. >> you got to believe it when you say it. >> i do believe they're the best although when i said that people started to kill me on twitter. call them out now. >> they're five and one better than everyone else. i don't want to hear aaron rodgers he's the best quarterback in the land but guess what? the rest of the
8:52 am
team around him is garbage. o line is suspect. >> defense suspect. this is the best overall team in the nfc. >> there you go. >> all right. >> contender right there. >> we'll stay on that high note this sunday. >> sounds good. >> we'll talk to you guys when they play next monday night. >> that's right. >> hosting washington. >> all right. it's the diet taking hollywood by storm. saving you from slaving away all the day in the kitchen. we test out a taco cleanse in our studio coming up next. ♪
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okay. they're easy to make and prep who needs taco tuesday when you can eat tacos all day every day. a new taco cleanse taking the diet world by storm. it's the latest fad with weight loss nutrition coordinator amber, scott has been over here talking to you. chatting it up with you. >> you're not nervous are you. >> little bit. >> it smells good and hooks go good. >> scott what have you learned since you've been over here. i was chatting eagles. you were chatting tacos. >> we're talking about this new diet craze, eating tacos vick it for breakfast, lunch dinner. >> where do we start. >> you want to look at is that diet going to cut you eat
8:56 am
cashes, protein, fats if so it's pretty good diet. if not maybe stay away from that one. >> we can have the cashes here. i see you have flower tortilla, corn tortillas. >> that's one of the best things about this diet it's not cuttin& out anything. >> okay. >> so then you want to look at what is it having you do. this particular diet suppresses the important of vegan foods. >> i hike that. >> all of your protein are from vegan sources and those of you at home who are not familiar with what you can do for vegan protein we did put together some examples. >> no cheese. no sour cream obviously with these tacos. >> no dairy to meats you can always add those in that's too hard for you. >> for breakfast what do we have good i have tofu there's your protein and then any really anything that you like to put in an omelette you can always put in your breakfast tortilla. >> just without those eggs and cheese. >> healthy avocado. avocado for the fats and spinach. lunch i did a greek taco not
8:57 am
your typical tacos getting a little bit of variety you have artichokes, olives, roasted peppers, you know, if you need to do the cheese obviously sprinkle in feta cheese if you wanteed to vern tanner instead f the vegan option. >> garban so beans this is you are dinner coconut curry with sweet potato toes. dice them up and roast them with chick peas mix in cumen, the curry and -- >> we'll lay off salt. >> quinoa you'll find that vegan protein. >> i love that. >> on the go for those of us who are, you know, always on the go here. hummus right on the tortilla spread it oh and there and whatever vegetables you want to put on there you can real dollar. i just did some cucumbers, some carrots, that way it's a nice fresh easy option. >> are for the kid. peanut butter and bananas. tell people where where they can
8:58 am
find you. >> i've at lifetime athletic in king of prussia. >> perfect. have great sunday, everybody. we will see you tomorrow.
8:59 am
9:00 am
>> james: i'm james rosen sitting in for chris wallace. president trump takes aim at barack obama's two biggest accomplishments. ♪ first, the iran nuclear deal. >> in the event we are not able to reach a solution working with congress and our allies in the agreement will be terminated. >> james: we will examine the president's new strategy with national security advisor general h.r. mcmaster. it's a "fox news sunday" exclusive. then, a stunning blow to obamacare is the president orders the federal government to stop paying subsidies for obamacare exchanges. >> if that money was a subsidy and almost you could say a payoff to insurance companies. >> james: all this and more from both sides of the isle we get the sense of the u.s. senate from democrat chris


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