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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 9  FOX  October 16, 2017 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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he loves his body. he is not loving his arm today , though. listen, ed sheeran he broke his arm. >> wow. >> riding his bike. >> yeah, he showed off his cast right there. look at that his right arm in a sling. he put it on instagram. he said i have had a bit of the bicycle accident and i'm currently waiting on some medical advice which may affect some of my upcoming shows. >> the happened he uses to hold the mike. >> guitar. >> right-hand. >> guitar. >> instrument. >> yes. >> so he fell off his bike. >> yes, i saw. that shocking news. happened ban hour and half ago >> i was thinking about getting bike to ride up and down kelly drive, what do you think. >> i think you are fine. >> get you active. >> yes. >> he told me he used to run miles every day. >> every other day for 20 or 25 years. >> when is the last time did you that. >> well work my mens cuss i can't run but it hurts. >> you can ride a bike. >> it is much better. >> it is not pounding on your
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knee. >> my joke always says what do you call a 50 year-old runner? a biker, cyclist. >> i need to go to soul cycle. i need to do a lot of stuff. good day it is monday october 16th, 2017. so, i've contacted rodney mc cloud of the eagles, the safety, to come in and help us we want to do a "good day philadelphia" celebration, it could be a dance, anything. it coulding the icky shuffle from back in the day. he will be here. >> and then also jason alexander's on the show, yes, george costanza they asked george what are your five favorite lines from the seinfeld series. and this was number two. >> oh, my god. >> i thought this was the baby
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's room. >> i'm really sorry. >> i was in the pool. i was in the pool. >> i was in the pool. i was in the pool. >> shrinkage. so what was number one. jason joins us, not -- aim not to go bring up seinfeld. >> why note want to know about this new show that he has created. he plays the dad in a music group, his family is in the music group and they drive around and they are a mess. >> i think it would be fun. >> it will be really good. >> sounding good. >> yes. >> okay. >> it is a major move, all in the name of love. megan markel. >> she's dating prince harry. >> yes. >> so apparently she's an actress. been on suits. now there is reports that she will quit her role on suits and she'll announce her engage ment to prince harry before christmas. that is what is out there
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right now. she has been on the show since 2011. she told producers she will not return to the show's 18th season and filming is set to wrap up next month. after their plans for her toe relocate to the uk. >> hold on. a couple things. she's quitting her job a loft people like that show suits. it business attorneys, right. >> she has a big role in it. >> huge. >> and, okay, so walking away from a very successful acting job. she wanted to be a actress, right. so now she will give it all up , at the possibility that she will get engaged and become a member -- good they are say she is engage they just have not announced it. we don't know. >> but does she think it will happen. normally every circumstance would i say never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, quit your job as a woman. you want to maintain your independent, have your own money and sense of self. it might not be because you watch, filming, actress is there hot and heavy scenes.
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you don't want somebody in england, royal family hot and heavy with another guy that is the person that is with, you know you think that is why she's quitting. >> it is part of the component s because it is a role where she's a young professionals. those are screen shots i'm seeing when you see the article. >> i thought it was just when you become a royal you have duties and you have to go out and be with the people and do different charity events. >> yeah. >> and how dawn have a job. >> yes. >> making sure, the people of england. >> has she developed a british accent yet it is only a matter of time. >> like madonna. >> yes. >> so happy when people do there you are there for two years and then you are british >> all right, do you know what , this is what i need to do instead of going to, i told everybody at the top of the show, a couple ago if you were not watching that when i quit this job which seems like days a way, on the front page of the inquirer, i don't know if
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you still that have paper, is there money to be made on farming urine, becoming a urine farmer. you collect deer urine and it is the job i will go into. >> how do you actually collect that. it is a little... >> this is a three page article, folks, one of the things says it is not just as easy as putting a bucket under a deer rear and you use to it mask human scent. you use the female urine to attract an nice rack. a buck. >> mating when you are trying to mate out in the wood have them come forward and you want them to come to the smell you want a buck with the nice rack , big rack. >> is this what you are going in to. >> yes. >> unless, i do have a bucket so i'm on my way. unless i can find a woman who is really wealthy. i would quit this and just
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dedicate my life to her. >> and be all about her. >> just like a royal. >> a lot of people in delaware find some heires, and get in there. >> any available heiress, hit me up on twitter people are tweeting, orlando say deer pea is a water down scam. oil produced from a female in heat is what bring in the buck s. pea is cheaper, easier. >> what brings the deer to the yard, female pea. >> female pea. >> yes. >> someone said grace kelly did it. >> she was a pea farmer. >> no, an heires. >> she quit acting. >> she did. >> yes. >> but that is only scenario if you have it locked up with the royal then you can quit your day job otherwise, ladies it is ill informed. it is not worth it. >> okay. there was some dude, really way back a royal, gave up his royalness to marry a woman,
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advocated his title. >> that is love. >> is there a whole. >> wait, this goes way back. he was a royal. he aid crown. he took off his crown off, to marry wallace. >> yes. >> so, you can currently watch that basically developing on the series, the crown. >> the crowny didn't know it was a series. >> i didn't know that. >> good one, you get that whole back story. >> yes. >> boy, that must have been something. you hear about crown or a woman. >> that is how we got the king that was the one that stuttered. he was young are brother. the king's speech. >> yeah, yeah. >> that is guy only reason he became king because stupid older brother advocated and i'm having these struggles. give the job to me. i cannot even talk. >> i cannot even talk. >> that won an academy word, king's speech. >> see. >> there we go. >> this is some, lets talk about a ghost. >> all right. >> a man got so sick of his
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wife's nagging, that he ran away from her and he lived out in the wood for 10 years. >> you don't mean ghosts, you mean ghosting, like leaving on somebody. >> vanished. >> here he is, six two-year old malcolm. he is a gardener. >> i think his name -- >> he is a gardener, his occupation. he spent time working on gardens but he was married to his wife for three years but their fighting got to be too much. she was mad while he was working. it became a breaking point in the relationship. he just left one day, rode away and never came back. >> and so he is living in the wood. >> that is one way to settle it. >> he is simply hiding from his wife. >> well, now she knows who and where he is. >> we didn't say wear. we didn't give coordinates. >> he can probably still hide. >> i don't think she mind. explain this definition again, karen, what is a helicopter parent.
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>> hovering around your child trying to fix all their parents in the world. this happens especially today when we have two or three kid, and you try to do everything for them, fix their problems so they don't have any hardship in their life. to their, it is not necessarily good to do that. >> well, they don't stop doing it once they go to college. this is what we are hearing from college administrators, that parents today, regularly intervene in children's affairs at school. some call it university presidents to resolve roommate issues. hey, i have a problem, my kid 's roommate is a problem. >> um-hmm. >> can you take care of it. they even i am person nate their kid voices on the phone. >> hi, this is debbie smith, and i'm having trouble with my roommate. it might be the dad. isn't that stupid. parents are doing the schoolwork for the kid. experts say mounting cost of tuition makes parents feel entitled to be hands on.
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>> i want to get my money's worth. >> a hundred thousand dollars on brown university, i'll take that quiz for you and make sure you pass it. >> that is how they pass their way through, you know. >> issue also is with today's technology you can find out the numbers for deans and coaches. he will mail. and old days back when i went to college you could go to college and you had to call on the pay phone down the hall. we didn't even have cell phones. now you have a problem you put it on facebook, twitter, your parents see it. let me help fix your problem. they are in your life because communication never end. where as before you went out, figured it out. >> i have to admit, would i sometimes try to intervene with my children, if they were having a hard time. i wow go talk to the teacher you didn't take tests for them >> me, no. >> what do you mean, come on. >> yeah. >> what is a man to have do. >> what does a dad have to do to get jessica an a on this,
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what do i have to do. who do i have to, yeah. >> what would you do. >> go have a talk with them. >> have a talk. >> like why is this parents coming to talk to me about their kid grades in college, they never questioned that or what are you doing here mr. jerrick. >> would i say is what the deal? how can i help you, help me. >> jessica. >> never tried to do that herself. >> they wanted a parent's input. >> okay. i admit it was with the police >> what? >> in this town. >> my daughter jill was hanging out with the wrong crowd. >> um-hmm. >> i went and talk to the police department in this town you know what they did? they had a patrol officer park his car, in our driveway, first thing every morning. he pretended that he was checking the speed limits. >> but really trying to make sure she would go to school. just that the cops have a eye on you the.
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she was hanging without this kid that liked to shoplift and my daughter shoplifted something. you no what he she shoplifted. >> what? >> it was so stupid, it was in a grocery store, a tossed salad. >> yes. >> like a bag. >> yes. >> wow. >> she wanted to keep it healthy. >> walking the wild side. now that young lady lives in denver and of all of the family members in my family. she has got it together more than anything of us. >> survivor,. > yes, especially when you have parents like you going to the police. >> i remember, his name was corry. i called up corry's mom, saying what are we go to go do with this kid of yours. she said go to hell. i i wanted to meet her for like coffee. get out of here. >> that is probably why they got problems in the first placey hired a guy. >> scare the heck out of her. this joe jonas guy, there
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are three jonas brothers, right. >> yes. >> there is tall dude. >> right. >> and then nick, joe, and then kevin. >> kevin. >> well joe, is tall good looking one, right. >> they are all good looking. >> well, yeah. >> he is even gauged. >> he is getting to mar think actress sophie turner. >> she's from you would know her, i know her from the game of thrones. >> yes. >> that is why i don't know her. >> well, it is good. >> it is over weekend. they have been dating since last year. he is 28. she's 21. >> he is 28. >> there she is on game of thrones. >> they share the news, how we do it now a day with corresponding instagram posts. >> oh, barf. >> here's joe post. remove lower third to read the caption. that is all right. she said yes. >> wow, she said yes. >> yes. >> stars can be original just like the rest of us. they don't to have do beyonce, flowers, i think that is
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pretty sim. >> that is what the millennials, are doing it is not official until it is on the instagram. >> that is right, social media ready. >> that is right. here we go, on "good day philadelphia" we want to create like the nfl players do a celebration, it could be a dance, stump, do whatever you want. megan, do you have an example of of these touchdown dances. >> different one, all morning. >> this is what we like, nfl has relaxed the rules a little bit and now we will secret ivity. >> one of my favorite was by eagles this one here. >> yes. >> baseball team, and kaboom. i have asked photographer toss weigh in. i had one line up, torey clausen who used to be with this show. we begged a philadelphia eag toll come in and help us, and rodney mccloud said yes. >> hello. >> good morning.
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>> how are you doing, good morning. >> we're doing good. >> stylish you are looking good. >> no, no, no. >> he is humble. >> look at that. >> just trying to keep up with the cast. >> good to see you good to see you too. >> how about the eagles five- one. >> it feels great, waking up on a machine morning at 5:00 in the morning after a long weekend and you know got a division opponent coming in but everything is good, man. right where we wanted it to be >> well, everyone is holding their breath if they can beat a team in the super bowl two years ago, it seemed as if you guys were thrilled, i mean over the moon about the victory. >> yeah, it was a big win for us. i think we played, four out of the six games on the road. that was one of the things coming in the season we wanted to address is the road wins. and, if you want to be a good team you have to win on the road. handle business at home. but going against a team like carolina with cam newton the
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way he was playing, it was huge, and we wanted to be on prime time football and show what we were all about. >> so what are you going to do next? prime time football, monday night football. >> dot same thing. >> yes. >> in front of us. >> yes. >> back at the linc, three in a row, i can't wait. >> redskins are pretty good. they have struggled with an zero and six team but that zero and six team i'm talking about the niners, they are better than the rorrer. >> no question. you have seen a little bit of that last night, the giants, zero and five and they come out verse broncos at home and get a big win for that team. so, every league you cannot take any, every sunday you cannot take any team lightly. it is nfl. every team has that ability to win. >> rodney, difficult say earlier in the show and i apologize for this, this could be what they call a trap game. you know a trap game where you think you are supposed to win because you are at home and then you don't just like
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denver yesterday. >> yes it happens all the time >> don't let that happen, please. >> we can'ty dent think we will take redskins lightly at all. they swept us last year: we're still feeling. that we don't, we don't, ever forget. coach pederson doesn't let us forget. we will have to handle business on monday night. >> we were talking about what did you just say, megan? >> okay, thank you. i thought i got a two. anyway, the touchdown celebrations do the players practice this. >> some guys do, i think offensive players practice it more than others because they know he have a chance of scoring literally every week. touchdown celebration that nelson and torey smith, we didn't even see that at practice. that was something they probably talk about either in the film room or, rehearsed in the film room, i don't know. it was on point though. >> it was on point. >> it was on point.
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>> are you guys trying to come up with something. >> we got some stuff, defensive backs, you know, can't give ate way on the show but we have got some stuff cooking up. >> can you give us a ge nre, a movie theme, tv show theme. >> it is kind of a little bit of a mixture. we got multiple celebrations. >> willie recognize it yes. >> for a tv show, what do you think we should do, if like sue does a great weather, we will get around her and do what, what would you suggest. >> man, there is all different ways. you can do a dance move, whatever is popular. you see guys doing old games, duck, duck, goose, maybe bowling, lining people up and pin falls back. >> that is a great one. >> i like that. >> yeah. >> what do you have coming up. >> you have a special event that is honoring your
9:19 am
grandmother. >> yes. >> so, on october 30th at new location, spin, it is pink upon, great place, for the grand opening. >> yes. >> basically, i'm partnering with a ac r and fund raising event, all of the proceed will get to the american association for cancer research that does a great job , trying to ultimately find a cure for cancer. it is big to me because my grandmother passed away pancreatic cancer. she was a second mother of me. she was always around growing up. you know, being where i am right now and on this platform i felt like it was a no brain tore partner with such a organization of that caliber and they are doing just a a tremendous job to help millions of people, like myself, and also, you know, other cancer survivors. >> it is such a fast moving cancer. >> pancreatic cancer. >> yes. >> you miss her all the time.
9:20 am
>> yeah, i honor her. i have some cleats, you know, have some cleats painted up for her. i will never forget her. >> this event in her honor. >> yes. >> you can still be a part of it. >> i believe they can go on to 23 pink -- >> what is it. >> we will put it on our web site. >> fox >> yes. >> it is halloween, ping-pong. >> we will put it on a graphic by the even of the show. >> yes. >> there it is. >> thank you so much. >> thank you we will go to this. >> i'm totally in to it. >> coming right back jason alexander next on good day philadelphia it has come to a attention that the you and your crew have engage in sexual intercourse in the office is that correct. >> who said that. >> she did.
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>> was that wrong? should i not have done that? i tell you
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i'm excited jason alexander coming back to tv hit the road is the name of the new show, here's the clip. >> we had to follow our dream to become the next, great, family man. >> i'm guessing you were not always part of this. >> he is black for the listeners. >> yeah. >> i was adopted two years ago when i was 13. >> you are only 15. >> wow you are taller than my dad. >> that is not a high bar. >> oh, man. >> this looks like it will be good. >> jason's here, and welcome to philadelphia, you too. >> thank you, you guys. >> good morning. >> hello. >> now it is important that we know even though this is a show about a family bandit is not a family show.
9:25 am
>> no, you just showed the only clip thaw could possibly show of our pilot episode. >> it is not for kid. they should not be watching this. >> so jason really, ken swallow is your name. >> it was between that and richard, and that is a, bad name as well. >> so, did we get the premise, right. well, amy, why don't you tell us, give us the premise here. you are a family of traveling musicians. >> that is right, the part ridge family on acid was a term that jason coined, i will steel that because that is truly what we are. we are desperately seeking, fame. >> fame. >> some fame and going on the road to do it with these, brilliant musicians and kid that we're using, not a -- >> well, it is a heck of a lot
9:26 am
of fun. >> it looks like fun. >> does the band, well, suck. are they any good at all. >> how dare you. no, i don't think they do. i think the bandies actually talented. the problem is, i'm in charge and i'm probably least talented member of the band and my musical taste is not contemporary. >> do you hear that song. >> yes. >> yes. >> i wrote that song. >> yes, he wrote that. >> it is horrifying. jason do you even play the drums at all. >> remedially, yeah, you wouldn't want me to solo, i can promise you. >> but all of the actors in there. >> there is like four instruments. >> they are all playing because you guys making the music. >> we are actually singing, i will be honest, all of our kid with the exception of one, i won't tell you which one
9:27 am
actually do play instruments, but the bandies recorded by studio musicians and then we try to double what they do. but our kid actually could play almost all of those songs they are really good. >> and there are exceptional singers in the cast too. >> in. >> amy. >> yes. >> see us on tour we are the monkeys,ish. >> ish. >> monkeying around. >> yes. >> amy, did you owe kay the graphic, that is behind you right now because it is kind of in your ear. >> okay it. why i i endorse it. >> yes. >> she gave us the idea. >> we will all ride a big microphony necessity i will love this. >> this looks good. >> it is really good show you will have fun, i promise. >> every episode delivers, the comedy is extreme and outrageous and there is a few
9:28 am
episodes that i actually think your pretty genius. >> you will laugh, you will cry, you will talk. >> i don't know if you will cry. >> they will cry a little. >> they may cry, don't judge. >> crying is good. >> i'm loving chemistry already. >> well, thanks, amy, thanks, jason. >> thanks, guys. so i don't know if the interview with rodney went late but his number one seinfeld moment was the, what did he just say. >> was that okay. >> is that wrong? because he had sex with the cleaning women on his desk. abe the guy says we have to fire you. is that wrong. had i known that, i wouldn't have done it. >> this one looks good too though. >> this next one. >> yes, damon hansou is on the show and talk about inspiring true story that ended up
9:29 am
becoming a best selling book which is now a movie. >> let me practice his name damon hansou. >> there you go. >> damon hansou. >> there you go, you got it.
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>> are you ready for a true story, two men, very different backgrounds, brought together by tragedy. >> their story has made it to the big screen, here's look what's being called same kind of different as me. >> hey! >> we have to talk to him. that's a man from my dream. >> what's your name? >> you don't need to know my name. >> well, i'd like to know your name. >> tell your woman to stop bothering me. >> you would be doing me a big favor to just be nicer. >> you want to be my friends?
9:33 am
>> uh-huh. >> well i'm going to have to think about that. >> okay, the star is here, okay, welcome to philadelphia first of all, and i'm going to attempt this. jomon honsue, how did i do? >> yes, mike. >> that's fantastic. >> and he's also joined by the inspiration behind the film author ron hall. good morning, to both every you, welcome to philly. >> good morning, mike and alex. >> have either one of you ever been to philly? >> i've been to philly quite a long time ago, and i was just passing through actually, so all i remember is, you know, philly sandwich. >> cheese steak? >> at the airport, yes. >> yes, i was there many times as an art dealer. so, you know, it was -- i had an office in new york city, and i used to take the train
9:34 am
down, see clients in philadelphia. i love it. the liberty bell, all of that. >> right? >> this story, because it is about you, so it is about an art dealer, you, who get an unlikely friends, and someone described it as love story between three people. why is that? >> well, it is a love story between actually my late wife, i was paying off a promise to begin serving at a homeless shelter, and i would never in my life dreamed of how that, the promise would be changing my life. and but i met a very unlikely friends, the very first week that i was serving there, that became the most life changing friendship that i ever had that made me think a lot less about art, and more about humanity. and the man who portrays that friends is sitting right beside me today, gave maybe one of the most brilliant inspired performances i've ever seen in a film. >> that's what we've heard, too, that it is a fantastic
9:35 am
performance, now, what intreagued you about this charger? why did you want to take the film? >> oh, well, it is obviously, you know, we're talking about where i am dealing with a character who is emotionally scarred. and the power that the relationship, the relation slip between denver moore and ron hall were such a powerful relationship, and one that, you know, really quite intimidated me early about the story, and that i really didn't want to, you know, didn't want to tell them, please, could you finds somebody else to play denver, because he's such a force, he was such a force to be rec orthopedics, with and suddenly the two, ron hall, and denver moore, just seemed like a really two amazing human beings, so i just thought,
9:36 am
obviously, ron hall still among us, and to -- i think that was quite challenging for greg to emulate and try to, you know, play ron hall. >> he plays ron. >> a challenge, yes. >> i can't wait to see it. i love store that's are real, you know, true. congratulations. >> obviously you have rene sell wigger. >> sorry, talking about rene sellwigger. >> i had to coach how to be an arrogant self-centered art dealer, and rene figured out how to be a sweet loving wife. >> oh, that's wonderful to hear. we can't wait to see it. >> congratulations, guys. next time make a longer stop in philly. how about that? >> yes, and get cheese steak somewhere other than the airport. >> thank you boetsch both. rene zelweger, i haven't seen her in a while. >> from the trail i looks like she's really into this role. >> what's the most famous line
9:37 am
she ever said? >> you had me at hello. >> jerry mcguire. >> the movie performance captivating the nation. these beautiful voices rising up, do you want to seat rest of this tape? >> yes. >> okay, and we'll hear it, too. >> ♪ >> ♪ when you're a double-dipping pension-padder
9:38 am
like steve sweeney, it's important to maintain a certain... lifestyle. that's why sweeney spent over a hundred grand of his campaign funds on high-priced meals and other gifts. we're talking fine cigars, fancy watches, pricey restaurants, and expensive wines - all to charm the type of folks who helped him raise your taxes 145 times. too many in south jersey are struggling. but steve sweeney's looking out for himself, not for us.
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>> sell it, aling. >> this middle school in baltimore, and everyone wants to hear their choir. because the school's choir director shared with video emotional one, and just practicing there is wasn't like even official like concert. >> here is the thing there is was only the second time they'd ever practiced together. >> so this is andre day, you
9:41 am
know her song rise up? this is their version of it. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> now rice up, oh, rice up ♪ ♪ all rice up, all rise, all rise up ♪ >> rise up. >> ♪ >> and do it a thousand times. >> ♪ >> beautiful. okay, i'm sure we're already talking about this, up in the production meetings. what do you think i'm going to say? >> what? >> baltimore's not that far. >> no. >> these kids are so amazing, i was sharing this on facebook, people shared it all over the place, they just made my sunday, especially a sunday to hear this, just what you need sometimes, in dark times? >> let's get on there is because you know the stinking national shows, you know, you know what i am talking about. >> yes. >> i can toll you that they're already booked. >> well, we will get on it, we'll do it, we'll have them first. >> their stupid national show butts. and either sends a crew down
9:42 am
there, or get bus them up here, get them on big yellow school bus, and sing for us. >> that was amazing. that song is so beautiful and inspiring, what you need to hear on a monday. >> and then you will take them on a fields trip to the historic sites, take them personally to the liberty bell. >> yes. >> personally. >> okay, so, oh, i love there is every year. >> this is -- >> the coat drive. >> one of our five are you things we do. >> see the kids get a chance to go get a coat. this is wonderful, jen, are they already giving them out? >> okay. i can fit it. we're waiting for the kids, right? i have to say, you guys do a nice job, because i'm snow boards err. i agree a nice coat looks like. this is a nice coat. all right, come on back. >> i think we've got you on there. >> my mom might want me to get a bigger side to grow into it. come on back, we'll talk more about this great organization. hello, peco. hi. can you help me save on my energy bill? old appliances. like a hot water heater?
9:43 am
it's around here somewhere. nope. nope. what is this thing? sir, have you looked in the basement? huh. oh, yeah. no wonder. it was hidden behind all of my free weights. if you're not an expert, peco can help. we have lots of ways to help you save energy and money. peco. the future is on.
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>> looking at sky top lodge in the pocono mountains, what's the weather going to be like today and for the rest of this week? we'll finds out in 15 seconds. >> big winds every change coming our way, that's going to be the big headline as we go forwards, 43 to 06 degrees, spreading temperatures across the delaware vale, winds will
9:46 am
be a problem this afternoon, 15 to 25-mile per hour winds gust on average, and that's going to allow for the much colder air to punch in. yesterday was like summer. today, more like a fall like feel with the area of high pressure, pushing in, temperatures, tonight, getting pretty chilly in fact to the north and west, that's where we do have frost advising patchy frost, 61 degrees in town today, 40's up toward our outer suburbs shall for tonight, down into the 30's, and low 40's, for the overnight lows, that will set up day tomorrow, where there is generous amounts of sunshine, classic fall day. 62 degrees, milder by wednesday, and then we're really starting to heat up as we get into next weekends. >> all right, so cold, a lot of people need coats right now, i had my husband, text him, make sure they wear little coat today going in. >> but the thing is not everyone is able to affords them, that's why this event is so great. >> hi, guys. >> you guys ready for your
9:47 am
coats? >> yes. okay, so, you guys get to try on your coat. you ready to do that? >> yes. >> do you have a favorite color? >> blue. >> blue, i think there is blue coats here. do you have a favorite color. >> pink. >> pink, all right. come on over here. so this is how it works. all of these kids kind of come in, they try on their coats, i don't want to be in your way, it is amazing, thousands and thousands of coats are given away, and it is the amazing amazing auto dealers association. they're so cute. are you ready to get your new coat? >> yes! >> do you have a favorite color? have you pick one snout. >> yes. >> what do you want, baby girl? >> i want the purple one. >> oh, good. there is purple, go get it, go try it on, see if it fit you. >> i want pink. >> let's see if there is a pink one for you. >> i love it. >> oh, that's perfect. and then a little bit big, all winter, i'll hold this for you. let's zip it up. i'll hold this, too, nice and fluffy inside, isn't it? >> how are you?
9:48 am
>> say hi to everyone on tv. say hi, girlfriends. >> you brush your teeth this morning, you have the biggest, cutest smile i've ever seen. >> yep. >> high! >> hi, how are you? >> okay, you guys get your coat. what color coat do you want. >> blue. >> she is here to help you guys out. take that home. give something -- oh, who is is this? >> here, you take your coat, i'll get in big trouble with you. >> high, do you want to say hi? >> hi, girlfriend. so let's come on over here, it is happening over and over again. it is just the most amazing thing, when you see happen, donna is here, good morning. >> good morning, jen. >> this is what it is all about? >> high energy, right here. as we speak. >> tell me about your dealers (they're so dedicated to this amazing project. >> you can't help it, when you see the smiles on these kids' faces and you get to touch them, help them zip up a jacket, you can't be anything but inspired. >> yes. >> wonderful thing we do here you. >> said you have the most dealers involved this year then ever before?
9:49 am
>> we have 180 dealers in the southeastern pennsylvania area, the tri-county area participating here. and each one is really dedicated to make this happen. this year, we're doing 50,000 coats in the philadelphia market. i mean, it is amazing. >> so it is not just these coats, right? you then will take some of these coats to different areas because they can't get here? >> take thousands cents of coats to the philadelphia district headquarters and that way, we use the ymca throughout the south and pennsylvania to distribute coats, as well. >> i love it. >> we have a lot of networks going here. >> okay, let me see you in your new coat. do you like this color. >> yes. >> you look sharp, my man! and i tried one on earlier, because i'm child size. it is nice and fuzzy inside, don't youy? >> yes. >> do you have all of the colors they're looking snore. >> yes, we do. >> that's one thing that dow like, i like that they all look different, right? they're similar, but obviously they've got to have the coat. they want it in their right color? >> absolutely, absolutely. none of the coats have any labels on them at all.
9:50 am
so these kids, they're out there in a brand new coat that's perfect color for them and the size and they're warm all winter. >> okay, you, my gosh, this may be my favorite. did you pick this out? >> yes. >> you like to be outside when it is cold out like sled and be in the snow? >> yes. >> ya. what's your favorite season, is it summer or winter you like them all? >> all. >> all, okay. >> hey, listen, have a great day. what's your name? >> they're so stinking cute. one after the other after the other. did you get a pink coat? that is the cutest pink coat ever. look at your pink coat! you guys are friends. amazing. thank you so much for being adorable, okay? >> i can't. i have to. look at you. do you love your new coat? look at him dancing around. do your move again one more time. he was spinning around in his coat. >> (laughing). >> okay, i love that. >> great to see. and the smiles on their faces. that's just touches your
9:51 am
heart. >> it makes you -- >> want to pop one out. >> they're so cute. look at them, the smiles, the joy. >> everybody starting to use that phrase. >> that's right. >> okay, so, we found this hollywood actress, using a hashtag to encourage more women to speak out about sexual harrassment. this is in the wake of the harvey weinstein thing. so these two words are becoming a movement. and i'll tell you those words after the break. where are we? about to see progressive's new home quote explorer. where you can compare multiple quote options online and choose what's right for you.
9:52 am
woah. flo and jamie here to see hqx. flo and jamie request entry. slovakia. triceratops. tapioca. racquetball. staccato. me llamo jamie. pumpernickel. pudding. employee: hey, guys! home quote explorer. it's home insurance made easy. password was "hey guys."
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9:54 am
>> here are the words: me too. those two little words are bringing a lot of women together on social media. specially over the weekends. >> and actress melissa mel and
9:55 am
owe sharing to share sexual assault encounters with the hashtag me too. so many women are expressing themselves and posting it on twitter, her tweet garnered 20,000 heart wren clinic replies, including a simple me too, from debra messing, you know, from will and grace, and also anna packwin. >> from true blood. >> so many people are tweeting about it, sharing their stories. >> yes, i think almost every woman i know has a story. that's for sure. pink, we love pink from our area. pink is getting real about what it is like being married for 11 years. >> she said something that's really shocking. new interview she just had, and she said she and her husband, been really candid about their struggles, they can go a year without having sexment and there were two times in their marriage where they almost ended their marriage, off for about 11 months or a year, had these two breaks, so giving this interview, and she says, you know, and i think this is the truth that women don't always speak about relationships, it
9:56 am
can be really hard but worth it to stay in it, worth it for your kids, you know, not just the high's, not oh, buy me this, do this, it is being being there through the thick and thin, illnesses cents and everything else, because s best times you ever had are after some of the worse times you've ever had. >> i think it is corey hart, wasn't he a biker or something? >> oh, okay. >> i think so, yes. >> i it thought corey hart was a singer? >> corey hart is a singer. >> so i thought that that's -- okay. >> either way. >> carry heart is her husband, that's what i think. >> okay, megan says it is karrie. >> you guys are missing the point. >> what's the point? >> the point is that they went a year without sex and it work for them and it was a good thing, probably allows you to focus more on the emotional thing. >> no, they were on break, it is because they were falling apart. >> oh, well, didn't have sex for a yearment weren't even together for a year. >> she says that, she talks about that. >> oh,. >> and it was in her music and in her thing. anyway. get back together if you k you
9:57 am
have to make up to break up to make up. >> but i know married couples that can go a year without sex and they live together and have a loving relationship. >> really? >> focus on emotional connection. what's they say. it takes away from that when you're doing all of the -- >> that's why i've tried to eliminate all sexual activity. >> you have not. please. >> what? i'm working on my core. >> core what? >> ya. >> core values. >> britney spears apparently living her best life as leonardi de brittany. >> oh, oh, my gosh. who would paint like this? ridiculous outfit with the chest out? that's what she is making, seriously? >> leave her alone. when i paint -- >> as listen to what she is listening to, is that mozart? >> this is where you're trying to act intellectual. really? trying to act and your paint something violence? >> roll that again. the beginning of it?
9:58 am
>> no, i've been to art. >> okay. >> i'm into art. you don't want to get paint on yourself.
9:59 am
10:00 am
>> announcer: live from new york city, it is the wendy williams' show. ♪ [cheers and applause] >> announcer: now here's wendy. [cheers and applause] >> wendy: it is so good! ♪ >> wendy: thank you so much to my studio audience. terrific, we are together and it is time for hot


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