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tv   FOX 29 News at 6PM  FOX  October 17, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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an unthinkable crime. we do know investigators were called to this home four hours before the murders the mom was worried about her immigration status and was worried she could be deported that's because her boyfriend victor a pell and the father of the two young children had been arrested by ice agents in york, pennsylvania and she was worried for her family. police reassured her directed her to resources never imagine wagon would happen next. >> can't imagine what would make anybody wanted to anything like that. >> john maldonado is saddened by the news his neighbor drowned her boyfriend's five-year-old son alex and their three and a half month old baby together solomon. >> it's awful. it's awful. i'm real until shock. i try my best to shut it out 'cause it's so tragic. >> reporter: she had call police to her apartment on the 800 block of west ninth street about 3:45 monday morning. she's liberian and her green
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card had expired. officers say she was worried she might be deported. but they assured her she'd be okay, and determined everyone was safe. sadly about 8:30 monday morning, a 911 call from poe legal lena saying she had just drowned her two children. >> she was pretty as a matter of fact about her admission that the two children were dead. our officers discovered them in the back bathtub. >> court documents described the heartbreaking details. she told police she placed the baby on his back in the tub, filling it with water and leaving him. she then says she physically assaulted the five-year-old dragging him to the bathroom and placing his head underwater until he stop moving. >> there's no answers for this. you don know what goes through a person's mind. what her reasons are. i don't think we're ever going to know. >> small memorial sits out outside the apartment. authorities were back on scene today. you can see water on the floor and high chair through the door. john says the family was very private. he wishes he could have helped
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before two innocent children wound up dead. >> i wish i would have known them better, 'cause maybe there was a sign somewhere or a signal of some sort. >> reporter: it is definitely very sad when police found the children they say when they entered the apartment they smelled a strong odor of natural gas. they evacuated the building. investigators are still trying to figure out if it's unrelated if it's just a coincidence or if she had some role in that. she remains jailed tonight on $2 million cash bond. lucy and iain? >> all right. thank you, dawn. 19 years old dwayne grimes on the 500 block of west sixth street in wilmington yesterday afternoon when someone shot him in the stomach. he passed away today. police are hoping anyone with information on his murder will call them. more than a dozen people charged in a drug rink. here they are. the alleged leaders 34-year-old fernando diaz revert rah is in custody in puerto rico. police say he was one of the
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biggest heroin and cocaine suppliers in camden and north philadelphia. prosecutors in new jersey released the images of these people they say were tied to the ring. in all 15 are facing charges. investigators say they seized drugs with a street value worth approximately $2 million. now, to developing story in philadelphia's frankford section. some new released camera phone video of a convenience store altercation has gone viral. it shows two women customers facing off against store employees. >> one of the women then brawling with the first police officer on the scene. our bruce gordon joins us in studio, bruce, you've seen this footage and it's wild stuff. >> report roar lucy, lots of us have been in convenience stores in the wee hours of the morning and found things to be a little sketchy. but we probably haven't seen witnesses of scenes like this one. one you're about to watch posted online it's already been shared nearly 50,000 times. folks who live and work along the 5,000 block of frankford avenue will tell you this
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7eleven can get a little rough and tumble. >> you know this stuff happens all the time. no matter what time of day it is. >> in this neighborhood this is not so unusual. >> no. not at all. >> reporter: this stuff, police were called to the 7eleven around 2:15am sunday october 1st. authorities say the night manager ordered two women, 20 year old lachay whitaker and 2884 old tiara brown to leave the store. he claimed she shop lived the night before. cops say the prairie fused to leave and so were locked in by store security. someone called the cops. watch whitaker square off against a 7eleven security guard and moments later kick at the front door as another staff appears to point pepper spray in her direct. >> at 1.1 of the offenders picks up bottles of lighter fluid and starts spraying it all over the store. and with a lighter threatened to burn down the store if they didn't let him them out of the store. >> newly released footage of the neighborhood had the neighborhood buzzing tuesday. >> that's horible. that happened here. >> right here. >> that's terrible.
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>> reporter: that was just the beginning. witness today derr can be seen grabbing jugs of cleanser or automotive fluid off a shelf and lobbing them across the store like grenades. the first police officer arrives, calls for backup and enters 7-eleven as the door opens. whitaker immediately lunches at the officer in an instant the two have turned the convenience store floor into a mixed martial arts octagon. >> police took both women into custody. they face a long list of criminal charges. the officers actions are under internal review but lieutenant dennis rosenbaum says it appears his use of force was justified. >> it really escalated so fast, and it was unnecessary. i mean these girls could turn around and walked out and said fine we won't ever come here again that would have been the end of it but they chose another path. >> i spoke to the store owner by phone. he declined to comment on the incident and would not discuss whether store policy calls for customers involved in an altercation to be locked inside the store. lieutenant rosenbaum says it's not the best idea if anyone
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locked into that store were armed, well we could be looking at a real tragedy. iain. >> bruce, thank you. rescuers pull a man from his jeep after he crashes on the pennsylvania turnpike. it happened this morning around 6:30 near mile marker 353 in bensalem bucks county. you can see the emergency responders work to go try to free him. he crashed into the back of a tractor trailer. the top half of the jeep sheared off. the driver was taken to a hospital but information on his condition has not been released. >> it took a full eight months but prosecutors finally announced charges against 18 inmates in deadly hostage takeover at a delaware prison. 16 of the 18 inmates now face charges of first degree murder and assault. the other two face kidnapping charges. prosecutors say inmates at the vaughn correctional center kidnapped four corrections officers and held them hostage from february 1st to the second. they injured two officers. sergeant stephen employed died. a check on your fox 29 weather authority. as we take a live look down in
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cape may. kind of nice sunny fall day but it will get a little chilly overnight. >> tell was, meteorologist kathy orr joins us now with a first check of your forecast. kathy? >> oh yeah. temperatures falling fast and light wind and guys we are looking at real cool breeze out there. clear skies to the north, looking very good in the lehigh valley. temperatures are going to continue to tumble around the region. now morning lows were in the 30s. and some 40s. right now rebounding nicely. philadelphia 60. 51 in the poconos. 59 in wilmington. 57 in trenton. wrightstown at 54 degrees. so overnight tonight, with those clear skies, we'll see temperatures fall. not quite as cold as last night. but pretty close. interior south jersey we're talking about a frost advisory millville 42. trenton 42. the poconos 40. 39 in pottstown and wilmington 42 degrees. that will be your wake up temperature. so interior parts of south injuries we're talking about that frost advisory from toms river through little egg harbor. mays landing millville maurice
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river even bridgeton until 9:00 o'clock to of tomorrow morning with temperatures ranging between the mid and upper 30s but then we rebound big time feeling a little bit more like early fall than a major cool down. we'll talk more about that with the seven day forecast. i'll see in you just few minutes. >> kathy, thanks. one man is dead after being hit by a train on the market frankford line. septa says he was on the tracks when he was hit by the westbound train just after 8:00 a.m. and while police investigated, septa canceled service to the station and they ordered shuttle buses for riders, service was finally restored two hours later. terrifying scene at a delaware county bus stop. a car jumped a curb and plowed no two people in the middle of the chaos one woman did everything she could to save a man right in that car's path. our jeff cole is live in darby. >> reporter: lucy the pair saw the car barreling at them. the 62-year-old pushes this older gentleman out of the way. she takes the hit. all of this happening right here in front of a hospital.
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a small tree in front of darby's mercy fitzgerald hospital was what stopped the gray four door from doing any more damage. it had already flattened a bus enclosure with two people insi inside. >> she went over that bump, right into the bus stop and ran them over. ran over them because the car went boom, boom, boomp and she ran into the tree. >> reporter: it was 1:00 tuesday afternoon along busy lansdowne the avenue when a driver lost control of her toyota right in front of the hospital. telling police she feared hitting another car she swung hard to the right and kept on rolling. >> she's extremely upset. you know, she just can't believe it happened. she didn't know, you know, trying to turn the wheel, and i was sit hitting the brake. i wasn't getting to the brake. >> reporter: a source with knowledge of the incident tells fox 2962-year-old woman in the
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enclosure pushed an 82-year-old man next to her out of the way taking the brunt of the hit. police were testing the driver's blood but chief smythe believes it was simply an unfortunate accident. this young mom taking her three-year-old for a wellness visit was startled to hear of the mishap. >> an elderly woman who simply lot of control and hit enclosure with two people in it. >> oh, man, that's terrible. oh, my gosh. i hear to hair that. they're in the hospital now. >> oh, my god. that's terrible for the families involved. i'm so sorry to hear that. >> reporter: real quick thinking on the part of that 62-year-old happily she and the man will survive their injuries from this freak accident. live in darby borough, i'm jeff cole, fox 29 news. lucy. >> thank you, jeff. local parents are asking us for help. they say strangers are randomly targeting and attacking their teen. they say it's happening to other kids, too.
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kristen. >> lucy, joel embiid got real today about brett brown's minute restriction for him. hear the not so nice words embiid had for him ahead in sports. when you're a double-dipping pension-padder
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like steve sweeney, it's important to maintain a certain... lifestyle. that's why sweeney spent over a hundred grand of his campaign funds on high-priced meals and other gifts. we're talking fine cigars, fancy watches, pricey restaurants, and expensive wines - all to charm the type of folks who helped him raise your taxes 145 times. too many in south jersey are struggling. but steve sweeney's looking out for himself, not for us.
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happening right now, local parents tell us they're worried about sending their children to school. so they're reaching out to fox 29 basically begging for help. >> they say their teens were randomly targeted and attacked. our joyce evans talk to those parents and the philadelphia school district. live now in west oak lane. joyce? >> reporter: well, lucy and iain, the parents and the students say this has been on-going problem for the past couple of years ever since building 21 high school behind me here moved to this location. but after what happened yesterday, they say it has to stop and stop now. >> i saw like they all just started moving towards me. i'm like oh, no. >> reporter: still very swollen and in pain, 17-year-old marlon francois recorded this video for us from his hospital bed.
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right before heading into surgery to repair multiple breaks in his jaw. >> they started rupping even started rupping, too. but they pulled my bag, and then i fell because they all pulled my bag. i fell on the floor and then he all started stomping me report roar this is how the building 2,111th greater looked when i was rush to the hospital on monday after being jumped by a swarm of kids allegedly all from nearby mlk high. >> does he know them. >> no. no. he does not. he doesn't know none of them. >> reporter: marlon's mom was in traffic when she got that call. >> i stop the car crying. i keep praying. until oy get to the hospital. >> reporter: when you saw him? i didn't know what to say. i don't know -- no. it was a mess. i spoke to the police was there and then he talked to me we're talking about three kids in the hospital right now. >> reporter: behavioral therapist says six building 21
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students were attacked on monday. she says one was rushed to saint christopher's hospital. >> he had an asthma attack. he was kick in the throat. >> both your eyes are swollen. >> well, because i have been stomped repottedly, kicked repottedly, and dragged out the -- off the bus as i was getting assaulted. >> abdul, out of the hospital now was he is cored safely to the bus after he says mlk students started gathering near building 21. >> they all wait for our let out and come down here and start stuff. >> we should be able to send our kids to school, not worrying about whether when school let's out whether you going to get phone call because your child got jumped or worse yet killed. by a group of people who don't even know him. >> reporter: well we did speak with school district administrators and they did tell us today that they will working with police and they will be meeting with parents.
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they're also working they say to try to figure out what's behind all of these flash beatings of these children just mobs of kids gathering and then fights or beatings breaking out. they today did send schoolbuses here to building 21 to transport those students to various locations. lucy? >> all right, hopefully gets work out soon, thank you very much, joyce. >> your fox 29 weather authority right now. live look at the ben franklin parkway in philadelphia of course. >> finally getting into that fall groove. kathy you know i had the heat on last night. [ laughter ] >> i wasn't going to wait around. >> tell you what. >> you know i did too, iain. yeah, i said to my husband can we put the fireplace on. is it too early? it's pretty cold out. this morning my house it was 36 degrees in philadelphia. it was 42 look at thighs beautiful sunset in the southern part of of course ocean city this afternoon. just picture perfect with a beautiful brilliant sky. remember yesterday we started off with the clouds. then the skies cleared.
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today full sunshine the temperature 60 degrees. made it to 61 winds out of the southwest at 8 miles an hour. so quite a day indeed a row bounding temperatures. tonight going to be cool as well but not as cool as last night. 51 in the poconos. in atlantic city it is 56 degrees. as we look at ultimate doppler, pretty much nothing going on. we had southerly winds just a good deal of sunshine and clear skies tonight. out west temperatures in the 60s and 70s. so there is some warmer air that is just waiting to move right in. with clear skies we mean lots of sunshine during the day tomorr tomorrow. the winds become westerly in the morning but then shift back in the southwest direct and that's a good direction for us. that means warming temperatures right through this week. when we look at high pressure obviously we talk about singing air and dry conditions so those rain chances stay pretty much zero. right through the week and into the weekend. as a matter of fact there's not chance of rain until next monday. so overnight tonight low temperatures in the 30s and the 40s. 42 in wilmington. 45 in philadelphia.
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42 in trenton. 42 in millville. 39 in pottstown. during the day tomorrow we bounce back big time. about 10 degrees warmer tomorrow than it was today. philadelphia going for 71. the same in allentown. 70 in lancaster and reading the poconos 66. a great day with plenty of sunshine non wind once again as high pressure sits right over the delaware valley. on your seven day forecast from the weather authority, thursday we'll go 72. friday 75. we have the walk to end alzheimer's on saturday. now that's in wilmington beautiful temperatures in the mid 70s. sunday looks great. 78. and then the next chance of rain late monday. got to keep an eye on that. monday night football witness birds, 76. for tuesday, clouds, some showers, the temperature fun degrees. so temperatures looking great with a big warmup in store. but this could be the end of that really warm weather and then maybe it will feel more like football weather. kristen washington do you think. >> i'm okay with 80 degrees or 76 degrees for football in my opinion. we're finally hopefully going to find some clarity and
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closure for the anthem protest. hear from the eagles players as the league meetings in new york today ut plus the honest answer from joel embiid on why he feels he should be seeing more game time ahead in sports. after 8 years of chris christie, is kim guadagno the change new jersey really needs? guadagno is christie's hand-picked successor. says she's "proud to be part of the christie administration." guadagno was chris christie's right hand as our schools came under attack,
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♪ two words to very strong not safe for work words. that was the oops there. that was joel embiid reaction today when asked about how he feels about brett brown's minute lee trick for him in their
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opener tomorrow. at least we have a clear idea where embiid stands on this. brett brown said embiid would be on restriction somewhere in the teens and embiid he says he's feeling great. he just wants to get out and play some basketball. >> i wish i was playing ball. i think i'm ready. i think i'm ready for more than -- whatever number they have, but, um, i wish i was playing ball. we going to see how that goes. >> the eagles mini bye week was big help for the players physically. as a result lane johnson went daal smallwood both back at practice today. excused from practice malcolm jenkins and chris long. the two were in new york at the league meetings to discuss the want for social change. >> we're the greatest sport in this country we have the unique ability to bring people together from all walks of life. whether in the our locker rooms or in our stands and i think we see that responsibility as players in the league to do that with our country and it starts with having tough conversations and moving forward and i think that's what we started today.
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>> it was tough home come fog temple football as they fell to uconn but new week now and the owls are getting ready for that exciting offense that army has become known for these past few seasons. >> this is college football fan it's found watch what they do. now getting ready to play it, that's a different story. they execute very clean. they've got tough physical players. >> they're master at what they do. army, navy, they get million yards game rushing because they execute every play i mean we got to stay discipline. read our keys and just execute. >> ♪ how about some october baseball game four of the alcs between houston and new york astros lead the series two-one. not a lot going on right now, though. currently no score in the fourth upping. you guys heard from malcolm jenkins there. >> yeah. >> pretty telling the fact that he was one of like the only players talking today after just shows leadership that he has. not only on the eagles team but for the nfl in general and as an
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nfl player representative. >> absolutely. kristen, thank you. >> allegations against a dentist accused taking an scam too far. police say the doctor did more than clean those pearly whites. so that leaves a lot of questions, doesn't it? >> um-hmm. >> that does it for us right here at 6:00. >> coming up it's page six follow beside dish nation at 7:00 and tmz at 7:30. ♪
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right now on "page six," jennifer lawrence, reese witherspoon. what's behind the rumors that megyn kelly is being bullied by matt lauer? when did rihanna decide her booty was her favorite body part? and why did marilyn manson called justin bieber a girl with the mind of a squirrel? all the answers right now on "page six" tv. [ cheers and applause ] welcome to "page six." i'm john fugel sang and taking us inside today's headline, carlos weir, elizabeth wagmeister and mr. bevy smith. here are today's top stories. the women of hollywood are ea


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