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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 9  FOX  October 18, 2017 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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contract, that i just signed, at the ends of 2019 will be the inched of the tom joyner show. >> so many people sad to hear about. >> this not only just fixture in morning radio but also in the community because he did a lot for tom joiner foundation drive, a lot of money for black colleges and university, because he did go to tuskegee university. so he wanted to make sure people new about that, get their education, just sad to hear that he's going. >> can you imagine how big his audience will be for the next two years? >> knowing that every day, you know, one of the last? >> he said he will ' reflect, you know, karen, you mention he's fly jock, actually has american airlines, gave him his seat that he would be on every day. and he had a little museum, where he broadcast outside of in dallas, you can see, actual seat that he sat? every day to go back and
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forth. >> i predict he will be like a barbara walters who announces his retirement 45 times and still involved, coming back, doing specialty, and will be in our lives much longer. >> i remember they spent 24 hours with the guy, eight years, i ca icky can barely do s commute too long blocks. >> hi, it is the 9:00 hour, october the 18th, 2017. you better act fast, folks, see what's on the desk here? hard to get your hands on some of the hot toys for christmas, in fact, if you don't do it, in the next couple of weeks, you're probably out of luck, and this is one of the hot items right here. >> the twinsy1. i love it. >> because the regular one was out couple of years flag. >> you can't have the same thing be hot twice. >> so two of them in the egg, we will rub it in here in just a little bit. >> i have confirmation, daniel
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rad click will be on within the hour, he's too long do a satellite with us. >> we have to ask him, because chestnut hill, what's going on this weekend? he needs to be a part that far for sure. >> harry potter festival. 60,000 people may show up on the hill. >> i can't wait. i may be one of them, waving to you along with everybody else out there. also we check in with jen right now. morning, jen. >> it has been done, haim, can't talk, didn't hurt as much as she thought it was going to. doing this, and also going to show this real cool 3d system. where doctor bloom can basically show you your chin, your nose job, before you even get done. >> joining us at 9:00. what is this? what did we do? in had some lip filler put in with a new tool fda cleared, so her lips, i can't tell you, if i think it is cool or not. because that would ruin the tease. >> okay. >> okay, but i'm still here. i haven't left.
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>> this is live. >> so, do you look more feminine now? >> put a necklace on you. >> lovely. >> would you like something else? >> someone tweeted and they say i need longer eyelashes. maybe that's what it is? >> i think it looks better with a necklace. >> those are hard to do with a can of spray paint. >> right. >> it looks good. mike you're looking like a fox. >> thank you. >> you don't want to mess with a artist. >> i can tell you're a vicks on, her facial features look very feminine. >> ya. >> i mean, just the narrow
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face, real pretty, eyes gorgeous. >> she said that it was the turtleneck, but what do you want, a hairy clevage? >> that's true. >> clever and of hair? >> i'm an artist, and i'm sensitive about my -- ya. >> i got you. >> ya. >> so don't mess with the artist? >> survey of 2,000 shoppers reveals an age-limit. you want to start this orange? >> get this thing hatched. >> all right, see what color we got for this one? big egg. >> oh. oh, i bet we'll get the purple, and -- >> so, see, these are the characters might get on t different options, could you get, if you get the pink. you know if you get the pink or the blue or what kind of twins you'll get. >> get the instructions. >> they say, i know what it is, last year with the kids, you rub it. >> first thing, warm it up, right? because it is freezing right
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now. >> karen was the expert rubber. last time she got the thing opened. >> so maybe i should hands over the honors? >> all right. >> you've had three kids, let's try two more. >> i think about it, whenever i see you out there with your babies, i always think about. >> it is really colds in here though. >> it is, it is. >> we got to warm that thing up. >> got to warm it. >> should i get my blanket or my scarf? >> can you help us with the instructions in. >> take these offer? >> thank you, alex. >> and, let it begin.
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>> both out. all right, start. >> you can her them already. did you hear them already? (sounds heard). >> let me out! (laughing). >> move it a little. why don't you rock it. oh, ya, now making noise. >> here you go, babies, it is okay. >> and you can tap it. tap. >> tap it. >> okay. >> here is a age olds question. when are you too olds to wear certain things? you know what i mean? i sometimes wear skinny jeans. i think i'm too old. >> i think you look good in them. >> do you. >> yes, i think it actually is a great look for you. >> do they have spanks on jeans? that's what i need for my bell. >> i i think halloween costumes, you may be well aware, all of the butt lifting jeans out there in the world, there are so many that pull
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your back side up. so i haven't tried them. >> mike? >> that's right, did i. >> when i was nicky men age. >> the booty pop. isn't that what it is called? ya, ya. i'll get you another one this year. it could be a tradition. >> you can wear it to the 6ers game. >> costume guys. >> okay. >> so, let's get new survey of a bunch of shoppers, they say, let's put up elizabeth hurley sporting a bikini, she is over ooh years old. >> she looks good. >> i think that's good. don't you think? but the survey say women should stop wearing bikinis at age 40. what do you think about that? >> i don't think there should be age limit. it is whenever you feel it in yourself. if you make whatever switch there is year i switched to one pieces but if i'm feeling good, bikinis, i do then sometimes. i was going to say i do think maybe for my personally there is the age where i don't post them on instagram any more. like you go down, you can still see me on the beach in a beck even i but i won't put that out necessarily because the age limit for me is maybe up on that one. >> maybe it should be
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waistline over age. >> no. >> no. >> lay it on me. hit me on twitter. >> we actually have a family friends who just turned 80. she had a picture of herself in the the 20's in a weaken i, she still had the beck even i, and put it on. >> and. >> she can still fit it. >> would she minds if we showed it? >> i mean, i have it in my phone, i don't -- ask her if she want to? >> okay. same bikini? >> i think she is proud. older you are, you can embrace it and wear the same thing, that's good. >> it is now a thong. no, kidding. >> stop it. don't be mean. >> i, i don't know what happened to me overnight. >> she looks, well, maybe -- >> stop. >> not for air. >> women should think wearing mini skirts, the survey said, same age. right around 40.
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enough with the mini skirts. >> i just think if you feel good, go ahead, do it. >> i know people if you feel comfortable, no matter what your body, it may be the right thing for you, or not, 20, 30, 40, 50. >> all right, polly anna. what do you think about this? ripped jeans, you see it all the time. these ripped jeans are almost, you don't even have jeans on any more. thirty-seven, that's a little young. >> my grandfather, he's very -- he thinks it is really strange that people wear these. he knows i wear them all the time. he calls them ragedy britches. why are you wearing those rag did i britches. >> what about graphic t-shirts? >> you know? >> what's the age for that? >> forty. >> why does everything have to ends at 40? forty is not even olds. >> life's over at 40. just give up. >> your life is not over. just wear whatever you feel good about. twenty year old are writing the survey.
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>> carry washington gets candid about natural beauty in the november issue of al lure magazine. glad it is out earl. >> i she does look good. >> she lovers because she want to sit axe many ability for her kids, doesn't want to think they have to change theirs to be beautiful. remember she is one year old son, and three year old daughter and we can't show all of the other pictures because we're on tv. we don't have the rights. but if you see she also has like corn rose in some of the other pictures, has her hair more out where you can see it, natural curly form. and so she is kind of celebrating different way she can wear her hair. look at the pictures, corn rose aren't fresh, so at least nice, tight, put together, but i guess that's -- >> i feel like they do that in fashion magazines, they doesn't want it to be perfect. not like it is an ad. when they're doing like a magazine, the editorial portion of it, they want it to be a little messy. they doesn't want it too perfect. that's what it is, tossed. >> some people felt like we don't really she often that
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representation of glorifying and showing braids and that kind of thing, they want it to be done right. >> okay. >> if you're going put it in there. >> do it right. >> nice and tight. >> but still looks fabulous. >> are my edges laid? >> i just got mine laid yesterday. oh, look at that, those edges. >> ya. >> you can tell you've been hanging out a long time. >> there is always someone who either dis a proves, or simply has to common your life choices. that's why one mom took to facebook to sarcastically call out those knows i enough to grill her about her large family. now, she has six kids, and people give her trouble. when are you going to stop already? >> ♪ >> ♪ >> i'm not really supposed to talk about it, but part of this new government pilot program, called no egg left behind. i just really like having all of my stuff broken.
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the tax deductions, it is fun, it is like living in a frat house. or a zoo. i like to answer lot of knows i questions while i'm trying to grocery shop. well, i kept all my house plants alive and i just assumed this was the next logical step. i accidentally switched my birth control pills with pop rocks. oops. >> the kids are my retirement plan. they're going to take care every me. i'm trying to deplete the earth of all of its natural resources. >> she remind me of megan wilky's mother, doesn't she? >> i've never met megan wilky's mother. >> well, i haven't either, but every day i swear that's megan wilky. >> we have met your mother, when? >> she looks a little older than our producer megan. >> attitude, smashing ill, but says she has so many kids because she likes to have kids. >> and in the olds days. >> is it the process? >> the process. sure it is.
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>> i went to wedding this weekend, the parent were nun and nine, my husband is one of seven. my parent were one of six and one of six or seven. >> i'm one of six. >> that was the norm. now it is not. so now think it is weirds. >> one everyone. >> they only needed one, they had a perfect child. >> so i go to this therapy thing once a week. one of the guys in there is, i don't need to tell you where he is from, his dad, his dad, has 26 children. >> no. >> with 24 women. >> reminds me of the temptations, pappa was a rolling stone. >> where ever the lady's hat was his home. >> so does he keep in contact with all of his siblings? >> he knows them all.
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>> he knows -- >> and he lives on an island, so everywhere he goes he runs into a child. >> oh, his islands is small? >> fairly small, yes. >> twenty-six kids, with 24 different women. you know what i call that? my hero. no. >> 914, in the past, well, go ahead, karen? >> so what happened maybe unhappy with the feature on your body. go to the doctor, and they show you pictures every celebrities and stars, i want this famous person's nose, sometimes unrealistic expectation because it won't look like that on, you know, you as it does on them. so people don't always have the right idea what it will look like, now weaver something else to gave you a real representation whatever will happen to your face or body. >> what she is saying, instead every describing how you look, get to 33d image how you will look. >> see the changes actually happening on you, before you
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get the surgery. >> jen is in ardmore. show us. >> first, before we do that, sorry to mess you guys up, it is me, not you guys, we will do the billing reveal on the lips. snow is kelly. you look great. >> let's show them before what the looked like. your lips really good before. this kind of looks like great lips that kind of got animated, came off the page. >> kel had i great lip, you know, structure, and great lip shape. all she, you know, really wanted or needed was a little bit of volume there. that's one of the benefit of using these, is that needles are good for outlining or for, you know, trying to define shape of the lip. but when you just need some plump or fullness or volume, it is so much less traumatic. >> really didn't hurt? >> moth much. >> i like her honesty. so talking about this 3d thing. you took a picture of me. you also took a picture of everyone's favorite person. >> hey, how are you doing?
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>> there is my man. >> you say using this a lot for nose jobs rhinoplasty. when i'm talking to patient about rhinoplasty, for example, having a nose, or like a chin procedure, what i can do is show them, we take it with this 3d camera here, it is hands head camera. made by cam field scientific. and then what we do is actually can image the patient to see what they would look like after, so i just kind of image jen here, and then i can k and see what she would look like in all three dimensions. >> so you made my nose little skinnier? >> additionally did little kind of chin tuck here. >> yep. >> as you can see here, maybe gave her little more chin. pull this in little bit. now she can actually see and totally three dimensions, i can move it around here.
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>> that's real interesting. >> what she looks like. >> i'm sick every looking at that picture watch about my friends? >> so, also, did something for mike here, we kind of narrowed his nose little bit. additionally, we kind of gave him a straighter profile. men nose razz a lot different. men don't want to scoop no, sir. they want more after straight profile. they doesn't want their tip lifted o much. but you know that's a nice masculine profile. >> masculine. >> for my man mike. >> you thought they couldn't improve on you. >> you can't improve on perfection like this. >> already right. we need to slow off little bit. >> no cost to the patient? >> no, over a $10,000 system that we buy, and i think it is good in that i can set up realistic expectations fosh the patient, really they can see in all three dimensions, you knowyou know, you don't want look good like this from the profile, but could you
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constantly moving around. how is the three quarter view, how do they look from the base view in all of those things, i can show it, image it, and that's the easy part. then we got to get these to do that. >> magic hands. little thing that allows me to talk to the people at the station. i don't know if they like the secondment, if it went too long, but i love you guys, love your show, long time, first time call. >> first time caller. >> hope it is great. >> that's so cool. so cool. >> wow. >> that really helps, doesn't it? how are you doing? >> good. i'm trying to. >> okay, we have more instructions, use two hands, swing it, you should hear hiccup, sit on it for warmth. >> now, that's not on there. >> you made that up. >> tap on the side.
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>> it takes about 45 minutes. >> remember this, eagles defensive ends, chris long, donated his first six game eagles checks this season? to funds scholarships in charlottesville, virginia, after last month's violence. >> guess what he's done now, alex holey? >> this is from our friends howard eskin, tweeted this out, he's going to announce chris long today he's donating the last ten checks of 2017. >> god. >> yes, so pledge ten for tomorrow campaign, final ten checks will funds education in philadelphia, boston, and st. louis. >> so -- >> that's wonderful, especially -- >> that's amazing, what example, what a great guy. >> his whole salary. >> i don't know hole salary. have other money that come from endorsements. >> bonuses, the game check.
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>> yes. >> last time we tried to figure out how much money it is, and all of those other ways they get other monday. >> i a the love monday. >> i at low of money to be donated. >> and fault on the players sometimes, accusations, you see this? amazing. and we got soming. >> that was quick. >> they're coming out. >> sue, we have crackage on our egg. >> oh, that's awesome. >> i have awesome people and pets, including their dog here. why are we out on the patio? well, it is time to paws for the cause. we'll take a pause and tell you all about it.
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>> they came out. >> there were two this time. >> well, i think maybe that's why they come out sooner. so cute. here they are. look at the little friends. high, babies? okay, get the kids around dollars tv. >> awe. hold on. aloha. i wonder if they speak
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different languages. >> what? one's not talking. >> you don't have to hit it. >> poor baby. you look so cute. >> okay, so we will figure these guys out, let their wings go free. there are some animals outside, pause for the cause, this weekend, sue? >> it is this weekend. and don't think your little animals will compete for cuteness with what we've got right out here on the patio. we have julia, the chair of the event. we have dawn, who is the emcee, your fifth year? >> our fifth year there is year, finley and i will be leading off the race. we love it. hopefully it will be a good boy this year. >> look at him. >> such great cause, weaver all kind of costume contests, and lots of fun for a good cause. >> and just a mile. >> i know, not too bad. >> and the weather sue is supposed to cooperate. >> i'm off the hook this year. julia i know last year we had some rain and still good turn out. >> 400 people last year this
9:25 am
torrential rain courtesy of hurricane matthew. >> wow incredible, so now with a great forecast, weaver even more expected, what can we expect when we show up sunday morning? >> oh, you'll have great time. we'll have games, contests, music, photo boot for your pe pet. >> dogs big and small, weaver exam be of all of it here this morning. >> we do, we do, all for such a great cause, it is wonderful. >> right there on the campus of fox chase cancer center. >> it is. >> i don't think, unfortunately, there is any family that hasn't been touched by cancer. but you're telling me that the money we're raise something going right to the patients. >> yes, since 1999. >> directly to benefit the patients? >> fantastic, so, you're hoping to of course to surpass that this year? >> yes we, are we need everyone to come out, pre register, get a bag, discount on the registration, so, just go to fox to
9:26 am
register. >> now, down, do you think finley getting used to there is because he makes many appearances. >> head on your shoulder, do you love sue? do you love sue? >> happy. >> yes, we love our pets. >> oh, don't eat the mike. >> see, he lovers being on tv too. my, my new boyfriends. >> so much for well behaved. >> so sweet. listen, this sunday fox chase cancer center what time do we get started? >> 9:00 you can register, finley will be giving awe hug, as well. >> and all thieves great puppy dogs, so much fun. and you can come out, that morning, right? >> yes. >> you don't have to pre register? >> on site. >> right that morning. >> registers 333 cottman avenue. >> that's the website. back to you. >> hey, sue, get in here. daniel radcliff is son good day philadelphia next. hurry. >> trying to get limb to come to the chestnut hill harry
9:27 am
potter festival. >> come on, daniel. >> testing. >> ment. >> testing. >> testing. when you're a double-dipping pension-padder
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like steve sweeney,
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it's important to maintain a certain... lifestyle. that's why sweeney spent over a hundred grand of his campaign funds on high-priced meals and other gifts. we're talking fine cigars, fancy watches, pricey restaurants, and expensive wines - all to charm the type of folks who helped him raise your taxes 145 times. too many in south jersey are struggling. but steve sweeney's looking out for himself, not for us.
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all right. lets see if alex -- oh, still working on you getting that together. >> he need to work longer on my face, then yours because you are a beautiful woman and we love you so one say give me lipstick and that will help. >> it is like lipstick on a fox like lipstick on a pig. >> right. >> we have daniel radcliff in london he has agreed to be on the show via satellite. he has this new movie i am's dying to see. out in the wilderness of peru and the film is called simply jungle. >> i was desperate, to escape the war and work, marriage, kid, not me, i wanted to
9:31 am
experience the extraordinary, which is why i ended up in the jungle. >> this is my friend. >> glad to meet you. >> good to meet you too. >> i told my parents i would be back in a year but i don't think i'm ever going back. >> this is a treat. so nice to see you daniel, welcome to philly. >> thank you very much, good morning, good morning mike and alex, hello. >> great to see you. >> i'm so excited about this film but a little nervous because there are headlines out there that say in this film you do one of the most gross scenes on a screen this year. >> really? is that what they are saying, that is great. i didn't know that, but i'm pretty sure i know exactly what scene you're talking about. >> it involves a parasite. >> reference to my acting. yeah, no, so they, at one point in the film and i know appreciate this is early morning so i won't go in to
9:32 am
graphic detail here but at one point in the film the character has to cut something out of himself, that has gotten into him and that is something that we call back from, in the true story, of the journey, i think did he about 15 or 20 of those creatures, so we decided that showing one was probably enough for the audience. >> yes, i think so. this is a true story. you really do, you are lost in the jungle at one point just you and the jungle. >> yes, absolutely, jozy ginsburg as many people do went to south america, sort of to have an adventure but jesse went with a very determined mind set to go have the kind of adventure that not many people have, and after a series of events which we portray in the film he ended up getting lost, separated from his group, alone in the jungle for three weeks. he had no survival training. it is about how he, how he got
9:33 am
through it. it is pretty heroing but it is hopefully quite inspirational. >> people have seen it, say it is spell binding. so, did you, daniel radcliff, come out of there with like a permanent rash, or parasites or leaches stuck to your butt or whatever. >> no, i don't think so, i think before i went in i was a bit, i don't mind snakes things like that but i'm not great about insects. i was like okay, i will probably to have make peace with that and very quickly you do. when you get there i cannot be freaking out about every kind of weird bug i have ever seen before because we will be here all day. but yeah, i think i did okay. i definitely didn't come out any better survival skills. i wouldn't know how to make a fire, i never about scouts. >> what did you learn? >> he didn't learn a thing he had a tents and trailers. >> he had a win beg owe out in peru.
9:34 am
>> well, yeah. >> okay. >> you did more than my penciled you in for this weekend in an area of philadelphia called chestnut hill they are having a harry potter festival about 60,000 people, have you ever been to one of those. >> i have not, in fact, i learned about this festival, like moments before coming on air with you guys and that sound is a macing. literally is 60,000 people are expected to come. >> from out of the country. >> well, yeah. that is incredible. congratulations to the people who organized the festival. that sound is a macing and well done, and thank you, and i hope everybody going is having an awesome time. >> are you amazed people are still into these books, harry potter and the fact that they can have festivals like this and bring out 60,000 people. >> i mean yeah, i find it amazing that i got to be involved with something like. that i don't find it amazing that it still has such a following because when you have been in the middle of
9:35 am
potter you met a lot of potter fans you know how dedicated but also like generally kind of it is a real community, that sort of thing has emerged and there is something really lovely about that and i always say i'm incredibly lucky to be famous for and associated with something like most people really love. very small part of the people that didn't like potter. >> quite gracious of you. >> i'm rescinding this, i am advising you daniel to not come here. you will be mauled. >> true. >> yeah, that is the thing i'm not so sure it would be a relaxing festival experience for me but i definitely fully support everyone who is going. >> it would be more horrifying then being in the jungle of peru for six months. >> you are saying that and i'm not agreeing with you i want to be on the record as not agreeing with you.
9:36 am
you are so charming. >> very much happy to meet the fans. thank you very much, very kind >> but if you want to come to philadelphia and redo equius naked through the city. >> i was really happy the other night because john oliver made a joke on his show and the fact that somebody made a joke about me and not a harry potter jokey was really proud. >> how refreshing. >> switching it up. >> yes. >> well, we will make jungle jokes next time we see you. >> awesome. thank you very much, guys. >> thank you. have a good one. >> i can tell, alex holley, i can tell you are smiten. >> so excited nice, charming, they are half asleep, and they are like boring, they are just going on and on. he is really excited and gracious. i was already a fan because i read all of the books but now i'm monday, daniel radcliff,
9:37 am
yes, honey. >> don't you think that was great he is quite charming and very gracious as i said because he could be sick of the whole harry potter. >> usually we get celebrities don't talk about seinfeld, don't talk about anything i'm famous for. so it is nice that he actually was. >> are you going to the festival. >> i might. >> i read all of the books. >> sue wants to go renaissance festival and be in will go with her. >> i can't find one person i'm not going to that. >> why not? >> i have been. >> i'll get you the turkey leg >> i could eat a turkey leg. >> tell me about beyonce. >> she's back, honey did you see her last night at tidal benefit concert. this is only the beginning. she's looking good. wait until you see the gown and wait until you see purse she's carrying, my gosh. >> really. >> yes.
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okay. i'll be saying beyonce report. >> she came out for a good cause she made an appearance at tidal benefit concert last night and you know beyonce she does not just show up she shows out. this benefits all of the people affected by hurricane harvey, irma head lined by her husband, of course, is that re an a? i can't tell. j lo was on stage, several roc nation artists, chris rock, chris brown, and during his set jay-z performed his due it with beyonce bonnie and clyde but beyonce did not make a cameo on stage. >> she didn't. >> no, she's still on maternity leave. >> okay. >> she still has internet but ting, look at this dress, honey, um, um, um. >> look at all of those gems on the fingers. >> yes. >> everybody is saying she's
9:42 am
back. she looks like money. she was carrying money. look at this. she's gorgeous. and she has been posting showing her way waste line could it be after having twins she's already back to her, pre baby weight? i don't know. >>is that a clutch that looks like money is that what it is. >> exactly mike when you are extremely rich, it is not enough to care money around, you have to care around diamond encrusted money. >> so money in your money. i'm so richie got money in my money. >> you know the girls she has a lip gloss, credit card in it >> but it is a cool clutch. >> um-hmm. >> she had money on her mind and mind on her money. >> i like that. i may talk about that with gabriel union. what does count down clock say i never met her. what does it say? >> count down to gabriel union >> one day, nine hours and 47 minutes. >> and i have to say, so many people because i tweeted her last night. she didn't respond.
9:43 am
people are tweeting her mike and alex want to interview you on fox 29. thank you to everybody tweet ing. tweet her and try to get her attention to have her on the show, tweet at, you know, that symbol gabriel u and she has been tweeting this morning she might see it. if you bombard her with tweets >> with basketball season her husband played last night, right. >> she has been busy, book tour we will need more wine. >> so she's alone. that is not what i meant. she's not in cleveland. >> and just said being mary jane they will cancel bet, yes >> which is irritating to me. one of the best shows on tv. >> yes. >> if she makes it on the show is there only 23 hours away. >> we're excited. >> i am, totally. we have to get to these hot toys people on twitter want to know where can i get the five hottest toys out there right now. joy, do you have them. >> i got them. >> what is that called. >> this is finger leesy heard
9:44 am
about that. >> monkey business. >> monkeying around. >> how much they are, we will tell you.
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9:46 am
take a look at the pocono mountains i love these shots, sue in 15 seconds because you can see changing of the leaves , colors, they are changing. will weather change? find out in 15 seconds
9:47 am
sunshine taking care of us a little bit we have warmed in the 50's in philadelphia, 53 degrees, wilmington at 51. we're whooping 56 in wildwood and 47 still, up in the poconos mountains. average high 66 degrees. yesterday we were below average with that high of 61, at 10 degrees and you have today's high 71. we're still in the lower zero seven's thursday, friday, gorgeous day all of them, good weather extends in the weekend saturday for our all highamers walk and sunday for paws for a cause which we just featured here on good day philadelphia next chance of rain not until monday late in the day, when we have an eagles game at home we will work on that between now and then. that is your seven day forecast. lets look at the toys, guys. >> lets do that because we have kid around you will be pointing at the screen i want
9:48 am
this, that, karen is playing with them. if you have kid, nieces, nephews, pay attention because these toys you need to get now , because they will be sold out by the time holidays come. >> these are things that are hard to find, let's bring in joey portman who sees all of the stuff. >> you broke open the hatch mal. this is new one, the twins, kid will love them, they are very loved, fun but they are not my pick for the season. my pick that i think parents will to have stand in line for are these little guys. these are fingerlings, here is a cutie. put it on like that, okay. >> okay. >> and then what does it do. >> you can, go on top, some of them bark. >> yes. >> so she's like wait a minute whatever, we will make him do it a little while. rub him on top. clap together, play together.
9:49 am
they are $15. there are six of the little monkeys, that is zoey, and rimes with joey. the one parents will struggle is gigi the unicorn because they are special they are not monkeys. so that was one hard to get. only get it at toys-r-us, get it at sold out. would i get that already. be careful on amazon don't want to get them with no monkey fingers. >> that is how you can tell the difference. >> i don't know i'm just guessing. >> this will be the hot toy. >> yes. >> there is other cool things too. >> let's talk about this, this is fun because it is big. >> wow, you scared me. >> yes. >> my gosh. >> it takes over your house, guys. it will take over your house. what is really funnies, there is a voice changer that go with it. my son can tell you thousand play. >> that looks expensive. >> this is about a hundred dollars. >> yes. >> that is your splurge. >> that is the one grandparents or whoever will get, of course, santa claus
9:50 am
brings a splurge every now and then this will make life easier for mom, it is called make up, so cool if you have blocks this is a tape thaw can put on anything. it will make a mom happy because you don't to have carry those big lego tables in your house anymore. i used a stool. stick it up. easy to do. >> that is a life safer. >> any surface then. >> yes, glass, wall, i love it >> very cool. >> she is are shop kins hey todd buy this for a producer one time is that what this is. >> no, they are really big. everything that is squeezey, fidgets, the tangles, they are so many different things out there kid are squeezing these on you tube and then watching them coming backup. like watching paint dry, they love it. everything is unicorn this is year. >> what is the name of these. >> these guys are smooches. >> will buy my kid marshmallow s. >> is there a turn off button
9:51 am
which is always important. >> thank you they have cute little things. when it opened these up they pop out you get a piece to make it like this. >> trying to find it here. right here, there you go. >> open it up this way. >> yes. >> cool. >> real quickly what is this. >> this is part of it. >> this is a different kind. this is big thing parents cannot fine last one on the shelf at target. they are $70 with -- >> just explain we have break ing news, mike is ready to tell us is what going on. >> yeah, sky fox is over a situation this is not good overbrook section of the city, that is overbrook high school recognize that immediately. they are on lock down at overbrook high school a teacher has toll us that a couple of people, including two or three teachers did hear a gunshot and then a student mentioned that they saw another student running from the building and running down
9:52 am
the street. at lee two people said they heard a gunshot at overbrook high school and that is why the school is on lock down, gathering more information, we will be right back. chris brown: a fighter for the working men and women of atlantic county. brown fought for what's right by taking on trenton special interests and
9:53 am
standing up to chris christie's takeover of atlantic city. he fought to protect jobs in our region and to defeat the north jersey casinos. and now brown is working to keep atlantic county affordable for families and retirees. let's keep chris brown fighting for us. chris brown for state senate, he's on our side.
9:54 am
so i'm calling to see if you can help me save on my energy bill. we can do that. great. i live in a post-war, pre-war, mid-century home and the heating system is a turbine, hvac, reverse hydrogen, boiler pipe unit. well sir, peco can visit your home and show you how to save up to 20% a year. ♪ hmmmm. you don't have to be an expert. because now peco will visit your home and help you save. peco. the future is on.
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welcome back 9:55 right back to breaking news we have sky fox up over overbrook high school we are taking a look at the front of the building right there. you can see a lot of police vehicles out front of the building. we know school is on lock down after a teacher said they heard a gunshot in the school. there is a student who says he saw another student run out of the school with a gun. that is what they are investigating, that is why the school is on lock down, right now. you can see a number of officials outside on the steps of that building right in front of the arch of that building, very historic, on a hilly area in overbrook. one of our larger high schools most certainly. it does look like clearly the
9:56 am
students are inside and those are police officials, you see white shirts, commanders there on the scene assessing what is happening inside and there are also, school police, so as soon as we get more information, we will stay on top of this right now but they are on top of it and investigating. lets take a lot at mural and mike and alex. >> it is done, we love it. >> thank you. >> where did you grow up. >> grew up in philadelphia area. >> where did you go to school. >> university arts. >> it paid off. >> it did, right. >> so that is me down there, as a fox. >> you are pretty foxy too. >> thank you. >> i really like it. did you this with spray paint. >> yes, spray paint, most of what we do all of the murals we paint are a combination of those spray paint and recycled paint. we prime the walls using recycles material and then we layer over that with spray paint to get more details. >> beautifully done, excuse
9:57 am
helicopter noise but alex, what do you think, that is alex, right. >> yes. >> it looks lovely, thank you. i love it too. >> okay real quickly here you are making money or giving art supplies to schools. >> we have starter box initiative a project that we started with different drop box locations set up, with different partnering businesses, all of those businesses can be found on our web site very create i have .org, toys for tots, you go drop art supplies, we collect them all and we are donating them to publish school art teachers who are extremely under funded. >> yes. >> because arts are leaving our schools and we need to bring it back. so v-u-r-t. >> yes, virtual urban renewal and transformation. >> lets keep art going. >> thanks very much. >> my pleasure. >> what will we do with it. >> i say we leave it up, it is a mural. >> all right. we will leave it up. what if i put that in my apartment. come over and see my fox. >> sneaky like a fox. >> see you tomorrow everybody
9:58 am
have a good day.
9:59 am
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