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tv   FOX 29 News at 6PM  FOX  October 18, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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police say after he shot and killed three people and injured three others in two states. he is still out there tonight and he may just be in the wilmington area. we want to show you a picture of the man police are looking for. take good look. 37-year-old radee prince with addresses in wilmington and in maryland. the hartford county maryland sheriff's office says prince walk into the advance granite solution shop in edgewood, maryland, this morning just before 9:00 where he shot five people. three of them are dead. two of them in critical condition. he then headed north. police say prince then drove about an hour and 45 minutes to a wilmington used car dealership on the 2800 block of northeast avenue where he shot an employee there twice. that man survived. now, police say he knew and had history with all of his victims. but where he is now is anyone's
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guess. >> this guy can be any w look at the states. we have new jersey, pennsylvania and maryland in such close proximity of wilmington and how quick did he get from edgewood, maryland, took about an hour drive to get here. so he can be anywhere but, you know, we have technology we're seven searching to see if that plate crossed anyplace with, you know, ez pass or red light technology. >> reporter: now police now are working on the biggest clue to help find this guy. they say he was last seen driving a 2008 black gmc acadia with the delaware license plate pc64273. now, police call prince armed and dangerous and desperate from records he is now, f what we understand a long criminal history including 15 felony convictions. if you see this man, you know where he is, you've seen this car, please call 911 immediately. iain. >> chris, thank you.
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skyfox over brandywine high school earlier today where several delaware schools were locked down for a time as authorities were looking for that gunman. wilmington police say they are leaving it up to the individual school districts to decide whether to stay open or close during the manhunt. here's another look at the suspect and the car he was last seen driving. if you have any information at all, authorities have set up two tip lines. they are at the bottom of your screen. still ahead a live report from that maryland business targeted later in the news raft of cast. jerry sandusky will not get a new trial on child sex abuse charges a judge today denying the former penn state assistant football coach's request. was wrongfully convicted for sexually abusing young boys. he argued that he had ineffective counsel. he also claims prosecutors should have disclosed more details about changes in victim' stories. the judge says the bulk of sandusky's claims lacked merit. he is serving a 30 to 60 year
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prison sentence. >> parents in coatesville chester county are worried and mad over what they say are a series of racist incidents. some choosing to keep their kids home from school even marching to the school in protest. our jeff cole talked to some parents and students at coatesville high school. >> reporter: the display of the lynching of a black child found in the high school here last week drew a loud protest today. some parents say they want action. the school district says it's doing just that. not far from school district grounds protesters urged motorists to blow their horns against racism. they say they're outraged over an ugly display depicting the lynching of a black child found in the high school locker room. >> it was disgusting. it was a little girl doll being hung. it was unbearable. >> reporter: school district says the doll hanging from the ceiling which fox 29 will not show was placed there by a member of the cross country team later images appeared online of
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pumpkins carved with kkk and swastikas with what appears to be students in the background. fearing racial tension in the high school james king kept his son shaheem home wednesday. >> i kept him home because i'm worried about him. i'm worried somebody might do something to him and if he tries to retaliate or defend himself, he'll be a victim. >> honk against racism! >> reporter: the group of about a dozen protesters marched to the school where is about 200 students joined them in a loud but ordinarily rally in seeing things like this goss going on it's not us. this not what we do. this is what we do. we come together as one. >> reporter: some parents charged the district has under played the incident and failed to quickly act. the superintendent says they're talking to students about race and investigating the doll incident. >> these acts will not define us. racism will not be tolerated in te coatesville area school district. and we will continue to spend of day and educate students, staff and our community to make sure
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that we have a school that is inclusive and tolerant of the difference that is we value. >> reporter: district says it's asked police to determine whether this is a hate crime, cross country runners say it was not. what seems clear is that racial tensions exist here. in coatesville, i'm jeff cole, fox 29 news. a new jersey man caught in a statewide child pornography sweep learning his fate today. judge sentencing 56-year-old bruce davis to five years in jail. davis was arrested in 2016 as part of operation statewide which traced child pornography files shared on peer to peer networks. police say they found more than a hundred miles files of child pornography on davis' laptop. new jersey state police arrested 40 men last year as part of that operation. skyfox over a lock down at overbrook my school earlier this morning where a teacher heard a loud noise sounded like gunshots in the hallway. another student says he saw a student running out of the building with a gun. but philadelphia police checked
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out the school and didn't find anything. the lock down was lifted about an hour later. police in chester investigate a possible shooting earlier today. skyfox over the scene on the 1200 block of clover lane about noon today. police still not releasing any specifics. well, philadelphia city officials are taking action tonight to prevent crimes on one of the city's most popular jogging and biking paths. >> this is after a series of violent attacks as well as sexual assaults along a schuylkill river trail. our bruce gordon joins us live tonight at the entrance of the trail at 25th and locust. bruce? >> reporter: iain, the trail along here, the schuylkill river trail, may not be any more dangerous than a typical philadelphia neighborhood, but the assaults, the attacks that have taken place along this stretch of as fall got a whole lot of attention and so city officials needed to act. when the sun is out the schuylkill river trail through center city is a beehive of activity. but when darkness decedents on this trail most folks steer clear. >> you wouldn't like to be out
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here at night. >> no. just in general i don't like going out at night too much on the trail you never know whose here. >> reporter: half dozen violent attacks or sexual assaults some guy gangs of kids on bikes over the past two years have pushed city officials to act. first they repaired and replaced broken lighting along the trail. then they installed clearer mile markers eye so crime victims could more accurately report their location. and on wednesday, work crews were busy installing the first of 21 security cameras along the trail. to better keep an eye on things. the city council president's office will share the $150,000 price tag with the office of district councilman kenyata johnson. >> if you're outside enjoying yourself, any public space here in the city of philadelphia that you should feel safe. >> reporter: camera installation will take about two weeks. long-term the city wants to install call boxes along the trail. the type scene on college campuses. >> we want to have call boxes
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because oftentimes if you're out here running and you don't have a cell phone, we don't want a person to be stranded when it comes to calling the philadelphia police depth. >> reporter: joggers we talked to had mixed feelings about the arrival of new cameras. >> between that and the lighting, you know, it's been proven that makes people feel safer. who is watching the security cameras would also concern me. like a lot of places have security cameras. it doesn't mean it's safe. >> reporter: well, at first at least these new cameras will not be monitored in real time by police. the goal, however s to have them linked to police so that they can be alert to do crimes win seconds at worst minutes of the them actually happening and put those cameras to use to see if they can find the bad guys high tailing it out of here. again, everything that's being done can be done to try and put -- turn up the heat on the bad guys out here make things safe. iain. >> bruce, do you understand good. thank you. now to your fox wine weather
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authority. as we look at center city tonight. really kind of nice day out there today. >> as we close in on the end of october we know it can't last too much longer. meteorologist kathy orr joins us now with a first check of your forecast at six. kathy, iain and i are enjoying this weather. >> it is sure pretty out there, senate? >> yeah. >> with temperatures going well above normal. we're looking at washington square mall. this of course is in cape may where it's just a beautiful day. wall to wall sunshine from the north to the south and look at these temperatures. very uniformed. the lehigh valley berks county, allentown and reading in the lower 70s. philadelphia the same. atlantic city 71. trenton 72. wilmington 71 degrees with sunshine, dry air low humidity and not much wind. right now everyone in the 60s the poconos 62. 66 in wilmington. 65 in millville. down the shore, really pretty day with a southwesterly wind the ocean water temperature down to 65 and air temperatures in the mid to upper 60s. just a pleasant day indeed. overnight tonight, low temperatures are going to fall back into the 40s but it will be
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much more comfortable come tomorrow morning. 45 in the poconos. 49 in philadelphia. millville 47 and dover 47 degrees. now as we go hour by hour tonight. if you're going out this evening skies will be clear temperature around 69. humidity will be low. there won't be much of a wind. so no wind chills. very pleasant. 9:00 o'clock temperature 62. we don't really fall back into the 50's till about the 11:00 o'clock hour at 59 degrees. coming up we'll talk about temperatures going even warmer for this unusual october. and then how quickly they're going to fall. we'll take a look at the extended forecast coming up in just a few minutes. all right, kathy, thanks. coming up, a shocking crime. targeting churches in north philadelphia. what's being done to stop the thieves before they strike aga again. kristen? >> nba is back and it's time for the 76ers to start backing all that talk. hear from the team on how they plan to live up to the expectations set for them ahead in sports. paulsboro's a very proud community.
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♪ could thieves be targeting churches on a busy strip in in north philadelphia. >> joyce evans spoke to parishioners in the area who feel burglars are zeroing in on them. >> reporter: breaking into somebody's prompt is really bad. when you steal things, that's worse. when it's a church, come on. but when you see how the thieves broke into this place and what they bagged up, how low can you go? >> that shiny but they're not worth anything. >> reporter: this pack as much as they could using the church's collection bags. >> they didn't actually get away them because we up to them outside. >> they didn't get these. they tore it apart just looking for a few dollars. >> they caused a lot of damage cleanup and repairs to saint holmesburg that like many churches can't really afford extra expenses. burglars just hit the parish school last may stealing money and breaking the kids trophies.
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>> i'm thinking maybe this is where they went in because this lock was snapped. >> reporter: but first charge maintenance supervisor joe says -- >> testified that window with a rock. >> reporter: to make sure no alarm would sound. >> once inside, joe says the crooks wound their way through the basement cat at a combs. they rivaled through the building. the sanctuary, even the church choir loft. >> i don't know what they were looking for up there but they were up there. >> reporter: so the thieves were done rummaging and pillaging the church but they just couldn't resist trying one more door. >> when they broke the glass, they were able to put their arm inside and open the bolts. >> the alarm went off. >> reporter: the thieves dropped everything and took off. a few days later,. >> down towards that fence there into pennypack park,. >> land scape% stumbled across cases of wine. saint dominic communion wine. >> that would be the wine that
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you drink the blood of christ. >> reporter: between the repairs inside the church and security systems being installed stalled, thieves have set back saint dominic tens of thousands of dollars at least. still father says pray for them. >> let's pray for these people actually that they get caught, um, before something bad happens. >> reporter: or something worse. in holmesburg, joyce evans fox 29 news. >> delaware county has a message for amazon them want to be the home of the company's second headquarters. today county officials announced that summit add proposal to serve as a sight for the company. city of chester joining a number of other towns in cities across the country and right in our area in the competition local officials say chester's location between new york city and washington, d.c. is one of the many reasons why it's the perfect choice. they say this could transform the entire community.
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>> in this area is ripe for develpment. we have a diverse and highly skilled and educated labor for force. we're business friendly community and delaware county is on the move. >> amazon plans to invest $5 billion in construction for its second headquarters and create 50,000 new jobs. back to your fox 29 weather authority now. as we take live look at rehoboth beach in delaware. actually wasn't bad day to hit beach a little chilly maybe. >> maybe but we know this can't last. we hope it will, though. kathy orr. >> it's unbelievable. >> i'm soaking it all in because as many people have said, we know what's coming. >> yeah. >> don't we? >> behind me we're looking at the bay side in cape may and you can see it looks like a painti painting. sunset getting closer and closer with very pretty colors being scattered tonight. so you'll see a lot of those oranges and reds. temperatures right now still in the 60s. winds out of the southwest at 7 miles an hour.
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temperatures pretty uniform in the 60s with that nice southerly flow on this objection afterno afternoon. pottstown 66. trenton 69. wrightstown still at 64 degrees. comfortable night. mild for now, but getting pretty warm over the next couple of days. not just 70 or 71 into the mid 70s. this week will be very dry. thursday, friday, saturday, sunday don't even worry about rain. we're going to be just seeing dry conditions and plenty of sunshine. but we are going see a pattern change. the coldest air so far this fall was a little bit earlier in the week. we'll see another shot of that. a series of cold fronts will be moving through early next week and this is just a little bit of a preview. a big pattern change. so we're in the 70s now. that will last through at least monday. but after that, the big chill moves in. temperatures will be falling. monday's high 76. tuesday 69. wednesday 62. next thursday only 58 degrees. that's where some of our lows have been as of late. so the cool air is coming. the end of october around the
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next couple of weeks into halloween below average temperatures expected after the first half of the month running about ten to 15 degrees above normal we're going to get the balance at the end of the month and once that cold air comes in, i do fear that it is going to stick. so enjoy these 70s while we have them. 40s overnight tonight. 45 in the poconos. 43 in pottstown. 49 in philadelphia. 52 in wildwood. that station at rio grant. during the day tomorrow, 69 in pottstown. 71 in allentown. millville 72. wildwood 70. a really nice beach day and in fact i think friday will be and saturday will be and sunday will be as well. why not? head down the shore. friday, 73. saturday we have the walk to end alzheimer's that's in wilmingt wilmington. it's going to be spectacular around 60 late morning and then the afternoon 73 degrees. to 75 degrees in philadelphia. sunday 75. monday the eagles play monday night football the afternoon looks nice. rain begins on tuesday. more clouds on wednesday.
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and that's the start of the decline in temperature but it will feel more like fall and it's supposed to. feeling more like football weather. what do you think, chris tepp? >> definitely does. you know where the weather doesn't matter, though, is inside. nba finally starting back up. we've talked so much this week about minute restrictions and matchups. enough it's time for the sixers to actually play tonight. hear the team talk about why youth and high expectations go hand in hand next in sports. when you're a double-dipping pension-padder like steve sweeney, it's important to maintain a certain... lifestyle. that's why sweeney spent over a hundred grand of his campaign funds on high-priced meals and other gifts. we're talking fine cigars,
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fancy watches, pricey restaurants, and expensive wines - all to charm the type of folks who helped him raise your taxes 145 times. too many in south jersey are struggling. but steve sweeney's looking out for himself, not for us.
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it's time. after some diss appointing seasons, the 76ers are buzzing. their moment is now. this program finally has some real expectations surrounding the team. now it's just time to deliver. head coach brett brown set the bar for this team high. their goal to make the playoffs. it's definitely achievable but in order to do so the young talent on this team will have to grow throughout the season and that process starts tonight. >> the reality that this season has started and you combine that with we get a bunch of 20-year-olds that, you know, are really excited almost like child like excited i say that in a great way, and you know, two important players haven't played a second of nba basketball yet. it's good and exciting vibe. >> ben, me, the whole team we talk about how good we can be. we talked about holding each on the accountable so we can the best that we can be and we think we got a very very bright futu future. >> we talk so much about pro
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athletes using their platforms for good. never more so supplement applied by chris long he's playing for free this season. long announced today he's donating his last september game checks to organizations that help educate under privileged kids. this is after he gave his first six to help his hometown of charlottesville, virginia. class act doesn't even begin to cover it. nfl commissioner goodell says everyone should stand for the national anthem. this is following league meetings still no policy change. when asked about repercussions from owners who want their teams to stand, jerry jones, goodell didn't have anything concrete to say. >> i think our clubs all see this the same way that we want our players to stand. we'll continue to encourage them to stand and we're going continue to work on these issues in the community. we'll address issues. i can't deal with hypotheticals right now. we'll deal with those issues if they come up for us right now that's our focus. alcs all tied up at two a piece. yankees and astros.
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bottom two no score. greg bird deep to right field. new york gets on the board first. it's currently two to nothing new york in the third inning. new york takes it tonight they would go up three-two and then later, got some more baseball as dodgers could possibly sweep the cubs. >> yeah. >> sixers. >> go sixers. >> go sixers. >> all about the sixers tonight. >> all about that. >> looking forward to that. all right. thank you kristen. a mailman called out video shows delivery guy putting a package on the back up a pick up. this navy veteran he's not having it. his response coming up tonight at 10:00 on fox 29. >> and that will do it for us here at 6:00 o'clock. thank you for joining us. >> have a great night. up night it's page six followed by dish nation at 7:00 stay tuned for tmz at 7:30. we'll see you right back here at 10:00. ♪ pat
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. right now on "page 26 tv." who's desperate to take rihanna to the prom and will she say yes. where did beyonce and j-lo join looking like this? all the answers right now on "page six" tv. and taking us inside today's headlines we have "page six" reporter, variety writer and host of sirius xm. here are today's top stories. carlos, right off the top you have breaking news. tell me what's going on. >> i just g


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