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tv   FOX 29 News at 11  FOX  October 20, 2017 3:30am-4:00am EDT

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>> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 11. a man going to extremes to get on rooftops in the city and now neighbors want to know why. thanks for joining us tonight at 11. i'm iain page. a man sneakin sneaking into a at buildings to take pictures but of what? fox 29's shawnette wilson joins us live in rittenhouse tonight with detai details. shawnette. >> reporter: iain, police say right now he could be charged with criminal trespass but neighbors fear it could be about more than that. getting a little too creepy out here. >> surveillance video from the dorchester condos on rittenhouse square shows a man philadelphia
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police and counte terrorism are looking for. he entered the building and cut the wire to a door leading to the roof. where he was seen taking pictures. the man then accessed second roof entered the building and took off. this video captures him in the building when it happened monday. >> why is he on 40 some story building and -- >> reporter: taking pictures. >> what are you taking pictures that you can't take pictures from the ground. >> reporter: people in rittenhouse square are concerned about the incident but police say it's not the only one. investigators believe the same man got into the soness at a hotel at 1800 mark street and forced entry to the roof door twice once on september 25th then again on the 27th. some say it's troubling in light of the mass shooting earlier this month in las vegas. >> we always think about that even if we just go to areas or events that somebody could be there. >> reporter: counter terrorist expert ed turzanski says the incidents are a reason for caution. >> you have legitimate purpose, you ask. if you don't, it's safe for to
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us assume that you're doing something that's certainly improper if not illegal. if not lethal. >> reporter: and police have only a vague description of the suspect they do point out in one incident he was carrying a town long board style skateboard. iain. >> shawnette, thanks. septa service back up and running after a person was hit and killed by train. skyfox over the fern rock station during rush hour where police say a train hit a man in his 60s around 3:30. he died about half hour later. both the warminster and west trenton lines were suspended. there's still no word on the circumstances and tonight folks in one philadelphia neighborhood are pleading for people to come forward with any information in a deadly hit-and-run. it's now day five and still no sign of driver who hit a 57-year-old man in southwest philadelphia. fox 29's dave kinchen is live at philadelphia police headquarters with more on this story. dave? >> reporter: iain, hearts are breaking because neighbors will
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never see this man walking the streets. he always walked again and they're also angry because they can't believe people who may have seen something have not come forward with information to get that driver off the street. >> somebody knows something. >> reporter: somebody snows something. >> somebody knows something. >> reporter: somebody knows who was driving this gray van philly police say hit a 57 southwest philadelphia neighbor known as u nc heartbreaking death taking place this past sunday night. accident investigators say the dodge caravan or chrysler town and country was speeding and hit unc while crossing the street. >> he's a nice guy. why would somebody run him down and keep on going. >> reporter: neighbors say there's a big problem. >> people around here scared to say something. >> reporter: people are scared to say something. >> scared to say something because this is a messed up neighborhood, man. you got all kind of people here. >> very good to be honest. when you see something you say it. that's the best way to be a good citizen. >> reporter: the code of
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silent on the streets standing in the wave justice for a man always seen with his cane. >> whatever happened, he should have stopped. >> reporter: police say the van may have damage to the front end along with a busted windshield and if the driver is watching this now, there's a message from the people who live here. >> turn yourself in. it could have been an accident. you know, i mean, hey, did you something wrong. cull on, stand up to it. >> reporter: so maybe you live in the area where this happened or nearby, if you have some information, call police or maybe you're on the other side of town and you recognize something you were in that area at the time, give philadelphia police a call. they always remind to us tell you you can be anonymous when you call. back to you, iain. >> all right, dave, let's hope someone comes forward. thank you. fairmount residents are rallied after a zero receives robberies at gun point in their neighborhood in just the past week. police say it started sunday night when there were two robberies between 8:00 and 9:00 p.m. one on the corner of 22nd and
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brown. the other at 2500 poplar street. then there were two robberies near 27th on tuesday night. authorities do believe the same person was behind all four and are now looking for the area nor surveillance video in hopes of identifying the suspect. >> definitely told my wife and kid about it and they're not going out past dark. >> just part of the neighborhood unfortunately here in the metro city. you know, just something you got to be careful with. >> police say the suspects attempt a e to to go take both cash and cell phones. bucks county school taking some extra security measures after a dear carcass was found hanging in a field. skyfox over war memorial field at central bucks west high in doylestown where this all happen. the district says it has told police and those responsible will face discipline. security is now being stepped up tonight and tomorrow with the upcoming football game central bucks east on saturday. surprise appearance emotional speech by white house chief of staff general john kelly. this as the pentagon launches an
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investigation into the deaths of the four u.s. soldiers killed in niger. fox's lauren blanchard explains. >> it stuns me that a member of congress would have listened in on that conversation. that was sacred. >> reporter: white house chief of staff john kelly speaking out today in defense of president trump's call to the widow of a fallen american soldier. he's been criticized by representative frederica wilson who says he was disrespectful. >> let's not let this maybe last thing that's held sacred, let's try to somehow keep that sacred. >> reporter: this comes as congress is pushing to learn more about the mission in niger. >> have you been briefed. >> nope. >> armed services committee chairman senator john mccain tells fox he wants answers in the attack that killed four and wounded two u.s. service members two weeks ago. >> what steps will you take -- >> may require a subpoena.
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>> reporter: james mattis said a full investigation is underway in the pentagon. >> any time we commit our troops anywhere it's based on answering a simple first question and that is, well-being of the american people sufficiently enhanced by putting our troops there. >> reporter: senators are demanding hearings hearings and why congressional armed services committees have not been brief briefed. >> the delay as much as the non disclosure is a cause for very grave concern. >> congresswoman frederica wilson responded late today to kelly's criticism saying he's just trying to keep his job. meanwhile, president george w. bush speaking at the spirit of liberty event today in new york. the 43rd president talked about bigotry, bullying and white supremacy in his comments and said political discourse today has been degraded by casual cruelty.
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our young people need positive role models. bullying and prejudice in our public life sets a national tone provides vision for cruelty and bigotry and compromises the moral education of children. only way to pass along civic values is to first live up to them. thursday's event was meant to examine the challenges democracy faces in the us and around the world. a fire at a cherry hill apartment building this week sent a young family running for their lives. they ended up at a place where cooking and community intersect and our bruce gordon spent this name at the cherry hill diner. >> thank you for having the other night. >> thank you. >> so very welcome. >> reporter: justin sacks took his daughters back to the cherry hill diner thursday night to show their appreciation for an act of kindness that wasn't technically on the menu. >> thank you so much. >> they were really really incredible how just as a
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commune -- little community diner and they were really showing what community is at that point. >> reporter: before midnight monday the family was driven from their place at the colonial apartments next door by a raging fire that damaged 32 units. before long justin, 12-year-old and eight-year-old daughters both still in their pajamas showed up at the diner tired, teary eyed and in need of a bathroom. >> any booth you want, sit down, please, you know, can i get you hot chocolate? anything you need. cowan coffee? >> reporter: rover night manager diane was in charge that night. >> i can't explain how i felt that night. helpless, like what can i do? i have to do something. i just had to do something. >> reporter: diane and her crew brought out hot food, hot drinks, even offered up a back booth for layla to get some sleep. >> did they give you hot chocolate? um-hmm. >> reporter: how was that? >> it was yummy. >> reporter: not a bad deal, huh? >> over the next hour and a half, more fire victims showed up at the diner.
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firefighters and emt' twos each getting the same royal treatment. when it was timing to, diane waived off justin' as tempt to pay. she came to this diner as teenager long before coming to work here. she knows it's a special place in the community. a place where compassion is served up whenever it's needed. >> i would want somebody to do it for me. i would want somebody to do it for my children. it's just the right thing to do. >> reporter: the sacks family safe and sound in their apartment now. secure in the knowledge when trouble comes around, friends, fellowship and, yes, food are right around the corner in cherry hill, i'm bruce gordon, fox 29 news. a teen caught breaking into a gym it's happened more than once but when police were called, well, he got quite the surprise. and do you have seven minutes? there's an app out there saying a seven minute workout will help you keep fit. what dr. says it's not wrong. scott? beautiful, mild temperatures for now but get ready for
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pattern change as we head toward next week. we'll go hour by hour with the timing of a fall push of air. >> bill anderson got a little taste of that fall air he went on adventure repelling down a >> testing. >> ment. >> testing. >> testing. bound school helps teaches kids abou about -- adults through adventure. why an adventure. , bill. good for you.
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tonight investigators looking for clues what set the alleged gunman off in that said deadly shooting in maryland and delaware. court documents say radee prince had a history of violence with co-workers. he's accused of opening fire on his colleagues in edgewood, married, near baltimore l baltimore yesterday killing three and hurting two others. police also say he tried to kill the owner of a used car lot in wilmington. that's where he's facing attempted murder charges tonight. his bail has been set at over $2 million. people who know the owner jason ball tell fox 29 he's doing well considering all he went through. >> he's hanging in there. he's kicking. he's breathing. he's talking back. he's able to respond. he's able to move. so he's doing pretty well. >> jason is very cool. his family, awesome. he's never had a problem with
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nobody at all. it's like, you know, very heart touching right now that owes going through this and the family and everything. >> an attorney for jason ball says prince was jealous of his client's business success the pair had battled in court. prosecutors say a man lead police on wild foot chase that ended up in a trash can. 23-year-old duvonte williams accused of using a fake id to rent a car at enterprise in wilmington yesterday and then once employees got suspicious, they called 911. when police got there, they say williams ran away. but they eventually found him in trash can. so he's now facing theft and resisting arrest charges. illinois police officer catches a teen trespassing not only does he not punish him but he makes sure he won't need to trespass again. teen vincent gonzales was a frequent visitor to export fitness outside chicago even after his member shim expired. the gym warned him he was trespassing and called police. luckily, officer valenti was the first on the scene and after sizing up the kid decided to
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help him out and pay 150 bucks of his own to pay for year of the kid's membership. >> get satisfaction out of helping people especially consider our job is so negative when you can do something that gives you some type of positive reinforcement, you know, we always look to do that. >> i think that was real nice. i teched him his name is officer val len thai. i teched him and said thank you that meant a lot. >> kindness inspires kindness. gym then waived the fees and set the teen up for the next two years on the house. so good job there. for your health tonight there's an app saying seven minute workout might help you keep fidget at least one doctor says the seven minute workout may not be as long as you do the workout correct. since it's seven minutes it's supposed to be higher intensity if one works out into the correct intensity and isn't lazy the seven minute workout can doing its job. so the doctor recommends people check with their doctor first to make sure their heart is capable of handling the exhaustion.
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all right. one thing you can't explain about is the -- complain about is the weather. will it stay this nice are for the weakened. >> absolutely. those temperatures will go up a little bit over the neck several days. high temperature today was 72 degrees. we'll be in the mid 70s by the upcoming weekend as that sunny stretch of nice weather it will continue right through the upcoming weekend. some great leaf peeping opportunities as you head north and west toward the pocono mountains this weekend as well. some tuesday showers in the offing with a front behind that front. get ready for a full chill as we move toward the latter part of next week but in the time being, high pressure prominent and dominant for much of the eastern two-thirds of the united states. really dry conditions. we need the rainfall about an inch below so far for the month of october. look at the temperatures right now. 61 philadelphia. 54 degrees in allentown. 57 right now in atlantic city and 59 in wildwood. so overnight tonight, temperatures dip into the upper 40s for the lehigh valley
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sections of pottstown 48 degrees. mid fours for mount pocono. 52 in millville. 56 in wildwood. a fantastic friday. a perfect ten a lot of sunshine. temperatures above average for this time of year. 73 to 74 philadelphia and millville. 71 in reading. 60s in the poconos. low 70s down the shore. so high pressure in control for friday, for saturday into the upcoming weekend but early next week clouds start to thicken on monday. we have the game at the linc monday night i think it's mostly cloudy, the rain off to the west, but overnight monday into tuesday, that frontal boundary arrives with the rainfall and we need it maybe half an inch or little more north and west. then behind that frontal boundary toward the middle part of next week, that's that cool push of fall air with the pattern change. tumbling temperatures by thursday of next week. high temperatures only in the upper 50's but here's the bottom line. a fantastic friday, 74 degrees.
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75 on saturday. beautiful for the walk to end alzheimer's in wilmington. we're looking at temperatures 7. 77 on monday. clouds roll in. the game should stay dry then overnight into tuesday we're looking at those showers upper 60s. 64 degrees on wednesday. upper 50s for high temperatures by next thursday. here's that kickoff forecast. the redskins versus the eagles, next monday it's mostly cloudy. temperatures by kickoff upper 60s to right around 70. there could be once again that spotty shower after the game. we'll continue to monitor that and looking ahead, halloween in 12 days. thanksgiving 35 days away and christmas would you look at th that, sketch days away. note movement. more and more woman have come forward in the past few days to share their stories of
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sexual harassment after the fall of harvey weinstein. the powerful hollywood mogul had been protected for years by his own company. others who knew but wouldn't say anything and a culture of complicity enabling how far peaveys seive is sexual harassment just this week a poll found that more than half of american women have experienced unwanted and inappropriate sexual advances from men. more than half. fallout from the did he mice of harvey weinstein has now spawned a movement on social media. hash tag me too. the goal of the movement to give people a sense every the magnitude of the problem. horrific as the allegations against weinstein have been, more problematic is the sense that the behavior is not uncommon. the power of me too is it's taking something women have long kept quiet about and making people understand just how common sexual harassment and assault is. it's getting men and women to stand up and talk it's not easy. men have got to step up and change the culture. if you tolerate inappropriate behavior, you're nurturing a
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culture in which it can thrive. so if you see a situation at your job, do you let it go? what if it were your mother? sister? even your daughter. maybe you've got brother or father who can do better. we all have to do better. no one gets a pass. we can't let them win. we've known about the weinsteins of the world for a long time. now we're beginning to understand the magnitude of the problem. there's a long way to go. so what are we going to do about it? will we change? let's hope so. ♪ kristen, what's coming up in sports? >> iain you can root root root for the home team i was you will want but when you target other fans, no. my take on
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>> there's home field advantage and then there's excessive hostility. kristen rodgers claryfies where to draw the line. her commentary in 15 seconds.
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♪ home field advantage is one thing. but saying fans should keep you at home, well that's going a step too far in my book. redskins running back chris thompson toll his family to not go to the game on monday night at the linc because of the nature of eagles fans. are you kidding me? this is just way too much. don't get me wrong. eagles fans are rowdy but as rodney mcleod said today that just shows their passion. how seriously they take the game and how badly they want the eagles to win. eagles fans can be harsh on visiting teams. they shout things, they chan, but isn't that the point of home field advantage? as for fan on fan violence, that is where it crosses the line. there is no reason to call out safety of fans at a stadium. they're here to watch game. can we please have some sanity? this is a game. it's not live or death. the engineers should be directed on the field not off of it. so go ahead and root like crazy, eagles fans.
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make sure it's the redskins players that know they are not welcome. iain? >> all right, kristen, thanks. up next of course it's tmz followed by page six at midnight then stay tuned for "the q", q-it up at 12:30 and of course it is the simpsons. yeah, i mean, eagles fans are passionate. everyone knows that. no one will get hurt. it's all right. >> they shall just know where to draw the line. >> absolutely. like that -- the guy at the panthers game. >> yeah. that's where you draw the line. >> you don't swing at a guy. >> that crosses the line. >> exactly. >> monday should be rocking at the linc. it will be lit. >> rain is going to hold off. >> good. >> whoo! >> we'll be fired at the it will -- at the linc. we're back here at 4:00 a.m. for "good day philadelphia". thanks for watching. have a great night. ♪
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right now disturbing text, fights and disciplinary action racials tensions at a new jersey high school who is stepping in. take a look at this guy who is that? why is it breaking under rooftops in center city on apartment buildings? disappearing act, parents getting the scare of their lives what you need to know about the 48 hour challenge. all right, dad it is a friday, tgif and we have our 76ers back in action tonight. it is our season hoper at home we are ready for the game. >> trust te process. >> we're doing it. good day, everybody it is october 20th we have the gang here we have bob kelly, hoist off and thomas off, thank you for coming in. >> appreciate it. >> good morning. >> amazing weather.
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>> yes. >> liking it so far. >> i love it, a lot. >> do you want a couple more? okay. we have another one for you today, i believe i gave you double digits once again. it is a 10 and on a friday a tennis even more reason to smile. just like bus stop buddy already has his shade on for later on. temperatures are in the 40's and 50's. not as chilly as this week. 56 degrees right now in philadelphia. we have a westerly wind and about 8 miles an hour, just a little breeze but a tranquil morning, and 7:17 is now your sunrise time. checking some other temperatures 48 in lancaster. fifty-two wilmington delaware. starting the day off with 57, in rehoboth, and mays landing at 47. and, up in allentown, we're at 50 degrees. that takes us through the region. how about a beautiful autumn day to day fantastic friday. we will be about 57 degrees by 8:00. sixty-nine at noon. it is 74 should be our high
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temperature today. that is your forecast for friday, we have got the seven day coming up in just a few minutes but we will check traffic right now at 4:00 o'clock. we will start off with road work and that is all it is, mostly this time of the day, construction, and this is the schuylkill westbound, the off ramp to conshohocken. that is on the left-hand side of the screen. you can see flashing lights to warn you bit. we will pick this up at 5:00 but it will slow you down in the meantime. also that usual road work on the schuylkill westbound at south street, again, that will go on until 5:00 o'clock, and then shot of the vine street expressway it looks like everything is going fine, in fact, we cannot even count one car on the vine, this morning but you know that will change, in a couple of hours, bill and karen. >> absolutely, thank you. straight up 4:00 o'clock, we want to get to this racially charged text message for one high school student to another , now affecting an entire community in south jersey. the student


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