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tv   Teen Kids News  FOX  October 22, 2017 2:30pm-3:00pm EDT

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(energetic music) - welcome to teen kids news. i'm livia. let's begin with our top story for this week. (dynamic music) soccer's not supposed to be a contact sport, yet contact happens a lot. and that results in injuries a lot. but as emily reports, there are things you can do to make you less prone to getting hurt a lot. - [emily] soccer is one of the top school sports across the u.s. more than three million boys and girls take to the pitch. and an increasing number of players are getting injured. - i don't remember much, but what i've been told is i was coming out to get a ball and my own teammate's knee collided with my head.
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- [emily] the collision was hard enough to give josh a concussion. that's a type of injury to the brain. - concussions can be very serious for young athletes. - [emily] a sudden hit or jolt can cause the brain to bang against the skull. that may set off chemical changes that could damage brain cells. - it takes young athletes longer to recover from concussions. and if they go back to play too quickly, they can have serious, sometimes lifelong health consequences. - [emily] that's why more and more teens have instituted strict rules for any player with a head injury. - even with the slightest little tap to the head you'll have to go see the trainer, even if you're showing no symptoms, just to make sure that you're okay. - [emily] concussions aren't the only soccer injuries that have risen dramatically since our parents were kids. researchers at nationwide children's hospital report that things like sprains and broken bones have been increasing at an alarming pace. - we found, during this 25 year period, the number of injuries increased by 78%.
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the annual rate of injuries increased by 110%. - but before you think you need to turn in your shin guards for a less combative sport like track, there's some good news. there are some steps that you can take to help reduce your chances of getting hurt. for example, make sure you participate in pre-season conditioning. warm up before every practice and game. - always wear your protective equipment like shin guards and mouth guards, and make sure you're following all the rules. - [emily] josh was back playing goalie about two weeks after his injury. as he says, much as he loves soccer, your health comes first. - definitely think of yourself and your future ahead of the game, because that's more important. - that means that if you get injured, especially a head injury, don't make light of it. tell your coach, trainer, or parents. the true goal of soccer is to play safe. for teen kids news, i'm emily.
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- because avoiding sports injuries is such an important issue for teens, we have a bit more on this story. brandi chastain is one of america's greatest soccer players. she won two world cup championships and helped team usa bring home olympic gold twice. recently, emily had the opportunity to speak with brandi. - [emily] studies show that there's an increase in soccer injuries. do you have any advice on how to avoid them? - well, having had multiple knee injuries myself, two acls, an mcl reconstruction, i think the most important thing we can do for our young players, i'm a coach now, so the thing i can do for my young players is prepare them with some body weight exercises and spatial awareness training and how to protect themselves when there will be contact coming, so that they can prepare their body, so they can get into a more athletic stance. they can be stronger in their core. they can have stronger hamstrings and glute muscles.
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so it's really about preparation. and overuse is really a problem, so for me, it's also about reminding them that skateboarding is fun and playing basketball and going swimming, and so having a really balanced life will ultimately help their soccer career and hopefully allow them, along with the training for awareness and strength, give them a better opportunity to stay safe on the field. - great advice. she's definitely one of my heroes. there's a lot more coming up on teen kids news. we'll be right back. - [announcer] closed captioning is brought to you by:
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- young women have been using makeup for more than 6,000 years. in fact, the word comes from the ancient greek word kosmos, which means order. so cosmetics refers to bringing order to one's face. bet you didn't know that. anyway, even after 6,000 years, there are still a lot of questions girls have about wearing makeup, so we assigned amelia to get some answers. - when it comes to makeup, jeanna doyle is an expert. she's a professional makeup artist who's worked with lots of celebs. hi. - hi. - what are some of the biggest mistakes girls make with makeup? - i think a lot of times girls use too much foundation and today i have catie with me, our volunteer model, who's gonna excellently highlight that point.
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- okay, so what are some easy tips for an everyday look? - so for an everyday look, we really wanna do a light foundation. catie has great skin, so she doesn't need a lot of foundation everywhere. - so you're just using a brush for the foundation? - a brush works great because we can pull the product out. and then i'm gonna work with a sponge just to kinda blend it a bit. (funky music) - and what are you doing now? - i'm just adding a little bit of blush to the high points of her cheek. just to give her a little flush look. for a great natural look, you really wanna accentuate the eyebrows and give them a nice shape. i'm gonna do that with a little brush that's angled with water and some dry eyeshadow. you wanna start on the underside of the brow. and just make small motions up. as you can see, it starts to give a great frame to the face and she already looks really polished.
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so for someone like catie who naturally has light hair, if you wanted to soften the eyebrow look, take a little bit of loose yellow powder and just work that into the brow and dust off the excess. for a natural daytime look, i'm gonna take one sweep of color over the entire lid. once again, i'm taking my angled brush with a little bit of water to create a little eyeliner. it'll give her a soft look. for eyeliner, you wanna get it as close to the lash root as possible so it looks like an extension of your eyelashes. now i'm gonna take a curler and curl her lashes, and we'll put a little mascara on. now that we're done with the mascara and the eye shadow, we can go ahead and do a little concealer.
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now we're gonna do some lipstick and then we'll be done. i like to use lip liner because it helps the lipstick or lip gloss to stay on better, just to give the mouth a little bit of shape. i use a color that's really similar to your own lip color. finish with a little powder, and she's ready to take on the day. use a little bit of extra powder in the t zone if you're having issues with shine there. how do you feel? - great. - that looks great. how about going out for an important event like prom? - so for prom, catie could simply go from this look and just bump it up a little bit for night. one of the top tips for that is put the focus on one area, not all areas, so we're gonna add a little bit of drama to her eyes. to do that, i wanna increase the amount of eyeliner that i have on her. again, it's a wet angled brush, and i'm gonna cut it through a nice dark shadow.
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now that we have a little extra liner, we're gonna put a little bit of contour into her eye, just to add some drama and bring out the color of her eye. for nighttime, we're switching her from a brown mascara to black, so just an extra coat will to the trick. a little more gloss. we're gonna take a soft shimmer product just to give a little bit of highlight to her cheek. you wanna place that just above the color portion, right under the eye here. you can do a little bit on the forehead. and now for the piece de resistance, we're gonna add a little glitter eyeliner. use this sparingly and keep it low next t to the lash line, because it can tend to come up
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on the eyelid where you don't want it. all right, let's take a look and see what you think. - that looks really great. - terrific! thank you so much, jeanna, it was great. - thank you. - whether you want to wear makeup or just go natural is of course up to you. in any case, the famous hollywood actress audrey hepburn had an interesting take on makeup. she said, "makeup can only make you look pretty "on the outside. "but it doesn't help if you're ugly on the inside. "unless you eat the makeup." (laughs) i'm sure she was kidding about that last part. for teen kids hews, i'm amelia. - i'll have tips about visiting colleges, even if you're still in middle school, so don't miss my make the grade report coming up next on teen kids news.
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- christin's back with another make the grade report.
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- when you think of a family trip, you probably think of amusement parks, historic sites, or natural wonders, like a national park. but there's something else you might take in on your next trip, a college tour. while this is usually something high school juniors and seniors do, it doesn't hurt to visit some schools, even if you're still in middle school, especially if you happen to be visiting a part of the country that takes a lot of time and money to get to. if there's a college or university you've heard about in the area, ask your parents if there's time for a side trip. go to the school's website and check their schedule. many colleges have tours throughout the year, and they're free. the tours are usually led by students, who have lots of inside information about campus life. you're never too young to take advantage of what i call the three vs of college prep: visit, so you get a feel for the area,
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view, so you see what college life there is like, and visualize see if you can imagine yourself as a student there. and here's one more v, very. if you don't wait until the last minute to start checking out schools, you'll be very happy when application time finally rolls along. i'm christin, here to help you make the grade. - elvis presley is one of the most famous and most successful musicians of all time, so you might be surprised to hear that when he took music in middle school, he barely passed, only getting a c. there's a moral here. if you have a dream, don't let a few setbacks make you feel that you can't accomplish that dream. elvis was able to take that c and turn it into a k, as in king of rock and roll. (patriotic music)
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- the first actual awards of the medal of honor went to the surviving members of the andrews raid. this was sort of a spy mission that went on in georgia, where a civilian scout and spy named andrews led a group of soldiers and civilians to capture a confederate locomotive and to use it to go up and down the railroad lines to destroy bridges, tear up tracks, and such. the raid unfortunately was not successful, and many of them were captured, andrews was hanged, and the surviving soldiers once they were returned from captivity were given the medal of honor. and the first one given out, actually presented, was to a soldier named jacob parrot, a very young man, about 18 years old.
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he'd been severely mistreated by the confederates, so secretary of war stanton specifically said to him, "i want you to have this medal." (energetic music) - we've gotta take a quick break, but we'll be right back with more teen kids news.
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(lively music) (screaming) - some of the world's priciest paintings were done by the spanish surrealist pablo picasso. so it's shocking to know that before he made it big, picasso was very, very poor. so poor in fact, he would sometimes burn his paintings to keep warm. i bet that years later, picasso probably felt that he had made an ash of himself. with art smart, i'm william. - [host] it's time to play word.
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(applauding) pick out what is real, from among what isn't. start with this word: latent. it means either a type of plastic, made with milk, or not seen, but ready to emerge. (ringing) latent means not seen, but ready to emerge, as in there's some latent fun in this word game, just wait. (cheering) now try a rhyme: blatant. it means either a color in between black and blue, loud or obvious, or habitually tardy. (ringing) blatant means loud or obvious. it was blatant that that last definition was phony. or did it fool you too? nah! hey, we're on a roll here, so let's take complacent, an adjective that means either highly organized, plays well with others,
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satisfied or unconcerned. (ringing) complacent means satisfied or unconcerned. i'll bet you're not complacent about getting these words wrong. (humming) so here's a rhyming review. not seen but ready to emerge, latent. loud or obvious, blatant. satisfied or unconcerned, complacent. and that's word for this week. - this message is brought to you by the national road safety foundation. they want you to keep your hands on the wheel, your eyes on the road, and your mind on driving. - hey, listen, we need to talk. - (sighs) andrew, why can't you just leave it alone? - i can't, it's bothering me, and this whole situation is ridiculous. - you just don't get it. - no, listen, you're the one who doesn't get it! - i'm done talking about it. just let it go, andrew.
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- no, i can't, it's so annoying. why can't you just understand? - andrew! (honking) (screeching) - coming up, we have an unusual pizza. the crust is red and green, the sauce is white, and the toppings are berries. stay tuned to find out more. teen kids news will be right back.
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from the culinary institute of america. - you've probably heard of putting pineapple on a pizza. along with ham, it's known as hawaiian pizza. but today we're gonna make a pizza entirely out of fruit and a little yogurt. okay, so maybe the only thing that makes it a pizza is the shape, but it's certainly a fun way to eat fruit. here's what you'll need. so we're gonna start with a watermelon, and then you're gonna have some greek nonfat yogurt, and then some berries. so we're gonna have some blackberries, strawberries, blueberries and raspberries, and then some honey for a touch of sweetness. now, the watermelon can be a little tricky to cut, so you might wanna have an adult cut it for you. and then you're going to start with
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the crust is your watermelon. so then we're going to start with some yogurt. this is our nonfat yogurt. and you wanna make sure that you don't put the yogurt on the edges because that is your crust. so then we're just gonna take the nonfat yogurt and spoon, and this is like being an artist. you get to paint a little picture. really make it beautiful. and you can use as much or as little as you'd like. and you can use any kind of berries that you like. i used today my personal favorite are the four assorted berries, but you can use whatever. the more colorful berries you have, the more beautiful your pizza's going to be. so then once you have the nice sauce or the yogurt, you're going to start with your berries. and first we have the blackberries. and you're just going to arrange them however you'd like. it's like creating a picture. scattering throughout. and make sure you save enough room for all of your berries. and i use berries because berries are full of antioxidants, they're very good for you,
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and they're really delicious during the summer months. then we have strawberries. that touch of red just really pops on the watermelon. you're just gonna scatter them any way you'd like. now, i make this for all my friends during the summer. i go to a lot of picnics during the summer, or a lot of cookouts, depending on where you're from. and i always bring this. it's a great way. people are like, "fruit pizza?" and then you get a lot of surprises. so you just scatter your berries. and then the raspberries. now, you can use whatever you want, you can use a spoon. and then last but not least, the touch of honey for a little bit of sweetness. and this is where creative comes in. so you just drizzle the honey right on top.
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as little or as much as you'd like. and there we have it. now that our pizza is complete, we're going to cut it. so before you use a knife and cut the pizza, please ask an adult to make sure that it's okay to cut the pizza. so we're gonna cut it into quarters today. so you're gonna cut it right down the center. nice clean cut. and then halfway again. so at your next summer outing or family barbecue, enjoy my fruit pizza. at the culinary institute of america, for teen kids news, i'm cody. - that's a recipe i've got to try. that's all for this week's show, but be sure to tune in next week for more teen kids news. (energetic music)
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- [announcer] write to us at - [announcer] here's a shout out to pr newswire for including teen kids news on their big screen in times square, new york city.
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male narrator: for over 150 years, the game of baseball has remained the same: three strikes to an out, six outs to an inning, four lines of 90 feet to make a diamond out of dirt, and so, in a sport of infinite permutations and bottomless statistics, it is the moments we remember, flashes of manmade miracles, feats of heart-wrenching humanity. - i might have... been given a bad break, but i've got an awful lot to live for. narrator: the impossible brought into being. - way back in center field. way back, back. it is--oh! narrator: babe ruth calling his shot... [stirring music] kirk gibson making magic... ♪


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