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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 7A  FOX  October 26, 2017 7:00am-8:55am EDT

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stu i did ver well, i intelligent person. no hesitation. one of the great memories of allesnt catholic school, grade school, then ient all boys catholic high school,wasn s.yav t f odlahank you it my hair messed up? >> don't you hate when that happens? >> survived it okay. >> is that lawn outside of our studio? >> south lawn. >> south lawn. >> fourth and market. >> last night crescent moon. >> yes. >> and crisp chill in the air. >> right. >> so i went to best buy. >> yes, yes, go ahead. >> i bought, if i time i've ever done there is bought a tv. i'll tell you how big it was later on. >> please tell me it was curved. >> i will tell you, there is a curved aspect to this story. i went therefore the curve.
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>> you like the curve. >> i lover the can you. >> for two years we've been hearing about the curve. >> i finally did it. >> oh, can't wait to hear the rest of the story. we will have to wait? >> we will wait. >> going to the number of the day then, it is, no waiting a eight out of ten. not as perfect as yesterday little chillier to start on this national pumpkin day. bus stop buddy very bundled up today. most of the temperatures in the four's, and we have frost advisory for selected counties. as blue as your lips might be if you're standing outside for awhile. the frost advisory, in effect until 9:00 this morning. with 48 degrees in philadelphia. thirty-nine in mount pocono. forty-five in millville and wilmington. it is pretty chilly out there. and we have to wait until 7:23 for the official sunrise time. >> possible the. of stray shower, should top
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off 58 greets, cooler than yesterday, but still very autumnal, bob kelly. >> hey speaking of curve 7:02 got accident on the conshy curve. oh oh. right here, eastbound schuylkill at conshy, so you got two cars here one he can second one offer to the right. i wouldn't be surprised if their were involved. eastbound on the schuylkill expressway only one lane eastbound schuylkill right at conshohocken another accident south on i-95, just south of woodhaven road, looks like they pulled him out of the ditch there. he was kind of sideways, in what would be that left lane. and then, watch for an accident up near whitemarsh there is along ridge pike at spring mill, all of the lanes block, police, emergency crews head in there. crash in boyertown route 100 right at grasser road. in south philly the traffic lights are out. front street intersection, to get onto 95, the traffic lights are stuck on red.
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so watch for delays there this morning. mike and alex back over to you. >> all right. a community still reeling and why not after two, 16 year old boys, are gunned down on the street. they dame together for a candlelight vigil the community did last night. >> when you say the community hundred cents showed up last night. and so jen is he there now because there are still so many questions about how this happened. and what was the fight about? >> yes a lot of questions mike and alex. take ac look at this memorial, too many bouquets of flowers to count. this is sign after community in mourning, hundreds of people came out last night to -- for prayer and for piece, candlelight vigil to honor two young lives lost in senseless violence tuesday night, 16 year old sal student at st. joe's president, and kaleer attended nearby master i smarter school police have not made any arrests investigators say someone put out a 45 caliber handgun and began firing after
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two groups every teens got into some sort of fight which started earlier in the day. sal lived close to the shooting scene last night members every his hockey team showed up to pay their respects to a friend gone too soon. >> he was a happy guy and he made you smile. and that's what i will miss the most about him. >> 's cool, cool dude. he was. he was very cool, and collected, quiet carried himself like a decent young man. >> both teens died shortly after they were shot. police are still working to identify who was there at the time of the shooting. they do think six teens were involved in the fight at least six teens but they're still trying to figure out the root of this fight. mike and alex. >> okay, they're working on that jenny, thank you. 7:05. >> delivery driver attacked unrounds at gas station there is video very clear, but also
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hard to watch. you see this happened to this man. police are looking for the group of men responsible for knocking him out. >> he's got a gun right? then he hits him. >> oh,. >> oh, it flattens him. he's unconscious. >> and then the other guy goes over and robs him. >> this man was unconscious for about three days, that's why we're just now hearing about this, steve. >> so this mapped what friday night? yes, steve? >> this guy lost his car his cash not even his, the company he work for who fire him because they didn't hear from him for three days because he wasn't conscious, and no one new that he had been mugged. that's an un statement munged. so they think he had a seizure and had fallen and hit his head. the person who witnesses this whole thing doesn't call 911 which is crazy as well, even if you don't want to rat the guys out the guy's got a gun and afraid for him, would you think would you call 911 to get this guy help since lying unconscious on the ground.
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about no, no one called to help. no one was looking for those guys so the police went back after they finds out that he's the victim after brutal attack and they see the surveillance themselves. jeff cole talked to the man who didn't know what happened to him until he saw it himself, too. >> we will hear from him later in the show, we promise. >> this happened 57th and baltimore friday at 11:00. now if we have the still pictures and even if we don't, we will show them later, as well. the guys' parent, classmates, neighbors, probably watching it. v, and see all every these still shots on tv, no doubt, recognizing them from these high definition clear close-up picks, and we say classmates, and teachers, because detective who are were on there case think some of the five in this case could be as young as 14 years old that's how young they look. so maybe still in school. and maybe they're teachers.
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now see the surveillance from what they were doing after they got out of school friday now returning to school this week not knowing that they're caught on surveillance, maybe caught by police. and the next pictures we show you on tv of these guys will be mugshot if they're over 18. guys? >> i mean, so young. >> well, so young so stupid. i mean, in this day and age how can you not know there are surveillance cameras? god. so again every day i say this. the start of the 7:00 just one shooting after the other. when is this going to end? we have another one here. mr. is are still searching for an accomplice now in a shooting up in north fill. >> i this is the shooting we told but yesterday morning. this 17 year oldest caped police custody while stale wearing handcuffs. and it was at north penn street west russell 8:00 tuesday night. officers arrested the 19 year old alleged shooter about hour earlier in june at a during their search police fawn heroin factory with $100,000
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in cash and guns, suspect still on, search for the suspect still on. >> that's the headline. guy in the handcuffs is still out there somewhere. undoubtedly he has those handicuffs off by now. 7:08. >> then also, this is one of our biggest stories yesterday. so many people upset to hear this news. and there is still no words on what caused the fire that destroyed bridget foy's restaurant in south philly. over 100 firefighters battled the fire, pretty much throughout our show, which start at 4:00 a.m. they said doo dangerous to go inside. they have to tear down part of it, fire displaced 11 people, people live above and on the side of it, and killed two dogs, in a pet store next-door. >> so many people on social media yesterday afternoon were sharing their experiences over 39 years of going there. >> yes. >> birthday party celebrations you know? >> all right, 7:09 now. >> bill that would legalize on line casinos and poker won
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approval. this morning under the bill, pennsylvania could see casino style gambling in truck stops at the airport on line portals, and ten brand new casino locations around the state it would allow both casino and lottery games on line. >> sometimes we're the last to do things. >> coming up on 7:10, a pet owner is distraut after she find her lost cat at the philadelphia animal shelter. >> wouldn't you be if your cat came back with only three legs? >> she is on the men after her back leg amputated by animal care and control. the indoor cat got outdoors, ran off from her port richmond home saturday, well, 48 hours later, the owner kim schmidt
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learned a neighbor found stinky and took her to the act philly, when she arrived at the shelter to re-claim stinky well, i think it is 15 years old or something she says she got the shock of her life. three legs. >> i was in his her tis i can't even tell you i chanced to the shore. did the shall -- to the floor. my cat has three legs, why what was the reasoning you had to do that to my cat. >> they said for medical reasons. so kim says she has had stinky yes, 16 years. and she's always had a limp. you know? so officials say come on come on, kitty, come on, stinky officials say that the medical personnel made the quick decision that stinky would be easier to adopt if they got rid of the mangled leg. because the mangled look would discourage people from
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adopting stinky who is 16 years old. >> your cat leaves with four legs comes back with three. >> i mean, somebody has some explaining to do. >> right. stinky was fine for 16 years without or with that leg so why did it need -- >> kim, if you are watching the show, i feel for you. how long was stein i living with that mangled leg? i mean, when the medical personnel, well there is looks like a leg maybe needs to be amputated. i don't know, i'm not a vet. >> there is more to that. >> dining is he cute, and stinky should be in the studio tomorrow we will work on it. 7:12,. >> so, last night, did you stay up for the game, the worlds series or did you go to
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sleep? we'll tell but it because the game got little crazy. got wild. game two between the astros and the dodgers. >> all right let's set this up. >> okay. >> it was okay, into the ninth inning. let's just skip to the ninth inning darn it. dodgers up three to two looks good right? until marvin gonzalez, you know gonzalez ties the game, sole so homerun. my gosh, the dodgers aren't going to win. the game would go into extra innings. the top of the tenth. astro hit back-to-back homeruns. they live five to three. so it is over, right? astros are going to win it? yes, they'll win it. no, they can't tie it up in the bottom of the ninth. former phillies closer ken giles on the mound for houston after solo homerun to the leadoff batter. hernandez, that ties the game at five. oh my goodness. here we go. >> the game will go into the 11th inning, another how many homerun for the astros, george springer this time. gives them the seven to five lead.
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watch this. there is a homerun. so you think la is done? going to the bottom of the 11th no way they're going to tie this up again. >> think got a run in the bottom of the 11th, looks like they'll come back, tie it again, they lose seven to six. one of the most exciting world series games ever, eight homeruns in that game. and you know who threw out the first pitch to start the whole game? >> who? >> a man who is so smart he refused to throw out the first pitch, vin scully. what's he, 93 years old the famous velvet voice. >> so he took my advice and got one of the greatest pitchers for the dodge tears throw the ball out for him to steve yeager, the catcher. >> when you say your vice because you say it is one of the top things you should never do in life. never throw the first pitch
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out at a game. because it never ends well. >> normally bounces. >> did i it, you through a strike. >> but i also got so close. i got so close. >> two and a half feet from the plate. >> i don't want to mess this up. move me up. >> it was great. >> this came out yesterday afternoon. the linc between sugar and cancer always been rumored right? >> now new re sewer. looks like it is absolutely true. >> glow cues, here, we need doctor mike to explain this. >> don't try to explain there. >> doctor mike they want me to try to explain but i want you to explain because you're the doctor. >> that's why you're here. >> how can it give us a cancer diagnosis. >> well, basically what this the cellular level the war berg effect, we've known for years, that cancer cells use up glucose many of them, in a more rapid and in a different way, and that leads to their
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growth. and they're aggressiveness. so the big break through in this research is that it is yet another piece of data that allows us to know how cancer works. now, when it comes to -- and it all has it do with the metabolism of sugar, like you're looking at. now, this does not mean that if you have sugar in your diet or add sugar to your off coffee it, will cause cancer, but what it does allow us to do to say hey perhaps in people who have had cancer, you might want to limit the amount of sugar that you have. but i tell everybody that. what you need to do is still the same old stuff. fruits vegtables decrease your amount of red meat, and certainly if you are obese make sure you don't ingest, take in, too much sugar. but that goes for all of us. but what's exciting about this is it it allows us to know
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more about the biology of cancer cells and maybe treatment down the road. >> so what's the headline? same headline for the last 50 years. sugar is not good for you. why do we keep lying to ourselves, doctor mike? we go out eat donuts, eat things filled with sugar cereal companies push it on your kids from the time they're one years old. i mean, we're just being dumb about this. sugar is not good for you. refined sugar. >> well, i've said this 5 trillion times. everything in moderation. that's what it comes down to. look, i am not going to tell you, i'm if the going to have a piece of chocolate after reporting on this. i am. >> but daily. >> not daily. information moderation. but carp diem, live a good life all week, and if you want to go out and have a nice dessert on saturday night do it. >> but just -- >> but it tastes so good. that's the problem. >> but stop it. why are we fooling ourselves? it is not good for us. >> no, it is not. but it tastes good.
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mike? >> i know, there is a lot of good stuff. how about some self control? >> he is really worked but there. >> i love the passion. you get me all excited michael, that's why i love you, man. >> i love you too. good talking to you doctor mike. >> love it. >> okay. >> i'm going to go get a donut. no, kidding. i'm not. >> sue, really? >> i'm afraid he's going to yell at me. >> what are you doing. >> see? there is a frost advisory guys in effect for today until 9:00. almost gone. look at these counties, mostly in the outlying areas. talking about the pine barons of new jersey, the more country counties north and west of the city where we could see some scattered frost, high pressure building in but in advance of that a weak system not as strong as the cold front that came through on tuesday but it could cause a stray shower or two, around the area today. it is not out of the question. 48 degrees in the city. 39 degrees in mount pocono. only 43 in reading and 45 in
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milville and wilmington, delaware. and good morning you're waking to up temperatures eight to 10 degrees colder than they were yesterday at this time. so we're seeing a little bit of shower activity, very light, like few sprinkles or two around the baltimore washington area. some could come our way. then the heavy rain arrives sunday. with one to 2 inches or more of rain, and winds up to 35 miles an hour. flooding in poor drainage areas, and all of this happening probably during the eagle game, if you're going. eight out of ten today. nine's for tomorrow and saturday. sunday's the messy weather day. and then we have much cooler temperatures after that. including halloween with high in the upper 50's and spooky sunshine. more fm so 1.1. they're our radio partner. bob kelly after you get in the car that's the dial that you >> boom. there you go. sue, 7:19. on the roosevelt boulevard. southbound accident right here at ninth street. as you can see, kind of right behind the trees but all lined up here, in the center lanes. so as you head south between
7:19 am
wissahickon and ninth street, casino every like parting the red satisfy here going left and right with the accident up the middle. accident on the schuylkill expressway. here's our first camera. police aren't even on the scene yet been over 20 minute now. eastbound right at the conshy curve. and look at the back up already. stacked and packed from king of prussia all the way into conshy because of that accident right there near the curve. another crash in whitemarsh, ridge pike right at spring mill road. all lanes block there. accident in boy err town route 100 at grasser road. and traffic lights are out in south philly. the front street ramps to get onto 95, the lights are out. getting words after accident now 95 south in delco right near route 320. ninety-five and 320. alex back over to you. >> thank you bok. 7:20, stunning change in philadelphia law why you may soon be legally allowed to carry stun guns around the city. >> and morning show stunt gone wrong. see what happens when this
7:20 am
crew tries the worlds' hottest chip live on tv.
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>> ne philadelphia. you know, that we're both inlove careful. i only have one tis i'm stayi at foxevens, so'llobabht? i'm just oh, i got another you ben. just doing t business network. >> so you have your own shol,till havethat ata.m. >> yes. we have so much fun with you. and you always play around with us. >> i don't know. >> and wing bell sleeves. i decided to be dramatic on my final day. you know you guys are great. i don't mow what i am walking into every morning. >> well -- >> the animal cage that i am walking into. and i can't see you guys. >> viewers don't realize we can't see each other. >> true, just all emotional connection man. and can you tell us, please, are we are we your five are you station? we know you talk to many. >> don't have a favorite. i have top five. >> give us the top five.
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>> okay. the top five are: iadetroit, orlando tampa oh, sh dc. la. oh, it is hard. it is like okay, so are you going for the dodgers or the that's hard for me to becauseon frie we will stillet tur r theone w remember whether we did actually get to see in you person, we met, you came for our superbowl -- >> on her day off. >> oh, it was your day off too. you guys were working. >> you're our favorite, but apparently we're not her favorite. i don't like being lumped? >> i a your only one. i doti>> the other teams. >> a replacement? >> okay,o tracey, i believe you've met her before. she begins tomorrow. and i think you're really going to like her. >> oh, we will find out. i'll be -- up to us decide. your final report. >> tracee. >> oh,. >> what did she spell? >> her name, how it is spell, different. >> all right we don't have time for your report so get
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out of here, see you. >> i'll miss you lauren. >> alex, back at you. mike you know, mike next time like up here for something let me know. >> i'll be up this weekend. >> owe yes? >> and i know where you live. >> oh, well. >> best to you and your career. >> love you guys. >> it has been a pleasure, really has. >> we have to to cas of carpool karaoke ended on a sour note. oh. >> so sad. >> ♪ ♪ >> ♪ ♪ >> ♪ ♪ >> ♪ ♪ >> she has moved on already. to make sure she's on at the righte. eight knows now. >> i' on? >> oh, she gre . own show, talk show.olke diel fined00 fging cars? alex. can't one of the at mat
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but cominghibit. anpkhear morning. >> ♪ ♪
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>> all right, 7:30 exactly. amazone oerred house, you're not home, amazon delivery wo ving room, a drop it u're not there. they key. >> and miles teller on the show to talk about his new movie, thank you for your service. and joining him the war hero, who inspired it all how their new project is giving veterans a voice. a very important voice what it is like when they come back home. >> tough case of ptsd.
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>> all right 7:31, here's sue. >> we have frost on the pumpkin in a few places this morning. it is a chilly start. bus stop buddy we decided to add some gloves so you could get the point how much chillier it is. in fact, frost advisory in effect tore some of the outlying counties until 9:00. so if you haven't already bring in those plants, that need to be brought in this time of year. 48 degrees here. 39 degrees up in mount pocono. lancaster is 43, trenton 46. dover, 46. and it is a tranquil morning we just had the sunrise at 7:23. so today few clouds here and, there maybe around lunchtime. you might see a stray sprinkle or two. but otherwise high of 58 degrees. sweater weather for sure. seven day forecast coming up. bonn kelly? >> sue good morning 7:32, multi vehicle crash here on 95. this is 95, southbound, right at route 320. about four vehicles involved. definitely one, two people hurt because they got the rescue squad there. just south of the blue route.
7:30 am
476. so as you can see quickly stacking up here like the pancakes on the left there. and that's also going to have a delay on the blue route itself. 476 south. headed in toward 95. accident on the schuylkill. eastbound at conshy. you see the accident there off to the right. and that back up begins pretty much in king of prussia all the way into the curve same deal coming in from new jersey, 42 heavy from leaving say the expressway all the way in and there we go, downtown vine expressway stack up from broad street over to the schuylkill expressway. mike and alex back over to you. >> all right almost every headline will have the word stun in there. now, stunning, announcement yesterday. what do you think? stun guns may be legal once again in philadelphia, the city banned them back in 1977. mayor rizzo still with us. prohibited anyone from using or having some new technology known as a stun gun. the supreme court well, found the ban unconstitutional. >> so, what does it mean moving forward? and can just anyone go out and
7:31 am
buy a stun gun now? there are some concerns about how you can get it, so we've councilman curtis jones. you wrote the amount: and so you're joining us to explain how this will work. >> so, in 1977, the legislature tried to keep up with technology. stun guns were new on the mark and we, i'm thinking, the authors of the ban juan dollars to limit it to law enforcement. in so doing a case cat and owe versuwaou thatd son amendment applied to stun guns evenhey wer so what happened was it became prohibit today prohibit. an so, wha can do hisawnership t adult not minor toolvia ty goaunheeet. so we nee need a n yd, a e, allkind of stuff. >> so the process it oet arm to gn t get a stun gun. so you canalk in the store and havee don'tt to take a course in that use of force that level of t >> but if i get one today are you going to teach me? >> no course.o 18 year old could sta
7:32 am
it? >> and start youthsing it. and our young people are pretty adapt to technology. that's one adaptation we don't want them to have. >> so, if i can buy a firearm i can get a 9-millimeter glock, if i pass all of the stuff. >> uh-huh. >> so an adult can get a stun gun. but -- >> but it is easier to get the stun gun isn't it? >> real easy. what's a trouble, you have a hand held, then you have projectiles where i can shoot to that camera. and hit somebody with two prongs and they're very degrees of electrical current that runs through them. so it can in fact if you have a heart condition be lethal. >> so do you want this or not? >> we don't want children running around. we cannot stop the supreme court from allowing adults to have it. so we took the measure within our legal ability as a municipality say, all right we can't stop adults from walking in, k-mart and getting
7:33 am
one, but we're going to stop kids from having them in public. >> so if a kid you see a 16 year old with a stun gun you'll snatch it from them? >> absolutely. >> i don't know. what's the other side of the argument just real quickly? >> bet their than real guns. >> so somebody literally said to me when we introduced this i would rather get robbed with a stun gun than real gun. i said how about not getting robbed at all? >> welshing ya. >> but when you think about it councilman, we've done about two robbery stories just this morning so you would another get robbed but the reality it could happen. >> all progressive violence. we want to stop the source of violence. but we want to protect children from themselves. >> what do you think? get on twitter. we are going to have a lot of opinion on this, councilman. good to see you. did you wear fancy socks today? >> you know what, your partner start in the city council was a thing called sock game. we kin yacht a johnson and myself came to do another story and then shemplimentedohnson, socks,
7:34 am
not mine. >> alex it yes. >> so we've come up with sock game in council. >> pull your pant up if you don't mind. i mean the cuffs. >> can you get a shot that far? >> well, yes. >> well? >> not bad. >> so every day people check your socks? >> no, only on thursdays. >> only thursdays. >> sock day. >> whether you come in here? >> and whether i come in here, i have my sock game elevated. >> that's interesting. alex holley has affected? >> it is trending. >> trending, the sock game. well i like your socks today. great sock game today. >> she approves. >> i approve. >> anything can happen on live television and there is a show out in denver they do morning show just like that. so they tried casing some real spicy foods. it didn't go well. you want to see it? >> oh, yes. >> okay. >> this is judge i don't eat spicy food.
7:35 am
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cancer challenges us. to find smarter solutions. to offer more precise and less invasive treatment options than before. like advanced genomic testing and immunotherapy. see how we're fighting to outsmart cancer at
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>> hey, welcome back everybody. what's going on back there? okay. >> maybe they're having a party? >> this is perfect example when you do live television, who knows what's going on in all part of the studio. >> so, there is a show, just like this, out in denver, but they don't call it good day philadelphia. >> what do they call it? >> good day denver.
7:38 am
>> okay. >> because there in denver, and it would be sill toy call it good day philadelphia. you are get my point. >> i get your point. >> so anyway. they did like we d we tried some hot chips one day and they have something out there they call it is cal carolinach is good clll be will ki you. it is carolina reaper pepper chip. supposed to beyso we'll watch natalie the alex holley of denver. herth c te. >> oh,. >> so this isine go. >> that's why it is called a chip challenge. >> you look fine. >> i get hiccups when i go home, home. >> h good thing. only tell calories. >> nato losing her breath. oh natalie natalie three up. this is going very poorly folks. >> oh, my gosh. >> wow. >> you guys are over-reacting. >> welshing i will say this. there, thank goodness you have
7:39 am
this a trash can near theirs. our trash can is not right next to our desk, that would have been -- >> we should have trash can close by. so natalie is fine. everybody's fine t wasn't that dramatic. big deal. >> it wasn't that dram at snuck she -- >> she barfed? yes. >> still. >> that doesn't happen every day on tv. have you ever? from something you did on tv? >> thrown up? >> uh-huh. >> the viewers have thrown up what i've been doing on tv. >> that's every day. >> i almost barfed back when i got my start in tohopeka kansas. >> you were nervous? >> i had the flu i was nervous, so eager to please them and just going to break i did the weather then. >> really? >> blah. all over the place. >> oh, my gosh. >> did youave ra can? >> no. >> oh, okay. >> we had a guy barf on the show the guy who used to host this show barfed on tv i can't remember his name. scott. scott was his name, yes he
7:40 am
barfed. >> have you ever barfed on tv? >> no. >> still time. you're young. >> 7436:78:91 of the best pumpkin carvers in the worlds lives in the philadelphia area. >> we are about to see him go to work. >> i'll carve out jen. i mean, he'll car before jen. >> he barfed up to turk. >> i that's it. >> superhero of all pumpkin carving. can i show? >> please. >> don't cut this part. oh. okay we will do the rookie edition of carving coming up. with my ninja. thank you.
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>> south of 476 i-95, causing domino effect on everybody headed south on the blue route, as well, we're jammed up from broomall, all the way down to 95. accident on the schuylkill expressway was causing some delays eastbn conshy looks like it is gone, sun glare popping out right now, and for the gang in south philadelphia south street still closed, right at bridget foy, from yesterday's fire, closed from thrd over to front, second street blocked lombard to south use the alternates sch are going around the block, it will be shutdhrough the rest of the day at least and coming inehe freeway, her any toward 295 and who is hungry?
7:44 am
come on, let's go celebrate national pumpkin day with some pumpkin bread pumpkin donuts pumpkin everything, at l and m bakery, breakfast spot today, delran i'm coming your way, liver from 9:00 to 10:00. bring the kids, bring your appetite. i'll bring the tv cameras. see you in delran starting at 9:00. but sue will be here in 15 seconds. >> temperature cou be clezing, scattered frost although most looking at right now ares in it has reached 40 degrees with enough sunshine in mount pocono this morning, and we will see a mix of sun and clouds throughout the day today. but prepa it is a mucht to 12 degrees colder right now than it was 24 hoursgo.tleltimore-washington morning maybe few sprinkles could move into our area, shouldn't and big deal, but it
7:45 am
is showing up on the future we will talk about it, by lunchtime we should see somhowe can't ru but it should b pretty quickly, as weak disturbance comes through. what happens after t today 58 degrees, 64 tomorrow. seventy-two saturday. just when we're getting used to milder temperatures, strong cold front, on sunday, a high of 64, rain and wind, look like kind of a mess on sunday, youror plans for saturday for sure, for the weekends then halloween well trick-or-treating should be dry but on they shine g and high of 57 degrees. >> we will dot touch a truck thing again. >> cool. >> annual one, in service center, event it i this saturday over at the ded mall fro 11:00 a.m 3:00 p.m. first responds err vehicles, vintage army truck and even hey ride. kids are free. any money raised goes directly to the veterans multi service center to help those who served. >> i think the first year, i think we maybe had one of our
7:46 am
news advance out there the people went up, touched it. >> i hope we bring it again. >> yes, you can touch the news van that steve keeley sits in. >> or even just on the inside it looks so cool. had one kid couple of years ago told me it looked llys. ks on the inside. but just, just touch out outside, that would be my advice if we do have our news vehicles >> tuesday is halloween let's carry of some dang pumpkins. >> jen in the perfect spot. this is the glow, new area inmo psab lks so cool. these profmpki.eoes this kind of stuff. >> you want to see him now? >> yes. >> jen, we want to see him now. >> this is my new best friends, wil morning, will. >> gni>> t all pumpkins. >> all right. you've already taught me one thing. >> yes.ay don't do the thing on the top. >> you know, jt differen not j to line at the top here, right there. >> i love it. >> hide your light in there. perfect. >> next? this is for the rockies? >> sure. >> give us someips.s something like
7:47 am
thereou gi littl pttleumis ars lit knife. all loos >>hat. >> you say the key is straight >> sure. >> tell us what we are talking about.>> i notice you didn't draw with a sharpee. >> shouldy? >> i don't know, you're the guy. >> you can if yout tonight e easier on yourself. do you hundreds every these a day like io. ice. e i theng o you said when go to like your craft store, look for clay carving kits? >> yes. >> yes? >> clay carving tools helphtveredoouwn little differently to do threnonalcrap surt molwhatev want. >> you say do you this whole thing in one you're okay with us, the rookies doing just tnkle mile? >> . my favorit one. >> really? >> the most classic face. >> because it makese happen when they come to does. >> okay. >> during the>> oh, tigher up than i thought you g >> how so. >> i thought you might start under the eyeball. why did you start side to side? >> i like a good competency like a lot of spacing just feels better. >> it does feel better. >> see? >> okay. >> we will make it happy. what's the number one mistake rookies make when trying to carve their pumpkin?
7:48 am
>> go slow like this, oh, oh. >> you want us to go crazy? >> hard strokes. don't be afraid of it, give it a little muscle. >> all right. >> so already we learned two things. carve out the seeds from the bottom. >> yes. >> go big or go home. >> i have to say something. that's better than any pumpkin i've ever carved, in my life. i mean, fair? >> traditional. >> you're such a show off. >> tasteful. >> i learned something too. >> elegance. >> right mike? >> yes. >> already learning from this guy. >> i always take -- i cut the stem off to make the little hat. >> we all do. >> and he sucked the seeds out from the bottom. >> from the bottom. >> yes. and more >> but i like taking -- >> i think it made it >> i guess so. >> watching do you therehingbo it, i think so. .hengee. we have a thousand pumpk carver here, doing all mornong, mike, i'll bego show the process. trust process. >> yes. trust it.ll ' see it, great stuff. e went withadioye. i've done the round at's h me.a littlder, bhe tradi
7:49 am
triangle. >> i do too. >> who is the firstn who ever carve pumpkin? why go try ankle snell i say because of the blade of the knife. >> and easier. >> instead every going round. >> what, do you have an update on your scoring of would you let an amazon delivery person go into your house when you're at work, he'll be or she will be in your hou by him or self or herself and dump the package like that basically thave facebk, no we're not doing it, we and the so we will getruestions answer bad this amazon key. >> like lucy noland going into my hou one by one, the donuts came. theyht their fiercest pa but under the moon they met their doom far too soon. your spo or ten munchkins for $1.99 at dunkin'. america runs on dunk
7:50 am
7:51 am
7:52 am
>> i've gotten the sense that stores opening on thanksgiving. >> they've spoken. growing number of stores say you know what, we're going to close this thanksgiving. >> not going to do it. >> reversing the trends of opening after you get all bloated by eating turkey, the dressing and stuff like, that so the closures also bump back the early start to "black friday" then this comes in the wake after new consumer survey they listened to us, it shows more than half of americans are less likely shop on "black friday" this year because we can do it on line. >> so at least 60 stores plan to remain closed on thanksgiving day. so some of them include nordstrom, neiman marcus, h and m tj max, marshals, stein
7:53 am
mart. >> what is stein mart? is that? our their. >> yes, you don't know stein smart. >> i don't know stein mart. >> yes. >> what do they sell? >> all kind things, clothes, and ya. >> is it like a target this. >> chochees. >> is the stein family from smear. >> no, they had them in texas too. it is chain. yes, myrtle beach, big one in myrtle beach. >> could you buy a beer stein in stein mart? >> they have all kind of things so maybe yes. >> upscale. >> it is upscale? it is more upscale? that's why i've never been there. >> good day, it is thursday, october the 26, 2017. >> this is "good day philadelphia". >> remembering two of our young teenagers. >> he is a a year younger than me. when he came i thought i would take him under my wing, but he actually ended up taking me under his wing. >> two teens gunned down in south philad meanwhile are police closer to finding out who pulled the
7:54 am
trigger. >> would you let a strange nerve your home? when you're not there? >> no. >> amazon is banking on it. the new service that gives delivery drivers a key to your front door. >> oh? >> miles teller is live on our t film, thank you for your s.ron t im t joini whonsre the wholem, f or s ♪ ♪ >> one man got a ticket for belting out this 90s hit. >> so to tonightright to the weather then yo >> red. >> i he's red. >> i okay. >> are you r >> ready for eight out of ten. >> october red. >>t ready. make sure you're bundled up enough today. because it is a lot colder out there than any other morning this week. most of our temperatures are in the 40's, bus stop buddy has some gloves on. and there may be frost on your pumpkin on national pumpkin day. bring your sensitive plants inside. you know the ones that get their feelings hurt pretty easily. 9:00 is when the frost advisory expires.
7:55 am
now, we haven't seen too many temperatures in the 30's, we did earlier in the mountains it is 46 degrees, in wilmington, 47 in reading and 49 degrees down in wildwood. here in philadelphia, 48. 7-mile per hour breeze. you can see it blowing through the trees here in old city. headed to 58 for high today. strayr aund midday with a weak system coming through then 43 overnight as cloudsnd we get to anotherhi night. we may seeeratures in the tomorrow morning at this time. stay tuned. meantime. >> nasty accident on 95 delco southbound lanesf at20 overpass. only one lane squeezing on through. definately had some folks that were injured because hey h adthe rescue squad there bumper to bumper from pretty much the airport all the w downth of the route and the blue route itself jammed solid. so folks bail out, 352, all of l thds neighbo rhoofor theang in wt berlin, white horse pike an accidghent ri sta poliitking mike and alex back over
7:56 am
to you. >> doing thisany timeaspl ego for the young man 16 years old killed in oxford circle. so we did it again last night i me hundreds cents came out in south philly to two, 16 yeas, who were shot in the street of south philly. >> and so at memorial, so many people are coming together sharing stories learning m about the bu s jenny so a qu how this happened and why there was a fight that was going on. >> we haven't gotten an update but look how huge this memorial s since the sun has come up, people stopping by or maybe contributing to the memorial for two, 16 year old boys gunned down tuesday night. hundreds of people showed up to the site of tuesday's double murder to come together in prayer and peace this video from last night after two young lives were lost in senseless violence, 16 year old sal dinubile a student at st. joe's prep, and kaleer miller who attended master i
7:57 am
chart nerve south philly shot and killed at 12th and ritner street. police have not made any arrests. investigators say the shooter pulled out a 45 caliber handgun, and began firing after two groups of teens got into a fight which apparently happened earlier in the day according to investigators. the gun has not been recovered. this community simply, heart broken. >> he had a nice light -- nice life great family. >> devastating, 16 years old for crying out loud, shot in the chest. >> just a lot of things running through my minds. kind of like i was really sad shocked, angry. >> years ago used to be fistfights now guns introduced into the mix. and we have two tragedies. >> and what one father stopped by said his 16 year old son very good friends with the victim sal. he said his son was not out here on tuesday night. but co-have been. he said he has seen nonsense in this area when crowds get together. and he told his son to stay away from this intersection. police right now are looking
7:58 am
for more information. if you have any tips at all give police a call, they want to solve the homicide. (215)686-3334. mike and alex. >> everybody wants to know, what started this thing how did it end up in gunfire? >> and even if we know, still not an excuse for two boys losing their lives, you know what i mean? >> no, no. >> and no excuse for this other thing here we will show you. i don't know if you have seen this or not. watch. see, that's a gun the guy -- oh and he knocks that guy out. a delivery driver you'll notice the apron when we show this again the guy has an apron on, a delivery guy. attack, knocked unconscious is that a gas station friday night. now police are looking for the two, well, you know, there are two, three people that i see. fifty-six year old keith moody was delivering a pizza to the luke oil gas station in southwest philly, and so you saw what happened there. so i don't know.
7:59 am
also, when you look here, when the car pulls off, one of the guys goes over and rifles through the pants of the unconscious man. who is just delivering pizza but you recognize these two, i know somebody out there does. the guy was unconscious for three days. three days. >> coming up on 8:06. a bill that would legalize on line casinos and poker in pennsylvania won approval frun senate last night. vote in the full house is expected this morning. under the bill, pennsylvania could see casino style gambling at truck stops airports on line portals and ten brand new casino locations, around the state. >> would also make pennsylvania the first state to allow both casino and lottery games on line. >> enhanced security will impact all flights that are coming into the united states, the measures include passenger
8:00 am
screenings updates little intense, heightened screening of electronics that you have in your bags, and a lot more will go through each day, about 2100 international flights arrive in the united state every day. and so many of them right here if the philadelphia. >> and it is a big day for historians and conspiracy their orest. >> i've been waiting for this for 30 years. thousands of classified files on the assassination of jfk will be released today. >> scholars believe the files could provide insight into the assassin lee harvey oswald,ecifically interested in oswald's trip to mexico c week before the shooting. oswalt apparently visited the so far yet and cuban embassy there. >> what was his relationship with cuba. >> yes thousands and thousands of document, so, over this material and try to come up with another theory of what actually happened on that
8:01 am
day. >> even president trump was tweeting about, you know, the participation of this, so many people it will be interesting. >> he has thought for years they should have released this stuff and now he has the power to do it. >> i'm glad he d some people aren't. they don't want to relive this whole thing. i want to know what happened to jfk, all right? >> a lot of people say through the warren commission, b i sounds like a conspiracy their or us.any people have their own theories and views that's why they had a museum at one point in time dedicated just to that. >> yes were there more than oneho the grassy noll. >> 8:08. >> well, there is alarming new stud bye the ingredient in baby formula. >> i was stunned by. >> this research finds high percentage of baby food in the infant form larynx you know, similac, all of that stuff there is some arsonic in it.>> s non-profit group clean label tested a number of major brands, and they found 65% of the baby food tested positive for the chemical. arsonic.
8:02 am
it was found in 80% of the formulas. some productsed six times the acceptable levels. >> quick. >> it also found roughly 06% of the productsiming to bpa free. tested positive for the industrial chemical that's linked to cancehar.t reallylarmere ia l of arsonic in almost everything, a lus >> i know. >> all right out there. fisher price you know its othing i've seen is saysalol between 2015 kno ie after >> it is kinds after toy. md i your little chubby legs, play with the thing. >> so, if you own one you can return it for full refund. >> i would. i would. >> ever since i gave up alcohol, i've been craving sweets. knonight?what >> i ihe y you w >> c i heardhat snicker, and i wasn't asnic d tong. know? is this a nightly thing? >> i'm disgusting. it hasecome a nightly thing over theonths. and it is creating belly fat. which is the worse possible fattah man can have.
8:03 am
i'm not kidding. >> you don't belly >> feel this. >> that's correct okay. i don't -- ya. >> so if you're worried about your waistline like i am, i'm not kidding my pant are really tight. we may have a solution here, the simple thing you can do to curb your craving for sugar. god i need this. >> but fir timeart talking trendin yncement whey will go into your home to drop off a package whether you're not there. a stranger. ow doeel about this? well amazon is saying: hey this is going to be a good thing. and so many people have questions, about how is this going to work? what if i have a pet. what if i am at home and someone comes in the house? >> the mighty good day philadelphia art players are going to recreate this scene i'll be playing the part of an amazon delivery man. okay? >> because we all want you to show up at our door. >> i will be knocking on your door when we c the set hereof good day .
8:04 am
creaks) i can't believe we're doing this! (thunder cracks) ahh! gus, you're not scared are you? i don't like thunder! this is getting creepy! t ah, (laughs) keep on scratchin'! steve sweeney's negative headlines keep piling up. why are south jerseyans so angry at sweeney? sweeney repeatedly sided with chris christie to underfund south jersey schools, increase standardized testing like parcc-hhehis promis fund the pensions of hundreds of thousands of new jersile padding his own. steve sweeney says a lot of things. but the truth is, he's not on our side.
8:05 am
8:06 am
>> it is 8:00; back up on the benny. you got some sunshine at your back as you come up and over the bring. the flag going example little chillier this morning than it was yesterday. kids got to make sure they got the fleece on, south on 95, look at this accident here, aboutour, five cars, right at route 320. we're bumper to bumper from the airport all the way down to just south of the blue route. that's causing a domino delay on the blue route itself. we're not talking pizza we're jammed saint david's all the way down to 95, well over a half hour, to make that trip. and over in south jersey, an accident along the white horse pike just off of the circle. sunshine, how long is it going to hang out? see is here in 15 seconds. >> frost advisory continues
8:07 am
until 9:00 this morning. but the sun is taking care every things for us, high pressure building in, the thing is, we've got this little weak system, that's going to come through about mi today. bueadys,ndight now 48 degrees, in philadelphia, 40's everywhere else. and these are eight 10 degrees cooler these temperatures than they were yesterday. see couple of areas of green showing up on rad in central ith system. and the f chance after stray shower or two around midday today. just don't be surprised it should only bkl you see anything at all. 58 degreesy-four tomorro seventy-two on saturdayment looks great for oight the wor l keph amess for eagles game sunday with a lot of this out, much cooler for halloween on tuesday. mike and alex >> 8thank you sue. so ordering on line was a game change when he amazon became popuretth evebo use osd a shower is. blsem no'rnot at can get packages delivered if inside your door. >> being track your delivery with real time mother if i cases, watch the derppeningive, or
8:08 am
review a video of the delivery after it is complete (do.,hat a is great. >> okay, so, a lot of people think that's probably how it is going to be, someone come in my home. so we have cassy here, your consumer expert, cassy and we've got you're perfect for this because -- oh? that door. and then they come in and they break your door, mike, can we show the differently guy? >> sorry the prop is breaking. >> actually if something does happen, they have a happiness guarantee and theyk it. so that's an interesting point. so if you break the door, they will help you out with that. >> so first let's talk about how this all works because a lot of people here, $250 i have to spends to be able to do this? >> right. so for amazon prime members you pay up to a starting $250, you'll get cloud camera that you will install in like your
8:09 am
foyer. and you'll get a key less lock that you will put on the outside of your and apparently them ' come andt forou free. within, you know, when you're delivery comes it will give you alert of hour hour window, when they show up you will have the ability to say don't come in, because if you are home, you don't want them to come in. or allow them to come in. and they have an app. it will automatically unlock the door. so they won't have akeem they won't have a code. it will automatically unlock, and then they'll open the door, leave it on the inside, the camera will start rolling so you can see them. >> as soon as the door opens? >> as soon as the door opens. and you will be able to see that clip of them entering the house, leaving it, and shutting the door and it will automatically lock. and they will leave. >> they will leave. that's what they say. they will leave. >> hopefully they leave. yes. so yes. >> so now.
8:10 am
>> is our delivery guy okay? >> injured? >> he's still in the home. >> you don't want that. apparently they're supposed to lever right away. >> oh, shoot the cat got out. >> oh, that's one of the questions. so top questions people v what if you have a pet and the pet is in that area where if you open the door they could just run out? lock up your pets. so if you have pets, i have you don't want t hhee access to that door. so lock away, or youhouldn't do it if you pet.ot bption. >> also not the best option ifu aodreyha som needs to at y alarm on in your house.. let >> okay? so then the nextion:yo security system, and you want to keep that, how do you do both? >> it willarm it b theyme. some surou candisarm autom from farutthat w your t is >> okay. >> because there is nothon wo y system. so, if you hrmwandit bec i'm home? ou h option. so when they're thesetiuscally aylee i o i cansuilydoes outside. and s will work mostookepu on there.
8:11 am
>> my last question, would you dowould youe up? >> i personally -- >> i would not. i have three little kids, two dogs, we have an alarm system. i thi just too g wrong in myehd. ho us>> this is a weird house onded >> okay, finly he's address privacyile inat?mier p lest tt way. supposed to just open the door and leave it there and exit. >> not go actually in nd >> , no a f>>amily. d be snoo ar inse tdhe to just open the door. >> if you walk out of frame you that you' fired. >> right. >> so -- >> would you get it? >> i would become an amazonvery ild er to anma i wever andn n hav i' kid kis bou. ♪ t start your day with a new hash brown scramble bowl from chick-fil-a.
8:12 am
>> fosh the last 25 years i've been following her carrie her husband one of the nicest guys in the business, harry -- harry connick junior. >> the way he stalks about his wife he's so in love. oh ya, look at her. but they revealed something yesterday, he's been opening up about her five year battle with breast cancer? yes, so she used to be a victoria seek vet model famous for that is correct then made the reveal in peoplezin, nr of coast mow lately.
8:13 am
she had alum p, it was spotted during a sonogram, causing her to haveack surgeries. so harry says he struggled with the news, saying, he thought he was going to lose her, that she was going to die. so jill says one of thengs s has had to cope with is the weight gain,t of a vanity thing or anything like that, certain dr use tow mocks fin, not only changed her figure, but also caused her to lose confidence in herself. right? so i didn't know that you put on weight when you went through that particular drug. so mike, talked about >> it is aru for pre nopaus with estrogence breastncer it has been used for years. many women complain of weightgain whilet may be it,ings b the bottom line if you are on it and gain weight you need to get on good weightloss program. >> how about that? >> t gre have a gamil l >> to sheng
8:14 am
more. >> you may hear more on today's show. >> miles teller, you know the name on our. >> he's coming up in a couple every minutes, thank you for your services, new film, he's going to be joined on our show by the war hero inspired the whole film. okay. and the project that money that goes, some of the monday that i goes from the movie goes to veterans.
8:15 am
8:16 am
>> sergeant adam shoe man wanted to his country so d o ne on h called thank you for your s other side, battle soldiers often faced themselves when they c home. >> stop truck. you all see the bomb unless they want you to. >> what you? not man. >> you d it? he feels it. >> i had turn and i loved it. >> ya, ya m >> wto be perfect. >> i'm home withgi iser baby. >> seem sodn sergeant welcome to "good day" philadelphia. >> thank you for your service. >> about perfect. >> your welcome. >> miles good to see you >> didn't you spends a lot of time in downingtown? >> i was born inil m w in capeerse newark delaware for little bit. >> oh,.
8:17 am
>> you have people and family, you want to wave and sigh high to them.ably warning you right now here. >> yes for sure. hi grand ma. >> i can't imagine this being an easy decision to play the part of a hero like adam is, miles? >> no, it warmth a decision that i took lightly. i knew that when people see the movie, you know, incredibly look, the life that adam lived you know, to try and wrap up and play the sum every his experiences was very daunting. to see this decorate staff sergeant, in the military, but the script that jason hall wrote, adapted from david fink he will's set us on the right course to do these guys justice. >> sergeant, for you what do you want people to take away
8:18 am
from your story being played out in the screen like this? >> when you finish the film i think people have understanding of when you say thank you for your service you actually understanded what you are thanking them for. and that's what i want people to take away from it, and maybe everybody experiences trauma in their life and maybe it will help start a discussion within themselves. >> the thing that i took away, so many people, men and women come back, going through what you went through. maybe not to your he can tent. don't you think? ao yes large group peo n s onlwsy what you went through but what your wife and two kids. >> yes. >> and they also are dealing with it, as well. >> the families the spouses the kids, all they want is their soldier home. they want their dad back.
8:19 am
they want husband their wife home. you get home and not reallythere. mentally, you know -- >> so people can understandand know. wanteure, you' in it so y but youo nd of do actor and you hav role in >> yes. >> yes. >> i get welcome miles home myself. so he gets off the plane. i'm sitting there on the tarmac i take his live from him. welcome home. i thought it was really g in. >> cla >> >> yes. >> how about the eagles? >> go birds. >> i'll now an fan. well we welcome with yopen arms. >> that's great. hey, mil phi gir ouifornia girl. >> she'll be all right. >>k in by theture you made the right decision, miles. >> thank you. >> congratulations. >> yes congratulations.
8:20 am
>> thank you. opens tomorrow. >> numbers to carson wentz. >> we will do. >> we will do that. >> come to a game then. >> that's for sure. >> all right 8:36. here's sue. >> hey looking at sunny morning, but it is still pretty chilly out there. and bus stopuddy with mes on, because most of our temperatures are still in the 40's so off to chilly start this national pumpkin da l frostisory until 9:00 this morng, we 30's degrees with-mile breezes out of the and it is lng mor sf the sunshine and a high oouts ualmikend. >> i'llut some of look, acciden roosevelt boulevard, southboun nbillion r ightoadtreet. only one lane getting on through, so we're jam up. leaving the neighborhoods trying to get on down to the schuylkill. back up on the benny up and over from south jersey in toward downtown. notice the flag, certainly got some winds action out there. and definitely chillier hand it was yesterday. make sure the kids have the sweatshirt on, and the blue route, still jammed, about 35 minute from broomall down to 95. all from earlier accident.
8:21 am
big back up, 320, back to you. >> 8:38. >> fined for singing. one man got ticket for belting out 90s hit. you can't sing in the car? sweet 4k tv, mr. peterson. thanks. i'm pretty psyched. did you get fios too? no, was i supposed to get fios? mr. peterson. fios is a c network. it's like it was invented to stream 4k movies and shows. how do you know so much about tv and internet? the internet. right. streaming is only as good as your internet. so get the best internet - with the 100% fiber-optic network - get fios - now just $79.99 per month for fios gigabit connection plus tv and phone.
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8:23 am
>> ♪ ♪ >> ♪ ♪
8:24 am
>> you can't help but dance whether you hear it. >> so, there was in dude he was sanking in his car like we all do. loudly. that song, and you know what, the cops pulled him over. they gave him a ticket for being too loud. >> his radio was blasting. he was singing. he got stopped. he wasucsi too >> he said are you screaming. >> no,as need driving licen150 wow, for know that happened here. but man we know -- th need t. >>w s should be fined every dor singice. ofol >> y name imaryho sin >> oh, doe she since? >> lax with my boots and my car ♪ ♪ >> what do you that's the you've heard all morning will. all right. look what's happening we went from pumpkin to the most amazing thing. >> the sculpture it is a sculpture in less than a half hour. we will talk, and i'll sank
8:25 am
some more if you want. >> keep it coming. what can you do with two bacon egg and cheese sandwiches for $5 from dunkin'? settle a debt. make a friend. save the day. or keep 'em both for this handsome devil. with two bacon, egg and cheese sandwiches for $5
8:26 am
the future is in your hands. america runs on dunkin'. joseph, i'm steve. how are you? nice to meet you sir. nice to meet you. how's it going man? the yankees? come on.hi ok at the smiles and the hard work that the people here are doing. it's like making mini sandwiches. they're no different than anyone else. they just want a job. they want respect and they want dignity. this is a nice place. yeah. he plays basketball with lauren. steve called, fairly frantic. you know, he had a premature baby and i think he had just been given the diagnosis that she had down syndrome. lauren brought out the best in me. she made me a different person. deep down in his heart he feels for people who are disadvantaged. lauren's a light in everybody eye. she's the spark that has started the fire. the goal is to keep places like this open so all people regardless of disability, have an opportunity for employment. see, i love you. i love you guys too. you know that.
8:27 am
8:28 am
>> imagine how great it is in person? now, if you're going to the pocono mountains to look at leaves this weekend saturday is your day because we are specking some rain on sunday. 8:47. back to right now. we have a frost advisory, continuing until 9:00 this morning, so maybe about ten more minutes we've got this going on, but i think any frost we've had that's about it we have our cold front off shore, from the other day we have a weaker system coming through, probably with some clouds maybe with a sprinkle wo otherwise high of egrees. om si 72 degrees few extrabu cloud rain arrives late saturday night all day pretty much on and off sunday with thunderstorms as well. much cooler after that with high temperatures through the middle of next week in the 50's, including our spooky sunshine on hal and of 58. >> i know something you can do this wnd car den it with
8:29 am
her kids, itd ow caslook at all of t hundreds eve theseho is behihis?whf nd hohis ve fromat wbasihat really start scrape scrape scraping this. >> right on the surface of it, just peeling the skin off.>> the h now? looorcont d c d humano >> g lou do started? >> grab appliertou start c away. >> so you see where the eyes are? >> looking at depth how hollow your eyebrow your eyelid, your nose the furthest thing comes out your chin. >> ohe other things i said, if i try to do the scrape scrape on the one side and i it up. then can i do the cut-cut on the >>ooplenty o for thees. noht to it. >> but with the scrape-scrape you don't necessarily need a light in the medal? >> no gutting involved with scrape-scraping. the cut-cut you need as this? tool. you said i havean>> 't. wghattle p>> torhe tool,n tool, then have a bo love. i said eag ing. ilt she t to this stinking you know tore
8:30 am
8:31 am
ie t toy stod. >> uh-huh. restaurant,ster cshleind th >> and you get to explore andy's open nextsummer. sti tll honey i shrunk the kids experience, go, crawl through the limb ant holes, it was so cool. i loved it. >> ends up in the cereal bowl. >> plain in the movie? >> remember, dirt, and crawlindg eere e tn 'm crahingt, that' every >> you do eatot every candy nowadays. >> so many people on twitter
8:32 am
saying they have the same deal. we crave sugar. and it is giving me a belly and it is belly fat on a guy that's supposed to belly bad ad way to rb back l your flaws, basilly get thir,n i d yw
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