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tv   Chasing News  FOX  October 27, 2017 3:00am-3:31am EDT

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>> a ten year professor under fire fo a post on his facebook page. he says hold on i may have b hacked. senator bodman and menen trial continues. the defenses upset with the defense. teddy roosevelt, statue of him in the museum of natural history has been to face. ey have no idea -- my guess is mandel's don't know who he is. and joe girardi is not my back is your yankees manager. this is chasing news. >> a tenure brokers prof under fire and possibly under on for antistatic post on page which we see this.
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ashley has the full story. >> a tenured law professor is un investigation to it some has characteeveral antistatace post. he's top food science for almost two decades frcount posted on the iseally cool. they're feeling like there's a lot of anti-semitism around the world. to have anti- israend anti-semitic sites. he says onlymment on one of the ssund >> i ded he's university professor. that's very worrisome because obvisly puessor you're in a posit of responsibi for the student. you're in char of educationnd grading papers. someone has so much hatred towards any section of society race or national thinkre onflictf interest. t want to space on caecause he's beenreceiving death threats. elieved his account was hacked. aysors comments on sodia are anti- medical t university inciples a values of respec for peope of all backgrounds
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including among other groups, large vibrant cays he is proof that reallrheadan. i asked why and he says he has been exploring tues between israealestine. ees only one side of try shows pstine the osed >> i only saw one side not another. >> tde you take that side. > not take that lean more ds that. >> will continue to std top of the situation and let you know if wreckers takes any ce of action. >> t let's bring oureak itoinanane hoff po strateg. yne smormer >> ae some of these remarks ar anti- israel.talking about the religion. >> he has a due proce. at's what tenureequires. but this thing he posted to what he said it probably cal a ratcheting up and speeding up of that process t get him o campus.
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> io knot the pr were hearts of professors going beyond what to b doingrs as professo er somat it is not police policy he's posting. >> is a food professor. head of the digesth center.> i feel eve's a story of a professor going cry inhensible things. i think most of the professors have a quota their university handbook they have to abide by.this guy did not do that spent too much on the tenure do professors really have the staying pr even through things lis? >> i think that something that tenure should not protect. >we'his f of speech tg t were gonna look at hate speech and not acpt consequences. ess than two weeks new o go to the to elect a new g. ec candidate, bill murphy is pulling out the stops. he's bringing a national spokespeople from the democratic upart ipresident
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barabama and bill cl he haar father, guy who gave speech ahe 2 atic convent trieso make sure thin co out for him. diane has the s. >> just over one year ago ar dad, -- con criticized donald trump as a democratic national convention. since then he is not let up, carrying out over 160 speaking engagements across the cou wit ta he ion on tuesday. >> i've watca couple ofmercials on television totally disive and totally unfair. totally incorrect. that is what n be stopp he is referringty ave can go donald. >> -- kim guadagno shen more trump -likproach but ding to pollsters it doesn't seem to be working. >>
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we saw some potential for the race to staro weeks ago. pulling coming and it's telling us iving all that much. i don't think the name recognition will get out. guadagn hasiffetactics ab how many millions of dollars you need to runmedia ad campaign andstate like majorrobably sent it toessage out. >> the lates 20-pointead over k dagno. some pollsters don't agree y say th researchppress the gopote in the meantime murphy got one on his the endorsement from the star-ledgthoughescribe as by default. the election is on november 7. > thank you. let's bring in the a+ panel. jeanette you have this goldstar father coming in, the same guy gave a of the016 democratic convention. didn't seem to heary then what is the plan?
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>> this is about getting people excited. the base of the democratic party doesn't seem too excited about phil murphy. i don't think it affe impact of the general election i think it's about getting out the vo a goldstar father. kim guadagno is a military mo i don't t he can say anything bad about her. >> you were a mayor you know the state well this question about affordability is t on boat thatecause of trump versus the goldstar mily? >he b if yu're repuican you representsues. democrat so they're gin the who say this i ofrnance we have at the republican party. the closely identified this race ith christie is [inaudible] the ballot who kim guadagno se as a retirement governor -- lieutenant gove
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>> the at a 20-point race. i talked to adam geller who is also polling forgno and she said no f the race is close because the methodology. they've hads wrong time and again. they thought clinton would win in a landslide. the methodology is wrong because the randomly dialing. they're not like cap the likelihood of who's gonna vote in this election. even in the other poll you saw fou moving toward >> somebody has credibility be donald trump's poster who is saying hillary think in a win. >> ano but in more cases than not the polls are correct. hink murphy is on hiso ate house. their base is roaring sat there
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wit the demt. >> i think it's can be close t double digitst tightenp. >> they talkuts get a raise your
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weather. >> welcomeo chasing nwe have more show for you t fifth anniversary
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of super stormsandy cominp this we and we have a big st first,n new york synagogue on the upper east side was to face with a swastika and on thursday the teddy roosevelt monument was defaced with red tape. where will it e re surveillance pictures the cops a looking into it.ed by jeanetteeith forme ington. my guess folks that vandalize the start with the teddy roosevelt statue, they have no idea w was. the sky was a incredible historical figur was a conservationist te gyo got panama canal finished, what is this a two? >> vel of protest hav generated instead of having a discussiting peopl even if you vie why? so yousely tea moment.
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e all statues are bad so yhe face them. >> this statue has an american indian a black person i wonder if someone looked at that said becausehey're there. >> is incredibly ignorant. someone who doesn't know history this is all statues must be racist and bad. i'd ask what is your purpose?to what end are you going round to the face statutes? it's a crime and i hope the prosecuted. >> when you look at the fbi reports, far moreainst jews and muslims in any other faith. that's alarming. you don't hear about it often enoug we should be reporting time it happened so it starts t curb it. >> in new york city quality-of-life crimes they need to be crap prosecuted. build the positive hasn't done his job and that regard.
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>> this is a time for's pleas to speak softly and carry a big stick. >> bob menendez trial continues. an interesting development where the defense tries to get a dismissal. the judge is not so happy. >> senator bob menendez walked into theurtroom wth tears in his eyes saying he so touched to see bipartisan support by way of lindsey graham and cookeh tes on the talk a a surprise, the at the defense asked the judge for a mistrial. they asked why and asked for a quick recess. throom literally ned. >> i want thank ms, lindsey graham corey booker to come and testify in a trial th us early in t to do. i appreciate them coming forth and talk about why william. >> about 20 minutes later the judg is 84 and is not one to
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mix hrd said we need to have a come to jesus meeting. ps the defense are you accusing this court and/o misconducthe defense said well every time heie send a client were shut down. you're not allowvidence or witnesses to counter the government structure bribery. they say the prosecution introduced 300 pieces of idence in the defense only allowed ten pieces. the judge that evidence is about quality not quantity. said the defenses being repetitive. e judge will issue an official ruling on monday. it's not likely he will have the case thrown out. >> thank you. let's bring in the publisher of the jersey blog matt rooney. welcome back.>> good to see you.
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>> we talk to laura about thihe trial, we've heard from lawyers that the first tion to dismiss the cution rested was normal, that's a tactic. what ab this lat velopment? normal? hink there's anythingl about this case. i think the defense has t this is a longshot. thewoecide omething he didudice the jury in the order to grant a motion. it's very rare for a judge to say yes, i didng t so ave the j ace. >> he was clearly agitated. >> at the end of the day the e knows it's about the appeal. >> thank you. >> let'sing in the panel to break it down. beyond this m agitated t may right there setting itr an appeal, what about the parade of celebrities coming in.
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lindsey graham, corey booker, does that show that maybe th defenses word? >> it's all about influencing the jury. suppose there and observing you'd want to say these are credible people coming in just to be with him. that may have some traction. sometimes is getting one juror to buy into that. >> it looks like he's doing the same thing as the murphy. >> is the ultimate political theater. the jury is really the audience not the voters. >> is this why you don't trust lawyers and politicians? did the guy committed crime or not? >> shakespeare said were all good actors. while the world to stage. in reality it's true but it's a fact of life. >> if he's acquitted to see win reelection? >> no. >> there's a lotats
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cans lined u. >> that's check in with our meran.on sunday the fifth anniv of sup storm sandy llvering from that another b aded our way the >> the only valid co be made is thee,s year is be ay weather day with rain and wind. the overall atmosphere set up he impact is not near as sa still a big storm a nasty day we'll talk more about that in second. we do nice weather a we returned to sunshin things will be chilly tonight upper 30s to low 40s will see clear skies light wind. toms like and i sayth highs in thewer 60snty ofine and saturday better with mostly sunny skie
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clouds increase in the we'll see rain moving on sunday. this is a two-part storm system. bring someowers and probably by the time you wake up sunday morning. part two is this tropical disturbance that will write up the east coast. uis have to think heavy rain and wind of all. worst-case scenario three plus es of ra 50 plus mile hour wind gt and minor to moderaoding. follow me for updates a every storm. >> this is a fox 29 news update. hi everyone. weather authority scott williams here. watching clear skies and chilly conditions for the lehigh, the deys overnight that means the development of patchy frost. away from the philadelphia area. the pine barrens of south jersey jersey. north and west suburb chester counberks counselo th valley. protectr sensitiv plants with those temperatures to away from t city.egrees in allentown.
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. 40s in the philaa area. atching fort overnight. temperatures rebound but d on good day about soaker want it means for the eagl game. have a great overnight. ♪
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ing. >> welcome back to chasing news. i'm bill. we have the headlines ja to
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>> new jersey to the standalone in the epic crisis. president donald trump is declaring a public health emergency over opiates. he labeled it the worst drug crisis in american history. >> they looked at the surgeon let it go by. were ntt by. strong law-enforcement is vital in having a drug-free society. >> a public health emergency doesn't mean more money means existing funds could be redirected yankees manager joe girardi stepping down and will be returning for the 2018 season. brian cashman think the ten year veteran for his hard-working service. girardi had the six ties win record in the history of theyankees. he just finished a four-year contract. no word on who will replace him. >> things watching the sh always a pleasure to be in your homes every weeknight. things ravenous. the conversation continues after the broadcast ends. find us on social media. follow me on twitter at bill stadium. you can find us on facebook at
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facast chasing n
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>> live from center city in this is fox 29 news at 11. tragedy shane two familiar unless philadelphia. two, 16 year olds killed and
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police are work aig round the clock to gunman who took their lives. tonight they say they are getting close.ou for joining i'm lucy noland. thefhose teens broke down into tears tonight. fox 29's bruce gordon was at the em p vigil i south philadelphia. >> reporter: sou of mourners rren' laught plaund occursnds and family gathered ay goo ar-o caleer teenager mean streets ofl >> senseless. just senseless. just senseless.- it has to stop. >> reporter: miller a junior at mastery chart high school and 16-year-old
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