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tv   FOX 29 News at 11  FOX  October 27, 2017 3:30am-4:02am EDT

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>> live from center city in this is fox 29 news at 11. tragedy shane two familiar unless philadelphia. two, 16 year olds killed and police are work aig round the clock to gunman who took their lives. tonight they say they are getting close.ou for joining i'm lucy noland. thefhose teens broke down into tears tonight. fox 29's bruce gordon was at the em p vigil i south philadelphia. >> reporter: sou of mourners rren' laught plaund occursnds and family gathered ay goo ar-o caleer teenager mean streets ofl >> senseless. just senseless. just senseless.- it has to stop. >> reporter: miller a junior at mastery chart high school and 16-year-old salile a junior at st. joe's prep were gunned down tuesday in what police believe was a argumenteen groups of teenagers. loved cal by one vig therophone tobe hrdescri a teenager of li and of
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love. >> hele that lights up thele world. >> i s better than me. i said i you to be the newed caleer. >> wip that could o prosperous and it's >> i'm not madt god. i'm mad at god e he didn't hav to give mika l >> miller des as awry his justine now in a bet place. and soourn their vigil by sendi balloon home >> we love you! hiladelphia p notade an ret in this case but sources tell fox 29 theyhave mery gess identifying those who the scene of theme young pulled the trigger ger. in south philadelphia, i'm bruce fox 29 news. eaking news out of germantown. sky fox fire the 1800 of widener pla nowo k hav a minor injuries they've got it control as of now. flames broket past 10: home. more as the n warrants. tinicum p arrested foer middlechool dean for the statutory rape and sexual ult of a student. officials say it happenedle 42ear-old omar harrison was still dean of atter chharrity middle schoo o eighth grader
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says harrison drove hootel a commhe offenses last year. harrison is in on $100,000 bail the school learn of the allt suspended harriso launched up term investigation the school has since fired him. guess yo can call this story invasive. criminals creeping into homes while families are fast asleep receg of burglaries i leaving a lot i montgomery town concerned ton night we're hearing from oneof the victims. fox 29' k he fromton. >> reporte police boosting patrolsowingreak and neighbors say exactly what they're looking for whi neighbors part and vigilant a well. >> were home. were upstairs sleeping. >> reporter: it's when this woman says her family was violateed andonda . home on the 2800 blockf lillian avenue in willow abington township became a scene a crook got in through an unlocked windo. they my pocket and my husband's wallet, but we werele to ol-- the p that that. she did not get back her sense of sec >> just v unn >> reporter: abingto poley two other homeserein btorokeurnin thevernight morningou all
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sle mario leaves near one tse houses on 1400lock of jericho road. >> thes it's easy to beent, a quiet neighborhood like this and forg that it'mportant to windowsnd the doors so it's ae nerve racki. r houseruck the0 block oflukens avenue some and n no idntile them. >> it's veryry and io& am going be on theki know and i'll be car in the ra may l around the house. >>eporter: that'sctly whatice say you should do alh keeping your doors ocked. victim in has anotherecuritytocol. my dtopped at dick'sting g and nows b our bed athttime. >> repter: tell me they donoteillancerelaterelated to the. meanti ask people who may about crimes youthing suspicious call poli right daveen fox 29 ol>>ic bensa need your help who broke into a resurantyesterday mng and sto cash. that guyight there that looks li weaet ctually took a the cash regis tet to t mo police suspect beh o ghoutbucks couing tearby pizza hut . now tan't see hisut hoping someoneill recognize somethingngbucksy fy realized some haded toallyston beloved heart broken andious at the same time. but when police announced
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who they think did astonished. children asounghat att with rocks hurt this dogo badly h needed emergenc surgery. fox 29' h the story. a family say their dog was pelted with rocks medical bills upwards $4,000d say they wantheld a. >> we' tryingtone -- they were trying to sog. >> repr: thisble ext the mend aftted rocks and stones earlieronthhis ch. the youngest age. it happened while he was tied up in the backyard. two of his teetherroken. the family didn't notice untilas b ie and all ofe found oss therassth blo t >> i saw the one tooth and't reali had a second tooth thatas contracted right in half. head a bunch oth scabbed areas on hisk. >>eporter: v billswo of 4,00 c combined. what also angers pa her family they believe local authorities were slow to respond. come outly but the familylready left vet and pattis would not rur>> he wouldn't come out. he said that it was issue now. that it was turn over to t humane >> b police chief says the children are too young to face animal cel charges. sp ca handles more of the cases a year in buckunty. >> it doesprise me. ao seechildren
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so young. >> reporter: it' chium offitti by and to parents of theen threw aeece education is what's need idut wha were doing.but gives ustunity to educatem whyould be kols. r nona this caseuts conside at. spca says, ithese casiously and if see something say s bedter townshp, brad fox 29 news> new d tonight after an escapedr led iladelphia police to a drugn tuesday nightators discovered 900 blocf west russellt i northhilly wasome to a big ti heroin packagegperation of that garag they made thatiscovery while chasing9-year-old lamb mick conade prisoner an mannectionne shooting. inside the garag police 14,000 packeeroin. 15 sand dollars in cash un and say t assault neighb are. >> yeah, tha concernuse iottds up arount. i really w hckageing,acturing distributionice are still lookior the man. they eargeion right. better not carn ce starting tomorro this saturday those of philadelph sttin strollers a it's theond annual plly eeeets event. fox chris oonhe
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storyter f c got walking ready chris. >> reporter: yeah, you should. youl a holiday f pedestrians. day cs,rcycles, not allowedn city streets it i once again the philly free streets and it's hap on s it's when buses cars, the traffic wil bee at least for few hours8:00 a.m. to 1:00 pree ss a one-day event where mototravel ruleshe road three and aesf ets will closed from center city all the way to north. i'll s a map i a sec lasteople participated it to a get people outside and moving. >> ihink it's idedon't know why they're doing it. was so much fun when the pope came and we did it,'s for q >>r: well, here closures.chestnut street in old city up treet o to fourth to germantown avenue ending ad indiana in northphil and if youive ohete r beware. you bre you car o is onaturdayut theyay the will tow y c if y'ren t afon tomorrow t pede it'o becy
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>> great go d in theea becauseou'll be stuck. thank you very much, c >> start choking b someone knew just what to do. a new wayo your . ki of. it's a auall o technique. but docto saytould better thans. and imagine you're >> t t. testing.>> testing. sal 25 feet hning. new j trooperssave the day. he has a broken l and seven ribs bue's ge ste.
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>>ecut idi thrrutalttacko of aivery of only 13earsd. o o5. othuy 22.
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last fyar-o keith was deringil gas sntimore avenue when a o guys stolear.otonsn e ds major dopment i theie.s.istoryest mp d the crisis america a it's the move inhe ag drugc whi claimed 64,000 l.e declarationds acc to progrg abusers inc militarynd tho living in agesroughout our area. so we hit teets of kensington. ay the s slowing down everybodying in ben everybody's c they're shog up narcotics. they're h. andding. every and every ni >> you we a greatnd're makhis publicealthware oidat>> this comes after the city of phil cleanedp noto den by therackensing.t gone.usersn anddsrybodyee. pas t ons risg. stts walking ist dem ansnd i pinse dif ♪ n i month t haeral schools. s mo chehigh school cheerle listenl slurs aquakertownuringtb outhersey washiton ip high sl had aew days unrn response tome textessages amonghi u the n word.
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in csville some students walked out to pictures racistd pumpkins som social uasan remin intance and ignance er yearsrican-american president e to lingnost raci.xi ra eveevel socie. theseentson't rlectntire b each it's chere's problem quakertown wlurs as w aen the kids learn f born likehat. tre. as parents wek t our l know .espoible fo lettingomemal.ter thehere'sn disc comn and akle the s now is ad all ustart trying see the in otheopl no differ how we do w h to s it's okay hate? i guess so. i just hope one day we don'tve to. ♪ caught on. new jerseyteoper saving aper denni paleo was watchingh hyson at buffalo wild wings in rock a township. notice add man was rushed in performed the m d the m w breain. throand sore ribs becausehat's what happensebody does tt to you he's okay.'s going to make a full covery.thanks to tro took five thrusts andr had before and it was littleerve racking the i knew
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it was . an feel him start to breathen. ive buffal w wings managementyon weekend and guess what? fe him freeings for a year. howhatal sl your health ne for these livingith chr thrancient pe the ancien practicf yo-yoing people all womanm minaid her dr. roga for she joinedeek st was to stab yoga as an effective painent thapynd expertsped withep w aathi reduce perso scott? ot whatever worht. >> whallyperares aing lot p take live look atingwe c tofr ours.>> absolutely.oothoseat int30's acrosa.keookimat d quiethave sndsein willht tll heatha ted duringfternoon head iuter al 30s mount 43es inwn millviowo 40. 45 in lan.egrees inton. soake look away f urbanized corridor.rth w protect plas. a you tow je barrens looki ateperatures dipping into the0s. upper for. 34 degreesnt pocono. 36 in pottstown. 37egrees int around 40 forn. wil an.t thing butemperatures rdegrees.that'srefoe r. ve thenilder. at satda70 degreest
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sunda snge a a lot ofith t s earlystlgats. th 1e'deal tlo s. ghtates of tte e that the eof thes we'r loo go our.there co pon tng onadlsoe f wit thoseen a duthoriforest sng . on t wind s eagles gam b c. ten 50s f hiemperature. our byn hallowee tho temperatrior t orsr the low 5sosthe pumpkin for halloween >> bac y sank yo sco for kr what hinkinabout t wete ains all t. rt isnausefer gen i'r,mt
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highchlr tourn wasn't thewinner o h ourodge her cs she thi comme rhi had the ivisree boy tournament. sho amias given winnerhe'syou tle's a massaays girompeting
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lloys team c be ented into individuaut. oh b her s thal.ournament director sef the rule before she teed but frankly d c if you're letnto the begin withr score for the theres zero shouldn't boy whoeredo give emilyhy aheecline offeredo specialrtic. trophy, reallno thi, you are edibleoir thing getgeroomean a lit of fun t chk oddy mcleoi woneclahe .>> rnont him.e atheell will s first b hongoozatth merincer research., nt s autu find a ler ourn tv gndma whoe dcond mom die when heh sfter bpar. sohis>>zi ing. amazing h ao her duringationa. of c good
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ing right now a deveng story her peson ofhed in t shooting deathf two n ivmie re u s injured aft r thrown at tha dog in his own backyardcts thi ca y as seven. feel free to rome, sit shutting down streetso cars this week end hat is clos get arod? weookogreat to ha you with morninghomas drayton.epp bob andire g wde it whole started when popset's st thewe will see h>> i fun i ikend. hopef ill see is anr beautiful >>ave aood one fory, because sunday proto be big old mill bac t a nin evenhough i chi a more frost advisory just likeyesterda scattered around b those plantsindoorsf you not already, b late, anre temperatuin the 30's, then we saw at this time yeerday, 36 degrees in
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pottstown. thirty-nine readiix incaster. mount po close to freezi ate in the city here at 46 deh aesterly breeze at 6 miles hour, good hair day though, relative humidity down to 66 percent se now,ot u 7:25. once up,willght,ul have milr a then wit ur halfndg bob. >> hf aomesugarnth t h i let good morngrybody. tgif we are sting expressway allstbound lanes closedth st vineakingr t i-95 w her inhe phiroosevelt boulevard, byberry down tocottman paving, out there,o ill there:00 o'clocring coming up over downtowna, plems bnd transitaren 00 o tragedhatn plphia,s two, 16 y takes policek hee ma we are lrningre o erntts get oleyliverters morning sh,
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