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tv   FOX 29 News at 5  FOX  October 27, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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let's get the latest from fox 29's dave kinchen live at police headquarters tonight, dave? >> reporter: chris, here at police headquarters it's the investigators and media waiting for any sign every the person of interest to be brought in here. we can tell you over at roman catholic high school in philadelphia parents were lined up from front door to the other side of the street and all the way down broad during a lock down earlier. school officials fearing that students could be a target or targets on public transportation as they made their way home. it followed what was seen as we're told a reported possible sighting of 16-year-old brandon oliver row who police call a person of interest in the deaths of 16-year-old victim salvatore dinubile and caleer miller. we are also told ali verree transferred out of that school last year. meantime to our second piece of video. philadelphia police say as many as 15 gunshots were fired into the south philly row home of oliver row amazingly sources say
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no one was hurt. parents at the school where that possible sighting happened expressed their shock. >> panic. sheer panic. but you want to make sure you're calm of keep it calm for the children. that's the most important thing. >> mostly talking to my son back and forth. he's texting me. he's pretty freaked out. he's a freshman here. this is our first year here. >> the important thing to underscore that the individual or individuals that we need to speak to really behooves them to come down and have a talk with us before this gets out of hand. >> reporter: philadelphia police commissioner ross indicating how important it is for his investigators to speak to the person of interest here as they piece together this very emotional and difficult case again here at philadelphia police headquarters looking out for any possible sign of that person of interest coming in to speak with investigators. back to you. >> all right, dave, thank you. so who is going around defacindefacing plaques honoring philadelphia police officers killed in the line of duty?
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that's what the department is trying to figure out tonight. >> there's been several acts of vandalism reported across the city. let's get right to fox 29's jeff cole live tonight in south philly. jeff? >> reporter: well, chris, we certainly know this. in some circles across america there is an anti police sentiment. now, if that's what's going on here, it is unclear. but let me have you take look at a plaque that honors a fallen police officer in the city of philadelphia. this plaque is one that was defaced recently. officer gary skerski was cut down on the nightmare six, 2006 while answering a call for armed robbery at pat's cafe. signs pay honor to the 46-year-old father of 291 is pan as this plaque marking his passing early saturday morning. it was defaced. >> disgusted. >> because he died here? >> yes, and he -- he was a good officer. >> reporter: patti hip pell was sickened by the act but was pleased her security cameras
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caught these images of those believed to have done it. >> i don't understand. i don't know why anybody would vandalize anything. how were they race raced? >> reporter: across the city in south phil wrl officers were on the streets friday two more plaques were hit. police say they're trying to determine if there was a connection along the busy intersection of brought and schneider. officer charles knox is remembered he was shot execution style while struggling with a robber at a fast food restaurant bright paint scarred his marker. >> people who doesn't have any respect for themselves or others, um, continue to do crime and mark up their name and stuff like that. it's a shame. >> reporter: officer george jacobs plaque was also defaced. jacobs died after just three months on the job at 29 years old back in 1966. he was killed during a traffic stop. the plaques are all cleaned now but for some emotional stain
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lingers. >> i think the real issue is real policy change and real live solutions. i don't really understand what somebody thinks that spray painting dean facing somebody's memorial is really going to do. >> reporter: so we've reported on three police plaques that have been defaced or marked. we know of at least one other. police has we've reported are trying to draw some connection but what seems absolutely accurate is that some folks are certainly upset about this. live in south philly, jeff cole. more at 6:00 o'clock. chris, back to you. >> jeff, thanks. we are now getting a look at the guys police say are behind a carjacking and brutal attack of a delivery driver. 22-year-old is a match head den. 1584 old matthews, and 15-year-old jordan wilson. all will face charges from the incident last week in south philadelphia. the teens are charged as adults. that's why we're showing you their photographs. 13-year-old also faces charges
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as a juvenile. they're all accused of knocking out a 56-year-old man who was delivering pizza at a gas station on baltimore avenue rivaling through his pockets then stealing his car. new tonight prosecutors say they are reinstating some of the charges that were dismissed against members of a penn state fraternity after a pledge died. the new charges filed today nearly two months after a judge throughout aggravated assault and involuntary manslaughter against eight young men. they were the most serious charges in the death of 19-year-old timothy piazza. he died of several injuries after a night of heavy drinking during abate at a theta pie pledge ceremony. and this was the scene this morning at a schoolbus crash in southwest philadelphia. it happened around 6:00 near the intersection of 61st street and passyunk avenue. we do know one adult was on the bus but no word on the extent of any injuries. and in delaware, wilmington and new castle police are asking for your help finding this guy.
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his name is calene jackson. new castle police say he carjacked an 87-year-old this morning around 10:00 o'clock on bittersweet drive in claymont. officers say he drove the victim around before letting them out near i-95 in naamans road. this happened while wilmington police were investigating an armed robbery he reportedly committed yesterday morning in wilmington. that happened at an apartment complex on the 300 block of east fifth street. if you know where cali njac son is, police call police. naacp demanding a controversial halloween decoration in south jersey come down. people spot add decoration depicting a person hanging in al oh way township salem county. the naacp received calls about the decoration. residents tell did he not mean to offense anyone and had no intention force this about to be any race. it is any restaurant customers worst fear. rodents running i was muck in
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your favorite eat reach that appears to the case at a popular coffee shop in spring garden section of philadelphia. bruce gordon joins us in stewed eighty seven this information came to us via an anonymous tweet. >> yeah, it sure did, chris. late this afternoon in fact we were able to talk by phone with our source. he asked that we not use his name but said he lives in a nearby apartment that has seen the mice before. last night, he took out his camera and the results, well, they were not pretty. >> starbucks at 20th and callowhill is a busy place with a steady stream of customers rushing in to pick up their specialty coffees and pricey pastries. >> oh, my god. that's disgusting. >> reporter: but we came to the coffee shop bearing bad news or more accurately pictures of pests. >> what do you think? >> i think i want to return this bagel i just purchased. >> reporter: half dozen tweeted photos sent to fox 29 appear to show mice running around the starbucks. our tweeting source told us the
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shots were taken thursday night aft the star had closed. >> there's one on the floor. and another one playing hide and go seek on a pastry rack. there's one stretching for a better look at what else there is to explore. i showed the photos to the starbucks morning manager after an initial oh, my god, she told me they had reports of mice a few weeks ago, and that she had ordered the front doors be resealed and the traps be set out. she said she thought the problem had been resolve. the philadelphia health department last inspected this starbucks back in july. several minor violations were noted but as for rodent infestation, nothing. the facility was in compliance. but after our visit, we noticed a starbucks employee out front moving the trash cans out from against the store and giving the area a thorough cleaning. it's a start but customers we spoke to were still not happy. >> oh, wow. >> to see mickey and mini having the run much their favorite coffee shop during the overnight hours. >> it's disturbing if true.
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>> reporter: is not what you want to see. >> not that i want to see to say the least. >> reporter: we shared our photos with starbucks corporate office in seattle in written statement late this afternoon they say, pest control was on sight today to address the situation. they say quote we take rigorous seps to ensure the safety of the food we serve and there should be no cause for concern around potential contamination. chris? >> all right, bruce, thanks. let's check in with your fox 29 weather authority. let's take live look in wilmington, delaware. look at the sunshining really shaping up to be a beautiful friday night across the delaware valley. but that is not the case all weekend. let's go to meteorologist mike masco. mike, what the deal. >> yeah, the deal is going to be don't get used to the sunshine because it is going to turn pretty ugly here as we get into the weekend. today rather tonight will be great. by as we segue into sunday that will be the big weather headline. sunny skies from delaware all the way here in old city really in the sweet spot on satellite/radar. high pressure is in control but
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let's go west and that's where we find a cold front. doesn't look like much just yet. but this is actually going to be the energy or the focus of some pretty nasty rain that is will come in in fact you see the rains breaking out south of atlanta. i for see this moving into our north and western suburbs tomorrow afternoon but then the big show is going to come in the form avenue tropical system starting to get its act together. the national hurricane center put out advisory saying this could become a tropical storm later tonight. but that's really not the biggest issue. it's really going to be the tropical moisture that will start to roll up the coast. so there's the cold front we just mentioned. there's the system developing just south of miami and this is going to be a squeeze play effect they both come together all this moisture coming from south to normal and this is going to turn into a big east coast low. this will be sunday through monday gusty winds, coastal flooding we could be talking rainfall of one to 3-inches and then to boot big winds will come in by sunday night into monday. we're going to break down the details on this storm some areas of the delaware valley could tap
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60 miles an hour winds. other areas may get 4-inches of rain. there's a lot of weather to talk about coming up in just little bit. guys. >> all right. thanks, dave. do you recognize these pigs if so cheltenham police want to hear from you. they're not under arrest but they did manage to get on the loose in elkins park. the pigs are currently being held by the township in a kenn kennel. so if yours or you know who they may belong to give police a call. by the way proof of pig ownership will be required for anyone wanting to claim these two. the receipt for the pigs? [ laughter ] coming up, lots to do in the city this weekend but you're going to want to leave the car at home. a preview of philly free stree streets. plus if you like eating alone, well, you may want to think that table for one rethink it. it turns out it's not very good for your health. and some montgomery county kids showing their school spir spirit. it is homecoming at plymouth white marsh high school and these kids, they are excited. ♪
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♪ better not park your car on some philly streets this weekend. three and a half mile stretch of roads exclusively for pedestrians. in fact if you haven't moved your car yet you may want to do it. they're already towing. it's all part of the second annual philly fry streets event. >> philadelphia specifically it is a struggle because you know we don't really have that many bike lanes. >> dom skates to forty one
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northern liberties through old city every day. he calls his commute a struggle for survival. >> i hate lyft, uber and tax drivers because they're all going to one place. to their next stop. they're pretty disrespectful to skate borders. >> well, dom, on saturday, the buses, the cars, the traffic will all be gone at least temporarily. philly free streets is a one-day event where non-motorized travel rules the road. closed to vehicles, chestnut street in old city up third street over to fourth to germantown avenue and ending at fifth and indiana in north philly. >> they say there's too many cars on the roads. [ laughter ] >> that's ridiculous. >> i think it's a great idea. i don't know why they're doing it. maybe it was so much fun when the pope came went did it, and it's just nice. it's nice for it to be quiet. >> reporter: second philly free streets will run from 8:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. along the way, it's a party with latin dancing, mural arts and plenty of ways to
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exercise. parking is not allowed and businesses say that might be a good thing. >> most of the business owners don't have a problem with the because it's free streets. people come and they go into the different places to eat and patronize whatever business they go into into. >> the free streets program kicks off tomorrow morning at 8:00 and runs until 1:00 o'clock in the afternoon. harvey weinstein is suing the company he founded to gain access to documents he says could clear him of the dozens of sexual harassment and assault claims against him. weinstein was removed as ceo then reassigned from the board last week. a mid allegations of sexual harassment and assault. the lawsuit says if he's able to obtain the records, he may use them to pursue a wrongful termination case or other legal actions against the company. a central pennsylvania mom has been sentenced for beat herring daughter when she incorrectly recited bible versus. 41-year-old rhonda, will spend up to five years in prison.
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police say the girl who was younger than 13 was forced to kneel and recite the versus and if she made mistake they say she slapped her head into the wall. long-time american idol judge simon cowell spent time in a hospital today after falling down the stairs at his london home. rep says could you well was going to get up and get some hot milk because he couldn't sleep early this morning, then he fainted and fell down the stairs. tmz is reporting could you well was in the hospital for several hours before being released. tiger woods pleading guilty today during a hearing stemming from his dui arrest back in may. as part of that plea deal, the 41-year-old woods admitted to being guilty of reckless driving and agreed to enter a diversion program. now this comes from the may 29th incident when he was found in the driver's seat of his car asleep at the wheel. there may be world series going on but in philly, all eyes, of course, are on the eagles. >> you got it. they're getting ready to take on
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the winless 49ers on sunday. >> and obviously it is shaping up to be really exciting game. fans are going crazy. sean brace joining us in the studio now with a preview. sean? >> good evening, guys. yeah if you ask the fans, sund sunday's goals game versus the 49ers has been played and already chocked up a win but we know that's not how it works. nah sure the 49ers are searching for their first victory and it is week eight incredible. but there's a future factor that may even playing field for both teams come sunday. mother nature. yeah, as you may have heard sunday is expected to be a windy and wet experience at the linc possible 2-inches mice mike masco said earlier today. tough task for any quarterback but for carson wentz this being his 24th start in the league hasn't had to play in many bad weather games. a factor that would have most head coaches concerned but doug pederson is feeling the opposite. >> he hasn't played in a ton of bad weather games because he played in dome in college. but it doesn't bother him, too.
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he's lived it and he's had to live in the cold or the snow, the wet, you know, the rain, so he should be fine. >> country strong. that's right. north dakota strong. okay. again the eagles are a heavy favorite and should be because both teams will have to deal with the weather no matter the conditions. certainly something to keep our eye on as we get closer to sunday. coming up later in sports, guys, we got carson wentz not allowing the team to overlook the winless 49ers. back over to you, dawn. >> all right, thanks. halloween came early for some deserving children in philadelphia. students at the overbrook school for the blind parading around their school for the fall festival. prices went to the students dressed in the cutest, funniest, scariest and most original costume and then to top it all off, the kids got to trick or treat in their classrooms. >> nice. a kid left at school, no one to pick him up on his eighth birthday. so what one police officer stepped up to make sure he got a celebration. and one great white shark is ready for his close-up. how it was all caught on camera.
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>> ladies and gentlemen, plymouth white marsh has a home coming today. this is the quarterback. give it to me, quarterback.
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new zealand research chersha great white shark playing around in the south pacific. scientists can't herd this footage during a recent ocean expedition a track to do tuna bait in a canister the shark named kermit can be seen picking up the crew's camera rig from the ocean floor multiple times. that's pretty scary. >> it's not like anything he's encountered before. it's hard. it's metal and so he's actually quite confused. so he tries a few thing. he pick it up, drops it, um, it sinks very quickly whereas a carcass he might encounter will sing very slowly. >> unfortunately, researchers say they were discouraged by the low number of sharks spotted in the areas they visited. over the past several week, racial tensions have been rising at local schools.
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students walking out in protest, parents demanding answers, and change. >> as our iain page explains, it's time to set aside our disses. ♪ just in the last month there have been several racial incidents at some area schools. earlier this month cheltenham high school cheerleader has to listen to racial slurs at quakertown during a football game. in south jersey, washington township high school had a few days of unrest in response to some text messages among white students using the n word. in coatesville, some students walk out to protest pictures of racist slurs carve flood pumpkins that some students posted on social media. there were others it's an unpleasant reminder that hate tread intolerance and ignorance notice no boundary after eight years of an of a forty three american president we're not close to living in post racial society. racism still exists at every level of our society.
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these incidents don't reflect the entire student bodies at each school but it's clear there's a problem. at quakertown adults were yelling racial slurs as well as the students. what? the kids learned from the parents. they're not born like that. trust me. as parents we need to talk to our kids and let them know it's not right f we don't we're responsible for letting it become normal. here's the good in all of these communities after the incidents there's been discussion, compassion and a desire to tackle the issue. so now is a good time for all of to us start trying to see the good in other people no matter our differences including how we look. do we really have to say it's not okay to hate? i guess so. i just hope one day we don't have to. ♪ the president declaring the opioid epidemic a national public health emergency. coming up, a famous philly face tony luke on why he's fighting to end the stigma of drug addiction. >> big night for one local high
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school. preview of the big homecoming game and mike masco, we hope they'll have clear skies. >> we are good to go. you know what, saturday is a day to really secure the halloween decorations because we have clear skies overhead but we go down to the south there's two storms we have to contend with. those details coming up. ♪ >> it's hank i'm here with don and the one and only tony luke. we just got done watching president trump's speech on the opioid epidemic
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♪ the president declaring the opioid epidemic a national public health emergency yesterday. now his administration is working to get the resources in place to get that job done. >> deck la of laureation allows resources to combat drugs such as prescribe painkillers and heroin. it also allows the government to redirect resources to expand access to medical services in rural areas. now the declaration only lasts 90 days. although it can be renewed every 90 days if the presidencies fit to do so. attorney general jeff sessions says the fight will happen on many fronts. >> this is a national issue of importance and the government cannot continue business as usual. all of us need to look at what we're doing and see if we can't be more effective. >> administration officials say they will you were congress during the end of the year budget negotiations to add new cash to the public health emergency fund.
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philadelphia staple tony luke's nose all too well about the toll the drug epidemic is taking on local families. >> earlier this year he lost his son to heroin overdose and now he's trying to remove the shame and the stigma of addiction. our hank flynn spoke with him as the president made the announcement. >> it will help people like me sleep better at night to know at least people are thinking about us. ♪ kensington prior to the president's speech to check in with heroin users like derek. he's been using 13 years he says. he didn't know what the president would say it was guardly optimistic. >> i think about the president a luetin wonder if he's thinking about me. just knowing that he'll be doing something is a start. where would you go now? >> derek has got conditions that keep him from quitting. he just can't. i thought about it on the way out to sicklerville where i watched the speech with tony luke. did you think i wasn't going to eat. tony said for the large part he like what he heard. >> they know where the problem
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is coming from. they have all of the answers and i just need someone to give me solutions and i think today a lot of his speech gave solutions. >> reporter: tony recently lost his son anthony to an overdose he's been on a mission ever since to crush the stigma associated with heroin addicti addiction. we watched as trump called for non addictive painkillers to bypass of all laws that prohibit drug treatment in some ops and more use of medicaid money and drug rehab facilities. he questioned the program that amounts to new just say no campaign. >> you've got to dive into what the root cause is of why people are getting addicted. why -- because they're self medicating is what they're doing. so they're self medicating to forget things that they don't want to cope with. you need to dig into that and that is long-term treatment. that's not 30 days, 60 days, 90 days. that's months of treatment. >> reporter: tony's friend don recovering addiction says the root cause will be different for each person. >> whether it's we're trying to suffocate our inner demons or whatever it is, everybody has
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something individual about it. i know for me i needed to listen to someone else. so no i'm not battling this by myself. >> reporter: trump public health emergency declaration felt a hint at the national emergency which could have freed up federal money to deal witness opioid crisis. i think about derek who told me anxiety, depression and adhd the only time he feels good when he's using this is a complex problem. simple solution won't do.& it may cost a lot of federal money. think of it as an investment in ourselves. that's money well spent, right? i'm hank and that's my take. ♪ back to your fox 29 weather authority now. as we take live look down at the shore in ocean city, new jersey. and while it's pretty mild fall day, it look like rain is definitely going put major damper on part of our weekend. >> meteorologist mike masco breaks it all down in just 15 seconds.
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today was beautiful day. upper 60s to close to 70 degrees. now the sun is starting to fall or set, rather, so the temperatures are starting to fall. we're finding 50s in and low 60s to the north and west of philadelphia. in town 63 degrees. 63 being shared in millville and 62 in atlantic city. now the winds are a little different. we've less couple days dealing with northwesterly wind now a south breeze that had keep our temperatures milder than where we were last couple of nights. so your planner looks like this. 8:00 o'clock 59 degrees. if you're staying out later, 56 to around 54 degrees and waking up to a decent amount of sunshine for your saturday with a temperature of around 54. but then things are going to start to change. we do have high pressure in control right now. that's going to provide again clear skies tonight. sunshine tomorrow. but by tomorrow afternoon, we're going to start see the clouds gather from this cold front out
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to the west in fact you see the clouds and showers south of atlanta. i for see these moving into our northwestern suburbs around 2:0e points seeing the clouds around two or 3:00 o'clock and then the big show begins as this area of low pressure could become a tropical storm south of cuba. starts to develop and as this storm starts to develop it will begin do roll up the coast. let's not waste time get you right over to fox future cast. tomorrow morning generous amounts of sunshine. no problems tomorrow morning. light winds temperatures around 50 degrees. but as we progress through the day the clouds will start to build along the coast and especially to the north and the west. high temperatures close to 70 degrees. it's actually above average. but the breeze will start to pick up by saturday night. by sunday morning, we're going to start to watch rain showers develop across the region from south to north. it will be balmy this is not a cold storm much this is a warm storm with temperatures close to 70 degrees as early as 7:00 o'clock in the morning. and then game on for heavy rains all day long on sunday. we're talking periods of tropical downpours, high
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temperatures around 70 degrees. the winds will start to pick up and then it's just going to rain all day sunday into monday morning. this is some of the modeling and this is new run that just came in to the weather center. showing four -- three or 4-inches of rain i mean that's pitt pretty crazy we're head lining one to 3-inches with locally 3-inch amount but we'll have to watch where this really this access of heavier rain develops. just to the east of the city. is it on top of philadelphia. or is it into our northwestern suburbs. we'll have to fine tune. that's part of the story. the second part will be the winds. by saturday night, the winds start to pick up by sunday afternoon close to 50 miles an hour winds and then monday is going to be weather alert day for gust that is will be around 50 to 60 miles an hour through the day. so this is going to be a nasty storm. two part storm. the flooding rains first on sunday and then monday big winds. 60 in town for tomorrow afternoon. it's a sunny start. the clouds get going. tomorrow really saturday is a day where we, you know, lock
5:36 pm
down those halloween decorations they may end up in maryland before this storm is all done. 66 on sunday. it's a wet mess strong winds for monday. and then clears out in time for halloween. >> guys, we'll talk about this storm at 6:00 o'clock a new model run you want to stick with us because we'll go through that together. okay? >> need the poncho if you're going to the birds game i guess. >> oh, yeah. >> thanks, mike. >> thanks. coming up, do you like to eat alone? turns out it's not very good for your health. and your coffee going green. the new project that will soon -- y
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steve sweeney's negative headlines keep piling up. why are south jerseyans so angry at sweeney? sweeney repeatedly sided with chris christie to underfund south jersey schools, increase standardized testing like parcc, cut take-home pay for teachers, and broke his promise to fund the pensions of hundreds of thousands of new jerseyans- all while padding his own.
5:38 pm
steve sweeney says a lot of things. but the truth is, he's not on our side.
5:39 pm
♪ in your health tonight, you may want to stop eating alone. a new study finds it may be bad for your health. the journal. obesity research and clinical practice discovered people who ate meals alone at least twice day were more likely to suffer deteriorating health. doctors call it metabolic syndrome caused by high blood pressure and cholesterol. it also increases risk of stroke, heart disease and diabetes. researchers also learned solo meals are riskier for men.
5:40 pm
all right. bacon lovers who have cut back, guess what, there's hope. chinese researchers may have discovered a way to produce low fat bacon using a genetic editing tool the research team was able to genetically todd modify newborn pigs to make them leaner. researchers believe genetically modified low fat pigs could reduce economic losses and help boost pig welfare. the fda issuing new guidelines that will help row dues the risk of infants of developing a food allergy. the agency will issue new labels for peanut containing foods suitable for infants. the recent study showed that inn fans who were at a higher risk of a peanut allergy, lowered that risk during their childhood when they were inter tow dude to smooth peanut butter. about 2% of american children are allergic to peanuts. shining light on what can be a devastating diagnosis for patients and their families. the special meaning one event has for those impact beside cancer. plus, planting trees for a
5:41 pm
good cause. dozens of them are coming to
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♪ one night, thousands coming together in one of the biggest battles of all, the fight against cancer. survivors describe it as the darkest moment of their life, but very special event is now bringing them some light. >> our bill anderson spoke to those affected by cancer who says this event means the world to them for goodness sake. ♪ >> saturday night is a night that we remember those that we lost to blood cancer as well as honor those that are survivors. >> reporter: the leukemia and
5:45 pm
lymphoma society light the night walk is an mazing night to see thousands come together to say united we're stronger than cancer. >> when you or someone you love hear the words "you have cancer" it's really the darkest moment of your life. >> reporter: many include your fox 29 family participate to show our love and support for trying to find a cure for canc cancer. but for thousands who will be there participating it's more than that. it's personal. >> he was trying to teach me how to pam the basketball. my father was larger than life. he lit up a room. any time, you know, we were altogether. >> reporter: meg driscoll and team tweety will be walking in honor of her father john who lost his battle with cancer earlier this year. >> it is our first year without him, and we couldn't think of a better way to do it than through light the night. >> i learned john was a strong supporter, loved by everyone, and a passionate member of the
5:46 pm
local sports scene. >> he played basketball for villanova, um, for west catholic as well. >> reporter: but as strong and athletic as he was until cancer took him in nine months from diagnosis to death, john's passing was a painful reminder of how important events like light the night are on the path to a cure. >> every dollar is a step closer, you know, and anything you can do to help somebody down the road is all the better. i'm sure he would want us to do that this. >> reporter: they'll be walking in philly sports uniforms because john was a fan. surround beside survivors carrying white lanterns, supporters with red lanterns and too many like themselves carrying gold lanterns in honor of loved ones lost. >> they're going to be other people within this world that have gone through a similar situation that we have. really there to honor my father. ♪ >> reporter: saturday is about remembering those we loved that we lost and showing the love for
5:47 pm
the ones that we still have. >> my message will be live life to the fullest. love every day and enjoy your family. >> reporter: and doing it for goodness sake. i'm bill anderson. ♪ >> good advice. park in camden is about to look a whole lot prettier thanks to the hard work of some very dedicated volunteers. folks from td bank along with the nj tree foundation gathering with city officials to plant 75 trees at the judge robert johnson park. that park is used for whole lot of community events and sports. the new trees will provide shade and improve the air quality. in tennessee it might look like your average buffet but you got to be pretty brave to enjoy what's on the menu. dawn you like bugs? >> not really. >> people actually snacked on insect cuisine at the university of tennessee's 11th annual buggy buffet. students from a class called a
5:48 pm
bug's life approved and presented the free bug filled menu it included treats like meal worm wontons and chocolate chirp cookies. >> no thanks. no, no, no. well the eagles are battling the 49ers and injuries this sunday at lincoln financial field and one of the players filling in for the injured linebacker jordan hicks is najee good who has deep philadelphia routes. tom srendenschek walked a hundred yards with him this week. ♪ walking a hundred yards this week with in a jay good. when a guy goes down, how much do you guys relish the opportunity to make sure there's no drop off. >> something we do before every game is we talk to each other as defense and tell each other how we prepare for the week and how we prepare in the off season to make sure that we stay strong as one single link. >> this guy knows philadelphia as well as anybody his dad john played with the eagles. >> yup. >> what kind of stories did he have about playing at the vet. >> stories of the prison, the
5:49 pm
fans crazy. saw the movie invincible and i'm sitting there watching with him and he was like this is real. philadelphia fans, you know, south philly, they are electric. >> i understand you're probably four years old and you could do the eagles chant. >> watching him see all the pictures of renault white that's the first thing my dad would say. eagles! >> tell how bore of your charity work and how important it is for you. >> i'm getting football back at home. my dad is the president pop warner football in cleveland. growing up in cleveland it's weird. a lot of people don't know you're without paperback books and hard back books and i was able and donate shoes to kids and take off a little bit of problems the parents have to dell with. >> you got to tell me about your delicacy of sardines hal mean yas and pineapple. i like all of them individually. >> yeah. >> but together?
5:50 pm
>> yeah. you never had it. >> no. >> when i was out in california i stayed out in san diego. my fiance'. we couldn't understand anything in the store. we went grocery shopping i like sardines i want to do try these and she was looking at me don't kiss me or talk to meme go brush your teeth and everything. >> got the sardines what about the pineapples and jalapenos come from real hot and real sweet. >> jalapenos cut up and sardines and little jalapenos you take those. i like to cook. you put that on cracker, on bread or just like get a big old fork and start eating. >> you put a cracker. you put a fork and -- hmm. get a good 95 set. >> you make sure you brush your teeth when you're done. >> yeah. i do that sometimes. most times i mess with her. keep her away from me. [ laughter ] >> i never heard that combination. >> yeah. >> coming up some montgomery county kids showing off their school spirit. it is homecoming at plymouth
5:51 pm
white marsh high school and man these kids are excited. all new at 6:00 o'clock, it's been described as part museum and part library. inside look at a neighborhood bike shop with a
5:52 pm
5:53 pm
hello, peco. hi. can you help me save on my energy bill? old appliances. like a hot water heater? it's around here somewhere. nope. nope. what is this thing? sir, have you looked in the basement? huh. oh, yeah. no wonder. it was hidden behind all of my free weights. if you're not an expert, peco can help. we have lots of ways to help you save energy and money. peco. the future is on.
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well we all love a good cup of coffee. one company is making it greener. >> yeah. fox's recent in a shows us the first composable coffee pods. >> reporter: if the aroma doesn't wake you up, the taste sure will. this is the rodgers family
5:55 pm
company warehouse where they store, roast and package hundreds of millions of pounds of coffee beans each year. their fastest selling product single cup coffee pods. according to the national coffee association, more people are ditching the tra dig al coffee pot now one in three consumers owns a single cup brewing syst system. the reason, convenience. but that comes at a cost. >> estimates are about 11 billion single serve cups are thrown into landfill every year that's 30 million a day if you do the math. we're trying to take a piece of that out of the waist cycle. >> it took six years to go from research, development to certification. but this lincoln based company is proud to say they are the first in the nation to go national with this 100% compostable product. the lid made of wood pulp. the measure filter a plant based fabric. even the ring is made of corn. >> all renewable resources rather than petro chemical
5:56 pm
plastics. >> starting today french coast of roast will be sold prone moated at every costco wholesale nationwide. rogers says compost sag lot easier than you think. >> if you put in industrial composting facility your green bin at home it will work fine there. >> reporter: 90 days after it arrives at the compost facility, this pod becomes dirt. rogers hopes other companies will follow suit. >> the hope is that everything is composting in the future. use new age plastics if you will the ones made from plants you can imagine, you know, cliff bars and cereal bags things like that if everyone did this, i mean it would be, you know, much better place. a lot less waist. >> reporter: in lincoln, fox three news. >> a police officer day takes unexpected turn when he sent to pick up a little boy left at school in green bay, wisconsin. it turns out the child's legal guardian was in jail. so when officer darrell robinson arrived at the school, he learned it was the boy's eighth birthday. he asked permission to take the boy mcdonald's to celebrate.
5:57 pm
officer robinson says he typically avoids publicity but he did mention that a lot of other people reached out after hearing the boy's story. >> people reached out and they want to help. some lady from osh kosh called and left me a voicemail saying that she wants to buy this kid some gifts and have us deliver it to him. just things like that that makes this job worth it. >> police were able to locate the child's grandfather and siblings and dropped him off. it was actually a celebration for two reasons. it wasn't only the little boy's birthday it was also officer robin's birthday as well. pretty cool. >> meant to be,. >> yeah. >> students at plymouth white marsh hoy school are pumped up with good reason. >> getting ready for homecoming football game tonight. fox 29's jenn frederick shows us all the excitement. >> reporter: hey, everybody. if you were watching this morning on good day you know that plymouth white marsh has a homecoming tonight. so ladies, are we ready?
5:58 pm
>> we are pw. we are pw. we are pw! ♪ >> all right. so earlier on good day, i asked you steve the kicker to do dance move i'm sorry i embarrassed you. >> yeah. >> but do you have an epic move you're ready to show us. >> okay. >> ladies and gentlemen, the kicker. let's see how he does. >> yes! [ cheers and applause ] >> what do you got? >> i got, a dance move. >> that's a little slow. that's a little slow. ladies, what do you have? >> you're coming out. let me see what you have. that's good. >> let's go. ladies and gentlemen, if you're not in montgomery county tonight i feel bad for you because we're having the best time. we are pw. back to you in the studio. >> ♪ the perfect night for it
5:59 pm
too. >> you think jenn fred was cheerleader? >> possibly. >> by the way all the scheme gets under way in just over an hour. at 7:00 o'clock at plymouth white marsh high school. fox 29 news at 6:00 starts right now. ♪ during the day, it's filled with customers but after hours, take a look. those are mice. inside a big named coffee shop. what happened when we showed up. and developing to night, a break in the case. police name a person of interest in the shooting that took the lives of two teenagers. ♪ we have breaking news at 6:00 o'clock. police have just issued an arrest warrant for a 16-year-old for a double homicide in south philadelphia. good evening everyone i'm chris o'connell. >> i'm dawn timmeney. it's been a wild 12 hours tied to the search including shots fired at the suspect's home and a lock down at an area school. fox 29's dave schratwieser --
6:00 pm
dave kinchen is live at police headquarters with the breaking details. dave. >> reporter: dawn, we have just received that late word of arrest warrant for 16 year old brandon oliveri in connection to the murder of two teened boys as we go to video the victims caleer miller and salvador dinubile 16 years old follow this morning's shooting with more than a dozen gunshot that is were fired on the juniper street south philly home of the 1684 old brendon oliveri had was considered a person of interest in this case. now elevated to a suspect here amazingly in that shooting at his house we're told that no one was hurt. but police have boosted patrols in that area. meantime, over at roman catholic high school, a lock down earlier after what was reported to be a possible sighting of the now suspect it turn out to be unfounded. police tell us but that did not stop parents from lining up outside the school after they say they were told to pick up their kids and school


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