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tv   FOX 29 News at 11  FOX  October 28, 2017 3:30am-4:00am EDT

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♪ right now a new customer is visiting a local coffee shop. he's got two beattie eyes, fur an tail. yup, that's a mouse and customers are disgusted. and a story that's brought families to tears. now a 16-year-old turns himself in three days after a shooting killed two teenaged boys. but police want to know what was he doing with a gun. massive search over three days after a shooting leaves two, 16-year-olds dead, a suspect is now in custody. this is just one piece of the puzzle police have yet to solve. i'm chris o'connell. thanks for joining us tonight. >> i'm dawn timmeney.
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heartbreaking story devastating families. but now some closure after 16-year-old brandon owe live verree turned himself in to police tonight. dave kinchen at philadelphia police headquarters with the very latest. >> reporter: it is likely been a very emotional day for all partiesparties involved in thisy but for the investigators, their work continues. any comment at all to the families? anything you want to say? >> no word from 16-year-old brandon oliveri he is a surrendered to physical police. investigators now calling him a suspect in the murders of 16-year-old salvador dinubile of st. joseph's preparatory school and 16-year-old mastery charter school student caleer miller. >> it's disheartening to see young people resort to this type of violence over what was probably nothing but a disagreement that just popped up. >> reporter: issuing of arrest warrant and surrender of oliveri
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came after wild 24 hours that began witness suspect's south philadelphia house getting shot up more than a dozen times according to sources. >> he was more like a quiet to himself kind of kid. >> reporter: jay sore cook a class with him at roman catholic isil which was placed on lock down following reports that the suss spec was head to do that location. >> he did kind of get in trouble a lot. he started a couple of mites here and there. >> panic. sheer panic but you want to make sure you're calm. keep it calm for the children. >> reporter: parents lined up around the school saying they were told to pick up their kids a mid fears they could be targets op public transportati transportation. >> my girlfriend told me to pick them up, school is on lock lock down. >> my son is text mowing. he's freak out. >> police officials called the threat unfounded now homicide detectives try to sort out a could have led to the deaths of the teens when an argument exploded into gunfire at 12 many and ritner. >> i think what makes this especially sad everybody
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involved is 16 years old. that's horrible and speaks volumes to gun violence issues in our country as well as conflict resolution. >> reporter: he was originally considered a person of interest in the case, but top brass spoke candidly saying they cannot think of anyone who new more about the case before he became a suspect. the investigation continues. at philadelphia police headquarters, dave kinchen, fox 29 news. we have breaking news coming out of the middletown, delaware county. hazmat crews called to penn crest high school tonight. skyfox was over the scene earlier. you can see a very active scene there. lots of police cruisers. lots of ambulances there. we are told students there were complaining about difficulty breathing after a possible chemical spill there. right now it's not clear exactly what happened. we are working to learn more details and we'll bring you any information as we get it. prosecutors in state college now say theoriux sainting some
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of the charges that were dismissed against members of a penn state fraternity after a pledge died. the new charges filed today nearly two months after a judge throughout aggravated assault and involuntarily manslaughter charges against eight young men. they were the most serious charges in the death of 19-year-old timothy piazza. piazza died of injuries he suffered after night of heavy drinking during a fraternity pledge ceremony. residents are disturbed tonight after finding out someone's defacing plaque that is honor philadelphia police officers killed in the line of duty. now, the department is trying to track down who is behind these disrespectful acts. fox 29's jeff cole has more from south philly. >> reporter: pat' cavs if any is a tiny neighborhood bar with a history that can never be wiped away. officer gary skerski lost his life here in a shotgun blast by a robber. the plaque marking his passing was defaced early saturday. >> disgusted.
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>> reporter: because he died here? >> yes, and he -- he was a good officer. i just can't believe somebody would do that. >> reporter: hip pell security camera captured images of those likely to have done that. >> always amazed people don't have more to do with their time. it's seems so silly and pointless. >> reporter: in south philly two more plaques were hit. police scene op the street friday say they're trying to determine if there's a connections along broad and schneider officer charles knox is remembered his life was taken by a robber at a fast food restaurant. bright paint scarred his marker. >> people who doesn't have any respect for themselves or others, um, continue to do crime and mark up their name and stuff like that. it's a shame. >> reporter: officer george jacobs plaque was also hit. he was killed in 1966 during a traffic stop. the paint is gone now. but an emotional stain for some
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still lingers. >> i think the real issue is real policy change and real life solutions, i don't really understand what somebody thinks that spraint painting and defacing somebody's memorial is really going to do. >> reporter: we've do you meaned three these cases. there appears to be at least one more in what many believe is truly a senseless act. in south philly, i'm jeff cole, fox 29 news. tonight, rodent reaction. a fox 29 viewer tweets photos of mice running a muck at a popular local coffee shop. something customers don't want to hear at their favorite spot. armed with those photos are bruce gordon went lookin for answers. >> reporter: star buck at 20th and callowhill is a busy place with a steady stream of customers rushing in to pick up their specialty coffees and pricey pastries. >> oh, my god. that's disgusting. >> reporter: but we came to the coffee shop bearing bad news
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or more accurately pictures of pests. >> what do you think? >> i think i want to return this bagel i just purchased. >> reporter: half dozen tweeted photos sent to fox 29 appear to show mice running around the starbucks. our tweeting source told us the shots were taken thursday night after the store had closed. there's one on the floor. and another one playing hide and go seek on a pastry rack. there's one stretching for a better look at what else there is to explore. i showed the photos to the starbucks morning manager after an initial, oh, my god, she told me they had had reports of mice few weeks ago, and that she had ordered the front doors be resealed and the traps be set out. she said she thought the problem had been resolved. the philadelphia health department last inspected this starbucks back in july. several minor violations were noted but as for rodent infestation, nothing. the facility was in compliance. but after our visit, we noticed a starbucks employee out front moving the trash cans out from
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against the store and giving the area a thorough cleaning. it's a start but customers we spoke to were still not happy. >> oh, wow. >> to see mickey and mini having the run of their favorite coffee shop during the overnight hours. >> it's disturbing if true. >> reporter: not what you want to see. >> not that i want to see to say the least. >> reporter: we shared our photos with starbucks corporate office in seattle in written response they said pest control was on sight friday to address the situation. they say "we take rigorous steps to ensure the safety of the food we serve and there should be no cause for concern around potential contamination". >> i'm bruce gordon, fox 29 ne news. in just a couple of hours, some philadelphia streets will be shut down to traffic and parked cars they'll be towed for the one-day event philly free streets a way for families to enjoy about three and a half miles of free streets filled with activity it's like yoga, boot camp, dancing, mural arts you name it. the event kicks off this morning
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at 8:00 o'clock and it will run until 1:00 in the afternoon. well, when you go to your kid's football game you don't think about sitting down in the bleachers, but what if you, n seat just fell right out underneath you? well there's some dangerous bleachers at olney charter high school and our hank flynn went to investigate. >> i can remember back in the day few years ago the army/navy game the old veteran stadium somebody fell off the railing and got broken and what did we have? before that happens here they going to do it anything about it. >> that's ways sell blower michael black asking about the grand stands here at olney charter high school which is hosted trojan football games all season long. i'm hank and my take is, these bleachers are a mess. and i know because before they got shut down, i inspected them. handrails that should keep people from falling missing or loose. garbage. plank seating broken, missing or rotten. weeds the size of trees growing up in the middle of the row.
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gates lock. but do you lock them to a trailer full of pallets and beer cans and garbage. what the heck? it had to be dangerous figure michael blackie and definitely disgraceful. >> i've been explaining about this field and the grant stands for year or more. i feel like these kids especially being championship team now they deserve more than what this look like to play on. >> he made calls to us, schools and l andism which inspected the stands and issue violations. the non-profit charter that runs the school said in a statement that it is discontinued using the bleachers and that 35 days to repair them called safety first priority and it will finance and repair to bring the seating back up to code. the kicker, l andism says philly schools still owns the place. wouldn't it be there to fix. lee wack told me in a statement philly schools will work with the spirit to determine the best fix and ensure safety for everybody. i'm no lawyer but i'm willing to bet fixing the place would be a lot cheaper than paying out a
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settlement who potentially gets hurt there. i'm hank and that's my take. ♪ this story sparking online debate tonight. only four days away from halloween and police have a warning before your little ones go trick or treating. but some say it's just a scare tactic. and wilbur escape thanks to charlotte'charlotte' web but tht not be the case here. these two little pings, however washington on the run from something. and mike, you are tracking a soggy forecast for the eagles. >> yes, indeed. saturday will be a day where we're going to have to really secure any loose items because tracking a cold front out to the west tropical system down to the south. these two consolidate
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♪ it's a tail of two piggies. a portly pair found wandering the streets of montgomery coun county. it made for one swine day for cheltenham police. now they and a local animal shelter are looking for their owners. fox 29's brad sattin has more on this twist tee tail. >> reporter: we figure getting lost in the hustle and bustle of cheltenham can be pretty intimidating in you're a farm animal. so we set out to bring home the bacon. a couple of pigs on the lamb, no more. instead this male and female are currently hogging space at the spca in perkiomenville in separate pens to well prevent pig lets. after cheltenham township police found them moseying down the street along spring avenue in elkins park thursday posting their mugs on facebook which prompted a naming contest. meet the great ham bean know and elkins pork. how they ended up in susan' neighborhood -- >> i think it's actually pretty
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comical. >> reporter: is still a little muddy. >> i've actually scene wild turkeys. i've seen a lot deer. many dogs and cats but not a pig. sorry. >> reporter: pigs, chickens are goats they're all legal here and alas the police department facebook page did yield a clue that might just bring these little piggies home when facebook viewer suggest his neighbor owned a few. so we went to the neighborhood rooted around and started to smell the sausage. >> i saw about three. >> reporter: three pigs. >> three pig yeah. >> reporter: what we they doing. >> walking around. >> reporter: this woman confirming the story. >> right across the street they have a black one and a pink one. >> reporter: she loves seeing them but admitted the holidays did worry her. >> after easter i was so happy to see the pig. >> reporter: still alive. >> yes. >> reporter: thinking we were in hog heaven all that was left to do was to confirm they were the pigs police found. long story short, and not to be a bore, these aren't thing. >> they're not the pigs. >> we did not solve the mystery. >> no, did you not. >> reporter: we struck out in
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our little pig hunt. if you know who these little guys belong to police are insi insisting to night it's okay to squeal. in cheltenham, brad sattin fox 29 news. halloween just around the corner but tonight officials in new jersey are warning parents to double check their kids trick or treat bags for marijuana laced candy. officials say they haven't seen any evidence yet, but to look out for any candy rappers that look unusual. the story has marijuana another vo indicates fired up. they say this warning is simply a scare tactic. 921. that's how many lives were saved across delaware county from opioid overdoses sips 2014. and today those police officers who saved all those people were honored for their heroic actions in drexel hill. through a county wide program the officers were able to give the people who overdosed the life-saving drug narcan. four residents who were saved by the officers were also featured at tonight's ceremony.
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let's take a live look outside over the ben franklin parkway tonight. the weather looking pretty good for tomorrow's walk the night event in philadelphia. meteorologist mike masco has your forecast in 15 seconds. >> after midnight we are stil hanging on to temperatures that are into the 50s. actually 53 degrees. that south breeze is everything and that's keeping us much milder than where we were last night and our outer suburbs into the middle and upper 40s. 46 in cherry hill. 50 in voorhees. north and west that is the cooler spots where it's 46 in allentown. pottstown checking in at 47 degrees. now your planner as we get into tomorrow will reflect lost sunshine in the morning. 54 degrees to a mild 68 by lunch time. now i think the clouds are probably gather around 4:00 o'clock and then a few
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showers as early as 7:00 o'clock and that's when we really open the door for a big storm that's a brewing out to the west. now there's a cold front that we're watching that's through the ohio valley down towards the tennessee valley at the same time watching an area of low pressure the national hurricane center was in here earlier. they have not declared this a tropical storm. it's now -- still a tropical cyclone south of cuba. the deal is, though, this system is going to inter act with cold front to the north and west i just showed you producing a huge storm as we get into sunday and especially monday. so we'll take you through fox future cast lunch time today saturday temperatures that will be around tent degrees. notice how the clouds start to gather along our coastal points first as we advance the timeline say around 10:00 o'clock saturday, notice some of the showers trying to sneak in across our shore points and to the north and west and then it's game on for heavy rain. all day on sunday into monday morning we'll see periods of rain coming in. localized flooding, tropical downpours. some of the modeling showing two
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to perhaps 4-inches of rain that's the latest guidance coming in and then the worst case right now with the wind gusts the models are now spitting out 50 to 60 miles per hour winds. so first the rain on sunday. then the winds sunday night into monday and this could be damag damaging winds again bring in the outdoor, upping, furniture if you have the old halloween decorations, you'll lose it if you don't bring it in because these winds mean business. 50 in town fort rest of the overnight hours. tomorrow is a day to prepare. 60 degrees. sunny start turning to cloudy skies. look at the breeze southeast at ten to 15 increasing to 30 to 40. wow as we get into sunday. 66 is just a wet mess. here comes the strong winds on monday. and everything is clearing outlooking good for the trick or treaters by next tuesday. >> looking messy on sunday. speaking of mess, let's talk about the nfl. a texans player walk out of practice today because of what his owner called him.
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we tell you his exact words that upset players around the league, and the eagles role on this sunday versus winless 49ers team but records aside, hear why the players are not overlooking their opponent. we got that next in sports. ♪
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[ woman on p.a. ] now boarding track 6. ♪ do not leave bags unattended. [ male announcer ] maybe you see something suspicious. but you don't want to get involved. it's nothing, you think. can you be sure? ♪ if you see something, say something. report suspicious activity to local authorities. ♪ a once proud franchise the san francisco 49ers have hit rock bottom as of late.
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listen this. in the last 39 games, the 9'ers have only seven wins to show for and none of those victories have come this season. it's hard to believe but it's week eight and the 49ers are still searching for their first victory. i blame chip kelly. but any way the 9'ers record has been talk about in the media throughout the week but for the eagles who are playing sunday's game minus two important starters in jordan hicks and jason pete peters they'll tell u never mine the record you can never look past an opponent in the nfl. >> you let little things slide and we'll worry about that next wee or we'll wait until the bye or, upping, you can't do that. and so just keeping these guys detailed and, you know, honed in on their responsibilities is the key. >> off the field issues in the nfl listen to this at a recent nnf owners houston texas owner mcnair owned his fellow the league should avoid having "the inmates running the prison".
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the report featured in espn the magazine surfaced this morning and texas wide out hopkins left practice because mcnair's comments. we caught up with eagles safety malcolm jenkins to hear what he úhad to say about mcnair's word. >> from a player's perspective, we, um, i think done a great job of trying to work in a collaborative manner to -- with the league to really come up with solutions to move forward and create real change, and i don't see that changing. obviously, his comments represent him, um, but from a player's standpoint we're focused on our goals. we feel like we still have an opportunity to move forward with whoever is interested in doing that. i can't say this enough. i love that man malcolm jenkins. i love they represents us. be sure to join us for a wonderful day of football action we kick things off bright and early on sunday fox "game day live" at 10am. eagles and 9'ers at 1:00, cowboys at the skins at 4:25. over to the diamond the phillies continue to look for their new manager and with that
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they'll need to bring new hitting coach as well. matt stairs who went from the booth to the phillies hitting coach last season will join the sandy ago padres in that same role. world series game three astros and the dodgers you that was game right here. rough outing for the dodgers pitcher door verb only work one and two-thirds. gave up four runs. the astros they go on to win game three, five to three. game four tomorrow night right here and staying with that theme the college game of the weekend is happening right here on fox 29 tomorrow 3:37-zero penn state travel to sick of one ohio state. you know it's going to be a big game. how about that? back to back. >> big sports weekend around here. >> right here on fox 29. we got a little football and role right into the world seri series. >> sunday will be a good day to watch the game. >> stay in and watch football. >> indoors. >> absolutely that. will do it for now. thanks for staying up late with
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us. >> we're back here at 7:00 a.m. for philadelphia good day weekend.
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>> judge judy: mr. howes wrote the rules. >> announcer: a deal breaker... >> we had gotten into an argument. i started drinking. the cops told him to leave the house. i got arrested for a d.u.i. >> announcer: ...a new love collapses... >> judge judy: when you were released from jail, what did you do? >> i went back to the house, and i was locked out. >> announcer: ...but why won't he let go? >> judge judy: she wants her furniture back. >> i want my life back. >> judge judy: i can't give you your life back, sir. only you can do that. >> announcer: "judge judy." you are about to enter the courtroom of judge judith sheindlin. the people are real. the cases are real. the people are real. the cases are real. the rulings are final. captions paid for by cbs television distribution tammy hollingsworth is suing her former live-in boyfriend, david howes, for the return of property and rent. >> byrd: order! all rise! th


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