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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  October 28, 2017 11:00pm-11:31pm EDT

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in but didn't. startersld have closed out some games, you wonder about his rhythm but you certainly can't blame a.j. for what he's or his feel and thrn these pressure situations. >> joe: musgrove is now getting loose swinging on a 3-0 3-1. turner, rewarded with a four year deal leading into this ason. that's ball four. a hit, a walk. two on, nobody out
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for cody bellinger. here comes brent strom out to ken giles and allow more time tget loose from the bullpen. we'll give you a quick duracell. >> duracell is the number one trusted brand. >> joe: now we'll see w the dodgerdgers want to do with bellinger, he went down to tal to chris woodworth the third base coach. it's 21, nobody out, kenley jansen getting loose for the dodgers in their pen. what do you do withir cleanup hitter? >> john: he's had bits, you know he can get ball he been struggling, although the him feel a lot better. he zero sacrifice bumps. the blunt hits were against the shift. now you've just got to get in the lead, somehow someway. opportunity in the ninth for the
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dodgers. wing bl e. on deck. >> joh it yohink ey wer they would walk puig and lbases.ooking at f getting the jo it like they're e cracks o >> joe: there it is left celd, ano for bellinger. seage will-1 in ninth. >> john: you wonder whens going to click for a guy that'sruggling, he got a double on a hanging slid he went to the other way with this fastball and he cannota bi guy. as soon as he let go of the bat he had a t his mind. he gets to second and kershaw o's pitching tomorrow knows he would much rather be 2-2 then
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down 3-1. >> joe: cody bellinger delivers for the dodgers, he's doubled his last at-bats after going 0 for his first that's it for ken a single, a walk, a double. the dodgers have their first lead 2-1, 2nd and 3rd, nobody out, musgrove coming in. an amber lager with a light, hoppy aroma and a rich caramel-malt taste. based on a recipe halted by prohibition that we share with you this holiday season.
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>> joe: welcome back to the ies present at the fight youtube tv, cable free live tv is here. the astros have been so dominant this postseason, thisthe first time they've trailed at home. twainst the red sox four games against the yankees nomost two full games against the dodgers in the world series it's been an incred. now the d lead up 2-1 they have a cha inning with speed to dig again. charli culberson is running at third for justin turner. he'll stay in al game, play defensively, you wonder if turner is still bothered afterg hit
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on that inside part of his left knee earlieronight tonight. infield is in for a play at the plate. musgrove strike o. >> john: a big arm, big guy fastball down hill, breaking ball. he's asked to do something very difficult, wiggle out of thi jam. try to keep it at one for a fighting chance against kenley jansen. >> joe: here comes the zero good to pitch wouldn't musgrove and the astros love a strike out here, it's 0-2. >> john: people who followed this series and get carried away with the momentum, if these teams played at 50 times year i don't think either team would win three in a row, that's out good and evenly matched they are. musgrove looking for a strikeout, jusmissed inside.
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ball one. he is an impressive big framed right-hander who you can see throws hard. trying to bail out the astros here in the ninth. yasiel puig had his first road at postseason rbi last night. mc jogs up to talk to musgrove, correa will come in and get on the conversation as well.
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culberson and bellinger the runners, the 1-2. struck himut! >> john: a fantastic a scouting report and great hit selection. only six strikeouts on curve balls puig and the fastball up. what a great pitch. >> joe: now they will walk the bases bases loaded, intentional pass given to forsythe. auwill be the hitter hitter. >> john: this is how quick it can change in a series, we saw r look ay lost. for strikeouts, not even close. body, head everything moving. he was in the same situation ght, no hits until the seventh.
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then a curveball, he h it and he goes -- you've got to be kidding me. then he ck with another big hit. as his manager talked to us, this young kid has fantastic year. it's only in the last two or three games has he gone into a funk, he broke out of it at the right time. >> joe: strike one one on barnes. what dave roberts said i'm not going to throw 170 games away based on the last couple at-bats by cody bellinger he can hit. i want him to stay aggressive. like it was with springer going the other way. got him locked back in. his oppme run in game to that was a game-winner two doubles going to left center in his at-bats. >> john: i think he only had one other longer stretch in the regular season that he did get a hit, magnified he's asked about it every single day.
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by the way, he's a rookie. >> joe: here comes the zero one and two barns. barnes. the astros in the ninth will have mccann, springer, and bregman. if anybody gets on altuve. austin barnes. lo, for paul two. >> john: pretty good pitch he's looking for something up, he can get a second fly for a gap, ball on the ground.
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if it is hit hard and they will turn to, if not, come home for mccann. >> joe: 2-2. that's down the line, it is foul foul. that's going to send mccann out to the mound.
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>> john: a bit of a spinner there, it was pulled foul. get it in the air. bases loaded, one out a 2-2 count. in the air to write, reddick is back tag and sco culberson culberson. the dodgers needed 3-1. austin barnes delivers a big rbi here in the ninth. >> john: great piece of hitting.
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not trying to do too much, patient, looking for a follow-up follow-up. it. >> joe: dave roberts has his clothes are getting. mccann another meeting with musgrove who is keeping his team in it. kenley jansen will face these three hitters, for a combined 2 for 10 with 5 strikeouts between the three of them. >> john: i know musgrove likes this fastball, slider situation a 2-2 count may have prevented them from trusting that big breaker. >> joe: joc pederson now. strike one.
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runners at the corners with two out, two rme for the dodgers. who trailing a serieswo games to one. fifth pitcher of the night for the astros. joe musgrove trying to keep it now a two-run game.
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high fly ball to right the wall, it's gone! joc pederson his second of the series. the 3-1 shot makes it 6-1 l.a. in the night. [cheers and se] >> joe: petersen breaks it open here in the night and channels his inner kirk cousins. >> john: he has really had some good at-bats, that's the
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capper. >> joe: five run a ninth inning the first three runs are to giles. now hernandez hits one into left for gonzales, to the plate or the dodgers, down two games to one trying to even this world series d series. pederson yelling "you like that!" theye it nla like it i they like it in that dodgers lead by five.
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that rushes po relief. a small new size that's fast cause it's liqui woohoo! you'll ask, what pain? new advil liqui-gels minis. >> joe: stats cast is powered by amazon web services. got on top of that pitch and shot it way out and write, three
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run blast. >> john: his manager put him into the lineup hoping he would run into a couple and that's exactly what he has done. i've been more impressed by some of the takes, some of the lack of wild swings that we've seen out of him. >> joe: for all the changes here is one of up for dave roberts. kenley jansen who blew the safe in game 2 when roberts asked him for a six out save. a couple of moves that dave roberts didn't make coming into the game tonight. mccann at trice dupont, the play is made by seager. what a play! dug out on the other end by cody bellinger, one pitch, one note
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one out and seager got over there. >> john: the only reason he played was because he anticipated it. the shortstop playing the truest position not in the shift. he's kind of medium. just a little firm, closer to the line. the right player for mccann and a great play on both ends. >> joe: one out nobody on four springer. it goes without saying that's in for a strike. dave roberts with a five-run lead not a safe chance but he wants and economical ninth inning by jansen with clayton kershaw going tomorrow. he would like to have his top reliever rested and ready to go may be for more than an inning. >> john: yeah, he wants to pitchers tomorrow night. >> joe: a shattered bat strike two. >> john: he wants kershaw
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for 7 and then jansen for 2. the dodgers got exactly what they needed held the astros to one hit coming into the ninth inning. never thought they would be tied to only given up one hit and broken open, feelinguch better about this series now. >> joe: a couple of nonmoves for roberts leaving austin barnes in his lineup, just a big sacrifice for an rbi.stickingjoc pederson, he rewards them with his second home one of the series. the three-run shot, roberts stayed with two guys and it's paid off. >> john: they were struggling, this lineup has gone cold.
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your starter gives up one hit and it comes out that's how good wood it was but came out. as soon as he gave up the hit and that's the only hit of the game. part oe reason why the are leading. >> joe: that's outr two! high heat. enter now bregman will be the hes y watch this replay this should be a night that you celebrate. and your atlanta braves teammates celebrate. the last hitter which is happening right now with bregman digging in combined in a world series with the clincher, 22 years ago today for your braves, gave six over the indians and that got you your ring. >> john: i remember it very
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well. no team has ever been one hit with the only hit being a home run in world series history, we are racking up records.oe: bregman tokay paul, now a swinging strike. only eight pitches so far for jansen. watson in line for the win, the bullpen good again. brandon morrow, i would expect him to put up zeros. by the way logan forsythe has moved over to third base, charlie culberson who ran for justin turner is at second. with two out nobody on, the count 1-2 on brakeman. >> john: a lot of people right now in l.a. with game 6 tickets ward excited.
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to a really good teams. there's so much a strategy that goes in but there's so much anticipation around the starters and the starters have had a lot a lot of great outings that have really stifled and put hitters in funks, with the exception of darvish. >> joe: high fly ball into left back at the wall gone! bregman with a home run it's 6-2. there will be no one hitter tonight for dodgers pitching. alex bregman the 2 with his fourth home run of this postseason. >> john: you don't get the ball away from him i talk about those short arms and quick stroke. that one wasn't the cutter away. you take a small victories, even
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though the game looks like going the dodgers way you feel good about the next situation you might face. >> joe: to go out, altuve takes a ball. 2-0. again, not just a home run for bregman, if you can pile up the pitch count for kenley jansen, that's another small win for the astros in the ninth. they love it. into right center field back is dodgers
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have evened the series. they when it 6-2 here tonight. they starter alex wood ounding, the bullpen cody bellinger with a pair of bies joc pederson with a three-ru shot which was broken open. in a game lasted three hours, 6 minutes. watson gets t ffers the loss and this 2017 world series is tied two-2 a. >> john: i'm loving it, this has been a classic series. two heavyweights, we've got a great game with two top left-handers going and what i call the teacher taught her game and the fifth inning, which way is it going to swing? right now the dodgers feel a whole lot better. >> joe: the narrative coming into this game was about the four starters, alex wood charlie morton. they couldn't have pitched any better.
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big hits late by the dodgers getting a run in the seventh at five in the ninth they when it 6-2. down to tom verducci. before you found out how quickly the baseball world turns over, hitless for the world series, the youngest world series history with two doubles. i want to take me through them. the feeling of relief and a second one with a short swing. speak of relief for sure, i think everyone knows i was struggling. that's a beautiful thing about baseball, you can come out and help your team when the next day day. hit the ball the other way. >> tom: you're staring at an elimination game tomorrow, seven outs away from an elimination game. now series tied and you've got clayton kershaw on the mound size of the series at this point. >> try to do what we did today i know he's going to give 110% we're going to try to back him up and give 110% as well. >> tom: thanks so much. >> joe: the dodgers have tied this series at two games apiece.
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the final tonight is 6-2. bellinger a big part of it and the rookie with a double in the seventh, a double in the ninth,, and rbi, two runs scored and this is back to square. 2-2, kevin guys, all yours. >> kevin: almost like it's game 2 only flipped. even at two games apiece, keith hernandez, david ortiz, alex rodriguez, will return after this one. a lot to talk about, it all happened late in the skin, that dodgers out the astros to tie this world series up, we're back
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