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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 5A  FOX  October 31, 2017 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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iceberg. >> investigators believe he has at least five victims but war that i number could be higher. plus, a family searching for answers, a local man goes out to watch eagles game and never comes home, the one important clue that police have that could help them catch a killer. ♪ >> it is october 31st, are you ready for halloween. >> send us your halloween photos using #fox 29 halloween , "good day philadelphia" at 5:00 a.m. starts right now. we have a ferocious panda in the studio this morning. >> check out trixy in her panda outfit. this is di our floor director little dog trixy all dressed so send us your picks, kid are getting dressed, pets are getting dressed. >> she's so sweet. >> anchors are getting dressed
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>> yes, supposed to be an airline pilot. and everybody came up to me and was like where is toneil. >> yes. >> take you back to the zero seven's, happy halloween, great to have you with us on this tuesday morning. >> it is so much fun. thanks for waking up, send us at fox 29 good day and fox 29 halloween. we will put you on tv. sue will let us know, love will keep us together. >> the best dog in the world over there. >> i could take a little cat nap. >> what sit no shame. >> i might do it. >> it is an eight. >> yes, thanks for moving me along here i'm distract by everything on the set, yes, bus stop buddy, chilly, today, temperatures in the 40's and 50's with our mummy, king cut
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buddy. wears it every year. frost advisory for counties highlighted there. 50 degrees in philadelphia 40 's in the suburbs. sunrise time 7:29. our halloween, fox cast is for a high temperature of 58 degrees and plenty of sunshine today, trick or treat temperatures, temperatures will fall through 50's just after sundown around 6:00 o'clock now, and we have got a lot of fun coming up for today and at lee we have got rid of the messy weather bob kelly we had 24 hours ago. >> little trixy was all snuggled up with me. good morning. you are right. rain's gone, road are dry we are ready for trick or treat ing this morning throughout the day, kid are ready to go, live look here at the freeway heading in toward philadelphia, in problems on 42 looking good on the bennie up and over we have the wind whipping up the flag here. be careful. both hands on the wheel coming across the bridge.
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schuylkill expressway hot bed of construction overnight. it looks like they are gone out here in king of prussia between 476 and they have just picked up the cones and we are ready eastbound on the schuylkill all lanes are opened at 30th street station. lights are on at 30th street and no problems, on mass transit. >> an arrest has been made in the homicide investigation at an apartment building in salem county, new jersey, sky fox over the scene, police say a man was murdered at penn terrace apartments on meadow road in pennsville. it happened around 9:30 last night and they have not yet released exactly what happened investigation in the attack on the 26 year-old woman happening around 8:00 on landis street in olney. robber stabbed a woman in the arm and hand. she's in the hospital and expect to be okay. police have not made any arrest. absolutely disturbing a delaware county man who made money entertaining kid at parties is behind bars accused of sexually assaulting young boys. lets get out to lauren johnson
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live from the delaware county district attorney's office this morning, lauren. >> reporter: thomas, the details are so disgusting. right now 14 different address necessary delaware county where prosecutors say he committed these crimes but luckily they say they stopped him in his track because this morning he is waking up behind bars. lets look at who we're talk about four three-year old colwyn man they say had an elaborate scheme going on. he created a costume character company, took his advertisements to facebook and parents would pay to have him come to their kid parties, and then target mothers with young boys, bee friend them, eventually moving in with mom and then going after her children. so far five of those victims have come forward. >> we have grave concerns that we have many more victims but we have documented five here today we have concerns is there many more out there, that he has exploited, victimized or sexually abused. >> police are deeply disturbed by detail and even pictures he
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posted on facebook are troublesome, they say he has children, and, and, and after serving time in prison on multiple burglary charges. new charges far more serious in nature and disgusting to prosecutors, they are calling him a serious child predator whom they are grateful to get off streets but they are asking anyone who has had any contact with this man to come forward with any details that could lead to any more charges thomas and karen. >> absolutely, all right, lauren, thanks very much. we have a update on the missing 14 year-old girl named hanna jones, man driving a car that she was last seen in has a court appearance, his name is devon harley accused of assaulting a deputy cher any of south philadelphia. here's what they say was happening. they were questioning the three two-year old about it did appearance of that missing girl when they say he tried to drive off and struck one of them before crashing. fbi believes this young teen was in harley's car but then took off after -- she took off
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after he crashed. bureau thinks he may be caught up in the human trafficking operation. hanna jones is still missing. right now police are looking for two possible killers after a retired postal worker was beaten to death. this happened in front of the middle school in delaware county. lets head out to steve keeley to explain. >> reporter: exactly a week ago, karen, same officers in darby we are seeing working this shift at this hour found this 57 year-old family man who went from watching the eagles monday night football game against washington last week, with his brother, to being found beaten to death in the back seat of his own car, after dropping his brother off at home. now police on patrol see the car parked in front of the school and they pull up, and then they see two guys running away from the car. then they are seen together on several surveillance cameras on video, later. >> i don't think i have ever
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seen anything like this just please come forward to put my heart to rest. >> it is in the like we're looking and the guy was selling drugs, guy had a domestic or guy was involved in this. in of that comes up. >> wasn't type of guy to get in trouble. never got in any drama i just can't see why this happened. >> reporter: police found what was left a few blocks away and they did not find his phone likely stolen by the killers and thomas and karen police are working to enhance video they have to see if they can get a good clear, close picture of one or both of the guys seen running away from the scene, just about exactly a week ago this moment. >> still early, more to come, steve, thank you. new developments in the deadly hit/run in port richmond. philadelphia police believe this is the van that struck and killed 31 year-old eric, earlier this month. white chevy express van the kind that can fit 15 people inside. it has a chrome, black front
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bumper and tinted window with significant damage. >> the shoe was found almost a block away indicating that the vehicle may have dragged within of his shoes all the way to the next corner which is a distance of several hundred feet. >> see that image on fox 29 .com with additional details on this hit and run. if you know anything give police a call. police need her toe fine a kill tore get that person off of the streets. they released surveillance video is there guy they think is responsible for shooting and killing a 17 year-old boy. pretty clear picture right there, this is back october 18th. guy in the black hoodie walk down 67th street. then you see him running by with the gun in his right-hand if you have any information about who that person may be, call police. delaware man facing 26 charges, police say that guy, 30 year-old robert johnson, is
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responsible for several home burglar is in delaware. authorities say johnson broke in the homes in magnolia starting back in september. he was arraigned on several charges including burglary and theft. he is being held on a $39,000.01. also investigators are looking into that shooting in the king of prussia mall on sunday to decide if police used proper judgment when they shot that armed suspect they track down that serial robber at the mall parking garage and then tried to run them over leaving them no choice but to shoot them. d.a.'s office say officers involved are on administrative leave which is standard policy suspect they shot is in serious condition at the hospital. is there may be final week in the corruption trial of the new jersey senator bob menendez, the defense has rested its case and yesterday, a judge denied their mistrial request. prosecutors say democrat accepted free flights and other gifts from florida doctor salmon melgen in exchange for political influence. both men say they are just good friends and deny any
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bribery arrangement. >> after eight weeks, 50 witnesses and hundreds of documents, i and my lawyers believe that this jury is ready to render a just verdict and i'm confident that it will be not guilty. >> today judge will review the instructions given to the jury which some say could make or break the case. recent supreme court ruling made it very difficult to convict a public official or more difficult of bribery charges. white house is firing back following the grand jury indictments of two former trump campaign officials. >> president trump says their alleged crimes had nothing to do with his campaign and that they were committed years ago. >> former campaign chairman paul manafort and long time aid rick gates pleaded not guilty to dozens of charges including conspiracy and money lawnering. dating from 2006 through 2015, while lobbying for ukraine interests. manafort and gates are accused of laundering 75 million-dollar through off shore companies and bank accounts and then trying to conceal that as unreported
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income. analyst say charges are unrelated to the russian collusion. >> what the special prosecutor is likely doing here is putting pressure on someone he knows was at center or feels like was at center of the this relationship with russia and used criminal charges as a way to get cooperation from manafort. >> so manafort faces up to 80 years in prison if convicted, gates faces 70 years, and they are due back in court on thursday. coming up next on "good day philadelphia" more fall out from the sexual assault claims against kevin spacey. >> what netflix is revealing about the future of its show house of card. plus, a warning about one kind of candy that can play a trick then be giving a treat, we will explain, good morning bob kelly. >> good morning, i polled kid in media and gum was the number one most requested candy, for halloween, kind of
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quiet on the boo route. lets take a live look at another camera out there hello to the boardwalk, look at wind blowing the flag down there we will whip up a good forecast blowing the flag down there we will whip up a good forecast and we will have it after the steve sweeney's negative headlines keep piling up. why are south jerseyans so angry at sweeney? sweeney repeatedly sided with chris christie to underfund south jersey schools, increase standardized testing like parcc, cut take-home pay for teachers, and broke his promise to fund the pensions of hundreds of thousands of new jerseyans- all while padding his own. steve sweeney says a lot of things. but the truth is, he's not on our side.
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legalities look at another picture. look at this little batman or
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bat girl. absolutely adorable. thanks for sending this in. so cute. lafayette hill, it is carrie, we lift. >> we have super heroes running around keeping us safe this morning at 5:15. now we need to keep warm, sue. >> yes, we have a frost advisory until 9:00 for counties highlighted here gloucester, camden, half of the burlington, atlantic county, cumberland county and berks and lehigh. lot of grass, meadows and pastures and stuff, and you can see frost on the grass and in the suburbs basically where we will see that. how about tonight, will it be frosty for trick or treating? not so much but it will be cool, for sure in the laboratory, we have cook up temperatures in the lower 50's between five and eight, prime trick or treating time, but of course, it will be scary all night long. we have game six of the world series tonight on fox 29, and remarkable thing about this is
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temperatures in los angeles will be about 30 degrees cooler then they were when the games were in los angeles last time. so 8:00 o'clock tune into fox 29 and check out and see if houston wins it all. we have, nothing to show you on radar, unlike 24 hours ago when we had so much going on, and we have 50 degrees in philadelphia, millville, new jersey. down in wilmington it is 45. fifty-four in wildwood but chilly spot is, mount pocono. chilling, 37 degrees. 12 miles an her breeze. that is breezy in philadelphia but certainly not as windy as yesterday. our peak wind gusts in the city was 41 miles an hour and that is tropical storm force, for sure, and look at the future cast and we will see nothing, for today, we will see increasing cloud tomorrow, and slight possibility of a shower to the north and west of us in the afternoon on wednesday, another slight
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chance of it in the morning on thursday as we then get some sunshine, on thursday afternoon, and friday, high temperature average high should be 62 degrees. we were above it on sunday, below it yesterday, upper 50's we will call that seasonal. upper 50's tomorrow and we will bounce up in the 70's for today, back to the seasonal 60 's for saturday, sunday and we have a chance of a shower, for the eagles game on, sunday , so third home game in the row bob kelly. >> that is right, got to love it, lots of candy today a we are ready, we will all be on that check late, sugar high by even of the night. 5:17. hello fort washington no problems along route 309, everything is dry, nothing like we had to deal with the other day. live look at the vine street expressway opened for business looking good coming into and out of the city. they have pick up the cones on the schuylkill, so everything is opened ready for morning rush hour, watch for unusual traffic patterns today, folks have to move on back to school
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to see kid halloween parade and little won they are exited to get candy as we are excited to give it up. watch them like eyes in the back of head driving home through developments and neighborhood later tonight. live look at headlights coming into philadelphia on route 42 from coatsville, royersford, king of prussia, no problems on four to 22 through montgomery county. using norristown high speed line for the gang from villanova the villanova station closed through december, with construction, so use the stadium, station, which is just a short walk away. hello allentown a live look at route 309, northeast extension , kind of quiet and mass transit running with no delays, karen and thomas back to you. >> i heard them say hello back to you. developing right now delaware grand jury has indicted a man accused of a deadly august shooting. delaware grand jury indicted 37 year-old radee prince who appeared in court yesterday,
5:19 am
charged with eight counts including attempted murder. these charges stem from the shooting at a used car lot in wilmington nearly two weeks ago and earl their day accused of shooting five co-workers killing three in maryland. prince faces murder charges in that state. there was something that happened on a school bus that led to hair pulling and second grader has a bald spot because of this dene ferryman says her eight year-old daughter was bullied by fifth grader on the bus after leaving mathematics civics science and charter school. mom said she called the bus driver and school's ceo who said she would ask coordinator to look into it bye days later the mother was not satisfied with how it was being handled and she transferred her little girl to the different school. >> i just didn't trust them with my child anymore. >> i'm assuming that the issue was being handled and i was unaware until wednesday when parent came into the school that it wasn't. i apologized to her. >> family says it reached out to the charter school office with the district and also we left a message for the bus
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company we will let you know when we hear back from them. we have learned someone spray painted nazi symbol on the dorm at rutgers main campus, discovered on the outside wall of the stonier hall sunday morning some one later used red paint to cross out that image. university officials removed graffiti but they have in the satisfied whether the vandalism is being investigated. earlier we told but a sim about found drawn on a dry erase board at another rutgers dorm. bad news for house of card fans. >> kevin spacey in the news for all of the wrong reasons. netflix announcing they will not renew house of card after season six, amid all of this timing. spokesperson says decision was made months ago but they are deeply troubled by recent kevin spacey allegations, the academy award winning actor and star is accused of sexual ly harassing the rent star anthony rap as a 14 year-old boy. space i claims to have not recalled the incident and has apologized and came out, as
5:21 am
gay, on twitter, it seems as if he used coming out as a deflects technique but we won't be used as a shield deflect from alleged misconduct. >> it was also announced space i will not be honored as was planned with the 2017 international emmy founders award. producers guild of america announced that producer harvey weinstein resign his membership and group opted to impose a lifetime ban on him. board of directors voted unanimously earlier this month to initiate termination proceedings against weinstein. 5:21, this is tough time of the year, going in the colder months, halloween, thanksgiving, all of the holidays, who is thinking about losing weight? >> well, they say you can do it easier this time of the year. i don't believe this one second. why doctors say fall is best time to get in shape, seriously.
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a bridge shut down over politics. their biggest triumph was a traffic jam. chris christie and kim guadagno's failures shortchanged our future. after 8 years- incomes are down, costs are up and
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our economy is crawling. we are better than this. i'm phil murphy together we'll build a stronger, fairer economy that works for every new jersey family. christie and guadagno left new jersey stuck. i'm serious about moving new jersey forward. calling on ghosts and goblin chipotle want you to scare up some really good deals. >> if you wear a costume you can get great deals for three bucks after 3:00. you can get a breathe he bowl, salad, tacos for three dollars >> chipotle staff will determine whether your costume qualifies for the discount, but no costume is required, to
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enter burrito give away one lucky person could win free burritos for an entire year without ever leaving the couch , all you have to does text boowrito to 888222. taking alurate health news >> warning for adults this halloween. >> f.d.a. says regularly consuming black licorice can lead to health problems. i thought it was good for you. now they are saying it has a chemical that can cause potassium levels to fall in your body which can lead to an irregular heart rate, beat and high blood pressure. they say black licorice can interact with certain medications, good news f.d.a. claims there are in permanent health problems if you stop eating the candy eat your licorice and bananas. >> if you say you will start working out tomorrow, maybe you'll mean it this time. apparently fall is best time of the year to pick up healthy habits. experts say start working out now you will be well into your exercise program by the time holiday season gets here.
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most of the u.s. fall means cooler temperatures, fewer bugs so they say it is ideal conditions to go outside, take a walk, run or perhaps the grab the bike. 5:26. this may people people healthier age to by tobacco products in new jersey is going upstarting tomorrow. legal age will move from 19 to 21 or getting cigarettes, cigars, rolling papers, e cigarettes and all kinds of pipes. governor signed this into law in july with little fanfare but change is catching people off guard, new jersey is third state in the country to set the legal tobacco buying age at 21. coming up at 5:30. apparently you cannot keep them down forever why tiger woody side todd take another swing at professional golf. lets take a look at your halloween picture, thank you, for sending this in, thinks lucas the pumpkin by, keep the pictures coming use our #fox 29 halloween. >> wonder what surprised
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local man accused of sexually abusing children. investigators believe he has five victims and worried that number could be higher. >> we are coming off bomb highly anticipated charges emerge from the special
5:30 am
prosecutor investigation new details we're learning right now. also ahead on "good day philadelphia" are you ready to send kid out trick or treating they slept in their costumes? we want to see your halloween pictures, just using the #fox 29 halloween. so much fun my kid were trying them all on yesterday trying them out. >> what will they. >> headless horseman, some scary ghost guy and then i have my four year-od is a lion again for third year in the rebut hade to buy a new costume because he sized up. >> if it works keep it going. >> we did that with with us stop buddy, he has worn it the last, few years. >> classic. >> perennially eight years old >> that is right. >> first we will show you spooky number of the day, difficult junk this thing up with ghosts and bats and stuff there is an eight out of 10, there he is, he is king tut mummy, getting ready to day and halloween parade which is
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a big deal in elementary school. so much fun. temperatures in the 40's and 50's, right now we have a frost advisory for a few of our suburban counties, shall we say, in pennsylvania and new jersey and the temperature right now is, 50 degrees. feels a little bit cooler with a 12 miles an her breeze out of the southwest, sunrise time 7:29. we have a scare forecast for your halloween, spooky sun and a high of 58 degrees. oh, bob kelly, such a fun day and then we will all be in on a sugar high later on, wow. >> you know it, tomorrow morning i love, i get up early , i can get down and pick out my favorites out of the bag. >> never know. >> they will never a reeses peanut butter cup or two or three or four. live look 5:31, schuylkill expressway, in problems at all , in or out of the city this morning. we are looking good downtown on the vine street expressway
5:32 am
as well and coming in from new jersey only one accident on old york road in abington, right at cloverly avenue just off 611 also known trick or treating later this afternoon. so deep that in mind in south jersey. otherwise mass transit looking good, karen and thomas, back over to you. >> bob, thank you lets get right to this in delaware county there is a man there who made money and, children, at parties now behind bars boys lets get to lauren johnson to explain, lauren. >> hey, karen, we have heard stories like to before, prosecutors say, that people who commit deviant sexual activities like this usually
5:33 am
try to create trust with their victims and in this case it was character very popular kid characters that he used and he wore costumes in the process to give these boys to trust him. well, now prosecutors hope he is wearing his, halloween prison jump suit, lets look at we're talking about four three-year old michael crips whom he identified as suspect in this case in delaware county, too many counts to name in the situation but most important, rape and sexual assault. when asked about the crimes, prosecutors alleged against him, he has some choice word for reporters but prosecutors say five victims ranging in age from five years old to 20 had details of disturbing even counters with crips over the course of years and it all started with a relationship with the boy's mother. >> if the mom had a couple of boys, you know, five, six, seven years old he would not sleep with the mother whom he had a relationship with, wow sleep in the separate bedroom with boys, and the mother, at one point you'll observe in one of the affidavits, the
5:34 am
mother, of course, complained about that and thought needless to say that was inappropriate behavior. >> reporter: absolutely. fear that there are more victims because of how he was using a character costume company to find these people, investigators say wow advertise on facebook where he posted pictures of him in costumes, at kid parties, in some pictures the
5:35 am
without telling the owner. veterinarian andrea worked in a hospital in powell, new jersey, and then, police say that she took the dog out of compassion and long to go rehabilitate his health. what been the next big move between ties and trump campaign and russia burning question in washington. lets get down there right now to doug luzader, and, we got news there was an indictment and now we lost outcome of is what happening, what is people saying, doug. >> reporter: well, look there is a lot of speculation about what might happen next but what might be next shoe to drop, we just don't know but
5:36 am
in big investigations like this the idea here toys start going after individuals, charging individuals, and then seeing what information you can glean with them in the process of perhaps, offering them a deal and that is why when you look at the three individual we have learned about yesterday, paul manafort , former campaign chairman, rick gates, within of his deputies, and then, george papadopoulos not exactly a household name but investigators acknowledge he had been cooperating with them for a few weeks now. so that may be the more interesting case to watch here to see what they have been able to learn from him, a number of, legal analyst have speculatedd as to whether he agreed to wear a wire in the process here and perhaps, other card may continue to fall here, we will see. white house continues to maintain there was no collusion between the trump campaign and individuals in russia and that is really what this investigation is out to prove, that collusion perhaps
5:37 am
existedy would imagine president trump is seating this investigation now reaching former aid. >> reporter: the president tweeted about this yesterday, and reiterated his stance that he has made before he said there was no collusion and in fairness to the president's point, you look at the real high profile indictments yesterday of manafort and gates none of that had to do with the campaign it was really work they did with ukraine and allegation that is there was money laundering and failure to register as a foreign agent, things of that nature but is this just one more step in the process for more serious charges involving the campaign, that is really the big question. >> and pop dab last he pled guilty and his allegations happened during the campaign, so that is really interesting last year. >> that is right, and there were, there are allegation that is he has admitted to that he tried to, he reached out to individuals or
5:38 am
communicated with individual, in russia that there was an attempt to set up a meeting between then candidate trump and russian president putin. the white house, indicates that this is freelancing on the part of the papadopoulos that may be true but this is one allegation that gets closest to the central purpose of this investigation. >> as we like to say more to come. >> thanks, doug. >> appreciate it. >> complete spin here. selena gomez and weekend have called it quits is justice bean tore blame. >> very interesting, photographs of that but first here's kristin rodgers. >> phillies found their new manager in gabe kapler why phillies targeted him and makes him a good fit next in sports. nobody delivers more for south jersey than steve sweeney.
5:39 am
he stood up to north jersey special interests to increase funding for our schools. he stopped christie's commuter tax, saving south jersey residents over 200 million dollars. and he led the charge to pass paid family leave. aarp applauded sweeney for freezing property taxes for seniors and cutting prices on prescription drugs. "i got to take my hat off to him. he's a man of his word." steve sweeney. because there's more work to do to get south jersey's fair share. watching this breath savers protect mint neutralize the plaque acids in my mouth. i can't see anything! that's because it's working so hard. hey, what are you guys doing? karen. we're neutralizing. maybe i want to neutralize. you ever think of that?
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philadelphia gives a warm welcome to the new skipper for phillies gabe kapler, the now former director of player development for dodgers and former player himself, he is a young guy with a new school of thought on the game. it seems like that is matt klentak hired him. nfl trade deadline is tuesday and eagles look like they will ab aggressive, why not bolster a roster that is likely headed to playoffs. whoever they bring in doug pederson says they have to be a good fit. flyers taking on a win less coyoties team, once down three to nothing, now down three-two. claude giroux to sean couturier, all tied up this went to overtime, and, arizona gets their first win, not a
5:42 am
good look for flyers they fall four-three. sixers rockets last night sixers trying to hold on to their lead, ben simmons he had himself a night. beautiful, dunk here, 24 points, led team, career high, they take down rockets 115-107 that is sports in a minute. i'm kristin rodgers.
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5:44 am
you have to, i posted on facebook and twitter what are they like doctor seuss.
5:45 am
>> yes, show your stripes to help childhood cancer but i'm wearing them because thermos comfortable, big, red and white stripes. >> lets say you got me beaten my sock game this morning. >> isn't that great. >> different kind of show this morning. >> yes, very good. >> good morning, all right. >> i'm sharing your picture here or bob first, sorry. look at that great custom. thanks, china black for send ing this one in. i was in the spirit. >> got another one here, long to go see little won we have a pie rate and a rock star. >> oh, yeah this was a lot of fun, thanks for sending this in, halloween, show off your kid, your pets and loved won in your life like your own self. >> very creative. love to see them. just getting started with big halloween party. lets get over to bob kelly and check the road. >> let's check out my, ready for sock game, ready, ready,
5:46 am
ready, candy corn. >> cute. >> get in there, look at that. >> don't go up too high now. >> they are not as comfortable as karen's red and whites but we have the candy corn socks. whatever you are dressing up as today maybe you have your costume getting your kid ready with their costume post a picture, facebook, twitter, instagram use the #fox 29 halloween so we can pass them long and have some fun. live look here at king of prussia 202 near allendale road, kind of quiet. unusual traffic patterns we will see on halloween, folks, of course, move out early, maybe to head to school. catch kid halloween parade, right? and then heading home maybe earlier to start giving out the candy. when you are heading home today just watch it, little won they are so excited they may not always cross at corner so make sure you use some caution in the neighborhood. live look downtown vine expressway, starting to see some volume pop here on the freeway, time to make doughnuts heading in to the
5:47 am
walt whitman bridge. in cherry hill they are still working on route zero seven between haddonfield road and 295, that is a moving operation they will be out there for another 10 minutes or so, and in brooklawn watch for delays, this is emergency construction they sounded an alert north bound lanes of route 130 between brooklawn circle up to browning road, they will be a hot mess for a next couple of days including today, so if this is in your commute, keep in mind give yourself extra time to get to the kid school or get home for trick or treating later tonight. speaking of which we need a good trick or treating forecast, sue has one in 15. some impressive rainfall totals from sunday and monday, combined, look at lakehurst, new jersey, over 5 inches,
5:48 am
almost five and a half and four and three quarter inches in elmer, new jersey, and little further south glasgow delaware got well over 4 inches and so did bensalem, chestnut hill 2.7, just around the town rainfall totals around our very wet sunday, machine but it is all out and we can have fun for trick or treating. i just dropped my clicker. so, excited, hang on one second, where did it go, somebody help me because we have a black floor and a black clicker with temperatures in the 50's for trick or treating , and is what happening, maybe a ghost came in and just knock it out of my hand. 58 degrees at 5:00. creepy, as you creep outside the door, creepy by 7:00 with 55 degrees, more creepy by 52 by 9:00 tonight. thinks just weather we want to have for halloween, it is not raining, and it is not going to be too, too cold where you
5:49 am
need that winter coat, our frost advisory is in effect until 9:00 o'clock this morning for counties that you see highlighted there, and temperatures are not as cold as they might be and radar shows that nothing is left from the rain that we had yesterday, that whole storm system, moved toward the northeast so nothing to talk about with precipitation today , temperatures 50 degrees in philadelphia, only 37 in mount pocono, reading, and wilmington delaware at 45, and we are in the mid 50's to start your day in wildwood, winds, calm down a lot since yesterday, staying breezy all day but now we have 12 miles an hour wind here in philadelphia. as we move along we will see average high of 62 degrees but yesterday we were below average with 57, not much and today same deal upper 50's for halloween as we look at that seven day forecast and 57 degrees for tomorrow, and then we are in the 70's on
5:50 am
thursday and friday cooling down on saturday chance of showers, for the eagles game on sunday, i swear, guys, a ghost knocked that clicker out of my hand and now it is gone. >> don't look behind you, sue, it is a pumpkin. >> thanks, sue. tiger wood returning to golf. >> they made this big announcement as people do on social media saying he will participate in the hero world challenge. >> the golfer has missed significant time after multiple back surgeries he last played in february at dub ai desert classic but withdrew to back spasms and earl they're month he pled guilty to reckless driving after he was arrested for dui in may. tests show he didn't have any alcohol in his system but was on a slew of prescription drugs. so he is back on the greens. you remember snooki, j wow and the situation who could forget. mtv reviving its jersey shore franchise but they are heading south. >> wonder what the catch line, not gym, tan, laundry, it will
5:51 am
be in florida's golf coast with panama city beach with different cast of characters. here's a, promotion for floridabama shore. >> ♪ >> i thought they could have done better than that for a promotion. >> it is an alligator, it will follow eight young adults who spend summer together in panama city, starting at the end of november. >> like the real world. >> yeah. >> all right. >> yeah. >> day after selena gomez and justin beiber are spotted at breakfast in l.a. she splits from boyfriend of 10 months the weeknd, according to people magazine they were having problems for months because of their conflicting schedules but people are now coming up with their own conclusions, selena and her x justin were seen together on
5:52 am
sunday the third time they have been snapped hanging out in the past week. they dated on and off for three years and had a rocky break up. sources say they made amend after selena's kidney transplant surgery. our own mike jerrick is shook up by this break up. >> she says that justin's changed. >> i bet he has. i'm happy they are back together. i don't know why but certain people i just want them to get back together. >> really. >> justin says he wants children now. >> yeah. >> after that, they had a little brunch they went to church together. >> he found religion he went over, and spend the night at her place. >> wow. >> you said you were going to make the big announcement right now. >> i have been overruled. >> they didn't want me to reveal the whole thing. i'll just say this couple years ago i was ariana grande. >> what is her name. >> what but say, adriana.
5:53 am
>> you are thinking lima. >> yes. >> it was so hideous so i promised never to be a female ever again but i have change my tune so i will be a female again today but will not reveal what the theme is. >> there will be babies involve, there will be celebrities, that is about it. but then last night i was going to make a quick change. we have a new phillies manager , right. >> sure. >> go ahead. >> well, then i realized, that , ladies. >> i was about to say. >> do yourself a favor. >> this is your new phillies manager. >> you were going to be him. >> then i looked in the mirror this morning and i said, no, you have to have some surgery done. so anyway our big, we have a customs ready to go, they are laid out, ready to go. can you believe that is our phillies manager. >> kristin rodgers our new sports, and she has magazine
5:54 am
shoots. >> that was a magazine shoot. >> it is worth it. it will be great, really excited for this season. >> yes. >> more competition in the city. >> love it. >> thanks, mike. >> see new five minutes. >> thanks, mike. >> see new five minutes. >> coming right back here honey, what are you doing? watching a cow...? what's it doing? impressions start your day with the new hash brown scramble bowl from chick-fil-a.
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batman it looks like he pulled an all neither, thanks for sending that in. use your halloween pictures send them in on facebook, twit ter, instagram using the # fox 29 halloween. we come back deadline day for eagles. will they make a deal. we will talk to the 97.5 morning show to talk about the possible names who could end up in midnight green by 4:00 today. we are having a party. come down, join us we will have fun, face painters, music , activities, food, bring your kid they can be part of the costume contest. we're doing it good day style halloween all morning long but fun kicks off in the 9:00 o'clock hour for
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bad bunny, a real monster, on halloween, takes him off the street, a delaware county man charged with sexually abusing children through his costume business. why police fear the list of victims could grow. russian bomb shell, charge s handed down in the investigation in the russian's meddling in the election how washington is responding, and who pleaded guilty to charges. and let me be the last to say trick or treat, halloween is here, the forecast looks pretty darn good, so, bring your kid down to fourth and market this morning, for our annual "good day philadelphia" hallown


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