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tv   Chasing News  FOX  November 1, 2017 3:00am-3:30am EDT

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single. >> breaking news. terror attack in new york city. a people are dead as a terrace drive the truck down a right path. diane black has the full story. >> it happened just after 3:00 p.m. on tuesday. a man in a rental home depo pickup truck plowed down this street, killing eight people, injuring dozens of others. it took place near the world trade center site. >> we are just looking outside of the window.
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a bunch of bicyclists were on the floor. it was so chaotic. >> he has been named as sayfullo saipov. in a press conference, bill de blasio confirmed it as terrorism. >> it was particularly cowardly. >> summer individuals described it as road rage. the driver entered the bike path near houston street. and then he got out of the truck with two handguns. the police later discovered the suspects weapons to be a paintball gun and a pellet gun. one witness captured the terrifying moment. >> he pointed a gun at me.
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>> this happens hours before a planned halloween event. reporting for "chasing news." >> thank you, diana. let's bring in bob, who is our expert. what do you make about this? all of a sudden immediately on twitter, talking about possible road rage. all of a sudden the word terrorism crept into this language. are we deluding ourselves? is our government actually ready for things like this? this is scaring a lot of people that you could be killed on a bike path in manhattan. >> it's unfortunate because this could happen anywhere. whether it is on fifth avenue or any of our avenues or sites.
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the barriers around the world trade center and historical sites in new york, unfortunately this is not only in new york city. it's really a problem all over the country. >> as a guy that has seen a lot of carnage in his career, what do you tell your own family. what do you say, places to avoid, things like that. >> we have talked about this every day. my son went to stuyvesant high school which is right there. so those kids cross that street every day. >> let's go back now. there are reports that the suspect, sayfullo saipov, was
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screaming "allahu akbar!." they are reluctant to repeat that information. what are you hearing? >> nobody wants to get ahead of themselves, nobody wants anything that they don't have as a fact. people are not going to identify it specifically for what it is. they are going to let the police do their job. execute the search warrants, interview the family. quickly identify other people that may have co-conspirators out there and there's a lot of things that go into this. you have to give the politicians a break and you have to give the police a break when you have breaking stories like this. >> what about the surveillance? this was certainly contention is coming out of the 1993 world trade center bombing. is it appropriate at this time
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knowing what we know? >> i don't think we ever really left it totally. i think we based it on probable cause, the information that we get from wiretaps and also social media. intelligence, surveillance, that is our number one preventative tool that we have. so that it is ongoing, there are officers assigned a terrorism, working with the fbi and the joint terrorism task force. intelligence and surveillance is part of their daily activities. >> it's always good to talk to you, we appreciate it. >> thank you, you two. >> check this out, wendy williams collapsing on air during a live halloween broadcast. what happened?
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and getting ready to battle with the bartenders. no, it's not a joke. it is said that racism is part of why some are making better tips. and women's hockey. giving a helping hand to a new women's professional hockey team. this is "chasing news." >> here's a look at the headlines that we are taking today. there were more scarce than we would expect. the daytime host feinted live on the air not odd. >> during a segment she began to stutter and fell to the ground. when the program came back, she explained that she overheated in a halloween costume and continued to finish the show.
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she later told everyone to relax and that she's doing fine. and tom babette caucus video of the house being carried away by a flooded river. the floods came after sunday's storm. the house was floating down the river and it was destroyed by the currents. nobody was home at the time. and the deer looking to make a withdrawal from this bank. no one was hurt. the maybe it was looking for a few bucks. and that is a look at some of the headlines we are taking today. >> up and down to the wire. voters going to the polls next tuesday to decide who will replace chris christie. diane black caught up with governor chris christie today. >> governor chris christie said there were a lot of questions and the 2016 campaign of president trump. the special counsel talked about the russia probe.
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no one. >> chris christie was asked about the former policy aide, george papadopoulos. a grand jury has charged former campaign manager paul manafort and his partner rick gates with money laundering and conspiracy. those charges were filed and both have pled not guilty. >> the information from the guilty plea of george papadopoulos is part of that. >> meanwhile, phil murphy continues to hold lead over
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republican kim guadango. the question now does the investigation earlier further impact the bit of kim guadango? reporting for "chasing news." >> let's bring in our panel. we are joined by one of our consultants. >> it was interesting what the governor had to say. i agree with him that the indictment and the plea by some of the president's former staffers and a low-fat virtually no impact on the governor's race. >> anytime someone comes under the guise of dishonesty, hiding asset, things of that nature, colluding with russia, that will
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always play a part. >> there literally is nothing about any russian collusion. one could argue that this bolsters president trump. >> sometimes the first indictment comes and they want to have some leverage. >> let let me ask you in both virginia and the gubernatorial contest, there was an ad against this candidate basically having a nightmare, being chased down by republicans wanted to hurt children and the new jersey you had the sanctuary city situation. he had the opportunity to separate criminals from immigrants. >> why do you think that this is so front and center? >> the whole statement really was taken out of context.
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>> if you were looking at this from a legal perspective and a guy said something like this, i thought it was pretty easy to lump it in and say he didn't pull out. >> sometimes i don't think you need to pull out. most of the time when people are talking about immigrants, they know that it can be twisted. >> why didn't the democratic nominee sages that? >> i don't know why, but i think that it really was taken out of context. i think it's undocumented immigrants here to make a living. >> we will know if it made the polls tighter in a few days. coming up on "chasing news." the battle in new york city. some strippers claiming that racism is part of the situation.
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and the weather is cold this halloween. the warmer weather is coming. we will have the details. >> we have some cool temperatures on the way. the most widespread frost of the season. plus
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♪ ♪ >> welcome back to "chasing news." i and am bill and we have a lot more shows for you including the
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battle in new york city. strippers versus bartenders. even this rapper cardi b is weighing in. but first, let's check in with your forecast. >> we are settling back into that typical autumn weather pattern. a cold front coming, one every few days, we will cool down and then warm up again. the next cycle is going to be a warm front that will bring us some unsettled weather. and by that i mean a few raindrops and possibly thursday as well. it is going to be rain or drizzle making things feel damp. the payoff at the end of the week will be 70s. keep that warmth in mind tonight because it is going to get cold out there.
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most of us falling into the mid to upper 30s i wednesday morning. the coldest spots are the highest elevation. a breeze of 32 degrees or below. urban areas down in the 40s. clouds in the sky and there will be on and off showers throughout the day. some of us may not see any rain at all. high temperatures in the mid-50s, still below normal for this time of year. i cannot rule out an isolated shower and i think it's going to be mostly cloudy, high temperatures were covering to 7s we move into the weekend. >> thank you, dan. >> let's turn our attention to a battle going on in new york. it is a battle between strippers and bartenders. and of course, there is a cry of racism. this hash tag popping up on social media.
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this stripper is organizing push back, saying that lighter skinned bartenders are getting tips. they met to air their grievances even cardi b weighed in on instagram. carissa is here from mindful consultants. and mike is here as well. let's start with you on this. not for any other reason than you are a legal mind and a lawyer. >> artists have unions, they have some sort of creative
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issues, and some people actually saw that problem. >> what do you think? the claim is that lighter skinned bartenders are able to do little bit of drink serving and they are getting more tips. >> i don't really know where i stand on this. but i think, what about the owners? they are allowing the bartenders to do this. i think that we should be asking why. >> that to me, it seems to be a bigger problem than putting it into context of racial bias.
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>> you know, that's a problem. but people are being excluded and their validity to create more. >> i feel like we have been having a conversation about this for a while. is this just a natural default of people because of the hot topic of the day? >> i actually think that there are deep-rooted issues that have not been addressed. they keep resurfacing. >> were maybe it is a cover for not having a real case. as an attorney you throughout something outlandish. >> you are right. it is no different than the criminal defense context. but you have to investigate.
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and sometimes you have to say, is that a ham sandwich. maybe an investigation will show that this is not accurate. >> we are talking about it. >> it's great to have you guys. >> we appreciate it. >> here's a look at some of the headlines that we are taking today. a suspect led police in a case on tuesday morning. after stealing a police cruiser, it eventually went up on the sidewalk. the chase finally ended when this shirtless suspect turned himself in. no details yet on how he was able to steal a sheriff's patrol car. president trump meeting to discuss tax reform. looking to pass this bill like thanksgiving, signing it like christmas. he calls it the biggest tax event in the history of the country. >> thank you very much for being here. for the incredible work that you are doing to help us pass the
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really historic tax cuts. we have never done anything like this in the history of the country. >> an ohio man smashing record for eating food from chipotle. >> someone had 425 days. they instantly decided -- is that i am going to smash that record. >> the man that happens to share the name of his alter ego shared his food in this batman mask. >> topping the charts. netflix announcing it will close the doors on its hip political
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drama "house of cards." the streaming service said that is spending and transit spending production due to the allegations surrounding kevin spacey. and speaking of him, the international tv academy has dropped him as this year's recipient of the international award due to the sexual harassment allegations. the actor was set to receive the honor during a special ceremony on november 20. and his grammy nominated artist has a lead single off her first-ever holiday album entitled "every day is christmas." the selection will be available on november 17. and a number one album for this solo effort. it is at the top of the charts,
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selling 152,000 copies in the first week of the release. the 23rd year old is a member of one direction. ♪ ♪ [cheers] [applause] >> coming up on "chasing news." women's hockey. the new jersey devils are hopi
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>> welcome back to "chasing news." you already know about the new jersey devils, but what about this? another team. a women's professional hockey team, and they are getting a lot of help from the devils. george has the details. >> there is a second professional team playing at the prudential center this year. the metropolitan riveters of the national women's hockey league.
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they teamed up with the devils and it's the first partnership of its kind. >> we believe in the power of them to connect the community. and we hope it's a way to represent the men and the women do play hockey and have them be the home team and actually get out in the community. >> it's really amazing. everything we are trying to do is go the game. so it's really meaningful. >> before we joined this partnership, they were already amazed. and it means the world to us and we are so happy to be partners with them and make history together. >> these individuals taking their name from and iconic
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poster. these modern-day riveters can do it as well. they are smart and tough and skilled. and they are hockey players. reporting for "chasing news." >> six days and then a week. new jersey voters going to the poll to decide who the next governor is going to be. also local candidates running for school boards. all of these issues are out there, and i know that you are busy. do but let me help you. you can call me weekday morning six a clock a.m. until 10:00 p.m. my number is 82831015 boat. and i am always happy to get back to you, answer a question. if nothing else i can help you make an informed
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♪ right now tragedy strikes new york. >> this was an act of terror. >> eight innocent lives gone. >> a lot of females screaming. >> driver barrels through a busy bike path. >> new information about the suspect. >> as tonight the city vows to stay strong. >> now fox 29 news at 10:00. ♪ new yorkers uniting after tragedy with their annual halloween parade. the governor and mayor leading the event to the song "new york new york". the event going on even though just hours earlier, chaos erupted when a truck crashed through busy bike path new york's mayor says it was an act of terror. good evening and thanks for joining us. i'm iain page. >> i'm lucy n


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