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tv   Chasing News  FOX  November 3, 2017 3:00am-3:30am EDT

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>> president donald sharp weighed in on the twitters suspect saying he had to get the death penalty. a local racist attacks on the school board member but nobody sure who's behind it. when the world series and get married. we tell you see the proposal you heard around the world. i'm bill and this is chasing news. >> new york city still reeling from the terror attack that happened on halloween. law enforcement sorting out the details. the president tweeting about the death penalty now looks like this guy had more plan. brian with fox as the details.
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>> federal charges has been filed against the loan suspect since 9/11. police authorities are looking to piece together why he did it and determine why he if he had held. police say he is cooperating with investigators looking into the terror attack. he's proud of what he did, asking for an isis like to find the hospital room. how and why he was radicalized is a mystery. >> is there conspiracy? anybody else tied to this? when did this process take place? >> there looking at his connections in ohio. but the community does not advocate violence or tolerate extremism. >> no religion or community teaches such hate and disregard for human life. >> the president trump ways in
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tweeting that there's something appropriate about keeping him in the home of the horrible crime he committed. should move fast, death penalty. the mourning process continues, people honoring the victims and sending a message to terrorists. >> new yorkers coming together that we reject hate violence. >> the next court date is november 15. lawyers are asking the public not to rush for judgment allow the process to play out. in lower manhattan, with fox news. >> i want to welcome jeanette back, good have you here. and phil caruso. the president was aggressive, want to redo tweet he tweeted out this morning saying the
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terrorist was happy as he asked to hang the isis wagon's hospital room. he killed a, badly injured 12 and should get the death penalty. >> i agree, this is a horrible terrorist his job was to kill people. the president is right, kim is right, we need to look at our vetting immigrants. the slattery visa system is at making sense. we can't really know who were letting in the country. >> immigration will be a hot topic, but what about the death penalty. he gave the death penalty to the people who are coming back. >> i don't know there's a debate. i think there is precedence here. look at the boston bomber who survived he was charged with the death penalty and tried. that case moved through the justice system quickly. >> on the other side the tweeted
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out about guantánamo saved the process take so long. >> it's not necessary. there is a horrible tragedy in boston and justice prevail. >> how does this impact the race for governor? only a few days away from going to the polls. there are complete opposite sides. phil murphy came out said we shouldn't let one jerk, he referred to the terrorist is a jerk, which is unconscionable. >> he's a terrace a mass murderer, is beyond a jerk. this is an issue because it's something people of new jersey care about. their safety. how we prevent terrorist attacks. >> here's a look at headlines, la's of the only place you'll find a disappointed -- i told dodger has been arrested for having on pay tolls and fees. he was arrested on the george washington bridge on thursday. he's been charged with theft of
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services and other traffic violations. whether 40 million fire signatures are being recalled because they might not work. it covers 134 models of pushbutton passin plastic handle extinguishers may between 1973 in august 15 of this year. for instructions call 1(855)271-0773. you see her and she's news with bill spadea l the time, did you know to that hoffman is one half of a power couple. jeanette her husband made the insider nj list of the power couples. congratulations. that's look at headlines. >> on tuesday voters will go to the polls and pick the next governor. the war of words is heating up as we head into the last weekend before the vote. the battle over who should release the tax returns as kim
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had hers release and posted online. today and thursday, phil murphy released his returns. at least the cover page. diana has the full story. >> five days left between the race and governor kim good on always taking it straight to voters. >> were gonna hit 120 stops over the next five days. the ideas to bring main street to the people of new jersey and bring us to the people of new jersey. >> she started her day in west long branch in new jersey. by 3:30 p.m. she was in bridgewater. >> she's attractive and poignant. >> she's very personable.
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>> this came after phil murphy released to page the tax return by e-mail, along with attack summary saying he made over $4 million in 2016 with 300,000 in charitable contributions. kimberly stirs in july reporting over 300,000 in income. here's what she said a response pgh so. that was a summary of how many millions of dollars he made over the last couple of years. what hit me most is he didn't even work for the last couple of years. >> on wednesday murphy decided to flip the conversation of transparency back to kim saying the division of investigation report on fraud abuses anonymous county. she's previously served as deputy director of that department. >> he can go get the report. >> murphy will plan to release more tax information. kim will continue to make her
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way around the state by bus until election day. >> thanks diana. let's bring in the panel to weigh in. bill, you're on the other side. i would think the timing of this was brilliant because it takes the focus off of the issue of immigration which she has been hammered on for weeks. >> not sure people are paying attention anyway. in order for phil murphy to keep his word he lived up to his word of releasing his tax information. i don't think it'll matter that much. >> the main point of the press release was a change in conversation. it went from tax return to phil murphy saying hey kim, you have to talk about this pension fraud accusation.
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>> is silly. >> does that hurt her? >> know it's a political tactic trying to change the conversation. kim has been answering questions on the since 2011. it's an old issue, fake news. he's trying to divert attention away from the fact that he didn't release his tax returns. he release cover sheet. kimberly stirs in july. >> when they say there can have more details on friday my guess is it won't matter one way or the other. >> it's like in a matter. i don't think people going to the polls roots in a matter. in my create some doubt about cam. there's a complex issue to explain. >> do you think this never resulted in anything moving forward. >> it's a legitimate question in a campaign. i just don't think it will
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impact anyone. >> it's insulting to the voters into the media. >> thank you. coming up, make edison great again, or so-so supplier that was full of racist attacks on candidates for the school board. that's coming up for stan will have your local weather.
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>> welcome back. i'm bill spadea, we have more show including a proposal scene around the world. when the world series and get married. first, let's check in with dan with your forecast. it warmed up it's not here to stay. >> what a beautiful, warm spring day. widespread 70s across the area. keep it for one more day. he wants to ground into the weekend. a cold front will sweep through the area sometime late on friday. that could spark a rain shower. i'm not concerned about widespread rainfall. bigger issues the cooler behind that front. it's not an arctic blast just
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start to feel like early november as we get into the weekend. mild tonight, mostly cloudy by friday morning. temperatures in the upper 50s. friday clouds overhead, high temperatures 65 degrees to possibly 75 the further south you are. on saturday temperatures go back to 60 degrees and clouds overhead. there could be a late day shower sunday might be more raindrops. will warm up to the mid- 60s to close the weekend. you can get your latest weather forecasts on facebook and twitter. >> will you hear this. a local election are area dominated by conversation over a piece of hate mail with racist attacks. ashley has the full story. >> it's less than a week out from election day in this racist
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mailer attacking two asian candidates running for board of education has both running for office, pointing fingers at each other. they show pictures of the current school board member and on their face stamped on their faces the word to port and also make edison great again. the back of the car says stop the outsiders they released apart same our naysayers go local high try to build a better future together. we continue to focus on her campaign and look for the students and taxpayers of this town that we love. rachel was served here said something is fishy. the smear campaign went after two of the five candidates. the other three are running on a
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different ticket. >> another group of candidates that i'm supporting. on that ticket there are three asians and all three were left off the fire. so somebody can put something out why we put all five of the candidates on the floor? >> a republican running shows us the hateful fires that went out about him a few weeks ago calling him a racist. he thinks he knows who's behind it. >> looks like this is part of the same group that was sending out anonymous pieces trying to influence the election. >> the mayor released a statement which reads, nick no mistake, will do everything possible to find the shameful people behind us. we give everything to the police
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department fractions they deem appropriate. >> thanks ashley. let's bring back the panel. you've seen the poster. highly offensive, racist,. >> many times this doesn't work that's why it's done anonymously. besides being inflammatory and awful. >> we have a lot of it going on. this is something politicians need to recognize that people feel like the way things were is being infringed upon. he go from baseball fields to cricket pitches. >> there's always good conversations that can come. more diversity in terms of who were elected in office is sit down and talk about your differences and share your common ground as well. >> but do you think this is a real baseline emotional reaction many people have may sam a
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baseball fan and everything changed, the transition from football into soccer. >> somebody makes anonymous phone calls and anonymous flyers,. >> but that family that's objecting, they don't like the change, does that make up them a racist? >> no. if you support someone don't want to baseball field you're not a racist. you come out an appropriate form whether it's the school board association. >> you don't have a right to say you can report someone. >> my money is on the other side. >> senator bob menendez bribery cases halfway through closing arguments.
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the prosecution started the argument by saying again to the jury, use your common sense when coming to a decision. observers are saying the government is making a compelling case that senator menendez acted at his friend by accepting gifts and campaign contributions in exchange for helping obtain pieces. he also interviewed in a 9 million-dollar dispute. the started closing arguments and said your job as a jurist look for the truth and apply the law. there's been no crime committed, otherwise the prosecution would've called the witness and they didn't. doctor melton didn't give anything, turner broke i spoke to senator bob menendez and asked how he was doing, he simply said, i pray to god. >> it's the faith that has sustained me for the last eight or nine weeks. it's the faith that i believe
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will ultimately render a verdict of not guilty. >> a key issue the jury must decide is if the evidence proves bribery. the judge says the prosecution must establish a quid pro quo quote. closing arguments resume on monday. i more jones for chasing news. >> thanks. let's bring in an expert, bob joins me. this break it down. what happened. closing arguments goes to the jury. >> will be a tough battle about the definition of what a bribe is especially after the recent supreme court decisions. the judge did a good job of instructing the jury. was it a quid pro quo or part of a friendship?
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>> they put on a good job with the case. >> someone must've done a better job. you been doing a long time. your prosecutor. who did a better job in your opinion? >> i know people like to pigeonhole that. but i thought this was a well done two-sided fight. many times i don't see that. i see the prosecutors to a better job, there's a large amount of data to present which makes it difficult to choose and pick and they did a fine job. the defense but a caisson which rarely happens. >> didn't matter that they upset the judge? the call for dismissal? matter, routine? >> it's routine. the judge is a salty old-timer, he's a good judge but their aggressive lawyers. they do what they tried to get it dismissed before goes to jury.
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>> if you put money on it the biggest and the vegas line would you go for? >> i think it will be hung jury, means they don't get all 12 to say guilty. >> will check back in. >> let's bring back the panel. what you think? i you looking at a conviction, either way is he a senator in 2018? >> let me throw out a name if he decides not to run, chelsea handler. she lives here new jersey. >> is there anybody less qualified? >> this woman wrote a book about her love affair with vodka. not exactly the greatest political minds. >> either way, i can imagine this put the democrats in good light coming into the election.
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>> we will see. >> thanks. good to see you. coming up, the proposal seen around the world. how about winning the world series and then get married coming up.
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>> welcome back to chasing news. i'm bill spadea. big win, game seven we have a news world series champion. how about this, a proposal seen around the world on the diamond after the game. george has all the details what he got? >> one of the most exciting world series in modern memory came to a conclusion that game seven on wednesday night. and .-ellipsis to fans of the astros. hard to believe it was just two months ago that hurricane harvey blew through houston, the city taken the brunt of the storm with record-setting ring, billions of damage, so bad that
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the astros had to play three home games in tampa, florida. you can call it game seven anti- climatic. george springer gave houston 5 . that's all they would need. charlie martin pitch last for any other 5 - 1 game sevenn win. during his live post game interview, he popped the question. >> will you marry me? >> so happiness and hugs all around for carlos korea, his astros in the city of houston as they help in the healing process. congratulations to the astros. i'm george for chasing sports.
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to toss this back to. >> four days in a wake up before voters go to pull to elect the new governor. there were words heated up. on thursday phil murphy released his tax return. he released the top lines. so yeah now we know he's a rich guy. honestly, does that matter? he brought up an investigation many years ago while kim was the sheriff, does that matter? truthfully neither of those arguments matter. what matters is who will help new jersey become more affordable again and who keep us safe by cooperating corneille with law enforcement so we can fight back
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>> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 11. so we hear a hot about fake news these days. our area is not immune and hollywood a listers are getting dragged into it. good evening i'm lucy noland. it's all going down in lehigh county of all places and includes among others bruce willis and appearance at a local ice cream shop. only catch is that it's as you probably guessed bogus. dave kinchen reports from allentown. >> kind of dumb whoever sent that. why would you make that kind of a post. roar report kerry is not buying the facebook invite to eat ice cream with bruce willis at ice cream world nearly a len town and it's a good thing, too, because it's fake. >> i think it's kind of silly. like it's obviously not going happen. >> reporter: fox 29 investigation revealed that someone posted the fake event on facebook and used what clearly looks like a docto


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