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tv   Chasing News  FOX  November 4, 2017 3:00am-3:30am EDT

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bill: new details are ememorialing about a local police chief arrested on federal hate crime and civil rights charges. wait until you hear some of the up believable language. and, a taper poses a math question to students to solve a problem about how fast the flames were traveling on 9/11. this is a math class. >> plus, all your sports, how about the jets crushing the buffalo bills. i am bill spadea. this is "chasing news" new deals emerge including some pretty rough language from a mischief arrested on federal hate cripple ap civil rights charms. ashley has the full story. ashley, what do you got for us?
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reporter: neighbors believe retired chief arrested ap charged for w a hate crime and accused of racially motivated beating a plaque teenager in handcuffs court documents think 60-year-old has significant history of making racist come members concerning african-americans about how he referred to using the n word. he allegedly said the n word would come back and reason to put the hand for him i am tired of them. these ns are like isis they have no value ap line them up and know them down i like to ob on the firing squad i could do it. also mentions anence department in 2016 and police responded t o a complaint about two tonables staying at the oh tell. both were black. allegedly slams the man's head into a metal doorjamb and about the teens involved and these
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people should stay the f out of the town. >> totally uncall for, unforgivable. there is no excuse. no i am saying sorry he went way over the top. >> we hold our police officers to a higher stan and that is to bow half appropriately ap airing to the law themselves. reporter: it is important to note that the charms began from a self reported complaint from within the township police department and the township has moved forward with new leadership and community inclusion and equality. i am ashley johnson, reporting for "chasing news." bill: thank you, ashley. all right. let's bring the a-plus panel to break this down. we are joined boy the chief of staff for essex county. good to you have, bill. >> thanks. bill: welcome. >> thank you. god see you again. so of course, former mayor of
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irvington. we will start with you, as a mayor, it is incredible story with details of what this chief of police said. very scary stuff. how do you think it got to this point? eye president to think this is new be heavier even though we don't have any overt evidence that is but i think this must have been a pattern of his and somebody just set up and stepped forward and fed up and a wall of blue or silence got broken and somebody just stepped forward. bill: well, one of the video, one of the tapes came from another cop. let me ask you, though, n he were to now. you are innocent million they prove you are not t. this looks pretty pad. >> oh, yeah. this looks as bad as it get. you have tapes involved. i think he will have a real hard time. if he is smart he will take the place. bill: what do you think? the worst of the worse. i don't think any thick that a public official could be admonished for than these
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actions. you talk about black lives matter. you are upset. people are upset about the protestsen all of that. then you see an ac like this by the chief of police. >> you would agree. this is no at common story among police chiefs. u a cop. >> but again, people say, it doesn't exist, but if there is up with, even if it is 5%. listen, my son is going to have significantly different experience with police officers than win's son. bill: true. it is stuff like this, though. that is actually not true. that police officers in general when you look the literally tens of millions of we're abs with the public and thence dentses that happened that go awry, you know, this example raises a question of racism. now bear i pined. i have a brother that is a cop. i am not the antipolice boy. ju are in charge of the cops. >> i was the mayor, so at the end of the day, it does call into focus, you don't see that
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population landing in the street at the same level with always black, black may area or person of african-american defense, so there is something going on with that dynamic. why no one else? well, let me ask this you? does it go both ways though. do you hear about a story about a black person or black victim. what about black cops? >> you don't see a lot of it. i am not saying it never happened. it has happened. there is dynamic around the policing and a question of race in country. but what this example does, it puts it at the very top. here is the guy that is the chief of police. >> why is no one saying anything about i mean, this guy operated in the way with many, many flashing signs about the racism for years, totally unchecked noll nu. that is the serious problem. >> now watch others come forward. bill: it is the final weekend before new jersey voters go to the polls to elect a new governor. one candidate is on the road with a bus tour. talking about main street and
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not wall street and to new jersey united states senators one on trial for corruption and brook ry the other having a press conference about the tax trump plan. diana has all the details. diana? reporter: the conversation all about tax on friday in new jersey. first up, the democratic senator menendez anchorry bocker. booker was arguably the angrier of the two. >> every season gel new jerseyian republican and democrat young and old, if you have jersey pride, you should be if angry right now. because donald trump is coming after jersey. >> reporter: he says it is insult on new jersey. here is why. the tax cut proposes the elimination of state income taxes on federal returns that could cause those and heavily tax states like jersey. also, on ply day, we learned
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more about democrats gun tama toial candidate. and you may recall on thursday, we got an el mail well a two-page summary showing he made over $4 million in 2016 while on friday. media was invited to newark where we got to flip through the reports for two hours and here is what we found out. one investment we learned that didn't work out too well was murphy's investment in the woman's soccer team in new jersey. and returned and he also over $500 the in that investment and other than that, murphy has diverse investment win vestment in hundreds of stocks like netflix, macy's and whole foods this comes just four days away from election day as the opponent continues for tour by bus. i am diana black reporting for chasing news. >> thanks, dy and. a let's bring our a plus panel. i don't know where to begin. it is it about donna brazile and the absolute sellout of the
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democratic party? yeah. let's start there. what do you think, bill? >> well, listen, i think that anything that sort of puts your finger on the weight of the scales not good. reason, former president, hillary clinton and entrenched democratic party. most of the democrats clearly when you look at the super delegates and with hillary clinton. >> does it both are you that this he is the report a after the election? you have got this real conflict between the born ny folks that feel burned and hillary folks that are looked at now as well, you had an em. so it is a real problem in our party. i mean, a lot of the young people don't trust the party. don't trust the long-time poll tigs they want to change, but all of this is going to make it a lot more difficult for the democratic party. bill: what do you think? >> i got to go with what bill has to say. it is generational divide. bernie sanders is excited really a bunch of young folks to get en gamed in the process. the party poll tk is insider's
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game so clearly, you know, former president's whit and part of that inside game they had the party. that is when it happened. bernie created a revolution but the win, a win. >> the only god thing about that election was that so many people were so invested in their own democracy so many were excited about it and paying attention and some people like this, really you know, to know the democratic party was kind of already fixed and hillary clinton. >> some could argue it was another god thing. they would call it the result. >> i wouldn'ting that. >> donald trump the president of the united states. he has a tax plan that republicans are now united on tax plan for the most part. but backer and menendez and the press conference. no, no go t.e they seem after something that looks like the numbering to help an awful lot of people. not going to help new jerseyans and eliminate deduction for property tax and eliminate for income tax and poorly a very much debt taff the republicans
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agaps the blah state and california and new york and new jersey and vindictive. when it comes to analyzing tax plan, it is dif cault because it will affect different people in different ways t. this is hard on people who have student loans because it is getting rid of the student loan deduction and difficult in anyone paying alimony that is going to hurt. >> great punishment. >> yeah. >> yeah. do you think it is fair, though,est there of the country subsidizes the high tax state like new york new york, new jersey and cra are a. not fair all. >> yeah. we contribute more to the federal budget. >> absolutely. maybe after this election we will have the opportunity to talk about how we low are the real estate tax overall and maybe that is mute. >> we and day of agree in on that. bill: here is a look at headlines we're chasing today. ashley johnson has update to ex clausive story we brought you earlier this week. >> exclusive coverage about a stut student at east orange campus high school in north jersey who got fo a fight with a man at the scene who was not a
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student. the mother of 16-year-old hudson wondered why no teacher helped her son during the fighting with the older brother's of girl who had been bullying him. after meeting with the principal friday morning. she was told that it is not a teacher responsibility to break up a the altercation. if orange superintendent said ape statement, the matter has been resolved on the district lef cycle and still upper investigation by local law enforce the doctor can d not comment on be what was said at the morning's meeting bass he was not there. jones says this is no resolution and that administrators want her to send the son back to school like nothing happened. scal officials will not confirm that. >> president trump left washington on friday on the first leg of the drop across asia. the president made the first stop in hawaii from there he well travel to japan, south korea, china, vietnam before head though philippines. foreign held buy leaders. it is the longest presidential tour of asia since president bush's visit in 1681 and
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disgraced movie mogul harvey weinstein could be headed to prison any day now on charges he raped the actress on two occasion in 2016 and nypd says it believes the allegations. in a pressor on friday, robert detailed the latest on the investigation. >> we have actual case. so we're happy with where the investigation is by now. mr. weinstein is out of state. we would need a resident. so right now we're gathering our evidence we will continue to do so every day. that is a look at the headlines we are chasing today. >> coming up on chasing news, new york city marathon this is weekend. the nypd pulling out all the stops with enhance seed core ty and meteorologist dan zarrow will have al the weather not only are we rolling back the clock but rolling back temperatures. >> well, bill, diving into the first weekend of november. we have cooler temperatures and
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some raindrops to talk about. we'll break done the timeline for you in the complete forecast, coming
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up. >> welcome back to chasing news. i am bill spadea. we got a lot more show four tonight. how about this? a high schoolteacher puts a question on a taste that asked solve a math problem about how long the planes on 9/11 were in the air and what speed they hit the world trade center.
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>> but first the new york city marathon is sunday in the wake of he horrific terror attack that took police on halloween claiming eight innocent lives in jurying 1 second nnypd has stepped up he core toy make sure the return is and everyone is safe. plus, the city is realing the loss of life and those injured. a in a candlelight vigil on thursday evening as people offered their thoughts and ray area for all of the vick telephonep survivors and of course their families. and isis has claimed credit for this attack claiming that the terror suspect is a soldier of the celephate president donald trump said he an animal and promised receipt try bugs ap we'll go after isis in a big big way. on the subject of terror as new york city still reeling in the aftermath of the horrific toker attack on halloween
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afternoon and checked this out. a teacher in massachusetts actually had a math question put to her students to solve for the air sped and the timing in the air of the plane that struck the twin towers and outrageous. what makes the story worse this is same high school lost someone, up with of their student on/1 i want to bring in clinical psychologist joins me. dr. jeff, how are you? >> always a pleasure, bill. thank. bill: i got ask, you dro dr. what do you think? clearly, the kids were not born on 9/11, but what goes through the minds? first of all of a teacher that put this on a test and the impact on the kids? >> well, i think, i think this teacher gives after the the benefit of the doubt and it was not about trying to hurt anyone and it was really not very good judgment. >> the high school actually did
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lose student on 9/11. >> yeah. bill: what about you are in new york. my guess is, you have dealt with this buy some of the kids that were impacted on 9/11 and what have you found in yourable toes that you created? >> well, that is something that will never go away. and will be part and people just have been able to work through it but any time you bring up 9/1 or the anniversary actually a lot of people by this. and real life example we want to choose in order to did a math problem. >> real quick. when will enough time have elappedded? we had a conversation about pearl harbor, and probably not going to have impact on anyone. >> well, it is very hard to put a staff specific time on it. because this is something that i believe emotionally mortally wound sod many new yorkers and we never had anything like this
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before and so pan ny brave losses and you foe, all of our pepper nell, firefighters, emt's, firefighter, so many people lost, so many families lost. this is within i don't thihink we'll ever forget. not the impact. bill: thank you, doctor. always god take to you. thank you. >> thank you. >> all right. let's bring back the a plus panel. we'll start with you. we talked about it before the show. what could have possibly been going goog through after the's mind. >> well, you know, will give the teach the benefit of the doubt that he or she didn't mean to hurt anyone. didn't mean to have eggive impact but i think what this really points to is a defensive desen tation of/11 and other tra tra mact eventses that he the problem here. not whether this teacher had evil in his or her heart but rather person is allowing students to be defensive ties to something as terrible as a terror attack. i think that's the problem here. >> so i mean, you hear this.
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talk about boeing decenttized. it seems like we're there. we had a political debate happening. we had a political debate happening right after the terror attack in new york city. it is like people just carve out their positions and detached from the fact that people are dying. >> immediately, after vegas is about gun cell and after new york, it was about immigration. think i, maybe, because massachusetts or a little further away than new york. we have a little different impact. think the taper, us used poor judgment and could have gotten the lesson across a lot, you know, a lot differently than. listen, there is television shows. there is hews calls now. bill: the doctor tacked about how it is close he is to new york city. but think about the flights originating in boston. it is not come prehelpings. >> this was math class. this is a math class. no one is saying don't talk about/11 or talk about terrorism. this is not the context. in a history class or in a counterterrorism class maybe you are having the conversation.
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i don't know, it doesn't belong. i again i don't know what the teacher intent was. who knows? >> what do you think i think you had bad judgment. think in his distorted way, he was trying to say, you know, math and all keep us of military precision and type of thing. mean he was trying to convey that. >> ok. thanks, guys. thank you. always feed sue. thanks. groat see you. we'll have you back. >> can't wait. here is dan zarrow the forecast with. >> f will have the time travel this weekend as daylight saving time cos to n end for the year. don't forget set the clocks one hour before you go to bed opp saturday night. relive the 1:00 a.m. hour early sunday morning. of course, clocks are not the only things falling back this weekend so are the temperatures. cold front is threw now. so we'll start to see the cooler drier air settle in and rush to jacket weather ahead for the first half of this weekend and those showers you see on the map will stay away during the dy on
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saturday. it but looks leak we have a period of wet weather from saturday evening into sunday. 3:00 overnight tonight, low temperatures get to the her to mid 40's for us. in the higher elevations to north and west. there could be upper 30's throughout. we call skies partly cloudy and the clouds wilton within this gy on saturday. it is going to be a cool day. in the upper's and around 60 degrees at best. again, jacket weather returns. we stay dry through the ta. showers move back in saturday evening and through part of the day on season ta. there could be a period of pretty soggy weather in there and sunday's high temperatures return to the mid 60's under mostly cloudy skies. quick preview of next week. monday looks nice and warm. back to the 70's. a bit of rain. then we have much cooler again by the middle of next week. have your sale of great weekend i am meteorologist dan zarrow. a big night of football on mr. days night the new york jets taking it to the buffalo bills with a crushing victory. of course, the weekend coming
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up. how are the it again going to do? our own sports reporter will have details.
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bill: welcome back to chasing news. i am bill spadea. let's talk sports. how about the jets' big win. what is going to happen with the giants this weekend we'll check in with sports reporter, george, what do you got for us? reporter: thanks, bill. how many wrote off the jers the season began? well, here we are. it is november. we're still discusting serious jets' football. we'll take. i we'll take you out the meadowlands at metlife stadium. the bill, the fans all standing in tribute to victims of this past week's terror attack in new york city. first quarter, jets get on the board first on the run ten yard touchdown and the jets and the
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third rushing touchdown of the year ap giants as team have two. the third quarter. to robby anderson. 25-yards to the air. now, matt forte. two rushing touchdowns for ganggrown and made it 20-and the jets win 34-21 and most important hi they protect the fourth quarter for the first time in four games. meanwhile, the one and sk gains coming off a b yes week and head coach on the hot seat. suspending quarterback yen condition farce game violation of the team rules that is the second mayor's suspension in three weeks and the giants host the surprising and could come in and cause probably or could be a trap game for the rams we see how that shakes out unday. aam am george for spacechasining sports. bill, back to you. bill: a long national nightmare will come to neap at 2:00 in the
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morning on sunday. that is rye. i am talking about the end of day lying savings time. daylight savings time. we know howdies rupt it it is when we spring forward. that hour is a disaster not only do energy costs go up so do traffic accident, heart takes and it is completely ut arely disruptive to dairy cow and other farm animals it is time ends system of now one group in mass mace pushing for new england to get on to atlantic tim and keep daylight saving time i say seteer we fall back this last time and we keep it right there or we spring ahead and we stop there. one which or the other. this antiquated idea that has this fact of saving oil in the 1700's has got stop. anyway, enjoy the last bit of the extra hour of sleep, though. simon day. have a great weekend.
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live from center city in physical this is fox 29 news at 11. students in the burbs celebrating football team but was there more pep in their rally than usual? good evening and thank you for joining us at 11:00. i'm lucy noland. police are on it investigators whether students were selling pot laced brownies. fox 29's shawnette wilson is live in radnor. shawnette. >> reporter: lucy, two children we're told were sick. they went to the emergency room. they have been check out and released. police say a parent told them about six children cutly were vomiting and going in and out of consciousness. we're not sure what's in it. it could be marijuana. it could be something more serious or it could be nothing at all. so we want to fine out what is in the brownie. >> reporter: radnor police are


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