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tv   FOX 29 News at 11  FOX  November 6, 2017 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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>> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 11:00. tonight we're learning more about the man who police say killed 26 people inside a texas church. police say the shooter devin kelley should not have been able to bite guns he used in that massacre. the pentagon says the air force never put the shooter's conviction of domestic violence charges to a federal background check database and now the department of defense is launching a review. thanks for joining us tonight at 11:00. i'm iain page. lucy is off. and that's not all we're learning about the suspect's background. fox's lauren blanchard has more developments. >> reporter: the suspect devin kelley received a bad conduct his domestic violence convicti conviction. now the service has larged an investigation over how it handled his criminal records and if kelley should have been able to buy a gun in the first place.
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>> substantial a evidence, physical evidence has been collected including hundreds of shell casings, more than 15 magazines, 30 round capacity magazines have been recovered. >> reporter: medical officials say a dozen victims are still being treated including childr children. conditions vary from stable to critical. in tokyo president trump reactioning to the shooting that left more than two dozen people dead plus the alleged gunman saying it could have been much worse if there hadn't been a good samaritan with a gun to chase the suspect. this isn't a guns situation. i mean we could go into it, but it's a little bit soon to go into it. this is a hem health problem at the highest level. it's a very very sad event report roar texas senator ted cruz also praising the armed private citizen who was able to shoot the gunman twice before the suspect killed himself. cruz saying it's a fundamental
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right for a texans and all americans to defend themselves. >> it is an unfortunate thing that the immediate place the media goes after any tragedy after any murder is politicizing it. we don't need politics right now. >> while democrats on capitol hill say congress needs to stop playing politics. and do its job to keep americans safe from yet another senseless case of gun violence. >> i reject the notion that it is too soon to act. if not now, then when? we should ban assault weapons and bump stocks today. >> reporter: kelley's conviction should have prohibit him from buying or possessing guns under federal law. air force says its initial information indicates that kelley's criminal record was not sent to the fbi as require thus allowing him to pass background checks and legally purchase firearms. in washington, lauren blanchard, fox 29 news. violence is putting many local churches on alert.
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now some are even adding extra security. our dave kinchen reports from chalfont about a church taking precautionary measures. >> reporter: here in chalfont this church behind me as a special team that trains for any kind of tragic scenario. sanctuary comes with safety at calvary chapel. a sobering concept after sunday's texas church massacre. >> we're living in times where, you know, all bets are off it seems like, and nothing is sacred. >> reporter: which is why pastor steve feeley's team played a premium on protection awhile back with a deadly mass shoot tag texas church reminding him of the the risk. >> this tragedy that happened yesterday confirms that what we're doing is the right thing to do. >> reporter: church officials say they hand picked more than a dozen congregation members to prepare for the worst scenarios. some are ex military. and, yes, we're told a few do have licenses to carry guns.
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>> for churches out there, it's time. it's time to get the security mindset and it's time to protect your flock. >> reporter: david is calvar calvary's security director an retired cop. he says numerous cameras watch the inside and outside angles of the building feeding into a nerve center. and there's this. >> we approach with love but, you know, you're doing a quick assessment of the individuals. >> reporter: many lessons here learned after deadly shoot inside keystone in north wales last year. the calvary active shooter training underscored after the texas tragedy. >> i feel very confident that we would see this developing out in the parking lot, and our speci specially trained security members would encounter that and deal with it prior it to getting into the church. >> we don't do this out of fear. we're not given a spirit of fear but power, love and a sound mi mind. so with our sound minds we just want to keep our eyes open and
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be alert. >> reporter: we found many churches across the delaware valley have some form of security system in place at the very least video surveillance many churches will likely have a conversation about security if they have not already. in chalfont, dave kinchen, fox 29 news. plenty of developments in the texas church shooting the gunman had lift receive domestic violence before the attack that killed 26 innocent church people. the good samaritans huchard him down were at a vigil tonight. one of them shot him twice. kelley also shot himself and then died in his vehicle. we also heard from the pastor and his wife who lost their teenaged daughter. >> we lost more than bell yesterday and one thing that gives me a sliver of encouragement is the fact that bell was surrounded yesterday by her church family that she loved fiercely and vise versa. >> the victims were mostly part of two extended families ranging in age from 18 months to 77
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years. and we of course are staying on top of the investigation. we have continuing coverage on television on online at west chester university is investigating an accident where three students were hit by a car. skyfox was over the s parking lot earlier where the university says two of those students were waiting for a bus when the car hit them. the other was hurt not too far away. one student was not hurt and went to class while the other two were taken to hospital. one is still recovering there. west chester university says authorities are who aring into that driver who does not go to the college was actually impaired. a disturbing crime at a local synagogue is police are looking for whomever vandalized the building leaving some hateful messages. investigatoinvestigators say whd this spell the words out with shingles that they tour from the roof of the building. fox 29's dave schratwieser joins us live from evesham township with the story. dave? >> reporter: iain, no arrests
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to report in this incident from friday night, but the rabbi of this congregation tells me tonight he has no idea who would do this and why his synagogue was targeted. >> this building it doesn't just contain a sanctuary, it is a sanctuary. >> reporter: rabbi nathan weiner couldn't believe what he saw as he walked from the parking will the 92 congregation beth, friday night and period up at the sky lights. >> and i see light coming through the skylights from inside, and spelling a derogatory word. >> reporter: written across eigh sky lights windows was a word the rabbi was says was both racist and homophobic it it was spelled out using shingles torn from the synagogue in several locations. >> the word was disgust and not an antisemitic term that was it was done here at the synagogue. it was racist, it was homophobic and it felt to me like an outlet for hate. >> police responded immediately and began to investigate.
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the rabbi says investigators took pictures of the word and removed the shingles. police found other evidence around the building. >> we found a couple of monster energy cans around the synagogue. i don't know if that's connected. we think it might be. >> reporter: rabbi says the congregation is home to 200 families. since the incident friday night, the entire community is reached out to support his congregation. many asked who would do this and why was the synagogue targeted? >> i don't know why here. this is a lovely community one of the things that we received all day today is calls and e-mails from local pastors and reverends and rabbis of other synagogues reaching out wondering what it is that they can do to help support us. >> reporter: now the rabbi says some repairs have been made to the roof. more need to be made. police have not recovered any surveillance video of this incident but they did take some evidence from the synagogue here
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and they hope that leads them to the suspects. iain. >> let's hope so, dave, thank you. a philadelphia judge has sentenced meek mill to prison time for violating his probati probation. years in jail in his drug and weapons case after appearing in court today. he was already on some thin ice after being put on house arrest in 2015 for leaving pennsylvania for a gig without court approval. then in march he was arrested at a st. louis airport for fighting and arrested again in new york for august for recklessly driving his motorcycle. account eagles really go all wait? many fans feel the dream is becoming more likely after yet another big win. some have even started looking for tickets to the super bowl. fox 29's chris o'connell joins us live from lincoln financial field with this tonight. chris? >> reporter: iain, i know what you're saying, still three months away, eagles barely played half a season of football yet, should we really start thinking about the super bowl? well, if history has anything to
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do with it, absolutely. >> too early to bring up the super bowl? >> about an hour too early. >> let's not go there yet. >> reporter: it's not too earl physical you ask las vegas. we talked to jimmy an odds maker from the south point resort in vegas. he tells us the eagles who were 50 to one to win the super bowl are now a 50/50 shot to make it there. >> from there the conference is two-one meaning it would be two-one for them to get to the super bowl. so you're in good shape, kids. your guys are playing very very well. >> minneapolis, errly february. >> yes. >> snow is falling. >> yes. >> super bowl ring. >> scott spencer manages luxury suites for the super bowl. he says interest from philly to rent top dollar sweets at u.s. bank stadium has picked up this week. starting price tag, 175 grand. >> in october, the web traffic from the philadelphia market was up 128%. >> reporter: so remember, the
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last two times the eagles went one and eight, they went to the super bowl and iain, i lived in minneapolis for a couple of years. >> that's right. >> february is not a great time in minneapolis. but i will go there. i'll be there with bells on. [ laughter ] >> i think you and a lot of other eagles fans, chris. let's hope so. thank you. >> before you know it, you'll never have to leave your house for anything. what cbs says they will -- cvs will deliver right to your door. >> real nightmare for a philadelphia couple uninvited guests move into their home and they won't leave. six months later it's still an issue and we're getting to the bottom of it. the homeless will soon have extra support at suburban station. project home, september tan the city are working together to build a new and expanded hub of hope. the new initiative will be unused tunnel and hallways below suburban station. the center will offer services like showers and care for philadelphia's homeless all year
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getting a cancer diagnosis is difficult. getting an appointment to discuss your treatment options shouldn't be. meet with a ctca cancer specialist in philadelphia, in as little as 24 hours.
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learn more at a bridge shut down over politics. their biggest triumph was a traffic jam. chris christie and kim guadagno's failures shortchanged our future. after 8 years- incomes are down, costs are up and our economy is crawling. we are better than this. i'm phil murphy together we'll build a stronger, fairer economy that works for every new jersey family. christie and guadagno left new jersey stuck. i'm serious about moving new jersey forward.
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♪ squatting the illegal takeover of someone else's home is a growing problem in philadelphia. a local couple don and debbie
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magee are nearly a six-month battle to remove squatters from their home. the mags began trying to sell their row house on the 5300 block of akron street in the spring when the buyers inspector was greeted by ten squatters claiming they own the home. the city council held meeting today saying the city's response has been horrendous. >> this is terrible. this is not a shining moment for philadelphia to hear these stories. >> both city and state lawmakers are working on legislation to make it easier for police to remove squatters. a radnor commissioner facing child porn charges resigned and people in that community say it's about time as he resigned he turned over the township equipment and what they found on there is quote disturbing. fox 29' shawnette wilson joins us live from wayne with the latest details tonight. shawnette. >> reporter: iain, the township manager wouldn't say exactly what was on the i-pad but it is now in the hands of investigators. >> to have this occur to someone
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that you gave your trust to is just i don't know the pale. >> jane gallon system one of dozens of people who attend add radnor commission meeting to night which started with the board of announcing the resignation of its president philip ahr. >> good. he finally manned up and did the right thing. and now, on our dime. on our tax dollars he was doing this. >> reporter: his resignation wasn't the only announcement. the township manager said ahr also returned a township issue issuedism pad this afternoon with something on it that forced them to turn it over to the delaware county criminal investigation division. >> without elaborating, i would just like to state that what we found is deeply concerning and disturbing to me. >> reporter: ahr i was charged with possession of child porn last month. tonight the board voted unanimous toll accept his resignation. >> i think jail is probably a good place for him. i hope he doesn't get out. >> reporter: in his resignation letter he writes i
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palagis are to the personal mistakes i have made and the embarrassment i have called that damaged public's trust. >> my immediate resignation to allow me to focus on my own personal rehabilitation to allow my colleagues on the board of commissioners to work on the issues facing the township. >> reporter: and the board now has 30 days to appoint row mace many. iain? >> shawnette, thank you. voters in new jersey are gearing up tonight to choose their next governor. polls are open at 6:00 tomorrow morning. they're open until 8:00 p.m. the two major party candidates are vying to replace the governor chris christie who is at the end of his second term. democrat mill murphy and republican kim guadagno have been campaigning hard until the end. murphy will declare new jersey a sanctuary state if elected guadagno says she's slash sky high property taxes. another big race's da republican beth grossman running against democrat larry krasner the winner will take over for
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the interim district attorney kelly hodge. we'll have all your election results on fox 29:10 and 11:00n your health cvs is will soon bring your prescriptions right to your door. the company announced plans for next day delivery from certain pharmacy locations. first rolled out in manhattan next month. then philadelphia and several other cities are expected to get it early next year. the news comes as cvs is facing potential competition from amazon. all right let's get back to your weather now. live look at wildwood tonight. not many people on the boards out there now. it's chilly out there. kathy is here and, kathy, we're talking about a big difference from this weekend. >> but a log on the fire. electric blanket. bundle up. get the winter coat. i'm in. because it's getting colder. ultimate doppler showing a few leftover showers especially through southern delaware and maryland. otherwise, it's a cold night out there from the city to the suburbs to the mountains. temperatures falling fast with that northerly wind component it's 35 in the poconos. 43 in allentown. 49 in philadelphia.
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and falling in millville it's 5. cold front moved through we have little bit of a dip in the jet stream. but that's just the beginning of what's going to be a very chilly week. tomorrow will be about 20 degrees cooler than it was this afternoon. look at the current temperatur temperatures. you have 49 in philadelphia. 40 in chicago. 29 in minneapolis. rapid city 19. billings, montana, only six. those temperatures a lot more like winter for sure. as we go hour by hour with the fox future cast we'll see some clouds rolling in tomorrow during the day. so sun glare in the morning bob kelly and sue serio will be talking about but as the day progresses, increase in cloud cover, showers to the west of the lancaster by about noon. and then the rain moves n the heaviest rain to the south and east of philadelphia, maybe a little mixing with little wet snow in the higher elevations of the poconos by late tomorrow. it will be cold enough and then it moves on out. so as we look at the accumulation of rain, the best chance of seeing higher accumulations will be to the south and east of philadelphia lehigh valley and the poconos
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possibility of around half an inch of rain. overnight, 42 in philadelphia. 31 in the poconos. 34 in pottstown. 42 in dover. tomorrow's afternoon highs not rising all that much. with that north wind. we'll see some showers during the afternoon. upper 40s to around 50 in philadelphia. millville only 51. the poconos topping off close to 40. that's it. what happened? you knew it was coming. you just didn't know it was going to be this fast of a change. wednesday 54. thursday 58. remember the normal still around 60. friday the morning low 40. saturday the morning low 30. that will be a deep freeze for philadelphia. the afternoon high 47. sunday 56. and next monday 58. need i go on, iain page? >> no, you need not. >> i don't want to know what's coming after that. >> all right. kristen what's coming up in sports? >> egan, there were so many punches thrown in the nfl yesterday, well it looks like hillary clinton key but the fact that the league is only coming down on some players i'm not
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okay with that impartiality
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♪ there were a lot of fights in the nfl yesterday. but not everyone involved is seeing suspensions. kristen rodgers has her thoughts on what the league should do in 15 seconds. lots of things can make your engine light come on. besides your engine. at am company, we know how to diagnose and fix the problem no matter what it is, a amc o. check engine light on, we'll check it for free. >> ♪ note. i don't know if it's daylight savings time or what but something got players all around the nfl chippy yesterday. two fights really stood out. the first one bengals jaguars with aj green and jail lynn ramsey getting into and the bucks saints with mike evans jumping out like spider monkey on lattimore. one guy got suspended. here's a look at green and ramsay. got a full on choke hold punches being thrown after this. guys, this isn't hockey.
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you have to calm down. on the other side, jay miss winston poking lattimore i get mike evans blind sided him how is that more op offensive than two guys looking like a wwe fight. here's my thing. if you're going do suspend mike evans for game you have to do the same for aj green and jaelin ramsay. the nfl needs and wants to cut down unsportsmanlike comment. draw a clear line in the sand and be done with it. iain. >> kristen, thank you. >> how about this? fresh off world series win, houston astros pitcher verlander tied the night with model kate upton. posted his picture on instagram of intimate wedding in tuscany italy. they got engaged in may of last year. so the wedding meant that the astros pitcher he had to miss the team's championship parade. >> which is tough. >> but i mean you're marrying kate upton and you also have more rings than just a world series ring at this point. >> you're in tuscan feature it's
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all good. >> it's all good. >> let's not forget that. >> good eating. good drinking. >> right. >> and good honeymooning. could have push it back a day. >> i wonder like when they -- but like when they planned this and everything. >> probably a long time ago. >> he probably didn't thin he was going to be with the astros. no he got traded late. >> yeah yeah yeah. >> it's okay. hopefully they'll be another parade. >> exactly. >> not wedding. >> might be another wedding. [ laughter ] >> all right. up next tmz of course followed by page six at midnight. stay tuned for "the q". q-it up at 12:00 their. then stay tuned for the simpso simpsons. we are of course are back here at 4am for "good day philadelphia". sue serio and bob kelly will have your weather and traffic covered all morning long. thanks for watching. it will be cold. >> cold at the bus stop. bus stop buddy,.
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a bridge shut down over politics. their biggest triumph was a traffic jam. chris christie and kim guadagno's failures shortchanged our future. after 8 years- incomes are down, costs are up and
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our economy is crawling. we are better than this. i'm phil murphy together we'll build a stronger, fairer economy that works for every new jersey family. christie and guadagno left new jersey stuck. i'm serious about moving new jersey forward.
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announcer: today on "tmz" -- harvey: so kanye west has reappeared on stage after a year, and he may have pulled a britney spears. >> he did get on stage with kid cudi. during the kanye parts, they just played the track. >> he didn't rap >> they do that all the time. >> but why? >> he put the mic up buti couldn't hear kanye. have you guys ever been to a rap show? harvey: hold on. no. [laughter] upton and justin verlander tied the knot in italy. verlander actually missed the parade in houston for hs wedding. >> did you think he wold lose planning the wedding for them? >> he was traded from the worst team in baseball two months before. harvey: fine, but you want to think the tigers can win. >> it would be like us sitting here thinking we were going o win an oscar. [laughter] >> we got gabby douglas. we talked about the new york city marathon.


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