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tv   FOX 29 News at 6PM  FOX  November 7, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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in extremely critical condition. he was shot repeatedly during a traffic stop but we begin tonight mourning the loss of former phillies pitcher roy halladay who died this afternoon when his plane crashed in the gulf of mexico.& thank for joining us tonight at 6:00. i'm iain page. lucy is off tonight. roy halladay played few seasons with the phillies but he left major impact on the city. here's what we know right now. it was just afternoon today when the pasco county sheriff's office near tampa the marine unit got call that small plane went down in the shallow water in the gulf of mexico. halladay was the only person on that plane and investigators say he never made a may day call. the ntssb will lead recovery operation and investigation into the crash. and while talking about the crash, pasco county sheriff got visibly upset calling halladay a wonderful family man and friend. >> but i can speak as somebody who knew him, he was a part of our sheriff's office. his kids went to school with
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some of our kids. he was there whenever we needed him. he was probably one of the most humble human beings you'll ever meet. >> the sheriff went on to talk more about halladay's relationship with the department even bought them a police dog named k9doc. doc of course being halladay's nickname. fox 29's kristen rodgers is here now. from fans to former teammates people just crushed tonight. >> iain all of philadelphia and major league baseball is devastated tonight. roy halladay was a treasured part of the phillies organization for four years. but his impact reached far beyond his retirement. halladay was an eight time all star and two time cy young award winner once with toronto and once with the phillies in 2010. nobody out work roy hallada attention to detail was meticulous. he through a perfect game in may of 2010 and had a no hitter in his first post season start. halladay retired in 2013 as a blue jay after signing a one-day contract with them. but phillies fans will love him forever.
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of course, the entire phillies organization in mourning right now. the phillies released a statement saying "we are numb over the very tragic news about roy halladay's untimely death. there are no words to describe the sadness that the entire phillies family is feeling over the loss of one of the most respected human beings to ever play the game ". >> after he retired halladay pursued his other passion, flying. h often posted on social media about flying and how much joy it brought him. you can see him with that icon a5 plane here the video supplied by icon almost haunting looking back as that is the same plain that crashed into the gulf of mexico earlier this afternoon. already there's an outpour of support for halladay's family and in remembrance of halladay former teammates other teams, other lesions reaching out. i'll share that with you sport until sports. iain. >> kristen, thank you tragically this is not the first time a phillies player has been involved in a fatal plane crash. back in october of 2006, former phillies pitcher corey lidle and
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co-pilot were killed when their plane hit an apartment complex on the upper east side of new& york. lidle pitched from -- with the phillies from 2004 until 2006 when he was traded to the yankees. at the time of that crash, lidle was just 34 years of age. now to our other breaking news story tonight. corporal with the pennsylvania state police shot during a traffic stop in northampton county right now he's in the intensive care unit in extremely critical condition. accused of shooter also being treated at a separate hospital. police say it's the second hospital he's at after driving himself to another one. let's get out to dave kinchen live at st. luke's hospital in bethlehem tonight where that trooper is being treated. dave? >> reporter: iain, women if you authorities say that this was a major physical struggle on the highway with traffic spee speeding by between the suspect and the injured corporal. that's before gunfire rang out. >> we have a trooper shot during traffic stop.
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>> reporter: from routine traffic stop to panic, a corporal with the pa state police is shot several times now clinging to life at st. luke's hospital in bethlehem. >> he went through a heck of a fight out there along the side of the road and -- he has a will to live and god willing he is going to pull through this. >> reporter: just before 11:00 e stopped a man for speeding on route 33 in plainfield township northampton county. only investigators say the drive doubled back to ask about the ticket when police suspected him of dui. >> at this point he's no longer free to go. >> reporter: backup is called and a confrontation begins. >> troopers were in a knock down, drag out fight along the side of the road with vehicles speeding by them and it got very very violent. >> reporter: state police say the man then pulled a gun from his car and opened fire. >> one much our troopers was struck several times, our troopers were able to return fire on the subject striking him multiple times as well. the other trooper is still engaging in the car and shooting
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at the vehicle while the subject is about to pull away. >> reporter: sources say the wound suspect was able to drive to easton hospital. this is video from skyfox which shows the windows of the car shot out. he was later taken to another hospital while colleagues of the injured corporal joined him at st. luke's. >> right now, our guy is up there fighting for his life. he is a warrior. >> reporter: and after the corporal was airlifted here to st. luke's we're told that he was placed in extremely critical but stable condition. the names of the folks involved in all of this not released at this time. back to you. >> all right, dave, thank you now on to you decide 2017. ♪ >> now you decide. election day in new jersey. voters are casting ballots for new jersey governor for the first time in eight years. we have team coverage for you tonight with bruce gordon shawnette wilson on the governor's race. voters are choosing between democrat phil murphy or republican lieutenant governor
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kim guadagno to succeed governor chris christie. we begin tonight with shawnette wilson. she is at lieutenant governor kim guadagno's election night in monmouth county. shawnette. >> reporter: iain, kim took to social media recently to say that she is back at campaign headquarters working the phones to get out the vote down to the last minute. so as you know, she is running on lower taxes as her promise to voters who she says they say they can afford to live in new jersey any more. guadagno would be the second woman to be governor in new jersey if elected. poll showing her doing not even half as well as with her opponent. today the lieutenant governor vote tad school in monmouth beach around 1:00 o'clock. stopped to talk to voters outside the predict about her five-day campaign bus tour but declined to answer questions from a reporter about outgoing governor christie and what he said when he called to wish her luck. guadagno laughed it off saying, good try the day of the election as you know she's avoided talking about christie throughout the campaign. so guadagno also told voters
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outside the polls that she believes that tonight's poll is the one that really counts and she says that this race for governor is tightening. iain? >> all right. shawnette, thanks. meantime democratic candidate phil murphy's election night headquarters are over in asbury park where we find our bruce gordon tonight. bruce? >> reporter: iain, all is quite here at convention hall in asbury park for the moment around 8:00 o'clock the public will be invited for what they fully expect to be victory celebration. we'll show you some video this morning around midday of phil murphy voting in his hometown of middletown. murphy the 60-year-old former executive with goldman sachs, former us ambassador to germany under the obama administration. first term. he and sheila oliver the north injuries see assembly woman former speaker of the new jersey assembly have been up in the polls mostly of the team by double digits. things have tightened in the last couple of weeks but they fully expect a victory here which would give dem crass control of the governor's mansion and of course the state
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senate and assembly they would run they'll things and tirely in trenton. that would be the first time for that certainly in eight years. chris christie hovers over this race though he certainly not on the ballot with the murphy camp doing all they could to link kim guadagno to her current boss. they'll do everything to remind voters to her connections to the high unpopular incumbent that's what we've been seeing throughout the entirety of this campaign. again expected victory for murphy tonight. the margin becomes an issue. less than high singles departments or low double ditches at least private disappointment here iain. check in with you later tonight. continuing coverage of this election throughout the evening. we have information on the race for philadelphia new district attorney coming up later in this newscast. philadelphia police are looking for the person who shot and killed a man in oxford circle this morning. it happened just after 10:00 on the 1600 block of alcott street.
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a man in his 20s was found shot multiple times inside his car if you've got any information please give police a call. caught on camera, you recognize these guys? police say they beat and robbed a university of penn grad student over the weekend. the 26-year-old student was walking on the 400 block of south 43rd street around 11:00 s attacked. the victim has some serious head injuries including a fractured skull. a new reward tonight to try and help catch a serial bank robber in philadelphia. this is the guy the fbi and philadelphia police are after. they believe he's behind five robberies across the city and three weeks. the most recent, just yesterday at a pnc bank on the 2400 block of welsh road. in all of these incidents, he either had a gun or referenced he had a gun and demand note. citizens crime commission of philadelphia is now offering a $10,000 reward for any information leading to his arrest. police are looking for two guys who tried to steal a bike from a 13-year-old it happened
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back on october 23rd police are just releasing the video n now. the incident happened around 11:30 in the morning on the 1100 block of elsworth street in point breeze when the teen refused to give up the bike, the guys began as stalling him thankfully the scene was able to get inside the home. one person has died. two others are in critical condition tonight after a house fire this morning in wilmington, delaware. firefighters rescued two people who were trapped inside the home on the unit block of norway avenue. authorities say a third person escaped on their own. all of them were taken and treated for burns and smoke inhalation. fire chief mike testa says hoarding conditions posed a problem in their evident. >> they were met with heavy fire conditions on the first floor and subjects, you know, they found two subjects on the inside. when i pulled up there was one subject walking outside. crews on the second floor. we had heavy hoarding conditions on the upper floors which made it dull to operate. >> arson investigators were on the scene the delaware state
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fire marshal's office is leading the investigation into how that fire started. they estimate that damage at bauer $200,000. seven people including a firefighter recovering tonight after a fast-moving fire in germantown much the flames broke out in a duplex on the 200 block of maneheim street. this was around 3:30 this morning. three families are now out of their homes. all of the victims though are expected to be okay. and there's no word as of yet on how that fire started. more election coverage on the way. breaking down the race for the district attorney of philadelphia. that's still ahead. kathy? >> in weather we're talking about more rain. it's raw out there, iain, with temperatures only in the 40s, in the 30s in the poconos where it is snowing. we'll take a look when the temperatures bottom out into the 20s in the cit
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♪ today more than 15 world war ii and korean war vets or their spouses got a veterans medal. the ceremony took place for
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residents at the spring hills cherry hill assisted living center. the men and women received the camden county military service medal or the korean war service medal. veterans day by the way is saturday. ♪ who will be philadelphia's next district attorney? we're close to finding out. voters heading to the polls today choosing between republican beth grossman or the democrat larry krasner. jeff cole is following the latest developments from krasner's headquarters tonight in center city. jeff? >> reporter: iain, you know in these off year elections often you don't get great turn out. sometimes it's around 12%. it will be interesting to see if krasner who has work aggressiv aggressively with erasers in the city can bring more people to the polls if they can get the turn out a little bit higher. democrats have an advantage in this city as you know. seven-one, krasner is the democrat here. he is heavily favored against beth grossman in this race. let's take look at video. larry krasner voted today at a
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germantown polling place. krasner emerged from very crowded democratic primary. did he so with the help in part of $1.4 million from george sorrows a billionaire investor he's a progressive and he has been involved in state politics these days. krasner says he wants to review past convictions to free innocent people. he wants to stop cash bail imprisonment people who can't make cash bail get to stay in prison he wants to end that. he wants to bring police and community together. that's what krasner is campaigned on. beth grossman on the other hand voted this morning at a school on conrad street in east falls where she grew up. for 21 years she's been an assistant in the district attorney's office. she was the chief assis assistan the da ' ross office. she wants to restore integrity to the da's office. remember that the outgoing da is
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seth williams he's sitting in federal lock up convicted of corruption charges. she says she wants to improve public safety and the quality of life she received grossman did the nod from the philadelphia inquirer. but as i say krasner certainly has an advantage here tonight. what's interesting here is that krasner is a progressive. he's a civil rights attorney. he is a background not like anyone real who'll is served in this job. if he wins tonight, it will be interesting to see how he'll proceed in a city that has its struggles as we all know with crime and gun crime and violence and opioids all those things face larry krasner if he wins tonight but he has to. we'll know probably something by 8:00 o'clock when the polls close here. maybe little bit after and we will report back to you live at 10:00 and 11:00 o'clock for now in center city i'm jeff cole fox 29 news. at the krasner headquarters. folks. >> all right, jeff, thank you. back to your fox 29 weather authority now. check out this video from the camelback resort in the poconos.
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that's snow first snowfall of the year arriving. we hit from snow to the rain here's the view in rehoboth beach, delaware. a lot of seeing seeing rain today. kind of raw and cold out there today. >> yeah, temperatures only in the 40s and the 30s that's why it's sticking right now in the poconos. a lot of this moving off toward the east where you see the yellows and reds we have pockets of heavier rain moving through north jersey now and here's that rain/snow line remember that pink that's where we're seeing some icing haven't pulled this map out in awhile. probably since last march. pottsville seeing mix. hazleton seeing some snow mixing with some sleet. and the poconos some snow showers. all that will be moving off over the next couple of hours. temperatures staying cold but remember some icy roads through the upper lehigh valley and the poconos. please be aware of that. pottstown 37. 37 allentown. pretty blustery along our shore communities with temperatures in the 40s right now. when you look at the nation as a whole, how about 42 in
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philadelphia.& 45 in detroit. 33 in minneapolis. 37 in rapid city. billings the low last night was about six. right now the temperature is only 29. so cold enough for snow obviously in the poconos and all this will be moving out by ten, 11:00 o'clock tonight. northerly winds kicking in and some clearing skies during the day tomorrow. we'll start off witness clouds. that's 8:00 a.m. you'll see that northerly wind component and slowly those clouds will filter out. sunset close to 5:00 o'clock. but most of us will see the sunshine before sunset. as we look ahead at how much rain when all is said and done heaviest through south jersey but still at lost half an inch to the north and west of philadelphia. so overnight tonight low temperatures going to be pretty cold. 34 in pottstown. 27 in the poconos. 41 in philadelphia. 40 in millville. 41 in atlantic city. during the day tomorrow, not rising all that much but a little bit better than today. with that increase in sunshine. pottstown 51. philadelphia 53. millville 54. allentown's high tomorrow 52. on your seven day forecast from
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the weather authority, thursday partly sunny, friday chilly the morning low around 40. the afternoon high 44. deep freeze comes saturday morning and sunday morning. monday a few showers. tuesday staying cold. high temperatures in the 40s. morning lows in the 20s. what is going on here? iain we're going right to winter. [ laughter ] >> i know too fast for me, kathy. all right. >> i agree. i know. all right. thanks, kathy. of course we are continuing to remember roy halladay tonight. kristen. >> iain row halladay an incredible baseball player and even a better man. a look
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♪ halladay is one strike away the zero-two. a bouncer. ruiz, in time. roy halladay has thrown a no hitter. >> it's an incredible sad day for the sport of baseball and the city of philadelphia. roy halladay has passed another crashing his plane into the gulf of mexico this afternoon. he was 40 years old. halladay was more than just a baseball player. he's being remembered as a father, a husband and a friend. roy halladay's character was unparticle led no one work hard, no one truly had his presence on the mound. halladay was an eight time all star and two tie cy young award winner. his teammates even opponents say sharing a field with him made them better players. and his class and humility will forever be remembered. he retired in 2013 as blue jay
6:25 pm
after signing one-day contract with them but phillies fans will love him forever. the phillies organization devastated they released this statement saying "we are numb over the very tragic news about roy halladay's untimely death. there are no words to describe the sadness that the entire phillies family is feeling over the loss of one of the most respected human beings to ever play the game ". >> after he was retired halladay pursued his other passion flying. often posted on social media about flying, pictures of the clouds, and how much joy it brought him. you can see him with the plane the icon a5 here the video supplied by icon almost haunting as that is the same plane that crashed off the coast of florida earlier this afternoon. halladay former teammates took to twitter to give condolences shake victor recent in a gone too friend my friend, blessed to have shared the field with you as a teammate, competitor, friend and more important al brother. ryan howard tweeting such a sad day we lost a great ball player but an even better human being. many prayers to brandy, ryan and
6:26 pm
braden will all miss you roy and roy oswalt sharing quote heart is broken to hear roy halladay. great friend, teammate, father and husband. one of the best teammates ever. you will be missed. >> so sad. >> just so tragic, and gone too soon. our condolences go out to his family. everyone talks about a better man than i was baseball player and he was a terrific baseball player. >> his character unparalelled. >> he was part of that community in the tampa area as well. coverage will continue tonight at 10:00. we have much more on the plane crash that killed former phillies pitcher roy halladay and fan reaction here in philly. to those who knew him in florida we'll cover it all for you on fox 29 news at 10:00. that will do it for us here at 6:00. thanks for watching. up next page six follow beside consider nation at seven and stay tuned for tmz at 7:30. have a great night. we'll see you back here
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♪ right now on ""page six tv"." who convinced con yay to shock fans. when did larry david come under fire for "snl" appearance. where are the hottest places to spend the holidays? why is the hilarious joy behar our special guest right now? all of the answers right now on "page six tv." >> welcome to "page six tv." i'm john fugelsang. taking us inside the headlines we have page six reporter carlos grower, variety writer elizabeth wagmeister, and host ms. bevy smith. here are today's top stories. after nearly a year away from the stage, kanye west is back. [ cheering and applause ]. >> i know,t


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