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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  November 7, 2017 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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tributes rolling in. to night what we know about his brand new plane and a pennsylvania state trooper fighting for his life. your news starts in 30 seconds. he faces 27 batters, he retires all 27. ♪ >> right now, philadelphia fans, friends in shock. >> he was one in a million.
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it is a true loss for us. >> a beloved former phillies ace killed in a plane crash. roy halladay died doing something he loved, flying. but the question tonight, what went wrong? >> now, fox 29 news at 10:00. ♪ tributes are pouring in tonight for legend roy hawley day. this billboard lit up at citizens bank park to honor the life of the eight time all star. right now, federal aviation investigators are looking into why his plane went down. thanks for joining us tonight i'm iain page. we've got lot to talk about from election day results to the shooting of a pennsylvania state trooper and a local baseball legend gone way too soon. we have of course are covering it all and our chris o'connell joins you live from citizens bank park with how fans are remembering roy halladay tonight. chris? >> reporter: iain, the weather certainly matching the mood here in south philly. roy halladay was only a phillie for four seasons. but as one fan toll me tonight,
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he will always be one of us. his sudden death at 40 years old sending shock waves through the sports community. look at the sign here at citizens bank park tonight. it will up for this philly favorite. >> a perfect game. >> reporter: he gave philadelphia phillies fans some of the most memorable highlights in recent history. but tonight those same fans are in shock over the sudden death of roy halladay. >> i'm just blown away. >> i'm seriously saddened to have that guy, i think, on our team for the time that we had him, it was a pure blessing. >> reporter: the pasco county sheriff says halladay's brand knew i couldn't a5 ambiguous sport plane went down in the gulf of mexico north of clearwater just afternoon. he was the only one on board. >> we know roy as person, as a caring husband who loved his wife randy. he loved his two boys tremendo
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tremendously. >> reporter: but as good has he was as a baseball player, he was perhaps even a better pers person. halladay's generosity continued by coaching and mentoring even go 98ed a k9 sheriff's deputy a appropriately named doc. >> he was a part of our sheriff's office. his kids went to school with some of our kids. he was there when ever we needed him. he was probably one of the most humble human beings you'll ever meet. >> reporter: after baseball, flying became halladay's passion. he had just taken delivery of his i couldn't a5 last month. tweeting "can't begin to explain all the breath taking views" and here just a few days ago, giving a plane ride to a teenager and, yesterday celebrating a little league championship. certainly a somber night for fans in south philly remembering the impact the memories doc left behind. >> my heart breaks for him -- for the family, for the phillies.
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>> he made an impact. he was one of us. i'm a pilot, also, so it's sad for the industry, and also for him and his family. >> reporter: and fans have been coming by citizens bank park tonight leaving flowers outside. little more on halladay. it was friday when he volunteered at a charity fishing tournament in florida for children. he was fishing on the very same waters where his plane went down earlier today. he leaves behind a wife and two sons. iain? >> so sad, chris. thank you. our team could have ratch continues tonight with kristin red rodgers whose got more on the baseball star's legacy. kristen. >> the entire baseball community is heart broken tonight as one of the best to ever suit up has passed. roy halladay was more than just great player, though, he was great father, husband and frie friend. halladay had an great career. eight time all star, two time cy young award winner. his attention to detail was me
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tick queue he through perfect game in may of 2010 and had no hitter in his first post season start. he retired in 2013 as blue jay after signing a one-day contract with them. but phillies fans will love him forever. as does his phillies family. >> he has left, you know, such an impression, you know, not only to me, but to a lot of us, and you know a loft the kids coming up in this game today. a lot of us grew up watching roy halladay play. i was fortunate enough to be able to sit in the dug out and share a locker with him. >> talking about ray a hundred years from now and about the same things about not only how great he was how hard he worked to be great. and how humble he was. and how well he treated people. everybody from the locker room attendants to the fans right down the line. he was just -- he was a prince avenue human being. >> one of the most touching tributes came from chase utley and i want to read it in full to you. "my heart hurts brighting this i can still remember the first day
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we met. it was 5:45am on the first day of spring training when i arrived. he was finishing his breakfast but his clothes were soaking wet. i asked if because raining when he got in. he laughed and said, no, i just fnished my work out. i knew right then he was the real deal. thank you roy for allowing to us witness what it takes to be the best. we will all miss you ". the memories shared by players and teammates are truly amazing to hear. i'll have more from the entire phillies family coming up in sports. >> kristen, thank you. halladay died of course doing something he loved. flying. it's been devastating day for not only philadelphia but for florida as well. fox's tampa bay julia johnson has more from pasco county, florida. ♪ >> reporter: promotional video showcasing a one of a kind plane featured a man many also considered special and unique in roy halladay. alongside his wife brandy. >> she's fought me the hard way. >> hard. i've fought hard. i was very against it. >> reporter: tuesday afternoon pasco county sheriff's officials
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confirmed the former major league pitcher for the philadelphia phillies and toronto blew jays was killed in plain crash. the view from skyfox over the scene showed a small white plain upside down in the water. we're told halladay was the only person in the i couldn't a5 single engine plane that slammed into shallow waters in the gulf of mexico. >> many know roy as a cy young winner, future of hall of famer one best pitchers that ever pitched in the game of baseball. we know roy has a person, as a caring husband who loved his wife brandy. >> family members at halladay's home in odessa didn't want to speak about his death and neither did parents and coaches from calgary christian high school where he was a pitching case. >> worst scenario happened and it's just breaks our hearts. >> reporter: sheriff chris talk about his humble nature and generosity specifically the money he donated to help the sheriff's office get a new k9.
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>> k9doc out there working saving lives, you know, making our community safer. >> reporter: as for what caused the crash, be it mechanical problems or pilot error federal investigators it were the ntsb are being tasked with peacing it altogether. a process only just beginning as at the its is the mourning for fans and family of the baseball great. >> i have no doubt he's looking down with god up in heaven. >> reporter: tonight we've also learned that the depth of the water where that plane crashed was about 6 feet. so initially officials were hopeful that whoever that pilot was may have been able to survive this. halladay we know leaves behind his wife brandy and his two kids. back to you. >> julian johnson live for us in florida tonight. thank you. one memory that stands out to phillies fans tonight, the no hitter during the divisional playoffs in the mlb tweeting that out tonight as a tribute. here's scott france ski with the call. >> just about a quarter to 8:00 october the sixth 2010 the
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first post season game for roy halladay. he winds the zero-two. swing an dribbler out in front of the plate. the ruiz from his knees. it's in time. it's no hitter. unbelievable. ruiz and halladay embrace. and the phillies again celebrate around roy halladay. >> more reaction pouring in tonight. shane victorino tweeting about that night, one night i will never forget. the intensity he pitched with and carried to us victory all he did was compliment chooch on calling great game taking minimal credit. that's just who he was. charlie manuel saying, his stunned to silence my thoughts and hearts are with brandy and the boys rest in piece my friend. roy oswalt treat tweeting my heart is broken, great friend, teammate, father and husband one of the best teammates ever. you will be missed. and ryan howard such a sad day. we lost a great ball player but an even better human being.
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many prayers to brandy, ryan and braden. we will miss you roy. we have so much more for you on our website head to a look back at roy's career, more of his messages about the plane and so much more right now on our website. developing right now, pennsylvania state police corporal fighting for his life after a traffic stop turns violent. police say he was shot multiple times by a driver who he had stopped for speeding. the shooters also in the hospital after troopers shot back at him. let's get out to our dave schratwieser now live at the hospital the corporal is being treated tonight in bethlehem. dave. >> reporter: iain, as we go on the air here the suspect, 222-year-old man charged with attempted murder of a police officer aggravate assault, resisting arrest and escape all of that as the corporal the wounded corporal a 14 year veteran of the state police is in extremely critical condition in the icu. he was shot in the leg, the shoulder and the neck.
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>> right now our guy is up there fighting for his life. he is a wore your. >> reporter: words of optimism from the state police tuesday outside st. luke's hospital as the wounded corporal underwent surgery and battled to stay alive. following a gun fight with a suspect along busy route 33 in plainfield township during a routine car stop. >> there's an active shoot out on the highway. >> our trooper that was struck here at the scene was critically injured. he was struck several times. he was shot -- shot, um, three times. >> reporter: police say the corporal had pulled the suspect over for speeding. then suspected the man might be under the influence. he called for backup as troopers questioned the man and placed him under arrest. he began to fight them. >> the troopers were in a knock down, drag out fight along the side of the road with vehicles speeding by them, um, it got very very violent. >> reporter: at some point the suspect broke free, ran to his car and grabbed a gun. then started shooting. >> one of our troopers was
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struck several times. our troopers were able to return fire on the subject striking him multiple times as well. >> reporter: state police say the suspect drove off in blue upon yack sedan and ended up at easton hospital. his car's back window blown out. he was taken into custody with several gunshot wounds. he was not identified. >> i'm not going to answer any questions right now because i'm still trying to get more information myself. >> reporter: state police would not release further details about the shooting or the suspect. the corporal works out of state police barracks at belfast. >> he went through a heck of a fight out there along the side of the road, and he has the will to live and god willing he is going to pull through this. >> reporter: now, the state police say the arrest, the fight and the shooting when captured on video tape. they plan to hold news conference tomorrow morning at 10:00 to give us more details on the suspect. the shooting and the condition of the corporal still in in extremely critical condition tonight in the icu. iain? >> all right. dave, thank you.
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you decide tonight new jersey has a new governor and we have team could have ratch. fox 29 reporters fanned out covering the race that is matter to you. that's all next. you ca
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♪ polls have closed and the results are in after a big election day in our area. new jersey has new governor for the first time in eight years. tonight we have team coverage from the new jersey governor's race to philadelphia district attorney and of course a full list of all the winners online. here's a look at the new jersey governor's race result. phil murphy winning 56% to 42% over kim guadagno. our bruce gordon joins us now
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live in asbury park with phil murphy declared the winner of new jersey's governor's race. bruce. >> reporter: yeah, iain, quite a celebration here. no surprises. the 14-point margin as things now stand is every bit what folks here expected and certainly hoped for. phil murphy and his running mate lieutenant governor elect sheila oliver had led in all of polls from the start. behind me tammy murphy the governor elect's wife the next first lady of new jersey is up reffing up the crowd. we have heard from corey booker a little while ago. some of the campaign officials. this is a new day for democrats for the first time time in eight years they will will of the branches of government both chambers and the legislature and of course the governor's mansion. murphy and oliver hammered away during the campaign on the idea that the incumbent lieutenant governor kim guadagno was tied, linked to the now politically toxic incumbent governor chris
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christie. they hammered that theme. said it's now time for all of new jerseyans to be part of the economic recovery here. their slogan, we have your back and it looks like any second now tammy murphy is going to be introducing her best friend as she put it her husband the next governor of new jersey and here's phil murphy will be coming out on stage right here. [ applause ] here he is. [ applause ] murphy the 60-year-old former goldman sachs executive, former u.s. ambassador to germany during the first four years of the obama administration. there he is weighing through the crowd a bit of theatrics there. ♪
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>> celebration will continue there in asbury park. as bruce gordon is covering that race for us. phil murphy is the winner of the governor ship. meanwhile let's head to aberde aberdeen, new jersey, kim guadagno's team at their election head quarter where we find shawnette wilson tonight. shawnette? >> reporter: iain, it was really a stand up concession speech from kim guadagno, of course, her supporter doctors not take it well. many of them still gathered here tonight. she is in a middle of the crowd behind me but as we take look at video she walked out on stage, not before shaking hands with her supporters. she said she called phil murphy five minutes before she came out around 9:40 to concede. she told the room they may have lost the battle tonight but they will win in the long run and not to forget what they fought for, lower taxes and a safer new jersey.
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but she spent the first few minutes congratulating new jersey governor elect phil murphy. >> i call phil murphy and congratulated him on a fabulous race. >> boo! >> oh, stop. stop. it was a great race. we left no stone unturned. we left no stone unturned, and we would not have done anything differently. >> reporter: and again, guadagno of course at the end thanked all of her supporters she says for making millions of phone calls and doing tens of thousands of door knocks. still a lot of supporters hanging here tonight to say thank to you her. she reminded this crowd what they fought for lower taxes, a safer new jersey and she says they will continue that fight in a different role. iain? >> shawnette, thank you. the result are in tonight for philadelphia's district attorney. democrat larry krasner will be the city's next top prosecutor. let's get out to our jeff cole now from krasner's headquarters tonight in center city. jeff? >> reporter: iain, the city of
10:19 pm
philadelphia has not had a district attorney like larry krasner ever before. for 30 years, krasner has been a progressive civil rights attorney defending people arrested during the 2000 sand republican national convention in philadelphia. defending black lives matter. this is who he is, a pure liberal. he came on the stage tonight with his two sons and with his wife and mother-in-law to chants of larry, larry, larry! he says, this is a transformational movement in the district attorney's office. he says he is a mandate. he says he has brought new vot voters to philadelphia. listen to what larry krasner says he'll do in the district attorney's office in philadelphia. >> and this is a movement that is tired of seeing a system that systematically picked on poor people primarily black and brown people. [ applause ] >> this is a mandate for a
10:20 pm
movement that is loudly telling government what it wants and what it wants is criminal justice reform in ways that require transformation al change within the philadelphia district attorney's office. [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: now that is annie, i can have covered other district attorney's races in this city of philadelphia. i can tell you i have not heard those kinds of statements befo before. very interesting with what larry krasner wants to do with what is in essence the largest law firm in the city of philadelphia the district attorney' office. krasner wins tonight. coming up at 11:00 o'clock we'll hear more from him on the stage with him. no top police officials but the leaders of black lives matter was here. mayor kenney released a statement congratulating him. it's going to be an interesting time ahead with larry krasner as da. we'll be back at 11:00 o'clock. right now i'm jeff cole live in center city. iain, back to you. >> jeff, thank you.
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krasner beat republican beth grossman she talked to crowd of supporters moments ago at the united republican club on frankford avenue. >> i'm humbled and privileged first of all by the people of philadelphia who gave me the privilege of their vote. i cannot express it for those who crossed party lines and i cannot tell all of you how proud i am of the race that we all fought. >> grossman had been live long democrat until switching parties a few years ago. while campaigning she pledged to slash those high property taxes. you saw governor elect phil murphy making his way into bruce's live shot earlier. let's listen in now to some of his victory speech. >> -- sub bornly stalled and unfair and many, many others. today in resounding fashion they gave us their answer. [ applause ] >> a few moments ago i received
10:22 pm
a very gracious phone call from lieutenant governor gag danno congratulating us on our victo victory. [ applause ] >> i have known -- we have known kim for many years and we know her as a committed public servant. we wish her and her family nothing but the very best. >> you've license listening to governor elect phil murphy the governor elect of new jersey. well atlantic city now has a new mayor. democratic city council morning frank gilliam wins the election against the current mayor don guardian. guardian a used william of running a voter fraud operation. gilliam denied those claims for more election results head to our website at who are these guys? one thing is for sure. a penn grad student will not ever forget them. ♪
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a man killed two others hurt after a fire in wilmington, delaware. that fire did heavy damage and broke out before 9:00 this morning on norway avenue in richardson park and those who were rescued have critical injuries. investigators are now trying to figure out how this all started. our joyce evans reports. they were met with heavy fire conditions on the first floor. >> reporter: but there was no time to wait. they had to go inside. >> they found two subjects on the inside. when i pulled up there was one subject walking outside.
10:26 pm
>> reporter: five points fire chief mike testa said firefighters rescued the two who were trapped inside. three were transported. a relative who did not want to speak on camera told me her grandmother who uses a wheelchair and another relative along with a family friend were inside the home at the time of the fire. but that the owner of the house her mother was just arriving back in town at philadelphia international airport when she got the news. >> we had heavy hoarding conditions on the upper floors which made it difficult to operate. >> reporter: it was a lot of clutter he says making getting to the second floor a little bit of a challenge. atf arson investigators were on the scene going through the house and the delaware state fire marshal's office is heading up the investigation. the fire damage to the home on norway avenue is extensive. it's estimated to be at about $200,000. joyce evans, fox 29 news. still ahead, roy halladay
10:27 pm
was special. for so many reasons. remembering doc in just i saw the change in rich when we moved into the new house. but having his parents over was enlightening.
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♪ you don't like my lasagna? no, it's good. -hmm. -oh. huh. [ both laugh ] here, blow. blow on it. you see it, right? is there a draft in here? i'm telling you, it's so easy to get home insurance on progressive can't save you from becoming your parents. but we can save you money when you bundle home and auto.
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♪ fans and friends are heart broken over the loss of roy halladay. the sign at citizens bank park lit up tonight in tribute so many of us have great memories of him at that ballpark. from his perfect game at the beginning of the 2010 season to the no hitter in the divisional playoffs that year. he made it fun for the fans to watch. tom srendenschek you were there for lot of them. >> reporter: when he went to the mound, you felt good. unless you were the guy in the batter' box. he was big, mean, menacing. that 6-foot 6-inch frame then 6. he left you buckling under another filthy two seam fast ball. he came here in 2010 after the phillies had made two straight trips to the world series. they had a rotation that always already had cliff lee and cole hamels. but this was different. the doc had arrived. halladay immediately became the phillies staff ace. expectations were immense and he
10:31 pm
exceeded them. the phillies went 97 -- won 97 games that year. 102 the following year. but sadly roy halladay never made it to world series. and behind the glaring stair and blistering fast ball was a work ethic unparalelled in professional sports today. nobody and i mean nobody out work roy halladay. first guy to the ballpark, last to leave. and if you did beat him, it wouldn't happen again. heck his regimen the day after he pitched was more strenuous than the game itself. chase utley said it best tonig tonight. rip, doc but knowing you, rest is not in your vocabulary. 30 years i've covered sports in this town. mentioned worth ethic the first thing that comes to my mind is roy halladay. he pitched with passion, flu planes with passion and he lived his 40 years on this earth with a passion. we're lucky that he shared four of them with us. > we have so much more for you on our website tonight. head to for a look back at roy's career and more of his messages that's all at
10:32 pm pennsylvania state police corporal is fighting for his life after being shot during a traffic stop. authorities say the corporal pulled the driver over for speeding this morning in northampton county. police say the trooper suspected the driver could be under the influence and when he tried to arrest him, a fight broke out at some point the suspect broke away and shot the trooper three times. he was taken to a hospital for surgery and is in critical condition tonight. and right now the suspect is in custody. breaking news out of kensington right now that's where police say a man has died in a teenager is in critical condition after a shooting at front and lehigh. police say a 24-year-old man was driving with a 14-year-old boy when gunshots were heard around 8:30. the older victim then crashed right in front of the temple hospital. he didn't make it. the teen is now fighting for his life also at temple hospital. well tonight we're learning the texas church shooter once escaped from a mental institution. this is just one of the latest troubling things unfolding about
10:33 pm
the suspect behind sunday's deadly shooting at a small texas church that killed 26 people. fox correspondent matt fin has the story from sutherland springs. >> reporter: el paso police report states that texas church shooter escaped from new mexico mental health facility in 2012. police responded to a bus stop where a witness said the shooter was a danger to himself and planned to take bus out of sta state. police took him into custody. authorities also now confirm they have the shooter's cell phone but can't get into it. so it's being sent to quantico. the fbi also confirm the shooter was not in it's data basis the the shook stemmed from bass blood in the family, the shooter's estranged wife and her mother were not in the church on sunday. members of congress outraged the church shooter was able to buy guns after being discharged from the air force for beating his wife and cracking his stepson's skull. >> we have laws in the book that says if you're domestic abuser you're not supposed to own a
10:34 pm
gun. he was a domestic abuser. that's why we have all these questions with the air force right now. how did this slip through the cracks. president trump dismissed the idea of a strictor vetting for gun purchaser. >> there would have been no difference three days ago and you might not have had that very brave person who happened to have a gun or a rival in his truck go out and shoot him and hit him and neutralize him. and i can only say this. if he didn't have a gun instead of having 26 dead, have you had had hundreds more dead. >> reporter: 26 people including a mother and her unborn child gunned down in this picturesque white church. the neighbor being hailed as a hero for grabbing a arrival running bare foot to the church and shooting the suspect now speaking out. >> people of that church they're friends of mine and they're
10:35 pm
family. and every time i heard a shot i knew that that probably represented a life. >> reporter: pentagon official tells fox news the church shooter was in pretrial confine in many relation to beating his wife and stepchild when he did something to land himself in that medical health center. he was only there for a few days before he escaped. in souter land springs, texas, matt fin, fox 29 news. caught on camera, take look and see if you recognize these guys. philadelphia police say they beat and robbed a university of penn grad student over the weekend. the 26-year-old student was just walking on the 400 block of south 43 street around 11:00 sunday night when the guys attack. the victim now has serious head injuries including a fractured skull. developing to night a bizarre question as jurors deliberate the fate of a u.s. senator. today was the first full day of deliberations in the bribery case against new jersey senator bob menendez.
10:36 pm
during deliberations one juror had a strange question. asking the judge to read back the part of the closing argument by menendez's lawyer on the definition of a senator. the case wrapped up yesterday after nine weeks of testimony. juror doctors not hear from menendez or the florida eye doctor. the doctor -- senator accused of accepting gifts from the doctor in he can change for pressuring government officials to resolve a medicare dispute. another long-time new jersey lawmaker making news tonight. republican congressman frank lobiondo plans to retire at the end of his interpret. the south jersey lawmaker making his 12th term his last. in a statement he says, i am sincerely humbled by the trust and responsibility the voters placed in me and i am deeply appreciative of the the lifetime friendships i have made across the eight counties i represent. he is 71 years old. next, something is very wrong here. a guy dragged on the new york
10:37 pm
city subway. the person doing it very, very wrong. ♪
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10:40 pm
♪ here's crazy video of new york subway worker dragging a passenger on train that's going viral. claude harris recorded this after taking the g train to its final stop saturday night. the video shows the worker trying to wake a sleeping passenger by dragging him and kicking him. according to the new york daily news, metropolitan spokesman says the mow has been removed from service while the incident is under investigation. uber passenger shows off her slight of hand. watch this again. video catches a woman stealing tips from an unsuspecting driv driver. the woman grabs the tips and leaves them when she gets out of the car. so far no word on how much the woman left with or whether the driver got his money back. some animals in need will now be able to rest a little easier thanks donation from a local business. big barker dog beds out of king of prussia donating several premium beds to the spca of philadelphia. the beds will be used for neglected an bruised dogs as
10:41 pm
well as dogs recovering from surgery. slinky a pitbull mix who rescued yesterday was on hand to test out the beds and they met with his approval. >> where we have dogs that we seize from cruelty, we treat them in our surgery. they recover. but yet they're still tied up in court cases, so they can't go home and we can adopt them out and they're just stuck with us sometimes for months or years and so those animals have to live in these kennels noun they have some nice soft beds that are really going last long time and make their lives here a lot more comfortable. >> those beds valued between 100 and $200. guess some snow in the poconos. let's hope it stays there, kathy. >> less than an inch of snow but still was white and still accumulated. cold enough for snow to the north. but that precipitation is moving out. clearing skies and getting even colder. 20s in november? oh, yeah.
10:42 pm
♪weee! today's the day! wahoo! there's the second-most famous groundhog in pennsylvania. phew, am i late?! nah, just in time. nice. holiday scratch-offs from the pennsylvania lottery. aww. things just got very merry. keep on scratchin'!
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oh, yeah. no wonder. it was hidden behind all of my free weights. if you're not an expert, peco can help. we have lots of ways to help you save energy and money. peco. the future is on. ♪ >> looks like pennsylvania landing is already getting into the christmas spirit. getting ready for the holidays. winter fest enormou ooh ooh norp this morning. crews set the tree up around 7:30. it was brought in from penn tr
10:45 pm
trees in new ring gold pennsylvania. place where kids go to read, students study and many learn we're talking about libraries. but some are in need of help. our hank flynn went to trenton where the struggle is real. >> we could have main taped these libraries. >> yeah. >> you have to have somebody in leadership that wants to maintain the libraries. >> reporter: it's hank. i'm in trenton at the shuddered skeleton branch of the trenton free library system. new jerseyans have a chance to borough $125 million at the polls today. to resuscitate libraries like these my take is, it might be a little late for trenton. >> george mew shall trenton southward councilman interim mayor before current mayor jackson. when he left office he says there was money to reopen skeleton library. it didn't happen. >> that's correct. when i left, this was ready to go. >> right. >> open this library. ready to go. now, i have no idea. >> new jersey voters may approve
10:46 pm
are referendum to float $125 million bond that would bowie libraries across the garden state. trenton needed this in 2010 when they closed all but one library this was the east trenton branch built more than 200 years ago. it's historic but it ain't open. this is library on heritage avenue. book depository right now now it's a mailbox. got over to the briggs branch it's not even part of the library system any more. >> well in this branch we are a community center. we still have a library books and kids can still come into the center and still read the books and they can look at the books. they can do work. >> tow netta runs healthy choices that runs after school activities, career instruction and. you can't check out the books. they're there to be read if you want to visit. but that leaves one open library the one on academy street. voters approve the bond money for libraries, trenton can apply for and maybe get some. but that is when it will get sticky says councilman mew shall. >> somebody will have to be a
10:47 pm
watch dog and watch the money. it's all about honesty. >> trenton libraries shuttered in 2010 during don't knee mack's administration due to budget shortfall. the books are still there skeleton. i saw them threw the window and mew shall says in 2017 the city needs them more than ever. i agree. capitol city for heaven sakes. i'm hank and that's my take. ♪ >> check on your weather now. we take live look over wilmington. you can see some rain out there. earlier in the poconos even some snow. kathy orr tracking even colder weather in your forecast in just 15 seconds much >> lingering showers almost out of here. some drying conditions to the north and west and breaks in the overcast but some snow look at this heading through southern parts of new york, connecticut
10:48 pm
and heading out to sea. finally the cold air is locked in place to the north and west a few spotty showers in trenton and pemberton down swords shamong and moving offshore n old city philadelphia the roads are wet. there's a few spotty sprinkles out it's dam many and chilly. 42 in the city. on shore flow that northeasterly flow. the poconos still freezing at 32. so icy roads as you go up the northeast extension toward rout. elsewhere, temperatures pretty cold. that whole northern part of the country look at the cold getting down to dallas only 52. 29 in minneapolis. 29 in denver. salt lake 35 degrees. portland 45. so really the cut offs really san francisco through dallas and heading toward raleigh elsewhere you're in the 20s and the 30s. so that real cold air is finally unleashed and getting down toward us. we'll go hour by hour. clear the showers out overnight. cloudy skies for the early morning but with that northerly wind, some drier couldn't made
10:49 pm
january air moving n it will be chilly by the afternoon breaks in the clouds and just looking at dry conditions. overnight tonight, temperatures are not going to move all that much. maybe just a few degrees. it's going to be cool and damp. cold in the poconos 27. 34 in pottstown. 33 degrees in allentown. 34 in reading and lancaster. wilmington at 39. 40 in millville. a philly start to the day and damp tomorrow morning. by the afternoon we only jump up about 10 degrees. much cooler than yesterday for sure. 53 in philadelphia. 54 in millville. poconos only getting up to 46. we should be around 60 degrees for this time of year. so it's kind of the extreme so far this month. thursday 56. look at friday the high only 44. the morning low saturday 29. a freeze is coming. sunday the high 51. chance of a shower. morning shower monday. tuesday 55. sunshine and cool. but look at those numbers. remember yesterday i said that's the last time we'll be seeing tent for awhile. it's going to be long while.
10:50 pm
we'll zen it over to you. >> roy halladay was great baseball player but even more his character is how he's being remember. coming up a look back at his career and the impact he had on so many. that's next. ♪ >> now with tomorrow's traffic here's bob kelly. good evening, everybody. get ready for another shut down all this week of schuylkill expressway on the overnight. so all eastbound lanes will be closed from 9:00 o'clock in the evening till about 5:00 o'clock the following morning right at 30th street station. you can jump off and go around 30th street or use the vine expressway to gain access to center city. one other twist here is that the schuylkill avenue is closed between market and chestnut that's the stretch right there in front of what would be the old post office so a lot of
10:51 pm
gridlock around 30th street station. 24/7 because of this new closure and they're still working over in brooklawn. emergency construction southbound route 130 between the circle and browning road. we'll check the jam cams. sue has the forecast. we'll see you bright and before we start, i just want to say if anyone still doesn't have fios, please stay out of the way so your lag doesn't get us all killed, ben talking about you, ben. i know, zoe. what's so good about fios anyway? uh. what's so great about a 100% fiber-optic network that makes your gaming system actually work awesomely? hey. did you take out the trash? haha, garbage boy! dad, i already took out ben. it's not funny. gaming is best on a 100% fiber-optic network. so get fios. now, just $79.99 per month with a 2-year price guarantee.
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roy halladay died this afternoon plane crash off the coast of florida. halladay is being remembered as more than just a great baseball player but as great man. halladay is a two time cy young young award. eight time all star non one in philly can forget his perfect ten in 2010 and no hitter. no one worked harder than holiday. no one had his presence on the mound and this is what the phillies family is remembering tonight. >> baseball is, you know, it can be a long grueling season but when you had roy halladay on the mound you didn't miss an inning, you didn't miss a pitch. you were watching every moment i know those are the moments, you know when you're playing this game, upping, louing up into the
10:55 pm
stands and there are people there to watch you. watch you perform. and i was one of those people. obviously had a closer seat and got to kind of talk to him a little bit in between innings but i was there to watch him perform. >> halladay had a passion for flying. he took it up after he retired in 2013. he often posted photos of the clouds or the sky saying he pinched himself forgetting to do this. but a haunting look at this video provided by icon the same plain he crashed earlier this afternoon. the phillies family and players from the league also took to twitter to share their sentiments. cameron rupp tweet the quote roy halladay one of the greatest to put on baseball uniform. my prayers are with his family so sad to see him go. you're the man doc. pedro martinez said i can't believe it so many times we competed against each other even while competing i wanted to see you. my condolences to his family. and charlie manuel, said i'm stunned to silence over the news of roy halladay.
10:56 pm
my thoughts and heart are with brandy and the boys. rest in piece my friend. one of the most touching tributes today came from chase utley and i want to read it to you in full. "my heart hurts writing this i can still remember the first day we met. it was 5:45am on the first day of spring training when i arrived. he was finishing his breakfast but his clothes were soaking wet. i asked him if it was raining when he got in. he laughed and said, no, i just finished my workout. i knew right then he was the real deal. thank you roy for allowing us to witness what it takes to be the best. we will all miss you. >> hmm. >> we all will, too. just amazing how many tributes pour in from teammates and family and friends what he meant to them. >> the legacy he's leaving behind isn't just one of a great player. >> exactly. >> but a great man. a great husband. a great father. >> yup exactly. he will be missed. he is certainly gone too soon. pass our condolences on to the family as well. that will do it for us here at 10:00.
10:57 pm
we'll see you just a few minutes at 11:00 don't forget your mega millions lot will he drawing is up next. stay right where you are. we'll see in you just a few. i saw the change in rich when we moved into the new house. but having his parents over was enlightening. ♪ you don't like my lasagna? no, it's good. -hmm. -oh.
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