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tv   FOX 29 News at 11  FOX  November 8, 2017 3:30am-4:00am EST

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♪ >> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 11:00. >> a perfect game. roy halladay has thrown the second perfect game in philadelphia phillies history. ♪ right now philadelphia fans, >> he was one in a million. it is a true loss for us. >> beloved former phillies ace killed in a plane crash. roy halladay died doing something he loved flying but the question tonight, what went wrong? fox 29 news at 11:00. tributes are pouring in tonight for legend roy halladay. this billboard lit up at citizens bank park to honor the life of the eight time all star and right now federal aviation investigators are looking into
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why that plane went down. thanks for joining us. i'm iain page. tonight we got lot to talk about from the election day results to the shooting of a pennsylvania state trooper and a local baseball legend gone too soon. we are covering it all. our chris o'connell has more from citizens bank park with how fans are remembering roy halladay. >> i'm just blown away. >> a perfect game. >> reporter: from perfect game and a no hitter in the same season roy halladay gave philadelphia phillies fans some of the most memorable highlights in recent history. tonight they're mourning the loss of the future hall of fam famer. >> i'm seriously saddened to that have guy i think on our team for the time that we had him it was a pure blessing. >> reporter: pasco county sheriff said halladay's brand new icon a5 am fib wuss sport plane went down in the gulf of mexico north of clearwater just afternoon. he was the only one board as good as he was as baseball
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player, he was perhaps even a better person. halladay's generosity continued by coaching and mentoring even donated a k9 sheriff's deputy appropriately named doc. >> he was part of our sheriff's office. his kids went to school with some of our kids. he was there whenever we needed him. he was probably one of the most humble human beings you'll ever meet. >> reporter: after baseball, flying became halladay's passion. he had just taken delivery of his icon a5 last month. tweeting quote can't begin to explain all the breath taking views. >> my heart breaks for the family, for the phillies, for everyone. i mean, it's just a horrible news. >> reporter: you see the memorial live outside of citizens bank park tonight. now some players have played their entire careers here in philadelphia and have not had the impact roy halladay had here, iain.
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in just the four seasons he was here. i was actually standing here at this very spot october 2010 against cincinnati when he pitched that no hitter during the post season electric just one of many memories phillies fans will have as we memorialize doc halladay. iain? in absolutely, chris. gone too soon. thank you. developing now, a 22-year-old suspect has been charged in the shooting of a pennsylvania state police corporal. he's been charged with attempted murder of a police officer. aggravated assault, resisting arrest and a escape this morning's shooting in northampton county. 14 year veteran of the state police in extremely critical condition at st. luke's hospital in bethlehem with gunshot wounds to the neck, shoulder and leg. dave schratwieser has more. has the will to live and god willing he'll pull through this. >> reporter: optimism from the
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state police outside st. luke's hospital as the wounded corporal battled to stay alive after a gun fight with suspect along busy route 33 in plainfield township during a routine car stop. >> there's an active shoot out on the highway. >> he was struck several times. he was shot, um, three times i believe he was hit. >> reporter: police say the corporal had pulled the suspect over for speeding. then suspected the man might be under the influence. so he called for backup. as troopers questioned the man and placed him under arrest, he started to fight with them. >> the troopers were in a knock down, drag out fight along the side of the road with vehicles speeding by them, um, it got very very violent. >> reporter: suspect broke free and ran to his car, he grabbed a gun and started shooting. >> one of our troopers was struck several times. our troopers were able to return fire on the subject striking him multiple times as well. >> reporter: the suspect drove off in a blue pontiac sedan and
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end upped at easton hospital. he was arrested with several gunshot shot wounds and not identified by police good i'm not going to answer any questions right in you i'm trying to to get information myself. >> troopers are playing for the corporal recovery he work out the state barrack at belfast. >> our guy is up that fighting for his life. he's a warrior. >> reporter: state police say the arrest, the fight and the shooting was captured on video tape. they expect to update the corporal's condition the suspect and the shooting details at a press conference wednesday morning at 10:00 o'clock. at st. luke's hospital in bethlehem, dave schratwieser, fox 29 news. ♪ new jersey has a new governor. democrat phil murphy beat rep dan kim guadagno tonight we have team coverage with bruce gordon and shawnette wilson at candidates election headquarters. let's start tonight with bruce whose at the phil murphy's election headquarters in asbury
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park. bruce? >> reporter: iain, welcome to asbury park as the boss would say.& we heard plenty of bruce springsteen music tonight plenty of john bon jovi as well. a cold rain was pourin pouring. side it did not dampen the enthusiasm of the crowd here for phil murphy. the 60-year-old former financial guru former us diplomat with no elected office experience now becomes new jersey's 56th governor. wading into the crowd tonight he told these supporters, these friends and fans and family members that this will be an inclusive administration. no one will be left behind. he said i will have your back and promise to build a new jersey economy that works for everyone in the garden state. let's take a listen. >> it won't be easy and it certainly won't be overnight. but let there be no doubt, sta starting here, starting now and starting with us, new jersey is coming back!
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[ applause ] >> reporter: big crowd for phil murphy the 60-year-old again no elected experience prior to this. it's a big job as chris christie found out wildly popular in his first term. virtually run out of the trenton these days. the democrats now control for the first time in eight years the governor's mansion in both chambers of the legislation if things go well they'll get the credit f this economy fails to deliver, voters will know who to blame. shawnette wilson in our burrow with the guadagno camp tonight. no surprise shawnette. but obviously some disappointment there. >> reporter: certainly disappointment here, bruce. kim guadagno came out and gave a stand-up concession speech. her supporters as you can imagine did not take it well. she actually came out on the stage around 9:40 tonight telling her supporters she had just called phil murphy five minutes before to congratulate him. her supporters here in the room
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booed and they continued to boo and she actually told them to stop and said they would also congratulate him as well. she said she is proud of the race they ran. she said she wouldn't do anything differently. they left no stone unturned. and to never forget what they fought for. >> we were fighting for our families and we will continue that fight for lower taxes an safe new jersey. this is not the end. this is the beginning of a good fight. we will keep up that fight! we may have lost the battle but we will win this war in the long run. >> and of course she thanked her supporters who she says made a million phone calls and tens of thousands of door knocks for her campaign. iain? >> all right, shawnette, thank you. another long-time new jersey lawmaker making news tonight republican congressman lobiondo plans to retire at the epidemic of his term. his 12th term his last. he says, i am sincerely humbled
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by the trust and responsibility the voters placed in me and i am deeply appreciative of the lifetime friendships i've made across the eight counties i represent. lobiondo is now 71 years old. coming up in just four minutes, we have the results in tonight' race for philadelphia's new district attorney. police are tired of seeing this man get away with cash. they say he's robbed several local banks and now they want to find him. and there could be payout if you know anything about it. >> kathy? >> in weather we're tracking a few lingering showers iain. check it out you can see showers down the shore and some snow exiting east. we'll talk about the big cool down ready for the 20s? it's in the seven day coming up. >> all right, kathy, thanks. get excited for holidays historic theater in bucks county will screen a dozen class christmas movies. the newtown theater annual film series kicks off december 10th with showing of elf. the event ends on christmas eve with a screening of the polar
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express. ♪
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♪ philadelphia has selected its new district attorney democrat larry krasner has defeated republican beth grossman to be philly's top prosecutor. let's get out to jeff cole from krasner's headquarters tonight in center city. jeff? >> reporter: iain, the party is over here at krasner campaign headquarters but you know what, the sign is still up. the nice folks with the campaign agreed actually keep the sign up as we talk to you tonight. i cannot remember da candidate -- da elect spoken the way larry krasner has tonight. 30 year civil rights attorney who argues black and brown people in philadelphia have in essence been victimized by the criminal justice system. he says he has a mandate. he says he is brought new voters to the polls and he expects to move forward with what he calls transformation al change in the da' office. let's listen to him lay out his agenda tonight in his victory speech. >> if you like us believe it's time to end the death penalty -- [ applause ]
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>> if you believe it's time to end mass incarceration. [ applause ] >> if you believe it's time to stop making prisoners for poor people by using cash bail. [ applause ] >> reporter: three big issues that larry krasner campaigned on. they have worked for him. he has been elected district attorney tonight. now about 600 people or so that work in the da's officer it looks like mr. krasner wants to do some hiring. he said tonight there are good people there but there are good people outside the office as well and seems to want some resumes. larry krasner elected democrat da to the city of philadelphia. live in center city, i'm jeff cole fox 29 news. iain, back to you. >> all right, jeff, thank you. one person is dead and two others now in critical condition after a house fire in wilmingt wilmington, delaware, firefighters rescued two people trapped inside the home on
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norway avenue this morning. authorities say a third person got out on their own. all the victims were taken to hospital for burns and smoke inhalation. fire chief mike testa says hoarding conditions posed a problem in their effort. >> they were met with heavy fire conditions on the floor and subject -- they found two subjects on the inside. when i pulled up there was one subject walking outside. crews on the second floor. we had heavy hoarding conditions the upper floors when which made it difficult to operate. >> right now it's not clear how that fire started. arson investigators were on the scene. the delaware state fire marshal's office is leading the investigation into why that fire started. they estimate the damage to be about $200,000. philadelphia police are looking for two men they say beat and robbed a university of penn grad student. take look and see if you recognize these guys. police say a 26-year-old student was walking on the four hadn't dread block of south 43rd street around 11:00 sunday night
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when the guys attack. surveillance cameras caught them later at a convenience store. the victim had some serious head injuries including a fractured skull. a new reward night to help catch a serial bank robber in philadelphia. the fbi and police believe this guy is behind five robberies in just three weeks. the most recent just yesterday at a pnc on the 2400 block of welsh road in all of the incidents he either had a gun or referenced he had gun and demand note. citizens crime commission of philadelphia has is offering $10,000 reward for any information leading to his arrest. in your money tonight, it looks like you might not be fighting too many crowds on black friday this year. new report shows shoppers are kind of over it. consulting service pwc35% of shoppers intended to most of their shopping on black friday down from 59% in 2015. retail less are planning to roll outdoor busters earlier this
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season but made one time busiest shopping day of the year less of a draw. check this out. that's snow. that's snow in the poconos. all right. this is look at our camelback mountain camera, yes, this is from today. hard to believe the weekend we had temperatures in the 70s. kathy it's going to get even colder this week. >> iain, yesterday was 70. >> i know. >> a little cloudy. it wasn't the perfect day but yesterday -- last week we were pushing 80s. ultimate doppler shows the rain exiting and still a little white moving into connecticut and into massachusetts. that's the snow that was in the mountains in the poconos. we'll be drying it out tonight. temperatures falling. still we're seeing wet roads lingering drizzle in old city philadelphia. right now temperatures have cooled down. allentown 40. mount pock know 32. philadelphia 42. we'll be very close to that overnight tonight. look at the nation as a whole. whole northern half from east to west is cold. 42 in philadelphia. 33 in chicago. rapid city 16. denver 29. salt lake 34.
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look at dallas only 52. and florida in the 70s. so a lot of cool air spread around the whole northern part of the nation. hour by hour overnight cloudy skies. northeasterly winds. we slowly clear it out from north to south during the day tomorrow. poconos seeing a good deal of sun. northern and western suburbs still some clouds late in the day heading down the shore in our delaware beaches. now overnight tonight, clouds, a little bit damp, but cold. as we clear it out in the poconos temperatures fall. 27 icy roads up that northeast extension in the poconos where we see temperatures at or below freezing. allentown 33. pottstown 34. philadelphia 41. wildwood 43. during the day tomorrow not jumping up all that much. maybe 10 degrees if we're lucky. 52 in philadelphia. 50 in pottstown. 54 in millville. 45 in the poconos. we should be at about 60 degrees. so we've gone from a month well above normal in october to kind of half and half so far in
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november. take look at your seven day forecast from the weather authority. thursday 56. sunny but cold friday. saturday morning this is the killer iain. it's 29 in philadelphia. so the suburbs could be in the lower to mid 20s. that is a hard freeze, guys. we have the walk to end alzheimer's that's on saturday in philadelphia at citizens bank park. so bundle up for that. sunday afternoon shower. am shower monday. and sunny and cool 55 by tuesda but these are the types of mornings where if you have any lingering precipitation and those temperatures are borderline freezing, we have to start worrying about freezing drizzle, a little bit of sleet, so it's tis the season. [ laughter ] >> all right. kathy, thanks. kristen what's coming up -- >> thanks iain. >> what's uming up in sports. >> heartbreak to go see roy holiday go but the outpour of support has been incredible. our sports director tom srendenschek shares his memories and final thoughts on the
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♪ tom srendenschek takes on the legacy and impact that roy halladay had on the phillies.
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his commentary in 15 seconds. ♪ as we end tonight and look back on what great player and man roy halladay was, our sports director tom srendenschek shares his final thoughts on halladay and one word that was really symbolic of him passion. >> when he went to the mound, you felt good. unless you were the guy in the batter's box. he was big, mean, menacing. that 6-foot 6-inch frame then it was 60 feet 6-inch from you he left you buckling under another filthy two seam fast ball. he came here in 2010 after the phillies had made two straight trips to the world series. they had a rotation that already had cliff lee and cole hamels.
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but this was different. the doc had arrived. halladay immediately became the phillies staff ace. expectations were immense and he exceeded them. the phillies won 97 games that year, 102 the following we're year but sadly roy never made to world series behind the glaring stair and blistering fast ball was a work ethic unparalelled in professional sports today. nobody and i mean nobody out work roy halladay. first guy to the ballpark, last to leave if you did beat him, it wouldn't happen again. heck his regimen the day after he pitched was more strenuous than the game itself. chase the said it best tonight rip, doc but knowing you, rest is not in your vocabulary. 30 years i've covered sports in this town. mentioned work ethic and the first thing that comes to my mind is roy halladay many he pitched with a passion. flu planes with a passion and he lived his 40 years on this earth with a passion. we're lucky that he shared four of them with us.
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>> starbucks is getting into the bakery business. the coffee giant going to open stand alone italian bakeries in new york, seattle and chicago the company is teaming up with chain of 24 hour bakeries in milan and london. so the stores are going to offer you faux coccia sandwich and marguerita pizza and tear rah my sue if you like kathy does. the first locate opened in seattle today. starbucks is opening to open some of those bakeries across the country next year. >> interesting. >> i know. >> i don't love their snacks. >> i think they should just stick to coffee. >> we'll see how that roles. >> exactly. >> see how it rolls. [ laughter ] >> brilliant or it's late. one or the other. >> right j. >> all right. stay tuned up next tmz followed boy page six at midnight then it's "the q". kyw-3 it up at 12:30 and follow that up by the simpsons. we of course are back here at 4:00 a.m. for "good day philadelphia". sue sr. yo and bob kelly have your weather and traffic covered all morning long.
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thanks for watching. have a great
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>> from the fox 29 studios this is "good day philadelphia". happening right now on good day philadelphia remembering roy halladay, the phillies great dies after his plane crashes. his teammates and fans remember hug life and legacy. >> pennsylvania state trooper fighting for his life after a traffic stop turns violent, the latest on his condition coming up. >> new jersey voters elect new governor, ahead the man who will be leading the garden state as well as some of the other big winners from election night. >> all right, good morning, it is really busy morning, thank you for wacking up early and joining us, i'm karen hepp. >> i'm thomas drayton. let's get a check on the roads and the weather, down right chill think morning, bob, good morning to you, sue serio? >> it is a little chill think morning. >> right? you will have to get used to it, because i have only chilly temperatures in the seven day
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forecast, over yes. so bundle up. we've got a -- yesterday's five. i meant to put seven out of ten today. that is little better because we don't have the rain. it is getting out of here. temperatures are in the 30's, 40's, bus stop buddy, he's got the mittens on at the bus stop because you'll need them. see couple of left over showers thereon ultimate doppler radar, little green showing up, most just reflection of cloud cover. but, temperatures are in the 30's to the north of philadelphia. thirty-two in mount pocono. good morning, reading, you're at 39. 43 degrees in wildwood. and 41 her here in philadelphia. with a bit of a breeze out of the north at 12 miles an hour. so, plan on few showers, maybe left over this morning, still, very chilly, mix of sun and clouds throughout the day, cool afternoon, and high of 52 . we're still getting used to the early sunset, bob kelly, 4:51 p.m. >> yes, early sunset yesterday and rain so rough go last
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night on the way home. good morning, everybody, starting off westbound schuylkill expressway, down to one lane right here at south street. all part of the overnight construction, they're still working eastbound, all lanes are closed, at 30th street. most folks are just using the vine street expressway to get around t here is a example montgomery county, 202 at county line road. roads are still damp. the leaves are wet. and that's causing for some slippery spots in the neighborhoods. otherwise mass transit looking good. mike, karen, back to you. >> time now 4:00. hearts are certainly heff think morning with the news of the passing of roy halladay. >> the love, former phillie pitcher died something he also loved, flying. it was the only person on the single engine plane whether it crashed into the shallow waters off clearwater. investigators say no reports of any problems or may day call from halladay. officials who returned to the scene new him, and say,'s going to be missed. >> i have no doubt he is looking down with god up in


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