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tv   Chasing News  FOX  November 9, 2017 3:00am-3:30am EST

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bill: a local high school football coach is in trouble. he is pushing his players past the point. and reprimanding them for saying they are in pain and taking themselves out of practice. some of us may call that coaching. we have that story and jobs, job, jobs. a new governor en new jersey hundreds are lining up with the resume hoping to get that latest job on expense of a taxpayer. am bill spadea, this is chasing
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news. new jersey has a new governor, murphy got leaked beating lieutenant governor kim guadagno and how the question what is happens in new jersey? all kinds of issues from new jersey transit to taxes to immigration, what is going to happen next? diana has the full story. reporter: it took less in this aenmen after polls closed in new jersey before murphy was declare the winner of the governor's race. they also take control of the state legislature and even gaining some new with uplook the ones seen in monmouth county where democrat bet out incumbent state senator. democrats say they stirred a as warning to president trump and listen to what governor elect murphy said in the acceptance speech. >> we will stand firm for new jersey's values. and push back against the mean
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winds blowing at us from washington, d.c. he served in lem lay ture for nearly 40 year and decided not reason for re-election after unsuccessful bid for governor. but he is still all smiles and caught up with him here at the club. the republican party in nothing, is going to do a lot of thinking about where they are going in the ture. maybe i can get them to override some of the christie's or my bills. i am going to ask him coming up tomorrow. >> new jersey is now one of seven states across the nation where democrats controlled the executives and the legislative branches and murphy bet out opponent republican kim guadagno by 13 points. democrats are won in virginia, where ralph bam the first governance in snicker where mayor bill de blasio see cored a
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second term. i am diana reporting for chasing news. bill: thanks, dy and. a all right. let's bring in an expert. he know his stuff on the loss and the winning side. he is a pollster for president donald trump. welcome to chasing news. how are you? >> great to be back here, bill. thanks for having me. >> all right. i will ask you the polls were all over the machine on this one. it does seem the toughest polls. you called this one right as far as the statewide election. the margin between our newly elected governor and kim guadagno. how did murphy win? >> le, he won by turning out his democratic space and he won by the fact that a lot of republican counties and republican towns did not turn out large numbers, and you know, the speculation is going to be why that is. some people are going to blame governor crest ty. i don't. some people will blame president trump. i don't. >> is the republican party end new jersey dead if. >> not at all. the pendulum swings both way, by
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friends he has the sen gu lar ability to u that the republican party. let's see what hp peps in next couple of years. >> well cheek in with you soon. >> all right. are let's bring in the a plus panel to break this down. am joined by political strategist. good you have, bill. a long introduction here with all of you here. janette huffman is back, greet you have. bob former prosecutor and a columnist for law let me start with you. you are the lope reb cap here. >> i know, lucky. >> it was, you know, a bit of a wipeout i would say across the board and mayor and right down the line. >> well, i think a lot of republicans here in new jersey kind of thought this one out and they had eight years of chris christie and a lot of people burned out on that and the republican plan brand is not popular now. >> bob, were you there as murphy
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took the stage and did a little dance oar jump for something. you were downright giddy on twitter. the stocks, the whole thing. every time i wear them. the governor gets elected. i am glad i was from. it was great great energy, positive messaging, then, this guy came from nothing in his i love and it can ex steid high levels brain, went out there for the last minute. so, this sounds like a campaign commercial for the re-election but is this, does this look to you look though second term of jon corzine. john corzine is there and out there phonesly doing the same job for murphy. the guy campaigned on high taxes. >> listen. the democratic party in the state is filled with a bunch of folks who have been veterans in the party and then some nu comers. you will see this administration be a blend of that. there is god talent on the benches that he going in to this administration. the new folks coming up and bob is an example the excitement the democratic party now. viz a new governor coming in. we all are.
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are you excited. you got guy campaigning on high taxes. you spend more than $20 million to get that. he with are not going to pay another promises. i don't say bought the election. i vote for murphy. am happy he won. think the is capable. i city this he has good ideas. more than any thing else, i excised when i see friends, family, community members come out to vote and i did see people sharing their vote being proud of having voted and think that is important. >> the good news today, legislative leadership. right. >> and the senate president is sworn in tomorrow. there is worrying going on onioned's assembly speakership. they are going to come to a compromise on what needs to get done. >> four years in a wake-up. we'll see. thank, guys. >> job for our guys. governors coming in new jersey after big win. phil murphy now has to put together his administration. lit are lay couple dozen cabinet posts and hundreds of public jobs available. allison has the story.
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allison? reporter: that is right, bill. toss up the resumes, people. they are hiring with democrat phil murphy's victory over kim guadagno comes jobs and lots of them. put together a transition team to prepare him for the takeover mid january. he announced wednesday that jose will be the transitioning ex tef director. he cup reportedly works at hackensack health as chief of staff and vice president. this is now the first rodeo as he severed on governor john core zone's transition team. over the next two months, he will have to hire 24 cabinet members in hundreds of staffer and will have to overseas the deps look the health department and the transportation department. staffers in include positions like members of the press office as well as deputy and lower level jobs s. so, who will get these positions? the test about person for the job or murphy's friends. i hope he picks the most qualified. obviously, you loyal to him and
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see the world view. i hope that they keep in mind, that they reason on a platform to change the state of new jersey and i hope they are able to go exclues ofly on that. >> this is murphy's first elegged position. i am allison reporting for chasing news. thank you, allison. >> all right. let's bring back the a plus panel. what do you think i it hath to be cynical. it seems to me you will have them on both sides of the aisle. we fought you. you know what? we could use paycheck. that is the wait goes, though. isn't it? isn't that the entire point of electing someone. you troy get close to person then they hope you can win. you throw your hat in the renning. >> it was always about jobs but back in the day, the governor tried to with the highest level jobs. the attorney general, prosecutor, judges pecks the best. there's thousands of jobs they could give to other people. we have seen in my opinion respectfully, people that are with all do respects, getting the high level policy jobs and ultimately they embarrassed the governor when they made it.
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>> that is interesting point. go back to this mcgreevey the appointments he made. christie the hacks. i think that is a challenge. peg, willing for murphy who doesn't have government experience. governor he wering a state like north carolina. you need to look at people who are expert teased in different subject areas and not just the campaign staff. going to goffering two different things. >> you ask the experts in where we're as a state. we're going break now for the better part of the last 25 years is it time for real fresh blood getting in there. >> to some extent. it is enat hack. i will say this. campaign is a def ren experience than running the gom. but you are operating in a political environment then if you don't have some experience, understanding how the people get elect and not able to pan am the government well. there is some blen between governments and poll techs but murphy going to pick people on a
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bipartisan basis and pick people to a different geography. >> hire a couple of math teachers that will help reconcile the $1. 3 million to the 15 billion. >> treasury department. you don't want those folks in the communication cold. >> good luck to all of you? all right. >> thank you. >> right. >> thanks. let's check win dan zarrow with your freezing forecast. dan? what do you got for us. meteorologist: the count jun is on for the first optic cold front of the season and as i have been telling all week. the conditions are going to feel look the dead of winter here in mid-november. here's the setup. cold front rifes point did a. that is the day we're watching for the work. not going to be cold buttette is going to be windy. that is 30 miles per hour. you knee adds an extra bite to the cold air and blusty as well as frigid. let's put numbers on the forecast. tonight, it well be fine. low temperatures around 40 degrees and need a jacket for thursday morning and going to bite. thursday during the day, also looks fine.
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highs, mid to upper 0's and typical this time of year. we should see plenty of sunshine and we'll stay dry. the cold front arrives thursday night and then, again, friday. you will feelhism the thermometer only reaches the mid to upper 30's point day. that doesn't tell the whole story them windchill or feels-like temperature will be stuck in the lower to mid 20's at best all day try dy and really have to been dell up and the winter coat, hat, glove, the scarf, too. i am meteorologist dan zarrow. >> coming up on chasing news, a local high school football coach fired for what some are saying is pushing the kids past the point of exhaustion and reprimanding them for talking themselves out of rack is because they were in pain. some of us
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>> welcome back to chase news. am bill spadea. wait until you har this story. it is about a high school football coach fired. it is a story and cost him his job. all right. let's bring end our sports reporter. gorming? reporter: bill, after 20 year, four sectional tight, the head coach is out at the high school. the board of education deeping thecision this week in a five-page statement. evidence gathered from the sr. fay and interviews given to 47 of the 55 players on the roster. the investigation started back in october be a some parents complained about safety issues.
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now, as to this survey, here are things you were concerned about. they wanted to know did coaches every use foul language. the coach ever grab a face mask in an inappropriate way, were any players ever made to cry? now, i covered high school football for the better part of 20 years and tell that you foul language is just part of the culture. players, coach, games, practices and it is just the wait is. now, re, discipline first and also to help the player's condition so it is punishment with a purpose. pan ny playlay years current and former and plus par parents defended the coach to no afill and reached out to the high schools athletic department today and my calls were not returned. the hill bellies have won four straight again. they gat play juf game on thursday night at home against central. i am george for chasing news. bill, let's git back to you. >> all right. >> it seems look a lot of sides
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to this issue. let's bring in the a plus pag. always god to see you. bob and jennette hoffman and bill caruso. bill, let's start with you. did you play high school football? >> i did. >> dy not. my son plays football. i think we're raising a general racial of a womens what do you say? >> players them selfs were surveyed and had problem here. so the school has to address it. they have to do something here. >> fear the guy? >> he think i am at a point. kind of oversea things and maybe report back. you cannot really help from this report whether he is just pushing them a little too hard and a little too women pi or just unsafe ap being abuse. >> i do you think we have gone down that road let ally or gone down the road of overprotect the kids to shelter them toll the poe point we have a crisis. the think the time can shell are your kids is when it is a choice between physically protect them and not. the time to make them tough enough is when they have a math
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test. >> obviously. >> i kind of have to agree with you on something on this show. >> i know. you are right. we don't have kids with skills any more. we don't know the fact. you will gl to their world. you will be a big buy and big girl and compete with people. it really worries me that we are, we are lowering the expectations. ebb gets a trophy. everybody is working. >> they signed up to play football. >> right. they dent play for chess club. you know? >> look. if you want top play football. going to be tough. you got to band together as team. you have to train. you have to compete. i mean, you got to sign up for it. >> but the problem is, when you teach kids they are not empowered to advocate for sem eves an dry draw the loons when things become too much for them and they are faced with somebody who may be abuse of authority gure. where does it get it. >> boeing a coach. >> yeah. what you are saying here, though. there seems to be a balance. right. if the team is purchase the team
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combined them together and says there is a problem. you have to listen. with that said, bill and bob wherein are both right. we need have some chal leps that these kids are able to overcome and being forced to overcome. >> i think more students owing to be listening rather than talking some of well, yeah. we lost our balance. yeah. well yeah. >> i am out of time. when you saw the kid doing somethinged about and you got know the parent knew why. thanks, guys. >> new jersey has new governor. his name is murphy. if you listen to the campaign in the speech last night. he has an awful lot of priorities including raising taxes and other things. within with thing we don't hear a lot about other than the general discuffings infratires the transit and the computer tell that new jerseyans go through all the time. i want to bring in somebody that has been a hawk on this another past couple of years. d.c. and station manager for wwwor my 9 in see cau caucus.
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dow ape, welcome. how are you? >> hi, bill. how are you? >> so i got ask you. if you had just let's say three minutes with the new governor. what would you talk to him about as far as nj tran. i would tell hem the same thing told kim when i spoke to the lieutenant governor all along. that's the system is a mess. it is not going to get fixed by band-aiding over it. ette i needs to be cleaned up from top bottom. we have to start with firing the executive director of new jersey transit. steve san to rowe getting rid of the board of new jersey transit and putting computers on the board because throws the only people that understand what we're going through. am wearing this scarf, bill, well, because i predict, it is going to be ang lo cold wen ter for new jersey transit computers even though murphies promising and he did promise in all fairness to give it priority. needs to dive right in. this is a situation that is critical and means so much to so many hundred of thousands of
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people every day. >> did it concern you? it concerned me. i have not heard him my or thigh year and i have not heard him talk about it. any major addresses other than vague generalities like let's fix. we had governor after governor saying we got to fict. then nothing gets done. people are lipe up for jobs and the machine is in high gear. and the guy still has 70 days before he takes off. that's the problem. this is a pat drainage mill for so many years and really up to mr. mr foy sit down and to feg gur out who best to lead. i think the real issue here is that, that this traditionally is jersey transit has had a transportation 2:00 en charge and in the case it has not worked and i think, it would be hoof him to look outside of transportation. look outside of that entire field. big ideas and passion about how to create not just a new mass
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transit testimony but a new environment to for mass transit in the region. >> ok. thanks. all right. let me bring back the a plus panel. it seems to me the idea, it is a great hashtag. i love the hashtag. the reality is so many, so many donors and so many people now say we helped you great. fresh local donors to democratic operatives to hillary clinton taking credit and everybody waps a job and how's the new governor going to actually be able to fire people without political repercussions? >> well, i think, there is always repercussions that our elected officials look at org anything zas like new jersey transit you know, look department of edition, like machine think things in new jersey and say their first is to do a god job. if that means getting rid of that at the top. if than the masses delving in seeing what it could be done. they have to do it. >> you have return ifs well, it does. >> well, does it both are you
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your tabi seems to lack courage. >> is father is dorm race. >> even for you but nevertheless agree we need integrity and en courage and leadership. that means you only serve one term then so be it. s' get back to the basics of good government. i like the premise to the question on the one term but let me ask you. how do you get it done we have yet to have a governor i cannot remember to have the guts to actually fire. >> well you know what? a lot of times it is let's fire these hacks but replace them with another group of hacks. >> they are connected on the other side. ok. go ahead. look. this governor, the first thing he has to do is appoint qualified people to head the department and give them you know the a thor ty to fire people. to floor new people but also several civil service regulations in place. cannot fire everybody at will. a lot of people have civil service connections. >> the most important job is hire good managers andel git
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response and able to do that and priority tize and lead from the top and have clears have on what you want and talk about that on the campaign in new jersey transit that's the goal for them. >> all right. lots happening in the balance a lot more to talk about. thank you, thank you. thank you, bob, laura. coming up on chase newings, howz with this? president obama reports for jury duty in illinois. that and all the rest of your headlines that we're chasing for you tonight. stay tuned.
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>> welcome back to chasing news. i am bill spadea. how about this barack obama reported to jury dut tin ill i. wait nuller that and more headlines we're chasing for you tonight. >> the jury deliberated for a second day wednesday without reaching a verdict in the brook ry trial of bob men mendez. on trial in federal court in newark, men nen dis accuse of campaign cop try bagses from florida eye doctor and the change for intervening in the million medicare dispute.
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duty called gain for former president. barack obama this time jury duty the former come man are and chief reported for duty. arrangements for heightened see core industry been made. good luck mr. president. >> flying europe at jfk will get a lot cheaper. le cost air lie will of $90 one-way fares to paris, amsterdam, london, thank further, copenhagen and ber len begin ginning april 20. charges for services like over the phone and flight changes t. that is a look at some of the headlines we are chasing today. >> ahool school football coach fired for pushing kids past the point of exhaustion. it happened in our area and you heard the story tonight. i got to till, i do understand that there is a line where some coaches and some teachers and tend to go too far and that
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happening we have a problem en our country in our state and area. think we are babying some of the kids to the point where they lacked the ability to cope with adversity and it is a problem and let me tell you something. football is a rough game. you got to push kids to a person point. you want coaches to understand how to push kids to their limit. that's the whole point of building a great team. you got know how far the kids can go. you know what? it is tough. there is going to be pain but there is a difference between being obtained and being injured. i say we got to err on the side of toughening up. thanks again for whopping chasing news. we appreciate you inviting us to into them to at night. am looking forward toking tomorrow night on chase newings. >> something that could be dope. that don't involve the criminal element. take them off the subway. maintain order. i arery deck louse. spending taxpayer dollars. positive revein ends fs arement of tep work.
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>> live from center snow philadelphia this fox 29 news at 11. teenaged boy is just out of the hospital after a vicious dog attack and it gets worse. thanks for joining us at 11:00. i'm iain page. the boy was just trying get to school this morning when two dogs attacked an officer even had to shoot one just to get it off the teen. our dave schratwieser is live in camden tonight with a story you'll see only on fox. dave? >> reporter: iain, 15-year-old joseph perez is resting at home tonight recovering from the injuries he received during that terrifying


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